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Legislative Staff Week Shoutouts 2024

By Holly South  |  May 23, 2024

sticky notes with praise on them

Congratulations to Connecticut! The Constitution State’s legislative staff are the winners of the ice cream social, courtesy of NCSL. In recognition of a strong second-place finish, Michigan will receive a surprise gift in the coming weeks. West Virginia came in third, followed by Minnesota and Delaware.

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Recipient State/Territory Because From
Jackie Mosher Michigan Jackie is celebrating 25 years of service to the Michigan Senate. Thoughtful, dedicated and hardworking, Jackie approaches every day with a smile and a great attitude. She is always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Sabrina Lewellen and Anne Sappenfield Arkansas and Wisconsin You are two remarkable women whose dedication and intelligence have been an inspiration to me. Serving with you this year as NCSL staff officers has been one of the highlights of my professional career. John Snyder
Administrative Services team Wisconsin For everything you do to support the drafters, the researchers and the Wisconsin Legislature, thank you. That you sweat the “small stuff” makes all the difference. Wendy Jackson
Angela Allen Michigan With over 30 years of service in the Michigan Senate, Angela is our rock no matter how chaotic things get. A perfectionist with a positive and can-do attitude, she keeps the job fun. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Kelsey Roy Michigan Starting during the pandemic, Kelsey is no stranger to change and adapting. No matter what new project is thrown at her, she assembles a great team to get the job done. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Clinton Brauer Michigan Clinton is celebrating 10 years of service in the Senate TV Department. His steady hand, positive attitude and devotion to excellence have ensured the public can watch sessions and committees live and on demand. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Ryan Earl Michigan With 15 years of service, Ryan has an eye for detail and customer service. With a wealth of knowledge, he goes the extra mile to ensure quality for the entire Senate. Our team values his contributions. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
LRC statute revision staff Kentucky These five incredible individuals—Cyndi, Erica, Andrew, Melissa and Eric—do a thankless, sometimes seemingly impossible job with diligence, grace and competence. We as a legislature would be lost without you. John Snyder
LRC Transportation Committee staff Kentucky Words cannot express how much your support has meant to me, especially this past year. You function as a team in every sense of the word. I am so happy that you chose to join me on this sometimes crazy ride. John Snyder
Betsy Theroux and House Media Services Georgia Thank you for all you do to keep us in the know during session. Congratulations on another great year! Shunti Taylor
Georgia Audit staff Georgia Your dedication and contributions are second to none. Thank you for the exceptional work you do on behalf of the citizens of the state of Georgia! Shunti Taylor
Mohri Exline Kansas Mohri recently joined our office’s supervisory ranks and was immediately confronted with an exceptionally contentious audit. She handled it well, successfully got the project across the finish line, and her team produced a great report. Andy Brienzo
Cat Thomas Connecticut Cat delivered an amazing hot-topic discussion on the regulatory process! She exuded energy and took a complicated topic and made it manageable to understand. It is clear that she loves what she does, and we are lucky to have her in the committee administrator role. Molly McAllister
Kristen Miller Connecticut Kristen was part of the Learning Partner Program planning team this past interim and her involvement was key. She helped market, facilitate and support a very successful comeback to an important L&D program that many find valuable. Thank you, Kristen! Molly McAllister
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut Kristin was an asset to the return of the Learning Partner Program. Her enthusiasm for the program and her relationships with so many people in the building helped make it the great success it was. Thank you, KB, for being on the planning team! Molly McAllister
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan cares so deeply that everyone in the building understands the legislative process. It is a pleasure to team up with her to offer Learning and Development opportunities for all levels of staff and elected officials. I wholeheartedly appreciate her contributions to our building. Molly McAllister
Legislative Commissioners' Office support staff Connecticut To all the support staff in the Legislative Commissioners' Office—Audrey Barker, Diana Caliendo, Sandra Dauch, Martha Dumas, Elizabeth Edwards, Patricia Egan, Carolyn Giusti, Kimberly Krechko, Deborah Morin, Maria Noble, Cynthia Papallo-Slepski and Catherine Peruccio: You're an amazing team and wonderful people to work with, and we appreciate everything you do!  Amy Weidlich and Evelyn Huertas
Jennifer Bernier Connecticut Jennifer loves to share information from "Library Land," and I am delighted when she reaches out to Learning and Development to offer her ideas for new classes. Jennifer, you have given us all so many great opportunities this year, and we are excited to keep learning with you! Thank you. Molly McAllister
Lisa Buckingham Connecticut Thank you, Lisa, for checking on all of my room requests and making sure that I have what I need. And, when I don't, for quickly pivoting with me! I appreciate your help and your smile. Molly McAllister
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz, your institutional knowledge is impressive! Thank you for allowing me to pick your brain any time I need to make sure I get things right. Your detail orientation and proofreading skills are top notch. Thank you! Molly McAllister
K-9 Officer Bocci Connecticut Thank you for helping our SCPD officers keep the buildings safe, and please thank your handler for allowing us to pet you when we need a little break. I think it will come as no surprise that you're everyone's favorite staff member.  Molly McAllister
House Democrats' staff Tennessee Despite all of the hostility and anger that showed up here at the state Capitol, the staff remained professional and courteous to all.  Jasper Hendricks
Rachel Weiss Montana Rachel hit the ground running when she became research director late last year. She is working diligently to foster a culture built on teamwork and sharing best practices in an office that has experienced significant turnover. Megan Moore
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is very helpful, professional and always pleasant. Legislative Management would have a hard time functioning without her! Liz is amazing! Theresa Kelly
Rhonda Carroll Connecticut Rhonda takes care of an entire caucus and works tirelessly to support everyone she can. She's a wonderful person. Joe O'Leary
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Milagros works with Learning and Development on a series of classes called Workplace Spanish for Beginners. Her classes are well-thought-out and engaging. Milagros, thank you for your time, knowledge and enthusiasm!  Molly McAllister
Charles Hennessey Connecticut Charlie is always proactively there for a helping hand. Whether it's stepping in to handle a large sort or seeing that a customer receives a large set of documents in a timely manner. My hat's off to Charlie! Robert Falkevitz
Lawrence Cook Connecticut Larry's depths of wisdom and dogged determination are indicative of the absolute best commitment to public service. Joe O'Leary
Pad McCracken Montana Pad is our expert in education and a very kind person. He's a gentleman and a scholar! Joseph
Garnet McLaughlin Connecticut Garnet's work ethic, success and commitment to doing her best do not go unnoticed! Joe O'Leary
Laura Love Washington Laura always puts her best and whole heart into everything she does. She's an amazing person, leader and representative of not only our agency, but also the state of Washington. We are happy to have her as part of our agency and our Legislature.  Lisa Biscay
Sarah Maloney Connecticut Few people realize how hard she works simply taking care of people, so many people. She is sweet and fun and I appreciate her so much. Bree Berner
Legislative Support Services Washington This is the best agency and workplace EVER. We support the Legislature with everything from audiovisual, photography, video and graphic design to book binding, supply, ergonomics and everything in between. An excellent group of people led by an incredible director, Kevin Pierce. Lisa Biscay
SRO legislative aides Connecticut SRO aides provide kind, thoughtful and efficient constituent service to the residents of Connecticut. Their support of Senate Republican senators is second to none. Grateful to work with such an incredible group of men and women! Win every day! Kate McAvoy
Shelley Bourgeois  Connecticut Shelley is a star in our payroll team! Her exceptional attention to detail, kindness and positive attitude make her a valuable asset to our organization. We're lucky to have her on our team! Don Murtishi
Tina Zanelli-Sphon Connecticut Tina is already making a great impression just a week into her new role! We're thrilled to have you on board and excited to see your skills and enthusiasm in action. Keep shining!  Don Murtishi
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline is an exceptional leader, guiding our team with knowledge, patience and encouragement. Her door is always open, and her support goes a long way. I am grateful for her positivity and dedication to our success! Don Murtishi
Andrea Walker  Connecticut Andrea is a true HR hero! Her kindness and expertise make her a trusted advisor and friend. I'm grateful for her tireless efforts to support our team's success. Thanks, Andrea! Don Murtishi
Jennifer Wegh Connecticut Jenn is a team player! Her patience and support transitioning tasks to our payroll team have helped our team tremendously. It is a pleasure working with her, especially when we are both trying to figure out something we have never seen before. Thank you, Jenn! Don Murtishi
The Office of Legislative Services New Hampshire I have the best and most talented staff that anyone could ask for! David J. Alukonis
Peggy Tibbals Connecticut She is one of the greatest mentors you could ask for! Jackson Shostak
Tara Frilling Connecticut She is one of the best resources for information in the office! Jackson Shostak
Joe Canino Connecticut Thanks, Joe, for all your hard work and great writing! Jackson Shostak
John Healey Connecticut Thank you, John, for your great efforts in recognizing and energizing staff. Your support is so valued. Win every day! Jackson Shostak
Jack Vecchitto Connecticut Jack: Thanks for all the laughs, smiles and positivity. Your work ethic is incredible, and it's a pleasure being desk neighbors! Jackson Shostak
Jess Bucci Connecticut Jess is a professional, conscientious and wonderful political aide.  Jess greats people with a smile and looks for solutions to difficult situations. I am grateful for her hard work and dedication.  Karen Reddington-Hughes
Molly McAllister  Connecticut Molly is an exceptional trainer, delivering engaging and informative sessions with enthusiasm and positivity. Her passion for learning and development is contagious, empowering our team to grow and succeed! Don Murtishi
Dan Yngstrom Delaware Thank you, Dan, for always stepping up to the plate and thriving in your role. We make a great team, and I'm very thankful for your work ethic and attention to detail! Ryan Dunphy
Jessica Davis Delaware Thank you, Jess, for always being reliable and on top of it. Thank you for always keeping me on track. Your work on behalf of the office is immeasurable and very appreciated! Ryan Dunphy
Shawn Deverell Michigan  Shawn works incredibly hard for our office as the legislative director. He dedicates himself to ensuring that our legislation is well researched and thoroughly testified about, and he ensures that the entire team gets opportunities to succeed. He has been a fantastic mentor to me.  Zoe Rogers
Therese Reinhold Michigan Therese has been with our office for over three years, first as an intern and now as a full-time staffer. She is fantastic at her role helping constituents and has a high level of professionalism in all that she does. She is a great team player and is always willing to offer a helping hand!  Joci McMichael
Yvonne Fronczak Michigan Yvonne has been with our office for close to a year and a half. She is the glue that keeps our office together and running smoothly! I know I can always depend on her for whatever I may need help with. She brings such a positive presence to the office every day. It has been so fun getting to work with her and getting to know her!  Joci McMichael
Toni Lombardi  Connecticut For smoothly and seamlessly helping with Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff's work in the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee. Dean O'Brien
Joe Fedewa Michigan Joe has a wealth of institutional knowledge about the Michigan Legislature. He has been a huge help whenever I have questions on the appropriations process or when I need technical concepts explained. He has made my transition into the policy staffer role in the office much easier, and I have appreciated his insight!  Joci McMichael
Crystaline "Crys" Jones Alaska Crys has served the Alaska House for over 30 years. Her current role, chief clerk, is possibly the single most challenging one in the Legislature. Crys serves her members patiently, professionally and with the utmost respect for the institution. Kudos!  Liz Clark
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut Rosemary always goes the extra mile! It is such a pleasure working with you. I truly admire your effort and dedication.  TJ Nuccio
Brooke Urso Connecticut Brooke is one of the most reliable, intelligent and kindest people I have met. She goes above and beyond for fellow staff and members, and I cannot express how much I appreciate her! Melissa Jalbert
Russell Frandsen Utah Russell generously took time to forward me information on Utah's Medical Respite Program during the height of both our sessions. Now, Nebraska has passed legislation to start a similar program! Thanks, Russell! Mikayla Findlay
Jeff Mehlhaff South Dakota Jeff is super. He is engaged, responsive and proactive in identifying options for the Fiscal Committee during its analysis process. He is respectful of the process and of the staff and legislators. He is always positive and has a can-do attitude. Sen. Jean Hunhoff
Jon Winklelman Nebraska He works beyond the eight-hour workday. He's patient when I need explanations about the hows and whys in the Legislature. He buys the water I like for our office. Always positive and fun.  Tara Sue Plasek
Ellen Czajkowski Vermont Ellen has managed a monumental load of legislative drafting this biennium, including a historic land use reform bill that involved a totally unique process with multiple committees. Sen. Rebecca White
Alejandro Avellaneda New York He's a hard worker and doesn't mind taking time out of his busy day to help other staffers tackle confusing issues.  Lila Balali
Besse Odom Alaska Besse is my chief of staff. I have always told my staff they need to know my bills better than I do. Besse provides excellent delivery at bill hearings and always makes sure that I shine. Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson
Jeff Stepp Alaska Jeff is an amazing worker, and his organizational skills go above and beyond. My meetings go more smoothly because of his expertise and attention to detail. Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson
Luma Diaz Alaska Luma is an excellent staffer who is very attentive to my needs. She also carries bills on my behalf and her attention to detail is amazing. Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Milagros facilitated the most amazing Spanish for beginners class for legislative staff. Gracias querida profesora. Susan Keane
Brian Penz Connecticut Brian is the General Assembly's wonderful facilities manager. He has overseen some amazing projects and is the most responsive staffer ever! Susan Keane
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is the General Assembly's learning and development coordinator extraordinaire. She builds a wonderful sense of community through her workshops that lives on beyond the classroom. Molly is the heart and soul of the Assembly. Susan Keane
Jack Dudley Minnesota Jack is phenomenal! He is organized, thoughtful, strategic, hardworking and thorough, with excellent attention to detail. He is always three steps ahead of me in the best way, ensures my office runs smoothly and is sharp and kind. I'm incredibly grateful to have him on my team! Liz Boldon
Emily Speteri Minnesota Emily is a huge asset to our caucus! She is kind, hardworking, incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to answer any question that may arise. Incredibly grateful for all she does! Liz Boldon
Will Freeman Minnesota Will is amazing! He's incredibly knowledgeable, extremely hardworking and always willing to answer any questions that arise. I'm very, very grateful for all his work. We are fortunate to have him on the team! Liz Boldon
Davin Sokup Minnesota Davin is a stellar committee administrator. He's incredibly organized, an excellent communicator, and is always on top of things. It's been a wonderful experience working with him, and I'm grateful for all his work and contributions! Liz Boldon
Ann Ali West Virginia  Ann, our deputy chief of staff and communications director, is simply amazing. Her storytelling skills and attention to detail are unmatched. She brings out the best in all of us, and I'm incredibly grateful for her. Sara Dyer
Charlie Roskovensky West Virginia  A very BIG shoutout to the chief counsel for the House Committee on Health and Human Resources. Charlie is a very thoughtful, kind, caring and fun-loving person.  Martha White 
Jeff Billings West Virginia  Jeff's guidance, wisdom and unwavering commitment to our team are truly inspiring. His ability to tackle challenges while being a delight is outstanding. We are fortunate to have Jeff leading the way as chief of staff. Sara Dyer
Charles Roskovensky West Virginia. Charlie is an exceptional leader with a genuine passion for his work and team. His thoughtfulness and dedication contribute to the positive atmosphere on the House Committee on Health and Human Resources.  Martha White 
Drew Constable  West Virginia  Working with Drew is fantastic! His attention to detail keeps things on track, and his advice is always spot-on when we encounter challenges. I'm really thankful to have Drew as both a colleague and a friend. Sara Dyer
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Felisha is the glue that holds the office together. She goes above and beyond every day for everyone, staff or member.   Rich Olsen
Rebecca Agyel Connecticut Rebecca is always there when I need her. She has a great deal of patience with me as I am new in the House and don't know how things work. She is the best CEC going. Rep. Bill Heffernan
Jessica Ciparelli Connecticut Jessica is a social media wizard. She keeps my pages up and running with new content all the time. She is always there with helpful suggestions and great ideas! Rep. Bill Heffernan
Maliha Ahsan Connecticut Maliha is awesome at outreach. She has a talent for setting up just the right event at the right time. Extremely helpful with my relationship with the public.  Rep. Bill Heffernan
Alex Dahlem Connecticut Alex was my CEC when I won my special election. I walked into the House knowing nothing and leaned on Alex hard. He was very patient and a huge problem-solver. Rep. Bill Heffernan
Maree Clarke Connecticut Maree is a wonder. She knows everything when it comes to running the office. I cannot even begin to list all the things she has helped me with. Rep. Bill Heffernan
Rodney Bass North Carolina Rodney has 28 years of outstanding service to the finance department. He willingly shares his vast institutional knowledge and expertise with everyone. His work ethic is commendable! Carolyn Hunt
Clay Hill Washington Clay is a force to be reckoned with in the legal, political and strategic world. He quickly gets to the heart of the matter. I've wondered if he might be hiding a superhero uniform underneath his suit. Rep. Stephanie Barnard
Allison Marlow Alabama For handling the calendars and daily requests from our 10 legislative children with accuracy, speed, grace and a heaping helping of humor—as well as serving constituents from across Baldwin County. Cliff McCollum
Monica English Alabama For your attention to detail, your counsel and advice, your passion for serving our constituents, your ability to manage schedules and difficulties and for keeping an eye on me. Cliff McCollum
Violetta Smith Alabama For being a one-woman office in Bay Minette, holding it down in the north while beating cancer and serving as absentee elections manager for our county. You never cease to amaze, ma'am. Cliff McCollum
Pamela Battiste Alabama She is an amazing leader for the Mobile County Legislative Delegation staff and I could not ask for a better "across the Bay" counterpart. She is diligent, kind, resilient and an absolute joy to know. Cliff McCollum
Tripp Reynolds Alabama He doesn't bat an eyelash at the sometimes slightly insane requests from the Baldwin County delegation staff and is always Johnny on the spot when we need a helping hand or word of advice. Cliff McCollum
Jennifer Monk Alabama She handles and coordinates the goings-on for our shared senator, is an early warning system for potential problems, and is one of kindest and most service-minded people I've ever met. Cliff McCollum
Caleb Hindman Alabama Anyone who can craft a local bill that legalizes raffles, drawdowns, cakewalks and, yes, musical chairs and give it far more dignity than it deserves certainly is worthy of thanks and praise. Cliff McCollum
Frank Caskey Alabama He always provides thoughtful analysis and advice on our local legislation and is the content area expert on a lot of our county's laws ... since he helped write most of them. Great guy and glad to know him. Cliff McCollum
Rachel Aplikowski Minnesota For being a tremendous colleague and tenacious media relations director!  Gina Countryman
Nick Sherlock Minnesota Nick is always on top of his work and takes the initiative to make it all come together! Gina Countryman
Paige Pearson Minnesota Paige is a top-notch writer and incredible graphic artist for our team. We're so lucky to have her on our team! Gina Countryman
Jillian Reynolds Minnesota Jillian is creative, dedicated and supportive to all those around her. She makes a wonderful colleague and friend to those who know her. Gina Countryman
Madeline Hoy Minnesota Maddie is determined, dedicated and always brings a cheerful outlook to her day. I'm so glad she's on our team! Gina Countryman
Nate Kalechman Connecticut Nate "the G" Kalechman is one of my closest friends in the building. His valuable advice and inspirational work ethic outweigh his highly unprofessional preference for Kit Kats. Cheers, mate. Jim McNealey
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut There probably isn't a person on this side of the Atlantic to whom I owe more. Jim McNealey
Eileen Conard Connecticut Thank you for your dedication to our office and your commitment to our continued success!  Sen. Eric Berthel
Julie Winkeljohn Mississippi Julie did an amazing job managing staff members and handling background checks during session. She always goes the extra mile to make sure the memos are clean and correct. Hannah Jane Costilow
Catriona, Heather and Shaun Connecticut Team Transportation makes giant work into no big deal. Thanks for helping this lowly backup! Eric Michael Gray
Alyssa Withee Maine Alyssa has been working tirelessly to support our team while our senior aide is on leave, and she is doing a phenomenal job! Thank you, Alyssa, for continuing to lift our team up! Victoria Rodriguez
Chris Cordima Connecticut So proud of this guy! After more than 15 years, he figured out school construction and halving halves. Plus, his naming conventions are so very creative. Eric Michael Gray
Joyce Hall Georgia Joyce is a seasoned document specialist. She perfects the drafts of multiple attorneys while under extreme pressure. Whether the bill is big or small or due in five minutes, she gets it done. Sarah Crittenden
Christopher Reinhart, Claudia Rodriguez, Rute Pinho, Kumi Sato Connecticut Go team bond and bond adjacent! Making ideas into words for ages. Eric Michael Gray
Alyssa Withee Maine Alyssa has so much knowledge and experience and is such a huge part of our office. She has helped me more times than I can count. Thank you so much, Alyssa! Abbott MacKay
Drew Constable West Virginia Drew always thinks ahead and jumps in to help, no matter the project. He's got the most sneaky-hard job in the building: parking assignments and swipe badges. He handles it beautifully! Ann Ali
Vicki Pendell West Virginia We couldn't survive without Vicki. She balances all the surprises that show up in the Speaker's Office and brings so much kindness and grace to our operation. I wouldn't want to be here without Vicki! Ann Ali
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara Dyer is genuinely thoughtful, caring and devoted. She goes above and beyond. Thank you, Sara! Martha White
Kathryn Summers Michigan Kathryn and her Senate Fiscal Team work with everyone around them. Budget time is always chaotic, and she makes it easier on everyone. Thank you for your positive attitude and can-do spirit! Margaret O'Brien
Heather Rasmussen Illinois Heather keeps the trains running for our staff and makes us all look good, putting up with it all with a smile. Dan Weber
Ana Allen Connecticut Ana is always eager to help and go above and beyond for others. Her cheerful energy is contagious. And let's not forget she is a phenomenal dresser. Thanks, Ana, for being you and always helping.  Nelky Maldonado
Jackson S Minnesota He eats the house down boots. Meggie P
Nathan Mansfield Illinois Nathan "Manny" Mansfield has handled Transportation for over a decade. He's the most genuine person in politics. He always makes time to help and train staff. Dan Weber
Emily Spiteri Minnesota She does amazing work and I would not survive without her. Meggie Pruidze
Mari Humphrey West Virginia Mari always makes sure the t's are crossed and i's are dotted as we prepare for our interim committee as corresponding clerks! She makes sure we are totally prepared. Brittany Carowick
Rachel Moore Georgia This year was Rachel's session in House Media Services, and she did an outstanding job! Thank you, Rachel, for your dedication, strong work ethic and positivity!  Betsy Theroux
Ann Ali West Virginia Ann sets a great example of having a positive attitude while taking no sh*t. I have so much to learn from her! Brittany Carowick
Lee Cassis West Virginia Lee has professionalized the Senate in his time as clerk and constantly works on making sure all employees are treated fairly. Brittany Carowick
Dylan McGlasson Illinois Dylan has been an asset from the start, handling a difficult and busy role. We've depended on him through a tough short-staffing period—even though he's a Cubs fan. Dan Weber
Lisa Buckingham Connecticut Lisa is a true team player. She handles the hectic nature of our department with grace and humor, and she is always willing to offer assistance. She is a great addition to our team! Elizabeth Conroy
Mikenzie Orozco Utah Mikenzie and her office took the initiative and time to meet with and learn from other minority offices across the country to improve their own processes. Such pros! Britany Carowick
Shemeka Bogan Minnesota  She works tirelessly on behalf of our office, and she has welcomed me with open arms, becoming not just a colleague but a sister, friend and mentor. Alexis Varner
Andy McPike Illinois After an exemplary performance last year, Andy has transformed our video department, yielding exponential engagement rates by framing our message in new, exciting ways. He’s not only a great employee, but my work bestie.  Natalie Bak
Casey Rife  Ohio Casey's wonderful personality and positive attitude can brighten up any room she enters, making her a fantastic boss.  Kylie Stanley 
Kayla Wilkerson  Ohio  Kayla is taking on her new role as director of budget and finance amazingly and always makes me feel welcome as a new staffer. She is an amazing woman to learn from at the statehouse!  Kylie Stanley 
Heather Poole and Shaun McGann Connecticut In the last days of session, Heather and Shaun keep the Office of Legislative Research organized and up to date during the busy "implementer" process. A well-oiled machine! Kudos! Janet Kaminski Leduc
Wanda McNally Nebraska  Wanda is a blessing! She’s been a pillar of the Nebraska Legislative Fiscal Office and is retiring this year after decades of service. While we will miss her very much, we wish her the best! Mikayla Findlay
Anne Fuehrer Maine  Anne is a ROCKSTAR legislative aide—a team player who brings intelligence, humor and joy to our office. From picking up four giant pans of lasagna to policy research and everything inbetween, she can do it all!  Elizabeth Gillen
Taylor Lubin Connecticut Taylor does a great job at creating and providing graphics to all 98 House members with a very short turnaround time, and her kindness and sense of humor make the workplace a fun place to be! Maliha Ahsan
John McGough  Maine  Our fearless leader deserves 1,000 shoutouts! John is a wealth of knowledge and can see an issue a mile down the road before anyone else. He is an absolute asset to our team! Elizabeth Gillen
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don stepped up as the acting payroll crew leader at the beginning of the session and has helped recruit two new staff. He has maintained high standards in payroll while making it a fun and pleasant place to work. Carolie Beitman
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara has the best attitude. She stays until the work is done, and even if it's not her work, she'll help get it done anyway. All-around rock star!  Ann Ali
Steve Harrison West Virginia Our clerk is so responsive and puts so much thought and care into answering questions from staff, members and the public. He's a wonderful asset! Ann Ali
Andrea Walker Connecticut Andrea has an amazing way of bringing empathy and calmness to difficult situations. She is a true asset to the CGA. I appreciate her wise counsel and enjoy working with her immensely.  Caroline Beitman
Lynn Lewis West Virginia Lynn stays behind the scenes, but we're grateful for her steady hand, helping to ensure our documents are accurate and complete each day. Ann Ali
Jenn Wegh Connecticut Jenn is such a hard worker and is always striving to give our employees and legislators the best HR experience. She is a pleasure to work with. Caroline Beitman
Wanda McNally Nebraska Wanda has served as manager of our Legislative Fiscal Office for over 40 years and will retire this summer. She's "the glue" who has cheerfully held our office together and will be deeply missed!  Suzanne Houlden
Anna Moorjani Minnesota Anna is a problem-solver and one of the most responsive staffers. She goes the extra mile and is always willing to help. She has improved our processes and made the Senate a better place to work.  Beth Johnston
Lori Skull West Virginia Lori continues to approach new responsibilities with a great attitude, and she's not afraid to put in the time to trouble-shoot something to help us all learn. Ann Ali
Shelley Bourgeois Connecticut Shelly came to the CGA in January and has already shown her commitment to ensuring employees have a great experience with payroll. I appreciate her enthusiasm for all our OLM activities, too. Caroline Beitman
Jacob Redman West Virginia Jacob is a such friendly and dedicated person, it's been great to see him stretch into a new role to grow even more! Ann Ali
Paul Alderucci Connecticut  Paul is always available to assist with ITS issues large and small, and he brings a wonderful sense of humor to lighten stressful situations. Caroline Beitman
Perry Bennett West Virginia Perry makes the countless hours of session work seem effortless, and always with a smile and great attitude. He's a true treasure with incredible talent to document each day. Ann Ali
All of our Montana legislative staffers Montana To Jerry and all of Montana's legislative staffers: Thank your for shepherding the us through the bill-drafting process during the 68th legislative session—4,600-plus drafts! We appreciate the long hours you put in.  Sen. Becky Beard
LSA Fiscal Division Alabama The entire Fiscal Division deserves a shoutout for all the hard work this session. You have weathered a storm of bills, amendments and fiscal notes and consistently produced top-notch work. Good job! Kirk Fulford
Nick Roth Minnesota He is very innovative and will someday design skyscrapers. Meggie Pruidze
Paula Greene Alabama As deputy director of the Legislative Services Agency's Legal Division, Paula has powered through the current legislative session with enthusiasm, despite a lack of free time or sleep. Basically, she is a ROCKSTAR! Karen Smith
Breanne Clifton Connecticut Breanne is dedicated and diligent and is excellent at rolling with whatever changes come before us—including losing both of her assistant clerks midsession. Couldn't do it without you!  Eleni
Betsy Theroux Georgia Working under Betsy and the House Media Services team has been a true pleasure! Thank you, Betsy, for your leadership and hard work during the 2024 session! You are the best!  Rachel Moore
Will Cromwell Connecticut As the policy guru for the Planning and Development, Housing, and Transportation committees, Will always knows the bills inside and out, and he ensures that we are thoughtful as we craft policy. Thanks for keeping us going! Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Mike Coe New Hampshire Mike is one of the most helpful people in the clerk's office. We also made a rule change that makes his life about 10 times harder, and I appreciate it. Thank you, Mike!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
Jon Porzuc Connecticut Jon's meticulous attention to detail and his fantastic sense of humor make him an invaluable member of the Planning and Development and Housing teams! Sorry about all the charters, Jon :) Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Marta Collazo Connecticut Marta's an amazing press aide! She has patience and good humor as we work on weekly updates and press releases. She has an eye for detail and great insight. I'm grateful to have her on my team! Rep. Amy Morrin Bello
Theresa New Hampshire T is one of the funniest people in the House. She's amazing with the journal and always makes me laugh. Thank you, Theresa!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
Sarah O'Connor Connecticut Sarah's ability to take what's in our heads and craft meaningful legislation is a huge asset to the Planning and Development and Children's committees. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she also is funny! Thanks, Sarah.  Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Tracy Blanchard New Hampshire Tracy is a natural at coordinating the clerk's office. She is so quick and helpful and brings so much joy into the office. Thank you, Tracy!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
Riley Aaron Alabama She is always helping make sure tasks get done and are well coordinated. She works hard and is always a team player.  Tiffany Weaver
Paul Bryant New Hampshire I would imagine that being bill status and calendar clerk would drive some people crazy, but not Paul. He's great and always has a fun story about his animals. Thank you, Ru!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
LSA Legal Alabama Our LSA legal staff are very professional and produce high-quality bill drafts, amendments, resolutions and legal research for the members of the Legislature amid countless requests for their time and services. Kirk Fulford
Dan Mason New Hampshire Dan is the longest-serving staff member in our office. He has all of the answers and his office is always open. Thank you, Dan!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
Melanie Newby, Jonathan Palmore, Kyle Blankenship, Tara Perkinson, Jennifer Welch Virginia I want to give a HUGE shoutout to these Senate staffers, who did such a TERRIFIC job in designing and furnishing the new legislative building despite COVID, labor shortages and supply chain issues!  Susan Schaar
Rachel Cole New Hampshire Rachel is the powerhouse of the office. She does our social media posts and the "marketing" aspect of legislating, but she also gets us to work. Thank you, Rachel!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
Slate Goodwin New Hampshire Slate keeps the office moving. He's always so bright and his newsletter makes my week. Thank you, Slate!  Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong
Riley Aaron Alabama Riley is a tremendous asset to our Fiscal Division team, contributing to various projects while being a quick learner in her role as our revenue analyst. Kirk Fulford
Catriona Stratton Connecticut Catriona is a phenomenal attorney and excellent collaborator! Her work on the Regulation Review Committee is stellar, promptly responding to inquiries and keeping me informed. Thank you, Catriona, for your hard work!  Catherine Thomas
Brandy Hapney West Virginia She has stepped into the role of fiscal officer like a champ! Brandy McNabb
Molly McAllister Connecticut I did my first presentation this year, and she provided amazing feedback and positive reinforcement. Thank you, Molly, for reigniting my love of public speaking and for your unwavering support and encouragement! Catherine Thomas
Alex Frederick Alaska Alex Frederick, our supply officer, responds to 60-plus offices with supply requests and gets it all done with a smile on his face!  Patricia Walker
Zoë Gluck Connecticut Zoë works tirelessly to ensure that everyone around her is taken care of. She is a source of stability for many people in the Capitol.  Hannah Hayes
Doniece Gott and the Senate Finance Secretary team Alaska Doniece and her team are the backbone of all the work that gets done in the Senate Finance Committee! These gals keep the committee running smoothly! They rock! Patricia Walker
Lucinda Duvall Washington Lucinda is amazing! While we all navigated the transition to remote work and then to hybrid, you could and still can always count on her for support, advice and just genuine kindness and compassion.  Frances V.
Hannah France Minnesota Thank you for being a drafting all star and for always providing incredible help whenever we need it!  Erik Olaphson
Jacob Lipson Washington Jacob is a very quick and creative bill drafter who has had to handle many complex issues through the years. Fish and forests are better for the words he has put into law. Dana Quam
Ann Dasche Washington  Ann is my closest neighbor in the office. She is very knowledgeable and is always willing to help me with questions or concerns. We have become friends, and I am grateful to have a co-worker like her.  Mary Ann Lara 
Lucinda Duvall Washington Lucinda is a wonderful team leader! Ametsa Belnap
Virginia Hall  Washington Virginia projects professionalism at all times. She happily shares her expertise and tips, and she has helped me become a better legislative assistant. We have a good laugh now and then, too!  Jeneen Breshears
Ana Allen Connecticut Ana always goes above and beyond. Her customer service skills are unmatched and she is excellent with constituent responses. I'm grateful to work with Ana! Farley A. Santos
Kimmi Grove Connecticut From policy to outreach and everything in between, Kimmi is my go-to! Her kindness, understanding and availability to her staff is exceptional. Thank you for being a great director and boss. Maliha Ahsan
Milagros Acosta  Connecticut Milagros keeps me well informed of the needs of my constituents, ensuring emails and phone messages are responded to with a professional attitude. She is a great communicator, and I'm proud to have her on my team.  Rep. James Sánchez 
Corinna Archer Kinsman Texas Corinna kept the whole House Research Organization on track even in the last days of the session, when legislators were working round-the-clock. She believed in her team, gave positive feedback and made the work seem doable. Sumaiya Malik
Brooke Urso Connecticut Brooke has been awesome! She has been instrumental in getting answers from various state agencies so we can get back to constituents with resolutions. Really appreciate all her good work. Thank you! Rep. Irene Haines
Allison Kyff Connecticut Allie is a first-year clerk for the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. She has showed incredible dedication and went above and beyond in her duties. She's a true asset to the General Assembly. Rep. Kerry Wood
Sam Clark  Connecticut He is a great person to go to for answers.  Ariana
Catherine Del Rosario California Catherine is very knowledgeable about the legislative process and understands how bills can affect the district. She is also effective in addressing problems and issues that we need to address. Kevin Mulligan
Bonnie Gray Connecticut She always brightens my day with her nice chitchat and walks, and she helped my transition to my new position go smoothly.  Hillary Desideraggio
Gina Jenkins Arizona Gina serves as the executive assistant to the Senate majority staff. She is phenomenal at her job, and we all would be lost without her!  Galen Kimmick
Kirstin Brenier Connecticut General Assembly Kirstin did an amazing job working with new staff this year. Never lost patience, no matter how many interruptions or questions came her way. Bonnie Gray
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason goes above and beyond to help his legislators and team members. He always brightens our days with hilarious stories from his early days with the House Democrats and tidbits of state news. Thank you, Jason, for everything you do! Allie Kyff, Rebecca Agyei, Megan Villanova
K-9 Cutter Connecticut K-9 Cutter has given his best years in the service and safety of our legislative community, and we love him for it! Michael Bermudez
Kehl Mackesey Georgia Kehl continues to impress me with her calm demeanor and ability adapt. She is always eager to learn and help out in any capacity, and we are lucky to have her on the House Media Services team!  Betsy Theroux
Sarah Griffith Arizona Sarah is amazing! She is the executive assistant to one of the busiest senators in Arizona. Sarah is always available to offer advice to new staff when they onboard.  Galen Kimmick
Jacque Jo Bland West Virginia She delivered an awesome legislative staffer presentation! John Giovengo
Hank Hager West Virginia State Senate There are so many positive things you could say about Hank. He is knowledgeable, personable and approachable. He is willing to help, no matter how big or small the problem. He is what you want in a co-worker. Benjamin Mack
The Texas Legislative Council Information Systems Division Texas! I am so appreciative of the dedication, expertise and hard work of our IT staff. They truly are the unsung heroes of the Texas Legislature! Jon Heining
Emma Zellmer Minnesota For building the best damn lego pyramid ever. Nick Roth
John Giovengo West Virginia State Senate John is extremely helpful, no matter what you ask. He is also very considerate and is sure to share useful information with you. John is a team player. Benjamin Mack
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan's patience, dedication, commitment to quality and overall knowledge make him an invaluable asset to our organization. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver quality IT services. Thank you, Dan. Andrea Walker
Alyssa Withee Maine Alyssa, you are a hardworking and dedicated member of the team and a great mentor to anyone new to the office. Thank you for letting me ask you a million questions and for all that you do!  Merrill Truluck 
Laura Paynter Minnesota Thank you for being an ag superstar and always being a great teammate! Indomitable!  Erik Olaphson
Alyssa Withee Maine Alyssa is an exceptional legislative aide and helped me feel like I was part of the team when I first joined the office. Her patience, kindness and breadth of knowledge make her stand out and are truly deserving of recognition.  Sydney Hallowell
Rachel Weiss Montana Huge shoutout to Rachel for being such a great NCSL champion in Montana and for always helping me connect with the amazing staffers when I visit Helena! Amber Widgery
Martha White  West Virginia  Martha is the heart of the House Health Committee, bringing warmth and positivity wherever she goes. Her dedication and caring nature are key to the committee's success. Sara Dyer
Chandra Persaud Connecticut She effectively manages a team and provides incisive feedback. She supports legislators and is an informal resource person for colleagues, freely sharing her expertise. It is a pleasure to work with her! Rebecca McClanahan
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Shoutout to Caroline for her courageous leadership and innovative thinking, which challenges HR to achieve greater heights. Andrea Walker
Daniel Osborne West Virginia  Daniel is hardworking, caring and respectful of the institution. He's kind to everyone and always ready to help. We're grateful to have Daniel training the per diems during session, sharing his wealth of knowledge with them. Sara Dyer
Illinois Senate legislative assistants Illinois If you ask any Illinois senator, they’ll tell you that they absolutely could not do their job without their dedicated legislative assistants. Thank you for your endless work in keeping the Illinois Senate running! Senate President Don Harmon
Assembly Budget Committee staff California For organizing dozens of hearings this spring in preparation for the final push on passing the state budget by June 15. (Shoutout to entire Assembly Budget Committee staff listed at Jason Sisney
Illinois Senate legal staff Illinois From working long hours to reviewing thousands of pages of legislation and supporting state senators through tough committees and floor debates, there’s no question the Illinois Senate’s “legal eagles” are the best lawyers out there! Senate President Don Harmon
Jill Randolph Idaho Jill worked with me for a year drafting and researching legislation and was always so quick to help when we needed her. She has patience and stamina to work with these wacky legislators.  Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Illinois Senate Policy and Budget staff Illinois Whether it’s drafting legislation or crunching numbers for the yearly budget, the Illinois Senate Policy and Budget staff always put their best foot forward. Thank you for getting us through every session! Senate President Don Harmon
Illinois Senate communications staff Illinois The talented members of the Senate’s communications staff make sure senators are always ready to tell the stories of the legislation we pass. Thank you for always making us look good! Senate President Don Harmon
Terri Kondeff Idaho Terri is professional and productive. I really appreciate her can-do attitude and her responsiveness. She's always positive and works very hard to make our systems run smoothly. Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Legislative Services staff West Virginia It is such an honor to work with Legislative Services. We all work so well together, and I feel like we truly have a great work family. It can be a crazy ride, but everyone steps up constantly to make it all happen! Rich Olsen
Elizabeth Bowen Idaho You are a rock star! I really appreciate your open-door policy and your answers to my legal questions. You are professional and smart as a whip! Thank you for all you do! Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Keith Bybee and the Budget staff Idaho Your staff has to put up with so much and you remain professional, responsive and constructive. I really appreciate the time you put in to ensure we have the data we need. In awe of your patience. Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Jen Novak Idaho Jen is professional, accurate, fair and super-duper smart! I really value working with her. She keeps everything running smoothly and provides such good info. She is a pillar of support. Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Melissa, your ability to provide great customer service with warmth and kindness helps our team to shine. Thank you. Andrea Walker
Mark McOwen  West Virginia Mark is like a walking encyclopedia, with answers to any question you throw his way. From the history of bills to their countless versions, he's got it all covered. He truly embodies what it means to be a legislative staffer. Sara Dyer 
Adam Terry West Virginia Adam is such a hard worker, always ready to jump in and tackle any project. Thanks for everything you do! Rich Olsen
Sara Jones West Virginia Sara Jones effortlessly navigates through any challenge with her sharp wit and lighthearted demeanor. She embodies a perfect blend of brains, humor and professionalism, making her not just a colleague but a valued member of the work family. Sara Dyer 
Jennifer Wegh Connecticut Jenn is always looking for ways to make our HR processes more streamlined and efficient. Thank you for being a great teammate. Andrea Walker
Tiffany Moy and the entire legislative Springfield staff  Illinois Your commitment to maintaining open lines of communication at all hours, including weekends and holidays, has been noteworthy. Your availability has significantly contributed to the smooth progression of our initiatives.  Michelle Cianferri 
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Aaron has always been a tremendous employee but when asked to add even more to an already full plate this session, he stepped up and delivered. Truly thankful to work with him! Rich Olsen
Victoria Brennan Delaware Victoria has worked very hard this year to implement a new capital grants management system and application process and has kept everything else running smoothly, too. We'd be lost without her! Ruth Ann Miller
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly inspires others with her positive energy, hard work and dedication. She leads by example, and her love for learning is evident in the effort she puts into providing top-notch training. Andrea Walker
Jason Smith Delaware Jason has put extra time into developing and implementing a new grants management system, and the transition from old to new went smoothly. He is a leader and a lifesaver for our office! Ruth Ann Miller
Bert Scoglietti Delaware Bert's long hours and 37 years of dedicated state experience make him a resource we pull from every day. The "Scoglietti Files" are an asset to all of us and I'm so glad he is here! Ruth Ann Miller
Molly Brennan Illinois  Molly rocks the calendar! Thank you for your organizing and managing the representative's schedule effectively. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Michelle Cianferri 
Kiley Thomson Delaware Kiley shows up every day with a big smile on her face and keeps smiling even through hectic schedules, education finance, and grant reviews. She brightens up the office every day! Ruth Ann Miller
Kirk Walker and the entire House Fiscal staff  Illinois  House Fiscal is greatly appreciated for their exceptional support with payroll and vendor payments, and in assisting whenever needed. Their dedication and expertise are truly commendable. Michelle Cianferri
Julie Fedele Delaware Julie always brings positivity to the office and keeps everyone well informed on Legislative Hall issues! Ruth Ann Miller
Bobbie Higgs Delaware We would all be lost without Bobbie coordinating, scheduling and following up on everything the office needs! From accounting to HR to furniture repair, she never ceases to amaze us! Ruth Ann Miller
Mike Meadows Connecticut Mike is the best press guy ever. He knows what to post and share before I do. I feel like I have a guardian angel in the press. He's so good, I'm wary of anyone else who wears a press badge! Rep. Irene Haines
Kathi Artigliere Delaware Kathi makes the office a better place with her fiscal note running, office plant expertise, coffee making skills and sense of humor! Legislative Hall just wouldn't be the same without her! Ruth Ann Miller
Ryan Dunphy Delaware Ryan never hesitates to assist in any fiscal committee needs, including quickly aiding meeting room shifts and changing documents. His flexibility and quick responses are so appreciated! Ruth Ann Miller
Hartford Capitol Police Connecticut The Capitol Police Department is stellar. The other day we had a threat to the safety of everyone in the building, but they extinguished it while many of us had no idea. I so appreciate their vigilance on our behalf. Rep. Irene Haines
Abigail Kirshy  Oregon Abigail goes above and beyond!  Marilyn Fleener
Mandy Fallon New York Mandy, the backbone of our Albany office, is a beacon of support for interns and team members alike. Her unwavering dedication, willingness to help and uplifting spirit make her an exceptional colleague and parent. Stacey Dimas
Ann Ali, Jacque Bland and Brittany Carowick West Virginia Big shoutout to Ann, Jacque and Brittany, our Legislative Staff Morale Corps, for providing, on behalf of our presiding officers, a week full of activities and appreciation for our staff! Mark McOwe
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware Ruth Ann is a master of organization, professionalism and budgets! It is truly amazing to see how she and her office always get the job done at the highest level! Ryan Dunphy
Rich Puffer Delaware Rich is a great counterpart in the House and is a wealth of knowledge. He is always willing to help and talk through any situation. I am grateful to be able to work alongside him! Ryan Dunphy
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark figuratively and literally keeps the lights on! He is a font of knowledge and is always willing to lend a hand ortalk through situations. I am lucky to work alongside Mark! Ryan Dunphy
Hannah Hayes Connecticut Hannah is a great staff member and has been doing a wonderful job as the new banking clerk.  Ariana Gonzalez
Daniela Luna Connecticut Daniela is not only my team leader but has specifically helped me with the transition in my role at the General Assembly. She is always there to answer questions and takes the time to check in on me.  Ariana Gonzalez
Trent Stewart Maine Trent joined the House Republican Office for the second regular session of the 131st Maine Legislature and has been a major asset to members and staff. Determined to learn and always willing to help, his efforts do not go unnoticed.  Craig Slavin
Bobbie Bergeron Connecticut Bobbie is wonderful! Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for having her as my legislative aid. She is a step ahead of EVERYTHING! I am fortunate and blessed beyond words to have her in my daily life!  Rep. Donna Veach
Jason Pheasant Connecticut Jason is able to work miracles -- actually magic with that camera of his. Always willing to come out after hours to cover an event or story. Even on weekends, he takes the time to make me look good. Thank you, Jason, for always saying yes. Rep. Donna Veach
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann deserves every shoutout in the world for her contributions to the Michigan Legislature. She works tirelessly to support our caucus and lead our policy team. No matter the issue, we turn to Coffiann for guidance and assistance. Marissa Geyer
Cynthia Paul Michigan Cynthia brings an abundance of wisdom to our policy team and our caucus. She is the definition of team player, and I appreciate her ability to turn just about any conversation into a song reference.  Marissa Geyer
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja handles all things education with ease, even navigating the large and often contentious education budgets. She is also a great friend and all-around person. I truly appreciate working with her.  Marissa Geyer
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya is such a joy to work with. She brings a smile to the office every day, and I'm impressed with her ability to handle complicated legislation and negotiate with competing stakeholders. She is a great support and a great friend.  Marissa Geyer
Eli Gaugush Michigan I truly don't know how we would get through budget season without Eli's leadership. His experience and knowledge of all things budget and politics (and also just random trivia) are such a benefit to our team and our caucus.  Marissa Geyer
Thomas Collins Michigan I appreciate the experience TC brings to the team. He does a great job managing difficult topics. He is also very good at networking and building those connections. TC seems to know everyone! Marissa Geyer
Taylor Mullins Burns Mississippi Taylor did a super job conducting background checks this year during a fast-paced legislative session. She helped to keep the process moving along efficiently. Thanks, Taylor! Julie Winkeljohn
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is such a great co-worker and a team player. He's always willing to help out and collaborate on issues and is supportive of our entire team. Marissa Geyer
Kathleen Johnston-Calati Michigan I've really enjoyed getting to know Kathleen since she joined our team. She is a team player and has a great sense of humor. Kathleen has a wealth of knowledge, and I appreciate her willingness to jump right into work.  Marissa Geyer
Tom Horton Michigan Tom brings an exciting energy to our team. He is always ready for a challenge, and I've never seen someone so passionate about tax policy. I appreciate his openness and how supportive he is of everyone in the office.  Marissa Geyer
Jack Fischer Minnesota Jack is a relentless advocate for people who most need their voices uplifted. He's a rockstar and I'm lucky to work alongside him! Fabian Bean
The NYC Association of Legislative Employees New York Solidarity forever! Sending appreciation and respect for the work you all are doing in the media to pave the way for others. Fabian Bean
Nelky Maldonado and Migdalia Ballester Alicia Connecticut  Without a doubt, Nelky and Migdalia make HDO such a warm and loving environment. I can always count on them to bring laughter, serve looks and keep it real. I am so grateful to work with them and to share so many great moments :) Ana Allen 
Third-floor South Pod  Connecticut  Each member of South Pod is the epitome of when great co-workers become great friends. Jason, Kim, Victoria, Gurjeta—you guys are so kind and have brought so many laughs and good memories to our pod, #quadropod #southpod Ana Allen 
Dan Jalbert Connecticut HR/Payroll counts on Dan to provide exceptional ITS service. Dan is always there for us so we can assist staff and legislators in the best and most efficient manner. Dan is truly a wonder as well as a great colleague. Caroline Beitman
Kathleen Johnston Calati Michigan She is amazing, knowledgeable and always willing to help! Coffiann Hawthorne 
Matt Lantzy Michigan I appreciate Matt's determination, driven spirit, and leadership on military and veterans issues.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Kristen Rottinghaus, Erik Beecroft, Jon Courtney Kansas, Virginia, New Mexico Three of the most talented people I know who truly exemplify why NCSL is so valuable—they're always willing to help and truly care about the profession and role of the legislature in oversight and evaluation. Thank you! Eric Thomas
DRU and Kade Minchey Utah Really appreciate both of you and the relationship between our offices. We enjoy the opportunity to learn from the good work you're doing and share what we know. Thank you!  Eric Thomas
Cynthia Paul  Michigan She is my amazing deputy director and labor guru. No matter how crazy things get, I know that I can always count on her. She is as genuine as they come.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Jamison Bazinet Connecticut Jamison is an extremely valuable asset to our caucus, and most especially myself as he is intuitive, knowledgeable, accommodating and overwhelmingly helpful to "the mission." Rep. Craig Fishbein
Asja Jackson  Michigan Asja is always willing to step in and take the lead. She has done a marvelous job on our education priorities. Coffiann Hawthorne 
Jackson Schipke Connecticut Jackson has very quickly gotten a handle on my expectations and has met them quite efficiently and competently. It is a pleasure to work with him. Rep. Craig Fishbein
Marissa Geyer  Michigan I appreciate Marissa always being so thoughtful and thorough. She did an outstanding job balancing all the interests to get the AED package across the finish line! Coffiann Hawthorne 
Maya Lowry Michigan  No matter the task, large or small, Maya is always positive and smiling. Her work on the Judiciary and Families committees has been phenomenal this session.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Thomas Horton  Michigan  Tom's enthusiasm and energy for tax policy is unparalleled. I appreciate his ability to simplify complicated tax issues and make them digestible for all of us.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Eli Gaugush Michigan  Eli makes putting together a multibillion-dollar budget look easy. He's an outstanding budget director and I appreciate his strategic and creative thinking.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Thomas L. Collins Jr.  Michigan  I appreciate TC's multidimensional mindset and the way he helps our caucus navigate tough issues. I particularly appreciate his expertise and work on energy and agriculture issues.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Hillary Desideraggio, Murray Cento Connecticut Thank you to Hillary and Murray for helping with my transition to another committee. It wasn't easy, but they made it so much easier. Bonnie Gray
Andrea Walker Connecticut It is a pleasure working with Andrea. I am so grateful for her mentorship and institutional knowledge. She willingly shares that knowledge with the team to make us all better. Thank you, Andrea! Jenn Wegh
Molly McAllister Connecticut It is a pleasure working with Molly. It is easy to talk with Molly and run things by her. Her insight is so valuable. Thank you, Molly! Jenn Wegh
Elizabeth Conroy Connecticut Liz always goes the extra mile in everything she does, she is always willing to help out in a time of need. Her dedication is inspiring! Brian Pencz
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Thank you, Caroline, for all you do! Caroline is a wonderful supervisor. Her door is always open and she is open to new ideas and ways of doing things. I appreciate the open communication lines and encouragement. Jennifer Wegh
Megan Villanova Connecticut Megan goes above and beyond in all areas of work with a smile and amazing attitude. She’s always willing to help anyone #girlpower Deputy Speaker Pro Tem
Don Murtishi Connecticut It is a pleasure to work with Don. He is easily approachable and a good collaborator. He is always willing to take a look at issues to see how we can best solve a problem. Thank you, Don! Jennifer Wegh
Shelly Bourgeois Connecticut It has been a pleasure to welcome Shelly to the team. She has jumped right in and is willing to help. Thank you, Shelly, for all that you do! Jennifer Wegh
Tina Zanelli-Sphon Connecticut Welcome to the team, Tina! I look forward to working with you! Jennifer Wegh
Sang Ilangovan Michigan While fairly new to the Senate, Sang makes her positive impact felt on a daily basis. Eager to learn, quick to listen and always ready to help, she is a great addition to our IT team! Margaret O'Brien
Nikki Bouck Michigan With decades of dedicated service under her belt, Nikki brings fresh energy to the Senate every day! Her depth of knowledge, warm smile and hard work ensure smooth operations. Margaret O'Brien
Rob Carlton Michigan With a positive attitude, Rob protects us every day as part of the Senate sergeants. His warm, contagious smile greets everyone and makes us all feel valued. Margaret O'Brien
Norm Armstrong Michigan In a sometimes chaotic environment, Norm always finds a way to help. He not only protects us but also finds the little ways he can make our lives easier. Norm ensures everyone feels appreciated. Margaret O'Brien
Melissa White West Virginia Even in one of the worst times in her personal life, she continued to care about us and how her absence would cause us more stress. She is the most caring individual I know, and House Education is lucky to have her as chief counsel. Melinda Swagger
Morgan Miller West Virginia Morgan is passionate about making the education system better for every student and teacher, fierce to defend the committee's stance and loyal to her team. And, she brings the comedic relief that keeps things light. Melinda Swagger
Frank Gleason Maine We are very fortunate that Frank joined our team this year. He brings legislative expertise and humor just when we need it the most! Anne Fuehrer
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany is always focused and attentive to detail. She goes above and beyond in her work and is always ready to help if we have questions or want a second opinion on how to approach a project! She is the best! Riley Aaron
Anna Broome Maine Anna is an amazing colleague and friend. You can always stop by her office with any issue and she will help you through it or offer advice. She's never too busy to help her colleagues. Thank you, Anna! Steven Langlin
Mathieu Fuller Alabama In his short time here, he is already a big team player. He is always one of the first to volunteer to help out another analyst! He is also a hard worker and is very thorough and diligent in his own work! Riley Aaron
Hunter Lapp Alabama Hunter is very composed and organized, even during the chaos of session!  Riley Aaron
Elizabeth Gillen Maine Elizabeth "Lizzy" is a solid member of Team HRO, always pitching in and taking things to the next level. Love having Lizzy (and her sense of humor) as a partner in our activities! Anne Fuehrer
Robin Risko Michigan Robin's expertise and experience are crucial to a smooth-running budget cycle. She is incredibly dedicated to her work and helping however she can. I appreciate her spunk and her passion. It's great working together! Marissa Geyer
Dan Jalbert Connecticut It is a pleasure working with Dan. He is so helpful with our HR projects. He is always willing to step in and assist. We are all grateful in HR for his expertise and assistance. Thank you, Dan! Jennifer Wegh
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Melissa is always willing to help everyone on the team with their projects. Thank you, Melissa, for all your assistance. Jennifer Wegh
Molly Wingrove Michigan I appreciate Molly's expertise and support. She is so great at her job, always organized and always catching the small things to make sure committee runs smoothly. Her experience is such an asset to the Legislature. Marissa Geyer
Hazel Campbell-Crawley Michigan From page to clerk to IT support, Hazel can do it all! She always has a smile on her face and is always happy to help in any way she can. I appreciate her help with committee organization. It's great working together. Marissa Geyer
Dakota Soda Michigan Dakota is an outstanding clerk. She is incredibly organized and handles stressful situations with ease. I appreciate her support and calm collectedness always. Marissa Geyer
Bonnie Gray Connecticut There are times when the work piles up, but Bonnie is always able to complete her tasks without complaining. On top of being a great worker, she is also an amazingly kind friend who is always there to listen. Thank you, Bonnie :) Michael (MJ) Shannon
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann, you are an impeccable leader and one of the smartest attorneys I've ever had the pleasure of working with. You make me a better advisor, attorney and person. Thank you. And never forget, I always listen to you.  Cynthia Paul
John Giovengo West Virginia John has helped me step into the role of interim clerk with confidence! He has always answered any question and shared his record-keeping and organizational hacks. Thank you, John! Brittany Carowick
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Malak is absolutely perfect for her position. She is calm and collected and is able navigate stressful situations while still being so friendly and kind. I don't know how session would run without her! Marissa Geyer
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan She hates it when I say this, but I couldn't ask for a better boss. She is the pinnacle of patient, capable and considerate. Tom Horton
Richard Anderson West Virginia  Richard is a great legislative staffer. His caring nature shines through in his willingness to lend a hand, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently. Plus, he's a pro at winning a hand or two in the game Qwix! Sara Dyer
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah is easily at the top of the list for names of underrated and hyperintelligent, analytical minds. The world is a better place with her in it. Tom Horton
Marissa Geyer Michigan Dear Marissa, your skills on team policy are second to none. You are turning into a fantastic attorney and will soon (if you don't already) have the world at your feet. Keep up the good work, but take time to smell the roses and enjoy life. Cynthia Paul
