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LESN Listserv

The Legislative Education Staff Network listserv is a vehicle for legislative education staff nationwide to discuss current education issues and for NCSL and ECS to disseminate relevant information regarding timely and important topics in education. In addition, it serves as a tool to inform network members about upcoming events and meetings.


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Get Involved

LESN is a network of professional and knowledgeable legislative staff who work on education policy. Learn more about LESN membership, whar LESN can do for you, our listserv and HeadsUp signup.

Results Driven Governing


Steering Committee 2020

The Legislative Education Staff Network is governed by a steering committee appointed by NCSL and the Education Commission of the States (ECS).


2020 Virtual Fall Meeting

Join us online for this year's fall meeting on December 1-2 from 11am-1pm MT.


2020 LESN Recognition Award

The Legislative Education Staff Network is proud to recognize Mary Kenfield for his years of excellent service as senior education policy analyst for the Washington State House Democratic Caucus and with the education staff network. LESN is honored to present Kenfield with the 2020 LESN Recognition Award.


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Student Loan Bill Tracking Database

This interactive database tracks state legislation related to student loan debt across several categories, including forgiveness, licensure, oversight and taxes. It includes pending, failed and enacted bills since 2015. 



NCSL: Your Organization

Working in a state capitol is stressful, but NCSL is here to help. We have policy specialists on call anytime, and a website where you’ll find the latest research on the issues you’re working on. Our professional development programs will connect you with people in your field from around the country. Watch the video to find out all the ways that NCSL can help you shine.