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Staff Snapshots | Morgan Tripamer

March 14, 2023

Hometown: O’Fallon, Mo.

Role: Legislative Specialist, Missouri House of Representatives

Years of legislative service: Five

“The St. Louis Zoo is the absolute best zoo, and I love getting to take my out-of-town friends when they visit!”

Why did you choose to work at the Legislature?

While interning at the Legislature as an undergrad, I found that I liked the energy of the capitol and learning about the various issues important to people all across the state. I’ve really come to enjoy working with parliamentary procedure, as well as learning about legislative history.

What skill or talent are you most proud of?

I really enjoy creating documents that help others understand complex concepts. The most comprehensive manual I’ve created is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Legislature,” which is used across various state agencies to understand the legislative process in Missouri.

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

In the first spinoff movie to Harry Potter, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the main character, Newt Scamander, says, “Worrying means you suffer twice.” While I sometimes struggle to follow this advice, I have never forgotten it and I do my best to remember it in the day-to-day of life.

Who or what inspires you?

My parents are teachers and growing up they instilled a love of learning that I have to this day. I’ve always tried to do my best for my own self, but I also want to make my parents proud.

What are you currently reading/listening to/watching?

“Babel, or the Necessity of Violence,” by R.F. Kuang.

These email responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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