Kristin King West Virginia  Kristin's strength, determination, grace and tenacity make her an invaluable member of the Finance Committee. Once she sets her mind to something, she's unstoppable. Sara Dyer
Melissa Jalbert  Connecticut Melissa's positive attitude means so much to our office. She makes the office a happier place. (She also runs back and forth between the LOB and the Capitol more than anyone in the building to assist others!) Brooke Urso
Matt Lantzy Michigan Dear Matt, keep up the good work and you will go far. It's always good to hear your voice every morning. Cynthia Paul
Kathleen Johnston-Calati Michigan Kathleen, welcome to Team Policy, my friend. My door is always open for any questions or just to chat. Cynthia Paul
Ricardo White Michigan Ricardo has a difficult job as legislative director to the speaker. He is usually the person who has to tell members no. He does it with grace and humor. I appreciate all that he does for Michigan. Shaquila Myers
Nick Olds Michigan Nick is a pleasure to work with. He's always communicative, quick to resolve issues and super skilled at serving all of the member offices. We are lucky to have him! Joanne Wisely
Brad Towson Connecticut Brad is always available to give me advice and, as a bill reviewer, goes above and beyond to give me timely feedback on drafts. Thanks for all your help and hard work this session! Jack Mitchell
Mark McOwen West Virginia Mark's years of unwavering commitment, sage counsel and relentless pursuit of knowledge stand as a beacon for our state and its leaders. Mark’s kindness and humility serve as lessons for us all. Let us protect this remarkable man at all costs! Sara Jones
Marta Collazo Connecticut Marta is a tremendous leader, excellent communicator and outstanding organizer for the Press Team. She deserves all the credit in the world for the staff's performance, professionalism and camaraderie.  Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Hannah Hayes Connecticut She was thrown into the deep end and learned to float very quickly. Hannah is an incredibly hard worker and is willing to do any task, no matter how big or small. House Democrats gained a valuable member this year! Nate Kalechman
Jason York Connecticut Jason is a walking encyclopedia of political knowledge and media savvy. More important, he is a stand-up person who finds new ways to make us laugh and relax.  Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Hannah Chapman Michigan Hannah consistently goes above and beyond in everything she does. I am lucky to have learned from her immense knowledge for the past two years. She truly sets the bar on what being an effective legislative staffer means.  Bailey Tjolsen
Hailey Millican Michigan Hailey is a rockstar. She treats everyone with respect and kindness and does an excellent job staying cool under pressure. Her organizational skills and her ability to put others at ease make her an incredible staffer! Joanne Wisely
Joanne Wisely Michigan She always goes above and beyond. Plus, she is a great mentor! Madisyn Dye
Alberto Negron Connecticut Alberto embodies professionalism. He is a mentor who takes time to help others improve while developing an excellent work culture. When he's not proofreading content, he's making us smile with his witty sense of humor. Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Adam Genera Connecticut Adam is hungry to learn fast and constantly asking critical questions to build his skill set. He is absorbing so much knowledge and putting in long hours. His work ethic is second to none. Keep it up! Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Austin Hyatt Connecticut Even though this was his first year being a clerk, you wouldn't be able to tell. Austin not only works incredibly hard, but his work product is very refined. The House Democratic clerk team is lucky to have you! Nate Kalechman
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara never hesitates to assist anyone, whether it’s fetching a cup of tea or diving into the intricacies of child care laws. Her unwavering commitment and infectious positivity make her the “Swiss Army Knife” of the House of Delegates! Sara Jones
Zach Emberton Illinois Zach is devoted to the cause. A rare person who gets what's needed to keep things running on all wheels. He handles many areas, can be trusted to fill in and makes the job fun. Dan Weber
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don has bravely stepped into a lead payroll position and had big shoes to fill. His willingness to collaborate, to be curious and ask questions, and to offer suggestions for improvement have contributed to his growth and success. Andrea Walker
Robert Akers West Virginia  Robert's unparalleled legal expertise in energy law sets him apart. And with his background in both law and engineering, he brings a unique perspective that really enriches our projects. We're lucky to have him on the team! Sara Dyer
Amber Moe-Olds Michigan Amber is a seasoned pro who never hesitates to share her wisdom with others. She gives 100% to her committee and her boss' bills and can always be trusted to do things right.  Joanne Wisely
Colleen McCarthy Reid Maine Colleen is amazing. I've never seen someone so even-keeled! She always has an innovative solution or suggestion that gets you "unstuck." She always makes time for you when you need to let off steam or need assistance. We're so thankful to have you, Colleen! Steven Langlin
Samantha Skorka Michigan Samantha has a great creative eye for all of the content she helps make, which turns out wonderfully because she's so easy to talk to and knows how to make others feel comfortable in front of a camera. She's such an asset to House Dems! Joanne Wisely
Allie Kyff Connecticut She has done a great job this session as a clerk. Her willingness to learn and get involved in policy as well as help her fellow clerks has been commendable. Allie is an incredible addition to the House Dems Clerk Team!  Nate Kalechman
Justin Richards Delaware Justin has truly thrived in his new role as a legislative specialist. His deep understanding of Delaware's JFC process is impressive, and he continues to shine in keeping some of the busiest committees organized and on track. Sophia Vassar
Lisa Solloway Delaware Lisa is amazing! She's always there to help colleagues and explain the process. She ensures her legislators have everything they need, and she takes the lead on one of the busiest House committees.  Sophia Vassar
Richard Anderson West Virginia Richard has been a boon to the Finance Committee. He shines through as he tackles teamwork assignments, remaining calm in stressful situations. We can always count on his infectious humor to lift our spirits. Richard is the secret ingredient that keeps us going! Sara Jones
Shelley Bourgeois Connecticut Shelley recently joined our HR/payroll team and has displayed great enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Thanks for being a great addition to our team. Andrea Walker
Chandra Persuad Connecticut Chandra is invaluable not only to the Human Services Committee, but also to the House Democrats Clerk Team. Her willingness to help the other clerks as well as be a mentor is appreciated by everyone on the team. Nate Kalechman
Brad Lofton Delaware Brad is great! He excels at keeping legislation on track while ensuring that his member's constituents are well served. He has done a great job staffing the Justice 40 group as well as House committees.  Sophia Vassar
Ashleigh Schoeninger Michigan Ashleigh has a brilliant mind and is such a pleasure to work with. She's also an incredible leader who sets an example for all those who work around her. She is just amazing! Joanne Wisely
Sarah Maloney Connecticut How does she not have an entire page full of shoutouts? Thank you for bringing fun into the office through trivia Fridays and organizing meals for legislators and staff on every session day. You truly brighten our days.  Brooke Urso
Alex Southerst Delaware Alex is a wonderful addition to the HD team! She has done a great job ensuring her legislators' constituents receive the services they need, making a meaningful difference in her community.  Sophia Vassar
Madisyn Dye Michigan Madisyn has a huge heart for helping constituents and does her very best to help them get favorable outcomes. She's sweet, friendly, smart and supportive. I'm lucky to work with her! Joanne Wisely
Ana Allen  Connecticut  Ana is a great team member. She goes above and beyond for her representatives and is dedicated, hardworking and compassionate when assisting them, her co-workers and, especially, the constituents. Jason Knight
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Between running the Higher Education and Employee Advancement Committee, covering for another clerk for several weeks, and running the amendment desk during session, Jaz made it all look easy. We are fortunate to have her! Nate Kalechman
Bobbie Bergeron Connecticut Bobbie has been the best office mate. She is the hardest-working person I know and has taught me SO much. I appreciate her thoughtfulness, commitment and passion, and I am forever grateful! Jess Bucci
Stevanna Sargeant Delaware Stevanna is fantastic! She's always ready to lend a hand and serves as the lead staffer for one of the House's busiest committees. She ensures that meetings run smoothly and excels at organizing her legislators' constituent work and legislation. Sophia Vassar
Julia Schmidt Michigan Julia is super organized and does a fantastic job keeping everyone around her on track. She balances professionalism and friendliness with everyone she interacts with and makes people feel comfortable and welcome in all settings. She rocks!  Joanne Wisely
Alex Sparco Delaware Alex is really thriving as a legislative specialist. She consistently demonstrates initiative by stepping in to support colleagues or handling last-minute needs during the legislative day. Sophia Vassar
Christian Talarski Connecticut Christian has done a great job this session. His willingness to help other clerks as well as his lighthearted attitude makes him an extremely valuable member of the House Dems Clerk Team.  Nate Kalechman
Mary Fitzpatrick and George Miles Connecticut Thank you to my OLR counterparts on the Energy and Technology Committee! In an often challenging policy area, I rely on their knowledge and attention to detail. I really appreciate their willingness to work as a team. Jack Mitchell
Ryan Bond Delaware Ryan is a fantastic addition to the HD team! He provides excellent support for two legislators, ensuring their constituents are well taken care of and their legislative priorities stay on track.  Sophia Vassar
Tiphani Cade Delaware Tiphani brings warmth to Legislative Hall and always lifts the mood around her. She excels at keeping her legislators' constituent cases organized and their bills on track. Recently, she played a key role in organizing the successful Alpha Kappa Alpha Day at the Capitol! Sophia Vassar
Emy Diaz Delaware Emy is awesome! She's constantly there for newer colleagues, offering a helping hand and guiding them through the process. Additionally, she is great at keeping her members' legislation and constituent cases organized, ensuring that their districts' needs are addressed. Sophia Vassar
Ash Northey Connecticut Ash has done an incredible job this year. Not only has she been pivotal to the Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee, but she has been a great mentor to the other clerks as well. The House Dems Clerk Team is very fortunate to have her. Nate Kalechman
Victoria Bower Connecticut Victoria is a great team member. She is extremely professional, courteous and very attentive and caring when it comes to addressing the needs of her representatives and their constituents. And she does it with an infectious smile and personality. Jason Knight
Kelly Jones Michigan  Kelly is dedicated to serving our constituents and goes above and beyond to do whatever it takes to resolve an issue, whether it is with a state department or finding resources for our community.  Rep. Sharon MacDonell
Taylor Green Delaware Taylor is fantastic! She's always there to help out and she supports two busy legislators, making sure their bills stay organized and move smoothly through the legislative process. Sophia Vassar
Lauren Lee Delaware Lauren is a great addition to the HD team! She consistently demonstrates a proactive and helpful attitude. Additionally, she serves as a lead staffer on the Delaware Aquaculture Task Force, ensuring the meetings run smoothy.  Sophia Vassar
Breanne Clifton Connecticut She has done a fantastic job this year managing the Planning and Development Committee. Breanne has also gotten more involved on the policy side and shows an eagerness to further her knowledge. She is an integral member of the House Dems Clerk Team. Nate Kalechman
Rep. Donna Veach Connecticut  Rep. Veach is such a pleasure to work with. Not only does she enjoy baking and sharing her delicious confections with everyone in the office, but she freely shares her kindness and wisdom with us as well. I am so grateful and blessed to have her in my life. Bobbie Bergeron 
Callie Abrams Michigan Callie is an unsung hero. She has extensive experience in legislative work and often assists members on priorities and working out difficult policy issues. Shaquila Myers
Kim Taylor Connecticut  Kim is a valuable team member. She is very friendly, professional and always gets the job done for her representatives and their constituents, and she's a great person to work with.  Jason Knight
Peter Andrews Connecticut Peter is a team player. I admire his calm, professional demeanor and the supportive positive attitude he always exudes, even on the toughest days. He is a class act and I truly appreciate him! Barry Hubbard
House Research Organization staff Texas Y'all are the most dedicated and hardworking team, and I couldn't ask to work with a more talented, fun group! THANK YOU for all you do to serve the Texas House of Representatives! Proud to work with and celebrate this team. Corinna Archer Kinsman
Rosalie Filippone Connecticut Her great relationships with her chairs speak to how essential she is to the Education Committee. Rosalie also helps the other clerks when they need it. She is an important member of the House Dems Clerk Team and we are lucky to have her. Nate Kalechman
Gurjeta Zeka Connecticut Gurjeta has been a great new addition to our team and has fit in seamlessly. She brings valuable legislative experience, outstanding professional skills and very good instincts when it comes to understanding the legislative process and political environment. Jason Knight
Maureen Urso  Connecticut  Maureen Urso is a powerful force. She has been a mentor and a friend to me since I first began working at the CGA 12 years ago. We have not always seen eye to eye, but that is one of the reasons that I can say with great certainty that she is a true friend and someone who is dedicated to our professional development. Thank you for all your help and guidance over the years, Maureen. Bobbie Bergeron
Zoë Gluck Connecticut She has pushed me to be the best version of myself and to continue sharpening and building my professional skills. Zoë is also a fantastic supervisor to all of the House Dems clerks and I'm very grateful for her. Nate Kalechman
Legislative Budget Office Minnesota To the awesome TERC and Fiscal Note staff working hard to keep the ball rolling.  Shannon Zila
Justin Dougherty Delaware Justin is simply wonderful to be around! He does an outstanding job for his members' constituents and goes the extra mile to make sure his members are prepared for session and community events. Sophia Vassar
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor is a pivotal member of the Appropriations Committee and the House Dems Clerk Team. She is a great counterpart and I believe we have worked well together in making sure everyone feels supported on our team. Nate Kalechman
Khazra Fatima Delaware Khazra is great! She recently spearheaded a fantastic Muslim Community Day at the Capitol, highlighting her impressive organizational skills. Additionally, she excels in serving the constituents in her members' districts. Sophia Vassar
Shannon Zila Minnesota Her excellent work during session. Glad to be part of her team!  Kate Schiller
Valeria Coverdale Delaware Valeria is a fantastic addition to the HD team. She excels at keeping her members' constituent cases and legislation organized and has played a crucial role in developing the Long-Term Care Legislative Package. Sophia Vassar
Steve McDaniel Minnesota His excellent work during session. I'm glad to work with him!  Kate Schiller
Karl Palm Minnesota His excellent work during session! I feel fortunate to work with him!  Kate Schiller
Charles Hennessy, Kelsey Taylor, Carl Fazzino, Connecticut Charlie, Kelsey and Carl are a great team. No matter the urgency of the request, how small or large, they are always willing and able to provide help, outstanding service and always do so with a friendly smile. Jason Knight
Alyssa Holterman Rosas Minnesota Her excellent leadership during session. I feel fortunate to work with her!  Kate Schiller
John Giovengo West Virginia "John G," thank you for your mindfulness and meticulousness, not only in your work but being "Best Dressed" and keeping me in on point with smiles. Martha White
Michelle Cianferri Illinois Michelle is a prime example that teamwork makes the dream work. Thank you for directing the district and making our team successful to serve our constituents.  Molly Brennan
Mark McOwen West Virginia Mark sets the gold standard of nonbiased professionalism and legal acumen to which all legislative lawyers should aspire. His tenacity, humility and kindness are second to none. Joe Altizer, House Minority Counsel
Kelly Jones Michigan She always goes above and beyond with every task and challenge she is given. She is a pleasure to work with always! Madisyn Dye
Senate Democratic Legal staff ("Leagles") Illinois Big shoutout to the phenomenal, fastidious and industrious Legal Review Staff for the Illinois Senate Democrats (Leagles). They give their all and are great public servants. Thank you for all you do! Giovanni Randazzo
Sara Jones West Virginia Sara, your mentorship and wealth of knowledge shine brightly, along with your intuition and years of dedicated service. Your contributions are invaluable to the WV House. Martha white
Ashley Jenkins-Jordan and Mike Hoffmann Illinois Ashley and Mike have worked their way up through the ranks to become a great chief-of-staff/deputy-chief-of-staff duo. They are hardworking and understand what staff go through. Thank you for all you do. Giovanni Randazzo
Bailey Tjolsen Michigan Bailey joined our office in the middle of our budget, which can be a busy, confusing and difficult time. She has handled the transition beautifully and is an amazing asset to our team. We are extremely thankful for her.  Mila Bodewes
Anne Landgrebe  West Virginia  Anne is super organized. Her warm smile and courteous demeanor create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone around her. Sara Dyer
Cheyenne DeBolt  West Virginia  Cheyenne consistently crafts exceptional blog content, whether it's during interims or session. Her radiant positivity and friendly nature bring joy to our collaborative efforts, making her a delight to work with. Sara Dyer
Jeff Stuby  Pennsylvania  Besides being a thorough and diligent research manager, Jeff's been supportive of the Legislative Fellowship and our Take Your Child to Work Day programs! Thanks for going above and beyond for CORE! Nicole Brunner
Rick O'Neil Connecticut Rick was a tremendous help during my journey to the state Capitol. He is always there with his quiet, sage advice just when I need it most. Rep. Bill Heffernan
Aaron Holmes Illinois Aaron does a great job running the Senate Policy and Budget staff. He knows the state budget like the back of his hand. It's great to see him continue to grow in his role as director, and I'm proud to call him my brother! Celeste Holmes
Alexis Jones Pennsylvania  Alexis is an incredible ally to the Legislative Fellowship Program. She and her team have hosted Fellows, present a workshop key in the development of their skills, and show up to support the program at our final presentation. THANK YOU!  Nicole Brunner
Ian Smith West Virginia  Ian keeps things in check as our humble budget analyst, making sure the budget bill stays on track. We appreciate Ian for his work and admire his resilience in overcoming challenges. Sara Dyer
Jessica Martinez Colorado She runs both the Senate aide corp and outreach for Senate majority and does it with poise and dedication. Jessica handles complicated relationships and training a new staff every year with grace.  Adrienne Dahms
Mila Bodewes  Michigan Mila's infectious personality makes every day in our office fun. It is a pleasure to work beside her. Her talent and work ethic are also to be admired, and I look forward to seeing her go far in her career. Bailey Tjolsen
Brennan Stidham Illinois Brennan is passionate about the work her senators do, and she runs the Capitol Architect's Instagram, highlighting the preservation and restoration of the Capitol Complex. Her dedication to historical accuracy and authentic storytelling is inspiring! Brooke Smith
Will Valentino  West Virginia  Will has a talent for cutting through complexity and getting straight to the heart of any task he's working on. He's always ready to roll up his sleeves and tackle the job head-on. We're grateful to have him as chief counsel for the Judiciary Committee. Sara Dyer 
Senate pages, custodians and operations  Illinois Thank you to Senate pages, custodians and operations for your invaluable contributions to the institution. From message delivery to space cleanliness and organization, your dedication is truly appreciated! Duane Malany
Caitlin Perry Illinois Caitlin is a rock star in the Communications Department. As one of two editors, she ensures that even the smallest of details are honored and advocates for the importance of accessibility in our messaging mediums. Her work and friendship are so appreciated! Brooke Smith
Natalie Bak Illinois Natalie is such a bright, welcoming presence. Her kindness and willingness to help with any project make working with her so much fun. I'm proud to call her a colleague and so thankful to have her as a friend. Brooke Smith
Virginia Chambers Michigan Virginia is always available to assist our office. She goes above and beyond in her role to advise and collaborate, and she makes the job easier! Angela Osborne, House Staff
Alyssa McCorkle Illinois Alyssa began in the Communications Department as an intern and now staffs two senators and participates on numerous department teams. Her passion for the work that her members do is admirable, and she works so hard to ensure that they do not go unnoticed. Brooke Smith
Susie Myers Arizona Susie is the Arizona Senate comptroller and she seamlessly processes all the payroll and per diem for members and staff. She always advises of any upcoming changes we need to be aware of. She is amazing and great to work with. Galen Kimmick
Rich Olsen West Virginia Rich is our legislative services director, but more important, he's one of the best communicators we have. He runs our team and ensures that all our work gets done in a timely and efficient manner. I'm truly grateful for his leadership! Aaron Kidd
Lynn Snow Arizona Lynn has worked in the Senate for several years, first as a member's assistant and then in the Senate secretary's office. She has an excellent work ethic and great attention to detail, which makes her so valuable as the engrossing clerk! Galen Kimmick
Kim Quintero Arizona Kim is excellent at communicating the majority's priorities to the public through press releases and interaction with the media. She brought a wealth of knowledge with her when she joined the Senate and we are lucky to have her on staff! Galen Kimmick
Anita Valentino  West Virginia  Anita is as straightforward as they come—no-nonsense, hardworking and incredibly efficient. Her ability to cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters is unparalleled. Working alongside Anita this past year has been an absolute pleasure. Sara Dyer
Chierstin Susel Arizona Chierstin has done an amazing job of increasing the majority's social media interactions. She has produced some amazing work—reels and videos—that has surpassed 1 million views! Galen Kimmick
DJ Morgan West Virginia  DJ's adventurous spirit and infectious enthusiasm make him a joy to be around. He’s always there with a smile, and his willingness to dive into any task, no matter how daunting, is truly admirable. Sara Dyer
Kristin Brawn Maine Kristin does amazing work as a legislative researcher. Her products are very helpful for legislators, and her willingness to come to committee and explain her research is invaluable. We're lucky to have you, Kristin! Steven Langlin
Molly McAllister Connecticut In addition to being an excellent training manager, Molly adds so much to our HR/payroll team as a mentor and colleague. She is a wise and trusted member of our staff and brings so much to the CGA. Caroline Beitman
Karen Nadeau Maine Procrastination? Not a word in her vocabulary. She's the colleague you go to when you're on the ledge and need to be talked down. Thankful to count her as a friend and colleague. We're lucky to have you, Karen! Steven Langlin
Rino Felole Connecticut Rino has been a great help in setting up automated systems to make things more efficient for our CGA staff. His good humor when troubleshooting issues is always appreciated. Caroline Beitman
Tina Zanelli-sphon Connecticut Shoutout to Tina, the newest member of our HR/payroll team. I'm looking forward to working with you and getting to know you better.  Andrea Walker
Milagros Acosta, Jason Knight and Rick O'Neil Connecticut Thanks for being an amazing team of senior CECs to work with every day! I love how we always have each other's backs.  Dawn Marzik
Maree Clarke Connecticut Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to help us every day! You bail us out regularly and it's not lost on us. Chaos Coordinator should really be added to your job title.  Dawn Marzik
Rebecca, Jeanie, Nelky, Ophelia, Barry and Peter (and sessional Cathleen)  Connecticut Thanks for being a great TEAM and helping each other where/when needed. I appreciate that you make it easy to lead and teach you. Dawn Marzik
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is on the front line of OLM, navigating requests, visitors and calls, among other duties, and she does it with grace. Thank you, Liz, for keeping us informed, when needed, so we can stay on task.  Andrea Walker
Mandi, Kimmi and Franklin Connecticut Thanks for always being available to your staff and for backing us up and listening when we have a problem. Your open minds and support are appreciated.  Dawn Marzik
Jacque Bland and Ann Ali West Virginia  Jacque and Ann are the two best communication directors this state has ever known, consummate professionals who go above and beyond for their respective chambers. Thankful for their continued service to this state. Drew Ross
Santé Lesh Alaska Santé is always working to make sure legislators and staff have everything they need to do their work, and as my deputy, she ensures that I have all the information I need to make good decisions for the Alaska Legislature.  Jessica Geary
Molly Kiesel Alaska Molly is my special assistant and is truly the smiling face on the other end of the line when called by legislators, staff or their constituents. She is friendly, gracious and helpful. She also makes sure I don't forget any of the important things I'm supposed to be doing.  Jessica Geary
Lori Grayson Connecticut Lori's efforts in organizing fun events and activities for our office displays her team spirit. Thank you, Lori. Andrea Walker
Zoë Gluck, Taylor Hyde, Nate Kalechman Connecticut Zoë, Nate and Taylor have provided us with extraordinary support throughout our transition to committee clerk positions. They are always there for us when questions come up. They are the best! Allie Kyff and Austin Hyatt
Erika Österberg , Amanda Clapham and Mac Jordan Colorado These three demonstrate professionalism, grace, respect, creative problem-solving and good humor at Colorado Capitol Visitor Services. It's not easy providing excellent service to hundreds of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, yet they do it daily. Theresa Holst
Amber Olds Michigan If you ever need help with anything regarding Lansing, she is the person to ask! She has been such a pleasure to work with and we are so lucky to have her on the sixth floor. Madisyn Dye
Lisa Buckingham Connecticut Lisa is a recent addition to the OLM front-office staff. She greets you with courtesy and a smile while juggling all her responsibilities.  Andrea Walker
Emily Nauman Alaska Emily is the legal services director for the nonpartisan support agency and handles a demanding job with eloquence and grace. Her calm, thoughtful and positive demeanor and willingness to tackle any job make her a huge asset to the Legislature.  Jessica Geary
Hannah Chapman  Michigan  The smartest girl in the Michigan Capitol—makes working hard look easy!  Malak Aldasouqi
Madelyn Day Michigan Madelyn is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is a great communicator and such a hard worker. I appreciate our discussions and bouncing ideas off each other. Committee wouldn't run nearly as smoothly without her. Marissa Geyer
Rosalie Filippone Connecticut Rosalie always approaches everything optimistically, and does a phenomenal job in the Education Committee! TJ Nuccio
Werner Oyanadel Connecticut Werner brings enthusiasm each day and has a remarkable work ethic! TJ Nuccio
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Big shoutout to Milagros Acosta, senior constituent engagement coordinator and recent Immigrant of the Year, for her tireless support for and dedication to Connecticut's Latino community!  Werner Oyanadel
To all West Virginia legislative staff joining Senate Clerk Lee Cassis for his collegial daily walk through the Capitol campus West Virginia Even as they walk the walk, their actions represent the legislative staff's "Yes We Can, You Can Do This, Git 'er Done" attitude! Mark McOwen
Brooke Hartsuff Michigan Brooke is a great LD and great to work with. I love brainstorming and working out issues with her. She is very insightful and a very hard worker. Marissa Geyer
Kate Spalter Connecticut Kate keeps our office organized and running smoothly. Thank you for always making us all laugh and always being a friendly face!  Melissa Jalbert
Max Aulbach Michigan I appreciate Max's hard work and dedication. He is such a help running committee smoothly, and he's a great communicator.  Marissa Geyer
Dan Hinman Connecticut Dan is always on the other end of a Teams chat whenever I get stuck updating the L&D website! He is patient with all my mouse clicks and makes all that he does look easy. Thanks, Dan! So happy to always have your help. Molly McAllister
Melissa White West Virginia Thank you, Melissa, for reminding us how to relax as you led the West Virginia legislative staff through a restorative yoga session this morning—with a promise of more to come. Mark McOwen
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan Jalbert askes great questions to truly understand what his customers need. Dan, thank you for taking the big picture into account when putting together all the very small details to make our systems work. We appreciate you! Molly McAllister
Nate Kalechman  Connecticut Nate has guided my transition into my new role. I can always count on him to answer any questions I have, and he is a tremendous source of support for me and the other clerks.  Hannah Hayes
House Sergeants Michigan The sergeants do an amazing job providing safety and security to the Legislature. I greatly appreciate their dedication to keeping things running smoothly. They are also some of the friendliest and kindest people around.  Marissa Geyer
Brittany Carowick West Virginia Brittany's optimism is infectious. She is a great addition to the Legislative Morale Corps! John Giovengo
Ariana Gonzalez  Connecticut Ariana has been welcoming to me since the moment I arrived at the CGA. She is the best co-worker, as she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I love coming to work to see Ariana!  Hannah Hayes
Jeff Billings and Sarah Stewart West Virginia Thank you, thank you, Jeff and Sarah, for providing especially tasty coffee, juice and pastries for all West Virginia legislative staff this morning. We appreciate your appreciation!  Mark McOwen
Chris Jackson Connecticut Chris always has the best attitude and is very passionate about his job. His good energy is infectious and makes everyone around him a little more pleasant.  Hannah Hayes
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline consistently thinks of what she can do to help staff learn and grow. It's an incredible quality to have in an HR director. Thank you, Caroline, for your kindness and support. Molly McAllister
Sam Clark Connecticut Sam was my first friend at the CGA. He takes it upon himself to be kind to everyone, and even creates individualized handshakes. Sam is a source of positivity for many here. Hannah Hayes
House Business Office Michigan Thank you to the House Business Office team for all the work they do to keep the HOB running smoothly. They are always happy to answer any question and support staff however they can. Marissa Geyer
Melvette Hill Connecticut Congratulations to Melvette on her well-deserved promotion to executive director of the General Assembly’s Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity. An inspiring leader advancing critical missions! Werner Oyanadel
House Facilities Michigan Thank you to the House facilities team for always being so helpful and responsive to anything that pops up. We greatly appreciate all you do to keep the HOB running and safe for us all. Marissa Geyer
Susan Aceves Arizona Susan is absolutely amazing in her role as the secretary of the Senate. She is always available to members and staff to answer any question and has a wealth of institutional knowledge! Galen Kimmick
House Information Systems Michigan We are so appreciative of everything that Info Systems does for our office and the Legislature. They are always responsive and efficient in addressing all of our tech needs and issues. Thank you for all you do! Marissa Geyer
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne took me under her wing and without her mentorship, I would not be where I am today. She is not just a great colleague; she is a great friend. Her willingness to lend a hand does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated. Julia Schmidt
Andrea Walker Connecticut I look forward to going to the office knowing that Andrea will be there! She's a true professional, shows amazing kindness, and always has time for her "quad" mates. Thank you, Andrea. Molly McAllister
Molly Korn Michigan Molly redefines the word "exceptional." The Michigan Legislature is lucky to have such a hardworking and dedicated employee. Molly is a great mentor, and I am lucky to call her my chief of staff.  Julia Schmidt
Chandra Persaud Connecticut Chandra has been the best mentor. She is super approachable, smart and helpful. I'm very lucky to work with her. Thank you, Chandra!! Allie Kyff
Kris Young  Michigan  Kris is the definition of a hard worker. The day doesn't end at 5 p.m. for him! He always gives everything he does his all. Thanks for being an exceptional role model! Julia Schmidt
Jennifer Wegh Connecticut Jenn is a fantastic HR professional and I love that she is always trying to figure out a way for us to work smarter. So happy to have you in "the quad," Jenn.  Molly McAllister
Maureen Urso Connecticut If you know Maureen, you know she is a wealth of knowledge. From answering all of my questions to giving advice, she is one of the best parts of the day. I am so grateful to know you and work with you! Thank you for everything you do! Maureen Urso
Victoria Schmitz  Michigan  Tori cares deeply about her constituents and does her best to make sure everyone is heard and cared for. She is an exceptional employee, and the state of Michigan is lucky to have her! Julia Schmidt
Andrew Tammaro Connecticut Andrew is one the best press secretaries I have had an opportunity to work with. He is always willing to go above and beyond to get the best product, and he is incredibly talented.  Melissa Jalbert
Melinda Swagger West Virginia Melinda is the nuts and bolts of our committee. She is knowledgeable about all things involving the Legislature and ensures that all of our meetings are as informative for the members as possible. We could not do anything here without her!  Morgan Miller
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Melissa is always willing to help! From orienting new employees to asking her "quad" mates what she can do to help, there is no task she won't try. Thank you, Melissa. Molly McAllister
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don demonstrates leadership skills in a way that makes me smile! Unwavering customer support under pressure and consistent training and recognition. Way to go, Don!  Molly McAllister
Melissa White West Virginia  Melissa pours her heart and soul into her work and ensures that everything is done to a level of perfectionism. Additionally, she is fair and objective when it comes to interpreting law. She is one of the best attorneys I have ever seen!  Morgan Miller
Jack Mitchell Connecticut Jack is diligent and highly engaged in his drafting and counseling duties for his committee and is always willing to consider my inquiries. Thanks for your continued good work and efforts this session.  Brad Towson
Shelley Bourgeois Connecticut It doesn't feel like Shelley is new to the CGA at all! Thanks for jumping right in with enthusiasm and confidence, Shelley. So glad you're a part of the team. Molly McAllister
Tina Zanelli-Sphon Connecticut So happy to welcome you to the CGA, Tina! You're a terrific addition to the team and we are all happy you're here. Molly McAllister
Steve Langlin Maine Steve is smart, inquisitive and fun! The Maine Legislature is lucky to have him as a legislative analyst. He underestimates how amazing he is. They say laughter is the best medicine—Steve always delivers! Karen Nadeau
Heather Fahey Arizona Heather has a tremendous amount of legislative knowledge and is very customer-service oriented, which is awesome when it comes to explaining the legislative process to the public. Galen Kimmick
Dawn Marzik Connecticut Thanks for being the best team leader EVER! Jeanie Phillips
Marissa Geyer Michigan For always being helpful and arranging to keep us fed. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Best boss on the planet! Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Rebecca Agyei, Peter Andrews, Cathleen Collins, Barry Hubbard, Nelky Maldonado, Ophelia Trahan Connecticut Thank you for being the best teammates EVER! Jeanie Phillips
Thomas Collins Jr. Michigan For holding my hand and showing me the ropes. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Eli Gaugush Michigan For his guidance and patience Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Cynthia Ann Paul Michigan For not only being my friend, but also being my mentor and answering my thousands of questions. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Adam Reames Michigan Adam brings a warm and welcoming presence to our office. Not only is he a dedicated staffer, but he is also fun to joke around with. Adam genuinely cares about others and the state of Michigan. You rock, Adam! Julia Schmidt
Thomas Horton Michigan For being my first new friend. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Asja Jackson Michigan For being helpful, funny and having a fabulous fashion sense. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Maya Lowry Michigan For always being her positive, helpful self. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Franklin Perry Connecticut Thank you for indulging me on dress down/up day. You're the BEST! Jeanie Phillips
Matt Lantzy Michigan For not embarrassing me when I ask a million questions. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Migdalia Ballester Connecticut Thank you, Migdalia, for always helping me out when I have an issue and cheering me up on our crazy busy days.  Nelky Maldonado
Emma Walters Michigan Emma does a fantastic job juggling everything thrown her way. She is a beacon of resilience and hard work! Joanne Wisely
Senate Communications Department Illinois This team is the best around. They work hard to ensure people are informed on the latest proposals affecting them and their communities. I'm so proud of this team and the innovative ways they bring news to people.  Brandy Renfro
Rachel Cichon Schomberger Michigan Rachel is incredibly smart, talented and caring. She does a wonderful job making people feel safe and heard. The sky is the limit for her! Joanne Wisely
Angie Goulet Michigan Angie runs her committee super smoothly and is always pleasant to work with. She's friendly, resourceful, caring and communicative. We're so lucky to have her! Joanne Wisely
Jose Ventura Michigan He is extremely helpful and will always put a smile on your face. I am so happy I have the pleasure of working with him! Madisyn Dye
Wendy Dwyer Bagley Minnesota Wendy is a wonderful boss! She always works to support her staff while providing excellent public service.  Charles Roberts
Adam Russell Michigan Adam amazes with his ability to stay cool under pressure. He's trustworthy and thoughtful, always knowing exactly what to say to constituents or colleagues.  Joanne Wisely
Nick Strunk Michigan Nick is doing a stellar job in his transition to LD. He is a wealth of institutional knowledge and has a great sense of what is needed to get something done.  Joanne Wisely
Elli Kisiel Michigan Elli is the best! She has only been in our office for a little over two weeks, and she is killing it. I am so excited to continue working with her to make our office better. Emily Rousell
Nate Kalechman Connecticut Nate has been my reliable counterpart all session, and I am forever grateful for his partnership. We have navigated challenging times together, and I truly appreciate all that you have done and continue to do.  Taylor Hyde
Breanne Clifton Connecticut Breanne continues to grow as a clerk amid all the challenges that she has faced. Her ability to navigate through adversity is commendable and does not go unnoticed. The Planning and Development Committee and our team are very lucky to have her. Taylor Hyde
Ash Northey Connecticut Ash continues to display the utmost growth and determination to learn in every capacity. She balances the workload and challenging subject matter of her committee and is a treasured colleague to our entire team. I am so proud of her accomplishments. Taylor Hyde
Christian Talarski Connecticut Not only does Christian win the award for best mustache, but he also continues to illustrate true teamwork and optimism daily. He has balanced his own committee work, while being there to support his colleagues. Our team is lucky to have him. Taylor Hyde
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jaz is consistently willing to help the team and the caucus in any way that she can. She handles all her responsibilities, and the additional duties she takes on, with enthusiasm. I am so proud of her continued growth, and our team would not be the same without her. Taylor Hyde
Rosalie Filippone Connecticut Rosalie continues to demonstrate an ability to think outside the box. Not only she does she navigate the dynamics of her committee with ease, but she does so with praiseworthy optimism. Thank you for your continued hard work. The team is very lucky to have you! Taylor Hyde
Chandra Persaud Connecticut Chandra's value to Human Services, her chair and our clerk team is beyond measure. Always the optimist, she rises above any and all challenges with an admirable poise. The entire team can always count on Chandra, and I am so thankful to have her on our team. Taylor Hyde
Allie Kyff Connecticut Allie is truly a gem to work with. Her intelligence shines through her work in learning the difficult subject matter of her committee, and her kindness is noticeable to anyone who has the privilege to work with her. I am very proud of her growth this session. Taylor Hyde
Austin Hyatt Connecticut Austin always maintains a positive attitude amid challenging times. He is eager to learn and is always asking his teammate if they need help. Our team has benefited greatly due to his addition.  Taylor Hyde
Hannah Hayes Connecticut Hannah assimilated to her new role with grace and ease. I applaud her ability to learn in real time and maintain the responsibilities of a committee while doing so. The committee and our clerk team are lucky to have her.  Taylor Hyde
Jenn Dickey Arizona Jenn is the journal clerk for the Senate and does an excellent job of maintaining an accurate account of floor activity. She also operates the video board and mics for members on the floor. She is such an asset to the Senate! Galen Kimmick
Mike Curtis Utah Mike is an incredible drafter and manager at our Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel. He balances kindness and professionalism with personability. Thank you for driving a wonderful culture in your office and in the support staff offices as well. Sen. Ann Millner
Arizona Senate pages Arizona The pages are the absolutely the best! Not only do they prepare the committee rooms for hearings, but they also collect and deliver mail and even assist with constituent issues. We have an amazing group of pages this year! Galen Kimmick
Brian Bean Utah Few will know how integral Brian is to important policy decisions, drafting and development. He has changed so many Utahns' lives for the better and never seeks the recognition or credit for himself. He is most humble and gracious. We are indebted to you! Sen. Ann Millner
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Malak is the best co-worker and floor director! She manages so much, from members to caucus operations and everything in between. She’s always upbeat and answers every question with a big smile on her face! Hannah Chapman
Chuck Burnham Alaska As the manager of legislative research, Chuck single-handedly performs the work of at least three analysts and provides research for all 60 legislators as well as work for other agencies. He is dedicated and thorough and his work is very appreciated.  Jessica Geary
JC Kestel Alaska JC has taken on a lot of additional procurement projects this year, with the Assembly Building being a huge addition in workload. I appreciate how thorough JC is in his work and how dedicated he is to getting it done right.  Jessica Geary
Serge Lesh Alaska Serge has taken on a lot in the last several years, with additional buildings, including the Assembly, countless requests for upgrades and beautification, etc. His optimism and work ethic are admirable and he deserves high praise! Jessica Geary
Mike Warenda Alaska Mike is the operations manager for our Anchorage building, which houses the most legislators of any interim office statewide. We greatly appreciate his help, as well as how he keeps the ALOB in good shape! Jessica Geary
Stacie Bentley Alaska Stacie started in our office last July and has handled her new workload and all of the stuff thrown at her with ease and grace. She is a great addition to our team and deserves a shoutout! Jessica Geary
Shay Wilson Alaska Shay is dedicated, wicked smart, keeps everything running smoothly, and is always super positive in going about his work. I know he was the right choice for the CIO promotion, and he is doing a great job! Jessica Geary
Matt Rosner, Joe Liuzzo, Peter Guloba, Craig Stevens, Anita Rouse Colorado This team has been nothing but phenomenal during the 2024 session. For 120 days, they've worked through late nights and early mornings to ensure top-tier service for our legislators and all Coloradans. You are all ROCK STARS! Happy sine die, team! Ian Hart
Denise Drummond Connecticut Congratulations to Denise on celebrating 23 years of service! She is a great collaborator and always represents her commission and the Legislature with excellence as she elevates the critical issues affecting constituents and communities. Melvette Hill
Werner Oyandel Connecticut Big shoutout for my esteemed colleague Werner Oyandel, whose institutional knowledge and wisdom have been a strength within our Legislature. So honored to work alongside you as we carry out our mission. Melvette Hill
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut Rosemary, your support and measured action have continued to be the glue that holds our team together. We are so grateful for your commitment and ability to bring positivity to the work. Melvette Hill
Thomas (TJ) Nuccio Connecticut TJ, your energy and excitement over education policy is infectious. Your tireless efforts to move innovative policy forward are inspiring. THANK YOU for all you do! Melvette Hill
Michael Werner Connecticut Your commitment to the long game, your patient counsel and your team spirit are welcomed and appreciated. So glad to be in the trenches with you! Melvette Hill
Megan Baker Connecticut You bring tenacity to the team that is unmatched. Thank you for your energy and curiosity and ability to work across policy areas to meet the needs of constituents. Melvette Hill
Christian Duborg Connecticut As the newest member of the team, you jumped right into your first legislative session with eagerness and joy. You are to be commended and celebrated for all that you have accomplished in just three months. Melvette Hill
Kess O'Halloran Connecticut Kess is an amazing aide. She is passionate about constituent services and legislation that helps people's lives. She is always available, is very organized and is policy-smart. I couldn't do what I do without her support! Rep. Jane Garibay
Kevin Riffe West Virginia He is always willing to jump in and help where needed, and always has a smile for everyone who comes through the door.  Londa Sabatino
Kim Jeffrey West Virginia Kim is amazing. She's my right hand and keeps me on track. She accepts any task and always goes above and beyond in anything asked of her.  Londa Sabatino
Morgan Clay West Virginia He's the ninja of payroll. Londa Sabatino
Clete Wetli Alabama Clete, the Democratic Caucus communications director, does yeoman's work every day representing the caucus externally, as well as fostering internal communication and collaboration. And he always brings coffee to the front lines. What a guy! Luke Kiszla
Brian Clemmons Alabama Brian's work has been indispensable since well before my arrival. With a steel trap for a brain, he resolves local, state and federal financial issues with swiftness and attention to detail. Luke Kiszla
Elizabeth Smithart Alabama What can't she do? Elizabeth, while serving as a leader in her profession, her faith and her community, also counsels our caucus members on issues of the utmost importance. Luke Kiszla
Rosemarie Smith Maine Rose has spent nearly 40 years going above and beyond as executive assistant for three Maine governors, one attorney general and three Senate presidents. When she retires at the end of the summer, she will be missed by all! Ben Barry
Olivia Klee West Virginia She keeps us laughing and brings joy to the entire office. Londa Sabatino
Ben Mack West Virginia Ben is always willing to help in any way he can when we are preparing for joint meetings. He is meticulous in his work and always has my back if I am unable to attend a meeting. I know things are in good hands when Ben is covering for me. Melinda Swagger
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor is the Appropriations Committee clerk extraordinaire! I am so proud of how her knowledge of the legislative process grows each session. Couldn't do what I do without her. Susan Keane
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut Kirstin is one of my "ride or die" partners in the development and refinement of the legislative committee process. I can't think of a better collaborator and friend. Susan Keane
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl is one of my "ride or die" partners in the development and refinement of the legislative committee process. She is my "IT Wizard," and I can't think of a better collaborator and friend. Susan Keane
Chris Marino Connecticut Chris is an outstanding legislative aide, as well as an appreciated colleague on all things Appropriations. I wouldn't be able to do my job as well as I do without Chris! Susan Keane
Sean Walser Michigan Sean is a great asset to House Democratic Leadership. He handles every task with care and attentiveness. He works well with members and staff. I'm so happy to have him as part of the team. Shaquila Myers
Karolina Laflamme Connecticut Karolina taught me everything I know about my job. She's one of the most diligent and hardworking people I know, and our office is better because she's here.  Clark Otis
Shannon McCarthy Connecticut Shannon is always there for everyone, providing a sympathetic ear or tapping into her wealth of drafting knowledge. She's a quiet, valuable support for our office. Kumi Sato
Jennifer Burgess Georgia Jennifer is the office manager for the Office of Legislative Counsel. She pleasantly controls the chaos and manages the mischief and makes our office a better place to work. Sarah Crittenden
Neil Ayers Connecticut In his role as director of the Office of Fiscal Analysis, Neil handles being the bearer of bad (or sometimes even good) news. His composure and breadth and depth of knowledge set the bar for his extremely capable staff of fiscal analysts. Kumi Sato
Mark White West Virginia  Mark is a wonderful judiciary clerk. With his unwavering diligence, he ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. We're fortunate to have him. Sara Dyer
Michael Bermudez  Connecticut Mike is a committed employee who thinks ahead and is dedicated to improving safety in the Connecticut General Assembly. Luiz Casanova 
Legislative Services staff Kentucky The Legislative Services Staff performed admirably during a grueling 60-day session. A quarter of the team had never worked a budget session before and, yet, they performed like pros. We literally couldn't do it without them! Shane Bennett
Rute Pinho Connecticut Rute is my role model for how to deal with stress and stressful people with a smile. She is unfailing pleasant and is my go-to person for the question, "Didn't we do a bill to...?" and many others. I'm lucky to work with her. Kumi Sato
Amber Reynolds Kentucky Amber transitioned into a newly created position and then was forced to perform "other duties as assigned." Through it all, she brought her positivity to others and proved, once again, that LRC can count on her to step up, step in and rock out! Shane Bennett
Bob Leslie  West Virginia  Bob is our House counsel and parliamentarian. His dedication to his work and passions are admirable. We're lucky to have him on our team. Sara Dyer
Holly Tate Kentucky Holly had the unenviable task of taking over from a successful and popular lead LA who remained on the same floor in a different role. She quickly established herself as a reliable resource for her team and earned their trust. The best part: Holly will only get better! Shane Bennett
Cindy Smith Kentucky Thank you for being an amazing boss and for keeping LRC informed while we undergo a lot of physical changes. It's a challenge to keep everything organized, and you make it look so easy. You rock! Kate Talley
The Legislative Library staff Connecticut Any time I need legislative history research or various articles tracked down, the library staff is all over it. Each of the staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. They're an often unnoticed but important resource for the General Assembly. Kumi Sato
Stacy Jacobs Kentucky The dual role of a lead LA and LA is a lonely one. Stacy provided exemplary service to her chairmen and still carved out time to nurture her team of LAs. She did her best to facilitate every request from me, the members and her team. LRC is better with Stacy on the team. Shane Bennett
Heather Poole Connecticut Heather's sense of humor and exuberant personality make it a lot of fun to work with her, and her extensive knowledge is so helpful to inform what we do. (Who knew fund of funds is a real thing?)  Heather Poole
Angie Dickerson Kentucky Our director has a saying: "It should hurt you to say 'no' to a request from a member." She is 110% dedicated to her members and team, and she took on new roles when asked. Angie is a true public servant in every sense of the phrase.  Shane Bennett
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is the person I turn to for all my random building- and staffer-related questions ("How do we...?" "Who do we talk to about...?"). She always has a smile on her face and is happy to help, and it's great to have that resource. Kumi Sato
Vicki Pendell  West Virginia Vicki is kind, caring and a true gem to be around. She is amazing at keeping everyone on track, even during busy sessions when everyone seems to need her attention. She enriches our workplace every day, and we're truly fortunate to have her. Sara Dyer
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Thanks for being such a wonderfully happy person and being willing to help everyone. You ROCK! Jeanie Phillips
Kristin Karr and Rick Hunter Connecticut Kristin and Rick handle the totally thankless but essential job of codifying legislation passed by the General Assembly. Their behind-the-scenes work is critical to maintaining and memorializing the laws of the state. Kumi Sato
Eli Gaugush Michigan You may rarely have your name pronounced correctly in your own committee, but Eli is the straight-faced, witty and no-nonsense budget director you simply can't live without. Tom Horton
Jennifer McPherson West Virginia  Jennifer's kindness shines through everything she does! She effortlessly overcomes challenges while juggling session and being an awesome mom. We are truly lucky to have her as part of our team. Sara Dyer
Catriona Stratton Connecticut Catriona took on the role of coordinator of the regulations our office receives. It requires a delicate touch, and she has been doing a great job in addition to her other committee and drafting responsibilities. Kumi Sato
Steve Hinckley Connecticut  Steven demonstrated his care for a co-worker by rallying the department to assist the co-worker and his family. Luiz Casanova
Justin Espe Illinois Shoutout to Justin for fixing all my bill analyses and making sure they are ready to go. Dan Weber
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut Kirstin continues to take on extra tasks related to sessional staff and computer equipment despite the demands of her committee work. Her lists and flowcharts are invaluable. Thank you for making the rest of our jobs easier! Cheryl Smith
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is a wealth of business knowledge and is always willing to share, train, mentor and advise. She is my go-to person for all committee-related processes. Thank you for another great session! Cheryl Smith
ITS Development Team Connecticut No challenge is too large or too small for this team. More features, more intuitive, more automated, more secure—you name it, this team has it covered. Special thanks to Jackie, Rino, Ryan, Gerry, Tanya, Erik, Kim, Dan and Brendan. Cheryl Smith
Paul Alderucci Connecticut As director of IT, Paul allows his staff to perform their daily tasks autonomously, providing support where needed. The demands on IT have increased and shifted over the last few years, and Paul has successfully navigated the changes. Thank you, Paul, for all you do! Cheryl Smith
ITS Infrastructure Team  Connecticut Keeping us running, keeping us safe, the unsung heroes of IT. Without everything "under the hood," we would have nothing to run our applications on. Special thanks to Jay, Becky, Praveen, Paul, Mark, Marcelo, Korin, Kathryn, Rebecca, Dan, Jim, Andy and Kyle. Cheryl Smith
Joe Altizer  West Virginia  Joe embodies the essence of a great legislative lawyer. With his genuine kindness and humble demeanor, he not only excels in his role but also goes above and beyond. We're fortunate to have Joe as part of our team. Sara Dyer
Dan Jalbert and Dave Beckman Connecticut Thanks for keeping the business of the business running smoothly. The improvements you continue to make are appreciated by everyone in the organization. They sure make my job easier! Thank you. Cheryl Smith
Amanda Nixon  Connecticut It's so refreshing to have you on our team. Thanks for keeping us sane and holding us together. Cheryl Smith
Evelyn Huertas Connecticut Evelyn is always willing to work with the IT team to provide ideas and process knowledge so we can add features and make improvements. She is an absolute joy to work with. Thank you, Evelyn! Cheryl Smith
Nick Bombace  Connecticut Nick, I just want to say thank you for working with us while we work with you. Without your steady leadership, we might feel like we were still in the late 1900s! Thanks for being open to new technology ideas and processes. Cheryl Smith
LRC Administrative Regulations staff Kentucky I am so grateful and proud to be part of Team Regs. Thank you for being pleasant even in the face of the increasingly high workload. It definitely helps to work with such caring, competent and hardworking folks each day. Carrie Nichols
Robin Risko  Michigan  Robin is simply the best! She is one of the smartest and hardest-working people I know. I have learned so much from her over the years. I appreciate her kindness, willingness to help, and patience.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Max DeLorenzo Connecticut Thank you, Max, for always helping me. Whether it was a citation signed or a room booked or a question answered, you are always so helpful.  Nelky Maldonado
Rute Pinho Connecticut Big shoutout to Rute in the Office of Legislative Research for her clear and in-depth bill analyses! Christopher Wetzel
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne is a fantastic attorney and a valuable asset to our office. She's always willing to work and help anyone in our office. She is upbeat and always keeps things fun! Aaron Kidd
Melissa Alder West Virginia Melissa has been a great help to our office. She's very easy to work with and was a great classmate in my certified public manager program. I am very grateful for her! Aaron Kidd
Bill Lederman Connecticut Huge shoutout to Bill for his work with our legislative budget system! I would venture to say he is the Taylor Swift of budget databases. But without the private jet and all that other cool stuff. Christopher Wetzel
Alex Mascioli  West Virginia Alex is very fun to work with and always has some good stories and jokes. I'm really happy for his work in our office, and I'm very glad to get to work with him. A great asset for our office! Aaron Kidd
Staff of the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee Virginia I appreciate your dedication and hard work to provide high-quality information and materials to the Senate! I also appreciate that you are willing to apply new technology and methods to your work. Thank you! April Kees
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Felisha keeps our office running! She always has quick answers to members who need help, and she's always willing to do anything she can to keep everything together here. We couldn't do our work without her. Very thankful for her. Aaron Kidd
Adam Terry West Virginia Adam is an essential worker in our office. He handles all of our fiscal note requests and jumps in to do anything asked of him. I'm really glad he's part of our team. Appreciate you, Adam! Aaron Kidd
Sarah Bourne Connecticut Massive shoutout to Sarah for her encyclopedic knowledge of the Connecticut State Library! Before she explained them to me, I had never heard of libraries. Someday, I hope to visit one in person myself. I guess we all have our white whale. Christopher Wetzel
Pepper Gingras and Liz Grauberger Nevada As part of our new Sunshine Committee, Pepper and Liz made the long days and nights of session that much more tolerable for the folks in the Technical Services Unit. Thanks for thinking of so many ways to boost morale! Fiona Jones
Christine Otto Idaho Christine CRUSHED it this session! Her hard work, dedication and willingness to get the job done was a perfect 10. Idaho Budget would not have survived this session without her. So proud of my "little buddy"! Jared Tatro
Londa Sabatino West Virginia Londa is the director of our fiscal office. She's always extremely helpful to fellow employees and members of the Legislature who need assistance. I am very thankful for her! Aaron Kidd
Staff of the Virginia Senate Clerk's Office Virginia We appreciate all that you do for the Senate! Thank you for everything that you do on a daily basis and for the additional work to get us into the rebuilt GAB! The SFAC staff appreciate you! April Kees
Morgan Clay West Virginia Morgan works in our fiscal office and always helps out whenever and wherever he can. He always has some good stories to share, too. I am happy he is in our office! Aaron Kidd
Kim Jeffrey West Virginia Kim works in our fiscal office. She is very helpful to anyone who needs it, including members of the Legislature and others in our office. I am very thankful for her! Aaron Kidd
Maya Rodriguez Illinois  Maya is a great representative of the D13 team. She keeps Sen. Peters informed and engaged in the community and is an asset to the team as a whole. We are lucky to have her! Trisha Ray
Ashleigh Schoeninger  Michigan Ash is one of the most thoughtful and caring legislative staffers in the House. She is always going out of her way to help, is exceptionally knowledgeable about a multitude of issues, and is genuinely just an amazing human!  Ashley Christian
Will Price West Virginia Will is our Senate photographer and is a fellow enjoyer of bluegrass music like myself. He is very friendly and always has some good stories to tell. I'm really happy to have him in our office! Aaron Kidd
Madison Hanshaw West Virginia Madison is one of the most helpful and versatile staff members in the House. She is smart, fearless and is never afraid of a challenge. She also has an affable and easygoing nature, which really helps in a high-stress environment.  Sara Jones
Olivia Klee West Virginia Olivia is one of the most loyal and dedicated employees I've met here. She cares so much about others and helps make sure everyone's birthday is remembered. I don't know what we'd do without her! Aaron Kidd
Ashley Jenkins-Jordan and Mike Hoffmann Illinois Senate Dems Ashley and Mike are great leaders and have taken on their new roles seamlessly. Thank you for all you do.  Legislative Assistants of the Senate Democratic Caucus
Kelly Gupton West Virginia Kelly has been very helpful to our office. He's a really hard worker and helps anyone who needs it. I am very appreciative of him! Aaron Kidd
Bladen Finch, Laura Trumbo, Rose Ramsey Virgiia Senate Blade, Laura and Rose deserve a great shoutout for the fantastic job they do for the Senate Page Leadership program. This was a tough year with new members and new districts, but they made it work! SHOUTOUT! Susan Schaar
Janet Jessup Idaho Janet was BRILLIANTS this sessions! Her hard works, dedications and willingnesses to get the jobs dones was tops notches. Idahos Budgets would nots have survived this session withouts hers beings "fine”… Cheerio, Ms. Jessup, Cheerio!  Jared Tatro
Kevin Riffe West Virginia Kevin has been extremely helpful since I started here in 2020. He's very friendly and willing to jump in and help out. He's a fantastic employee in our fiscal office. I'm super happy to work with him! Aaron Kidd
Brooke Dupree Idaho Rookie of the year! For her first session, WOW! She is an analyst at heart, and only good things will happen moving forward! We are SOOOOOO fortunate to have her on the team! Jared Tatro
Alice Chakmakian West Virginia Alice's qualities combine resilience, compassion and a helpful spirit. Her toughness allows her to navigate complex legal matters with unwavering determination. And beneath it all, her kindness and approachability foster collaboration and trust.  Sara Jones
Amigo Wade and DLS staff Virginia This team deserves high praise for handling the thousands of bills from research and drafting to the final phase. They work long hours and have had to deal with seven special sessions. Great job! Susan Schaar
Martha White West Virginia Martha takes great pride in her job. Her willingness to help others is a shining example of what it takes to be a successful legislative employee. I am grateful to have worked with her. She's a joy and a pleasure—a ray of sunshine! Sara Jones
Michael Murphy Connecticut Gargantuan shoutout to Michael in the Office of Fiscal Analysis for his mastery of the fiscal note! His fiscal notes are like a Freschetta pizza: full of meat and easily consumable by one individual in a single sitting. Christopher Wetzel
Tamara Figueiredo Idaho Tamara was the glue that kept our office together this session with her organizational skills, timeliness and extreme PROFESSIONALISM. Job title = The Wizard! Jared Tatro
Legislative Service and Support staff Kentucky A shoutout to the entire LSS staff for a successful 2024 legislative session. We have a fabulous crew that supports our legislators and truly knows how to rock a session. Great job, everyone! Stacy J.
