NCSL Transportation Funding Finance Legis Database

Transportation Funding and Finance Legislation Database


NCSL's Transportation Funding and Finance Legislation Database is an up-to-date source for transportation funding and finance legislation introduced in all 50 states and the District of Columbia since 2013. (For bills and executive orders from 2007 to 2012, please see our archived database.)

This database below tracks enacted, pending and failed bills related to state-level transportation funding and finance options, including:

  • Funding and financing for airports and aviation, ports and waterways, public transit (buses, trams, light rail, ferries and other shared public transportation) and rail.
  • Bonding and debt.
  • Innovative contracting approaches including design-build and public-private partnerships (also known as PPPs or P3s).
  • Vehicle registration, driver’s license and other state DMV fees.
  • Dedicated state general sales taxes (taxes on all transactions, not just on gasoline or diesel).
  • State taxes and fees on alternative fuels and alternative fuel/electric vehicles.
  • State taxes on aviation and jet fuel.
  • State excise, sales or other taxes on gasoline and diesel.
  • State infrastructure banks.
  • Studies and pilot projects.
  • Tolls.
  • Transportation appropriations.
  • Mileage-based fees (also known as vehicle miles traveled or VMT fees).
  • Other state funding and finance mechanisms such as vehicle-related taxes, naming rights and sponsorship, transportation trust funds and legal restrictions on the use of transportation-related revenues.

The database also tracks state legislation that addresses local transportation funding. This includes bills that authorize local governments to collect taxes and fees, and those that allocate state revenues to counties, municipalities or other local entities for transportation purposes.

Note: To select multiple items (e.g., state or topic) in the database lists, click in the check boxes next to your desired selections. To select all items click on the "All Topics" or "All States" box.

New feature in 2015: The full text of bills is now available by clicking on the bill number. You must be registered for the NCSL website and logged in to view the text.

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