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Legislative Staff Week Shoutouts 2023

May 17, 2023

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Recognize your colleagues with a shoutout or two, and be entered to win! Four lucky winners will receive a free registration for NCSL Base Camp in November. Plus, NCSL will treat the winning state to an ice cream social for staff! Connecticut, Delaware and Minnesota staff all made strong showings last year. Can they do it again? Send your shoutouts now by filling in the form or sharing a video (please limit videos to 45 seconds and include your name and title, name and title of your nominee and why she or he deserves a shoutout. Find more information on Legislative Staff Week 2023

Recipient State/Territory Because From
Kaitlyn Nieman Michigan A day at the office never drags when Kate is around! She not only makes life in the legislature fun, but she is always on top of things and puts everyone at ease with her reliability. So happy to have someone like her around! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Hailey Millican Michigan I have had the pleasure of seeing Hailey grow into the amazing staffer that she is and we're so grateful to have Hailey in our lives. Her positivity is infectious, and I know she will continue to impress and thrive! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Caitlin Bierema Michigan Caitlin has been a key member of numerous offices and is a valuable member of our caucus. She is so talented and hardworking. Wishing her continued, well-deserved success! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Ashley Christian Michigan Ashley never hesitates to go beyond the duties of a legislative staffer and she is always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter what is needed from her. She is more than just an amazing colleague. She is one to watch! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Rachel Cichon Michigan Rachel brings so much positivity to the workplace and is genuinely great at her job. She brings stability to an ever-changing environment and is always a pleasure to work with and have around! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Acacia Costales Michigan Acacia sets a high standard for all staff and has a work ethic that is unparalleled. She is a wonderful person to have around and makes the job easier for all of us. Wishing her the best as she moves onto her next chapter! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Joanne Wisely Michigan No pun intended, but Joanne is wise beyond her years and is a role model to our peers. She meets every challenge that is thrown at her with grace and poise. We are so lucky to have her as a colleague! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Allison Paris  Michigan I am so proud of Allison. I remember when she first started in the Senate. I am so proud of where her legislative career has taken her. She was a great policy advisor and an excellent legal counsel.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Nancy Green  Michigan Simply put, Nancy is the best ever. She's literally an institution. I am forever appreciative of her taking the time to listen and for allowing me to tap into all her wisdom and insight.   Coffiann Hawthorne
Joel Rudnick Delaware Joel's passion for the library and dedication to providing access to information does not go unnoticed! Erika Schrader
SRC comms staff Minnesota BIG shoutout to the rest of the comms staff for all the hours of hard work put in this session. You all make work exceptionally more fun than it has any right to be.  Jillian Reynolds
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware As the Deputy Director of the Division, Holly keeps me grounded and focused on the needs of the Division staff. She is recognized by all for her willingness to listen and her great advice, both legal and otherwise. She is a calming presence in the legislative storm. Thank you, Holly! Mark Cutrona
Molly Wingrove Michigan Have a question about the legislative committee process? You will never have to look further for the answer than Molly. She knows what she is doing and can keep things moving.  Matt Lantzy
Matt Carnagie Michigan Matt Carnagie is extremely knowledgeable about how committees run and is also a great guy to be around. Matt Lantzy
Joy Brewer Michigan Joy is a committee clerk whose knowledge spans decades.  If you have a question about how committee, she knows the answer. Matt Lantzy
Scott Lepisto Michigan Scott is a great communications professional who has a unique way to break down complex legislative proposals into something everyone can understand.  Matt Lantzy
Angela Osborne Michigan Angela is someone who understands the legislative process, while also being a go-to resource on constituent services and office management.  Matt Lantzy
Sophia Rishar Michigan Sophia is someone who understands the process and is able to help ensure that constituents understand it.  Matt Lantzy
Joe Fedewa Michigan Joe is someone who understands the budget process down to the most important detail.  Matt Lantzy
Angela Wheeler Michigan Angela understands the process and is able to help out staff at every level determine what is the best way to go.   Matt Lantzy
Shaquila Myers Michigan Shaquila is a legislative and process expert and is able to strategically think in a way that helps accomplish goals.  Matt Lantzy
Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin Connecticut Thank you for always giving me space to be creative and to express myself intellectually. I am so happy to be a part of the team! Muna Abbas
Gretchen Marin Connecticut Gretchen is the ying to my yang, and a fantastic colleague. So happy to be working with her! Muna Abbas
