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imgIdentity Theft Strikes Young
Identity Theft Strikes Young
Identity thieves are targeting children who may not even discover they’ve had their personal information stolen for several years.
imgCultural Clues
Cultural Clues
The recent flurry to train health care providers for underserved areas has policymakers asking whether we need a more culturally competent workforce.
imgNo Waiver Left Behind
No Waiver Left Behind
States welcome more flexibility in meeting the challenging requirements of No Child Left Behind.
imgOutsmarting the Outlaws
Outsmarting the Outlaws
As smartphone thefts soar, lawmakers look for ways to protect consumers and thwart the thieves.
imgBehind the Numbers
Behind the Numbers
State revenues have grown for the third straight year, but don’t go celebrating yet.
img40 Years Strong
40 Years Strong
Oh, the Places We’ve Gone, and the Speakers We’ve Heard
imgFor the Record | Mary Wakefield
For the Record | Mary Wakefield
A Q and A with Dr. Mary Wakefield, administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration.


June 2014 State Legislatures CoverIdentity thieves targeting children are explored this month along with efforts to train culturally sensitive health care workers, federal waivers for No Child Left Behind, foiling smartphone thefts and much more. 


NCSL's award-winning State Legislatures brings you ideas and innovations on the top issues facing states. For forty years, it has been a must-read for unbiased news and analysis of the latest trends in state policy. Subscribe today - you won't find a better read anywhere. 






Stats graphicDiscover how a good graphic illustration can convey the same information as hundreds of words, With StateStats you gain knowleldge of an important public policy issue each month through maps, charts and graphs. This month, learn about the growing problem of sex trafficking of children. 






Learn more about some of the hottest topics state legislatures are having to dealing with. Find out where legislation is being introduced and where it's passed. This month's issue looks at regulating marijuana, energy efficiency, hurricanes, family leave and driver's licenses for immigrants. 





Donkey and Elephant graphicKeep track of what's in and what's out, who's up and who's down, where's left and where's right, under the domes in legislatures across the country.






Enjoy these short news tidbits from around the country that will have you asking: Who thought that was a good idea? to Why don't we do that in my state? In each issue, you'll find 10 of the most interesting, illuminating, unusual and sometimes silly news items we've discovered from the states. This month covers topics from banning rat poison in California to police shootings in Wisconsin, from teachers' pensions in Puerto Rico to GMO Labeling in Vermont. 






State Legislatures is the national magazine of state policy and politics. It informs legislators, staff, professors, lobbyists and the public about innovations, trends and actions in the 50 states and six territories. It covers a wide spectrum of public policy in a well-respected, comprehensive, unbiased manner. On its pages you can read about new legislation, effective programs and federal initiatives that affect the states. You’ll gain insight into what makes leaders tick and what drives the legislative institution. And, it not only provides professional development tips and social media opportunities, but also grist for the water cooler.

Published since 1975, it’s currently issued 10 times a year—in print, mobile and online versions. The magazine celebrates its 40th year in 2014. Celebrate with us. Open its pages, download it onto your tablet, or log on to link to more information.

Dog-ear its pages, tear out ideas, share it with colleagues. But mostly, read it, learn from it and enjoy.

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