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Chris Csanyi

As NCSL's associate IT director, Chris Csanyi focuses on the technical and infrastructure systems that are used every day for NCSL members and staff. Csanyi has 20 years of experience staying on top of technologies that can help NCSL’s...

Feray Baytok

As the chief information officer, Feray Baytok oversees all systems, hardware, network, security, technical resources and processes in use at NCSL to ensure they deliver outcomes that support the organization’s mission. She has 30 years of...

Stephen Miller

As associate director for design, Steve Miller leads design for NCSL, including reports, State Legislatures Magazine, graphics and marketing. Miller has 20 years of experience in journalism, where he earned numerous awards in editorial and...

Leanne Reed

As data analyst, Leanne Reed works with all NCSL staff. She has over 16 years of experience in the IT field. She is dedicated to providing support to the organization so that we can continue being a source of excellence to the state legislatures.

Tim Lucero

As director of facilities, Tim Lucero heads the Building Operations and Central Services departments. He came to NCSL with more than eight years’ experience working with UBS Telecommunications and Mobil Oil Corp. At UBS, he received...

Posted July 11, 2011

A Family Affair

Discover the prevalence of family duos serving in other states, including siblings, spouses, and parent-child combos. Multi-member districts like New Hampshire see more of these teams, but they can happen anywhere.

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