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Angela Andrews

Angela Andrews is the professional development senior partner of NCSL’s Legislative Training Institute, where she designs and delivers soft skill trainings to legislators and legislative staff.  She has worked in or for legislatures...

Posted June 1, 2017

Summer 2017

In this issue: Chair's Corner, NALIT at the Summit, NALIT Annual Business Meeting, NALIT Seminar, State IT Profiles: Illinois Legislative Information System and Minnesota Office of the Revisor, Navigating the NALIT Website

Edward Green

Edward Green focuses on the registration of NCSL meetings and webinars. He comes to NCSL with more than 10 years of experience working in accounting and registration at other nonprofit associations. He enjoys working for an organization committed...

Posted January 1, 2017

NALIT News | Winter 2017

In this issue: Chair's Corner, Upcoming Meetings, Hawaii IT Profile, Kansas IT Profile, North Carolina IT Profile, The Pull of the Capitol Dome, NALIT Executive Committee Members

Alise Garcia

Alise Garcia supports NCSL’s Health Program as a program coordinator. Garcia has over 25 years of experience with NCSL in numerous areas. She is dedicated to providing superior customer service and meeting coordination to the...

Posted December 1, 2016

The Canvass | December 2016

Compilation of election returns and validation of the outcome that forms the basis of the official results by a political subdivision.

Nang Loong

As accounting manager, Nang Loong oversees the accounts payable and payroll responsibilities, including travel reimbursement, vendor payment processing, procurement and travel and expense card program administration, payroll processing, year-end...

Chris Csanyi

As NCSL's associate IT director, Chris Csanyi focuses on the technical and infrastructure systems that are used every day for NCSL members and staff. Csanyi has 20 years of experience staying on top of technologies that can help NCSL’s...

Feray Baytok

As the chief information officer, Feray Baytok oversees all systems, hardware, network, security, technical resources and processes in use at NCSL to ensure they deliver outcomes that support the organization’s mission. She has 30 years of...

Stephen Miller

As associate director for design, Steve Miller leads design for NCSL, including reports, State Legislatures Magazine, graphics and marketing. Miller has 20 years of experience in journalism, where he earned numerous awards in editorial and...
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