Charlie Roskovensky West Virginia When "work Charlie" is activated, there is no stopping him. He is willing to do anything to get through the day, whether it's drafting legislation, participating in stakeholder meetings, or helping push a dead car to get it started. You can always count on Charlie!  Sara Jones
Kumi Sato Connecticut Supersized shoutout to Kumi for her wizard-like mastery of the legal process and legal concepts. For instance, I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that whole "plausible deniability" thing she explained to me. Christopher Wetzel
Shane Winslow Idaho Shane would prefer a shoutout by not getting a shoutout—but he earned it! Shane kept our IT working, which let the analysts analyze. We could not do it without Shane! Jared Tatro
Alex Williamson Idaho Alex in her second year took on and conquered the Health and Human Services Budget, all while getting married, buying/selling a house and having the longest commute of the team. ATTA GIRL! Jared Tatro
Keith Bybee Idaho Keith managed us through one of the most intense sessions while playing the game at 75% capacity. He guided us through the barrage of politics and kept finding a way to return the next day. Jared Tatro
Bill Zepernick Colorado Shoutout to our amazing fiscal notes manager, Bill Z, who keeps things calm while making tough calls! Your demeanor helps keep the chaos at bay. Thanks for steering the #coleg fiscal notes ship through another session.  Erin Reynolds
Rosie Jones Michigan  Rosie is one of the best people I know. She is kind, reliable and works incredibly hard to deliver for staff and members. She is a constant during busy or stressful times and a friend to everyone who gets the pleasure of knowing her. Molly Korn
Dave Hansen Colorado Big shoutout to Dave, our in-house property tax guru! Managing a massive workload for not just one but two sessions straight is no small feat. Your expertise and dedication are truly commendable! Erin Reynolds
Desmond Miller  Michigan  Desmond has one of the most difficult jobs—typically having to be the person to tell people "no." He handles every conflict and hard conversation with kindness and grace. I am lucky to be able to work with him.  Molly Korn
Anna Gerstle, Marc Carey and Thomas Rosa Colorado Three cheers for our school finance formula wizards! Your expertise and the tools you've created have provided our legislators with the insights they need to modify the state's education funding systems for the first time since 1994. Erin Reynolds
Kathleen Farhat Michigan  Kathleen has been a trusted mentor and friend for several years. She is deeply passionate about the work we do in the Legislature. We are incredibly lucky to have her steering the ship in the Senate.  Molly Korn
Anne Hancock Indiana Anne puts her heart and soul into cultivating a strong team of staff and interns so we are set up for success when the legislative session comes around each year. I'm forever grateful for the collaborative relationship we have! Lauren Coon
Brittany Jenkins Indiana Although we're on different sides of the aisle, Brittany is always friendly and willing to collaborate to achieve the best results for the Legislature. Lauren Coon
Beth Waters Connecticut I have had the pleasure of working with Beth for 17 years. She has been an unbelievable asset to our office and to the CGA. Beth's commitment to excellence in everything she does is second to none! Thank you, Beth! Jim Tamburro
Cathy Eslinger Colorado Cathy has been the backbone of our research coordination and a mastermind in managing our robust initiative process. Her expertise, passion and tireless work have elevated our organization and made a lasting impact. Wishing you a happy retirement! Erin Reynolds
Emily Rousell Michigan Emily's dedication, positivity, communication skills and work ethic have transformed our team, elevating our performance. With her support and knowledge, she inspires us to excel. Working alongside Emily is an honor. Elli Kisiel
Sue Skehan Connecticut Sue does tremendous work for the CGA. Her work on our budget is nothing short of amazing. Even more amazing are her customer service skills. Thank you, Sue, for all that you do! Jim Tamburro
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Malak is the utmost professional in her role as majority floor director. Even under pressure, she remains cool, calm and collected and handles everything with grace and a smile. I love working with her! Coffiann Hawthorne
Tracy Herman Kentucky She goes above and beyond. She attends every meeting, creates documents, makes calls and never leaves my office without asking if I'm OK or need anything. Gives her all and never expects anything in return. Kim Hall
Bryanna McGarry  Michigan I am so happy Bry is back in the House. We've been rocking and rolling for a long time on health policy issues. Simply put, she knows her stuff and is a true asset.  Coffiann Hawthorne
The Fiscal Notes team Colorado Shoutout to Aaron, Anna, Brendan, Clayton, Colin, John, Josh, Kristine, Marie, Matt and Shukria! We broke a record this year: 1,050 unique fiscal notes written, and we haven't even started our final notes. They are remarkable public servants!  Erin Reynolds
Linda Bowers Tennessee Linda, you are an absolute legend. For nearly half a century, your commitment and passion shaped the Legislature and inspired countless colleagues along the way. Here's to 45 years of service, integrity and unwavering commitment! Thank you, Linda, for your invaluable contributions! Tara Bezawada
Hailey Millican Michigan Hailey is the best, hands down. She goes above and beyond in each thing she does and she makes the people around her better for it. Her optimism and positive energy are refreshing in an often challenging environment. Amber Olds
Joanne Wisely Michigan  Joanne is kind, smart, helpful and all around a great person. Any space she enters is immediately improved by her presence.  Amber Olds
Don Murtishi Connecticut Shoutout to Don for making me feel like I fit in from Day 1. You are a great trainer and have helped me learn so many new things. Thank you for being a calm and reliable teammate and making this payroll department top notch! Shelley Bourgeois
Corinna Archer Kinsman Texas Corinna has always done an amazing job of putting extreme care into the quality of our work, while also putting just as much time and effort into mentoring and supporting our team. Couldn't ask for a better leader of the HRO. Madeleine Keith
Tina Zanelli-Sphon Connecticut Shoutout to Tina for joining the payroll department! I look forward to working with you. Keep up the great work!  Shelley Bourgeois
Madisyn Dye Michigan Maddie is caring, kind and enthusiastic. She works hard and kicks butt! Amber Olds
Chris Perillo Connecticut Immense shoutout to Chris for his continual efforts to elevate the conversation around the legislative budget while managing never to escalate it when things get heated. A true genius of Connecticut! Christopher Wetzel
Liam Maher Arizona As the director of research for the Arizona Senate, Liam provides accurate summaries of proposed legislation and amendments. He has assembled an incredible team to carry out that mission. Liam is a pleasure to work with and quite adept in his role.  Galen Kimmick
Jennifer McPherson West Virginia Jennifer has been my guiding light and beacon in the darkness, lighting the way on how to be a good minority staffer. She has the perspective of time and experience on both sides of power. Brittany Carowick
Joe Altizer West Virginia Joe is always there when I need a pep talk, perspective or a reason to keep going!  Brittany Carowick
Michael Madden Arizona Michael crushes it as the research analyst for the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. He is always prepared for anything that comes up in committee and has been phenomenal to work with on special projects and ad hoc committees. Galen Kimmick
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne stepped in and helped us interview and hire a new intern coordinator with such professionalism, candor and enthusiasm. Brittany Carowick
Casey Long West Virginia Casey is one of the hardest-working staffers who gets such little recognition for the huge role she plays. She keeps the Senate running! She cares deeply about her job and inspires others, too. Brittany Carowick
Molly Graver Arizona Molly is awesome to work with. She is the research analyst for Senate FICO and has vast knowledge of finance and commerce issues. She also serves as deputy research director and carries out her role flawlessly.  Galen Kimmick
Shelley Ponce Arizona Shelley is amazing in her position as the assistant to the Senate Research. She is distributes committee fact sheets and proposed amendments and is the first point of contact with the public and has excellent customer service skills. Galen Kimmick
House session clerks Michigan We are so appreciative for everything the session clerks to do support the House. They are organized, helpful and always friendly. Session simply wouldn't run without them. Thank you all! Marissa Geyer
House committee clerks Michigan Thank you so much to the House committee clerks for all they do to help run our committees. They keep us on task and organized, and they are always ready for anything that pops up. We so appreciate them! Marissa Geyer
House Fiscal Agency Michigan Everyone is so incredibly helpful and supportive with the budget and all legislation. They are very hardworking and able to get things done in stressful and time-restrictive situations. Thank you for all you do! We appreciate you.  Marissa Geyer
Office of Fiscal Analysis staff Connecticut Sending a shoutout to all the hardworking, professional and helpful analysts and support staff. You are always there to answer questions and to talk through any issues when we need you. Many thanks to all of you! Heather Bannister
Legislative Broadcast Center Arizona The Legislature is lucky to have Jason, Mike, Craig, Amar and Taylor producing the amazing coverage of committee and floor action in both chambers! Additionally, they help create high-quality individual videos for members to communicate with constituents.  Galen Kimmick
Casey Long West Virginia Casey is the absolute glue that holds our office together. She's incredibly efficient, diligent beyond measure, and handles even the most stressful of situations calmly and professionally!  Jacque Bland
Alexandra Jobe, Englisa Parker, Sierra Tuter Nevada We are small but mighty! I can't imagine a better, more hard-working library staff than these ladies. Thank you! Stephanie Heyroth Wilcox
Office of Reference and Information West Virginia I want to make sure the entire team knows how awesome they are and how it would be impossible to do our jobs without them. Drew's got the best shop in the building!  Jacque Bland
Adair Burgess West Virginia Adair is the most valuable "sixth man" in the league, and the biggest MVP of all time. She's an expert in her job as our director of rule-making review, and she's a valuable part of our Senate Judiciary Committee and leadership team. She makes us all better. Jacque Bland
Jeff Johnson West Virginia Jeff has been such a mentor, source of good counsel and reliable place to catch a smile or a laugh during my entire time with the Senate. He's beloved and respected by all of our members and staff alike. A true pro's pro.  Jacque Bland
Lee Cassis West Virginia Lee has been most supportive in terms of encouraging professional development and ways to expand our office's outreach to the members and the public. He's always laid back and exactly who you want in a crisis navigating the waters.  Jacque Bland
Anna Gerstle Colorado Not only is Anna an expert times a million, she delivers her advice and guidance with calm grace and is always willing to help. It is such an honor to have you as a colleague.  John Armstrong
Falah Al-Falahi Delaware Falah is great to work with and always gives great feedback. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about the work we do!  Grace Kelley
Chris DeWitte West Virginia Every state should be as lucky as we are to have a budget analyst like Chris. I have no idea how he makes the magic happen, but he does it every single time. He's always there to answer those complicated questions, which is so very appreciated!  Jacque Bland
LIS Colorado These people get pulled in so many directions, they work hard and they're super responsive. Special mention for the VMCs who stay late for committee hearings. Clayton
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the work we do for the General Assembly. He is a great role model and I'm grateful to work with him!  Grace Kelley
Clay Redden Alabama Thank you for all of your hard work this session. You go above and beyond in assisting members with the media, conducting student tours and reading in the chamber. John Treadwell
Dildred Bass Alabama Thank you for all of your hard work this session! You are an asset to the House, and I appreciate all of your hard work in assisting members and keeping things flowing in the chamber. John Treadwell
Joel Rudnick Delaware Joel is great to work with and keeps things interesting in the office! His knowledge and passion are admirable.  Grace Kelley
Brandi Bowden Alabama Thank you for all of your hard this work this session! You do an incredible job under pressure in the chamber and in assisting with a host of tasks for members and staff. John Treadwell
Cathy Eslinger Colorado Thank you so much for the support and guidance you have provided me with at LCS. I know you will make the most of your retirement, but I hope you will stop by the Capitol on one of your runs! You will be greatly missed! Katie Kolupke
Policy and Research Colorado The P&R section are stellar colleagues. I appreciate their collaboration with bill schedules for committee hearings and their dedication to making the institution function.  Clayton
Sarah Stewart West Virginia As our chief counsel, Sarah fills about 100 roles in any given day. There is no way that we as a Senate—or I, personally—would be as successful at what we do without her. She's a true star!  Jacque Bland
Julie Saint Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session. You are an expert at enrolling and engrossing and are meticulous with every task you take on. You're the best! John Treadwell
Mary Ward Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session! You do a great job with the journal and a host of other tasks, and I thank you for all your hard work with the new legislative system. Mary Ward
Carolyn Franklin Alabama Thank you for all your help this session! You do a great job in supervising our Bills and Duplicating Department. John Treadwell
Mia Dacus Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session! You do a phenomenal job in the clerk's office and with administering the page program. You are an asset to the House. John Treadwell
Liz Schindzielorz West Virginia Liz is an outstanding Judiciary Committee attorney who approaches her job with the kind of care that is needed for reviewing complex changes to our state's laws. She deals with even the most difficult members with a smile—a quality I truly admire!  Jacque Bland
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience are a vital asset to the Division of Research!  Grace Kelley
Amanda King Colorado Amanda, you have helped me so very much since the beginning of my time at LCS. The incredible wealth of knowledge, patience and positive attitude you offer everybody so consistently is so appreciated. Thank you for all you do! Katie Kolupke
Carrie Wanstall Delaware Carrie is a pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude is infectious and her constant willingness to help people is admirable!  Grace Kelley
Alex Geddie Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session! You do an incredible job in the clerk's office, assisting members and managing staff time. You are an asset to the House! John Treadwell
Amanda Fulton Delaware Amanda is a key reason why morale is always high in the office! It is great to be able to work with her!  Grace Kelley
Natalyn Gourdine Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session! You do a great job as chief clerk in keeping me and all staff going. You're the best! John Treadwell
Jacqueline Tymes Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session! You do an incredible job managing our committee clerks and keeping the committee process moving.  John Treadwell
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda is always on top of office happenings and can answer any question you throw at her! It is a pleasure to work with her. Grace Kelley
Derek Hamilton Alabama Thank you for all your hard work this session. You and your team have done a tremendous job this session in managing a host of tasks and ensuring the security of all House proceedings. John Treadwell
Hailey Millican Michigan Hailey is one of the nicest and most helpful people I have had the chance to work with. She always goes above and beyond, especially for her constituency! Madisyn Dye
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa is a dedicated policy advisor who is always willing to provide help to those who need it. She's trustworthy, reliable, smart and kind to everyone she works with. She is an excellent role model! Joanne Wisely
Kathy Morris  Delaware Kathy is always extremely helpful and willing to lend a hand. She is great to work with!  Grace Kelley
Julia Schmidt Michigan Julia always puts 110% into everything she does. She is talented and extremely dedicated to the work she does. It is a pleasure to know her! Madisyn Dye
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is great to work and chat with! She is patient with my questions and explains everything very thoroughly. Delaware is lucky to have her expertise!  Grace Kelley
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya's work on Judiciary is top tier, we are so lucky to have her on point for an extra busy committee! She is truly one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, too.  Joanne Wisely
Kate Sell Delaware Kate is a great addition to the Division of Research. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the law!  Grace Kelley
Samantha Falco  Colorado  Shoutout to Sam for doing a fantastic job leading staffing of the Joint Technology Committee. No small feat. Looking forward to another year! Dan Graeve
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie has a plethora of knowledge and an immense amount of passion for this work. She has helped build my confidence in my abilities since I started in this position!  Grace Kelley
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is always ready to help anybody who may need it. She has been one of my closest/most helpful colleagues since my arrival in the House. Thank you, Joanne! Adam Russell
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja is always on top of things and does a great job leading others. It's such a pleasure to get to work with her on any project! Joanne Wisely
Gabby Lane Delaware Gabby is hardworking and is always willing to lend a hand!  Grace Kelley
Pete Grogan Alabama Pete is very diligent in anything assigned to him. His work ethic and attitude are an example to the other fiscal analysts. Dustin Jones
Shubreet Kaur Delaware Shubreet is great to work with! Her passion is admirable. Grace Kelley
Tom Horton Michigan Tom's enthusiasm and friendliness are infectious. In addition to being a tax policy pro, he livens up every room he enters and is a pleasure to work with.  Joanne Wisely
Katie Ruedebusch  Colorado  For another year, Katie has allowed me to interrupt her far too frequently with random questions about the process and institution, and for impromptu policy chats. I am fortunate to have been able to learn from such an experienced colleague. Thanks!  Dan Graeve
Computer Services Help Desk Arizona A big shoutout for everything our computer services team does for the members and staff! Ryan, Daniel, Steve, David, Boris, Riley, James and Adrian excel in keeping our computers and phones up and running. Galen Kimmick
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda is always a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable to the Division of Research! Grace Kelley
John Friedenreich Alabama John is steady hand in an office with some newer analysts. His calm demeanor and perspective are welcome during the busy hustle of session. Dustin Jones
Cynthia Paul Michigan Cynthia is a forward thinker skilled in managing the balancing act of the Legislature. I'm so glad to work with her on all things criminal justice. She's a great partner in policy! Joanne Wisely
Ben Kowal Delaware Ben is great to work with! He is a new dad, so deserves a shoutout for that accomplishment as well!  Grace Kelley
Mandi Careathers Connecticut Always having an open door even when walking in might not be easy. Thank you for being kind and supportive in this sometimes crazy work atmosphere.  Migdalia Alicea
Angela Wheeler Michigan Angela is always offering her assistance and expertise to staff and members. And she does so with a smile. She can put others at ease even in the most upsetting or uncertain situations.  Joanne Wisely
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis is constantly coming up with new ways to help us reach constituents exactly where they're at and is always the first to lend a helping hand. She's a pleasure to work with!  Joanne Wisely
JA Curia West Virginia In my 10 years doing this job, I've seen many attorneys present many controversial bills. Very few of them have done it with the skill and the professionalism that JA has. He never fails to be kind and helpful to us all.  Jacque Bland
Marissa White Delaware Marissa is a great addition to the Division of Research. She brings a wealth of knowledge and it's great to work with her!  Grace Kelley
Nelky Maldonado Connecticut Nelky always provides a smile and words of encouragement. Thank you for not letting me give in to difficult days. It is appreciated.  Migdalia Alicea
Cayley Winters-Norrie Michigan Cayley does a fantastic job creating social content that resonates with all types of audiences. She provides excellent advice and brings positive energy everywhere she goes! Joanne Wisely
Michael Taylor Connecticut Michael is a great help to our office. He is knowledgeable and detail oriented. The mail gets to where it needs to go solely because of the work Michael does happily and proudly every day. Thank you, Michael! Kelsey Taylor
Joe Clark Michigan Joe has faithfully served the caucus in so many different roles. In each one, he brings expertise and creativity, elevating the communication of everyone he's collaborating with.  Joanne Wisely
Jose Ventura Michigan Jose never fails to boost my mood when I see him! He's such a wonderful person to work alongside. Thank you for learning about asphalt with me! Abby Locke
Hailey Millican Michigan Hailey is such a positive force in the office! I never fail to smile when I chat with her. Thank you for being amazing! Abby Locke
Mila Bodewes Michigan From interns to full-time staffers, Mila has been by my side through it all. Thank you for the support, kindness and laughter we've shared! You're the best. Abby Locke
Ashley Cecil Michigan Ashley does an amazing job running Government Operations and keeping those around her on the same page. She's a powerhouse! Joanne Wisely
Peter Guloba Colorado Peter has worked particularly hard this session for the IT Department! His technical skills are unmatched, and his service to legislators and staff has been second to none! Great work this session, Peter! Ian Hart
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany takes pride in her work and is always willing to take on a new project. I'm glad she is a part of our fiscal team! Tiffany Weaver
Coffiann Hawthrone Michigan Coffiann is an amazing team leader! Always pushing us to new heights and supporting us every step of the way. Team Policy would not be the same without her.  Asja Jackson
Cynthia Paul Michigan A master lawyer, a great mentor and a wealth of knowledge are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of Cynthia. I am so luck to get to work with her every day! Asja Jackson
Thomas Collins Michigan There is never a dull moment discussing and debating everything from pop culture to policy with TC!  Asja Jackson
Perry Bennett West Virginia  Perry's keen eye for detail and mastery of photography make him a true artist, seamlessly blending creativity with professionalism in all his endeavors for the House and Senate. We're grateful for the invaluable perspective he brings. Sara Dyer
Kathleen Johnston-Calati Michigan Kathleen has been a wonderful addition to our team! She has a wonderful personality and I am learning so much from her every day.  Asja Jackson
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt, you are incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable. I am so glad that we get to work together!  Asja Jackson
Freda Seritella Connecticut Freda makes walking into the LOB easier. She welcomes us all and is always ready to help. A huge thank-you for helping me stay healthy. My Forever H.  Migdalia Alicea
Robert Altmann West Virginia  Robert's speed-reading abilities are impressive, and we're thrilled to have him adjusting to his new role in House Health. His quick grasp of information and dedication to learning make him a valuable addition to the team. Sara Dyer
Frankiln Perry Connecticut Franklin takes care of and defends us even when we think that is not the case. Franklin, thank you for what I know are those hard decisions sometimes. I appreciate you. Most of the time anyway. LOL. Just being me. Migdalia Migdalia Alicea
Alberto Negron Connecticut Alberto rarely says "no." Thank you for always helping us know what to say and always bringing a smile to my face. You are so appreciated. M Migdalia Alicea
Ophelia Trahan Connecticut Ophelia is always willing to help and she is always making me laugh. Thanks for ignoring the screams from across the way. LOL. M Migdalia Alicea
Charlie Roskovensky West Virginia  Charlie is without a doubt the hardest-working legislative attorney I know. His dedication and work ethic are truly admirable. We are incredibly lucky to have Charlie as chief counsel for House Health. Sara Dyer
Shannon Thelen Michigan Shannon is the loveliest, most caring person I know inside and outside her work. She makes working here a joy, and I couldn't ask for a better mentor, colleague and friend. We are all so grateful for everything she does every day and all the smiles she shares with us! Alannah Garrett
Jazaira Perez-Acevado Connecticut Jazzy is always willing to help and goes the extra mile. She is a great addition to our work family. Thank you, my Jazzy, aka "La Clasica," for being who you are. M Migdalia Alicea 
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is a mentor here at the CGA, especially to me. Thank you for always being there to answer my questions, to give me advice or just a word of encouragement. You are truly appreciated, "My Forever LUCY." M Migdalia Alicea
Sherry Eberly Pennsylvania For your continuous years of service, dedication, kindness, hardworking mentality and for being a great co-worker! Torrey Lauermann
Legislative Services Bureau Michigan LSB is such an asset to the Legislature. They are dedicated, hard workers who are always helpful in finding solutions and talking out concerns. They deserve all the kudos for their help. Thanks, LSB! Marissa Geyer
Jeanie Phillips, Dawn Marzic, Barry Hubbard, Ophelia Trahan, Peter Andrews, Rebecca Agyei Connecticut  Thank you all for being the best team and for always coming to the rescue when I need it.  Nelky Maldonado
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut  Jazaira, you are one of the sweetest, most caring and helpful people I know. Thank you for being the way you are and for always being available to help. Nelky Maldonado
Jason Knight  Connecticut Jason, when I had no senior CEC assigned, you took it upon yourself to take me under your wing and show me the ropes. I am always so grateful that you are willing to help me no matter what the issue is.  Nelky Maldonado
Tim Powers Alaska Tim is always ready to enthusiastically take on new and special projects. He did a wonderful job on the recent Capitol art project, which resulted in the addition of two original pieces for the collection. He always strives to do the best work possible.  Jessica Geary
Ana Allen Connecticut Ana is always ready, willing and able to help. She's the kind of person who gets things done, a total team player. Thank you, Ana, for being who you are and always flashing that beautiful smile.  Migdalia Alicea
Liz Conroy Connecticut  Liz, you are the "go to" for everything here at the LOB. You are efficient, have all the answers and make things happen right away. Thanks for all you do and for always going above and beyond.  Nelky Maldonado
Abigail Locke Michigan Shoutout to Abby for her infectious positivity! Her can-do attitude lifts spirits and turns challenges into opportunities. James Sklar
Rick O'Neil Connecticut Rick is supportive, compassionate and always has a kind word for others. What a wonderful person to work with and have as work family. I am honored to call you a friend. Thanks, Rick! Migdalia Alicea
Denise Metten  West Virginia  Denise has a talent for constituent service. Notably, she does an excellent job taking care of the East Wing committee room, ensuring it is ready for all who use it. We're lucky to have Denise on our team! Sara Dyer
Barry Hubbard Connecticut Barry is the person you can count on always. Whether I have a question, a concern, need to vent or want to laugh, Barry is my "go to guy." Thank you, Barry, for always being available. You are appreciated. Migdalia Alicea
Zalman Nakhimovsky Connecticut Zalman is our funny, kind and super helpful go-getter. He is always willing to help and is always smiling. Thank you for always making me laugh. Overachiever. I'm watching you. M Migdalia Alicea
John Wright Alaska John has a passion for hard-copy production and treats every print request as his crew’s highest priority. His friendly demeanor is much appreciated, and he only gets a little perturbed at the mention of going paperless. Jessica Geary
Senate Finance staff Virginia They have gone above above and beyond in their dedication, professionalim and hard work. They are an amazing team, and Virginia is fortunate to have them. Thanks to all of you! Susan Schaar
Rayme Vinson Alaska Rayme serves with distinction as the Capitol’s chief of security. We are all in good hands. He is always looking for ways to further his team's knowledge and skills and provides continual training opportunities to them. Jessica Geary
Mindy Kissner Alaska Mindy’s enthusiasm for and commitment to improving processes is second to none. Her leadership ensures that the accounting office uses best practices and the Legislature maintains its record of clean annual audits, without exception. Thank you, Mindy! Jessica Geary
Senate Clerk's Office staff Virginia There are really no words to express my admiration for our amazing team. This year it is especially so due to the completion and move into our new building, a new Senate and a difficult session. You are wonderful representatives for Virginia. Susan Schaar
Jenny Moiles Smith Michigan Jenny is one of the most dedicated and talented legislative employees I have ever worked with. The Senate is so lucky to have her. Keep on crushing it, my friend! Sean Walser
Lynne Caswell Maine Lynne is amazing and one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She's someone you go to when you need your spirits lifted. She's a workhorse and the Legislature wouldn't succeed without her hard work. Thank you, Lynne! Steven Langlin
Lisa Curtis Michigan The House would be a mess without Lisa. She does it all, from the smallest tasks to the largest projects. I don't know how she manages to balance everything. We are so lucky to have her! Sean Walser
Janet Stocco Maine Janet is amazing. Period. Full stop. The smartest person I've ever met and the hardest-working person I've ever met. We're so lucky to have her. Thank you for all you do, Janet! Steve Langlin
Abby Locke Michigan Abby graciously took me under her wing, and I would not be where I am or have the skills I have now without her guidance. Her energy, passion and excitement for life, as well as politics, inspires me daily. She is a remarkable human!  Mila Bodewes
James Sklar Michigan James has been wonderful at helping me adjust to working full time in the House! I appreciate his willingness to help and support others so much. Thank you for being an incredible LD! Abby Locke
John Mulcrone Michigan John is the best boss one could have. His mentorship has changed my life in so many ways, professionally and personally. Michigan is forever a better place because of his dedication and leadership. Sean Walser
Emily Dohrman Colorado Emily took on a much greater set of responsibilities than expected this session. She handled the increased workload with poise and care, and produced excellent analyses of the extra bills that eventually improved the policy greatly! Greg Sobetski
Ian Hart Colorado Ian is a phenomenal team player. Always willing to help, no matter what the task, and always with a positive attitude—exactly what the IT support team needs. Thank you! Happy sine die 2024! Joe Liuzzo
Marc Carey Colorado Marc led our school finance team as we supported the Legislature from initial construction to the finishing touches of Colorado's new school finance formula. This is a momentous achievement that wouldn't have happened without Marc! Greg Sobetski
Thomas Rosa Colorado Thomas built and constantly refined our school finance formula simulation tool to support the Legislature from initial construction to the finishing touches of Colorado's new school finance formula. This is a momentous achievement that wouldn't have happened without Thomas! Greg Sobetski
Anna Gerstle Colorado Anna supported the Legislature from initial construction to the finishing touches of Colorado's new school finance formula. This is a momentous achievement that wouldn't have happened without Anna! Greg Sobetski
Alyssa Hengesbach Michigan State of the State 2024 would not have been possible without Alyssa. She brings a calm, end-goal-driven dedication to everything she does. Thank you for all you do to make the House run smoothly! Sean Walser
Jesus Wetzel Connecticut Colossal shoutout to Wetzel for his prodigious work ethic, razor-sharp wit and entertaining way with words. Working with him is a barrel of monkeys, figuratively and literally, and it's pure joy to call him a friend and colleague. Kumi Sato
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly, thank you for all you do to keep us engaged and excited about sharpening our skills and building relationships with our colleagues through learning and development opportunities. You are a joy to work with and we appreciate you so very much! Melvette Hill
Betsy Howerton  Georgia She epitomizes leadership. Vallerie Trent
Policy Research Team Colorado The team staffed 18 session committees as well as numerous year-round committees. They stayed late, came in early, worked weekends and helped over 16,000 people testify before legislative committees. Kudos to an amazing team! Katie Ruedebusch
David Hansen Colorado I knew property tax was going to be a tough assignment again this session. Dave, you handled it with incredible coolness under pressure, diligence and expertise. I'm proud to be your co-worker and so grateful for your relentless service! Greg Sobetski
Amanda Liddle Colorado What an amazing first session! Amanda, your enthusiasm is infectious. I love how much you love this work and promote camaraderie among our team. Thank you for your personality, openness to new challenges, and expertise. Greg Sobetski
Nicolette Niedzwiecki Connecticut Nicki is one of the sunniest people on the planet. She is always willing to talk through a complicated issue. I don't know what I would do without her!  Brianna Pollard
William Lederman Connecticut Bill is a top-tier human being and co-worker. He is exceptional at maintaining a level head and thinking through any problems that come up.  Brianna Pollard
Phoenix Ronan Connecticut Phoenix is the best boss that I've ever had. She never hesitates to jump in and work alongside us when we are swamped. She is very encouraging and great at supporting new employees!  Brianna Pollard
Ryan Proto Connecticut Ryan is very thoughtful and intentional with his words and actions! He brings such a unique experience to the CGA with his background as a veteran. I love working with Ryan because he knows so much about the statutes and is an excellent resource.  Brianna Pollard
Brenda De Rosas Minnesota Brenda has created impressive connections with the district she serves, is always willing to help her colleagues and has an incredible sense of humor. Grateful to have her as a colleague and friend. Hailey Ryan
Janelle Stevens Connecticut Janelle is extremely hardworking and diligent. She is also probably the most intelligent person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love working with her because of how thorough she is, but also because she is so nice!  Brianna Pollard
Anna Burke Minnesota  Anna has very graciously guided me through these past two sessions, and I don’t think I could ever thank her enough for always answering my never-ending questions. She also knows how to run a kick@** committee and is my favorite lunch buddy ;)  Hailey Ryan
Dave Schupbach Michigan Dave is a wonderful person who operates in excellence. He is extremely knowledgeable, and I enjoy working through issues with him to better serve our members. Angela Wheeler
Sara Dyer West Virginia  Sara draws from her own and many others' experiences in bringing together stakeholders to discuss meaningful solutions to address the needs of our communities. She is an inspired leader you can trust to get the job done.  Bobby Altmann
Thomas Horton  Michigan  Thomas is a joy to work with. He is knowledgeable, hardworking and has a great sense of humor. These characteristics make for a great work environment. Angela Wheeler
Cassie Sohr Minnesota Cassie, you have played a crucial role in the Human Services Committee’s success. You truly care about making the world more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Love having another TSwift fan in the corner caucus ;) Hailey Ryan
Louise Fenn Alabama  Louise keeps all the trains running on time in our office! Othni Lathram
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann is a phenomenal professional. She leads by example and with a spirit of excellence. She is passionate about delivering transformational results for the staff and the members of the House. Angela Wheeler
Jimmy Entrekin Alabama  Jimmy is lawyer to the lawyer in our office. Quick to deal with the stuff that might get messy or complicated.  Othni Lathram
Arizona Senate Security Arizona Ryan, Michael, Jorge, Shane, Theresa, David, Aaron, Derek and Richard go above and beyond in keeping the members and staff safe when in the Senate building. They have achieved a great balance between public interaction and safety for all. Galen Kimmick
Jeremy Phillips Alabama  Jeremy is the mastermind who keeps the computers working with patience and speed! Othni Lathram
Serge Lesh Alaska Serge is always positive and easy to work with, even when he's got a ton of work to do. Really makes you feel good to be on the same team with him. Shay Wilson
Letitia Hendricks Alabama It is great to have an HR person who is practical and steady! Othni Lathram
Rachel Chou Alabama Rachel makes sure the payroll hits and the lights stay on, and is always one step ahead of where she needs to be.  Othni Lathram
Chris Kleminich Arizona Chris does an excellent job in reviewing each bill to ensure it is constitutionally sound, and if not he explains why and offers solutions. He has a great legal mind and is great to work with. Galen Kimmick
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is one of the most organized and hardworking LDs I know. She is very detail oriented and is passionate about her job. She's also so friendly and welcoming to all other staffers. Joanne is such a star at the HOB and also a great friend! Marissa Geyer
Novie Flynn Alabama Novie is always smiling as she takes care of our administrative needs! Othni Lathram
Katrina Skidmore Alaska Katrina is a bright light in our office. Her institutional knowledge and dedication are invaluable, and she understands the legislative process and how it all works. She will be heading to work in accounting soon, and we will miss her!  Jessica Geary
Pete Galvan Arizona Pete does an excellent job interfacing with the public and members on public records requests. He thoroughly reviews the requests and sorts through the data to provide a concise response. He has really improved the way public records requests are handled.  Galen Kimmick
Tanga Henderson Alabama Tan is on the ball tracking all our time so we don't have to! Othni Lathram
Julia Jackson Colorado Julia is an exemplary team leader in our policy and research section. She also has developed impressive expertise in the areas of elections and citizen initiatives, among others. I have so enjoyed our work together.  Cathy Eslinger
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason's name is synonymous with the CGA. There is no question that I have had that he hasn't been able to answer or provide direction on. Beyond that, he does it with a kindness and sweetness that is paralleled by no other. Thanks, JJ, you are so valued. M Migdalia Alicea
Katie Ruedebusch Colorado Katie is a dynamic leader in our policy and research section. I admire the skills and positive attitude she brings to her leadership each and every day. Cathy Eslinger
Samantha Skorka Michigan Sami is a rock star! She is such a creative soul, which reflects in the awesome digital work she does for our caucus. She's also so friendly and always inclusive. She's a great colleague and all-around great person.  Marissa Geyer
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy was one of the first people I met when I started at the HOB, and he has consistently been friendly, kind and helpful in every way. He also takes the best photos and is clearly passionate about his job! Marissa Geyer
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is the glue that binds our committee, uniting us with her unwavering kindness and invaluable mentorship. Fortunate doesn't begin to describe how I feel having her as our administrator, and I could not imagine navigating this journey without her by my side. Taylor Hyde
Joe Clark Michigan Joe is a wonderful asset to our caucus. He's held many roles over the years and kicks butt in every single one. He works incredibly hard and is very dedicated to his job. He's also a wonderful actor! Marissa Geyer
Taylor Alpert Michigan I've recently been able to work with Taylor on legislation, and she is wonderful to work with. She is detail oriented, receptive to feedback and open to asking questions. She has a great future ahead of her in the House.  Marissa Geyer
Dr. Letitia Fowler Michigan  Dr. Fowler is a hard worker. She is passionate about her work and enjoys serving the members of the House. She brings positive energy to the workplace that lifts up the environment. Angela Wheeler
Ashleigh Schoeninger Michigan Ashleigh is a great LD! She is a great communicator and very passionate. She handles stressful situations well and is very hardworking. I appreciate the work she does! Marissa Geyer
Angela Wheeler Michigan I appreciate all that Angela does for the caucus. She is always so friendly and kind to everyone around her. Marissa Geyer
Johnathon Wertheimer  Michigan  I so enjoy working with Johnathon on all things Insurance Committee. I appreciate his professionalism and constant communication. He is the perfect gatekeeper for the committee and the chair. Coffiann Hawthorne
Emily Spiteri Minnesota Emily is one of the hardest-working people I know and an incredible researcher. She goes above and beyond to make sure members and staff have the information they need. Grateful to have her on the HHS team. Thank you for everything you do! Hailey Ryan
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is the person that you want to have by your side during challenging situations. She is truly a professional with great instincts and can handle anything that is thrown at her. Joanne deserves a round of applause for her patience and grace! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Damjana Gjetaj Michigan  Damjana is such a warm and friendly person. I appreciate her always looking out for Chair Carter.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Ashley Christian Michigan Ashley is a true leader. Even during turbulent times, she is focused on her work and committed to assisting those in need. She takes the time to listen to people and always makes sure they know she genuinely cares. We're extremely lucky to have her around! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Samantha Skorka Michigan Sammi is so easy to work with and her presence is a joy. She is creative, innovative and passionate about her work. Sammi is always willing to work through complex problems for the betterment of those around her and deserves all the recognition in the world! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Rachel Cichon Schomberger Michigan There's a reason Rachel is a veteran of our profession. She has the fortitude to rise to any occasion and empowers others to do the same. She is always welcoming to newcomers, and her positive attitude is infectious. Rachel is a bright light in the Legislature! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Kate Nieman Michigan Kate's humor and endurance bring levity and stability to a field that is often lacking in those areas. She has grown so much in the time that I have known her, and without a doubt, our office would be far less successful without her! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Tori Kletke Michigan I have known Tori since she was a teenager. It has been a pleasure watching her grow as an outstanding House staffer. She is always so friendly.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Hailey Millican Michigan Hailey is knowledgeable about her work and genuinely wants the best for others, especially those who reach out to her for assistance. She is a true team player. The people of Michigan are lucky that someone like Hailey has their backs! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Madelyn Day  Michigan I have always enjoyed working with Madelyn. She does an absolutely awesome job for Chair T. Carter. I also appreciate how she keeps Team Policy in the loop.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Hobie Lehman, Michael Jackson, Gillian Conway Virginia I'm honored to work with this group of hard-working individuals! I'm so appreciative of the HUGE role you all play during session. You go above and beyond, work long hours, never complain and do incredible work. Thank you for all that you do! Lindley Starzer
Don Murtishi Connecticut Thank you for helping me in learning my position in payroll. Also for being so welcoming to the team. Tina Zanelli-Sphon
Shelley Bourgeois Connecticut Your help has made the transition much easier. I appreciate your attention to detail and positive attitude. Thank you for being so welcoming to the team. Tina Zanelli-Sphon
Shane Bennett  Kentucky  Shane leads by example. He never expects anything of Legislative Services he wouldn’t do himself. He looks out for our team and will do whatever he can to help us succeed. We appreciate you, boss!  Amber Reynolds
Tracy Clark Alabama Tracy runs the best intern program in the country! She helps them develop their professional and leadership skills, and the interns become a critical part of the Legislature.  Othni Lathram
Cheryl Smith and Jackie Allo Connecticut We couldn't function without Cheryl and Jackie trouble-shooting our IT issues on the fly and developing tools and programs to help improve our processes. We appreciate their responsiveness, even as they'd rather run screaming from our glitches and demands. Kumi Sato
LRC Human Resources and Professional Development  Kentucky I get to work closely with this amazing group of individuals. Tim, Jennifer, Denise, Anne, Libby and Caroline are simply the best! The hard work you do for staff and the members is appreciated! Amber Reynolds
Molly McAllister Connecticut Shoutout to Molly for setting up all the trainings, keeping us all knowledgeable and helping whenever she can. You can always reach out to her if you have any questions, and that is much appreciated. Shelley Bourgeois
Tamitha Perser Arkansas Tamitha, I appreciate your fantastic work. You've been killing it with your projects, and it hasn't gone unnoticed! Your positivity has been such a breath of fresh air, and it's clear that you're a vital part of our team. Thanks again for everything you do!  Martha Jarrow
OLC Editing Team Georgia Vallerie Trent and her team—Michelle Law, Kim McGrath, Maggie Russo, Jorie Tash and Melissa Walsh—review legislation at an insane pace during session, then have the heavy lift of code revision. They are knowledgeable, experienced, energetic, and not afraid to use a red pen or the computer equivalent. Sarah Crittenden
Vicki Slay Arkansas Your positive attitude, willingness to learn and team spirit have been truly inspiring, and it's a pleasure to have you on board with us. Thank you for all that you do, and please know that you're valued. Keep up the good work! Martha Jarrow
Omar Cunningham West Virginia  Omar, our facilities manager, does an great job overseeing the jobs general services does for us, ensuring cleanliness and making sure everything is working properly. We're grateful for his dedication. Sara Dyer
Jacqueline Cowan Arkansas I am inspired by Jacqueline's dedication and hard work, which have made a significant impact. Her efforts are a reminder of the value of diligence and commitment, and I am grateful to have such a talented and motivated team member present. Thank you, Jacqueline! Martha Jarrow
Jamie Upshaw Alabama Jamie is instrumental in administering the House operating budget and is always responsive and helpful to members and the House clerk. I cannot thank her enough for her energy and assistance.  John Treadwell
Melvette Hill Connecticut I am truly honored to have you as our new executive director. Among many other qualities, your leadership, strategic thinking and communication skills will lead us well!  TJ Nuccio
Jennifer Wegh Connecticut Shoutout to Jenn for being an amazing part of the HR team. Her willingness to train is appreciated, and if you have any questions, she is available for you. Thank you for all your hard work!  Shelley Bourgeois
Joshua Coombes Arkansas Joshua, your contributions have not gone unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for all that you do. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for making a difference each day. Keep up the great work! Martha Jarrow
Bryan Ricke Texas Bryan's dedication to the Texas Legislative Budget Board staff spans 18 years. His Network Operations team daily delivers the impossible to help our agency continue our important work. His wit and knowledge are unmatched. Sarah Glinsmann
Madison Hanshaw  West Virginia  Madison is a rock star on our team. Always ready to help and with a constant smile! We're lucky to have her! Sara Dyer
Andrea Walker Connecticut Shoutout to Andrea for her amazing work in the HR department. Thank you for taking me under your wing to learn more within HR. You are great at what you do and so helpful with the CGA employees. Shelley Bourgeois
Josh Wiseman  West Virginia  This was Josh's first full-time session, and he nailed it! His committee ran like a well-oiled machine. We're excited to have him on the team.  Sara Dyer 
Jared Page  West Virginia Jared wears many hats, excelling in various roles and responsibilities in his life. His dedication and hard work are truly commendable, and we're proud to have him as a valuable member of our team. Sara Dyer
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan If you look up "institutional knowledge" in the dictionary, you will see her biography. A leader who knows the ins and outs of every policy area and is a boss willing to help her staff grow and learn. Matt Lantzy
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Shoutout to Caroline for being an outstanding leader. Her door is always open, and she is very understanding. She pushes us to learn more and be better at what we do. Thank you for all that you do!  Shelley Bourgeois
Asja Jackson Michigan Have a question about education policy? Look no further than Asja. She knows all there is to know, and is one of the best people to work with. Matt Lantzy
Maya Lowry Michigan One of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is also one of the hardest workers you will ever meet and is such a joy to be around. Matt Lantzy
Tom Horton Michigan If anyone ever needs innovative suggestions to try and meet a policy objective, Tom is someone to turn to. He is always willing to say hi and see how the day is going and see if he can assist in other policy areas as well.  Matt Lantzy
Brian Pencz Connecticut Shoutout to Brian for our new kitchen and making sure everything is being fixed and working! Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate it!  Shelley Bourgeois
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa is someone who sees the forest for the trees, and can always see the nexus of a public policy issue and work toward solutions. She is always willing to lend her knowledge and collaborate whenever you ask. Matt Lantzy
Melinda Swagger West Virginia  Melinda exudes efficiency and dedication. Her guidance has been invaluable, and I owe much of my growth to her wisdom and support. She is the rock of the Education Committee. We are blessed to have Melinda as part of our team. Sara Dyer
Madisyn Dye Michigan  Madisyn cares deeply about others and is determined to make Michigan a better place for everyone. We are lucky to have her! I am grateful to have met and worked with her.  Julia Schmidt
Dmitry Rozinsky Texas Dmitry is an extraordinary leader at the Texas Legislative Budget Board. His Applications Programming team considers every solution, tirelessly tests options and sets everything up behind the scenes for our agency's important work to continue. Sarah Glinsmann
Eli Gaugush  Michigan There are few people who understand the budget better than Eli. Such an integral resource when it comes to the long and arduous budget process. He is also someone who is a pleasure to be around and work with every day. Matt Lantzy
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Shoutout to Rachel for being on the activities committee and helping out! Thank you for welcoming me into the group! Shelley Bourgeois
Cynthia Paul Michigan Need to understand the possible down-range impacts of a policy proposal? Cynthia is a great resource, is always willing to lend her expertise to anyone who has a question, and is just a joy to get to work with every day.  Matt Lantzy
Sandra De La Cruz Connecticut Shoutout to Sandra for being a part of the activities committee and welcoming me into the group. Keep up all the hard work!  Shelley Bourgeois
Thomas Collins Michigan  Thomas is just an incredible asset to our team and the House. With such a wide-ranging policy expertise, it is almost a guarantee that he has some valuable insight that can help anyone move policy forward. Matt Lantzy
Kathleen Johnston-Calati Michigan Kathleen is a true joy to work with. Her expertise is extremely valuable, and her insight into legislative history can always give such important context. Matt Lantzy
