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Legislator Recruitment | 2024-25 NCSL Executive Committee At-Large and Vice President Applicants

July 11, 2024

To: All Interested Legislators

From: Brian Patrick Kennedy, Rhode Island House speaker pro tem and NCSL president, and Wayne Harper, Utah Senate president pro tem and NCSL president-elect

NCSL is seeking applications for legislators to serve in the following roles:

  • At-large NCSL Executive Committee members.
  • An NCSL officer as vice-president. (This person will also serve on NCSL’s Executive Committee.)

What Is an Officer?

NCSL is led by four legislator officers and three legislative staff officers. The officers guide the Executive Committee in the governance of NCSL. Each year, a new vice president is selected, alternating between the two major political parties. That person ascends to the NCSL presidency over time (you would be committing to a four-year officer term).

What Is the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee serves as the governing body of the organization, providing strategic focus in terms of mission, leadership vision and policies. This includes developing and enhancing the programs that support legislators and legislatures across the country.

Why Apply?

NCSL is your organization. Americans are looking more and more to the states to solve problems. And as the laboratories of democracy, state legislatures deliver. You are the first to tackle tough topics. You are the ones who reach across the aisle, negotiate, compromise and collaborate to get things done. You are the innovators. NCSL is here to help you do your jobs. We provide thorough, unbiased and comprehensive information to help you navigate complex policy issues. We need committed legislators on NCSL’s governance board to steer the organization, provide ideas and set future goals.

The officers ensure the conference is led in a strategic direction to best serve all state legislators and staff. The officer commitment is substantial but rewarding.

Who Should Apply?

  • For At-Large Executive Committee Member: All legislators who have an interest in the governance of NCSL.
  • For Vice President: Legislative leaders who have an interest in the governance of NCSL. The vice president shall be a legislative leader (per NCSL Bylaws). NCSL is seeking Republican candidates this year.

What’s the Process?

Legislators interested in serving on the NCSL Executive Committee or as vice president must review the Nominating Procedures information and write a letter of declaration, which should be delivered or emailed by Wednesday, July 31, 2024, at noon ET. Letters of support must be delivered by Saturday, Aug. 3, 2024, at noon ET. Declarations and letters of support must be addressed to NCSL Legislator Nominating Committee, in care of Stacy Householder, NCSL, 7700 E. First Place, Denver, CO; 80230 or emailed to Stacy Householder. NCSL will acknowledge receipt and notify all members of the nominating committee. 

A letter of support from your chambers’ top leader is strongly urged. Additional letters of support are also welcome.

Applicants will be interviewed at the 2024 Legislative Summit in Louisville by a nominating committee of your peers. Interviews may take place in person or virtually.

What Are the Expectations if I’m Selected? 

  • Executive Committee At-Large Member: Executive Committee members are expected to participate in all of the Executive Committee meetings during the year. At a minimum, NCSL asks that you attend two of the annual meetings. Travel costs (flight, hotel) to attend the Executive Committee meetings are the responsibility of the legislator. There is no registration fee for legislators. 
  • Officers: Officers are expected to participate in all of the Executive Committee meetings during the year. Travel costs (flight, hotel) to attend the Executive Committee meetings are the responsibility of the legislator. There is no registration fee for legislators. Officers are also expected to participate in monthly officers conference calls/email communication regarding the business of NCSL and some separate officer meetings during the year (one to two). Officers will be in close communication with NCSL’s CEO.

The vice president is committing to a four-year term as an officer, with the understanding he or she will ascend to the presidency. 

  • Year One: Vice President
  • Year Two: President-Elect
  • Year Three: President
  • Year Four: President Emeritus

If interested, please contact Stacy Householder for a full job description of the president of NCSL (and the roles leading up to president).

General Information

The Legislator Nominating Committee is tasked to nominate a slate of at-large executive committee members and a vice president to serve on the NCSL Executive Committee for conference year 2024-25.

Nominating Committee Members

  • Rep. Jay Edwards
    Chair of the Nominating Committee
    Rhode Island
  • Rep. Maurice West
  • Sen. Whitney Westerfield
  • Rep. Tina Orwall, Washington
  • Senate President Pro Tem Thomas "T.J." Shope, Arizona
  • Sen. Curt Bramble
  • Senate Majority Leader Scott Surovell
  • Senate Majority Leader Sharon Carson
    New Hampshire
  • Rep. Barbara Ballard


  • Letter of Declaration: The letter of declaration must be delivered or emailed no later than noon ET on Wednesday, July 31. Please declare if you are applying for an at-large Executive Committee position or vice president.
  • Letters of support: All letters of support must be delivered or emailed no later than noon ET on Saturday, Aug. 3.

Submit all letters to NCSL using the following address:

NCSL Legislator Nominating Committee
Attn: Stacy Householder
National Conference of State Legislatures
7700 E. First Place
Denver, CO 80230

Or email Stacy Householder.

  • Contact NCSL

  • For more information on this topic, use this form to reach NCSL staff.