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Expanding Access

Addresses legislation that expands access to broadband technologies for various types of communities including rural, unserved, underserved, and urban communities.

Net Neutrality

Addresses legislation regarding net neutrality and regulation.

Education and Schools

Addresses legislation regarding education systems, broadband access efforts in schools, digital literacy, and efforts to educate adults on broadband technology.

Funding and Taxes

Addresses legislation that appropriates funds to various grant programs, state departments, programs, taxes, tax incentives and other programs.


Addresses legislation that concerns broadband infrastructure and utilities. Example topics include dig once policies, middle- mile service, pole attachments, easements and rights-of-way, fiber, and other infrastructure items.

Broadband Service Mapping

Addresses legislation regarding the broadband mapping process, identifying underserved and unserved communities, and the protest process for service mapping determinations.

Governance: State Broadband Offices, Commissions and Advisory Boards

Addresses legislation regarding the creation, funding and activity of state broadband offices, commissions, advisory councils, and other state regulatory authority to oversee broadband development and deployment.

Providers and Consumer Relations

Addresses legislation regarding utility companies and consumer protections and concerns.

Municipal Broadband Networks

Addresses legislation regarding municipal broadband and networks owned by public entities.

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