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State Actions on Coronavirus Relief Funds

To illustrate the ways states are utilizing its COVID-19 relief fund allocation, NCSL created a database detailing relief fund actions. This database brings up-to-date, real-time information in the 50 states.



New Scope of Practice Resource

As health workforce shortages continue to grow, states will look for ways to increase access to health care, especially in areas facing primary care provider shortages like rural communities. Using pharmacists to help patients manage medications and address chronic illness is one strategy states may examine.

Corornavirus Lading Page


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Broadband 2020 Legislation

In the 2020 legislative session, 42 states, Guam and Puerto Rico addressed broadband in issue areas such as educational institutions and schools, dig once, funding, governance authorities and commissions, infrastructure, municipal-run broadband networks, rural and underserved communities, smart communities and taxes.


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Automated Enforcement Overview

Because of limited resources, many local governments have turned to automated enforcement to enforce red-light-running and speeding violations without diverting law enforcement resources from other areas. NCSL tracks state legislative activity related to red light cameras and speed enforcement cameras.


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The Canvass

The July 2020 issue examines poll worker shortages and possible solutions for the November general election. The issue also includes an interview with Montana Senator Dee Brown, a review of Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown's "How We Vote" and other things worth noting.


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Protecting Consumers from Surprise Health Care Bills

Stories about consumers getting shockingly high bills after receiving medical care from out-of-network providers prompted some state lawmakers to take action. The topic is receiving renewed attention as these types of bills emerge for services related to COVID-19.