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State Lawmakers Look to Keep Utilities Out of Politics

By Brian Joseph, State Net Capitol Journal  |  April 9, 2024

Utility companies are so unpopular in America these days that some headline writers don’t even bother trying to be objective about them anymore.

The simple reason most power utilities suck” was the headline of a 2017 Vox story. “Why Your Utility Company Sucks” read the headline of a 2022 article in The New Republic.

It might be kind of funny if not for the serious reasons why Americans are growing exasperated with their utilities, namely rising rates and a string of political scandals across the country.

In May CNN reported that nearly 20 million American households are behind on their utility bills. That same month the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that Americans’ residential electricity bills rose 5% in 2022, after adjusting for inflation. 

Read the rest of this story at State Net Capitol Journal. Originally published March 18, 2024; used with permission.

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