Melissa White  West Virginia  Melissa is not only a kind, supportive and compassionate person, but also an exceptional legislative lawyer. She served as a phenomenal mentor, and much of my progress today is thanks to her guidance. We're incredibly fortunate to have her on our team! Sara Dyer
Alex Seasock Michigan Alex is such a fantastic co-worker. His passion for public policy is evident from the first time you meet him, and his knowledge helps his boss with all the work that she does.  Matt Lantzy
Elizabeth Conroy Connecticut Shoutout to Liz for doing an outstanding job at the front desk, helping all the people who come in and taking the phone calls. We appreciate you! Shelley Bourgeois
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline is an amazing leader with a wealth of knowledge. She has an open-door policy and makes you feel welcome to the team. Tina Zanelli-Sphon
Julie Lindsey Texas Julie is a true asset to the Legislative Budget Board. Her tireless dedication to the people of Texas and her extensive experience informs her leadership with knowledge and compassion. Sarah Glinsmann
Sarah Bourne Connecticut Sarah’s ability to process complex information and translate that into a clear and concise analysis is top notch—even when asked for last-minute contributions, sorry! OFA is lucky to have her years of experience. Also, she’s just really smart! Emily Shepard
Emma Heaton Michigan Emma is extremely good at what she does, and helps her boss keep moving her priorities through the process. She is honest, kind, extremely well organized and a joy to work with.  Matt Lantzy
Vicki Pendell West Virginia Vicki is always warm, welcoming and direct. She provides a balance in the speaker's office that makes that office run so effectively.  Jennifer McPherson
Lindsey Donston Connecticut Lindsey’s flexibility and professional demeanor under pressure are what make her so successful in OFA. Thank you for being such an awesome member of team human services! Emily Shepard
Morgan Miller West Virginia Morgan is sweet, fun-loving and deeply passionate about education. Recently, she took on the role of co-chair of the LESN Steering Committee. We feel incredibly fortunate to have Morgan as a valued member of our team. Sara Dyer
Chris Wardell  Michigan Chris knows how the Legislature works and understands how to move the best policy through the process.  Matt Lantzy
Lisa Buckingham Connecticut Shoutout to Lisa for working hard at the front desk, helping the CGA employees when they come in and over the phone. Thank you for welcoming me when I arrived here and joining me on those trainings! Shelley Bourgeois
Brad Towson, Janet Kaminski Leduc and Janelle Stevens Connecticut Three cheers for this session's ENV team. Kristen Miller
Marie Grady Connecticut Thank you, Marie, for always taking my calls and providing insight. Your work ethic and subject-matter expertise (and humor) are incomparable. Emily Shepard
Clarissa Mata  Michigan Clarissa is a great staffer, is extremely well organized and is always a resource when there are questions. Matt Lantzy
Joe Altizer West Virginia Joe wears many hats on any given day, but he's always loyal to and respectful of the body and the process. I appreciate how hard he works, and when I have questions I know he's giving me straight facts with his experienced perspective. Ann Ali
Holly South Colorado Your willingness to go above and beyond is truly inspiring. Your contributions have helped us achieve our goals and created a positive and supportive professional environment in which to work. You make a difference in our professional lives and in NCSL as a whole. Much love! Martha Jarrow
Jeff Billings West Virginia Jeff keeps the House running effectively and efficiently. He deeply respects the legislative institution and encourages all staff to do their jobs in a way that shows the same respect. Jennifer McPherson
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Malak is an excellent majority floor director. She is hardworking, full of enthusiasm and is dedicated to serving the members. Her work ethic keeps us moving in the right direction. Angela Wheeler
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Melissa is very knowledgeable and was welcoming when I joined the team. Tina Zanelli-Sphon
Zvonko Blazevski Michigan Z is such a source of institutional knowledge and is able to understand the five dimensions that are needed to move a policy forward. Matt Lantzy
Nick Strunk Michigan Nick is the type of co-worker everyone should aspire to have. Knowledgeable, resourceful and innovative, all while being a joy to be around. Matt Lantzy
Michael Cnossen Michigan Whenever I have a question on how the numbers may impact policy, he is always one that can work through it, in addition to just being a great guy to work with. Matt Lantzy
Ann Ali West Virginia Ann brings such cheer to her job and the people around her. She takes care of others while tackling her own incredible workload. She is a thoughtful, inclusive leader. Ann also manages legislators with a perfect mix of patience, grace and authority.  Jennifer McPherson
Jennifer McPherson West Virginia Jennifer is thoughtful and unflappable. She can deliver bad news as well as she makes jokes, and always has the big picture in sight without losing track of a single detail. So grateful to have her on Team Staff. Ann Ali
Marcus Coffin Michigan Marcus is someone who, in addition to being very easy to get along with, can easily distill the fiscal impact of any type of proposed policy, which helps move it forward.  Matt Lantzy
Anne Landgrebe West Virginia Anne puts so much care and heart into her job. She brings a warmth to every room, along with an understanding ear and encouraging smile, even on the longest days. Ann Ali
Allison Fuhrman  Michigan Allison can effortlessly work with stakeholders and shape policy to achieve underlying objectives. Matt Lantzy
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Felisha is the most direct person—in such a good way. It makes her incredibly effective and efficient. She is so well suited for legislative work and dealing with strong personalities and legislative processes.  Jennifer McPherson
Ashleigh Schoeninger Michigan Ashleigh is just someone who is a joy to work with. She is effortlessly able to understand her boss' priorities and work on getting the best possible policy outcomes. Matt Lantzy
Will Valentino West Virginia Will is incredibly thorough and doesn't take sides when explaining complex legislation in the Judiciary Committee. He's an amazing team player and team leader. Ann Ali
Madison Hanshaw West Virginia Madison says yes to helping. She seems to come to work every day excited to do her job—and anything that is asked of her. She is reliable and so pleasant to work around!  Jennifer McPherson
Matt Carnagie Michigan Have a question on committee procedure? Look no further than Matt. He understands everything you need to know to run committees. Matt Lantzy
DJ Morgan West Virginia DJ manages to keep his positive energy and enthusiasm up, even on the longest days. He will always jump in to get the work done, find the answer or solve the problem, always working for the team as a whole. Ann Ali
Molly Wingrove  Michigan Molly is just someone you hope to have as your clerk. Her knowledge of legislation and committee procedure make hearings go smoothly. Matt Lantzy
Joan White Minnesota Joan is an incredible teammate for all things higher education and always finds elegant language solutions! Erik Olaphson
Nicholas Gewirtz Michigan Nick is someone who makes committee run so easily and is fun to be around. Always willing to answer questions to make sure that committee goes as best it can. Matt Lantzy
Lori Skull West Virginia This session, Lori inherited a tremendous amount of additional responsibilities when two longtime staffers left the clerk's office. Her work was accurate, and she handled the avalanche of new responsibilities with patience and grace.  Jennifer McPherson
Carlon Doyle Fontaine Minnesota Carlon is absolutely amazing in all ways! I couldn't have made it through these last six months without her hard work and sense of humor. THANK YOU! Lexi Stangl
Sarah Dyer West Virginia She works incredibly hard to keep information flowing during session. She is able to maintain a great attitude, even during the final hours of session when people are tired and cranky. Bob Leslie
Dennis Weakley  New York  Dennis embodies professionalism. He is knowledgeable, kind and committed to the group effort, and he makes the office a wonderful place to work. His positive attitude and contributions have helped in making our team stronger. Michelle Edwin
Eric Chappell Michigan Always willing to be someone to bounce ideas off of, Eric is always a joy to work with.  Matt Lantzy
Zach Barton Michigan Zach is a joy to be around and is always willing to listen and collaborate. He understands the legislative process and is willing to be creative. Matt Lantzy
Minnesota Legislative Reference Librarians Minnesota The librarians at the LRL are an amazing resource! It never ceases to amaze me what they can pull together to help out legislators and legislative staff. Thank you for all that you do! Lexi Stangl
House Dem Comms and Member Services Teams Michigan  The House Dems' comms team is always a joy to work with. From writers to digital advisors, member services, graphics, video and photography, they are able to capture policy and distill it in many mediums with ease. Matt Lantzy
Sherry Sofia Michigan For being a fantastic colleague and being always willing to listen. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Connor Loftus  Michigan Connor is such a pleasure to work with. His knowledge in a wide variety of policy areas and procedure is invaluable. Matt Lantzy
Dawn Jakubowski Michigan A true professional, she is organized, knowledgeable and professional. Her understanding of the legislative process is extremely valuable and useful.  Matt Lantzy
Renee Watson Michigan Renee is a true professional who understands the legislative process and is able to drive policy toward passage to achieve the underlying goal. Matt Lantzy
William Hamilton Michigan For being so helpful and explaining everything so well. Helped me jump right in. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Carlon Doyle Fontaine Minnesota Carlon is an extraordinary labor counsel and an even better teammate through the thick and thin of the legislative session! Erik Olaphson
Nebraska Legislative Research Office Nebraska They are the hardest-working, most knowledgeable group working for the Legislature! The Legislative Research Office provides the most timely and informative legislative publications and is an absolute joy to work with. Nebraska
Melvette Hill Connecticut Congratulations on your new role as executive director! Your leadership is already igniting excitement and motivation. I'm looking forward to achieving great new things together under your guidance. Rosemary Lopez
Rachel Cichon Michigan For always being sure I was included and helping me understand a new budget. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Anna Gerstle Colorado Anna is a fiscal analyst extraordinaire. She wrote notes and updated models on two separate school finance bills while handling all her normal responsabilities with grace and endless enthusiasm. The formula rewrite doesn't get done without Anna!  Marc Carey
Andrew Erickson Minnesota Thank you for being an incredible fiscal analyst mentor and always being willing to answer my questions! Erik Olaphson
Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Minnesota These talented, hardworking and dedicated public servants provide excellent legal, research, fiscal and administrative support services. And on top of that, they are really great people to know and to work alongside of! THANK YOU for all that you do! Lexi Stangl
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan For making sure I am kept in the loop with things I need to know in ag. Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Thomas Nuccio Connecticut TJ, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your positive energy and dedication to our team. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, and it truly makes a difference for the children of our state. Rosemary Lopez
Austin Scott Michigan For extreme patience in helping me understand an area that I was totally unfamiliar with. And in recognition of how hard he works behind the scenes. GO GREEN! Kathleen Johnston-Calati
Thomas Rosa Colorado Thomas has been labeled a data science magician, but I prefer the term “genius.” He has an endless capacity for new projects and is always a pleasure to work with. The rewrite of the school finance formula absolutely does not happen without him. Marc Carey
Amanda King Colorado  Amanda is always the first to help out a colleague, and not only when asked. She proactively offers when she sees that someone may need it! She’s a lifeline for many in our office. Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany has proven to be a great addition to our Fiscal Division team. She is very knowledgeable and is always willing to help with any task, even those outside her assigned area. Kirk Fulford
Constituent Services Team Colorado The team—Debbie Grunlien, Horojah Jawara, Lauren Morgan and Hamza Syed—helped more than 600 constituents over the last year, providing helpful information in a professional and timely fashion. Way to go! April Bernard
Mathieu Fuller Alabama This was Mathieu's first session as a fiscal analyst with our office, and he handled the workload well. He seemed to pick up on things quickly and has proven to be a great addition to our team. Kirk Fulford
Denise Drummond Connecticut I am grateful to have you as both a co-worker and a friend. You are an amazing event planner, and your work doesn't go unnoticed. Let's continue to lift each other up and make amazing memories together, both in and out of the office. Rosemary Lopez
Dave Hansen Colorado During a session in which his team was shorthanded, Dave handled the contentious property tax discussion with calm and grace. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and the K-12 formula rewrite doesn't happen without his contributions. Marc Carey
Emilie Zanders Pennsylvania They have been the best manager I could have asked for. I owe a lot of my own recognition and growth as an analyst to them. Thank you for everything! Nick Miller
Jennifer Farish Alabama Jennifer has proven to be a great addition to our team. She is a quick study and is able to manage multiple projects and fiscal notes in a timely and efficient manner. Kirk Fulford
Alex Seasock Michigan Alex is just a great staffer. We have worked on major issues over the past few sessions (rare diseases, insulin co-pay cap). I love how he always goes above and beyond to keep me in the loop and updated on everything.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Werner Oyanadel Connecticut Hola, Werner, I wanted to express my admiration for your wealth of experience and wisdom. Your guidance and insights have been invaluable to me and many others on staff, and I truly appreciate all that you do to support our team. Mil gracias! Rosemary Lopez
Shonda Stallworth Alabama As Senate fiscal officer, Shonda has a lot on her plate, but she manages her workload well and always meets her deadlines. She is always upbeat and answers member and staff questions with a great attitude and a smile on her face. Kirk Fulford
Megan Baker Connecticut Hey, Megan, just wanted to express how much I appreciate our collaboration on projects. Your dedication, creativity and teamwork make our work efficient and enjoyable.  Rosemary Lopez
Juanita Hill Colorado  Juanita is one of our staff assistants who helps me out immensely. She is retiring this year and I’m going to miss her so much!  Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Dustin Jones Alabama As House fiscal officer, Dustin responds to member questions, reviews fiscal notes and drafts bills and amendments, but he handles the workload well. He has a great attitude and even finds the time to help out in many other ways around the office.  Kirk Fulford
Michael Werner Connecticut Hola, Michael, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your positivity and hard work. It's a pleasure to work alongside someone as supportive as you. Gracias! Rosemary Lopez
Katie Ruedebusch  Colorado  Katie is one of our team leads. She is approachable, easy to talk to, sympathetic to her staff, a strong manager and a great asset to our team and the Legislature! Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Kristin King West Virginia Kristin is a focused and conscientious staff member, always with an eye on what the team needs and the best way to get it done.  Ann Ali
Eli Gaugush Michigan Eli has the sharpest sense of humor I have ever encountered and is our fearless budget leader. Budget season is always easier knowing that he's around to back us up.  Asja Jackson
Christian Duborg Connecticut Christian, welcome to the team! It has been great having you on board. You've only been here a couple of months and have hit the ground running. Looking forward to working together to achieve great things here in our state. Rosemary Lopez
Melinda Swagger West Virginia Melinda is a great co-worker. She is always willing to help and always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. I am sure I speak for others when I say that working with Melinda is awesome. Ben Mack
Jennifer McPherson  West Virginia  Jennifer does a great job keeping all of us in line and navigating the fragile egos of elected officials.  Del. Mike Pushkin 
Mark McOwen West Virginia Mark is priceless, the absolute best at patiently explaining complicated things and watching for landmines. He's not only exceptional at his job, he's also a wonderful co-worker, always helping to nurture the camaraderie we all have together. Ann Ali
Julia Jackson Colorado  Julia is one of our team leads. She is on top of things and doesn’t miss a beat, and probably knows more about elections and the ballot process than anyone else in the Legislature. Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Sara Jones West Virginia Sara brings so much experience and perspective to the House and willingly jumps outside her box to help everyone. Always calm, always kind. Sara is a steady engine helping to keep the process moving. Ann Ali
Hunter Lapp Alabama This was Hunter's first session as a fiscal analyst, and she was able to handle the workload while contributing to other projects for the office. Good job! Kirk Fulford
Ian Smith West Virginia Ian has truly risen to the occasion this year as the experienced budget analyst, preparing the facts and details quickly, working to keep all the stakeholders informed and staying cool under immense pressure. Ann Ali
Marissa Geyer Michigan Working with, talking to and interacting with Marissa is consistently one of the best parts of my day both in and out of the office. I am so lucky that our work made it possible for me to meet such a great friend!  Asja Jackson
Richard Anderson West Virginia Richard has been the perfect puzzle piece to fit into House Finance this year, jumping right in with enthusiasm. I appreciate his hustle to help me pare down extensive budget information to keep it simple while still being correct on a deadline. Ann Ali
Natalie Castle Colorado Natalie is a natural leader! She is warm and approachable and she always cares for her team. She is dedicated to serving the institution and is just an all-around awesome person! Lisa Moomaw
Peyton Klochack Michigan Peyton is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile. He is conscious of the needs of others and has the drive and the promise to accomplish anything that he sets out to do. We're so lucky to have him around! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Nick Strunk Michigan Nick is always on it, quick to respond, provides the info I need, communicates efficiently and is enjoyable to work with! Sending appreciation to you! Codie Drake
Tom Horton Michigan  Have a question about complex tax policy or how to use incentives to boost economic development? Tom is your man! I don't know anyone with more knowledge or excitement about this topic, and I am always glad to have him on the team.  Asja Jackson 
Kasey Bey-Klein Michigan Accuracy and knowledge are two key factors in the legislative process. Kasey demonstrates these skills every day. We can rely on her to ensure documents are accurate and the process is followed. Thank you, Kasey! Margaret O'Brien
Tabbatha Birmingham Michigan Tabbatha is a pleasure to work with! She always brings positivity and light, even in an email chain. I'm grateful for her help in navigating e-news approval and other processes. Sending gratitude! Codie Drake 
Lyndsay Andries Michigan Budget time is a busy time of the year. Despite this, Lyndsay has volunteered to lead our session implementation efforts for our 2025 legislative software update. She goes the extra mile to do her daily job and more. Thank you, Lyndsay! Margaret O'Brien
Maya Lowry Michigan From a member's office to central staff, Maya consistently handles whatever is before her with unmatched tact and grace. I am so honored to call her a friend and grateful for the ray of sunshine she always brings with her.  Asja Jackson
Nick Felver Michigan Purchasing can be overwhelming. Nick makes the process easy. He is always quick to answer questions and to offer his help. No matter the curveball question, he goes above and beyond to get a clear answer. Thanks, Nick! Margaret O'Brien
Dave Kunkel Michigan Session is often action-packed and quick-moving. Dave will drop everything to fix our voting boards whenever there is a problem. Equally important, he spends a lot of time testing to prevent problems. Thank you for taking care of us, Dave! Margaret O'Brien
Jake Foster Michigan Session is often unpredictable and requires us to think on our feet. Jake can quickly adapt and make sure our voting boards and session web are accurate and reliable. No matter what we throw his way, he makes it work. Thank you, Jake! Margaret O'Brien
Mary Frank Michigan Thanks for letting me be a part of all the great work Rep. O'Neal and your office does. You are quick to communicate and are always kind! Thanks for making my job more fun and enjoyable! Sending appreciation! Codie Drake
CGA ITS Support and Infrastructure Team Connecticut Special thanks to Becky, Praveen, Paul, Mark, Marcelo, Korin, Kathryn, Rebecca, Dan, Jim, Andy, Kyle and Amanda. Nice job providing exceptional support and keeping the infrastructure running smoothly throughout the year.  Jay Aronne
Tabbatha Birmingham Michigan Tabbatha makes everything look easy! She greets everyone with a smile on her face and a problem-solver mindset. She knows everyone and everything about the House and helps you get an answer to your question every time.  Alyssa Hengesbach
LRC / Legislative Support Services / 2nd Floor Team Kentucky To say my second-floor colleagues are amazing would be an understatement. They always do what is necessary to keep things running smoothly, go the extra mile and have each other’s backs. We are family! Angela Dickerson
Eliyah Chadioun Colorado Congrats on getting through your first session! You crushed it with your willingness to learn and take on new things, and you kept a great attitude and spirit all session long. The team is lucky to have you!  Alexa Kelly
Katie Kolupke Colorado In a relatively short time on our staff, Katie has made a big impact with her graphic design experience and can-do attitude. She's helped us upgrade our publication efforts and supported staff across the office in many other areas as well. Cathy Eslinger
Julia Jackson Colorado Julia is a great team leader! She is organized, communicative and encouraging. I love being part of her team and getting to learn from her.  Alexa Kelly
Colin Gaiser Colorado Every time Colin stops by my cube to check in, my day is instantly brightened. But I also know that for all things transportation and local government, he's a great resource. So glad to work with you! John Armstrong
Shukria Maktabi Colorado Shukria, I don't know how you do it, but I have never seen you stressed! You write so many tough notes and your calm smile never breaks. What an anchor you are, so glad to work with you! John Armstrong
Clayton Mayfield Colorado From music recs to conferring about crime and the judicial branch, Clayton's a go-to to improve my work day at any time. Keep it 100 Clayton, and I'm so glad you're my co-worker.  John Armstrong
Kristine McLaughlin Colorado Kristine is the bomb! From health care policy and finance to data managment, you always bring your A-game, and it's such a joy to work with you! We're all lucky you're on Team Fiscal Notes! John Armstrong
Brendan Fung Colorado Brendan picked a tough session to jump into the fiscal notes deep end, but he handled it with grace, expertise and aplomb! Not only that, but he added much-needed greenery to our office! Thank you so much, Brendan! John Armstrong
Rich Olsen West Virginia  Rich handles the seemingly impossible task of managing the thousands of requests that come into Legislative Services. As a leader, he always communicates to our team about what is going on and what to expect. I am so appreciative of everything he does! Adam Terry
Aaron Carpenter Colorado Criminal justice ain't no joke! But when crime is going tough, Aaron always has the right advice and turns down the temperature. What a rock you are, and I'm so lucky to work with you.  John Armstrong
Anne Ellison West Virginia  Anne wears many hats, but she is always willing to help out, answer questions and offer words of encouragement. I am so thankful she is assistant director of our office and know I am not alone in recognizing her as an asset to the Legislative Services team. Adam Terry
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Felisha is always ready to tackle any issue or any problem that may (literally) walk through her door. When I started here in 2021, she prepared me for the work ahead. If I do well, it is in large part because Felisha set me up to succeed.  Adam Terry
Kelly Gupton  West Virginia  Kelly and I exchange a LOT of paperwork during session, and I'm so thankful to have such a great co-worker as part of the team to tackle the workload with. He always checks in with me to see if he can help out with anything. Thanks, man!  Adam Terry
Melinda Swagger West Virginia Melinda's historical knowledge and experience and her attention to every aspect of the legislative process ensure that our team works together seamlessly and meets all deadlines. She is the glue that holds our committee together. We would be lost without her! Melissa White
Morgan Miller West Virginia Morgan's experience as a teacher, tutor and adjunct professor gives her a unique perspective and makes her a valuable asset to our Committee on Education team. She had my back when I needed it most. We are lucky to have her! Melissa White
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Aaron is bright, quick-witted, resourceful and kind. I am incredibly grateful that he was there for me and our team when I and we needed him most. We are thrilled to have him as a forever member of our team! Melissa White
Carlos Shirriel West Virginia Carlos is the best! He never smiles, but he's always so helpful. He is super responsive and professional. Jennifer McPherson
Sam Rowe West Virginia Sam is so versatile. He's a team player and works to help in any way he is asked. Our all-time quarterback! Jennifer McPherson
Cheyenne DeBolt West Virginia Cheyenne is such a people person and has built strong relationships with legislators and other staff. It's refreshing how happy and eager she is to tackle any request. She's a gem! Jennifer McPherson
Brittany Means Carowick West Virginia Brittany has such great energy. She happily attacks any request, no matter how big or small, with positivity and enthusiasm. She can seriously do the work of five people (if not more). I am so lucky to have her as my counterpart in the Senate.  Jennifer McPherson
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric is an all-around phenomenal supervisor of fiscal analysts, always ready to support and trouble-shoot, and always with needed good humor. What's more, he's a mensch who will go above and beyond personally for his staff whenever he can. Krista Boyd
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne's knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable to me. She is hardworking, discerning, compassionate and a joy to work with. Anne is a true asset to all of us who are fortunate to work with her! Melissa White
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara has been with the House of Delegates a year and a half, but it feels like she's always been a part of the team. She has built strong relationships, contributes meaningfully to the work of the Legislature and remembers even small details about her co-workers.  Jennifer McPherson
Lexi Stangl Minnesota I miss Lexi as my nonpartisan colleague on the Transportation Committee, but how can I complain when she's just perfect in her new-ish role as Senate Counsel Office director? She's professional, supportive, kind and funny. The best! Krista Boyd
Drew Ross West Virginia Drew, director of Legislative Information, is a pillar of the Legislature. Despite suffering a major back injury earlier this year, Drew still did his part to keep the morale of his team up and make sure operations ran smoothly in his office. Thank you, Drew!  Jennifer McPherson
John D. Tice West Virginia John has an eye for detail and takes pride in his work. You can see it in every publication he touches.  Jennifer McPherson
Lila Balali New York Lila is a dedicated and hardworking public servant. We've worked together on several issues, and she's extremely knowledgeable and helpful. As a legislative director, she does an incredible job of leading the charge to have her office's legislation passed. Alejandro Avellaneda
Policy and Research Team Colorado Our committee staff is an incredible team, so I want to shout them out together. The last couple weeks of session are a wild ride, and they step up to help each other—preparing reports, giving breaks, covering late nights. I appreciate their teamwork so much! Julia Jackson
Brendan Johnson Michigan Between his vast body of knowledge and stellar personality, Brendan is always a joy to work with!  Asja Jackson
Cathy Eslinger Colorado Cathy is retiring this year, and I don't know what I will do without her. She brought me into the wild world of statewide initiatives and taught me so much along the way. She has been an incredible mentor and friend. Julia Jackson
Liam Bagley Michigan I know how hard it is to wrangle school aid budget priorities. Thanks for always keeping everything so organized and me in the loop! Asja Jackson
Stephen Martin  Michigan  You are such a hard worker with a bright personality, and it is a pleasure working on higher education issues with you!  Asja Jackson
Anne Landgrebe West Virginia Anne is a longtime employee who is always eager to learn new skills and take on new roles—and does everything with a positive attitude. She has worked the past couple of years to earn a new degree (or two?) in her spare time. We are so lucky to have her!  Jennifer McPherson
Hailey Ryan  Minnesota Hailey is a dedicated public employee. She carries a lot of wisdom and has been extremely helpful in learning. Hailey is reliable and friendly, and her clever remarks make every day more enjoyable. Brenda De Rosas
Anna Burke Minnesota Your dedication to public service is admirable. Although your role can be challenging and come with many personalities, you never fail to be joyful and handle everyone with grace and patience. Have lots to learn from you. Brenda De Rosas
Toniah Bryant  Michigan I appreciate that Toniah always takes the time to help me with my IT issues (user error is typically the culprit). She is an outstanding IT expert and is always so patient.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Tony Borden  Michigan  I can't say enough how much I appreciate how easy you made my transition back to K-12 education policy. Truly, it is great working with you! Asja Jackson
Iben Votruba Michigan Iben goes above and beyond to help with whatever is needed around the office. She brings a positive, fun attitude into the office, and we could not do our jobs as well without her. Her future is extremely bright. Emma Walters
Machhadie Assi Michigan Micho is a dedicated employee who is amazingly talented. She serves with excellence and professionalism, and we are lucky to have her as a part of the team. Angela Wheeler
Marcus Coffin Michigan Marcus is a great fiscal analyst and has a wealth of knowledge about the LARA and DIFS budgets. Because of him, we were able to craft great LARA and DIFS budgets.  Maya Lowry
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne helped get my foot in the door, and I would not be where I am today without her support and mentorship. We had fun in our short time together! Emma Walters
Eddie Sleeper Michigan May the record show there is no more patient, flexible and adaptable of clerks ever to have set foot in Michigan. Hail to Mr. Sleeper. Thomas Horton
Damjana Gjetaj Michigan Damjana is always around to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. I know I can always count on her to help me out, and I truly appreciate the advice she offers.  Emma Walters
Erik Olaphson Minnesota The Mighty Erik Olaphson is a fantastic and supportive teammate! I feel lucky to work with him. Laura Paynter
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Aaron works tirelessly, and I'm not really sure how he gets it all done but he does! I bombard him all session with opinion requests, and yet he seems to have them back to me before I'm even back at my desk. He's the first to step up and volunteer to handle new tasks.  Adam Terry
Matt Lantzy Michigan I want this man in my squad, because he is consistent, personable and always gets the job done. The state needs more policy advisors like him. (And so does the Navy.) Thomas Horton
Sydney Brown Michigan Sydney goes above and beyond when it comes to answering questions about child welfare and juvenile justice. I thank her for being a great fiscal analyst and helping us put together a great DHHS budget! Maya Lowry
Davin Sokup Minnesota Davin is a great committee administrator who is always pleasant and considerate. It's a JOY to work with him! Laura Paynter
Alex Mascioli West Virginia Alex is a welcome addition to our office. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and is always curious to learn something new. You can count on him to bring a fun attitude and to always treat everyone as an equal.  Adam Terry
Andrew Erickson Minnesota Nobody does a better job keeping the Early Bird Award in good condition for me. Casey Muhm
Melissa Alder  West Virginia  Melissa has never been anything less than a joy to work with. Our office is also very lucky to reap the benefits of her love of baking. I can always count on Melissa as a valuable co-worker and as the one who will understand my most obscure film references.  Adam Terry
Jessica Harmon and the Office of Fiscal Management and Analysis Indiana Hosting me as part of the inaugural NALFO analysts' exchange—I learned A LOT and met some wonderful people!  Casey Muhm
Dan Mueller Minnesota Dan's expertise and knowledge are unparalleled. I really appreciate having him on my team! Laura Paynter
Will Price  West Virginia  Not a day at work goes by that I don't laugh if Will is in the office. I am so glad to share an area with him. He is extremely generous and goes out of his way to help out around the office in a variety of ways. MAR-BELL! Adam Terry
Ben Stanley Minnesota Ben is like a help desk and always helps me find answers to my questions, no matter how bizarre they are. Laura Paynter
JoAnne Wisely Michigan We do not deserve the splendor and efficacy that is JoAnne! If she's on the team, then everything is in excellent hands! Asja Jackson
Olivia Klee  West Virginia  Olivia loves her work family, and she is constantly finding new ways to show it. She does many things, but I want to specifically commend her for how well she handles the unenviable job of inventory coordinator! Adam Terry
Lexi Stangl Minnesota Our fearless leader spends so much of her time, effort and energy making Senate Counsel an excellent place to work. It's really appreciated! Tim Greenfield
Em Lefko Michigan  Em goes above and beyond as chief of staff! She is incredibly organized, kind and determined. She allows all of her staff to grow and learn every single day.  Nora Teagan 
Krista Boyd Minnesota Because there's no other colleague I'd rather call on during committee when the answer involves math... Tim Greenfield
Greg Cato Minnesota He always has a helpful solution, turns around work product promptly, and deals with the transportation roller coaster better than Krista or me! Tim Greenfield
Renee Wilson Michigan Renee is a rock star of a legislative director! She is patient when teaching our interns about the legislative process, and when working with countless stakeholders to create new policies!  Nora Teagan
Noah Peterson Michigan Noah is a very dedicated constituent relations director. He works tirelessly to recognize outstanding citizens in our district. He also works quickly to assist citizens with casework and always is able to help them!  Nora Teagan
Yvette Beckett Roland - Chief of Staff Legislative District 35 She serves with integrity as my chief of staff going on 13 years, but has served as a chief of staff in N.J. for 25 years. Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly
Joint Committee Fiscal Division  West Virginia Londa keeps us paid and often personally helps keep us fed. Kevin loves to laugh and loves coffee, so we get along well! Morgan and I both love Canaan Valley and a ton of the same movies/music. And it's so great to have Kim back! Thank you, Fiscal Office!! Adam Terry
Kent Dell Michigan Kent is an amazing fiscal analyst. I appreciate him being so knowledgeable about public assistance and answering my questions! Maya Lowry
Melinda Swagger West Virginia Melinda's exceptional attention to every aspect of the legislative process ensures that our team works together seamlessly and efficiently. She is the glue that holds our committee together. We would be lost without her! Melissa White
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut Thank you so much, Rosemary, for all that you do at our commission and for women in Connecticut! Congratulations on your award recognizing your leadership and commitment to improving the lives of domestic violence survivors in our state!  Michael Werner
Denise Drummond Connecticut Thank you so much, Denise, for all that you do at our commission and for your mentorship! Congratulations for your recent awards recognizing your leadership and commitment to improving the lives of so many vulnerable populations in Connecticut!  Michael Werner
Johnathon Wertheimer Michigan I watched Johnathon rise through the ranks as an intern, in constituent services and now as a legislative director in the House. He is very hardworking and cares about his community. I am so excited to see his journey continue! Tori Kletke
Ashleigh Schoeninger Michigan  Ashleigh is so organized and such a joy to work with!  Asja Jackson
LRC Human Resources and Professional Development Staff Kentucky The HR and PD staff work tirelessly (and often thanklessly) behind the scenes to make LRC work. I have the privilege of working with these staffers frequently and am always impressed by their professionalism and dedication to LRC. Shane Bennett
Susan Skehan  Connecticut  Sue is a true professional in the finance area. She is knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond so we can provide our CGA partners the best experience. Sue is also a lot of fun to work with.  Caroline Beitman
Mari Humphrey West Virginia  Mari is a powerhouse—determined, strong-willed and impeccably organized. We are proud to have her on our team. Sara Dyer
Melvette Hill Connecticut Congratulations for your recent and well-deserved appointment as the executive director of the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity! Your multigenerational approach will help to enrich and benefit the lives of our many constituencies. Michael Werner
Alex Birkle  Michigan  Alex has dedicated himself to crafting good policy and leading the charge on many different election-related bills!  Emma Heaton
Morgan Miller West Virginia Morgan is intelligent, hardworking and passionate about improving education in our state. Her teaching background gives her a unique perspective that is invaluable to our team. We are fortunate to have such a loyal co-worker! Melissa White
Korey Morris Michgian Korey is prepared and efficient! He responds quickly and provides all the information required to complete a task. He is easy to work with, listens, and understands the task, goal or dilemma at hand.  Codie Drake
Dan Boulware Michigan In six short months, Dan has become a valuable cog in our sprocket. He has exceeded my expectations when completing tasks thrown at him, even during a very busy time. So happy to have him on staff. Liz Kranz
Shannon Higgins  Michigan  Shannon is always so bright and cheerful! She works hard on crafting tributes, constituent responses and town halls! Emma Heaton
Jessica Geary Alaska Jessica leads by example, setting the bar for dedication, integrity and hard work to guide our nonpartisan agency staff in support of the Legislature. And, it really helps that she also has a great sense of humor. Thank you, Jessica! —Molly, Santé and Katrina Molly Kiesel
Cynthia Paul Michigan  Cynthia is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She knows how to communicate complex issues in a way that provides members and staff with the best possible information. Angela Wheeler
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby is very dedicated to the cause, and it's always reflected in the quality of the materials she creates. I can depend on her to come through time and time again! Liz Kranz
Cheryl Hardin Alabama Cheryl is the first face you see when you enter the office, and she never forgets a face or name. Greeting everyone—lobbyists, members, secretaries—by name when they come in. A feat I dare not attempt. Glad to have you as part of the LSA team! Tanga Henderson
Jake Allarding Michigan Jake is a creative force! From his rebrand of our caucus to the daily digital content—he is a work of art with a refillable fount of creativity. There isn't enough high praise for his talent. Liz Kranz
Virginia Chambers Michigan Virginia is always the one to catch the overlooked detail. Her commitment to the craft, be it digital or written, is bar none. They broke the mold and set the bar with her. A true gem! Liz Kranz
Kevin Koorstra Michigan Kevin is a very knowledgeable fiscal analyst and helped us craft a great DHHS budget. He ensures that we stay on track to provide the best budget for our state.  Maya Lowry
Danea Burns Alaska Danea isn't new to the agency, but she is new to her role of managing the 22 LIOs we have scattered across Alaska. She does a great job juggling all of the priorities, making sure all meetings are covered and keeping everyone (mostly) happy. Thanks, Danea! Jessica Geary
Brian Casto West Virginia  Brian is a true wealth of knowledge, with expertise spanning a wide range of topics. He does an amazing job as our counsel for the Committee on Technology and Infrastructure. We feel incredibly fortunate to have him as part of the team. Sara Dyer
Patricia Petitpren  Michigan PJ is an amazing person who goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve the members and staff. She is a team player, and her knowledge and years of experience continue to benefit us all. Angela Wheeler
Cale Winters Michigan Rising through the ranks in two short years to senior staff is no small feat. I'm in awe of Cale's creativity and the fresh ideas that flow from brain to digital format on the daily. So proud of her accomplishments here. Liz Kranz
Breanna McDade Alabama Breanna is an asset to LSA, tirelessly taking on the workload of three staff attorneys. She gets the work done and you will never hear her complain, and she always has a smile on her face. Great job, Bre! Tanga Henderson
Shay Florian Michigan Shay's mastery of accessibility in digital communications is expert level. The initiative taken to learn, set up processes and put them into practice is commendable. Truly would be at a loss without Shay on the team! Liz Kranz
Amber Reynolds Kentucky From my interview, to my first day, to training and everything else, Amber has been there to guide me and be there for me and others. She comes up with amazing ideas for encouraging and appreciating staff. We are truly blessed to have her!  Abbigail Carey
Dana Spade West Virginia This was Dana's first full-time session, and I observed that he is eager to learn and grow in his role with the Technology and Infrastructure Committee. We're excited to see him continue to develop and thrive in his time with the Legislature!  Sara Dyer
Shane Bennett Kentucky He goes above and beyond to ensure that his staff are able to excel! Even with all the staff that he manages, he makes sure that everyone is able to talk to him, whether they are new or have been here for years.  Abbigail Carey
Melissa Satterley Kentucky What can't this woman do?! She is able to handle anything that is thrown her way with expertise and professionalism.  Abbigail Carey
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann has one of the busiest and most important jobs in Lansing, yet somehow remains friendly and supportive in every interaction I've had with her. She runs a great team and Michigan is lucky to have her. Casey Adams
Karl Palm Minnesota Karl, you really stepped up to the plate! Also, speaking of plates, thanks for all the pizza! Steve McDaniel
Sammi Skorka Michigan Sammi is one of the coolest, funniest and most talented people I know. Amazing videographer and great person. Casey Adams
Sean Walser Michigan Sean has a wonderful work ethic and goes the extra mile to make sure that the members and staff are served well. I appreciate all that he does. Angela Wheeler
Emily Connelly Michigan Emily is the happiest staffer I know! No one can beat her cubicle decor, nor her ability to make a digital toolkit. Our caucus is well supported when Emily is on the task! Thank you, Emily! Liz Kranz
Kate Schiller Minnesota Kate took on a large role this session and did amazing! Thanks for also being a great resource! Steve McDaniel
Martha Jarrow Arkansas Martha consistently provides words of encouragement to her staff. Her hard work and dedication inspire new team members to think creatively and approach problems with innovative solutions. We are grateful for all that you do, both seen and unseen. Thank you! Jacqueline Cowan
Nicole Cusic Kentucky She is extremely knowledgeable and always fashionable! She helped guide me through my fist session, answering any question that I had. I could not be more thankful to both of my suitemates for the support they have given me. Abbigail Carey
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan As our caucus paparazzo, Jeremy is quick with the shutter and captures moments no one else can. Thank you for so many years behind the lens and for your eye for the unusual. Liz Kranz
Shannon Zila Minnesota Shannon did an amazing job leading some large fiscal notes this session! Thanks for being a great resource as well! Steve McDaniel
Amber Olds Michigan  It always brightens my day to see Amber! She is without question one of the most politically knowledgeable people I know and a true friend.  Asja Jackson
Joceyln McMichael Michigan Big shoutout to Joci for her hard work! Her dedication and effort are truly appreciated, and it's a pleasure to work alongside someone as committed and talented as her. Maggie Wernet
Alyssa Holterman Rosas Minnesota Alyssa is a tremendous resource for our office! Thanks for answering my late-night emails and calls! Steve McDaniel
Therese Reinhold Michigan Huge shoutout to Therese for her incredible dedication and hard work. She consistently goes above and beyond, making a real difference! Maggie Wernet
Othni Lathram and entire LSA staff Alabama In my 15 months at LSA and as an outsider—new to the inner workings of legislative processes—I have had the privilege of working with a dedicated, passionate and hardworking team that makes their difficult jobs look very easy!  Letitia Hendricks
Nick Olds Michigan Nick has been managing our caucus website and presence for years, and in my eyes is an unsung hero! But more than that, he is such a kind and thoughtful person. I am so glad to call him a friend.  Asja Jackson
Jackson Pahle Michigan Shoutout to Jackson for his exceptional efficiency and fantastic teamwork! Working with him is a breeze, thanks to his reliability and positive attitude.  Maggie Wernet
Finley Arnett Michigan Big shoutout to Finley for being the ultimate office MVP! With Finley around, everything runs smoothly. Thanks for your dedication and all you do to keep things in order! Maggie Wernet
Asja Jackson Michigan I rarely laugh harder or learn more than I do with Asja in the room. Her wit is as sharp as her fashion sense, and she makes for a fiery, tenacious policy advisor to boot. Thomas Horton
Seth Renn Michigan Big props to Seth for his promptness and awesome collaboration! Working with him is a breeze, thanks to his efficiency and great attitude.  Maggie Wernet
Maggie Wernet Michigan  In my two years at the House, Maggie has always been an excellent guide to my role. I will forever appreciate her and her work!  Ryan Quandt 
Veronica Martinez  Michigan In her short time as my director, Veronica has been an insurmountable force for positive change. I am lucky to work and learn from her every day! Ryan Quandt
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis has always been resource, smart and kind. She is an absolute SLAY of a human, co-worker and friend. Ryan Quandt 
Paul Egnatuk Michigan Paul is the best to work with! Always ready to answer any of my random emails, texts or calls!  Maggie Wernet
Chloe Barboaa Michigan Chloe is an amazing friend and co-worker. She is damn good at her job and never fails to make me laugh. Thank you for being awesome! Ryan Quandt 
LaTongia Watkins Alabama LaTongia is the face of the Montgomery office of LSA. A previous employee of the Alabama Senate, LaTongia knows everyone who walks through the door and is able and willing to help when and wherever she can. Go Tongia! Tanga Henderson
Taylor Alpert Michigan Taylor is amazing to work with! They are always ready to help and answer any questions.  Maggie Wernet
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz is a powerhouse designer and a great team leader. She possesses a wealth of institutional knowledge, and I'm so proud to know her as both a design partner and a cherished friend in the House. Thank you, Liz, for all you do. You're a true gem! Bobby Jereb
Diane Hall Michigan  Diane has been a constant in my career since my internship with Member Services nearly four years ago. She is knowledgeable in all the ways it matters and a very good boss. Thanks for being a mentor :) Ryan Quandt 
Rajan Varmon Michigan Big shoutout to Raj, who's simply awesome to work with! With his positivity, he makes every project a success.  Maggie Wernet
Stephen "Joshua" Singleton Michigan  Stephen came into the department with me two years ago. Since then, we've become great friends and co-workers—he is someone you can always rely on. Ryan Quandt
Jaszmyn Brown Michigan Jasz is an awesome co-worker. She's always delivering for the mission, circling back and closing loops, and being all around a great energy in the office. Ryan Quandt
Adam Russell Michigan Adam is effortlessly cool, bringing a laid-back vibe and great energy to any situation. He's the epitome of chill, making every interaction with him a breeze. Keep being awesome, Adam! Maggie Wernet
Martha White West Virginia Martha keeps Team Health operating like a well-oiled machine and always navigates a wide range of people (and personalities) with incredible grace. Ann Ali
Nick Strunk Michigan Nick joined Rep. Mentzer's team this year and is amazing to work with! Always asking the right questions and being prompt with his responses.  Maggie Wernet
Charlie Roskovensky West Virginia Charlie always makes time for any question, problem or issue. He coaches new attorneys in the ways of the Legislature, and he created a law school program to start them even younger. His experience and drive are an incredible asset to our team. Ann Ali
Max Wilkinson West Virginia  Max's passion, determination and strong will are unmistakable. His dedication shines through in everything he does. We are happy to have him on our team. Sara Dyer
April Bernard Colorado April recently became our constituent services manager and is doing a wonderful job. She listens to the constituents, makes them feel heard and gives them resources to resolve their issues. April, you are awesome and we are lucky to have you! Amanda King
Robert Altmann West Virginia Robert is always quick to help and answer questions. He stepped into a new role eager to learn, and he's been able to continue helping guide and shape the process through his experience from the clerk's office.  Ann Ali
Cathy Eslinger Colorado Cathy has been an exemplary public servant, from being a legislative editor to committee staffer to research manager. She carefully edits the majority of documents produced by Legislative Council and will be sorely missed after her retirement this summer. Amanda King
Eliyah Chadioun Colorado Eliyah is our newest committee analyst, and he has embraced the role wholeheartedly. He keeps his calm and rolls with the chaos of the legislative session. His enthusiasm and demeanor are exactly what you would hope for in a legislative staffer. Amanda King
Melinda Swagger West Virginia Melinda is like the orchestra conductor for the ever-busy Education Committee. She's always able to find whomever I'm looking for and willing to stop to explain something with historical perspective. Ann Ali
Matt Dawkins Colorado Matt Dawkins has been my go-to person for over two decades. He is quick to provide assistance, answer any question and take on tasks well beyond other duties as assigned. Thanks for all you do for all of us, Matt. Amanda King
Ashley McGraw West Virginia  Ashley did an amazing job her first session. I also want to congratulate her on her recent college graduation. She’s a great addition to our team.  Sara Dyer
Jeanette Chapman Colorado Jeanette does an amazing job as the staff to our Capitol Building Advisory Committee. Her ability to juggle tasks on top of her committee staff and research roles shows her dedication to making sure the Capitol's beauty can be enjoyed by all who work here or visit. Amanda King
Matt Becker Colorado Matt returned to our office this winter after a brief hiatus. He jumped back into committee staffing without missing a beat. It has been great to have him back in our office with his positive attitude and knowledge of the legislative process. Amanda King
Emily Swievick Michigan Emily has been an incredible addition to the Services/Support Department. She is steadfast, hilarious and has a great energy! And she's the one person at work I can talk about "Survivor" with. Ryan Quandt
