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NCSL Daily Development

August 6, 2020

Welcome to NCSL Daily Development—a limited series toolbox of five useful online resources on a common theme. These resources are relevant to every level of the legislative world: legislators, legislative staff and leadership.

An email is sent each week, but this webpage contains all links sent to date.

NCSL hopes you will find something that can help you expand your knowledge base or skill set to increase your legislative effectiveness.

Have a tip or trick that aligns with our weekly theme? Use the contact form to email NCSL.

Raising Our EQ: Improving Emotional Intelligence

Increasing Our Resiliency in Challenging Times

Strategic Planning

Design Thinking

Improving Constituent/"Customer" Service

Managing Conflict

Telework, Part 2: Lessons From a Month of Quarantine

Effective Decision-Making

Innovation in the Workplace

Increasing Personal and Team Productivity

Teleworking Tips

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