Webinar: Managing, Leading and Growing During Uncertain Times


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The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis unlike any other in recent times and has placed extraordinary demands on leaders and employees across the globe, including within state legislatures. Strong leadership skills, agile management techniques and ongoing self-care are a few essentials legislative staff need to navigate these uncertain times.

Participants attending this webinar will:

  • Identify and reflect on the specific leadership skills needed during a crisis.
  • Identify and reflect on modern management techniques for remote environments.
  • Identify and apply self-care strategies to achieve maximum productivity and success.



Sabrina Lewellen, assistant secretary of the Senate, Arkansas


Dr. Melissa J. Furman, M.S., DBA
Melissa FurmanFurman’s passion for guiding individuals with career, professional and leadership development inspired her to launch Career Potential to help individuals achieve and organizations succeed. She delivers highly engaging and interactive training and presentations and serves as a faculty member at the James M. Hull College of Business at Augusta University in Augusta, Ga. Her research includes generational diversity, unconscious bias, career and leadership development, emotional intelligence, and assisting technical professionals transition into management roles. Visit Melissa’s website for more information.

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