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Navigating Media and Social Media as a Legislator

This session prepares members for the media blitz they might encounter and helps you bulk up your social media muscle. We’ll highlight practical tips and sound advice for legislators new to the spotlight.

Speaker: Mick Bullock, NCSL

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The Art of Legislative Negotiation

Traditional business and legal negotiation practices have centered on an oppositional, zero-sum game approach that seeks clear winners and losers. But negotiation in the legislative realm is different in many ways, with multiple stakeholders, complex interests and both policy and political considerations to balance. In this workshop, legislators will learn to identify their primary interests, and the interests of their negotiating partner, develop creative options to circumvent roadblocks, preserve relationships with their negotiating partners for future interactions and more. The goal of this training is to develop the skills and creativity necessary to engage in successful negotiation practices that produce more optimal outcomes.

Speaker: Curt Stedron, NCSL

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How to Be an Effective Legislator

This effective legislator training highlights the most important points legislators need to know going into their first session. Seasoned legislators will provide real-life examples of why these tips are imperative for legislators to master.


  • Angela Andrews, NCSL


  • Former Rep. Jim Steineke, Wisconsin
  • Assemblywoman Carol Murphy, New Jersey
  • Speaker Scott Saiki, Hawaii
  • Former Sen. Anitere Flores, Florida
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Working With Lobbyists

Lobbying is an integral part of legislative life. Legislators and staff need good information and expertise now more than ever. Lobbyists and the public want to get their priorities front and center but must build credibility in a changing legislative landscape. So, what do legislators need to know to get the soundest information to make the best decisions in the relationship-based world of the legislature?


  • Natalie Wood, NCSL


  • Angela Williams, senior director external affairs, government affairs, Stride
  • Dave Christman, vice president, state affairs, National Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Senator Cheryl Kagan, Maryland
  • Senator W. Briggs Hopson III, Mississippi
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