Liz Kranz Michigan Whether she likes it or not, Liz is the glue that holds our caucus together. I am forever thankful that I have Liz as a resource and guide. In my first couple of months (and to this day) at the House, her knowledge of our institution has helped me immensely. Ryan Quandt
Melissa White West Virginia Melissa puts so much time and care into her work. She beautifully balances handling requests from members and leading her team with heart. Ann Ali
Thomas Collins Michigan  Thomas is always so helpful. When in need of his expertise related to his committee assignments, he is ready and willing to help. He has a positive outlook on life and the work that he does. It is a pleasure to work with Thomas. Angela Wheeler
Morgan Miller West Virginia Morgan's passion and knowledge about the education system are unmatched. She doggedly tracks down answers for all of us, always looks for ways to keep learning and always keeps us laughing. Such an asset! Ann Ali
Joe Clark Michigan  I have learned so much from Joe over the years! I'll always be grateful for his help getting my foot in the door on Central Staff—probably wouldn't have gotten to where I am without his help.  Asja Jackson
Mari Humphrey West Virginia When Mari rolls up her sleeves to work, she's a force to be reckoned with, always looking for the most efficient ways to get things done. Ann Ali
Robert Akers West Virginia Robert knows how important it is to get things right, from the process to the wording. He takes his time without slowing things down and brings much-needed technical expertise to a tricky subject. Ann Ali
Emily Shepard Connecticut I am lucky to have had Emily as my mentor and partner on Human Services since I started. Em is always there to help and to listen, and she's a great support. I couldn’t do it without her!  Lindsey Donston
Shaquila Myers Michigan Shaquila has been an incredible chief of staff. In the face of chaos and a lot of daily nonsense, she manages it flawlessly. The House Democrats are lucky to have your leadership. P.S. Thank you for starting up shoutouts at our weekly all-staff meeting :) Ryan Quandt
Denise Metten West Virginia Denise is the first line of defense for our busy meeting room and always brings exceptional customer service to constituent service. She's incredibly helpful and always with a smile. Ann Ali
Josh Wiseman West Virginia Josh went from walking last year to running this year, and he brings so much hustle to a process that can be a long slog. I'm eager to watch him continue growing by leaps and bounds with even more experience! Ann Ali
Falah Al-Falahi Delaware Falah is one of our two new research analysts and has already greatly enhanced the services the Division of Research provides. Falah excels at locating and analyzing relevant information. Keep up the great work! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich serves as our legislative drafting advisor and his 30 years of experience greatly enhances each draft we prepare. More important, his institutional knowledge has been vital to solving drafting and other challenges we’ve faced over the last year. Thank you, Rich! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Amanda Fulton Delaware Like all of our administrative staff, Amanda takes on many roles and excels with them all, from helping our attorneys draft and proof legislation to organizing our legislative files. Most important, though, she keeps us grounded, smiling and well sugared. Thank you!  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie’s deep roots in Delaware’s legal and policy community and her experience as a legislative drafter serve our legislators well. She sets a great example for all staff, us included, with her skill, kindness and cool head. Debbie, it is an honor to work alongside you! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Robert Lupo Delaware Bob’s experience as a graphics and printing tech have served him well as he stepped up over the last two years to lead our print shop. His ability to connect with co-workers and his willingness to adapt to changes have enhanced his leadership. Thank you, Bob! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Carolyn Meier Delaware Carolyn serves as our first-ever code editor, and in her short time in this role has enhanced our codification process. She is also a great team player, and I’m constantly surprised when I hear staff I wouldn’t expect sharing a story of how Carolyn has helped them.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Kathy Morris Delaware Kathy is organized and detail oriented, which is fantastic for us because she serves as our fiscal and HR officer. And, Kathy’s calmness under pressure and kindness make her an asset as we navigate difficult issues in running the division. Thank you, Kathy! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Arun Reddy Delaware Arun's skills with all things IT have been vital in keeping the Registrar of Regulations Office at the cutting edge of technology. He has helped guide the office as it navigates its first major systems upgrade since the 1990s! We couldn’t do it without you, Arun! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Yvette Smallwood Delaware Yvette has expertly led the Registrar of Regulations Office through a pandemic and the biggest IT systems upgrade in its history. She and her staff produce our monthly regulation publication and update our administrative code. Great work, Yvette! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Peyton Klochack Michigan Peyton is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always going above and beyond to serve the constituents of our district and still finds the time to keep our busy schedule up to date! Peyt isn’t just a good staffer; he’s also an amazing friend and we’re lucky to have him!  Ashley Christian
Michael Creighton Delaware Michael has served as our legal intern for the last year and has blown us away with his analytical and writing skills and his enthusiasm for legislative work. We’re so sad to see Michael leave us but know that whatever legislature he lands in will be so fortunate.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Jared Page West Virginia Jared knows how to steer back on track when we have hiccups in the process and always jumps in to help when it happens. He's great at juggling people and personalities, especially under pressure. Ann Ali
Brittany Carowick West Virginia  Ever since I started as a per diem in the Senate, Brittany has been nothing but helpful. She retains a positive attitude through the inevitable storms of session and I feel lucky to have her around! Adam Terry
Brian Casto West Virginia Brian has a historian's heart and so much legislative experience, you can't help but learn when he talks. He's able to weave real-life, everyday settings into his presentations for complex bills, and he's always willing to jump in to help anyone. Ann Ali
Jeff Billings  West Virginia  Jeff keeps things running smoothly for the House and that's no easy task. I also appreciate how he goes out of his way to express gratitude to Legislative Services for the work we do.  Adam Terry
Dana Spade West Virginia Dana brings such a good attitude to his work and hasn't been afraid to "drink from the firehose" as he's learning the legislative process while in the thick of it and asking great questions along the way. Ann Ali
Max Wilkinson West Virginia Max does a great job of balancing the members' requests with what's possible and has grown as a steady leader for his team of newer staff members to learn what needs to be done and how.  Ann Ali
Anita Valentino West Virginia If you weren't paying attention, you wouldn't realize how hard Anita works on everything she touches, because she makes it look effortless. Her determined attention to detail has been the perfect addition to the subject-matter committees! Ann Ali
Michelle Edwin New York She goes above and beyond to make sure our office is running efficiently. She is proactive and anticipates our needs. No task is too big or small for her to perform. Sen. Roxanne J. Persaud
Daniel Osborne West Virginia Daniel is a great communicator. He's our secret weapon for a smooth-running session and our rock star staffers. It's been awesome to watch him shine with more responsibility, guiding committee staff and rising to every occasion.  Ann Ali
Ben Stanley Minnesota Thanks for all your help regarding cervidae and weather updates! I hope that you have a "kickin' ranch" rest of session!  Erik Olaphson
Ashley McGraw West Virginia To say Ashley hit the ground running is a huge understatement. Her enthusiasm and diligence made her an immediate asset. Despite being new to the process, she tackles every project head-on, does it with a great attitude and does it well. Ann Ali
Eric Nauman Minnesota Thank you for all your guidance and mentorship throughout this session! Fifty-one days until the Tour! Erik Olaphson
Denise Drummond Connecticut On top of holding some of the most influential and well-planned events, Denise brings passion and lived experience to the work each day! TJ Nuccio
Lexi Stangl Minnesota Thank you for all your leadership throughout the session and for excellently guiding the SCRFA ship! Erik Olaphson
Dan Mueller Minnesota Thank you for always being willing to answer my fiscal questions, big or small. Also, go Timberwolves! Erik Olaphson
Will Freeman Minnesota Will is great to work with. He's knowledgeable and always pleasant. Laura Paynter
Michael Werner Connecticut Mike conducts himself with upmost class each and every day and is always looking to help out our team whenever he is able to. Thanks for all you do!  TJ Nuccio
Kiara Hohn Minnesota Thanks for all the candy and for making SCRFA a welcoming place. Also, your art is incredible!  Erik Olaphson
Hunter Pederson Minnesota Hunter is great to work with. He's organized, knowledgeable and responds quickly to questions. Laura Paynter
Megan Baker Connecticut Megan has great knowledge of policy and has recently helped create the critically important AAPI Issues Caucus!  TJ Nuccio
Amanda Pedersen Minnesota Amanda is always pleasant, even in unpleasant circumstances. I appreciate having her around. Laura Paynter
Christian Duborg  Connecticut In only three months, Christian has made influential policy contributions. I very much look forward to working with you in the future! TJ Nuccio
Terry Kelly Connecticut Terry kept our office going during session, from taking lunch orders and watering our plants to making sure we had everything we needed to get through the day.  Lindsey Donston
Brian Downey West Virginia  I'm sure Brian thinks annoying him with computer issues is in my job description, but even so he is always super responsive and there doesn't seem to be any problem he cannot solve. He works hard and I appreciate everything he does.  Adam Terry
Craig Sondag Minnesota I admire the professional approach with which you perform your role. It is a model for us all! Eric Nauman
Alex Mascioli West Virginia Alex has been a tremendous addition to the attorneys in Legislative Services. Hard worker, great bill drafter. Thanks for all you do! Rich Olsen
Bri Sharkey-Smith Minnesota Welcome to the Senate. It is a joy working with you! I appreciate you and your constant smile. Thank you! Eric Nauman
Olivia Klee West Virginia Always willing to help out with anything, Olivia is great to work with! We appreciate all you do! Rich Olsen
Kelly Gupton West Virginia So glad Kelly joined our office! A hard worker who pays attention to detail and is quick to jump in to any project, he's great to work with! Rich Olsen
Tom Bottern Minnesota I still miss our regular partnership, but I admire you in your new role. Keep up the great work ... and, no, this also has nothing to do with doughnuts either. Eric Nauman
Alexis Stangl Minnesota It's been a challenging year. I admire your work ethic and dedication to all that you do. Thank you greatly for your confidence and support! Eric Nauman
Sabrina NeKay Lewellen Arkansas Dear friend, thank you for your daily words of friendship. I admire your poise, dedication, leadership and vision. We are all lucky to have you. Thank you. Eric Nauman
Matt Carnegie Michigan Matt is so knowledgeable and a great resource about all things rules, procedures and committees. I enjoy working with him. I appreciate his institutional knowledge and patience with my questions: "Can we do..." or "What if we..." and "Suppose this happens..."  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Melissa Sweet Michigan  Melissa is wonderful! We've worked together for years. She works hard to make sure our Health Policy Committee runs smoothly. Whatever we need, we can count on Melissa! Coffiann Hawthorne
Legan Rose  Michigan  Although our Government Operations Committee does not meet much, when we do, Legan is always professional and organized. She is a great committee clerk! Coffiann Hawthorne 
Dakota Soda  Michigan It seems like just yesterday that Dakota was an intern. I have enjoyed watching her grow professionally, and she does a great job keeping the Approps Committee on task and moving.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Nicholas Gewirtz Michigan  I remember when Nicholas was a page. I am happy he is our clerk for the Insurance Committee. He does a good job and is a tremendous help.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut Kim is so supportive and patient. She helps us work through our IT issues without judgment, and makes the trainings engaging and truly beneficial. Looking forward to the new lineup of offerings. Melvette Hill
Elizabeth (Liz) Conroy Connecticut Liz is a joy to work with. She really exudes joy. From her welcoming smile to her willingness to go above and beyond, she is pure joy. She is such an asset to our Legislature! Melvette Hill
Connecticut State Capitol Police Connecticut Thank you for keeping us safe and calm. Your professionalism and commitment is evident by the way you show up and represent every single day. Thank you for all you do.  Melvette Hill
Eddie Sleeper  Michigan Eddie is always so friendly and one of the coolest committee clerks. I enjoyed working with him whenever I had to fill in on a committee that he clerks.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Kelly Leonard  Washington Kelly is a dedicated public servant who is objective, clear, strong and compassionate, a professional who acts in all things with integrity. The people of Washington are fortunate indeed that Kelly has chosen public service as her calling.  Rep. Amy Walen 
Phoebe Greening  Washington Phoebe cares deeply about people and making government work for them. She is a compassionate leader who ensures our office is responsive to the needs of the families of our district. I look forward to seeing her sparkle for more and more people in the future.  Rep. Amy Walen
Molly Wingrove Michigan Molly is so organized and always willing to help, even on committees where she is not the clerk. I appreciate her help, especially when I have packets of amendments or other materials that I need to quickly distribute before a committee meeting.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby doesn't have a lot on her plate, she has a lot on plates she somehow keeps spinning in the air. I'm consistently impressed with her ability to juggle so many design projects—and make them all look terrific!  Virginia Chambers
Hazel Campbell Crawley Michigan  Hazel is another former page that I have watched grow into an outstanding committee clerk.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz doesn't work for the institution; she IS an institution. In addition to being a top-notch designer, she's my go-to for asking questions about all things HOB and working in the Legislature. I'm so grateful she continues to keep us all on track! Virginia Chambers
Dan Boulware Michigan Dan is a great desk neighbor and designer! I especially appreciate his creativity, like incorporating painted elements into digital layouts and his seeking out collaboration in the design process. Virginia Chambers
Stephen Singleton Michigan I really appreciate Stephen's positive, can-do attitude, even in the face of legislative silliness. It's very helpful to know he'll keep us (or guide us back) on track during meetings!  Virginia Chambers
Jake Allarding Michigan Jake is a jack-of-all-trades and master of quite a few. Seemingly every sort of task we need done, he can do, usually within the day. We are so lucky to have this photographer/videographer/artist/web designer/so much more on our team! Virginia Chambers
Lauren Coffman Michigan Lauren is a master of systems. Anytime I have a procedural or organizational concern, she's my go-to, because she's probably already thought about, iterated on and conquered it. Her thoughtfulness has saved our team so much time and energy!  Virginia Chambers
Emily Connelly Michigan Having worked with Emily in a couple capacities, it's amazing how fast she can learn—and excel in—multiple creative fields. She's indispensable to our team! Virginia Chambers
Cale Winters Michigan Cale jokes about being the personality hire, but she's really the chronically online hire. Few can handle spending untold hours a day on social media, but she does it with style—and spins it into some of the most creative content in the biz. Shouts to our meme queen 🫡 Virginia Chambers
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Every caucus thinks they have the best photographer, but we actually do. Jeremy finds and captures the fun and unique in the mundanity, and the resulting pictures (turned around lickety-split) are nothing short of sublime.  Virginia Chambers
Samantha Skorka Michigan I've been impressed with Sammi's videos since before I worked in the House, and I still feel that way. Her work is gorgeous, professional and fast, which is crucial for social media. I'm so grateful we have her creative mind and nimble editing skills on the team! Virginia Chambers
Shay Florian Michigan Shay is an all-around incredible staffer, but she sets the bar highest when it comes to accessibility. Fueled by a passion for inclusion, her tireless efforts to lead our team on accessibility is inspiring. Michiganders don't know how great a champion they have in Shay. Virginia Chambers
Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus Staff Illinois We appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We truly have the best staff under the dome!  Ashley Jenkins-Jordan & Mike Hoffmann
Parker Selders Michigan Shoutout to Parker for being dependable! It seems self-evident, but being able to count on him for exactly what I was looking for is so valuable. Thanks for helping things run smoothly! Virginia Chambers
Bobby Lawrence Michigan Bobby has been a welcoming presence since Day 1, and he goes out of his way to make everyone feels comfortable and included. He will take time to answer any question, no matter how busy he is. When I see him in the room, I know we're in good hands. Virginia Chambers
Sean Walser Michigan Finding out Sean is leading a project brings a sigh of relief, because you know it will be handled skillfully and efficiently. I am so appreciative of his often behind-the-scenes work to ensure everything runs smoothly!  Virginia Chambers
Hannah Chapman Michigan Hannah is one of the easiest people to work with—on top of being incredibly knowledgeable and efficient, she's patient and kind. I'm grateful every time I get to work with her! Virginia Chambers
Toni Fila Michigan Shoutout to Toni for all she does to make the business office more transparent to all staffers, but shoutout to her especially for her timesheet reminder emails! It's just one way in which she's looking out for every staffer.  Virginia Chambers
Tabbatha Birmingham Michigan Tabbatha fields a lot of my emails and is always friendly and helpful, even when clarifying something for the second (or fifth) time. She's truly the best! Virginia Chambers
Adam Terry West Virginia Adam is an extremely supportive and knowledgeable colleague. He is empathetic, funny and always willing to lend a hand, ear or anything else needed in the moment. Alex Mascioli
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Kidd is one of the most talented people I know both professionally and personally. Whether strumming an instrument or answering drafting questions, he is an expert I'm grateful for. Alex Mascioli
Rich Olsen West Virginia Rich is the kind of boss you hope for when starting a job. He is kind, empathetic, and his managerial style leaves people feeling heard, motivated and with a clear understanding of the tasks at hand. Alex Mascioli
Carrie Wanstall Delaware Carrie is in her second year working in our Legislative Information Office and her positive attitude and commitment to helping the public access information about the legislature has only grown! She is such an asset. Thank you, Carrie! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Marissa White Delaware Marissa is one of our two new legislative attorneys, and even though she just started this session, she’s already made a huge impact with the new areas of subject-matter expertise and an eagerness to take on projects. We’re excited to have her on the team! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thanks for all of the great training and positivity you provide at the CGA. I look forward to the next one! Dan Hinman
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Appreciate all of your knowledge, capability and leadership. Thanks for all your help and coaching! Dan Hinman
Praveen Nair Connecticut Praveen shows up every day and brings a lot of heart to this job. He embraces every challenge he gets. He is a great asset to ITS and will carry the network torch far into the future. Thank you for your hard work. Becky Fede
Sandra De La Cruz Connecticut Sandra is wealth of knowledge and an asset to the CGA! Dan Hinman
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut Shoutout to Kelsey for getting supplies to us in record time! Thank you for all that you do! Keep up the great work. Shelley Bourgeois
Beth Waters Connecticut Shoutout to Beth for getting me all the access I need and helping the payroll dept when we have questions. Keep up the great work!  Shelley Bourgeois
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Shoutout to Dan for his role in assisting the payroll dept. Thank you for all your help while I transitioned to CGA. Keep up the amazing work!  Shelley Bourgeois
Milagros Acosta, Jason Knight, Dawn Marzik Connecticut These three senior CEC's welcomed me with open arms and were so helpful in my new position. They exhibited patience and kindness and were a real pleasure to work with and had a tremendous team attitude. I am very grateful to all three. Rick O'Neil
Matt Fraulino Connecticut Thank you for helping get stuff done. Your support and communication are very much appreciated every day! Eileen
Marvin Bowe Connecticut Thank you for jumping right in your first week with us. All your work with the red dress installment helped make it a huge hit. You rock! Eileen
Steve Harrison  West Virginia Steve is not only efficient in his duties but also brings joy to the workplace with his amazing dad jokes and constant smile. He ensures the smooth flow of proceedings on the floor and embodies qualities of caring and intelligence. We're lucky to have him as clerk of the House.  Sara Dyer
Lyn Lewis  West Virginia  Lyn's dedication to her role as the journal clerk ensures that our records are meticulously maintained. We're fortunate to have her as a vital member of our team. Sara Dyer
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara is the Swiss Army knife of the House and is the sweetest person I know. Daniel Osborne
Migdalia Ballester Alicea, Devin Avshalom-Smith, Hisham Rushaidat, Arianna Tsikitas Connecticut I was lucky enough to work with these four CEC's who displayed dedication, teamwork, creative problem-solving and kindness every day. They all worked in a professional manner, and I consider myself very fortunate to work with them.  Rick O'Neil
Sara Jones West Virginia I've known Sara since my first day as a per diem employee in 2007. She's been a great friend for 17 years, and I wouldn't want to work here without her. Daniel Osborne
Dana Spade West Virginia Dana kinda got thrown into a circus last summer but has came out with flying colors. Never afraid of asking a question instead of making a mistake. He's also an awesome trombone player. Glad you're aboard, brother! Daniel Osborne
Loren Thelen Michigan In the Senate, there is always something to be moved, repaired, designed, built or reconfigured. Loren and his team always find a way to get the job done, no matter the challenge. His positive attitude and adventurous spirit make the impossible possible. Thank you, Loren! Margaret O'Brien
Marissa Geyer Michigan  Marissa has really gone above and beyond to help our office put the best policy forward. Easy to work with and always willing to help. Chris Wardell
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is super knowledgeable and always willing to help at the drop of a hat. I’ve appreciated him helping to keep our committee running smoothly.  Chris Wardell
Robert Akers West Virginia Robert is one of my boys here at work. Always up for helping me in a jam and makes my second-favorite hot sauce. Love talking engineering with him and I always come away smarter for it. Daniel Osborne
Molly Wingrove Michigan  Molly is a wonderful clerk and is always willing to help. Chris Wardell
Beth Waters Connecticut Thank you for all the sweet nothings. The sugar rush you provide OLM is a really thoughtful gesture and an excellent reason to stop and catch up with a wonderful colleague. I appreciate you.  Molly McAllister
Shaquila Meyers Michigan  Shaquila is a great leader and is always willing to work with staff to make sure they feel involved in the legislative process. Chris Wardell
Abbigail Carey Kentucky Abbigail took on new rolls and was willing to be a major support for her colleagues during the 2024 legislative session. Thank you, Abby! Amanda Williams
CGAS HELP DESK Connecticut The CGA Help Desk is an amazing group of folks. I utilize this resource a great deal, and they will stay with me until I can get to the proper solution. They definitely have an incredible amount of patience. Many thanks to the entire team.  Rick O'Neil
Tim Boyle Connecticut Tim is one of the many SCPD officers who cares about the CGA because of all the people in it! He looks after this building like he is caring for a family member. He's a wonderful officer and a great person. Thanks, Tim, for always looking out for us.  Molly McAllister
Max Wilkinson West Virginia Max is a baller and not afraid to go against the grain. Always willing to help and has great taste in music. He's also my pick to have on my side when keeping it real goes wrong. Daniel Osborne
Jenna Grasso Connecticut Jenna is a GREAT part of the team! Thank you for all that you do! Craig Fishbein
Brian Casto West Virginia Brian is a real dawg. I love listening to him talk about any subject, and the dude is like having an entire Trivial Pursuit deck in your pocket. Probably the smartest person I know and I miss working with him daily! Daniel Osborne
Jenny Moiles Smith Michigan Whenever anything needs to be done now, Jenny seems to be leading the charge. She is a great teammate and partner in every group project. Whenever Jenny is involved, we know the job will be done well. Thank you, Jenny! Margaret O'Brien
Shawn Gokey Connecticut I am quite fortunate to have Shawn as part of the team. Attentive, knowledgeable, receptive and efficient. Thank you for all that you do! Craig Fishbein
Mike Bermudez  Connecticut Mike is my go-to officer for scheduling safety training. He is quick to agree to getting training on the calendar and indulges my need to plan! Thanks, Mike, for keeping us all safe and aware.  Molly McAllister
Sarah Calvert Michigan Sarah is a top-notch Intern. Even though she's only in our office part time, she adds so much value that it's like we have another staffer in our office. Noah Peterson
Charlie Roskovensky West Virginia I've known Charlie since my first days as a per diem employee back in 2007. One of my OG friends from back in those days. I know when I ask Charlie a question, the answer I get will be correct and topped off with a smart aleck comment. Daniel Osborne
Michigan Senate Democrats' Caucus Constituent Relations Team Michigan MSDs' Caucus Constituent Relations Team allows us to be at the top of our game when it comes to helping our district. Whether it's liaisons like Teresa, the team's advisor, Justin, or the team's leadership, Jamie, everyone does a fantastic job. Noah Peterson
Jeff Billings West Virginia I've known Jeff since my first day as a Frasure-Singleton intern in 2004, when he cordially confirmed he was not an intern, too. It's been great watching him ascend the ranks of leadership these last 20 years, and I'm thankful I'm on his good side. Daniel Osborne
Rebecca Erickson Connecticut Rebecca has been extremely helpful in investigating options for new phone headsets and any IT questions that may arise. She is a pleasure to work with. Elizabeth Conroy
Sandra De La Cruz Connecticut Thank you, Sandra, for organizing all our RFPs! We throw a lot of updates at you and you always incorporate whatever it is we need with a smile. Thank you! Molly McAllister
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jazaira is the clerk of the committee I chair and she works to keeps us all on track for our priorities. She’s also my constitutent aide, and she’s been a great partner to me serving my district. Rep. Gregory Haddad
Michael Taylor Connecticut Michael is an extremely dependable co-worker, and so very conscientious as he assists with so many tasks. Elizabeth Conroy
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Felisha simply RUNS THIS PLACE. We are so thankful to have her dedication and experience! Anne Ellison
Rich Olsen West Virginia Rich is always positive and brings class to our office. Always fair, always encouraging and makes work worthwhile.  Will Price
Adam Terry West Virginia Adam is a complete pro at his job. He is smart, dedicated and totally responsible for everything he does. He is simply an amazing co-worker. Anne Ellison
Olivia Klee West Virginia Olivia takes care of all of us and provides us the comic relief we all need during stressful times. She is a bright light in our office! Anne Ellison
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia There are so many positive things that could be said about Felisha, I'll condense it by saying there isn't anything she cannot do. She takes care of her co-workers just like they were family and treats everyone with repect and kindness.  Will Price
Londa Sabatino West Virginia Londa knows her job so well and cares about everything she does. She is one of the hardest-working and most dedicated employees I know. Anne Ellison
Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin Connecticut Pareesa is an amazing leader in every sense of the word! She is incredibly kind, smart and dedicated. I am super grateful for her mentorship and proud to be part of her small but mighty team. Gretchen Shugarts
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Aaron works so hard and is able to accomplish insane amounts of work in limited periods of time. He is definitely the MVP of the 2024 session from our office!  Anne Ellison
Kelly Gupton West Virginia Kelly is intelligent and a quiet hard worker. He is dedicated to his job and is a "hunker down and get it done" type of employee. You'll never see Kelly shirking work or making excuses. He is proud of his job and is a pleasure to work around. Will Price
Paul Alderucci  Connecticut  Paul, congratulations on your 25th anniversary at the Legislature! You do a great job leading our IT department, and your insight and professionalism are always very appreciated! Jim Tamburro
Rich Olsen West Virginia Rich does a great job supporting and leading our office. He is knowledgeable, calm and caring to everyone. Thank you for your leadership!  Anne Ellison
Muna Abbas Connecticut Few people get to work with someone who complements them so well. Muna, you are fabulous, brilliant and hysterical! Gretchen Shugarts
Ophelia Trahan Connecticut Thanks for helping me with the Excel spreadsheet birthday issue. Jeanie Phillips
Angie Waszkiewicz Connecticut I'm very grateful that Angie has trusted me to help with the internship program. It has given me a bigger platform to be creative, conceptualize and be a part of the final big picture. Angie, you are a rock star for all you do. Thank you for trusting and believing in me! Kelsey Taylor
Dan Jalbert  Connecticut I want to thank him for his prompt and expert assistance! Dan's technical wizardry and patience have saved the day again and again. I am grateful that he is always willing to help and complete the technical side of an HR/payroll vision! Don Murtishi
The Required Reports Team: Juanita Hill and Lauren Morgan Colorado Juanita and Lauren just finished clearing a LARGE queue of reports. Thank you for catching us up and for your attention to detail as you entered so many reports that agencies must submit each year. April Bernard
Adam Terry West Virginia Adam is the most dependable person I know. Count on him being there with a positive attitude. If anyone is struggling, you can expect Adam to lighten the load and mood. (His tempting candy dish is always overflowing.) AH, YES! Will Price
Amanda King Colorado Amanda answers so many of my questions and keeps expanding my horizons when it comes to resources that I can use to answer my questions and constituents' questions. Thank you! April Bernard
Nora Teagan Michigan Without Nora, we would not be as productive as we are. She keeps our office on task, on schedule and on the move! Noah Peterson
Erik Olaphson Minnesota The Mighty Erik Olaphson. He's Mr. Details and never misses a thing. We call him "Mighty" because he can juggle a million balls at once! Thank you, Erik Eric Nauman
Krista Boyd Minnesota Krista is incredibly dedicated to the Senate. She's had a tough week and I have her in all my best thoughts. Thank you for doing everything you do! Eric Nauman
Ryan Quandt Michigan Ryan is the shoutout king! He’s incredibly generous and boosts the energy of any room he’s in! He’s also smart, hardworking and the Legislature is lucky to have him! Emily Novick
Elspeth Cavert Minnesota Thank you for your amazing work this year! I truly enjoy working with you! Eric Nauman
Killian Becker Minnesota Thank you for all your help this year. Especially, I appreciate your attention and understanding about personal conflicts during a tough year. You are the best. Eric Nauman
Eric Silvia Minnesota Eric, it's been great working on the Tyler project with you this year. Thank you for your advice and assistance on this legislation ... and everything else, too. Eric Nauman
Ben Stanley Minnesota Ben, thank you for all your patient and diligent advice on the Tyler project. It wouldn't have happened without you! Eric Nauman
Dennis Albrecht Minnesota Your advice and attention to detail are always top notch! Thank you again for a great session. Eric Nauman
Michelle Yurich Minnesota Michelle is a thoughtful and hardworking colleague. I always appreciate her spirit of collaboration! Lexi Stangl
Dan Mueller Minnesota Your partnership and unflappable approach to our work is invaluable. It's hard to believe that it's been 30 years in the Minnesota Senate for you! Congratulations. Eric Nauman
Ryan Inman and the Revisor's Office Minnesota Ryan and his entire team at the Revisor's Office are busy working around the clock making sure we can wrap up our session. Thank you for your tireless hard work and dedication to the Legislature! Lexi Stangl
Chris Turner Minnesota You always bring a smile to every encounter. Thank you for that. Your friendship is very important to me! Thank you for your work and your friendship. Eric Nauman
Casey Muhm Minnesota You impress me every day with your steady, dedicated work! You never cease to make me laugh, too, with your wry sense of humor. I love the quiet humor. "Ben, is that you?" A true winner! Eric Nauman
Kyle Raymond Minnesota I have truly loved watching you take full command and understanding of your work. You are an impressive member of SCRFA! Thank you! Eric Nauman
John Trombley & Senate Index Minnesota Thank you to John and his team for all the work they do to keep track of the bill information and for making it easily accessible and understandable! And a special thanks to John for being a great resource on Senate history! Lexi Stangl
Jill Reinmuth Washington Thank you for your partnership, but more important, for giving freely of yourself as a friend. I value you more than I can ever express. Thank you! Eric Nauman
Bjorn Arneson Minnesota I always feel more comfortable when you are working on a professional challenge. I know you will see the challenge from a new angle and will bring detailed thought to it. Your dedication to our work is more appreciated than I can say! Thank you. Eric Nauman
Rachel Johnson Minnesota Welcome to the Minnesota Senate. We are lucky to have you. Eric Nauman
Jenna Hofer Minnesota You are so impressive and professional in your approach to our work. Thank you for your dedicated commitment and detail-oriented analysis. I always know that I can count on you! Eric Nauman
Martha white West Virginia  Your are awesome. Thank you for all your help Charles Roskovensky 
Melissa Mapes & The Engrossing Department Minnesota Melissa, Steve and Lindsey are not only excellent at their jobs, they are really wonderful people! It's no wonder that people love to pop in and see them as they go to and from the Senate floor. Thanks for all you do to keep things moving forward in the process! Lexi Stangl
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne is great to work with, incredibly intelligent, a great listener, a problem solver, you name it. She helps keep the office running smoothly. Couldn't do it without her! Rich Olsen
Hannah Grunewald Noeldner Minnesota You are amazing! I am in awe of your ability to juggle so many projects and stay on top of everything! Keep up the great work! Eric Nauman
Andrew Erickson Minnesota There are no words to express my appreciation for all that you do for SCRFA and the Senate. Instead, let's share a laugh: "20!" Thank you! Coffee soon? Eric Nauman
Jessica Tupper Minnesota Thank you for answering my seemingly endless questions about resolutions and process. It has been great getting to work with you more over the last year and a half!  Lexi Stangl
Melissa Alder West Virginia Melissa is a great attorney. A very hard and diligent worker, she does an outstanding job! Thanks for all your hard work! Rich Olsen
AJ Olmscheid Minnesota I always love seeing your work! Thank you for chronicling the Minnesota Senate for posterity! Eric Nauman
Legislative Library Connecticut Jennifer, Carrie and Christine: Thank you for hosting our nonpartisan dinners at the end of session! Kudos to you for always providing fantastic customer service to the legislative community! Jim Tamburro
Kevin Riffe West Virginia Kevin has a positive vibe, an infectious laugh and is always willing to help with anything. He really loves his work and it shows in the way he carries himself.  Will Price
Brad Towson, Kristen Miller, and Janet Kaminski Leduc Connecticut Brad, Kristen and Janet were a great help as I covered parts of ENV this session. Thank you so much!  Janelle Stevens
Molly McAllister Connecticut A shoutout for our shoutout leader! Thank you, Molly, for always bringing the positivity!  Jim Tamburro
Jeff Johnson West Virginia Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the committee run smoothly. The state is lucky to have you. Chris DeWitte
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly's kindess, dedication and positivity are unsurpassed! She puts together amazing trainings and events that are engaging, fun and contribute to the wonderful sense of community here at the CGA. Molly, thank you for all your hard work! Gretchen Shugarts
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Rachel, thank you for your commitment to the activities committee! It's not always the easiest job, but we are so grateful that you and the rest of the team push us to have fun! Molly McAllister
Phoenix Ronan Connecticut Phoenix has done a great job teaching and mentoring some of the newer analysts in the office. I also really appreciate her support. Janelle Stevens
West Virginia Clerk's Office  West Virginia  The work product of the Senate is a team effort. Holding the team together are the three ladies who process our legislation. They are always ready to help. If we are a success, it is because they do the work to make us look good. THANK YOU! Jeff Johnson
Suzanne Keim, Saju Madhavan, Peter Sturm, Mervin Thomas, and Sue Wang Colorado Thank you for keeping the research request system in tip-top shape! Constituent Services would have a tough time without this important system. April Bernard
Tabbatha Birmingham Michigan Tabbatha is just an incredible human! Her ability to shuttle the hundreds of mailers we throw at her for approval multiple times a year is nothing less than a super power! Thank you, Tabbatha, for all that you do for us! Liz Kranz
Charles Hennessey Connecticut  Thank you for always taking great care in printing for our office. When you catch the small mistakes I make before we go to print, it's always appreciated!  Molly McAllister
RIchie Novak  West Virginia  Technology drives our process. Richie makes sure our computers are up to date and ready when the need arises. Perhaps most important, he advocates that our systems stay up to date. Thanks, Richie, for being the backbone of the Senate. Jeff Johnson
Liz Conroy  Connecticut Thank you, Liz, for the great job you do every day in OLM—especially during session when the requests and problems come in at an incredible rate and you need to be very creative with solutions! Jim Tamburro
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut Kelsey, I love all the new ideas and items you find to keep in stock that make our work easier. Your attention to our needs and willingness to help everyone is deeply appreciated. Thank you! Molly McAllister
Tammy Shamblin West Virginia You are the glue that holds the Seante Finance Committee together. Thank you for all that you do for Jeff and me. Chris DeWitte
Greg Wimble Connecticut  Gregory has consistently provided a high level of professional public safety, enhancing the police image and ensuring the safety of everyone. Chief Casanova
Sean Wasler Michigan Sean is beyond human. His ability to orchestrate (from basically scratch) an event as large as State of the State takes a superhero, and he made it seem effortless.  Liz Kranz
Lori Grayson Connecticut Lori is on top of all our ordering needs! She seeks out the best deals and the best quality and delivers every time. Thank you, Lori! molly mcallister
Rob Wysock, Michael Murphy, Phoenix Ronan and Neil Ayers Connecticut They stepped up to help out when we were unexpectedly short-handed this session. I really appreciated their willingness to pitch in. Janelle Stevens
Lisa Buckingham   Connecticut  Lisa, great job in your first session! It’s great to have you on our OLM team! Congrats on the puppies :) Jim Tamburri
Lori Nichols West Virginia Thank you for the countless hours you put in during the session and after. You are the first to get here and the last to leave, along with everyone else in the clerks office. Chris DeWitte
Chris DeWitte  West Virginia  As Chris often points out, the state budget is the only bill we are constitutionally required to pass each year. Chris does yeoman's work on our budget. He is diligent in making the budget balance and does an exceptional job explaining it to the members and staff. GO CHRIS! Jeff Johnson
Micho Assi Michigan Micho never backs down from a challenge, and I admire that. She faces new tasks with grace and isn't afraid to seek guidance when needed. I'm so honored to work with her! Liz Kranz
Ash Northey Connecticut Thank you for being such an amazing mentor, Ash! I'm grateful for all of the advice that you've shared and the lessons that you've taught me, and I appreciate your continued guidance and support! Austin Hyatt
Ellen Heintz Michigan  Ellen is the best. She is thorough and engaged and so energetic. I can spend hours chatting with her. I appreciate her leadership on so many issues. I loved working with her and Sen. Chang when they were in the House.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Korin Gaity Connecticut Korin does an awesome job fielding requests and delivering top-tier support. Thanks for keeping us running! Dan Hinman
Kathryn Stebbins Connecticut Kathryn does an awesome job fielding requests and delivering top-tier support. Thanks for keeping us running! Dan Hinman
Jim Tamburro Connecticut Jim's hard work keeps the General Assembly running like a well-oiled machine. Although doing so is no easy task, he certainly makes it looks easy! He does all of this while remaining super easygoing and accessible. Jim, thank you for all you do! Gretchen Shugarts
Kristin Jones West Virginia Thank you for your knowledge and patience. The hard work and long hours that you put in certainly don't go unnoticed. You make this process look easy and make all of us look good daily.  Chris DeWitte
IT Support  Colorado Peter Guloba, Ian Hart, Joe Liuzzo, Matt Rosner and Anita Rouse have answered all of my crazy questions and helped with the tech needs of Constituent Services. Thank you!  April Bernard
Xris Hess West Virginia Thank you for your eagle eye. The long hours and dedication that you give to the Seante make all of us look fantastic. We couldn't do it without you! Chris DeWitte
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Felisha can answer any question, bake anything and solve all the weird problems, whether technological or location-related. Melissa Alder
Sarah Schillio Michigan  Sarah is one of the best staffers around. I loved working with her in the House, and I know she is doing big things over in the Senate.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Kess O’Halloran, Joseph "Joe" Crosby, Megan Villanova Connecticut Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! I value your contributions to our team! Milagros Acosta
Cathleen Collins Connecticut Thank you for being such a positive, upbeat person who is always willing to help. Jeanie Phillips
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is fantastic! She is super knowledgeable, patient and pleasant. Liz, thank you for always being so helpful and kind! Gretchen Shugarts
Julia Jackson and Katie Ruedebusch Colorado You both easily share all of your knowledge about the legislative process. I also appreciate your editing capabilities. You remind me to keep my writing to the point! Thanks! April Bernard
Robert Altmann West Virginia Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate all you do. Charles Roskovensky
Martha White West Virginia Ollll' Martha. Been here for most of my tenure and is a real G in my world. Love working with her and using her as a sounding board when I need to let off some steam on those hard days. Martha is one of my co-workers I'd walk off a pier with, no questions asked. Daniel Osborne
Melissa Alder West Virginia Melissa is a crucial member of our legal team. She is an exceptional bill drafter, and I am so thankful she is a part of our small but mighty group! Anne Ellison
Martha White West Virginia You are awesome Charles Roskovensky
OLM Payroll Connecticut  Thank you, Payroll, for keeping all of our paychecks straight and moving the sessional staff in and out so smoothly. Welcome to the team, Tina! Jim Tamburro
Alex Mascioli West Virginia Alex puts so much thought and care into all of his work, and always seeks feedback and direction to get better at what he does. He is an amazing team member! Anne Ellison
Lori Dey Michigan  No matter what chamber or office she works in or in what capacity, Lori is such a talented hard worker. The Senate is lucky to have her.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Katie Kolupke Colorado You made the Local Government Handbook look fabulous and interesting. All of the pics and graphics and the short, organized text make the document easy to read. Way to go! April Bernard
Molly McAllister  Connecticut Thank you for your passion and dedication! You have a really special talent. I’m so grateful that you share it with all of us! Milagros Acosta
Rich Olsen West Virginia Rich understands how to motivate people and give direction and knows who will succeed best with what. I am grateful for the policy here that our families come first, as Rich repeats every time one of us has a sick kid or parent to care for. Melissa Alder
Susan Keane Connecticut Thank you for setting such a high standard of excellence! You’re a true professional in every sense of the word! Milagros Acosta
Capitol Police Connecticut The Capitol Police are crucial to the work we all do at the Connecticut General Assembly. Thank you for ensuring our safety and always doing so with smiles on your faces! Y'all are the best! Gretchen Shugarts
SRO Aides Connecticut SRO aides are the best people I know! Always have each other's backs and offer a listening ear, encouraging word or make me laugh when I need it most.  Debby Adams
General Court Staff New Hampshire What a gifted team we have! I have never worked with a group so knowledgeable, resourceful, dedicated and insistent on pitching in to help their colleagues, regardless of title, tenure or background. Thank you, staff, for welcoming me to our great General Court family! Debra Childs
Anthony Jenkins Michigan AJ is kindhearted and hardworking. He is constantly working to ensure that the members and staff have what they need to be successful. This is very much appreciated. Angela Wheeler
Kelly Gupton West Virgina Kelly is the newest member of our team but has learned so quickly and has tremendously helped our workflow in the office. Kelly has a great sense of humor and has fit right in with our crew! Anne Ellison
HDO Press Department Connecticut This team is a pleasure to work with. We work well together and support one another. Good job, HDO press team! Jessica Ciparelli
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz always responds to my requests for help with grace and a smile. Our building could not function without her! Debby Adams
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly develops and teaches the best classes to expand our knowledge and improve our skills and relationships, and she makes them fun! She is a treasure.  Debby Adams
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne wears many hats around here. She also manages to leave positive impressions on everyone she comes into contact with. She's an avid birder and introduced me to app that identifies birds by their songs, which has become a new fascination of mine. Melissa Alder
Dan Oberlin Michigan  Dan is one of the humblest people anyone will ever meet. He was an outstanding leader for the Senate Dem Policy staff. I enjoyed our time together as policy directors in our respective chambers. So proud that he is now the secretary of the Michigan Senate!  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Brian Pencz Connecticut  Brian, thanks for keeping our buildings functioning at a high level. It’s a thankless job that never ends! Look at it as job security! Jim Tamburro
Werner Oyanadel Connecticut You’re such an important part of the CGA! Thank you for being such a great role model. You’re always setting the example for others to follow! Milagros Acosta
Chris Cordima Connecticut what can you say? he was good. Christian Talarski
Sarah OConnor Connecticut Amazing! Always so helpful to our committee. I don't know where we'd be without her help! THANK YOU! Christian Talarski
Eric Thomas and Washington JLARC Washington Many thanks to Eric and the people at JLARC West Coast for sharing their knowledge and skills to help East Coast JLARC do our best work! Erik Beecroft
Capitol Police Connecticut They respond to all requests and emergencies with professionalism, skill and, as appropriate, a great sense of humor. They keep us safe and always go the extra mile to help. Thank you for all you do! Capitol Police
Adam Terry West Virginia Adam handles all the fiscal notes and sends them to the correct agencies. All of them. He's also quite the cinephile, with a scarily broad knowledge of movie quotations that puts IMDB to shame.  Melissa Alder
Allison Paris  Michigan Allison is a super smart attorney who works so hard for the Senate. I enjoyed working with her on so many issues when she was a policy advisor for the Senate Dems. She is always so responsive and helpful.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Sam Clark Connecticut  Shoutout to the best team lead! Thank you for your nonstop support, hard work and dedication.  Gina M. 
Kyla LoPresti Connecticut Your writing talent and creative ideas for outreach are amazing. You take such care helping events to run smoothly, and I'm so lucky to collaborate with you on so many projects! Debby Adams
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Aaron patiently answered all my questions when I was new here. He was already too busy this year but still managed to add even more items to juggle and not drop anything. He's not only a great lawyer but also a talented musician and performer. Melissa Alder
Omar Cunningham West Virginia From Day 1, Omar has been efficient and effective, tackling problems we didn't even realize were problems and always keeping focused on the details. Ann Ali
Peggy Tibbals Connecticut Peggy is the OG of outreach. No matter what comes up, you work your hardest to make every event look amazing. Thank you for your support and dedication. Debby Adams
Division of Legislative Automated Systems Virginia Thanks to Troy C. and the other folks at DLAS who keep us up and running and safeguard the data we use. Erik Beecroft
Madison Hanshaw West Virginia I've never seen someone so eager to help get literally anything and everything done. Madison perfectly navigated the tidal wave of lawmaker requests on top of major renovations happening at the same time and always with a smile. Ann Ali
MJ Connecticut Love your energy! You’re always so pleasant to work with and very helpful.  Gina M.
Bill Drake  Michigan  Bill is an institution within an institution. He has worked for so many members in both chambers. He is an asset to the entire Legislature.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Bonnie Gray Connecticut The best assistant clerk! Thank you for your help and support always.  Gina M.
Liz Conroy, Molly McAllister, Lisa Buckingham, Jim, Brian, Sue and the entire OLM family Connecticut The OLM team is always there to usher us through reserving rooms, training agendas or what have you. Thank you all for your service and the kind dispositions you maintain even on the most stressful days, and for the help you provide thoughout the whole year! Barry Hubbard
Brianna Pollard Connecticut In less than two years, Brianna has made herself an indispensable member of OFA. She is the first one to step in when help is needed, whether that is to talk through a problem or tackle an immense fiscal note (Implementer 2023). I'm so pleaseg we have her! Phoenix Ronan
Yvette Fleming Connecticut Your grace and sense of humor in every situation makes our office run smoothly, no matter how much stress we may all be feeling. You are going to be greatly missed! Debby Adams
Alex Mascioli West Virginia Yes, Alex is a very good lawyer, but more important, he understands this: "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." Melissa Alder
KB CT KBBBBBBB! Thank you for your help and assistance always. Session is always a little bit smoother with your guidance.  Gina M. 
