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Road Worries: Sagging Gas Tax, Rising Traffic Safety Woes

Forecast ’23: The top issues in transportation for the 2023 legislative session.

By NCSL Staff  |  April 21, 2023

The enactment nearly a year ago of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act ensures that states will receive hundreds of billions of dollars in federal transportation funding over the next five years. This unprecedented investment flows from the bill’s new transportation programs—for bridge replacement, passenger rail and electric vehicle charging—and from its support for existing road, transit and traffic safety programs.

Forecast ’23

This story is part of a State Legislatures News special report examining the hot topics and legislative trends that will dominate state lawmakers’ time in 2023.

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In 2023, lawmakers will continue to debate how best to position their states to benefit from the new funding by identifying matching funds, creating or amending statutory authorities and overseeing executive branch implementation.

In the decade to come, states are likely to intensify their study of alternate transportation user fees and dedicate more general fund dollars to transportation projects.

Hot Topic—Augmenting the Gas Tax

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