Ann Ali West Virginia Ann brings joy to the WV Legislature every day. Thank you for being such a fantastic Deputy Chief of Staff.  Sara Dyer
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is always so willing to go the extra mile to make something happen, and there is no one who knows more about Michigan military and vet policy than he does!  Asja Jackson
Mikaylah Hefferman Michigan When it comes to Ag, Mikaylah is always my first call, she is such a good teammate and truly delightful to work with! Asja Jackson
Thomas Collins , Jr.  Michigan If you have a transportation question, Thomas is your guy and he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience. Asja Jackson
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya has such a depth of passion for family and I absolutely love working with and learning from her! Also, I know that I can always count on her.  Asja Jackson
Tom Horton Michigan Tom knows so much about Tax Policy and I am always glad to have him around to talk through complex policies and ideas. Asja Jackson
Marissa Geyer Michigan No one knows more about landlord-tenant and housing policy than Marissa! But more than that, she is a true friend and a joy to work with.  Asja Jackson
Legan Rose Michigan It has been so great working with Legan on the Higher Education Committee. We couldn't ask for a better clerk!  Asja Jackson
Lainey Kupiec Michigan Lainey is an absolute ray of sunshine to work with and I always look forward to committee with her.  Asja Jackson
Rich Brown Michigan There is no one more knowledgeable about the Michigan Legislature or nicer than House Clerk Brown! We couldn't do it with out you and thanks for always making it fun!  Asja Jackson
Andrew Reed Michigan We've only just started working together, but I can already tell that you will be a wonderful person to work with!  Asja Jackson
Nick McLaren Michigan Nick is an absolutely wonderful person to work with and I really appreciate that even when we disagree, we never lose respect for each other. It gives me hope.  Asja Jackson
Eddie Sleeper Michigan Eddie is one of the most knowledgeable clerks I have ever worked with and I have learned so much from him!  Asja Jackson
Austin Earl Michigan Austin is my go-to IT person. He is so helpful and kind and I am grateful for all the hard work he does! Asja Jackson
Alexander Seasock Michigan Alex is such a joy to work with in the House. I will forever remember his hard work on the rare diseases bill.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is such a talented photographer. I appreciate his staying engaged on committee hearings and snapping the best shots of our Members.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby is fabulous. I appreciate all of her outstanding work on graphics.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz is a superstar and an inspiration. Folks can look, but they won't a staffer who has been more dedicated to this Caucus than Liz. We all appreciate her.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Joe Clark  Michigan Joe is one of the best writers. I appreciate his ability to understand the policy and politics of an issue and then make it digestible for Members, staff, and the public.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Alexi Chapin Smith Michigan Simply put, Lexi is nothing short of brilliant. I miss working with her in the House, but I'm happy she's over in the Senate doing big things.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Lori Dey Michigan I have always been so impressed with Lori. I'm happy that her talent and hard work resulted in her being promoted to budget director and Education policy advisor. She's a wonderful addition to the Senate Dem Policy staff and will do an excellent job. Coffiann Hawthorne
Angie Goulet Michigan I always appreciate Angie keeping us in the loop and her good work on some very tough policy issues. Thank you for your efforts! Coffiann Hawthorne
Joe Fedewa  Michigan Joe is the other half of our dynamic budget duo. Thanks, Joe for one of the smoothest budget processes ever.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Lori Dey  Michigan You are so missed and don't be a stranger. Cynthia Paul
Lexi Chapin Smith Michigan Lexi Chapin Smith Cynthia Paul
Jennie Gies Michigan It's great to work with you during this transformative time in our state's elections. Cynthia Paul
Martin Gasca  Michigan It is so great to work with you on labor issues during this time. Stand up for workers!!! Cynthia Paul
Allison Paris  Michigan You are fantastic to work with and have the coolest last name. Cynthia Paul
Johnathon Wertheimer  Michigan Your kindness and politeness makes every experience with you a joy, even when we are in the line of fire. Cynthia Paul
Jeremy Herliczek  Michigan Your ability to capture a moment or person in a photograph is truly a gift. Cynthia Paul
Lauren Coffman  Michigan In less than two months, Lauren was able to launch our brand new and highly requested caucus-wide Facebook advertising program. I can't tell you how she did it, all I know is that she is an absolute gift sent from the social media gods. I'd want her by my side if I ever encountered the troll who lives under that bridge and makes you answer his riddles three. Kyleigh Wegener
Shay Florian Michigan I've only worked with Shay for a little over a month and I already can't imagine not having her on our team. Within her first couple of days, Shay got to work establishing accessibility best practices for our entire caucus. She's extremely kind and cares deeply about making the world more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Kyleigh Wegener
