Legislative Staff Certificate Program


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About the Program

NCSL’s Legislative Staff Certificate Program will be held online in October 2020 during five two-hour sessions. This month-long training program is for newer legislative staff who are seeking a broader context about legislatures and the legislative process and will focus on five core competencies. Staff with at least one legislative session and two to five years of legislative experience are invited to apply, with the approval of their director/supervisor.

This unique program will provide newer legislative staff important perspectives and insights about their roles in supporting the legislative institution. Participants will also have an opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer learning and networking with legislative colleagues from across the county. Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion. 

Five Core Competencies

  1. The Legislative Institution: A snapshot of the role of state legislatures and how legislatures have evolved. This competency will also cover basic parliamentary procedure concepts.
  2. Legislative Fiscal Concepts: An overview of key concepts of the state budgeting process.
  3. The Model Code of Conduct for Legislative Staff: A review of NCSL’s model code of conduct for legislative staff and discussion about how it may apply in the legislative workplace.
  4. Effective Communication Skills: Understanding different communication styles in the legislative environment.
  5. Leadership Skills within the Legislative Ecosystem: An engaging and interactive leadership training.

Preliminary Agenda

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Eligibility and Admissions

This program is intended for legislative staff with at least one legislative session and two to five years of legislative experience.

To be considered for participation, interested staff must submit in writing responses to the following questions. (Please keep entire submission to no more than two pages.) 

  • Why do you want to participate in the program?
  • What is a challenge you’ve faced and how did you address it?
  • How will your background, legislative experience and perspectives benefit other participants in the program?
  • What is your current level of participation with NCSL (i.e., attendance at the NCSL Legislative Summit, staff association meetings, webinars)?

To be considered for this program, applicants must have the approval of their director/supervisor and will be asked to indicate this approval on the application.

The application period will open July 6, 2020, and close Aug. 7, 2020

Acceptance into the program is competitive based on the quality of the application. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance approximately three weeks after the application deadline.

Apply here.

Program Fee

The cost to participate in this program is $150/participant. The fee includes instruction from legislative, communication and leadership experts, program materials and the opportunity to discuss lessons learned in a supportive setting.

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program. In order to receive the certificate, participants are expected to participate in each weekly module and complete and return the evaluation provided at the end of the program.  

Program Contact

For questions, please contact Angela Andrews by email or phone: 303-856-1349.