Alice Chakmakian West Virginia Alice is the epitome of tranquility and poise. Her experience is invaluable not only to the finance team but also to the entire House. She knows what to say, when to say it and exactly how to say it. Ann Ali
Nancy Green  Michigan  How wonderful is Nancy? I would run out of space here counting all the ways she has been helpful to me over the years. I appreciate her always listening and her sage advice. Truly, a Senate treasure! Coffiann Hawthorne 
Sam Clark Connecticut Sam always provided a cool and level head when I needed a team lead to soothe the guilty feeling whenever I did something wrong. I always appreciated knowing I had someone to turn to. Jim McNealey
Melissa Sweet Michigan Melissa is an amazing clerk! She keeps us on track and helps make sure that our committees keep running smoothly.  Maya Lowry
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Rachel is a wonderful everyday resource for any questions I have. I'm glad to have her as a co-worker! Sandra De La Cruz
Lauren Coffman Michigan Lauren has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help. She is a fantastic sounding board—I value her input and ideas and look forward to working with her every day! Shay Florian
Brie Wolf Connecticut Brie is the most detail-oriented and organized committee administrator—everything is posted on time with the most complete information. You are also the best cubicle neighbor and I so appreciate our talks! Debby Adams
Brittany Carowick West Virginia The absolute perfect team cheerleader, always looking for ways for us all to continue leveling up together, while reminding us all to give ourselves grace. Brittany knows details matter and refuses to do anything halfway. Ann Ali
Cameron Clarke Connecticut He may have been the B team lead, but he was always ready to answer my technical questions. I appreciate the level of work he puts into the running of his and other committees. Jim McNealey
Bob Leslie West Virginia Bob is a renaissance man: He is a brilliant lawyer, but he's also a great cook, sings with his church choir, teaches a college scuba diving course, runs marathons and has recently taken up farming.  Melissa Alder
Ash Northey Connecticut Ash keeps our committee running smoothly and always jumps in to help when she can. Thank you for your tech assistance, advice on case work and your kindness to all of us.  Debby Adams
Devin Avshalom-Smith Connecticut You are a great co-worker! Thank you for making sure I eat something no matter how busy I am. I really appreciate it! Milagros Acosta
Office of Reference and Information West Virginia The public information team is our backbone for all communications. Constantly supporting us with assets and information, usually propping me up before I can even ask. From livestreams and social media to blogs and basic info, they excel in every way! Ann Ali
Alexi Chapin-Smith  Michigan  Simply put, Alexi is brilliant. It's amazing, but not surprising, that she knows so much about everything. I have enjoyed working with her and her bosses over the years, in both chambers.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Olivia Klee West Virginia Working with Olivia means that your birthday and any accomplishments that you achieve will not go uncelebrated. It's wonderful working with someone who cares what is happening in your life in addition to work. Melissa Alder
Jackie Allo Connecticut Jackie rolled out a new fiscal note application that made the process easier. Her user guides were so helpful, too. Thanks for your efforts, Jackie! Janelle Stevens
Morgan Dlugoleski Connecticut Morgan joined us midsession and yet managed to hit the ground running. She has a fantastic work ethic, and it fills me with great confidence to know that my Senate chair has a diligent aide behind the scenes whom I can trust to keep things running smoothly. Jim McNealey
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline is always seeking ways to make the CGA a better place to work. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism in leading our HR team! Jim Tamburro
Legislative Automated Systems Division West Virginia Shoutout to Mike Hall, director, and all the other vitally important, hardworking, reliable and conscientious tech support staff of the West Virginia Legislature's Legislative Automated Systems Division. Thank you, every day! Mark McOwen
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric is a great resource and supervisor. Work is enjoyable being part of his team! Sandra De La Cruz
Jeanie Phillips Connecticut Thank you for being a great co-worker! You have such a great work ethic. You’re always looking out for others. I really appreciate that about you! Milagros Acosta
Hazel Campbell-Crawley Michigan Hazel has always been great at the positions she has had around the House. I am so thankful that she is now one of our committee clerks.  Maya Lowry
Dan Hinman Connecticut Dan is the best! Always ready to help. I always enjoy our conversations together. The CGA is lucky to have him.  Sandra De La Cruz
Kristin Jones West Virginia Shoutout to Kristin for leading our final daily West Virginia Staff Appreciation Week campus walk today, even on a rainy day—and for all those fellow staffers who enjoyed walking with her! Thank you, Kristin!  Mark McOwen
Chris Perillo Connecticut  Chris’ experience in OFA has been a huge asset to OLM. His unique view on issues has been a great help to me and our team! Thank you, Chris. Jim Tamburro
Kimberly Jeffrey West Virginia Kimberly is the sweetest and kindest co-worker. She is a talented photographer, and I enjoy talking with her about taking photos. Will Price
Shelley Bourgeois Connecticut Shelley has amazing ideas for our activities committee. Not only that, but I enjoy bumping into her and having a random chat. She's always a ray of sunshine! Sandra De La Cruz
William Cromwell Connecticut Will is the policy analyst for the Aging Committee. With his expertise, we were able to pass two transformative omnibus aging bills. His ability to navigate the process was an important part of the success of the bills passing both the House and Senate. Rep. Jane Garibay
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is that person who will always greet you with a smile. It's always a welcoming sight when I come in. She's a great resource for everything to do with the CGA. We are lucky to have her! Sandra De La Cruz
Morgan Clay West Virginia Morgan is great at his job and is always in good spirits. It's a pleasure to see him around the water cooler to discuss squatch sightings. Will Price
Londa Sabatino West Virginia Londa is a dedicated worker, and her love for her family, her co-workers and her God are easy to see. In addition to being super smart, she is an amazing cook and we all love it when she brings in a homemade dish. Will Price
Lori Grayson Connecticut Lori brings people together with her magnetic and cheerful personality. She bakes delicious treats and will take the time to ask how your vacation went, all while being exceptional at what she does! Sandra De La Cruz
Kelly Gupton West Virginia Kelly hit the ground running and learned incredibly quickly. He is a hard worker who manages to stay calm no matter what. Melissa Alder
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne is one of those rare people who always finds the best in every person. Her laugh resonates through the office and makes every day brighter. I've never heard her tell anyone no when asked for anything; she finds a way to make it happen.  Will Price
Ian Mayes Michigan  Ian was an excellent LD for Chair Rogers and the Health Policy Committee. Very loyal and dedicated, he always worked very hard to make sure we were prepared and had smooth committee meetings. He put out a lot of fires. Keep being SaginAWESOME, Ian!  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Joe Clark Michigan Joe's commitment to our state is unrivaled. He is able to adapt to any situation and is persistent in getting the job done. Joe is always willing to take on any request and provide his honest guidance. It's an honor to learn from and work beside him! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Max Delorenzo Connecticut Max is a great outreach coordinator. Not only does he have great ideas but he knows how to execute them. He builds relationships with people in my community, is very organized and listens to my input! Rep. Jane Garibay
Alex Mascioli West Virginia Alex is a world-traveled renaissance man who has worked to better people in any way possible. We always look forward to hearing his experiences. Dedication? This man drives four hours round trip every day to the office.  Will Price
Susan Skehan Connecticut You've got a question? Susan has an answer! Thank you for always being approachable and an incredible source of knowledge!  Sandra De La Cruz
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa is one of the smartest people I know, and she is deeply committed to her work. She never does anything halfway. She is thorough and addresses each task with patience and care. Marissa is an excellent resource and asset to our staff! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Gina Countryman Minnesota Gina is an extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and compassionate colleague. She manages the comms team well and provides incredible policy and messaging insights to everyone in the caucus.  Rachel Aplikowski
Melissa Alder West Virginia In addition to being an intelligent lawyer, Melissa is an amazing cook. It seems she knows a little about everything and can converse with anyone about anything.  Will Price
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. His attention to detail, creativity and passion show in his work. He's also a great co-worker and someone who brings joy into our office daily. I'm proud to work alongside him! #Besties Cale Winters
Jason Fossum Minnesota Thanks for your incredible contributions and knowledge over many years of service! We are lucky to have you in the caucus! Rachel Aplikowski
Aaron Kidd West Virginia I knew Aaron a few years before working together and can say I've never seen a more positive person. A great bluegrass musician and attorney, this guy can do it all.  WIll Price
Jake Allarding Michigan Jake is one of the most talented graphic designers I have ever met. His creativity and nose-to-the-grindstone attitude show through in everything he makes. I love working with Jake! #BirdsArentReal Cale Winters
Brittany Johnson Minnesota You do a great job supporting the legislative assistants. Constituents get amazing service, and they are more informed and knowledgable because of your leadership. Rachel Aplikowski
Olivia Klee West Virginia Olivia is the funniest little lady you could ever meet. Her smile lights up every room she is in. Always looking out for her co-workers, she makes every person feel special (especially for celebrations). Thank you, Olivia!  Will Price
Toni Lombardi Connecticut Toni is our Aging Committee clerk. She did an amazing job keeping our committee organized. She was always available for what I needed and served the committee with hard work and a great attitude. Rep. Jane Garibay
Dan Mickelberg Minnesota Thanks for always being a steady presence in the midst of the storm we call "session." Your experience is incredibly valuable to everyone who works at the caucus!  Rachel Aplikowski
Don Murtishi Connecticut Anything and everything payroll related can be answered by Don. He's a positive force in the office and a key member of our activities committee. Go Don! Sandra De La Cruz
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara has a sweet demeanor, always working with a smile on her face! Kristin King
Craig Sondag Minnesota Craig is a great chief of staff who knows how to plan and execute a strategy with precision and grace. He is dedicated to supporting the staff and senators with whatever we need to succeed.  Rachel Aplikowski
Desmond Conner Connecticut Desmond is the best press aide anyone could ask for. Professional, meticulous and positive. Des makes the representatives he works with look good. I am truly grateful that I get to work with him and that he's on my team.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya is so intelligent and exceptionally kind. She brightens any room she walks into with her positive attitude and her reputation as a reliable advisor. Maya is one of the most impressive people I know, and it's an absolute joy whenever I get to work with her! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Nick Sherlock Minnesota Thanks for being a great colleague! You always make the time to get the work done and have great experience that keeps things in perspective.  Rachel Aplikowski
Mary Fitzpatrick Connecticut Cheers to my best neighbor and wonderful fellowship program coordinator. Kristen Miller
Anne Ellison West Virginia Anne has a tough job but has a knack for listening carefully to understand exactly what needs to be done. She executes thoroughly but gently and always with a wonderful attitude. I so appreciate her! Ann Ali
Paige Pearson Minnesota Thanks for all your work for the caucus! You have a great attitude and always work to provide the best product for the team and the caucus.  Rachel Aplikowski
Jim Morishima Washington Jim is a fantastic coach and colleague to staff at the Office of Program Research. He keeps his door open and is willing to help anyone who knocks. I don't know how he does it all!  Kelly Leonard
Will Price West Virginia Will can do anything and everything and frequently does both. He is a photographer, musician, problem-solver, Photoshop expert and general repairman. Melissa Alder
Breanne Clifton Connecticut Breanne is a phenomenal aide to me and clerk to the Planning and Development Committee. She's always professional, has an excellent sense of humor, and is on top of everything with very little help. Lucky us! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja is always willing to take the time to walk through complex issues and help identify possible solutions. She has been greatly successful in every role she's had in our field, and I'm grateful I get to work with her! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Mark McOwen West Virginia Mark is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't hesitate to share his expertise and experiences. HFIN is blessed to have him! Kristin King
State Capitol Police Connecticut Thank you to our State Capitol Police for keeping us safe and for handling threats so well we know nothing about them. We know you put your lives on the line for us and we are grateful.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Alrick Arthur Washington Alrick has joined the Office of Program Research every session for nearly a decade, and I finally had the opportunity to work with him directly in 2024. I particularly appreciate his ability to pivot back and forth between analog and digital ways of doing things. He didn't mind editing with a pen and paper, but then easily switched to our complex computer software programs. His patience and professionalism are unmatched. Kelly Leoanrd
Daimar Ramos Connecticut  Daimar is a pleasure to work with even though we are not in the same agency! Daimar is always responsive, kind and willing to help. Thank you!  Don Murtishi
Jillian Reynolds Minnesota Your are so helpful with all my questions! You are always looking for ways to improve your own work and that benefits us all. Thanks for all you do!  Rachel Aplikowski
Maddie Hoy Minnesota You have been a tremendous addition to the comms staff and jumped right in ready to roll. Thanks for your dedication to the caucus!  Rachel Aplikowski
Julianna Goldfluss Connecticut Julianna is an outreach coordinator for so many of us in the Legislature and she manages us with ease. She is great at planning and executing our events, and we are lucky to have her! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Fifth-Floor Press Office staff Connecticut My fifth-floor family is an incredible group. Not only do they do a great job but we are family. They support each other, and as a legislator, I feel part of the family through times good and not so good! Special shoutout to Mar-Ives.Regis. Rep. Jane Garibay
Andy Solon  Michigan  It warms my heart when policy staff alum move on to greater heights. Andy has this state budget thing down now. He is such a great strategic thinker and serves the Legislature well.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Chris Blake Washington Chris is a wonderful colleague and mentor at the Office of Program Research. I aspire to have his same commitment to nonpartisanship and excellence. He is always ready with helpful advice and a well-timed joke. Thank you, Chris, for being you, and for great conversations while you let me sit in the comfy green chair. Kelly Leonard
Aaron Kidd West Virginia Aaron stepped into a new role just before session seamlessly, with endless energy and such a great attitude. He's the teammate you want to have wearing your jersey! Ann Ali
Eric Nauman Minnesota I wholeheartedly appreciate your support and all that you do for me, for the office and for the Senate. I always know I can rely on you for sound advice and a great sense of humor. Thank you for everything! Lexi Stangl
Sara Jones West Virginia  Sara has plenty of institutional knowledge, but her wit and humor may take the cake.  Kristin King
Jeff Billings West Virginia Jeff can somehow squeeze 34 hours of work out of a 24-hour day. He sets a high bar for all of us and models the kind of respect and care for the process and the body we all should have as legislative employees. Ann Ali
Matt Gehring Minnesota Matt is everything that a legislative staffer should be, and the House is lucky to have him. I am thankful for every chance I get to work with him. It is always a pleasure!  Lexi Stangl
Mark Cutrona Delaware Well, well, well, how the tables turn … It’s an honor to let Mark, the Division of Research’s director, know how much we appreciate him and his leadership. Everyone who knows him—both in the division and out—knows that Mark’s integrity and commitment to the work are above reproach. Thank you, Mark, for leading us through another successful year and session! Holly Vaughn Wagner and the Division of Research team
Gay Logston West Virginia  With 44 years of service as a legislative employee, Gay's commitment is truly remarkable. We're deeply thankful for her dedication and outstanding contributions to joint committee. Her exemplary work ethic and service are invaluable, and we're grateful to have her with us. Sara Dyer
Legislative Services Fiscal Office West Virginia Morgan Clay, Kim Jeffrey, Kevin Riffe and Londa Sabatino—they are a great group of people, always willing to jump in and assist anyone and everyone. Thank you so much! Olivia Klee
Quran Hernandez Delaware Q’s attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that every job that leaves our print shop exceeds expectations. Thank you, Q, for your invaluable contribution to the Division of Research! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Tom Bottern Minnesota Thank you for being being a great mentor and always being available to answer my questions no matter how big or small. I appreciate you sharing your time and wisdom with me.  Lexi Stangl
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe is one of the most talented and intelligent people at the CGA. Somehow she managed to help put together priority legislation, the finance package, and take over appropriations duties at the last minute—incredible! Dave Desjardins
Will Price West Virginia Will wears many hats, skillfully photo-documenting numerous committee meetings during session and interims, in addition to his other duties in joint committee. We're grateful for his dedication and the valuable contributions he brings to our team. Will Price
Grace Kelley Delaware Grace is one of our two research analysts, and her meticulous research and comprehensive insights shape informed decision-making. Thank you, Grace, for your dedication to navigating complex legislative questions! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Bob Leslie West Virginia Bob is thorough and keeps us all armed with the relevant background and details we need to make decisions big and small. Ann Ali
Steven Carver Minnesota Steven's specialist support services are unparalleled. Laura Paynter
Trudes Tango Washington Trudes is one of the most talented attorneys and legislative drafters in Washington. I am privileged to work alongside her. She is the best of us, leading by example and always with integrity. Kelly Leonard
Ben Kowal Delaware Ben is one of our two analysts for the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee, and his meticulous analysis and insightful recommendations play a vital role in improving outcomes and guiding decision-making. Thank you, Ben! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Chris Jackson Connecticut Chris is kind, hardworking and dedicated to getting things done the right way, whether that’s advising deputy speakers on floor procedure or working to develop key legislation—and always with a great sense of humor! Dave Desjardins
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda’s title, executive assistant, does not begin to represent what she actually does for the Division of Research. She works tirelessly to enable seamless operations and productivity at every turn. She is an indispensable member of our team. Thank you beyond words, Colinda! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Will Price West Virginia Will is our Senate photographer. And, wow, what a gifted photographer. He is everywhere taking pictures of senators, Senate staff and his Legislative Services co-workers. Thank you, Will!  Olivia Klee
Emma Heaton Michigan Emma is very hardworking, proactive and communicative. She is a strong proponent of a collaborative approach to legislative work, and it has been a joy working with her in our office. Alex Seasock
Olivia Klee West Virginia Olivia is always willing to help and a joy to be around. We're grateful for her dedication and hard work. Sara Dyer
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda is one of our two analysts for the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee. Her unwavering commitment to excellence sets a shining example, driving innovation and advancement in JLOSC’s processes and outcomes. Thank you, Amanda! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Nate Poore Delaware Nate’s creative designs bring life to our projects, making every job that the print shop produces a masterpiece. Thank you, Nate, for your skill and dedication! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Joel Rudnick Delaware Joel, our legislative librarian, and his dedication to accuracy and accessibility is the cornerstone of informed decision-making in the Delaware Legislature. Thanks, Joel, for your invaluable support and for ensuring lawmakers and citizens alike have access to crucial information! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Erika Schrader Delaware Erika is our assistant registrar of regulations, and her diligent work in maintaining order and clarity within legislative frameworks ensure smooth implementation of laws and regulations. Her work is the unseen backbone of regulatory compliance, fostering transparency and fairness in governance. Thank you, Erika! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Londa Sabatino West Virginia Londa manages all monetary operations with diligence and dedication. Her hard work and positive attitude make her a joy to be around. Thoughtful, sweet, kind and caring, she brings warmth to our workplace every day. As our fiscal officer, her expertise is invaluable, and we're fortunate to have her on our team. Sara Dyer
Kate Sell Delaware Kate’s skillful interpretation of complex legal language and ability to translate policy objectives into actionable legislation have been an invaluable addition to the Division of Research! Thank you, Kate, for your exceptional contributions as a legislative attorney! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Casey Long West Virginia Casey leaves no detail untouched and handles multiple tasks beautifully. Even when exhausted or stressed, she can stop to laugh.  Ann Ali
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann, without question, is the most hardworking and dedicated individual within our caucus staff. We have collaborated closely on multiple policy issues, and I know that I can trust her to provide crucial insight and meaningful advice. Thanks, Coffiann! Alex Seasock
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara’s exceptional drafting skills and keen legal insights as a legislative attorney consistently ensure the quality and precision of our legislative drafting, making her an indispensable asset to our team. Thank you, Cara, for your invaluable contributions! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Dee Spelock West Virginia Dee is the go-to gal for public information. She has helped me numerous times with callers who have questions that I am unable to answer, as well as with inventory and general information about the different departments in the main building! Olivia Klee
Hank Hager West Virginia Hank is smart, hardworking, kind and dedicated. I am grateful for his honesty, discernment and organizational skills as we work together for the Joint Committee on Education. He is a true professional and friend. Melissa White
Kevin Riffe West Virginia  Kevin's exemplary performance in his 35 years of service is truly commendable. We're fortunate to have him as a valued member of our team. Sara Dyer
Shubreet Kaur Delaware Shubreet is one of our two fantastic legislative fellows, and her dedication, adaptability and insightful contributions have greatly enriched our legislative efforts in the Division of Research. Thank you, Shubreet, for your invaluable support and commitment to public service! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Adair Burgess West Virginia I consider it a treat when I get to work directly with Adair because I know there will be a backup plan, every single detail will be handled and things will be done ahead of schedule. There is no puzzle she can't break down to solve! Ann Ali
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is incredibly intelligent, a diligent worker and a trusted advisor. He has become a close friend throughout our work together on military, veterans affairs and homeland security policy. I look forward to seeing what we can come up with together next! Thanks, Matt! Alex Seasock
Gabi Lane Delaware Gabi is one of our two fantastic legislative fellows, and her proactive approach, dedication to learning and positive attitude have made a noticeable impact. Thank you, Gabi, for your valuable contributions to the Division of Research! (And thank you for reminding us how important it is to be extra careful to secure leftovers before hitting the road!) Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Joci McMichael Michigan Joci is awesome! She is organized, responsible, quick with a smile and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything you do, Joci! Jeremy Herliczek
Leanne Voshell Delaware Welcome to the Division of Research, Leanne! Your enthusiasm, quick learning and positive attitude have already made an impact on our team. We look forward to seeing you grow into your role as our newest legal publications editor! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Morgan Clay West Virginia Morgan is always ready to assist with employee travel needs. His willingness to lend a hand ensures that everything runs smoothly with reimbursements, keeping us on track and ensuring a seamless process. Sara Dyer
Jacob Redman West Virginia  Jacob is polite, respectful, friendly and professional. It's great seeing him doing well, growing with his new job duties.  Kristin King
Jacque Bland West Virginia Jacque is grace under pressure, always making clear-headed decisions and leading by example through a heavy workload. Truly my guiding star.  Ann Ali
Team LCO (aka Chapter 17 xotgs) Connecticut  It truly takes a village to make and serve up legislative sausage. So to all of my colleagues and fellow sausage makers in LCO, I say thank you for your counsel, collaboration, patience, empathy and good humor, even in the most trying of circumstances. I am most fortunate to be part of this village, office and team of dedicated and skilled public servants. Bill O'Shea
Kim Jeffrey West Virginia Kim is a valued member of our fiscal office, she's always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. We're grateful for her dedication and hard work. Sara Dyer
Ann Ali West Virginia Ann does SO much and completes it all with a smile! She is the kindest person I have met who also has strong boundaries—needed when working with the media! I appreciate all of her help and guidance!  Morgan Miller
Robert Akers West Virginia  Robert is such a great asset with his energy and engineering background. I appreciate that he's able to give practical solutions to problems. Kristin King
Jake Allarding Michigan Jake isn't face to face with our legislators very often, so he doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's super creative, his designs always impress, and I honestly don't know how he produces the amount of content he does on a daily basis. Plus he's quick with a joke and makes the office a fun place to work. Thanks for everything, Jake! Jeremy Herliczek
Connor Loftus Michigan Connor established a strong, organized framework that guided us smoothly through the DHHS budget process.  Connor Loftus 
Sarah Stewart West Virginia Sarah is the anchor of the Senate, and I'll never know how she balances so much. Sarah always looks at things with a wide lens, never rushing to judgment or rash action, but never shrinking from taking a stand. Ann Ali
Sara Dyer West Virginia I got to know Sara better this past October at a conference in D.C. She is so kind, helpful and a very hard worker! I am glad I got to know her better and that she works with us!  Morgan Miller
Jeremiah Samples West Virginia Jeremiah's prowess and dedication in matters concerning DHHR, especially foster care, are simply astounding. His depth of knowledge is unparalleled, and he's always ready to provide insightful answers to any question thrown his way. His commitment to the Legislature is both inspiring and invaluable to our team. Sara Dyer
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan What Malak accomplishes every session day is insane. I honestly don't know how she satisfies all the wants and needs of our reps; her organizational skills are crazy impressive. And she does it all with a smile. Malak, you help make this a fun place to work. Thanks for everything you do! Jeremy Herliczek
Ian Smith  West Virginia  Ian is able to present budget matters clearly and concisely. He's great at helping all of us understand the budget process better.  Kristin King
Jacque Bland  West Virginia Jacque is such an awesome asset to the Legislature. She is kind, caring, hilarious and wonderful at keeping everyone "in the know." I am so glad I met her and get to work in the same place as her!  Morgan Miller
Pricella Coleman  West Virginia  Pricella's customer service is second to none! Her years of experience add great value to HFIN. Kristin King
Alice Chakmakian West Virginia  Alice's navigation in getting to the heart of the matter with legislation is superb!  Kristin King
Legislative Services/Bill Drafting West Virginia To all the staff in Legislative Services—Rich, Anne, Kidd, Melissa, Alex, Adam and Kelly: You're an amazingly talented group of people! I appreciate each and every one of you and all that you do. I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing office. Felisha Sutherland
Emily Zambrello Connecticut Emily is the backbone of the HDO education team and has mastered the ability to both lead major projects and work as an effective team player. She is a selfless and dedicated public servant! Dave Desjardins
Legislative Services West Virginia Great group of people in Legislative Services. I just want to tell our whole staff thank you! The majority of my acknowledgements were completed through the in-house High Five link. Olivia Klee
Stella Dunn West Virginia  Stella stepped in as a great, hardworking employee this past session. I'm grateful we've been able to work together.  Kristin King
Beverly Douglas West Virginia Bev is one of the brightest stars in our Senate sky! As the clerk for one of our busiest committees, she's organized and prepared and is always willing to go above and beyond to help both members and her fellow staff. Her positivity is inspiring!  Jacque Bland
Justin Richards Delaware Thank you, Justin, for another great session of working together on various projects! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Jaci Hugg Delaware Thank you, Jaci, for your partnership this session! I could not have gotten through the task force work without your help! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Tammy Shamblin West Virginia Tammy deserves all of the shoutouts every day! She's a rock, she's the all-star, she's the top of the top. Her ability to make me laugh—and to find humor in the same things I do—make our tough days so much better. We are all so fortunate that our Finance Committee has such a great woman to keep it running along!  Jacque Bland
Read Scott Delaware Thank you, Read, for all your work on the DIAA Task Force, and helping make my job easier! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Cale Winters Michigan Cale is a badass. Funny, charming and great to work with. Love her work in the comms department.  Casey adams
Shannon Higgins Michigan Her hard work and commitment to constituents of the 75th House District are unparalleled. She truly cares about others and it shows in her work! Alex Birkle
Tom Horton Michigan Tom is one of my favorite people. A true delight to chat and work with. Incredibly intelligent, thinks outside the box, and a good friend. Michigan is lucky to have him working in the Legislature.  Tom Horton
Richard Anderson West Virginia  "Richard's got jokes" is a break from the everyday workflow.  Kristin King
Kiki Evinger Delaware Kiki, thank you for the collaboration and camaraderie this session! Here's to surviving to June 30! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Madisyn Dye Michigan Madisyn is a hard worker, a true go-getter and a great communicator! Tori Kletke
Holly Kuhn Michigan Have a question on legislative history? Holly knows or can easily find the answer. She is prompt, accurate and a joy to work with.  Matt Lantzy
Jim Tamburro Connecticut Jim, you have transformed your own position, dramatically improved communication between OLM and the nonpartisan offices, and—this is no small feat—overseen what are arguably some of the most significant changes ever in modernizing the legislative process. So a big shoutout to you for ushering in the new era! Bill O'Shea
James Tamburro Connecticut Jim, thank you for genuinely supporting the commission during this transition. Your availability and open-door policy were greatly appreciated. I am truly grateful to be part of a team led by someone as visionary and dedicated as you.  Rosemary Lopez
Max Aulbach Michigan Max is simply great. A good person, sharp as a tack, hard worker and interesting to talk to. Grand Rapids is lucky to have him.  Casey Adams
Carl Fletcher West Virginia Carl is one of the best, most adaptable, good-natured people I've ever had the opportunity to know. He's an incredibly skilled attorney and a problem-solving champion, which makes him totally clutch for our entire Senate team. I also need to shout out his sense of humor and his superb taste in music—10/10. Jacque Bland
Melinda Swagger West Virginia  Melinda's willingness to help is a shining attribute of hers! Kristin King 
Edith Best Michigan Edith is someone you can turn to when looking for answers to complex questions. She is just someone you want to work with. Matt Lantzy
Sara Kamrath Michigan Sara, thank you for all the quick turnaround times for comms approvals, for your attention to detail and consistent preparedness in submitting intake forms. You rock! Thank you!  Codie Drake
Morgan Miller  West Virginia I've appreciated getting to know Morgan. I'm excited to see where her passions take her in life! Kristin King 
Kumi Sato Connecticut Kumi is our office renaissance woman. She's at the center of any office activity or employee recognition—an excellent drafter with a wealth of knowledge and an extremely dedicated employee. We're lucky to have her. Shannon McCarthy
Isabel Kinnison West Virginia You can count on Isabel when you need a task done right and done quickly! She's absolutely indispensable to her committee chairman, and she's got so much respect among our members and staff. She's unfailingly sweet and kind and we are blessed she's part of our team!  Jacque Bland
Virginia Chambers Michigan Virginia is a phenomenal communications advisor and incredibly versatile staffer. Always dependable and timely, her attention to detail and organization makes our lives so much easier.  Dylan Gebhard
Ashley Cecil Michigal Ashley works very hard, and her dedication is outstanding! Ashley is also a great friend and co-worker! Tori Kletke
Jason Colella Michigan Not only does Jason manage the day-to-day operation of our office like a champ, but he also makes everyone smile while doing it! Parker Dennings
Melissa White West Virginia  Melissa has a sweet and genuine demeanor. I'm grateful to be able to work in the House with her.  Kristin King 
LSB Staff Michigan  Need to understand how a policy proposal may compare to others nationwide, and then ensure that your legislative language maintains the intent? Look no further than the staff at LSB. They are an integral part of the policy and appropriations process from start to finish. Matt Lantzy
Sandy Westfall West Virginia Sandy is an energetic fireball who brings such joy to a room with her laugh! She's our backbone of institutional knowledge and the best resource for those things you need to know to survive the session but nobody prepares you for! She's one of the hardest workers I've ever seen and has devoted her entire career to public service. She's beloved by members, staff and Capitol regulars alike! Jacque Bland
Nick Strunk Michigan Nick has been a valuable resource to me ever since I started in the House. He knows what he's doing and is always willing to offer a helping hand. Happy to call him a co-worker and a friend! Adam Russell
Anne Landgrebe West Virginia  It's great getting to see Anne's smiling face when she walks by the office. I'm glad we're able to work together in the House.  Kristin King 
Elizabeth Conroy Connecticut Liz, I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding work you do every day. Keep shining bright! Rosemary Lopez
Sean Walser Michigan Sean is a huge asset to Speaker Tate's team! He always makes sure members and staff have everything they need for success, and I always enjoy working with him! Tori Kletke
House Session Staff  Michigan The Michigan House session staff are absolutely essential. Each and every person on the session staff is always a joy to work with. Matt Lantzy
Ryan Quandt Michigan Ryan is the absolute best person to work with! He is always willing to help with any task or question.  Maggie Wernet
Maggie Wernet Michigan I've known Maggie since my days as an intern, and she has always been a valuable resource. She's always willing to help, answer a question or just be a friendly face to talk to. Thank you, Maggie! Adam Russell
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is a stellar photographer who never ceases to capture our reps in their best light. Sometimes, I think Jeremy's been cloned, because he is everywhere all at once and never misses the mark. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Bobby Jereb
Joseph Clark Michigan Shoutout to Joe for his mastery in editing! He's a grammar wizard, always catching errors in my graphics with precision. He's truly an editing machine! Jake Allarding
Alex Birkle Michigan Alex is constantly going above and beyond to work on legislation, attend events and help me or the office in any way! He is the nicest person and has always been a great team member to work with, and he deserves 100 shoutouts! Shannon Higgins
DJ Morgan West Virginia  DJ is a friendly face with great stories. His calm and outgoing demeanor is a great addition to the House. Kristin King
Martti Weaver Michigan Martti is the best co-worker anyone could ask for. He is great at his job, fun to chat with and seems capable of solving any tech problem you could come across. I love working with him and hearing about his life. He is someone who actually makes the world a better place.  Rachel Cichon
Cindy Dellinger West Virginia Cindy is our go-to for complicated health care legal questions and is the kind of counsel our committee chairman relies upon heavily. She's brilliant and fearless and is always prepared with research. She's a genuinely kind and patient soul and has been such a valuable resource to us!  Jacque Bland
House Sergeants Michigan The Michigan House sergeants are vital to ensuring that the session, committees and day-to-day work of the House run smoothly.  Matt Lantzy
Joanne Wisely Michigan  Joanne is so intelligent and great at her job while also being a super kind and fun person. She can handle anything you throw at her beautifully. I'm lucky to know her and to work with her. Rachel Cichon
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis is the best! I really can't emphasize enough how great she really is!  Maggie Wernet
Ashleigh Schoeninger  Michigan Nobody is doing it like Ashleigh around here. She goes above and beyond in every way and is so knowledgeable. She is a tremendous asset to her office and to me as a great friend.  Rachel Cichon
Susan Skehan Connecticut Sue, thank you for the invaluable work you do daily to keep our budgets flowing. Keep up the fantastic work. Rosemary Lopez
House Information Systems Staff  Michigan  Whether it's issues with the wireless printers, connecting to web or having regular technology problems, Information Systems staff are always at the ready to help you solve the problem.  Matt Lantzy
Matt Dargay Michigan Matt is a dedicated legislative director who works tirelessly to help put forth good legislation for the people of Michigan. I am grateful for his dedication!  Rep. Sharon MacDonell
Sammi Skorka Michigan The most creative and amazing videographer ever! Sammi creates so much great content for us while also being a fashion staple at the HOB. She rocks.  Rachel Cichon
Clarissa Mata Michigan Clarissa is amazing. I met her when she was an intern and student working hard to organize a huge and important rally at the Capitol. To see her moving up in our HOB world has been a joy and it is well deserved. She is also incredibly fun and down to earth.  Rachel Cichon
Drew Constable  West Virginia  Drew is kind and willing to help, while having a laser focus on getting the job done.  Kristin King
David Schupbach Michigan Shoutout to Dave for building such a resilient team. Your cool, calm and compassionate leadership sets the tone, guiding us with empathy and understanding. Thanks for strengthening our department! Jake Allarding
House Business Office Michigan If you need assistance with HR, training, benefits, payroll, parking, financial operations or retirement, the professionals of the House Business Office are ready to help in whatever way they can. Matt Lantzy
Lori Grayson Connecticut Lori, thank you for your outstanding support and willingness to help whenever I have a question or need assistance. You rock! Rosemary Lopez
Matt Dargay Michigan Having worked on a bill package with Matt, I saw how hard he works to vet his bills and get things done. I am so grateful for how much effort he's put into the Safe Homes, Safe Schools package!  Rachel Cichon
Chloe Barbosa Michigan Shoutout to Chloe, the epitome of stellar MSA! You rock, Chloe!  Maggie Wernet
John Giovengo West Virginia John is the textbook definition of a professional! He's got tremendous attention to detail and is a source of knowledge for our new clerks when they come on board. He's such an upbeat and positive person and is always the first to offer a kind word or encouragement. We're so blessed to have him on our staff!  Jacque Bland
Vicki Pendell  West Virginia  Vicki is organized, professional and kind. I'm grateful to work with her.  Kristin King
Bill Hamilton Michigan Full. Service. Fiscal. Agency.  Rachel Cichon
Joe Fedewa  Michigan  Joe is the GOAT when it comes to all things budget. He is always there to answer any questions about the budget process for the Michigan Legislature. He is a book of knowledge. Yvonne Fronczak 
House Facilities, Maintenance and Operations Michigan If you have issues with an elevator or need some supplies, our facilities staff are prompt and top notch and are always willing to help ensure that the offices run smoothly. Matt Lantzy
Jess Travers Michigan Shoutout to Jess for her exceptional wordsmithing wizardry! As a visual thinker, crafting messaging for graphics was daunting until Jess stepped in. With her guidance, it's a breeze. Couldn't do it without you! Jake Allarding
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis' helpful efforts streamline our processes for providing the support and materials members need—everything from robocalls and text campaigns to in-district events and legislative walks. I genuinely appreciate her dedication and friendly disposition.  Bobby Jereb
Tim Reeves Michigan  Tim is so solid. I appreciate his bill-drafting expertise and guidance on some of the most complex areas of Michigan law. He is top notch and always so patient.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Hank Hager West Virginia Hank is truly one of the kindest, most helpful people I've ever known! He's been a reliable source of information and help for me since I started at the Senate back in 2014. He's always got a smile on his face, and he's trusted by our members and staff as THE resource for education law questions. Jacque Bland
Emma Heaton Michigan Emma is always there for anyone who needs help and constantly works to make her office the best it can be! She is an incredibly hard worker who is the most deserving person for a shout out! Shannon Higgins
Ben Mack West Virginia Ben brings his game face and hard work to every meeting as the Committee Clerk for Education. He's been a great addition to our team and our Education Committee depends on his work to get their job done!  Jacque Bland
Eugene Kutz Michigan Since beginning with the Michigan House, Eugene been instrumental in supporting my boss' communication efforts. Whether it be with a floor speech or a press release for an event, Eugene has done a great job giving us well-written pieces. I also appreciated how Eugene took the time to get to know my boss to ensure that the writing truly reflected her voice. Thank you, Eugene, for all that you do!  Joci
Ryan Quandt Michigan Ryan's a beam of light on a dark day. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Ryan steps into the roll of MSA by providing the support and materials our Members need. I appreciate Ryan's professionalism, dedication and friendship. Bobby Jereb
Liz Ribbey-Shiels Michigan No one knows the Public Health Code and its nuances better than Liz! She is an amazing attorney and an excellent resource for the entire Legislature.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is a fantastic resource to our team! He has expertly helped us to weave through complex issues and differing perspectives on projects and has given them new life. He's also been willing to work on issues outside of his purview, drawing on his experience to assist us in any way that he can! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Liz Kranz Michigan Shoutout to Liz for bringing stability and joy to the office. Thanks for your creative guidance, reassurance, and keeping us grounded during times of chaos. You're invaluable! Jake Allarding
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann is the unsung hero of the Michigan Legislature. She puts everything she has into her work and asks for very little in return, and what she does ask for is often for the members of her team and not herself. It's well known that we would all be lost without her. We just can't thank Coffiann enough! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Mindy Parsley West Virginia We didn't know we had a missing piece of our team puzzle, but it was Mindy. She's made us complete. She's one of the most intelligent, capable attorneys I've ever seen, she's tough, she's incredibly fair, and she's trusted by members of all political stripes. She's always fun, always fierce, and always dependable. It's a joy to be around her every day! Jacque Bland
Chris Marino Connecticut Chris navigates challenging dynamics with ease and grace. The history extraordinaire, we can always count on Chris for his trove of knowledge and expertise. I am thankful for his friendship. Our office family would not be the same without him. Taylor Hyde
Emily Novick Michigan Emily has put in an immense amount of effort into supporting our team. She genuinely wants us to be successful, and is always ready to help us overcome challenges in order to make that happen. She is a significant asset to our office's operations and a true team player! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Derek Walters  Michigan  Derek delivers! He is another outstanding drafting attorney with the Legislative Services Bureau. I appreciate his expertise on insurance bills. He is so great to work with and always goes above and beyond to ensure we have what we need.  Derek Walters 
Brittany Carowick West Virginia Brittany's passion for making her world a better place has inspired me more than I could ever express. She's found so many ways to learn and grow and make the Senate a better place because of her knowledge. She's our spirit captain and our encouragement queen. We couldn't do it without her. Jacque Bland
Inger Avery Connecticut Inger is a pleasure to work with. She is professional,, pays attention to details, gets along with everyone and is doing a great job!! Sue Skehan
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Malak is an amazing House floor director! She can handle anything thrown her way. It is because of her that session runs as it should.  Maya Lowry
Shay Florian Michigan Shay's expertise in digital communications has taken our office to new levels. She is always on top of her work, even when we throw a lot of things her way, and she handles them all meticulously. Shay is always there when you need her, and we can't tell her how much we appreciate her dedication! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Rachel Bakke Minnesota Rachel goes above and beyond for Sen. Johnson's office and helps me in so many ways. I appreciate her cheerful demeanor and her maturity to manage the Minority Leader's office with grace.  Rachel Aplikowski
Trina Strain West Virginia Trina's got the role of juggling all of our minor committees and because of that, she's got to wear a lot of hats. She's able to handle them all and does a great job for her committee chairmen!  Jacque Bland
Angela Rodriguez Connecticut Angela so glad to have you on our team - you're doing a great job!! Thank you! Sue Skehan
Natasha Peci Connecticut Congratulations on being a new Grandma Natasha!! Enjoy! Sue Skehan
Brenda Klindt West Virginia Brenda's been such a dependable and hard-working member of our Senate staff! She takes on a lot of responsibilities for a lot of our members, both when they are in session and when they are home in their districts. She's always kind and patient and does her job with a smile!  Jacque Bland
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Shoutout to Jeremy for your patience as a teacher and for being a constant source of laughter. You're not just the best photographer, but also the funniest. Your guidance since day one has been invaluable. You're a rare gem! Jake Allarding
TJ Nuccio Connecticut Since my first day on the job you have helped me every step of the way. From finding data on EdSight to finding the Capitol's mysterious 5th floor I wouldn't have gotten through my first session without you! Christian Duborg
Chris Perillo Connecticut Chris is an excellent boss - has brought a lot of new ideas and creativity to the department! Sue Skehan 
Beth Waters Connecticut Beth thank you for all your help with the AP Department - you have picked up the work and run with it - huge help!!! Thank you! Sue Skehan
Ryan Quandt MI Unrelentingly positive attitude in this guy. Great member services advisor. Excellent part of central staff.  Casey Adams
Marilyn Hall West Virginia Marilyn's our newest member of the team, and I cannot imagine our office without her! She's such a bright spot in the Senate and brings such enthusiasm and eagerness to everything she's doing. This is an entirely new career for her, and she's already grown so much. I cannot wait to watch what she does in the future!  Jacque Bland
Bobby Jereb Michigan Shoutout to Bobby, the most dedicated designer I've ever met. Your passion for your work is inspiring, and your hard work motivates me to be a better designer. Keep shining, Bobby! Jake Allarding
Veronica Martinez Michigan Whenever there are upper-level staff changes, there's always an air of skepticism, but Veronica's leadership skills quickly put everyone at ease. She made the management and re-organization of two departments look easy, and even significantly improved their effectiveness. Veronica is certainly someone you want to have in your corner! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Werner Oyanadel  Connecticut From my first day you've always made me feel welcome and comfortable. You've taught me a ton and always been so helpful whenever I have questions. I appreciate you and can't wait to work together more!  Christian Duborg
Diana Ramsey West Virginia Diana's such a critical part of our entire Senate operation! She's one of the biggest unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes we have. There is nobody I would trust more to handle my organization tasks than Diana. She's a true pro and has been such a great friend to me here!  Jacque Bland
Nick Olds Michigan As the sole person in our organization doing the job he does, Nick works with the speed and care of multiple people. He is always ready to help and swift to act. He's also extremely patient and kind. Nick is great to work with and we wouldn't want anyone else in his position! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Michael Werner  Connecticut In my first few weeks when I had no director and no idea what to do you really took me under your wing. You helped me gain connections, strategize on bills, and above all gave me the confidence that I was in this role for a reason and could succeed, and I'll always be grateful for that.  Christian Duborg
Hannah France Minnesota Hannah is an Xtend wizard! You always make my bill drafts and amendments sparkle. I would be lost without you! Jenna Hofer
Chris Peritore Connecticut Chris proved indispensable as our assistant clerk this session, consistently going above and beyond in providing invaluable support. His dedication and expertise were pivotal to our team's success. We will miss him! Taylor Hyde
Maggie Wernet Michigan Maggie is such a great person and support for our office. I transitioned into a new role in the office in the middle of the legislative term, and Maggie was so helpful through the learning process helping me understand how to budget our office allotment, plan for different types of communications from our office throughout the year and helping plan our bigger events. It has been a true pleasure to work with her!! Thank you, Maggie!! Joci McMichael
Ben McSheehy Connecticut Ben's contribution as our assistant clerk this session was exceptional. His proactive approach and dedication were crucial to our accomplishments. We're deeply grateful for his invaluable support and unwavering commitment to our team's success. We hope to have him back in the future! Taylor Hyde
Shay Florian Michigan Shoutout to Shay for always being one step ahead and for your ongoing collaboration. Your dedication to streamlining processes and improving efficiency and effectiveness is truly admirable. Your efforts to make our work more accessible are invaluable. You're a true MVP for the people! Jake Allarding
Laura Page  Michigan  Laura is so thorough! She is yet another talented drafting attorney in our Legislative Services Bureau who is always so helpful.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Katie Michels Michigan Katie is an awesome Legislative Advisor and is a great team leader. She has made my job transition much more manageable and fun. She is a great asset to any team.  Kylie Chicilli
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut  Despite all the busyness and chaos you went out of your way to help me as I was starting out. From teaching me how to log mileage to calling IT to fix my computer your help was invaluable. Above all, I've appreciated the kindness you've shown me and have really enjoyed our conversations. I couldn't have asked for a better cubicle neighbor! Christian Duborg
Brie Wolf / Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee Administrator Connecticut For keeping the ship steady and ready like a well oiled machine. Pete Torres Jr.
Ann Marie Lewis Minnesota Ann Marie's wisdom, dedication, and years of service are inspiring. I've so loved working with you over the years! Jenna Hofer
Kamryn Borton Michigan For all her hard work and help during her tenure as an intern. Dylan Taylor
Emily Novick Michigan Emily has taken over new offices as our Member Services Advisor and has done it seamlessly. We lean on Emily to ensure our office runs smoothly and efficiently and we couldn't do it without her! Caila Coleman
Virginia Chambers Michigan Shoutout to Virginia for handling every situation like a pro. Always on top of your game, working hard to improve our work lives. I appreciate your guidance and your sense of humor daily. Our members are truly in good hands with you! Jake Allarding
Kirstin Breiner and Nate Kalechman Connecticut Kirstin and Nate are the dynamic duo that keep the trains running in the Judiciary Committee. Adeptly managing claims, wrongful incarceration awards, nominations, AG settlements, bills, followed by a slew of referred bills and then a multitude of fun interim activities; they do it all. You are superstars in carrying out your duties and making things so much easier for the rest of us. Thank you! Bill O'Shea
Bjorn Arneson Minnesota Bjorn's expertise and creative problem solving skills are unparalleled. It's such a joy and privilege to work with you! Jenna Hofer
Clarissa Mata Michigan Clarissa is a joy to have in and around the office--she does an excellent job coordinating events between offices (which is not an easy feat!) and has been an incredible colleague to have in my corner!  Caila Coleman
Ogenna Iweajunwa Michigan  So an LSB legend, Lorna Beard, told me Ogenna would be a wonderful addition to the LSB attorney team and that I would love working with her. As usual, Lorna was right on both accords.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Eric Nauman Minnesota Our fearless fiscal leader, I learn something from you each day, most importantly, that donut monsters DO exist. I have immensely appreciated your support, guidance, and patience over the years. Thank you! Jenna Hofer
Cayley Winters Michigan Shoutout to Cale! Your efforts to make us shine over the years have been incredible. We've grown so much as a team and as an online presence since you started, and a lot of that falls squarely on your shoulders. The numbers don't lie—you're a force to be reckoned with and a blast to be around. Thanks for your endless support and friendship! Jake Allarding
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Milagros's generosity in assisting us with learning Spanish has been immensely appreciated. Her patience and support have made the learning process enjoyable and rewarding. I am profoundly grateful for her guidance and encouragement. Looking forward to more classes! Taylor Hyde
Lexi Stangl Minnesota Lexi leads with a calm, thoughtful, poise that I so admire. Thank you for all you do for our office! Jenna Hofer
Dawn Marzik Connecticut A fantastic CEC and person who makes even the toughest tasks easier because of her hard work and humor.  Sam Zakur
Megan Baker Connecticut  First of all you've been incredibly patient with me as I try to figure out how event planning works and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in that! Beyond that you've been supporting me since I started in a ton of ways from sharing bills with me to make sure I didn't miss them to making sure I didn't miss Ag Day. You've made my first 3 months on the job a whole lot better than they otherwise would've been! Christian Duborg
Janelle Stevens Connecticut To say Janelle goes above and beyond is huge understatement. Janelle, thank you for being dedicated to excellence, a kind and supportive supervisor and friend, and someone who looks for the good. The CGA is so fortunate to have such a smart, thoughtful public servant. Michelle Parlos
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl is imperative to our committee process and the entire CGA. Always available to help in a bind, I am extremely grateful for her support and patience. We could not do what we do without her! Taylor
Korin Caity Connecticut For solving all our computer issues with a smile. Thank you, Korin! Molly McAllister
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason is a great legislative aide to work with. He's very knowledgeable and willing to help whenever he's needed (case in point - the CGA Kickball Classic).  Jessica Ciparelli
Rick O'Neill Connecticut I couldn't do this job without Rick. His dedication and passion for service is extraordinary and inspiring, and I'm so grateful for him!  Rep. John-Michael Parker
Kathryn Stebbins Connecticut Thanks for your patience when we call with all our IT questions! We appreciate it!  Molly McAllister
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut High-five from one CGA trainer to another! Happy to have you as a training partner at the CGA.  Molly McAllister
Kylee Johnson Michigan Not only is Kylee an absolutely exceptional staffer, always going above and beyond expectations in every role, she is an amazingly kind person that brightens any cloudy day!! She is sunshine personified! Mila Bodewes
Ash Northey Connecticut For keeping everyone in the loop with the lines of communication in the FRB Committee. Pete Torres Jr.
HDO Press Aides: Marta Collazo, Alberto Negron, Desmond Conner, Marc-Yves Regis II, Jason York, Adam Gerena, Jessica Ciparelli, Donnie Therkildsen, and Julien Novog-Desrayaud Connecticut I'm so proud to be part of such a wonderful, hard-working, and fun group of people! Jackson DeLaney
Samantha Skorka Michigan Shoutout to Sammi for being a video production machine! Your speed in creating engaging videos is truly impressive. You're a video powerhouse, and your entire skill set is hard to come by, especially wrapped up into one person. Absolutely crushing it! Jake Allarding
Madelyn Day Michigan Madelyn has been a great mentor to me! She is great communicator and makes sure I have the tools to be successful. Tori Kletke
Angie Waszkiewicz Connecticut Angie does a phenomenal job as the Internship Coordinator. She's a calm and thoughtful leader who wants interns, staff, and legislators all to have a wonderful CGA experience. Thank you, Angie. Molly McAllister
Connor Loftus Michigan Anyone who knows Connor, knows how reliable, hardworking, and fantastic he is as a staffer. I am eternally grateful for the skills he taught me, and to be able to know such an amazing person.  Mila Bodewes
Kevin Studebaker and the entire Legislative Services Bureau Team  Michigan  Kevin Studebaker and the entire Legislative Services Bureau (LSB) are among the unsung heroes. We lean on them for all bill drafting needs for both chambers, including the budget. Even under pressure, they are always professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I really cannot thank them enough for all they do. Coffiann Hawthorne
Denise Drummond Connecticut Not only have you put on some truly incredible events and set the standard for the rest of us to aspire to, but you've shown me so much kindness as I'm starting out. The office conversations we've had have always made me feel welcome and I'm excited to be working together!  Christian Duborg
Sessional Staff  Connecticut Thank you to Jean and Jason for filling in the blanks during committee mtgs and hearings. Pete Torres Jr.
Kiara Hohn Minnesota Kiara makes walking into the office such a welcoming and friendly experience. Thank you! Jenna Hofer
Beth Mammen Nevada Beth leads the Legal Division’s editing team with expertise, guidance and support and approaches challenges with determination, resilience and grace. We are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated and inspiring leader, mentor and friend. Cindy Matheus
Kyle Woll Connecticut Always helping me out with FOI requests and my constant questions after I send them to him. He is pleasant and helpful even when I know he would rather not answer my calls!!! Beth Waters
Paul Alderucci Connecticut  Paul is the most responsive person I know and consistently goes above and beyond to help me out when I need something. We tend to work together in stressful situations and I really appreciate his humor and good nature! Beth Waters
Cassie Rooney Minnesota Cassie is always so cheerful, easy going, and thoughtful. She is hands down the greatest revisor to work with!  Jenna Hofer
All of SDO Connecticut Your Incredible work and just getting it Done!!