Kumi Sato and Chris Reinhart Connecticut Gratitude to and for my bill reviewers whose time and energy (and patience) have helped me improve my drafts and my drafting. Michael Tellerico
Jess Schaeffer-Helmecki and Matt Frame Connecticut Genuinely grateful for my OLR counterparts on the Veterans' and Military Affairs Committee. They are always available for a consult, and their contributions to the committee and its work is invaluable. Michael Tellerico
Shannon McCarthy, Terry Adams and Matt Frame Connecticut Huge thanks to my co-counsel and my OLR colleagues on the GAE Committee. From talking through issues to stepping in to help on larger projects, I appreciate all the ways we support each other. Michael Tellerico
Anastasia DelCarpio Colorado Anastasia, you are very good at your very tough job. And because you are, you make it so much easier for the rest of us to be good at our jobs. Thank you so much for your ever-present competence and kindness! Natalie Castle
Ben Fitzsimons and Mike Pearsall Colorado Ben and Mike - you have a tough job and you do it incredibly well. Your job is done behind the scenes, but the impact you make shows up everywhere and in plain sight. You make the legislature a better place! Natalie Castle
Sharon Eubanks, Jerry Barry, Ed DeCecco, Jennifer Gilroy, Jason Gelender, Christy Chase, and Mike Dohr Colorado To Sharon and the senior staff of the OLLS: it's impossible to count the number of times I would have been lost without you. You give the best advice and keep us on track! Thank you! Natalie Castle
Peter Sturm, Joe Choiniere, Jamie Grant, Mitch Shanley, Ash Duru, and Larry Hofer Colorado This team has been working extraordinarily hard to upgrade our network infrastructure, firewalls, and backup systems, implement a new email domain, and make us work better and safer. Thank you!! Natalie Castle and Manish Jani
Amber Widgery Montana Amber is the NCSL Liaison for Montana. She is amazing. She is always there when you need something and if she doesn't have the answer, she will have the answer in a flash. It is amazing how she knows more about the Montana Legislature and our history than some of our legislators (including me). She is an extension of our legislative staff and is a great resource. Thank you Amber. Sen. Barry Usher
Milly Allen Montana Milly is awesome. She started in this past interim as staff for the Criminal Justice Oversight Council, which is made up of 4 legislators and approx. 15 others from the Criminal Justice System. All Type A personalities. Milly was thrown to the wolves and she came out beaming with a smile. She caught on quick, didn't let anyone take advantage of her and she did awesome. Then came session, when she was assigned to staff House Human Services. Not an easy committee for a new person. She again rose to the top and did awesome. Our Legislative Services found a good one. She makes us look good. THANK YOU for all you do Milly. Sen. Barry Usher
Valentina Mehmeti Connecticut Valentina is the clerk of the Gov't Administration & Elections committee and goes above and beyond in all that she does behind the scenes to keep the committee process moving smoothly. She staffs a committee with one of the largest bill counts with aplomb, has an amazing attention to detail and is a great communicator. She makes our job easier!  Shannon McCarthy
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan It has been a pleasure to watch your grow through the years and glad you are part of the team because you bring a unique element.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Matt Lantzy Michigan It is a true pleasure to work with you and discuss the intricacies of policy.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Joe Fedawa  Michigan It is a pleasure to work with someone of his caliber.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Gabrielle Mundy  Michigan Her growth has been remarkable which is a testament to her abilities and potential.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Thomas Steinbis  Michigan Tremendous, Outstanding, Magnificent service and no, this is not turkey.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Nick Strunk  Michigan He has the most impressive beard in the whole house. He is also great at what he does.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jack Boyce  Michigan Your growth and development are impressive. Always remember: Just Be Smooth.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Morgan Foreman  Michigan The only thing sharper than her intellect and wit ... Andis T. Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Arnett Finely Michigan Hey, your dedication is showing. Keep doing the great work.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jackson Pahle Michigan He came in as a brand-new staffer; however, his humility and tenacity to learn has allowed him to grow leaps and bounds.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Ian Mays Michigan He is sharp enough to cut glass, solid enough to break ground, and persistent enough to split would. It is a pleasure to work with you.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Hannah Chapman Michigan If we could bottle and sell what she has, the whole world would change for the better and we would be wealthy.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jesse Chadderdon Delaware Thanks for being flexible earlier this year when I needed a conference room. Thanks Jesse! Amanda McAtee
Dolores Michels Delaware Thanks for your kindness. You always brighten my day when I run into you and it's always great when we have a minute to chat.  Amanda McAtee
Rich Puffer Delaware Thanks Rich for always helping me whenever I have bills in the House. I appreciate your kindness. Thanks Rich! Amanda McAtee
