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Tim Storey Talks NCSL Podcasts on C-SPAN’s ‘National Journal’

By Mark Wolf  |  January 23, 2023

NCSL’s “Our American States” is the policy geek podcast where the widest range of state legislative issues are examined in depth.

That’s what NCSL CEO Tim Storey told C-SPAN’s “National Journal” on Saturday morning.

“We talk about everything states are talking about: gene therapy, vaccine distribution, COVID, the criminal justice system, minimum wage, workforce issues that are going on right now, health care, mental health,” he told host Mimi Geerges. “The behavioral health crisis; just about every legislature across the political spectrum is focusing on this issue.”

In some podcast episodes, which post Sunday mornings on, the topic is the legislative institution itself.

“We talk about civility and how legislatures have evolved, how they can be better institutions and serve the people that send them there, listening to constituents, responding to constituents and also how their committees are structured," Storey said. "Really ‘inside baseball’ about the institutions."

In addition to “Our American States,” hosted by Ed Smith, NCSL produces “Legislatures: The Inside Storey,” hosted by Storey and “Across the Aisle,” hosted by Kelley Griffin, which focuses on bipartisanship.

Mark Wolf is a senior editor at NCSL.

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