Sue Skehan Connecticut Sue does a terrific job as our financial services supervisor. Sue, thank you for bringing positive energy to the office every day! Chris Perillo
Johnathon Wertheimer  Michigan Johnathon has taught me so much in the last year and a half. I have him to thank for this amazing job and the wonderful people I have met thus far.  Damjana Gjetaj
Angela Wheeler  Michigan  Angela is easily one of the nicest people in the entire House and always has a positive demeanor, regardless of the circumstances. I appreciate being able to bounce ideas off her.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Emily Connelly Michigan Shoutout to Emily for really hitting the ground running. I still have no clue how we managed the workload before you joined the team! You handle difficult design work with ease and make complicated tasks enjoyable. Your invaluable work is truly appreciated—thank you can't be said enough! Jake Allarding
Solveig Beckel Minnesota Solveig truly *excels* at formatting spreadsheets and has such a knack for detail. Thank you for being such a great counterpart! Jenna Hofer
Jim Tamburro Connecticut  An amazing person to work for and work with! Hands down the most approachable, caring, and genuine person I have ever worked with. Beth Waters
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric, you've had a great first year leading the contracting unit. Look forward to working with you on several BIG projects! Chris Perillo
Melvette Hill Connecticut  You have provided me with invaluable guidance both before and after your well-deserved appointment as our Executive Director! From joining me in one of my early meetings and giving me pointers to giving guidance and input on my efforts on testimony you have already made me a better analyst than I imagined I could be at the beginning. It's an honor to work with you and learn from you! Christian Duborg
Emma Walters Michigan Emma has been so kind since the first time I met her. She is always so eager to learn something new. I am so happy to have a new friend in my life.  Damjana Gjetaj
Natalie White Delaware Natalie has really grown in her role as an editor with the Registrar’s Office. She is dedicated to improving her skill to better assist the Office and her willingness to help however she can is impressive. We’re so grateful to have her on the team! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
The HDO Clerk Team Connecticut Having a team as great as this one isn’t easy. They complement one another and are constantly looking for ways to help. Their individual success is also their team’s success. They lean on one another and overcome obstacles as a team. I am so appreciative of the work they do and how close they have grown as a team. The work we do isn’t always easy but they certainly make it look effortless.  Zoë Gluck
Barry Hubbard Connecticut Thanks for always being willing to help out and offer advice; I really appreciate it!  Peter Andrews
Tom Steinbis  Michigan Tom was one of the first people I met when starting my new job. He is so nice and has always been there when I needed an ear. You will be missed but I am sure you'll have a great new adventure ahead of you.  Damjana Gjetaj
Chris Perillo  Connecticut  He makes our office a better place! The knowledge and perspective he has brought to the OLM Leadership team is invaluable. He is always there to listen and offer solid advice, usually with much appreciated humor! Beth Waters
Alyssa Holterman Rosas Minnesota Alyssa had a very full plate this session and deserves a huge kudos for balancing it all. I always appreciate her careful review of fiscal notes and our many conversations. She is such a trusted colleague, the Education team is lucky to have her! Jenna Hofer
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Thank you for always being available to give a kind word and I also appreciate our lunch time conversations! It is a pleasure working with you. Devin Avshalom-Smith
Luis Alston Connecticut Luis is always more than willing to help me with any project. He is extremely responsive, helpful and just an overall great person to work with! Beth Waters
Nick Strunk Michigan I am so proud of Nick and his new role as an LD. He is doing an amazing job and is a kind person.  Damjana
Migdalia Ballester-Alicea Connecticut I love working with Migdalia! Whenever I swing by her desk, she's always there, making sure I'm good and even sharing snacks. Her warmth and humor make her feel like family at work, like the best work mom anyone could ask for! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Kristin King West Virginia Kristin has been an exceptional addition to our Committee. Her poise and professionalism sets a standard which we all can learn from to make us better people/staffers. She learns quickly and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions. She also laughs at our bad jokes and patiently tolerates us with a smile.  Sara Jones
Sue Skehan Connecticut So grateful to all you do. Your keen insight is always appreciated and respected. You make things happen! Melvette Hill
Rosalee Filippone Connecticut Thank you for all your hard work in helping me pull together our 2Gen Advisory and Education Committee Forum. Not a lot of time, but we made it happen. So appreciative of you! Melvette Hill
Matt Gilligan Connecticut  Matt is conscientious, a great listener and insightful. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Our team benefits from your positive attitude and energy! Thank you for always being there to listen or lend a hand!  Sue Tufts
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is a lifesaver - anytime I have an issue or am looking for system improvements I call Dan!!! He always asks great questions to make sure you get what you really want and goes above and beyond to help! His system improvements have saved me so much time and improved accuracy tenfold! He is just great to work with!!! Sue Skehan
Kevin Koorstra Michigan Simply put, Kevin is the truth. His knowledge of the DHHS budget, Medicaid, and behavioral health...(and the list goes on) is beyond compare. With a stroke of genius and creativity, he always finds a way for us to make it happen. There is a reason why we always say 'let's just ask Kevin!'  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Mary Enderlin Connecticut Thank you Mary for your continued contributions to the purchasing department. I appreciate what you do! Lori Grayson
Jessica Ciparelli Connecticut Jessica embodies dedication, determination, and resourcefulness. She is committed to providing detail oriented work for the representatives she serves on email, social media, and in the House Chamber. She deserves to be recognized for her hard work! Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan has continued to be a wonderful mentor and an asset to the Connecticut General Assembly. I know I can rely on her whenever and am grateful to her. Chandra Persaud
Nathan Kalechman Connecticut A big shoutout to Nate for his outstanding work as one of our clerk team leads! His efforts definitely don't go unnoticed, especially during those hectic moments. Always there for the team, making sure everything's running smoothly. Thank you, Nate! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Collin Naylor Michigan Shoutout to Collin for being an amazing human being! I always appreciate seeing him around the Capitol and the HOB. Thanks for always popping in to say hi--you're the best!! Abby Locke
Sue Skehan  Connecticut Thank you to Sue for putting up with my endless questions and making me feel like a part of your team! I appreciate how generous you are with your time and knowledge more than you know!!! Beth Waters
Matt Plourd Connecticut This is Matt's first session at the Connecticut General Assembly and he is a natural! He has been great to work closely with and it has been great to see how he has grown over the past few months. It is a pleasure to work with him! Chandra Persaud
Donnie Therkildsen Connecticut I appreciate Donnie's sense of humor, passion, and youthful exuberance. He's also a dedicated young man who acclimated quickly to a new work environment. Keep up the good work, Donnie! Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Chris Perillo Connecticut Thank you Chris for your guidance. I've enjoyed getting to know you and have enjoyed working for you since you came over to OLM. Lori Grayson
Matthew Carnegie Michigan Matt is a great director and excellent staffer. With a wealth of procedural and institutional knowledge, Matt keeps the committees and their clerks running smoothly during times of high stress. Dakota Soda
Dave Desjardins  Connecticut  Dave goes above and beyond to support us to create legislation. He is thoughtful, patient, and collaborative. I was so grateful to work with Dave this year to craft a bipartisan House priority bill and our bill's success was made possible due to Dave's hard work. Rep. Kate Farrar
The House Seargents Michigan Thank you so much for all the support you provide to the House each and every day! You are the backbone of the operation that is the Michigan House of Representatives, and I couldn't be more thankful for all you do for us! Abby Locke
Marc-Yves Regis II Connecticut Marc-Yves provides a calming presence in a fast-paced environment. His wit and humor have us all smiling each day. We're so lucky to have him on our team! Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Officer First Class Giansanti and K9 Officer Bocci Connecticut A very special thank you to these two gentlemen. Thank you for keeping us safe, it is truly a privilege to have the comfort of knowing we are protected by Connecticut's finest. Your continuous hard work and dedication to the protection of the Connecticut General Assembly is appreciated beyond words! Kelsey Taylor
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut Kelsey is always there to back me up and is super smart about figuring things out when I get stumped. Charles Hennessey
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Shoutout to Taylor for being such an awesome team lead! I really appreciate how you always check in on me, making sure I'm good and offering your help whenever needed. Your kindness and big heart don't go unnoticed. Super grateful to be on the clerk team alongside you! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Taylor Thrush Michigan Taylor has worked in all parts of the legislature. She is the definition of a team player and hard worker, while always putting a smile on others faces. Her institutional knowledge and worth ethic are invaluable to the state of Michigan. Dakota Soda
Korin Gaity Connecticut Thank you for saving me from my computer! Jeanie Phillips
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is amazing at handling all the chaos that is thrown at her, and always does it with a smile on her face. Lori Grayson
Joci McMichael  Michigan  Since I have started working for the legislature, Joci McMichael has been my go to for answers to all my legislation questions. She is quick on her feet when it comes to difficult situations. Thank you Joci!! Yvonne Fronzak 
Shay Florian Michigan I could not do this job with Shay. She is passionated, committed, organized, funny and an absolutely sweetheart. Thank you for everything you do as a colleague and a friend <3 Cale Winters
Zoë Gluck Connecticut She handles so many things for so many of us—more than we know, I'm sure!—and does so with grace and patience and kindness. We're so lucky to have her on our team.  Rep. John-Michael Parker
Zoë Gluck Connecticut I am continuously thankful for Zoë's leadership. She goes above and beyond to make sure our House Dems Clerk Team is ready to tackle any challenge during the legislative session. Not only that, but she is kind, helpful, and intelligent. Thank you, Zoë! Chandra Persaud
Sam Clark Connecticut Sam has been not only a great colleague, but an amazing friend here at the Connecticut General Assembly. I am thankful for his expertise and knowledge of what it is to be a Committee Clerk. Chandra Persaud
Virginia Chambers Michigan Shoutout to Virginia for always helping me out with social media direction! She has been integral in helping me to learn the ropes of legislative socials. Thank you for all the posts, captions, and pictures you've helped me out with!! Abby Locke
Casey Adams  Michigan  Casey is my rock when it comes to comms. He’s always ready to act and flags important items and I’m so grateful for his dedication!  Max Aulbach 
Lisa Buckingham Connecticut Lisa, you have been a great asset to the front desk staff! Lori Grayson
Cameron Clarke  Connecticut  Cameron is truly the backbone of the Labor and Public Employees Committee. He's incredibly hard working, organized, professional and a true asset to the committee. It's been an honor working with him these past two legislative sessions.  Heather Reeves
Peter Andrews Connecticut Peter is a consummate professional. He knows the answer to every question and is quick to help out in any situation. I look forward to continuing to work alongside him!  Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Lauren Coffman Michigan Life without Lauren as our ads manager is like waiting for rain in a drought. She's an incredibly smart and talented hard worker and working with her is always a pleasure. Thank you, Lauren for all you do <3 Cale Winters
Emily Connelly Michigan Have you ever met a ray of sunshine in human form? That's Emily. She's smart, she's funny and she knows how to put an aesthetic spin on everything she touches. Thank you for you hard work <3 Cale Winters
Marie Grady Connecticut I am thankful for Marie's expertise and knowledge during this session and all the work she did for the Human Services Committee at the Connecticut General Assembly. She was always willing to help and I know I can rely on her for any questions. Chandra Persaud
Anthony Jenkins Michigan Shoutout to AJ for being a wonderful comms advisor! I always look forward to the Tuesday morning office visits and the positivity that comes along with them! Thank you for all of the support you give to our offices! Abby Locke
James Albis Connecticut James took on the monumental task of trying to shepherd climate legislation through the CT legislature. Even if we didn't get there this year, he's the reason we got as far as we did... and I know he'll be ready to go again next year. Representative John-Michael Parker
Coffiann Hawthorne  Michigan  Coffiann is the most hardworking policy director, handling session and committees with ease. I love working with her!  Malak Aldasouqi 
Virginia Chambers Michigan To say Virginia is one of the funniest people I have ever worked with is an understatement. She's cool as a cucumber and a badass at her work. This office would be lost without her! <3 Cale Winters
Desmond Conner Connecticut Desmond is a source of knowledge and a mentor. He has so many answers to challenging questions. He is also a passionate young man who engages in delightful conversation. I'm blessed to have him on my team! Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Keith Zengel Connecticut I enjoy working with Keith. I know anytime he has a purchasing request, he has done his homework. He is a pleasure to deal with. Keep being you! Lori Grayson
Kathryn Stebbins Connecticut Thank you for saving me from my computer! Jeanie Phillips
Sammi Skorka Michigan VIDEO AND EDITING QUEEN. There is no one that has vision like Sammi. She's quick, she's smart, she's hilarious and the best happy hour pal in the world! Love you, babe <3  Cale Winters
Kasey Goetz  Michigan  Kasey is our intern but has stepped up twice now when we’ve been down a staffer. She’s committed, patient, and passionate about the work. I’m so grateful to have her in this office.  Max Aulbach 
Angela Wheeler Michigan Angela is a star, I love having her by my side as we handle the craziness of session. She's always a delight.  Malak Aldasouqi
Jackson DeLaney Connecticut Jackson is a smart, hardworking, and insightful colleague who is a true team player. He remain calm under pressure and knows how to make everyone laugh when they need it most. Julien Novog-Desrayaud
Bill Hamilton Michigan Bill Hamilton is one of the genuine jewels of HFA. He knows Agriculture and Transportation like the back of his hand. I always appreciate his sage wisdom and institutional knowledge on those issues. And he's hilarious! Coffiann Hawthorne
Jess Travers Michigan She may not own a TV, but she sure does have RIZZ. With a smile on her face and a pen in her hand, Jess keeps us all informed, on track and we would be at a loss without her. Thank you for all that you do <3 Cale Winters
State Capitol Police Connecticut Thank you for keeping us safe. Jeanie Phillips
Dana Nestor Connecticut Dana has been an amazing colleague to work with during this past legislative session at the Connecticut General Assembly. I am thankful for his expertise, knowledge, and overall humor that he brought to our meetings. Thank you, Dana! Chandra Persaud
Casey Adams Michigan Having Casey as my writing partner in the CA/DA combo is deadly. West Michigan never stood a chance. Casey is a great writer, a great person and a great friend. Thank you, Casey!! Cale Winters
Jeanie Phillips and Nelky Maldonado Connecticut Thank you both for being so welcoming, helpful, caring, funny, and loud! (But never as loud as the intercom) Cathleen Collins
Michael Taylor Connecticut Michael is indispensable. When he is out (which is seldom), we all have to work harder. His work is always meticulous with attention to detail. And he is always courteous and polite, the consummate professional. Charles Hennessey
Korin Gaity and Kathryn Stebbins Connecticut Korin and Kathryn have been so helpful and patient when I've called the Help Desk for assistance because VPN has dropped for the 10th time in an hour. Thank you! Janelle Stevens
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz hired me two years ago and WOW, I've learned so much from her! She inspires me in my work and to be a better person. She's my guiding light in this crazy job and I couldn't do it without her. <3 Cale Winters
Sean Walser Michigan Sean is absolutely incredible. Being the chief of staff's right hand is a hard job, but his organization and attitude makes it look easy. Thanks for everything you do! Malak Aldasouqi
Samantha Skorka Michigan My fashion bestie and camerawoman extraordinaire, I don't know what we did to deserve you but I'm so glad that we did! Asja Jackson
Nickole Vargas Oregon Senate District 15 and Oregon are so fortunate to be served by Nickole. Professional. Trusted Partner. Respected Leader. Kind. Compassionate. Empathetic Listener. Values Driven. Detailed. Keen Policy Chops. I love that she’s on my team! Janeen Sollman (Senator)
Parker Selders Michigan Parker is the best to work with, being in the speaker's office means being the busiest office. He handles the stress with ease. I love working with him, thank you for letting me steal snacks :)  Malak Aldasouqi
Eric Michael Gray and Chris Cordima Connecticut You both make work fun, even when we're all exhausted. Thank you! Janelle Stevens
Angela Wheeler Michigan Angela is always to kind and pleasant to work with and has always been very helpful! Anthony Jenkins
Rep. Gregory Haddad Connecticut I proudly serve as the Higher Education Clerk and Legislative Aide for Rep. Haddad. His humor, kindness, and unwavering presence make navigating the demands of my role infinitely easier. I am immensely grateful for his leadership and support. Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan No one is more composed, knowledgeable, and effective as Coffiann in the House Democratic Caucus. She brings years of experience, manages the entire Dem Policy team, and somehow still effectively provides in-depth policy analysis for multiple committees. She's a true rock star in public policy and an examplar of Saginawesome! Ian Mays
Breanna Horton Connecticut You have a knack for dealing with difficult people and also putting people at ease. I really appreciate your honesty, perspective and feedback. Thanks for making everyone feel comfortable and valued on our team! Sue Tufts
Dawn Marzik Connecticut I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me in. It’s been an honor to learn from the best. :-) Cathleen Collins
Ann Ali West Virginia I appreciate everything Ann does for me and the entire House of Delegates.  Jeff Billings
Chief Jon Priebe and the House Sergeants Michigan Chief Priebe and his team of wonderful Sergeants always go above and beyond to watch out and keep us safe in the HOB and Capitol Bldg.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Taylor Hyde Connecticut As the Clerk of the Appropriations Committee, Taylor always has her hands full. However, that doesn't stop her from checking in with the House Dems Clerk Team. I was thankful that she would take time out of her day to check in on me whenever I had long public hearings or committee meetings. The team is very grateful to have you! Chandra Persaud
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz is one of the nicest people I know and I have yet to a problem or challenge get the better of her. She always has a creative solution to everything! Asja Jackson
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thanks for keeping us updated on the count! Hope CT wins this! Jeanie Phillips
Freda Seritella Connecticut Thank you for being so positive and upbeat! Jeanie Phillips
Holly South NCSL Holly, thanks for coordinating a friendly competition for all of us! You are always such a huge help at NCSL and I appreciate your support and love when we get to work together. Shoutout to YOU! Molly McAllister
Diana Ramsey  West Virginia Diana takes care of everyone and has a genuinely kind heart. She can handle any task asked of her, even things she shouldn't have to do. The Senate would be hard up without her! Kristin Jones
Bobby Jereb Michigan  I always look forward to seeing and catching up with Bobby and I always learn something new when I do.  Asja Jackson
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz does an amazing job handling the front office and all the calls that come into the OLM! She is always patient and does what ever she can to help the caller. Sue Skehan
Jennifer Shuster Michigan Jennifer is a policy expert with the patience of a saint who can help navigate multiple stakeholders with conflicting interests into policy wins which benefit all Michiganders. She is invaluable to our office and is meticulous in her work on legislation. She deserves recognition for her monumental efforts! Ian Mays
Sabohat Khalilova Connecticut Even when you are busy, you always make time to help others. You have such a tremendous work ethic. You’re always putting in the extra effort to get the job done right. Thank you for always caring for our team and for all that you do!  Sue Tufts
Michael Taylor Connecticut Thank you, Michael, for always delivering the mail with a big smile. You are a treasured colleague to everyone in the building. Molly McAllister
Haley Zawilinski Connecticut Haley has been an absolute joy to work alongside, and is one of the most dedicated and reliable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Cameron Clarke
Keith Feldpausch Michigan Keith is an integral part of the Committee Clerk's office and he approaches his job with a wonderful attitude and willingness to help wherever it is needed. Molly Wingrove
Joe Clark Michigan I genuinely care and enjoy Joe's presence in the office more than I can certainly express with the allotted word count given. He's a wonderful coworker, has a wealth of institutional knowledge and is always there for me for every stupid question and vent session I need. Thank you for everything <3  Cale Winters
Sarah Stewart West Virginia Sarah is great to work with. She is brilliant, dependable and funny.  Jeff Billings
Richie Novak West Virginia Richie is an IT superstar! He can always solve my weird technical problems. He operates gracefully under pressure and always remains calm when everyone else might be ready to fall apart. He is a Senate MVP in my book! Kristin Jones
Nate Kalechman Connecticut Nate is such a reliable person and an integral part of the House Dems Clerk Team. He also excels in his role as Clerk of the Judiciary Committee. I am grateful for his expertise and his willingness to go above and beyond! Chandra Persaud
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is great to work with. He is always prepared and makes my job easy. I appreciate his sense of humor as well. Molly Wingrove
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is always at the heartbeat of what's going on in the Capitol and around town. Whether you want know the newest best spot to eat or what's going on today, Jeremy is your guy!  Asja Jackson
Nelky Maldonado Connecticut My fellow flamingo lover - nuff said! Jeanie Phillips
Therese Reinhold Michigan  Therese is the ultimate Constituent Services Director. She has empathy & passion which is the epitome of a Constituent Services Director. She is all about the People of our Community. Yvonne Fronczak 
Chief Luiz Casanova Connecticut Chief Casanova continues to lead this department forward. His dedication to professionalism and public service is second to none. We look forward to the Chief keeping our department on the cutting edge of technology to help keep the CGA a safe environment. CT State Capitol Police Dept
Samuel Clark Connecticut As a co-team lead and experienced committee clerk, Sam is both incredibly knowledgeable and deeply thoughtful, and he is rightfully the first person many people turn to for advice and input. Cameron Clarke
Mary Ann Cleary Michigan Without Mary Ann and her outstanding team, I honestly do not know how we would ever understand the state budget or get it done. Thank you, Mary Ann, for all your help, and most importantly, your leadership.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann is the hardest working person I know. She is pulled in many directions but is always kind and thoughtful. Molly Wingrove
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa makes my job easy. She is always organized and prepared as we head into committee. I appreciate her wonderful attitude! Molly Wingrove
Gerry Eigo Connecticut Gerry is extremely knowledgeable! The CGA is lucky to have him on the ITS team. Dan Hinman
Jake Allarding Michigan Jake is incredibly hard working and an integral member of our digital team!  Asja Jackson
Alex Mason Connecticut Alex wears a multitude of hats in his job, and often goes above and beyond his job description in supporting the caucus in a multitude of ways. He is one of the funniest and kindest people in the building. Cameron Clarke
Kylee Johnson Michigan Kylee is a dedicated staffer, scheduling wizard, constituent relations professional, and a joy to work with. She brings joy wherever she goes and makes the office a great place to be. She dives into every project without hesitation and is always happy to take on new and challenging tasks when needed. She is resilient and deserves all the congratulations! Ian Mays
Michael Taylor Connecticut Michael demonstrates loyalty and a sincere commitment to all of us here at the CGA. Always ready with a hello and smile while making his mail rounds.
Thanks, Mike!
Carl Fazzino
Matt Plourd Connecticut  You are resourceful and quick to offer assistance to our team. You always share your thoughts in a kind and compassionate way. It’s a pleasure having you on our team! Thanks for all that you do! Sue Tufts
Mark Adamo Connecticut Mark has created several different processes to efficiently and consistently deploy new systems - saving time and allowing us to launch applications faster than ever! Dan Hinman
Ana Allen Connecticut Ana works incredibly hard, and yet always has the time to bring laughter, kindness, and joy to any place she is in. She also may have the best sense of fashion in the entire General Assembly! Cameron Clarke
Jim McNealey Connecticut In his first session as Environment Committee clerk, Jim did a great job. He took the knowledge and experience from his assistant clerk days and applied it successfully in his new role. Can't say I'm surprised the transition was so smooth. Congrats! Kirstin Breiner
Jim Melby Minnesota I am so happy to count Jim as a valuable resource for digital accessibility knowledge! Elaine Settergren
Brenda van Dyck Minnesota I appreciate Brenda’s knowledge about digital accessibility and how generous she is with her time to help other staff members in the Minnesota Legislature learn more about it. Elaine Settergren
Chris Wardell Michigan I have enjoyed getting to know and work with Chris this year. He is on top of things and always available if I have questions. Molly Wingrove
Foster Hall Connecticut It has been a pleasure getting to know you on our team. You are passionate and have a quick wit that is greatly appreciated. Thanks for always having a positive attitude and for all that you do!  Sue Tufts
Amanda Schnabel Minnesota Amanda’s passion for and knowledge of digital accessibility is an asset to the whole legislature! Elaine Settergren
Melissa Mapes Minnesota Melissa’s professionalism, pragmatism, and attention to detail is so appreciated and we could not move our project forward without her. Elaine Settergren
Anna Moorjani Minnesota It’s a pleasure to work with Anna! She’s always responsive and is very knowledgeable. Elaine Settergren
Senate Republican Legislative Assistants Minnesota The SRC LA group is a professional, thoughtful, and collaborative group to work with. I am so appreciative of their desire to serve the caucus, the Senate, and Minnesotans. Thank you for all you do! Brittany Johnson
Liz Kranz Michigan To a true leader of our department. You make the day fun! Glad to become part of your team Liz! Daniel Boulware
Anne Sappenfield and John Snyder Wisconsin and Kentucky What an absolute honor it has been to serve alongside both of you this as officers on the NCSL Executive Committee and the LSCC. You are amazing professionals and dedicated public servants. Thank you for all that you have given to NCSL and the dedication you have for your respective state legislatures. Sabrina Lewellen
Robert and the entire team at SIS! Minnesota Thanks to the entire SIS team for keeping our tech running smoothly and answering all the questions we could ever ask quickly and efficiently!  Gina Countryman
Zoe Rogers  MI Her tireless efforts on behalf of the victims of this week's terrible tornadoes in Kalamazoo Country and Antwerp Township  P Shane Muchmore 
Derek Robinson  Michigan Derek is wonderful and, yes, I have the best Policy Director counterpart in the world. I appreciate that we can genuinely support and encourage each other and our respective teams, even though we are on different sides of the aisle.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut Kelsey continually has creative solutions, thinks out of the box, and comes up with innovative solutions to our problems here at the Service Center.
Thanks, Kelsey!
Carl Fazzino
Lori Nichols West Virginia  Lori has close to 30 years of experience and her high level of professionalism and desire to do her job impeccably hasn't waned. She is the most reliable Senate staffer and our office succeeds in large part because of her. Kristin Jones
Shawn Deverell Michigan  I've never seen someone so dedicated helping people impacted by the opiod crisis. His work to advance legislation creating a board to analyze the deaths by opioids is amazing!
2023-2024 Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee members Across the United States Each member of the 2023-2024 NCSL Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee is an incredible professional! Thank you for your individual and collective commitment. You are making a difference for NCSL, especially this year as we launch the 50th Anniversary celebration. Thank you for service to your respective legislatures. Sabrina Lewellen
Ann Ali West Virginia  Ann is the definition of a smile. That’s nuff said. But… also.. she is really smart and super cool. And if you want to sound really smart and super cool, it’s a good idea to ask Ann before publishing.  Ann Ali 
Jason Fossum Minnesota A man with a plan, who anticipates the unexpected and helps keep everyone grounded in reality. You rock! Craig Sondag
Charles Hennessey Connecticut Charles has always been trustworthy and reliable. He consistently delivers quality work while meeting our deadlines.
Thank you, for being so responsible and accepting your role here at the Service Center.
Carl Fazzino
Gina Countryman Minnesota For selflessly managing a top-notch team of Comms professionals. The first to know, who can turn the most complex issues digestible for the masses. Stay amazing! Craig Sondag
Sandra De La Cruz Connecticut Sandra is a wonderful addition to the Contracts Group! She has taken on some complicated procurements in her short time here with much commitment and dedication to the project!  Rachel Meddar
Angie Goulet Michigan Angie is such a joy to work with! She is helpful and friendly and passionate about her job.  Marissa Geyer
CGA All Staff & Legislators Connecticut You all are amazing! I am so impressed with the quality of your shoutouts and how you step up to this challenge every year. It's the people that make the CGA a great place to work and you prove that every day! Thank you. Molly McAllister
Dan Mickelberg Minnesota For always offering the most sage advise. A calming hand amid a stormy process. You've developed a Research team that is second to none. Stay classy! Craig Sondag
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric is a great supervisor who has helped me take on a more elevated role in our Contracts group. He's always super responsive to my questions and helps guide me in the right direction with my projects.  Rachel Meddar
Rachel Cichon Michigan Rachel is one of the most energetic staffers at the HOB. She works hard and manages the stresses of the job well. She is also incredibly friendly. Also congrats on your recent wedding! Marissa Geyer
Lori Grayson Connecticut Thank you for your great work on the copiers and the carpeting contracts!  Chris Perillo
Paul Alderucci Connecticut Thanks for running a great department and work environment! Dan Hinman
Leaha Dotson Michigan Leaha is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I know. She believes strongly in her role and is always seeking ways to reach equity and justice in all matters. She is a quick learner and always eager to help.  Marissa Geyer
Melissa Bartolomeo Connecticut Melissa's work on PeopleSoft is amazing! Thank you for your hard work and about inventory ;) Chris Perillo
Manny Merisotis Connecticut Manny is a budget guru. CT would not have a spending and revenue plan without him. He is always available to answer technical questions, and he always has the answers at his fingertips. And he never gets angry or tired  Lawrence Cook
Jim Tamburro Connecticut I appreciate all of the work you do keep the CGA running so smoothly, while still having time to be accessible by staff. Thank you. Dan Hinman
Carl Fazzino Connecticut Carl, you and your team had another successful session in the service center. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Chris Perillo
Dana Nestor Connecticut Dana has gone from 0-100mph on state budget details in just a few months. He had huge shoes to fill when one of our previous budget policy experts left, and he has done so seemlessly. He is an intelligent and caring person too.  Lawrence Cook
Shelley Bourgeois Connecticut I'm so glad Shelley decided to give Activities Committee a chance! She has brought so many great ideas to our planning meetings and has successfully contributed to bringing the fun to OLM activities.  Rachel Meddar
Charlie Roskovensky  West Virginia  Charlie is the go to guy for staff. He has a great sense of humor. Gets to the point of the matter. Charlie has taught me less is more. I’m grateful to him in giving me an opportunity to learn a new language in the Health Committee. Bobby Altmann
Carl Fazzino Connecticut  Thank you for being a great leader, a patient teacher and most of all the glue that holds our office together. I have learned beyond my scope of duties, providing me with knowledge and insight that will only serve to benefit my career path. You have believed in me since our interview, and it isn't ever forgotten! Kelsey Taylor
Charles Hennessey  Connecticut Your attention to detail in a fast moving office has been a great benefit to our team. We are never without supplies, and you have stopped countless jobs from going out incorrectly. Charlie has made me feel welcome and a part of the team since my very first day. Thank you for the great conversations, and the wonderful recommendations of food, music, and shows to binge! Kelsey Taylor
Don Murtishi Connecticut Thanks Don for being a great contributor to the Activities Committee! You've helped lead the group in bringing in fresh ideas for OLM activities.  Rachel Meddar
Johnathon Wertheimer Michigan Johnathon is one of the hardest working staffers in the HOB. He thinks creatively and is always coming up with great bill ideas. He is very passionate about his work and is an amazing support to his boss and everyone who has the pleasure of working with him. Marissa Geyer
Courtney Cullinan Connecticut Courtney is the first female Senate chief of staff in our history. She has risen through the ranks over the years due to her intelligence, hard work, and collaboration with others. Her work this session negotiating the details of an ARPA spending package are evidence of her abilities.  lawrence cook
Nick Neeley Connecticut Simply the best!  Nick Neeley
Alberto Negron, HDO Press Office Connecticut Alberto is one of the senior press aides in our HDO press department, and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team. His wealth of experience and guidance make a significant impact in our success. Thank you Alberto! Marta Collazo
Kyle Zawacki Michigan Kyle is a class act. He's a joy to work with and someone you want on your team in a sticky situation. Bravo, Kyle. We've had some times together! Diane Hall
Nick Neeley Connecticut Nick is the "mayor of the legislative office building" due to his vast knowledge and his great working relationship with people on five different floors. He is a resource and a problem-solver.  lawrence cook
Gretchen Shugarts Connecticut Gretchen is an amazing person and incredible asset to the team! She is a curious, thoughtful and detail-oriented policy analyst. We could not be more lucky to have her as a resource! Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin
Will Valentino  West Virginia  Will is a rock and roll star incognito as a sharp shooter hot shot chief counsel of judiciary committee. He rocks! Bobby Altmann
Chris Wardell Michigan I've been fortunate to work with Chris on a number of policy issues and he is always eager to collaborate and find solutions. I appreciate bouncing ideas off each other and working to make bills the best they can be. Also shoutout to his doggo for appearances on our staff calls! Marissa Geyer
Collin Naylor Michigan Collin is so empathetic and hard-working; he is a valuable asset to the Speaker's office and the Michigan House of Representatives!  Parker Selders
Andy Chiu Connecticut Andy is our new Senate staff photographer and he has changed the nature of our Senate photography with his technical skill and artistic eye for capturing candid photos that show our senators in a new and flattering light.  Lawrence Cook 
Stephen Martin Michigan Stephen's rise from an intern on my team to a constituent services liaison to a legislative staffer has been a great thing to witness and he deserves it all. Calm, courteous, and dependable to the max. Diane Hall
Nelky Maldonado Connecticut Nelky emanates such genuine kindness and sweetness that working with her is an absolute pleasure. Her warmth and positivity create an uplifting atmosphere, making every interaction with her a joyous experience. Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Nicholas McLaren Michigan It has been great working across the aisle on education issues with you!  Asja Jackson
Devin Avshalom-Smith Connecticut Devin always makes himself available to answer questions and help if needed. He is always smiling and willing to go the extra mile. Thanks D Migdalia Alicea
Chris Wardell Michigan I've worked with Chris across three different offices now and always found him a pleasure to collaborate with. All I can say is Chris, keep rockin'! Diane Hall
Haley Zawilinski Connecticut Haley is one of the hardest working legislative aides I have ever encountered. Her senator is a whirlwind of Capitol and in-district meetings, and Haley keeps it all flowing smoothly while communicating effectively and maintaining a positive outlook.  Lawrence Cook
Muna Abbas Connecticut Muna is a dream to work with! She is driven, professional, and always willing to offer her perspective and findings. She happily takes on big projects and research requests and completes them in a timely manner. Connecticut is lucky to have her as a resource!  Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin
Marc-Yves Regis II Connecticut Marc is a press aides in our HDO press department, and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team. His work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Marc for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Bill O'Shea Connecticut Bill is one half of the greatest LCO attorney team I could have ever asked for. His wealth of knowledge, meticulous reading to make sure every line of legislation is correct, and patience with me when I'm nagging him about the status of amendments makes Bill one of the best. I'm incredibly grateful to be able to work with him. Nate Kalechman
Beth Waters Connecticut Beth has a hand in just about every facet of OLM. She is the ultimate team player! Thank you for dedication to the General Assembly. Chris Perillo
Lexi Stangl Minnesota  You're the bomb! Enough said. It's always a pleasure to work with you.  Jessica Tupper
Alex Slaney Connecticut Alex was hired from the state Supreme Court to work on public policy and she has been an invaluable addition to the Senate Majority Leader's Office for her intelligence, insight, skill and caring for the people of Connecticut.  lawrence cook
Nick Olds Michigan Shoutout to Nick for always being ready to bring our crazy website ideas to life at the drop of a hat. Your tech expertise and open communication are vital. We'd be lost on the web without you, man! Thank you for everything! Jake Allarding
Freda Seritella Connecticut Thank you for always being so positive and upbeat. Jeanie Phillips
Pete Torres Connecticut Pete is someone you want on your team when you need to get the job done - Go Team Oxen!  Brie Wolf
Scott Radunzel Minnesota  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It's a pleasure to get to work with you.  Jessica Tupper
Desmond Conner Connecticut Desmond is an HDO press aide and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team and to the legislators we serve. His work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Desmond for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Ian Mays Michigan Ian is one of the most organized and competent LDs in the business, and we greatly miss him in the House but wish him well now that he is in Senate!  Asja Jackson
Jaszmyn Brown Michigan Jasz is the low-key hero of the Member Services Team, always thoughtful and the person who supplies the necessary STUFF that the rest of us sometimes forget in our collective enthusiasm. We couldn't do it all without her to steady us. Diane Hall
Daniela Luna Connecticut  Thank you for being so kind and welcoming. You are always available to answer any questions and help in any way you can!  Brooke Hammond
Joel Rudikoff Connecticut Joel does as much work behind the scenes to serve the Senate Majority Caucus as he does in the Senate chamber. His knowledge and commitment and his ability to confer with others is unmatched and incredibly valuable.  lawrence cook
Jackson DeLaney Connecticut Jackson is an HDO press aide and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team and to the legislators we serve. His work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Jackson for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Melvette Hill Connecticut Melvette, thank you for always encouraging us to expand our ways of thinking and pushing us to challenge ourselves. Your spirit and advocacy are infectious and I am excited as we enter into this new dynamic of our work together. Thank your for all of the ways you continue to support us and help us grow! Megan Baker
Tim Greenfield Minnesota You continue my string of great luck in transpo committee nonpartisan partners. I so appreciate your quick mind, organization skills, drafting speed (how do you DO it?), snark, as well as your being a worthy partner in pop culture references. Krista Boyd
Angela Rehm Connecticut She is one part of the greatest LCO attorney team. Angela's not only an incredibly talented LCO attorney, her composure when things come up on the fly is something I strive to be able to achieve one day. She finds a way to find the humor in things even when we're in a high stress environment, and I'm incredibly appreciative of her! Nate Kalechman
Hisham Rushaidat Connecticut Hisham is always willing to help. He has always made himself available during my technological mental breakdown. LOL Thanks for the peace kid. M Migdalia Alicea
MJ Connecticut MJ thank you for being such a fun, kind and welcoming person. You have made my transition to the CGA much easier. Brooke Hammond
Joe Clark Michigan Joe is a light in the darkness. If I have a silly question, he answers without judgement. If I need to vent, he's all ears. If I need a friend, he's there to sit with me. I am genuinely grateful for this man that we get to call Mr. Deputy Director. He makes the HOB a better place to work. <3 Cale Winters
Tom Bottern Minnesota It's continues to be a pleasure to work with you in our roles at the Senate Desk. Thank you for your patience, sense of humor, and mentorship.  Jessica Tupper
TJ Nuccio Connecticut It has been so great to see you grow into your role these past few years. Your leadership has shepherded many important policy reforms in Connecticut. Your expertise has helped to uplift so many students in our schools across the state. So proud to work with you TJ! Michael Werner
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara has always been willing to do whatever it takes to help keep this place running smoothly. Regardless of job title, she always steps up to do what it takes to make sure the job gets done, and always keeps her cool! Brian Casto
Stephen Singleton Michigan Stephen is the man on the Member Services Team who knows to take a step back and evaluate a delicate situation with a skeptical eye. Plus he's a keen wit and a sharp dresser! Diane Hall
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Watching the way Malak deals with such a difficult job in the Floor Leader's office with such poise and diligence is truly inspiring. Plus, everyone who is around her always has a smile on their face! I always enjoy when she stops by the office and love working with her!  Parker Selders
Chief Luiz Casanova Connecticut Chief Casanova has increased traffic safety on the CT Capitol complex in response to statewide concerns about an increase in traffic and pedestrian accidents. He is smart, experienced, accessible, and caring and he truly serves and protects the state employees in his care.  lawrence cook
Veronica Martinez Michigan My pal, my confidant, one of my favorite people to ever work with <3 Thank you for all that you do and all the joy you bring into the office and into my life.  Cale Winters
Frankie Bell Oregon Frankie is a beautiful gift to Oregon, having served every legislative session since 1966. Her smile is positively infectious. Her gracious kindness is granted to every visitor that passes her by. Everyone adores Frankie!  Janeen Sollman (Senator)
Ryan Quandt Michigan The unofficial Morale Officer of Member Services, Ryan is always there with a kind word & a box of QD donuts and is always ready to pitch in and make a task a group effort. Diane Hall
Jeannie Phillips Connecticut Jeannie is always available with a smile and a laugh. She is the person that helps "Keep the Peace" in any kind of turmoil. Thanks Jeannie for keeping us grounded. M Migdalia Alicea
Debby Adams Connecticut  You will not find another legislative aide who is as committed to constituent services as Debby Adams. She goes above and beyond for each case and always demonstrates the utmost professionalism. She is also one of the best office mates I have ever had. Brie Wolf
Eric Chappell Michigan It has been great working with you on Higher Education issues and I look forward to doing so in the future! Asja Jackson
Daniel Osborne West Virginia Daniel can get a committee up and running smoother than anyone I've seen. He knows every inch of his job and then some. He always knows how to keep the mood light and is always willing to do what it takes to make the load lighter. I miss getting to work him. Brian Casto
Werner Oyanadel Connecticut  Thank you so much for all of your vital contributions to our Commission. Werner, your technical expertise is second to none and your work uplifts all of ours at the CWCSEO. I appreciate your constant spirit of service and always appreciate your mentorship. Muchas gracias! Michael Werner
Greg Cato Minnesota Greg is unflappable as he deals with all our last-minute amendments, our mistakes, and the sheer volume of work generated this time of year. So grateful for my fellow yinzer as part of our transpo team. Krista Boyd
Lauren Coffman Michigan Shoutout to Lauren for always being there to lend support or take on a task when things get tough. Your ability to make ads look easy is impressive. I really appreciate your skills and knowledge—it's clear these ads wouldn't happen without you! Trust me, I tried once, and once was enough for me!  Jake Allarding
Emma Heaton Michigan Emma is the amongst most experienced and hardest working individuals in all of Lansing. Her ability to communicate with constituents in an effective and timely manner makes her one of the best employees I have ever worked with! Alex Birkle
Amy Weidlich and Evelyn Huertas Connecticut Wanting to give a shout out to Amy and Evelyn for their hard work and dedication, and for being there to support all your support staff in being the best team we can be! You rock!  Deborah Morin
Chloe Barbosa Michigan Chloe is our organizing workhorse and unofficial Wrangler of Interns. Even though she's the most recent addition to the Member Services Team it's hard to believe we functioned without her. Diane Hall
Officer James Giansanti and Bocci Connecticut Officer Giansanti and K-9 Bocci keep our legislative campus safe with their special skills, as when they recently conducted an explosives search of the grounds when the General Assembly was in session and a threat on the legislature was made. They provide security for our democracy.  lawrence cook
Sean Walser Michigan I appreciate how dedicated Sean is to his job and how hard-working he is. He is also always willing to lend a hand and has great insight. I'm glad Sean is a part of my team!  Parker Selders
Sara Kamrath Michigan Sara is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and organized legislative directors that I’ve worked with. She helped make my transition last year very easy and continues to be there when I need help with anything. Thomas Randle
Jason York Connecticut Jason is an HDO press aide and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team and to the legislators we serve. His work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Jason for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara works so hard and is very intelligent and diligent. I appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to the House of Delegates. She is always willing to go above and beyond. DJ Morgan
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut She is the greatest counterpart and administrator I could've asked for on Judiciary. Kirstin is an incredibly caring individual with a work ethic that is not only appreciated by our Chairs, but is admirable to me. I'm not only grateful to work with her but I'm grateful to call her my friend.  Nate Kalechman
Makenna Silverman Michigan It’s been great to see Makenna’s growth from an enthusiastic legislative intern to a wonderful constituent services director. She’s always willing to be a listening ear and help those around her.  Thomas Randle
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis is the person with a painstaking eye for detail and the zeal for tackling any challenge that comes down the pipeline. She's the Right Hand of the Member Services Team! Diane Hall
Christian Duborg Connecticut  It has been such a great experience working with you, Christian. In your short time with us, you have made a large impact within and outside of the commission. You bring many talents forward that are going to help make the state a leader in food and nutrition policy work. Thank you for your strong contributions! Michael Werner
Ann Ali West Virginia Ann is always so upbeat, even on day 60! She keeps the trains running on time and is always ready to offer words of encouragement when needed. She is very appreciated. DJ Morgan
Julien Novog-Desrayaud,  Connecticut Julien is an HDO press aide and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team and to the legislators we serve. His work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Julien for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Being Floor Manager is one of the most difficult jobs in the State Legislature, but Malak continues to excel in this role through her hard work, creativity, and professionalism. It’s always a pleasure to speak and work with her. Thomas Randle
Programs and Professional Development Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Alaska, Montana, Georgia, Alabama PPD! Thank you all so much for your dedicated work for legislative staff all across the country. Jill and I truly appreciate your commitment and support this year. We cannot imagine a better subcommittee. You are amazing! Eric Nauman and Jill Reinmuth
Maree Clarke Connecticut Maree keeps our office running smoothly, can always find the answer to a problem, and leads with Grace Under Pressure! She is an incredible asset to the team. Thanks, Maree for all you do! Kess O'Halloran
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz does an amazing job handling all the crazy requests and calls that come through the front desk @ OLM. She is always patient with everyone and does whatever she can to help everyone! Sue Skehan
Ash Northey Connecticut Ash Northey is a wonderful professional partner. I appreciate her humor, tact and technological expertise! The Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee is lucky to have her aboard.  Brie Wolf
Kriston King West Virginia Kristin is always so informative and helpful. She is always willing to lend a helpful hand whenever she is asked. She always has interesting insights on anything that is being talked about. The HOD is lucky to have her. DJ Morgan
Donnie Therkildsen Connecticut Donnie is one of the press aides in our HDO press department, and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions to the team. His work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Donnie for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Ricardo White  Michigan I always look forward to going into the office and seeing Ricardo. He is a great friend and one of the most knowledgeable people on the legislative process I know. He is also so approachable, something I admire about him!  Parker Selders
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don recently helped me with a financial matter when I had to change bank accounts rather quickly. He was very knowledgeable and helpful and double-checked everything for me.  Lawrence Cook 
Ann Ali West Virginia Ann will do whatever it takes to keep this place humming without complaint. She's always able to set a positive mood and manages to let us know just how much our work is appreciated. She has many responsibilities in the House, but somehow does them all well--and yet always has a smile for everyone! Brian Casto
Chris Wardell Michigan Chris was a fantastic mentor and colleague, who helped me thrive in a challenging office. He’s a great legislative director and someone that I can always come to with any issue.  Thomas Randle
Jessica Ciparelli Connecticut Jess is one of the press aides in our HDO press department, and we are grateful for her invaluable contributions to the team. Her work ethic and dedication to serving our caucus is truly appreciated. Thank you Jess for everything you do! Marta Collazo
Anne Landgrebe West Virginia Annie is so super to work with. Our committee is a better committee because of her work ethic and attention to detail. She is always striving to learn more about her job and the legislative process. She always has a friendly face and professional work demeanor. She is very appreciated. DJ Morgan
Amber McCann Michigan  Amber is one of the smartest people I get to work with, and she is very talented at her job. I'm glad you're a part of the team, Amber!  Parker Selders
House Sergeants Michigan Our Sergeants, are the best, most qualified and friendly around! I always feel safe in our building and the capitol knowing they are nearby. But perhaps more importantly, I am always grateful to be greeted and to chat with every member of the team. I can't say thank you enough! Asja Jackson
Charlie Hennessey and Kelsey Taylor Connecticut  Charlie and Kelsey will help you at a moment's notice. They are such great team players and we are grateful to have them in Support Services! Brie Wolf
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric you always have so many balls in the air with all the projects you are working on - great job keeping calm, keeping them straight and moving them all forward!! Sue Skehan
Sean Walser Michigan Sean is extremely organized, very responsive, and always willing to help others where he can. He is a shining example of a legislative staffer and we’re lucky to have him in the Michigan Legislature. Thomas Randle
Shannon Thelen Michigan Even though Shannon just started she is so good to work with! It's impressive the way you do your job, Shannon!  Parker Selders
Eric Nauman and Jill Reinmuth Minnesota (Eric) and Washington (Jill) Eric and Jill, you have done an AMAZING job leading the LSCC PPD committee these past few years. This committee has and is accomplishing a mountain of good things because you think strategically, encourage others, hold them accountable, and follow through. Thank you!! Natalie Castle
Ryan Quandt Michigan Ryan is always our morale booster in the office! Chloe Barbosa
Will Valentino West Virginia Will is a great lawyer to work with. He is wonderful at his job and always has the most interesting takes on issues that our committee faces. His attention to detail and research inspires me to be better at my job. He is appreciated. DJ Morgan
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan I have the privilege of sharing an office with Malak. She's always singing and is an absolute joy to be around! Getting to watch her process every day as she prepares for session is inspiring. She has a stressful job, but you would never know that. She consistently exhibits the utmost professionalism and always stays positive. Our state is beyond lucky to have her as the Majority Floor Director! Thanks for all you do for everyone, Malak! You are appreciated. Katie Michels
Shannon Thelen Michigan The House Speaker’s scheduler is a very demanding role that Shannon does well, while being accessible and friendly.  Thomas Randle
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis is always putting 110% in everything she does. She is the definition of a girl boss!  Chloe Barbosa
Rachel Aplikowski Minnesota Rachel not only sees every opportunity, she knows exactly how best to seize it. She is a trusted source for both internal and external stakeholders. Keep bringing the energy! Craig Sondag
Brian Pencz Connecticut Brian in the short time you have been here a lot has gotten accomplished! Loving the changes in our office!!! Sue Skehan
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Milagros is a great mentor, always willing to lend a hand, listen, offer suggestions and strategize solutions. I appreciate her presence as a colleague and team lead, every day! Kess O'Halloran
Adam Gerena Connecticut Adam just joined our HDO press office and we are thrilled to have him. He is already an invaluable member of our team and we are looking forward to all that he has to offer. Thank you Adam and welcome to the team! Marta Collazo
John Borden Oregon I appreciate John in his role as the LFO Analyst for Ways & Means Public Safety. Thorough attention to detail. Quick responsiveness to questions. Unwavering dedication to his profession. Solid sense of humor too! Janeen Sollman (Senator)
Pam Bianca  Connecticut Pam is always stopping by to ask if there is any work that needs completing. She is a valuable team player and spreads cheers wherever she goes.  Brie Wolf
Megan Baker Connecticut  I have appreciated working intersectionally with you over these past years, cross-pollinating policy concepts to benefit our shared constituencies. Megan, your efforts uplifting food as medicine, family caregiving, and planning the celebrations for the United States Semiquincentennial, among other areas of interest, have already made a lasting impact in our state. Michael Werner
Parker Selders Michigan Parker is very accessible, helpful and understanding. It’s always a pleasure to work with him. Thomas Randle
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz has a ton of responsibilities; the one I am always pestering her about is booking hearing rooms and setting up technical equipment for press conferences. She is always professional and unflappable and she gets the job done right the first time.  Lawrence Cook
Brittany Johnson Minnesota For her tireless support of all legislative staff. Standing up for those who count on her and keeping everyone accountable to one another. We couldn't do it without you! Craig Sondag
Kevin Shopshire Michigan Kevin is a long-time staffer with a wealth of knowledge and great work ethic. He makes collaborations with his office easy and efficient. Thomas Randle