Janet Roberson Delaware Thank you Janet for always being so kind and helping me out. I appreciate all of your assistance over the years, especially with the broadcasting tech. Thanks Janet! Amanda McAtee
Angel Burack Delaware Thank you Angel for always helping me keep the Joint Oversight and Sunset website up to date. Thanks for your kindness and assistance over the years. Thanks Angel! Amanda McAtee
Christy Wright Delaware I enjoy working with Christy with the Legislative Fellows program. Thanks for your assistance each year with the selection process. Thanks Christy! Amanda McAtee
Will Lescas Delaware I enjoy working with Will with the Legislative Fellows program. Thanks for your assistance with the selection process. Thanks Will! Amanda McAtee
Kiki Evinger Delaware I enjoy working with Kiki with the Legislative Fellows program. Thanks for your assistance each year with the selection process. Thanks Kiki! Amanda McAtee
Dave Deputy Delaware I enjoy working with Dave with the Legislative Fellows program. Thanks for your assistance each year with the selection process. Thanks Dave! Amanda McAtee
Jon Patterson Delaware I enjoy working with Jon with the Legislative Fellows program. Thanks for your assistance with the selection process. Thanks Jon! Amanda McAtee
Alexa Scoglietti Delaware I enjoy working with Alexa with the Legislative Fellows program. Thanks for your assistance each year with the selection process. Thanks Alexa! Amanda McAtee
Anna Shields Delaware Thanks Anna for all of your assistance recently. I appreciate your kindness and help. Thanks Anna! Amanda McAtee
Tiphani Cade Delaware Tiphani is such a joy to work with. Thank you for your kindness and help over the years. Thanks Tiphani! Amanda McAtee
Dan Yngstrom Delaware Dan is new to our legislature. I've enjoyed working with him and appreciate his kindness. Thanks Dan! Amanda McAtee
Ryan Dunphy Delaware Ryan is a valuable resource and great to work with. He's always there anytime I need help within his area of expertise. Thanks Ryan for your assistance and kindness. Thanks Ryan! Amanda McAtee
Julie Fedele Delaware I will always appreciate the help and assistance Julie provided me when I first came to this job 4 years ago. Since then, any time I needed anything she was always kind and willing to help. Thanks Julie! Amanda McAtee
Kiley Thomson Delaware I don't get to work with Kiley often but she is knowledgeable and always so kind any time I see her. Thanks Kiley! Amanda McAtee
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware Thanks Ruth Ann for the dedication, knowledge, and expertise you bring to the General Assembly. I admire your leadership and appreciate your kindness. Thanks Ruth Ann! Amanda McAtee
Kathi Artigliere Delaware Thanks Kathi for always helping me with JFC room reservations! I appreciate your kindness and assistance. Thanks Kathi! Amanda McAtee
Bert Scoglietti Delaware Thanks Bert for helping me out earlier this year! I appreciate your kindness and assistance. Thanks Bert! Amanda McAtee
Jason Smith Delaware Thank you Jason for always helping me out when I needed your expertise. I appreciate your kindness and assistance. Thanks Jason! Amanda McAtee
Victoria Brennan Delaware Victoria has always been super helpful and kind. I've worked with her frequently on projects and she's always made time to assist me with whatever info I needed. Thanks Victoria!  Amanda McAtee
Richard Dillard Delaware I don't get to work with Rich directly, but he's super helpful in our division with his vast legislative knowledge and proofreading skills. We are lucky to have him on the Division of Research team! Thanks Rich! Amanda McAtee
Shubreet Kaur Delaware Shubreet is one of our legislative fellows. She is always so kind and helpful, quickly getting projects completed. She's recently helped me out with some last-minute requests for a massive project, and I'm truly thankful. Thanks Shubreet!  Amanda McAtee
Nicole Neri Delaware Nicole is one of our legislative fellows. She is always so kind and helpful, quickly getting projects completed. Thanks Nicole!  Amanda McAtee
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda is such an awesome colleague. She's dedicated and always helps you find a solution, often while adding in some humor. Thanks Colinda, and thanks for saving my plants!  Amanda McAtee
Robert Lupo Delaware Bob supervises our amazing print shop. He's always been so helpful to me anytime I've had a project to print. He's also always recommended the perfect binding option for my project. I appreciate his knowledge, talent, and kindness. Thanks Bob!  Amanda McAtee
Carolyn Meier Delaware I don't get to work with Carolyn much but she recently helped me figure out a really old code error. I appreciate her knowledge and expertise. Thanks Carolyn! Amanda McAtee
Kathy Morris Delaware Kathy is always so kind and helpful. Anytime I need have a question, she helps me get the info I need. She's a joy to work with. Thanks Kathy! Amanda McAtee
Nathan Poore Delaware Nate is part of our amazing print shop. Nate is always so kind to me and helpful every time I come to him with a request. He's always come up with solutions every time I wasn't sure about something. Thanks Nate! Amanda McAtee
Arun Reddy Delaware Arun keeps everything running smoothly with regulations. He is always so kind and enjoyable to talk to. Thanks Arun! Amanda McAtee
Erika Schrader Delaware Erika is our talented Assistant Registrar of Regulations. She is kind and easy to work with. We're lucky to have her knowledge and expertise. Thanks Erika! Amanda McAtee
Marie Proctor Delaware Marie is so kind and great to work with. She is always willing to help out with any task. Thanks Marie! Amanda McAtee
