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Legislator Police Academy

August 23, 2023

The Legislator Police Academy is a yearlong peer-training opportunity designed to support state legislators interested in policy topics related to police accountability. The program includes two in-person meetings with additional virtual opportunities. The first in-person meeting was held Oct. 6-7, 2022, in Denver, with a second meeting scheduled for September 2023. Program participants have had opportunities to hear from NCSL experts providing background research, testimony and in-state technical assistance.

Program goals include:

  • Increase knowledge of policing policy and research.
  • Build connections with legislative peers.
  • Develop individual action plans related to policing policy.
  • Receive NCSL staff support and technical assistance.
  • Access a network of experts on policing policy.

Meet the Participants

  • Sen. Brian Boquist (Ind.-Ore.)
  • Sen. Danny Britt (R-N.C.)
  • Rep. Gail Chasey (D-N.M.)
  • Rep. Sonny Ganaden (D-Hawaii)
  • Rep. Roger Goodman (D-Wash.)
  • Sen. Dallas Harris (D-Nev.)
  • Rep. Steven Holt (R-Iowa)
  • Christopher Joseph, senior legal counsel, North Dakota
  • Sen. Diane Larson (R-N.D.)
  • Alisa Lauer, chief of staff to Rep. Gail Chasey, New Mexico
  • Sen. John Lovick (D-Wash.)
  • Sen. James I. Manning Jr. (D-Ore.)
  • Rep. Scott Nishimoto (D-Hawaii)
  • Assemblymember Shondra Summers-Armstrong (D-Nev.)
  • Rep. Dwight Tosh (R-Ark.)
  • Rep. Barry Usher (R-Mont.)
  • Rachel Weiss, research analyst, Montana
  • Sen. Whitney Westerfield (R-Ky.)
  • Amanda Wille, research analyst, Iowa

Meeting Resources

Online Resources

  • Contact NCSL

  • For more information on this topic, use this form to reach NCSL staff.