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Jun 14
  • Webinar Series

Voter Confidence: What Can Move the Needle

  • Friday, June 14, 2024
    2:00 PM ET
    • Webinar Series
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Voter confidence is top of mind for elections stakeholders this cycle. In the final part of NCSL’s spring webinar series, U.S. Election Assistance Commissioner Christy McCormick will delve into state policies that can increase voter confidence. Perfecting processes and procedures comes first: clarifying all policies before the first vote is cast; cleaning voter lists; adopting strong chain-of-custody procedures for ballots and equipment; updating emergency plans; using pre- and post-election audits; and more. The next job is to ensure all that good technical work is transparent and communicated well to voters and the public.

This is one webinar in a series on the 2024 election. View the full series here.

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