Yvette Smallwood Delaware Yvette is our amazing Registar of Regulations. Her leadership and dedication is inspiring. Thanks Yvette!  Amanda McAtee
Natalie White Delaware Natalie is an awesome Division of Research colleague. I don't get to work with her that often anymore, but anytime I need help with something she's always ready to assist. Thanks Natalie! Amanda McAtee
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is a talented drafting attorney with the Division of Research. Cara has been a great resource and help to me with a recent large project. I appreciate her kindness and willingness to share info and resources. She's an awesome "hallmate." Thanks Cara! Amanda McAtee
Benjamin Kowal Delaware Ben is a legislative research analyst who works hard to assist the drafting attorneys in the Division of Research. Ben has recently been a huge help to me on a massive project. I appreciate Ben's willingness to help out whenever I come to him with a problem. Thanks Ben! Amanda McAtee
Deborah Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is a talented drafter with a huge wealth of knowledge. I always check in with Debbie on my projects because she's likely worked on them in some capacity. She's always willing to share resources and info with me no matter how busy she is. Thank you Debbie! Amanda McAtee
Amanda Fulton Delaware Amanda is our division's special project specialist. Anytime I work with her she's helpful and kind. Thanks Amanda! Amanda McAtee
Carrie Wanstall Delaware Carrie is always willing to assist with any project or task. She has been super helpful with Joint Oversight and Sunset meetings. Thanks Carrie! Amanda McAtee
Joel Rudnick  Delaware Joel is a valuable resource and great source of knowledge. Every time I need to figure out how to access something, Joel is always there to help. Thanks Joel! Amanda McAtee
Mark Cutrona  Delaware If there was ever a comic book written about Delaware's legislature, its hero would be based off of Mark Cutrona. Mark is one of the most dedicated and hardest working people I know. I'm blessed to work under his leadership and Delaware is so fortunate to have him at the helm of the Division of Research.  Amanda McAtee
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly is an absolute legend. Every time there's an issue with a statute we are reviewing, she comes up with an amazing solution. Every time I need to talk something through, she's there. No matter how busy she is, she's always made time for me. I'm so thankful I get to work with this amazing human. Thank you Holly! Amanda McAtee
Charline Ganthier-Cine Delaware I don't get to work with Charline often but when I do it's always a pleasure. Charline is so kind and manages public comment at committee hearings like a true professional.  Amanda McAtee
ALL the staff in the Michigan Legislature Michigan For all the absolutely awesome work they do every day for the people in this great state! Coffiann Hawthorne
Giovanni Pinto Connecticut For his outstanding professionalism, incredible work ethic, and his consistent dedication to the people he works with and the goal of serving the people of CT.  Mary Welander
Melanie Newby Virginia Working on the new, multi-million dollar General Assembly building project (since 2015), Melanie has been working diligently to ensure the building will meet the needs of members, staff, and the public. In addition to this mammoth project, she also maintains the phone system and procurement. Anonymous
Ricardo White Michigan Ricardo has one of the toughest jobs as Legislative Director for the Speaker. Kudos to him for balancing all that comes with that job. Coffiann Hawthorne
Alex Garza Michigan I appreciate all the hard work of Alex and his Member Services Team.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Matt Randall  Michigan Matt's our data guru and he's good!  Coffiann Hawthorne
Angela Wheeler and John Mulcrone  Michigan I appreciate our Caucus attorneys Angela and John always being available to help provide advice and answer any questions that come up.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Amber McCann Michigan Amber is a consummate professional. She is a constant observer and a great listener. She phenomenally and effortlessly makes what we want to say better.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Shaquila Myers Michigan I appreciate her leadership and willingness to listen.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Dave Schupbach Michigan I appreciate Dave always being available to listen and the synergy that comes from the good collaboration between Policy and Comms. Coffiann Hawthorne
Trent Wolf Michigan Trent was a wonderful Legislative Director for my MVC of Health policy two sessions ago. We worked on some extremely important health issues. He always expertly balanced the policy, politics, and stakeholders.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Dawn Jakubowski Michigan Dawn does such great work for Rep. Stone. I have enjoyed working with her on many important issues. I am happy that she always lets me know the Rep's policy priorities.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Emily Eggenberger  Michigan I love how hard she works and how dedicated she is to bringing Rep. Whitsett's policy ideas to life.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Sara Henning  Michigan Sara is an asset to the Caucus. I appreciate her always communicating and keeping Team Policy in the loop on Rep. Pohutsky's priorities. She is always so organized! Coffiann Hawthorne
Jason Kuenle and Maureen Sandey Minnesota Jason and Maureen serve as co-counsels to the Joint House/Senate Subcommittee on Claims. On top of their very busy normal schedules with the Revisor of Statutes, they also take on the additional responsibilities of reviewing hundreds of claims or sorting through the nuances of difficult claims to give top-notch counsel guidance to the subcommittee. They are rock stars! Diane Henry-Wangensteen
