imgHealthy Communities Legislative Action Bulletin
Healthy Communities Legislative Action Bulletin
Learn how legislators in a number of states have made it possible for pupils to start the day with a healthy breakfast.
imgLeadership Staff Section
Leadership Staff Section
The Leadership Staff Section will hold its professional development seminar Sept. 14-17 in New Orleans. Learn more.
Bitcoin, children and food allergies, capital financing after the recession and electronic poll books are all examined in this month's batch of LegisBriefs.
imgReturning Veterans
Returning Veterans
Check out this four-part video series that focuses on issues affecting returning veterans, including homelessness, education, access to care, and employment and training.
imgBallot Measures Database
Ballot Measures Database
NCSL's Ballot Measures database includes all statewide ballot measures for more than a century. The database is updated as new ballot measures qualify to be on the ballot.
imgPrescription Drug Overdoses
Prescription Drug Overdoses
A new NCSL video, "Prescription Drug Overdose: An American Epidemic," explores state policy options to prevent drug overdose.
imgState Legislatures Magazine
State Legislatures Magazine
This month's issue looks at states teaming with industry to train workers, the debate over Voter ID, Common Core standards in the states, the benefits of big data and much more.
imgPatent Trolling
Patent Trolling
Seventeen states have passed legislation regulating so-called "patent trolling," which involves filing a claim of patent infringement even though the person has no standing.

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The 2014 Legislative Summit in Minneapolis featured an array of exciting speakers and we interviewed many of them. Watch this interview with Sir Ken Robinson as he discusses his ideas to revolutionize education. You can find additional videos and webinars at NCSL's e-learning page or at our YouTube page.



People at a meeting We  connect you to the best and brightest experts in every issue area critical to the states.

Through NCSL meetings, webinars and professional training opportunities, you’ll connect with legislators and staff with your same interests and concerns. Visit our Meetings and Training page and find out what’s coming up next.




US Capitol We advocate for you in Washington, D.C., before Congress, the administration and, when appropriate, in the courts.

We fight to ensure the states are free of unfunded mandates and pre-emption of state laws and that they maintain their authority and independence. Find out the issues NCSL is engaging in now and the role you play.




  • Child Welfare Policy and Financing at the Summit

    A group of legislators and staff from 13 states participated in a wide-ranging discussion at the Legislative Summit about how to better align child welfare financing with desired outcomes for children and families.

  • If You're Going to Get Sick, Do It in California or Connecticut

    California became the second state to require private employers to provide paid sick leave, with the passage of A.B. 1522. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law on Wednesday.

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