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The Budgets and Revenue Committee is one of NCSL's standing committees. It is responsible for protecting the states' interests in federal decisions regarding fiscal matters including annual action on the federal budget.


The Budget and Revenue Committee examines federal and state policies with fiscal implications, including: funding for services and programs; budget processes; tax and revenue systems; legislative oversight; unfunded mandates; and state-local fiscal relations.

Membership of the Committee

Committee members serve two-year terms and include both legislators and legislative staff. Committee officers, selected by NCSL's president and president-elect, serve two-year terms.


The NCSL Budgets & Revenue Committee advocates for state legislatures' interests before Congress and the federal government in several strategic ways:

  • Submitting testimony for Committee hearings;
  • Writing letters to Congress and agency leadership;
  • Leading and participating with Big 7 coalition activities;
  • Executing fly-ins for Members of Congress and agency leadership;
  • Informing members and legislative staff on federal and congressional activity; 
  • Other advocacy efforts in support of B&R committee policy

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