Lexi Stangl Minnesota Thank you for being an incredible leader during this wild session! Erik Olaphson
Nick Olds Michigan Nick does a great job of making sure our website stays online and troubleshooting any problems we experience. He brings an overflowing grab bag of valuable knowledge to our team. From software to everything on the backend of our website to servers, hosting and more, I know that Nick has got it covered. Bonus point: Nick is basically a lifesaver because he helps keep me fed. If you want to know where the free meals are for reps. and staffers, Nick is your man. Extra bonus point: Talk to him about the best cozy games. Kyleigh Wegener
Joe Clark Michigan Joe is an amazing person to work with. He is hardworking and puts care into everything he does.  Maya Lowry
Cathy Eslinger, Julia Jackson, Erin Reynolds, Elizabeth Burger, and Katie Kolupke Colorado To our blue book pub team: you are amazing. Thank you for your incomparable skill, incredible hard work, and affection for the people of Colorado. Katie, welcome to the team! You’ll make us even better! Natalie Castle
Matt Dawkins Colorado Matt, I can't tell you the number of times I've been grateful for your incredible competence, attention to detail, positivity, strength of character, and servant's heart.  Natalie Castle
NCSL Criminal Justice Team Montana The Criminal Justice Team at NCSL ROCKS! They always have good grantees and put together great seminars, roundtables and workshops. Their events are always relevant to my job as a legislator. I have asked many times for research and for someone to present in my committees. They are knowledgeable on their subject matter, are professional and do a great job. I have learned and grown a lot thanks to them. Sen. Barry Usher
Michael Tellerico Connecticut Michael is my co-counsel on the GAE committee and I couldn't ask for a more supportive one. He is a very thoughtful drafter and that as well as his organizational skills serve him well when dealing with complicated topics. I really appreciate his kindness, sense of humor and how quick he is to offer me assistance when I need it.  Shannon McCarthy
Matt Frame Connecticut Matt became a part of the GAE team seemingly seamlessly after joining us from another state. He has the ability to understand and explain very complicated concepts and is diligent in providing information that helps us in our drafting. Shannon McCarthy
Terry Adams Connecticut Terry has the most amazing memory of anyone I know and he will inevitably remember which bill did X ten years ago. He is a dedicated employee who puts in a tremendous amount of hours and I rely on his thoughtful advice when trying to draft any particularly complicated piece of legislation. Shannon McCarthy
Kumi Sato Connecticut Besides being a meticulous drafter with an amazing work ethic and providing thoughtful counsel to legislators, Kumi does so much behind the scenes to create a sense of community in our office and make sure we recognize various life events of employees. She is wonderful at organizing office events and plays an important part in training new employees. We're grateful for all that she does to make our workplace better.  Shannon McCarthy
Sergeants Michigan There is professionalism, dedication, and prestige. Then there is the Michigan House of Representatives Sergeants who set a bar of distinguishment in service.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Ricardo White Michigan Your endeavor to excellence is remarkable. It is difficult to remain humble while achieving but you pull it off.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jessica Travers Michigan It is great to work with people who make your job easier.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Chris Herweyer Michigan In this environment, some people are fish out of water but you are a bird in flight. Keep up the good work.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Tom Stephenson Michigan Your attention to detail is miraculous. Your attention to people is even more commendable.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Even on our difficult days your positive outlook on life always captures our good sides. Thank you for being there.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Nick Olds Michigan Thank you for all that you do and being willing to put with my frequent interruptions.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Eli S. Gaugush Michigan The only thing sharper than his intellect is his wardrobe. It is pleasure to work with you, especially on the tough days.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Marissa Geyer  Michigan She goes at every goal with such tenacity and passion. It has been a pleasure watching her grow from an intern to a colleague.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Thomas Horton Michigan He does not see obstacles but opportunities. It is great to work with someone that points out the problems but also brings solutions.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Maya Lowry Michigan Dedicated service with a smile.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Asja Jackson  Michigan Simply Amazing Effort and Dedication. Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Kyleigh Wegener Michigan Kyleigh has grown so much in her professional life in a short time and has provided needed support to our caucus in a number of ways over the years. Thank you for all you do, Kyleigh! