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NCSL Gears Up for the 2024 Legislative Sessions With Forecast '24

Industry-leading experts, thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions are all on tap for annual meeting.

By State Legislatures News Staff  |  December 1, 2023

Technology. Health. The workforce. Fiscal issues. As states prepare for their upcoming legislative sessions, NCSL leads the conversation on these four critical policy issues.

NCSL's Forecast '24 meeting takes place Dec. 4-6 in Austin, Texas, featuring a slew of sessions focusing on topics such as artificial intelligence, ticket sale mania, Medicaid trends and more.

Additionally, the meeting wraps with "New Tech, Old Laws: Policymaking in the Age of Innovation," where experts will offer a deep dive into generative AI, self-driving cars and the metaverse, exploring the challenges lawmakers face in crafting policy around emerging technologies. Following the panel discussion, attendees can visit a half-dozen stations to get a hands-on experience with some of the newest tech.  

State Legislatures News Special Report

Get a look at 2024’s trending legislative topics with this report featuring NCSL’s expert insights on what lies ahead for state lawmakers. From health workforce reform and rethinking justice strategies to consumer data privacy and AI advancements, explore what’s trending for the new year now.

See the full NCSL Forecast '24 agenda

Here's a peek at some of the policy and professional development sessions on the agenda:

  • 2024 Legislative Forecast: The Hot Topics | NCSL senior leaders discuss the agenda for leaders in the states and Washington in the next session.
  • Forecasting the 2024 Elections | Who's up, who's down, and what issues will shape the 2024 elections? Galen Druke, host of the "FiveThirtyEight Politics" podcast, will explore how foreign wars, the economy and partisanship trends will shape American voter sentiment next November.
  • Swift Action: Legislative Answers to Ticket Sale Mania | Buying tickets to in-demand events in primary and secondary markets can confuse and frustrate fans. This discussion will focus on recent legislative efforts to protect consumers when buying tickets.
  • Economic Outlook: Sunny but Uncertain? | The U.S. economy continues to defy expectations. The job market is strong, consumers are still spending, and state revenues are robust. But will it last? Uncertainty looms as the economy faces dueling headwinds of high inflation and interest rates. Leading national economist Emily Mandel of Moody's Analytics shares her forecast for the coming year.
  • All Eyes on AI | Is there anyone who isn't looking to artificial intelligence for opportunities to increase productivity and innovate their work? This session will look at the types of AI tools now available for legislative members and staff, as well as the possible risks and challenges that come with these new technologies.
  • Inside the Oval: A Presidential Historian's Perspective | Mark Updegrove, president and CEO of the LBJ Foundation and presidential historian for ABC News, shares an inside look at the Oval Office.

Can't make the meeting? State Legislatures News will provide coverage of select sessions—check back soon.

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