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Welcome to The CanvassStates and Election Reform®—a newsletter by NCSL for legislatures. With support provided by the Pew Charitable Trusts, The Canvass is designed to synthesize data, legislative practices, and insight from the 50 states and U.S. territories into an executive summary for legislators and key staff. 

We hope The Canvass will give you an edge in perspective as you work to improve your state's elections, and we welcome your feedback. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or comments.   

Current Issue of The Canvass

The April issue of The Canvass features what several universities across the country are doing to help improve elections management. Other articles deal with prepaid return postage for ballots, felon voting rights and some of 2015's election-related enactments. This month's interviews are with Nebraska Senator John Murante and and Fayette County Clerk (Ky.) Don Blevins.

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Topical Index of The Canvass

Featured election articles from past issues of The Canvass can be found in a Topical Index.

Chronological Index of The Canvass







  • December 2010: The Election Season Gets Longer and Longer
  • August 2010: Ten Years Since the Florida Election Meltdown - Could it Happen Again?
  • July 2010: Vote-By-Mail: Fiscally Fashionable?
  • June 2010: State Voting Laws and the Mentally Disabled
  • March 2010: The Real Cost of Voter Registration: Oregon Case Study


  • December 2009: States Confront Military and Overseas Ballot Mandates
  • October 2009: Indiana Courts Strike Down Photo ID Requirement
  • June 2009: Registration "Modernization" Proposals Take Center Stage
  • March 2009: Arizona Leads The Way As Military And Overseas e-Voting Gains Momentum
  • January 2009: 2008 Election Recap


  • October 2008: Nonresident Property Owners and Voting in Local Elections: A Paradigm Shift?
  • August 2008: Election Emergencies Happen
  • July 2008: Tennessee and Ohio Enact Major Bipartisan Election Reform
  • May 2008: Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Law Requiring Photo ID to Vote
  • April 2008: What Should States Do About Voting Equipment

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