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Johnathon Weirtheimer Michigan Working with Johnathon on the Insurance Committee has been excellent. He is organized, prepared in advance, and goes the extra mile to ensure we are ready. I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Mary Frank Michigan You are such a rock star and I'm so happy you are working on behalf of the citizens of our beloved Saginaw.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Morgan Foreman Michigan I want to thank Morgan for all the work she did to help us cross the finish line with the General Government budget. I appreciated her attention to detail and organization. She made working on the budget stressless.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Ian Mayes  Michigan It's an honor working with Ian. I appreciate not only his legislative experience but also his background as a committee clerk. He makes sure Health Policy runs smoothly and seamlessly.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Hannah Chapman Michigan Hannah did an outstanding job on the filter first package. Great work with stakeholders and Members.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Kevin Shropshire  Michigan Kevin is such a dedicated and loyal staffer. It's been great working with him over the years.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Liz Kranz  Michigan It's been so great to work with you.  Cynthia Paul
Emily Jones  Michigan You and your willingness to help and make suggestions in drafting legislation is more appreciated than words can every say. It's great working with you. Cynthia Paul
Madelyn Day  Michigan Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop on legislative packages.  Cynthia Paul
Catherine Edwards  Michigan Despite coming from different political philosophies, we have a lot in common and work well together in making good legislation for the citizens of Michigan. Cynthia Paul
Chris Jones  Michigan He is great to work with and I hope it gets better (or smoother) in the future. Cynthia Paul
Mary Frank Michigan She is the most angelic hockey player that I know. It has been great to work with you on the Corrections budget. Cynthia Paul
Ashleigh Schoeninger  Michigan It's so great to work with you with on legislation - your calm demeanor keeps everyone focused on the task at hand. Cynthia Paul
Cayley Winters Michigan Cayley is the first person I go to when I want to jump on the latest trend on social media. (Picture that Steve Buscemi fellow kids meme for an accurate visual of me approaching her desk.) She's witty, extremely versatile and so fun to work with.  Kyleigh Wegener
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan If I was a celebrity, Jeremy would be the first person I would call to be my paparazzi so my picture (of my good angle) would show up in a tabloid in the "Stars! They're Just Like Us!" section. Also (and you didn't hear this from me) I'm pretty he has superpowers because I've never seen anyone be in so many places at the same time. Kyleigh Wegener
Samantha Skorka Michigan I enjoy working with Sammi so much! She's extremely talented and funny. Her Dilatory and 2023 Women's History Month videos live in my head rent-free.  Kyleigh Wegener
Jake Allarding Michigan Jake is one of the most creative people I've ever met. His eye for design is truly (insert chef's kiss emoji). Kyleigh Wegener
Dave Deputy Delaware Dave is great to work with on legislative operation issues. He has a lot of management experience and offers great insight on finding efficiencies and building consensus. He is also a great partner in and supporter of the Legislative Fellows Program. Thank you, Dave!  Mark Cutrona
Laura Wisniewski Delaware Laura is new in her position, but has been a great partner already in dealing with legislative operation issues. Thank you, Laura! Mark Cutrona
Morgan Cahn Minnesota Morgan is an excellent addition to the Clerk's Office. She always has a bright smile and a cheery countenance. I am always grateful when I see her around. Mary Mullen
Thomas Holien Minnesota I don't know a kinder soul than Tom. There couldn't be a better person to lead the High School Page Program and Undergraduate Internship Program. He leads with a kindness and gives his students opportunities and experiences that will last a lifetime. Thank you Tom! Mary Mullen
Minnesota Capitol Patrol Minnesota We are so grateful for the hard work that the State Patrol puts in to keep our Capitol safe. Thank you! Mary Mullen
Rachel Cichon Michigan Rachel just fundamentally understands how to, if needed, turn constituent concerns into policy solutions.  Matt Lantzy
Ryan Earl Michigan Ryan is an expert in understanding complex problems and coming up with feasible solutions. Matt Lantzy
Mitchell Nelson Michigan Mitchell is just really good at what he does.  Matt Lantzy
Eddie Sleeper Michigan Eddie is an amazing clerk. He knows how make committee enjoyable.  Maya Lowry
Stephen Daunt Michigan Steve is a great guy to work across the aisle with. Kudos! Mikaylah Heffernan
Laura Wisniewski  Delaware Laura serves as the new Chief of Staff for the DE House of Representatives Majority Caucus. Since taking the job mid-legislative session, she has hit the ground running. We all appreciate her hard work and efforts to make staff feel appreciated and supported!  Sarah Wootten
Jackie Allo & Cheryl Smith, ITS  Connecticut Jackie and Cheryl do so much of the behind-the-scenes work to improve our computer processes. I appreciate how they are always looking for ways to make our jobs easier and are so responsive when I encounter any technological issues at any hour of the day or night. It's amazing to think about how far we've come in only a few years and the work that they and others in ITS did to bring us to this point where anything can be done from home.   