Alicia George Michigan Alicia is always friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping the folks in her community. She is a fantastic legislative staffer and community leader. Thomas Randle
Fatima Yahya Michigan Fatima is the strength of the office and the glue that holds our staff together! On top of that, I have never seen someone more passionate about lending a hand to constituents. There's never a moment of doubt that she loves her job and what she does. Even amid her busy schedule, she somehow finds time to study for the LSAT, and I have no doubt she'll make an incredible attorney one day. She truly lives to be in service of those around her. She inspires us daily, and we value her deeply!  Katie Michels
Beverley Henry  Connecticut  Beverley Henry could teach a master class in how to assert a boundary with professionalism and tact. I admire her and value her perspective.  Brie Wolf
Thomas Nuccio Connecticut Your positive energy, teamwork, and dedication make every day at work better. Thanks for always bringing your A-game and making even the toughest projects feel achievable. You rock! Keep being awesome! Denise Drummond
Rhonda Carroll Connecticut Shoutout to Rhonda for always making sure everyone in SDO is taken care of and always looking out for us.  Joe Hamann
Ricardo White Michigan I am giving a shoutout to Ricardo because he always takes the time to say hi to me and ask me how I am doing whenever I see him. His kindness is so greatly appreciated, and I know others think the same! He is also super helpful with any questions I have. Thank you, Ricardo!  Joci McMichael
Chris Calabrese Connecticut Thanks for keeping us in the know!  Jeanie Phillips
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Shout out to Malak for always being super helpful with any questions I have about session and our procedures! Greatly appreciate all that she does for the House of Representatives in Michigan! Joci McMichael
Clarissa Mata Michigan Clarissa is simply the best!! First off, she works so hard and is on top of everything- Rep. Fitzgerald is incredibly lucky to have her on his team. On top of that, she's so kind and sweet and would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it. Clarissa is truly a gem and a wonderful human being and I'm so happy I get to work with her! Emily Novick
Michael Werner Connecticut Michael, thank you for all of your patience, guidance, and grace as we worked together to assist and uplift all of CT's older adults this past year. You have an amazing ability to navigate through different legislative spaces in an authentic and engaging way.  Megan Baker
Barry Hubbard Connecticut You ROCK! Jeanie Phillips
Kylie Chicilli Michigan Kylie is an invaluable asset to our office! It's safe to say that we would be lost without her. She never misses a beat and is incredibly dedicated to her role as Operations Manager. Scheduling can be one of the most challenging tasks in the legislature, but Kylie makes it seem effortless! Her work ethic is unparalleled, and we are truly grateful for her contributions. Thank you, Kylie, for brightening our days consistently. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.  Katie Michels
Werner Oyanadel Connecticut Just wanted to give you a big shout-out for the incredible work you do. Your dedication, creativity, and positive attitude make a huge difference every day. Thanks for being such a great colleague who is always supportive and willing to lend a hand. Denise Drummond
Shannon McCarthy, Matt Frame, Lee Hansen and Taylor Morris (…and Terry Adams) Connecticut Grateful for my Team GAE colleagues in the nonpartisan offices, the knowledge they bring to the committee's work and their always helpful collaboration! Michael Tellerico
Maggie Wernet Michigan I can't imagine doing this job without Maggie! She's a wealth of information and is always there to support me when I need help. She's funny, smart, and capable, and I'm so proud of her for promotion to Deputy Director! She deserves all the good things in this world. Emily Novick
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is great at what he does as our communications analyst. I appreciate his flexibility to handle any last-minute requests we may have and his ability to deliver quality content! He has a very fast turnaround time, which is also greatly appreciated with how busy the legislature can be some days! Thank you, Jeremy, for all that you do for the House!  Joci McMichael
Jess Schaeffer-Helmecki, Matt Frame, Jacob Phillips and Lindsey Donston Connecticut Thankful for the nonpartisan VMA staff. Ever-available for a consult, their diligence and expertise is an enormous resource to the committee! Michael Tellerico
Kumi Sato and Chris Reinhart Connecticut A thousand thanks to Kumi and Chris for their patient, thoughtful and thorough review of my bills. Valuable resources to the legislative process – invaluable resources to me personally! Michael Tellerico
Sophia Vassar Delaware Sophia has been great in her new role as the Director of Legislative Affairs. Her leadership, advice and support has been so valuable to myself and to all the legislative aides.  Justin Richards
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis is so cool, brings great energy to the office, and I'm excited we work on the same floor now! She's great at her job and her offices are lucky to have her as their MSA. Emily Novick
Veronica Martinez Michigan Veronica stepped in as our communications advisor for our office when our previous writer left, and she was fabulous to work with! I appreciate her professionalism and positivity as well as her dedication to her role! Thank you, Veronica! Joci McMichael
Hannah Chapman  Michigan Hannah is always willing to train and lend a helping hand or advice to any staff member. I think many, if not all, would agree that she is the best of the best! This legislature is beyond lucky to have her. Thanks for all that you do for everyone, Hannah! Katie Michels
Christian Duborg  Connecticut Big shout-out to Christian, our newest team member! You've hit the ground running, and your enthusiasm is contagious. We're excited to have you with us—welcome aboard! Here's to great things ahead! Denise Drummond
Brie Wolf Connecticut As clerk of the Finance Committee, Brie is always available to provide me with a bill vote total or show me where a financial report is online that I would never find myself. She is experienced and professional and always courteous.  lawrence cook
Valentina Mehmeti and Joe Hamann Connecticut Huge thanks to Valentina and Joe for the countless hours and immeasurable effort as clerks of GAE and VMA, respectively. In a hectic and fast-paced environment, you help hold things together! Michael tellerico
Gina Countryman Minnesota Gina is a great manager who makes work a fun environment, even in the stressful times, and leads our department fearlessly. She makes everyone on our staff better through her leadership! Jillian Reynolds
Shay Florian Michigan Shay has been super helpful to our office and our efforts to have a strong digital presence. I appreciate the assistance with content creation and the willingness to reach out to offer us help in some of the busier weeks in the legislature. Thank you, Shay! Joci McMichael
Veronica Martinez Michigan Veronica has stepped into a new position as Outreach Director and has been doing an amazing job! She's a wizard at communicating and keeping a level head and we're so lucky to have a boss who advocates for us on the Outreach Team. Emily Novick
Rachel Aplikowski Minnesota Rachel is amazing at everything she does (and ALL the roles she juggles), and is always around to provide help, input, or a good laugh. She uplifts everyone on staff and does it with a smile! Jillian Reynolds
John Terpening Oregon John is fantastic to work with as a LFO Analyst for Ways and Means Public Safety. His willingness to do agency tours so we can see issues, ask critical questions and be budget responsive. #Grateful! Janeen Sollman (Senator)
Cameron Clarke, Haley Zawlinksi, Sam Clark, Noah Gulla, Heather Reeves, Abby Lockwood Connecticut  A huge shoutout to Cameron Clarke, Haley Zawlinksi, Sam Clark, Noah Gulla, Heather Reeves, Abby Lockwood for being some of the most hardworking and kind individuals! It is a pleasure to work with them and to consistently see them showing up for those around them. Thanks for all the work you do and doing it effortlessly! Ana Allen 
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut Just want to give a shout-out to my friend and coworker, Rosemary. Working with you is always a blast, and I appreciate having you as both a friend and colleague. I couldn't ask for a better teammate!  Denise Drummond
Heather Reeves Connecticut Heather is hardworking and patient, no matter how busy the legislative session gets. Over the past two sessions with the Labor Committee, I have gotten to know her as someone who is dedicated, reliable, and highly professional in her craft, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Cameron Clarke
Nicole Warrick Minnesota Nicole is a great worker and great friend! She makes everyone around her better just by being present and friendly. A lot of people in this place would be lost without her and her good spirit! Jillian Reynolds
Thomas Collins Michigan I had the privilege of observing Mr. Collins work through a significant piece of legislation that passed last year. Despite the inevitable stress, he remained composed and focused, seamlessly adapting to every last-minute change. It was truly inspiring to witness his expertise in policy and his ability to handle such challenges effortlessly. Mr. Collins is someone I deeply respect and look up to in this legislature.  Katie Michels
Craig Sondag Minnesota Craig is a wonderful Chief of Staff for our caucus. He is one of the rare ones who can keep the big picture in mind and the small steps needed to reach our goals.  Rachel Bakke
Sammi Skorka Michigan Sammi single-handedly elevated our Caucus with her mastery of video and editing. I knew the day she interviewed she would be our game changer. I'm so glad she's on our team!! Thank you for all you do! Liz Kranz
Kim Taylor  Connecticut  Ms. Kim Taylor is truly a great coworker ans even greater friend. I am very grateful to work alongside you and to have you as a podmate! Thank you for always supporting me and always providing a helpful outlook to things :) Ana Allen 
Michael Werner Connecticut Michael your positive words and constant support is very much appreciated. Thanks for always lifting us up and inspiring us to do our best. You're a gem! Keep spreading that good energy! Denise Drummond
LCO Support Staff Connecticut Incredibly thankful for the LCO Support Staff in helping accomplish the work of the office, oftentimes under tight time constraints! Michael Tellerico
Ann Ali West Virginia The key to being better is to have people around you who inspire you to be your best self. I am so very lucky to have this in Ann. I couldn't imagine trying to do what I do without her as my counterpart in the House to navigate these crazy waters with me!  Jacque Bland
Molly McAllister Connecticut A font of positivity, initiative and support, and an all-around all-star in the building. Thanks for everything you do, Molly! Michael Tellerico
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut Rosemary, thank you for all that you do to protect and support the women and girls of Connecticut. Whether it is writing joint testimony, organizing events, or assisting in workgroup administration, it is always such a pleasure to work with you. We are lucky to have you as part of our team! Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition!  Megan Baker
Melvette Hill Connecticut Huge shout-out to Melvette on your promotion to Executive Director! Your leadership, dedication, and vision have always stood out, and now you're leading the way. We're all excited to see where you'll take us next. Congratulations—you earned it! Denise Drummond
Megan Baker Connecticut A big shout-out for the incredible work you do. Your dedication, creativity, and positive attitude make a huge difference every day. Thanks for being such a great colleague who is always supportive and willing to lend a hand. Denise Drummond
Lee Cassis West Virginia Lee is forever cool as a cucumber & always has a solution, even when the problems I bring him aren't his. I truly appreciate how available he always is for all the questions I don't know what to do with. Ann Ali
House Dems Digital Communications Department  Connecticut Thank you for EVERYTHING! (can't list it all in 35 words or less) Jeanie Phillips
Abby Locke Michigan Abby is always cheerful and positive (even when she has every right to be irked). She has the professionalism and skills of someone who's been in the legislature years longer, and collaborating with her is always easy and efficient!  Virginia Chambers
Quinten Jackson Michigan Always kind and curious to learn. I will miss having you in our office but know I can always pop over to the HOB for a visit! Collin Naylor
Joe Smellie Michigan Joe is lightening fast with mailing lists and his advice for universes is amazing! Thanks for continuing your top-notch service Joe! Liz Kranz
Casey Adams Michigan Always ready with a dry joke, Casey has always been an incredible person to collaborate with. He never ceases to make me laugh all while doing awesome work. Ryan Quandt
Joci McMichael Michigan Joci has truly been a delight to work with! She handles multi-tasking like a seasoned pro. Happy to work with her whenever I get the chance to! Liz Kranz
House Information Systems Michigan The IS team are the unsung heroes of the House, without them and their expertise the rest of us couldn't do what we do. And I personally pester them with a lot of questions and really appreciate how helpful and responsive they are regardless of how silly or weird the questions are.  Asja Jackson
Nora Teagan Michigan Nora is a tremendous scheduler for the Michigan Senate-Office of Senator Veronica Klinefelt. She is what keeps everything running smoothly. Nora is the point person for our team, the first smiling face you see when visiting our office, the friendly voice if calling or the warm written correspondence over email. Our team is very lucky to have Nora on our team and has become a trusted colleague and friend.  Renee Wilson (Watson)
Jaszmyn Brown Michigan Jaszmyn is a amazing co-worker and friend, she does great work for all of the representatives she works with. She is supportive and always willing to help on any project! Alexxis Woodley
Fatima Yahya Michigan Fatima's eagerness and proactivity inspires me to tackle projects with the same energy. I'm so grateful for her upbeat attitude!  Virginia Chambers
Non-partisan Staff Connecticut  Our non-partisan staff is literally the glue that holds the building together. Whether it is the attorneys, researchers, librarians, fiscal staff, Capitol police and legislative management, we couldn’t do it without them. Thank you!  Senator Bob Duff 
HDO Press Team Connecticut I am deeply appreciative and lucky to work with supportive and talented colleagues on HDO Press Team. I am better in every way because of them. Jason York
Angela Wheeler Michigan Angela is constantly (and seemingly effortlessly) putting in 150%. She is an incredible asset for our caucus and such a great energy to be around. Thanks for always being so kind :) Ryan Quandt
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Our first Democratic female Floor Manager in my career here. So proud of Malak! Her dedication to the Caucus and her position is beyond comparable. I wish her many more years of service with the MHD's! Liz Kranz
The HDO Press Department  Connecticut  It is an honor to work alongside a group of smart, talented and kind individuals. Thank you Marta Collazo, Alberto Negron, Desmond Conner, Jackson DeLaney, Jason York, Adam Gerena, Jessica Ciparelli, Donnie Therkildsen, and Julien Novog-Desrayaud.  Marc-Yves Regis
Codie Drake Michigan Codie is clearly destined for greatness! Such an amazing, caring and stylish Comms Advisor! You're going places - but so glad you're here! Liz Kranz
Caila Coleman Michigan On top of Caila's communications work being up there with staff writers, working with her is frictionless. Her direct but kind communication style is so appreciated!  Virginia Chambers
Diane Hall Michigan Diane is the magician who ensures that everything is moving in our everchanging day-to-day work in Member Services, and she always does this with a kind heart and understanding. To put it simply, she's the best!  Veronica Martinez
Finley Arnett Michigan Finley is always a pleasure to work with! Thank you for being a part of this Majority! Liz Kranz
Werner Oyanadel  Connecticut Werner, your breadth of knowledge regarding the legislative space is unmatched. Thank you for continuously guiding and teaching me in technology, press communications, and event organizing. It is a privilege and joy to work with you! Megan Baker
Shay Florian Michigan Shoutout to Shay for always going above and beyond in all her work. She truly cares about helping her members and putting out engaging, accessible content for constituents. Lauren Coffman
Gabrielle Dingell Michigan Gabby is a delight to work with! Can't wait to see what is to come!! Liz Kranz
House Facilities Michigan Have to shout out our House Facilities team! There have been so many cool office improvements going on in the HOB over the last year or so and they have handled the transitions flawlessly.  Asja Jackson
James Sklar Michigan Shoutout to James for his straightforwardness! It's a breath of fresh air, and it makes working with him easy and enjoyable. Virginia Chambers
Majority Leader’s Staff  Connecticut  Ken, Alex and Dean have done a great job this session. Ken helped run the floor with Dean assisting. Alex just started in October and became a pro in record time.  Senator Bob Duff 
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa is fabulous! She navigates some of the most difficult policy questions with ease and is always willing to help. Brooke Hartsuff
Gretchen Shugarts Connecticut Gretchen is my right hand woman. I could not do my job without her. She is thoughtful, smart, loyal, and hardworking. She is a dream to work with, and I am so lucky to have her as a colleague.  Muna Abbas
Hannah Chapman Michigan Hannah has to be one of the greats! A truly amazing staffer that is such a pleasure to work with! Thank you for your poise and grace each and every day! Liz Kranz
Maggie Wernet Michigan While I was nervous to step into a new role, Maggie made my move seamless, easy and FUN! Thank you for always talking through crazy ideas with me and for laughing through the chaos! Veronica Martinez
Jake Allarding Michigan Shoutout to Jake for taking our vaguest of ideas, running with them, and creating beautiful, engaging graphics.  Lauren Coffman
Casey Adams Michigan Shoutout to Casey! A fantastic writer, loved by reps, and with a great sense of humor! What more could you ask for in a coworker? Thanks for making the comms department shine, Casey! Jake Allarding
Nicolette Niedzwiecki Connecticut Nicolette is amazing asset to OFA. She has taken on a very challenging and complex assignment with confidence and ease. We are lucky that she chose to work at OFA! Phoenix Ronan
Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin Connecticut How did I strike to lucky in getting a boss like Pareesa? I thank my lucky stars every day that I have been included in a wonderful team, led by a phenomenal woman. She is smart, savvy, and sometimes even silly. I absolutely love working with and learning so much from her. Muna Abbas
Courtney Cullinan Connecticut  We have the best staff in the building, led by our Chief of Staff Courtney Cullinan. She is the first woman Chief of Staff for our caucus and made sure this past session member needs were met. Courtney has excellent political and policy skills along with a deep understanding of our budget. She knows how to made life better for our residents by fighting for our priorities and helping us achieve our goals.  Senator Bob Duff 
Stephen Martin Michigan Stephen is true delight! We are lucky to have him in our Caucus. Liz Kranz
Ryan Proto Connecticut Ryan is diligent, methodical, and precise. He goes above and beyond in all his tasks and has been recognized as a valuable asset to OFA by many within and outside the office. We are lucky Ryan decided to challenge himself to a new career and came to OFA. Phoenix Ronan
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan  Coffiann is one of the hardest workers I've met in the Michigan House of Representatives. If you have any policy question you need help with she likely knows the answer or who does. Her institutional knowledge is unmatched.  Brooke Hartsuff
Elaine Settergren Minnesota Elaine is a relentless advocate for our constituents and has helped pave the way for our digital accessibility efforts. Thank you for your partnership! Jim Melby
Denise Drummond Connecticut Denise, your ability to connect with community and organize events that lead to stronger connections, policy, and resources is astounding. It is an honor to work alongside you! Congratulations on all of your well-deserved recognitions for the important work that you do.  Megan Baker
Cale Winters-Norrie Michigan Shoutout to Cale for hitting the ground running in her new role and making a splash on TikTok. Thanks for keeping things fun and trendy! Lauren Coffman
Codie M. Drake Michigan Shoutout to Codie for always swinging by the desk and giving us that mental break when we need it most! You're a true talent and a cornerstone of the office. Best of luck this summer; I'm sure we'll see you soon!  Jake Allarding
Senate Democratic Caucus Staff  Connecticut  The Senate Democratic caucus staff is the best in the building. They are all very dedicated, helpful, smart and willing to go the extra mile. Our policy department, communications department, outreach staff, atorneys, clerks, aides, sessionals all do an amazing job. Proud to work with them.  Senator Bob Duff 
Jeff Billings West Virginia Although Jeff is the House's Chief of Staff, I couldn't let this week pass without giving him a shoutout for being the best mentor, sounding board, and late-night "why are you still here?!" friend a girl could ever have. Jeff is truly what keeps the House of Delegates running, and they are so lucky to have a person with his dedication and drive at the wheel. I'm a better person because of him. Jacque Bland
Rachel Johnson Minnesota Rachel has taken on complicated bill drafting and analysis work this session with good humor and a spirit of collegiality. We are lucky to count her among the staff in Senate Counsel, Research, and Fiscal Analysis! Bjorn Arneson
Information Technology Services Connecticut  The entire ITS staff contributes to the success of our department. The Infrastructure and Development teams both keep the legislative process moving  Paul Alderucci
Stephen Singleton Michigan Stephen does outstanding work for all of his representatives. He does an exceptional job at planning big events that require a lot of time and attention to detail. He puts a lot of thought and effort into any project he is assigned.  Alexxis Woodley
Virginia Chambers Michigan Shoutout to Virginia for not only being great at her job, but helping all of us to be better at ours. She's always willing to answer a question (or 1,000) and help brainstorm a solution! Lauren Coffman
Jenna Hofer Minnesota Jenna is a great colleague--steady as a rock and deeply knowledgeable about E12 budgetary issues. I'm so glad you are a part of the E12 team! Bjorn Arneson
Audrey, Adrian and Brian in the Communications Department Connecticut Audrey, Adrian and Brian do a great job of helping me tell my best story with patience and knowledge! Rep Jane Garibay
Malak Aldasouqi Michigan Malak has incredible focus, clarity, and is decisive in stressful moments during Session. Her ability to navigate personalities while maintaining decorum is a rare skill set! House Majority Floor Leader Abraham Aiyash
Ann Marie Lewis Minnesota Ann Marie's policy expertise and long legislative experience are key to the Minnesota Senate E12 staff team's success. Thank you for being a great colleague! Bjorn Arneson
Henri Mendoza  Connecticut  Henri, you are the best legislative aide one could ever hope for. You have gone above and beyond! And I’m so deeply proud of what TeamGaston has been able to accomplish this year! Keep shining! The best is yet to come for you! On behalf of the people of the 23rd senatorial district, we salute you!  Senator Herron Keyon Gaston 
Nick Neeley  Connecticut  Always avayand checki g to see "what do you need"? Senator Marilyn Moore
Brian Valko CT Brian is our LCO (legislative drafter) and our committee has a wide cognizance. He is able to learn a wide range of complicated topics (from pharmacy to data privacy and AI) and turn around drafts quickly. He is a pleasure to work with! James Maroney - State Senator
Dr. Fowler Michigan Shoutout to Dr. Fowler for your courage in speaking up when something isn't right! We could all use more Dr.Fowler energy. Your passion for what you do always shines through, and it's a joy to work with you.  Jake Allarding
Pete Grogan Alabama  Pete is an invaluable member of the fiscal team. He is dedicated and reliable and is always ready to assist in any way he can. Shonda Stallworth
Michael Ericson Connecticut I could not do my job at OFA without the help of Mike. He's always available when I need someone to talk something through, steps in as a senior member of the unit when I'm not available, and mentors younger staff. Mike is diligent and careful with everything he does. Phoenix Ronan
Dorothy Lewis Connecticut  She is the most efficient of all the aides that have worked for me. And im not easy to work for! Senator Marilyn moore
Susan Keane Connecticut I miss you. Thank you for always taking such good care of our Clerks. Jeanie Phillips
Bill Lederman Connecticut What does Bill not do for OFA? He's our go-to guy for so many things, too many for me to name. OFA would not be able to function without Bill. Bill has taken it upon himself to learn new things and teach OFA. He approaches all tasks with calm and kind humor. I am so grateful to call him my colleague and friend. Phoenix
Amber Moe-Olds Michigan Amber is always very kind, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Everyone around her can feel confident and secure in asking her for help or advice, and she always goes out of her way to support others! Hailey Millican
Kyle Woll Connecticut  Kyle makes himself available at all times for support. As the O365 expert he is called upon constantly and is always professional and prompt. He has branched out with his responsibilities and is tenacious in his approach to learning new things  Paul Alderucci
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Miss you. Thank you for always being there for me when I was a Clerk. Jeanie Phillips
Diane Hall Michigan Diane is a wonderful deputy and co-worker! She does great work for her representatives and does amazing at guiding our team. Diane helps our team stay on track and supports us whenever needed. I appreciate all of her hard work and support the past 3 years of working together. Alexxis Woodley
Eugene Kutz Michigan Shoutout to Eugene! Your positive vibes and hard work don't go unnoticed. You're super talented, and I always love hearing your creative ideas! Keep up the awesome work! Jake Allarding
TJ Nuccio Connecticut TJ, your tenacity and dedication to bettering the state of Connecticut for the next generation is awe inspiring. Your leadership in the policy space and with our legislative tracking is incredible and I am grateful to be able to partner with you on various projects.  Megan Baker
Zoe Rogers Michigan Zoe is extraordinarily motivated and talented in her response to constituent needs. Following devastating tornados in district, she has compiled extensive resources for constituents while being attentive and responsive to those reaching out.  Shawn Deverell
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric's steady and supportive leadership of analysts in the office is so critical to our continued success and high-quality work product. His work behind the scenes (and often in front of the scene!) helps us do our jobs well. Thank you! Bjorn Arneson
Rebecca Erickson Connecticut  Rebecca gets constant praise from the other CGA offices about how helpful she is. She transitioned off the Help Desk and has become a constant positive presence for ITS Paul Alderucci
Jackie Allo Connecticut Jackie is such an instrumental part of OFA (even though she doesn't work for OFA!). No problem is every too small or large and she's always available when we need her! Phoenix Ronan
Christian DuBorg  Connecticut Christian, it has been absolutely wonderful having you as the newest addition to our team. You took this role head on and it has been a delight to see all you have accomplished in the food and nutrition space in just the few months you have been here. I look forward to collaborating on more projects and continuing the work around cultural food systems together.  Megan Baker
Lori Grayson Connecticut Lori is an understanding boss, a person with a wealth of knowledge and always being fair. It is a great pleasure working with her. Mary Enderlin
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is Training & Staff Development Coordinator. Molly is kind and patient in helping navigate being a legislator! Not an easy job! Rep Jane Garibay
Janelle Stevens Connecticut I don't think I've ever met anyone who works harder than Janelle. She gives so much to OFA and will help anyone with anything at a moments notice. She is never too busy when I need her and I am so thankful to have her traverse this crazy adventure with me. I am grateful to call her my friend and colleague. Phoenix Ronan
John Friedenreich Alabama John is an invaluable team member that continues to handle the load and hectic pace that comes with his assigned area of expertise with grace and strength. Shonda Stallworth
Tim Boyle Tim Boyle The State Capitol Police not only keep us safe but assist us with other happenings and technology at the Capitol. Tim is always there to answer questions about schedules, staff, parking and the little things that go unnoticed and unappreciated on a daily basis.  Paul Alderucci
Heather Bannister Connecticut Heather is an amazing LCO attorney and we are lucky to have her assigned to the Appropriations Committee! She is organized, calm, funny, and adventurous! We hope she stays on this assignment for many years to come. Phoenix Ronan
Haley Zawilinski Connecticut Haley is one of the kindest people you can work with, she is so diligent and committed to her work, she truly is someone to admire. Sam Clark
Haley Zawilinski CT She gets things done! She’s steady and focused, yet warm and friendly. Constituents love her, and so do I! Senator Julie Kushner
Cameron Clark Connecticut Cameron will put in so much time and effort into making sure his committee is ready and prepared for whatever is thrown at it, someone various people throughout the LOB look up to. Sam Clark
Sarah Silver Michigan Sarah is an amazing bill drafter! She is so helpful and answers all my questions. I am so glad that I get to work with her. Maya Lowry
Anthony Jenkins Michigan Shoutout to AJ for his cool-headed approach to work, whether it's double-checking email layouts or helping me share the perfect photo. Your attention to detail makes editing emails a breeze. Thanks for all you do! Jake Allarding
Lisa Buckingham Connecticut Thank you Lisa for being such a positive, fun and interesting person to have a conversation with. Mary Enderlin
Nicholas Panzarella Connecticut Nick is an incredible LCO! While working on a bill there are many changes and Nick works on them with patience and in a very timely manner all the while making sure the wording meets legal standards. Rep Jane Garibay
Chandra Persaud Connecticut Chandra is truly one of the best people I get to work with! She has done more than asked of her and still has the ability to take the time to check on others. Sam Clark
Cameron Clarke CT Cameron never misses anything. He pays attention to detail, remembers everything. He works hard and is very organized. He’s amazing! Senator Julie Kushner
House Business Office Michigan The House Business Office is filled with some of the most friendly and helpful staff in our building! If you don't know who to call or ask, they absolutely do and will help you every step of the way.  Asja Jackson
Ana Allen Connecticut  Ana has gone above and beyond what is asked of her for her job. She always exceeds expectations and makes sure her legislators and co-workers are mentally and emotionally good. Truly a kind individual. Samuel Clark
MJ Shannon Connecticut MJ has taken on such more responsibility this year, when team leads were unavailable, he really would take it upon himself to step up and help the team with anything they needed. Sam Clark
tim.bergin Connecticut Tim is our Policy Director and was great to work with this session always available to help with a question and advice. Patience appreciated Rep Jane Garibay
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is an inspiring person to those around her! She is always a calm and kind presence, and I really admire her work. Hailey Millican
Melissa Bartolomeo Connecticut Melissa is great in answering questions and so helpful in being the fixer of problems. Melissa is awesome to work with. Mary Enderlin
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby does extraordinary work for all of our representatives. Her designs are creative, professional, and makes our events look put together. She is great to work with, I enjoy our chats, and she always keeps everything on track.  Alexxis Woodley
Evelyn Huertas & Amy Weidlich Connecticut Thank you for all of the hours and effort you put into making our bills the best possible from a technical perspective. You manage an incredible volume with skill and a friendly and positive attitude. It's a pleasure to work with you both! Shannon McCarthy
Emily Jones Michigan Emily is an awesome drafter! She is knowledgeable in her subject area and willing to help me understand anything she has drafted that I don't understand. Maya Lowry
Madisyn Dye Michigan Madi is so positive and supportive! She creates such a fun and uplifting environment, and I really appreciate her presence in the office. Hailey Millican
Amanda Nixon Connecticut  Amanda has been a great addition to ITS. She’s got all the administrative tasks mastered and is liked by everyone. She helps out the other ITS staff and is always positive. She’s a great sounding board for me and keeps me on task as well. She’s ahead of the game and is improving the processes that we have.  Paul Alderucci
Catriona Stratton Connecticut Thank you for taking on the new responsibility of staffing the Regulation Review Committee and handling the myriad of issues that arose this session with aplomb. I also appreciate the time and effort you devote into making your bills the best possible.  Shannon McCarthy
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut  For her willingness to work on a number of projects to create better training materials for committee staff. Kim always makes time, offers great insight and everything we do together is fun.  Kirstin Breiner
Rebecca Erickson Connecticut For answering all of my questions, even when I answer them as I'm asking them aloud. I appreciate your positive attitude, especially when I call frustrated beyond belief and mad at the world, and how quickly you show up in our office or hearing room to fix something.  Kirstin Breiner
Laura Page Michigan Laura is a pleasure to work with! She is a such a knowledgeable and thorough drafter. I am thankful for her willingness to talk me through bills she has drafted. Maya Lowry
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is so nice and friendly, such a pleasure to work with. Glad she is part of the OLM team! Mary Enderlin
Korin Gaity Connecticut For answering all of my questions, even when I answer them as I'm asking them aloud. You're always happy to jump on a remote session to fix any issue that pops up and those issues always pop up at the WORST time! Kirstin Breiner
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thank you for being the best cheerleader for the CGA! I appreciate your positivity and efforts to bring people together and foster their skills. Shannon McCarthy
Alex Slaney Connecticut This was Alex's first year as counsel to the majority leader and she did a phenomenal job. She dove in to complicated topics, provided through research, and helped to draft legislation. She is a pleasure to work with. James Maroney State Senator
Abby Locke Michigan Abby is always very friendly and welcoming! She creates a fun and positive environment and I am grateful for her presence in the office. Hailey Millican
House Sergeants Michigan The House sergeants do an amazing job at keeping us safe! They are also some of the nicest people I know. I am grateful that they have our backs! Maya Lowry
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor is a great Appropriations Committee Clerk which is an intense and complicated Committee. There are many meetings and Taylor is always there and very helpful to make sure we have information and get our vote in. Rep Jane Garibay
Ken Saccente Connecticut Ken is always there to give valuable advice on policy and how to navigate the legislative process. He is a great resource. James Maroney State Senator
Sue Skehan Connecticut Thanks Sue for being a great co-worker. You make things easier by being on the OLM team! Mary Enderlin
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz does incredible work for our representatives! She is super resourceful and knows all the house guidelines. Her designs are spectacular, she is efficient, and always kind. All of us would be lost without Liz at the house.  Alexxis Woodley
Rino Feole Connecticut  Rino is the primary ITS support person for the House and Senate Clerks applications and voting systems. He stays at night providing support to the chamber systems until adjournment and troubleshoots a variety of issues for the legislative process.  Paul Alderucci
Officer Todd Tranter Connecticut For some reason, it doesn't matter how long I've been in the building, I feel like I still ask the same questions. Thank you for your patience and flexibility (when, let's say, I'm trying to remember how to get into the building on a weekend) and always your collaboration on building-wide projects and causes. Kirstin Breiner
Joe Quinn Connecticut Thank you for being so pleasant to deal with during the high pressure session days and your willingness to listen to concerns while always retaining a sense of humor! Shannon McCarthy
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious, so I can’t let these shoutouts pass without shouting out the great work of the Division’s Deputy Director, Holly Vaughn Wagner. Holly has an incredible command of the legislative environment that has earned her the respect of legislators and staff. Holly takes on complex assignments through her work with JLOSC and the DIAA task force and navigates them with a grace and calmness that is reassuring. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Rick Yuille Michigan Rick is wonderful to work! He always flags possible issues with legislation before my committees. I am grateful for his insight.  Maya Lowry
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is the Appropriations Committee Administrator. She is very organized timely with information and works to make sure the meetings runs smoothly. And she does this without losing her sense of humor! Rep Jane Garibay
Sam Clark and Cameron Clarke Connecticut Thank you both for working so well together through session. Your communication and collaboration really made a difference in how efficiently we were able to put out fires and find solutions quicker. Kirstin Breiner
Chris Adams Connecticut Thank you for being so courteous and maintaining a sense of humor and great communication skills despite high pressure session days!  Shannon McCarthy
Becky Fede Connecticut  Becky is the person behind the scenes keeping the CGA running. Whether it’s the wired or wireless network and accompanying infrastructure, Becky makes sure we stay up and running at all times. She has a tireless work rate and keeps us on the cutting edge  Paul Alderucci
Liz Conroy Connecticut Not enough space in here to thank you for all that you do. You're on the front lines and see it all and it's been such a benefit for us to have your participation in conversations on how to improve communication and other general processes. I love working with you and stopping by to catch up (when those flights of stairs don't wind me so much)! Kirstin Breiner
Ashleigh Schoeninger Michigan Ashleigh is so supportive, kind, and inspiring! I really look up to her as an example of how to be a great staffer and friend. Her work ethic and presence are encouraging to those around her. Hailey Millican
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware Ruth Ann heads the Division's "sister" nonpartisan agency, the Office of the Controller General, and has been a great partner over the last year as we work to provide outstanding staff services to the legislature. Her knowledge of all things fiscal is second-to-none and coupled with a "can-do" attitude is so helpful to the legislature. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Ed Maley Connecticut Thank you for maintaining traditions like ice cream during the last week of session and making an effort to come to office gatherings, but most of all for the careful consideration you give to each bill you approve. Your review results in better bills. Shannon McCarthy
Patricia Cramer Connecticut Patricia is an amazing Commerce Clerk. She serves patience and great organizational skills! We are lucky to have her. Rep Jane Garibay
Jose Ventura Michigan Jose has grown and developed so much as a staffer in the last year! From the very beginning, he has always been calm and collected, and I could always depend on him and feel confident in his work. I am very glad for his presence in the office! Hailey Millican
House Fiscal Agency Michigan The House Fiscal analysts are so hardworking and supportive, especially during budget season. We appreciate everything they do! We could not get through the term without them. Maya Lowry
Kevin Breault Connecticut Kevin is the one who fixes the problems nobody else knows how to fix, the problems you don't even realize are problems, and the problems you can't even anticipate. I've learned so much from him over the years to make our hearing room events run smoother and still don't know how he manages to be everywhere all at once. Kirstin Breiner
Janet Roberson Delaware Janet is the Director of our IT department and is such a great leader and motivator when it comes to thinking about how the legislature can more effectively use technology to increase efficiency and get the work of the legislature done well and made available to the public.  Mark Cutrona
Beth Waters Connecticut The things I appreciate the most about Beth are her attitude, collaboration, and friendship. She's always game to get involved and learn something new and it boils down to her outlook on things. I love talking to her and getting her perspective on a project and, at the end of something, always wish I had the chance to work with her more. Kirstin Breiner
House Business Office Michigan The House Business Office is such great resource. Thank you for the trainings you provide and for assisting us in any way that you can! Maya Lowry
Dylan Taylor Michigan Dylan is always so friendly and knowledgeable, and his confidence is inspiring! I appreciate how much energy and effort he puts towards his career, and am always able to depend on him for advice. Hailey Millican
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany is an invaluable team member with a strong work ethic and positive attitude. By engaging and collaborating with other team members, Tiffany is making the work place better by stimulating other team members by injecting fun and positive energy in the work day. Shonda Stallworth
Diana Rico Minnesota Diana is an incredibly supportive supervisor. Her efforts to create a positive and inclusive work environment have not gone unnoticed. She always makes LAs feel seen, heard, and supported. I appreciate all that she does to help prepare and equip us to do the best we can in our position. Hailey Ryan
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is an amazing legislative director! She is hardworking and a joy to be around! Any office would be lucky to have her. Maya Lowry
Riley Aaron Alabama Riley is an invaluable member of the fiscal team. She is creative and flexible and can often be found volunteering for additional projects. By engaging and collaborating with other teams, Riley is also making the office better by stimulating other team members by injecting fun and positive energy in the work day. Shonda Stallworth
Curt Sinatro Connecticut What a better way to start the day than seeing Curt from the State Capitol Police (SCP) at the door. Always there to make sure we’re safe and to let you know the SCP are always there. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. Ever vigilant, authoritative, yet a calming presence.  Paul Alderucci
Stephanie James Minnesota  Stephanie, you manage a workload that very few could. Thanks for all the work getting amendment numbers into the 100s  Killian Becker
Fatima Acosta Mendoza Minnesota I admire how Fatima is always calm and collected no matter what kind of things come her way. She is incredibly professional, helpful, kind and impeccably organized and does a great job at managing a very demanding office.  Her easygoing attitude and down-to-earth demeanor makes our work more fun and bearable. Grateful to have her in the corner caucus :) Hailey Ryan
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann deserves all the thanks. She is an amazing policy director and works hard for our caucus. It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to work on her team.  Maya Lowry
Jessica Brown Alabama Jessica is an invaluable member of the fiscal team. Working mainly with other Senate staffers Jessica can often be found providing assistance and guidance to other staffers during some of the most hectic days of the session and always with a smile. Shonda Stallworth
Eric Nauman Minnesota I'm very glad to get to work with you at the Senate. Your extensive knowledge on all things fiscal, patience and skill at explaining things (and re-explaining things!), level-setting, and kindness are all so appreciated! Elspeth Cavert
Cynthia Paul Michigan Cynthia is a wealth of knowledge and a great asset to our team. I am thankful for her willingness to answer any of my questions. Maya Lowry
Korin Gaity & Kathryn Stebbins Connecticut  Kathryn and Korin are the voice of ITS. Staffing the Help Desk, answering the support calls, prepping laptops and desktops, and so much more ….they are the first point of contact for ITS. Always empathetic to the caller, a calming voice, and constantly receiving praise from people who are mainly calling with problems and questions. Kathryn and Korin are always looking for more ways to help. Paul Alderucci
Asja Jackson Michigan Through her many positions in the legislature, Asja has been amazing at them all. She is helpful, hardworking, and knowledgeable in her issue area. I am so glad that I have the privilege of working with her and calling her friend. Maya Lowry
Maggie Wernet Michigan Maggie is a wonderful co-worker and deputy! She does amazing work for her representatives and is an outstanding event planner. She has helped me a ton while working at the house. Alexxis Woodley
Jennifer Bernier Connecticut  Jennifer is a librarian who has found answers to my questions with expertise and experience. She anticipates follow up questions and has kept me apprised of incoming periodicals that are important to my committee’s jurisdiction. Rep. Gregory Haddad
Eli Gaugush Michigan We could not make it through budget season without Eli, our fearless budget director. I am thankful for his hard work and patience, as well as his sense of humor. He makes budget season not as bad.  Maya Lowry
Ryan Quandt Michigan Ryan is amazing at his job and is always willing to help others. Ryan is a good co-worker and friend. Alexxis Woodley
Naurin Hashmi Connecticut  Naurin Hashmi is the non-partisan attorney assigned to the committee that I chair. I rely on her to make sure that our bills are accurate reflections of our policy choices and she has earned our trust. Also, she can draft an urgent amendment in no time flat! Our work is made possible by staff like Ms. Hashmi! Rep. Gregory Haddad
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa is one of the most thorough and hardworking people that I know. I am thankful for her help and insight. She is passionate about helping people, amazing to work with, and a great friend.  Maya Lowry
Katie Kolupke Colorado Katie's incredible graphic artist skills have revolutionized the visual impact of our office's products and digital image. She is also an incredible support to many of us on staff, including to me. Katie - you make so much better at my job. Thank you!! Natalie Castle
Nate Kalechman Connecticut Nate is such an integral part of our team that it's hard to put it all into such few words. Our committee handles a tremendous workload, and, without question, I know whatever gets thrown his way is managed meticulously and completely. He is a consummate professional, intimidating gatekeeper, and fierce friend. Kirstin Breiner
Susan Keane Connecticut Your willingness to offer your experience and wisdom to interns, with thoughtfulness and precision even at the height of your busiest days. Many interns become professionals in state government because of the time you have spent with them.  Angie
Nick Neely Connecticut Nick makes legislating more fun with his droll and deadpan sense of humor -- he is crackerjack great at his job as Director, Advocacy and Regulatory Operations and he is spectacular at making people laugh, especially me, particularly after the joke sinks in..... Thanks Nick for all you do! Senator Ceci Maher
Sabrina Lewellan Arkansas Sabrina, your depth of wisdom and natural leadership is such a gift to everyone around you. Your vision, and great skill in communicating that vision, is second to none. Thank you so much for your friendship and leadership.  Natalie Castle
Michael Tellerico Connecticut Thank you for being a great teammate on GAE! I appreciate your support and willingness to pitch in when I'm overwhelmed. And I appreciate your thoughtful counsel and attention to consistency in drafting. Shannon McCarthy
Molly McAllister  Connecticut  Thanks to Molly for ensuring all of us at the CT General Assembly know about Staff Week Shoutouts. We appreciate it and all she does for us.  Senator Bob Duff 
Thomas Collins Michigan Thomas brings a perspective to the team that we need. He knows his issue area and is great at making connections. Maya Lowry
Maureen Urso Connecticut of the time, commitment and energy you put into making sure that the HRO interns learn the legislative process and get to be apart of the CGA
Peter Andrews Connecticut I truly enjoy working alongside legislative aide Peter Andrews on Team Paris. He's very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Jessica Ciparelli
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is a wonderful co-worker. I appreciate his willingness to help and brainstorm bill ideas. He is a pleasure to work with and I am glad that he is on our team. Maya Lowry
Dawn Marzik, Jason Knight, Rick ONeil Connecticut Thank you for being such great coworkers. It is a pleasure to be part of this great Senior CECs team where we help and support one another. Milagros Acosta
Brad Towson Connecticut Brad puts the cool in ecology; I haven't wanted to do a law degree this much since season 1 of Suits. I'm grateful for all the help he has given to me in my first year on the committee.  Jim McNealey
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl is my constant collaborator on an array of projects. From trying to improve an application to finding ways to make our hearing room connections more stable (and everything in between), I count on her input and institutional knowledge to help make the best decision for our teams and the CGA as a whole. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the bottomless vat of patience she has, the repetitive questions she answers for all of us, and the fires she puts out when we run into tech issues - a wave of that backdoor IT magic wand always does the trick. (And for those who don't know the best kept Cheryl secret to fixing random glitches - double reboot!) Kirstin Breiner
Angela Andrews and Carrie Maulin Colorado These amazing leaders have done so much, but this shout is specifically for their work connecting staff directors and senior staff. This is extra work for you, and it makes such a difference!! Thank you!! Natalie Castle
Rhonda Carroll Connecticut All throughout session Rhonda makes sure we get fed, balancing the various dietary needs of the diverse group of senators and staff. Salads, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, pastas, chicken, fish and beef, for lunches and dinners, from a wide range of providers, Rhonda is on top of all of the requests, and it's a lot! Thank you Rhonda -- I appreciate you more than I can say. Senator Ceci Maher
Kathleen Johnston-Calati Michigan Kathleen has been a wonderful addition to our team. She has so much experience and knowledge in her issue area, as well as a great sense of humor! Maya Lowry
Liz Kranz Michigan  Liz does so much for our office and so many other offices in the Michigan House. She helped me transition into my new role in the office last year by providing guidance and always being there to help answer my numerous questions! Working with her is a joy!! :)  Joci McMichael
Kimmi Grove Connecticut I've been incredibly appreciative of the communication from Kimmi regarding the assistant committee clerks. Whether or not there's anything to relay, it's very reassuring to get those check-ins from her, knowing how invested she is in making sure that everyone is working well together and finding solutions if any issues do arise. I really respect her positive attitude and conscientiousness and am so glad we've had the chance to work together more. Kirstin Breiner
Elizabeth Burger Colorado Elizabeth pours her heart and soul into support and developing our staff. She is a sacrificial servant leader who works had, listens harder, and leads both up and down with great wisdom. Natalie Castle
Tom Horton Michigan Tom brings his enthusiasm and friendliness to our office. He has a passion for tax policy, which our team is very thankful for!  Maya Lowry
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz is the best and another one of the nicest people I've ever met in the Legislature. She is so dedicated to our Caucus and has unbelievable institutional knowledge.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Alex Romanowicz Connecticut Alex loves session, he loves the work, the energy and the buzz in the Capitol when everyone is present. This session he missed everything but the first week for a very important reason -- he stayed home to care for his baby son when caregiving arrangements fell apart. Well done Alex, and you were very missed! Senator Ceci Maher
Chloe Barbosa  Michigan  Chloe always has new creative ideas and does a great job at helping out her reps. She is a good co-worker and friend! Alexxis Woodley
Manish Jani Colorado Manish's vision for what technology can do for the legislature has revolutionized our operations over the years and will continue to do so into the future. Thank you for your leadership, Manish. Natalie Castle
Chris Jones  Michigan  I don't know how we ended up working together on one of the busiest standing committees and Approps subcommittees, but I enjoy every moment of it. Chris is great.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Anastasia DelCarpio Colorado Anastasia, you are incredibly good at your job, and as a result, the rest of us can be better at ours. Thank you for your wise advice, steady hand, consistent diligence, and strong emotional intelligence. Natalie Castle
House Information Systems Michigan Everyone at Info Systems is so helpful and kind. I appreciate their assistance with any tech issue I have, which tend to be a lot, and thank them for addressing all of our tech needs!  Maya Lowry
Bill O'Shea and Angela Rehm Connecticut We couldn't do what we do without our attorneys and boy do we have the best ones in the building. I throw ALL kinds of questions at them and they don't even bat an eye. From bills and resolutions to claims, settlements, and nominations...they're there. Their patience and understanding as I continue to learn in my role is more than appreciated and on some of the most stressful days, there's nothing better than being able to look at one another and laugh. Kirstin Breiner
Rich Brown  Michigan  Mr. Clerk is a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate him always taking the time—even when he is out of the country—to help. I enjoyed working with him when he served in the House, and it's great to have him as our House Clerk now. He and his entire team are great!  Coffiann Hawthorne
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby is an immensely talented designer. Her work provides so MUCH substance to this caucus. Her hours of dedication to her work do not go unnoticed.  Ryan Quandt 
Molly McAllister Connecticut MOLLY! I was so honored to be offered the opportunity to help you with the LPP this interim and loved every minute of it. It was a unique opportunity for me to work on something completely different and stretch my abilities. I love your positive attitude and perseverance and am always game to participate in anything in which you're involved. Kirstin Breiner
Franklin Perry, Charles Hennessey, Taylor Hyde, Maureen Urso, Ophelia Trahan, Susan Keane, David Desjardins, Kate McAvoy, Dean OBrien, Heather Reeves  Connecticut Thank you for your passion and dedication to learn Spanish! You guys are go-getters! I really admire your drive and determination. Your hard work is really paying off. I can see how much you all have grown in your confidence to speak Spanish – and it’s really impressive! I really believed in you guys – and you proved me right! I am very proud of you all! Muchas gracias! Milagros Acosta
Legislative Service Bureau Michigan LSB deserves all of the thanks. They are dedicated and hard-working, and without them, the legislature would cease to function. I truly appreciate everything that they do. Maya Lowry
Shawn Gokey Connecticut You never fail to say yes to my requests to support the internship. Thanks for helping out with recruiting and mock session! Angie Waszkiewicz
Susan Keane Connecticut I can handle my fair share of problem solving but let's face it, there are just some instances where Susan's experience and knowledge are simply too invaluable and necessary in the decision-making process. She is such an important person to me, both personally and professionally, and I feel so grateful to have such a pillar only a short walk away. Kirstin Breiner
Melissa Jalbert Connecticut For your constant willingness to help out with orientation, internship recruiting, and events, just out of the goodness of your heart.  Angie Waszkiewicz
Christina Gonzales Aikman Michigan  Christina has one of the nicest and warmest personalities I have ever met. She has been that way since the moment I met her many years ago. Thanks for all you do, Christina! You are amazing. Coffiann Hawthorne 
Jenna Hofer Minnesota Your tireless work to keep the Senate's Education Finance Committee on task and to manage a complex spreadsheet impresses me every year! Thank you for your service! Thank you for being an awesome E-team mate!  Ann Marie Lewis
Ann Clark and Tim Kehoe Connecticut There are so many things that are outside of our control as committee staff and no matter how hard we try, some days we just can't make those deadlines. There were some weeks this year where I felt like I kept complicating a bulletin publication or delaying some process and Tim and Ann always made me feel like it was okay. They are absolute professionals and I appreciate their responsiveness and (seemingly) life-saving measures. Thank you a MILLION times over! Kirstin Breiner
Zoe Gluck Connecticut For your willingness to meet with interns, answer their questions, help out with mock session, all while executing the million other roles you have! You are awesome.  Angie Waszkiewicz
Joe Fedewa Michigan Joe is the other 1/2 of our dynamic budget duo (along with Eli) and I have always appreciated how he includes Team Policy in budget discussions.  Coffiann Hawthorne 
Kristen Miller Connecticut My LPP co-pilot! I had an absolute blast working on the LPP last interim and was so happy to see your name when I first received Molly's email. I love working with you - your experience and input, your sense of humor, and your work ethic are my favorite things about you - and I look forward to collaborating again in the future. Kirstin Breiner
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut You are always thinking two steps ahead of what you have been asked to do, taking initiative to make sure things go well and acting with precision and accuracy. Angie Waszkieiwcz
Print Shop Team: Dave Williams, Dan Phillips and Kent Parker Colorado You are always there providing us with bills, fiscal notes, calendars, journals, reports, and more with incredible efficiency and a constant sprinkling of positivity! This is the dream team!  Natalie Castle
Gina Sanchez Colorado Gina, in the short time you've been here you've whipped us into fiscal shape and made us happy about it. Your technical skill and strong emotional maturity are both greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Natalie Castle
Chris Jackson Connecticut Thanks for all of your assistance in making mock session go well, in the middle of doing your regular job. Your contribution is what allows us to do the mock session. Angie Waszkiewicz
Sgt. Tim Boyle Connecticut Tim has been a co-worker and friend for quite some time. He is someone who provides sound advice and has consistently made me and my staff feel safe, especially at times when encountering individuals or circumstances that make us feel other. Thank you so, so much! Kirstin Breiner
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