Nick Bombace Connecticut Nick has done a masterful job as LCO director since taking over prior to the 2022 session. He manages to juggle his multiple responsibilities well while remaining empathetic to issues that his employees encounter and always keeping a sense of humor. He's open to advances in technology to improve our processes and is very aware of what is going on in the office while not being a micromanager. We're lucky he was willing to take on this responsibility! Shannon McCarthy
Marc Kimball Minnesota Marc has been a fantastic leader - his easygoing attitude and relatable demeanor makes our work more fun.  Skyler Vilt
Luke Bishop Minnesota Luke has brought tremendous energy to the media team and has stepped up this year in building strong relationships with senators, staff, and press that have made a great impact in our communications strategy. Skyler Vilt
Jack Vinck Minnesota Jack is the glue that holds our team together and is always willing to jump in to help. We are lucky to have someone with such a great attitude on our team. Skyler Vilt
Mike Mullen Minnesota Mike has proven invaluable in strengthening our communications team and in making our press outreach better. His knowledge of the MN media landscape is unparalleled.  Skyler Vilt
Eden Teller Minnesota Eden has hit the ground running this legislative session, and has consistently delivered exemplary work. Her contributions are vital and necessary to making the MN Senate better. Skyler Vilt
Jess Yeganeh Minnesota Since joining our team, Jess has used her web and digital skills to make our communications better and she has consistently offered to step in and help teammates with any needs. Skyler Vilt
Tony Borden  Michigan His ambition makes the jobs of others simple. Keep going after it.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Amber Moe-Olds Michigan Her energy, enthusiasm, comedic perspective bring a depth to all conversations.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Sara Henning  Michigan Her dedication to excellence and professionalism are impressive.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Kevin Shopshire Michigan His longevity and dedication are remarkable. Rarely does he receive the recognition he deserves but he is truly one of the pillars of our institution.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Raqman Lewis  Michigan He is always willing to listen and learn, while still being able to provide a unique insight.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Zvonko Blazevski  Michigan His high political acumen and larger-than-life personality makes every conversation and event.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Josh Lyman Michigan Poise, Professionalism, and Persistence. IYKYK. Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Trent Wolf  Michigan He is a dedicated, driven, passionate team member that is always willing to listen.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Steve Siqueiros Minnesota From one Assistant Engrossing Secretary to another -- you're doing an awesome job! P.S. - please get rid of keepers.  Tim Greenfield 
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby works so hard, is never judgmental, and is always ready to share her expertise. She is a pleasure to work with and is phenomenal at what she does. Thankful to have her around all these years! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz is such a kind, genuine person and a light in the dark. She is a true leader and is always happy to mentor new people and help them gain confidence. We all need more people like Liz in our lives! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is always there to capture special moments and is always quick to get folks what they need. He's patient and fun to work with. Happy to have him around! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Nick Olds Michigan Nick is so kind and patient, even during hectic times. He is always there to provide us with the assistance we need. Many thanks to Nick for being such a reliable colleague! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Samantha Skorka Michigan Sammi works effectively with everyone in the caucus and not many people can say (or handle) that with grace as she does. She is a joy to work with and I wish we had 10 of her! Thank you for making us look good! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Michigan House Sergeants  Michigan Chief Jon Priebe and all the sergeants always ensure we feel safe and protected.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Joe Clark Michigan He is a great listener, even when I am talking to myself. Cynthia Paul
Thomas Collins Michigan He's a deep thinker and great conversationalist. Love our talks. Cynthia Paul
Thomas Horton  Michigan Love your enthusiasm and willingness to help out. Cynthia Paul
Matt Lantzy  Michigan Always willing to give a hand and help out. Cynthia Paul
Mikaylah Heffernan  Michigan Her compassion and empathy is second to none. Cynthia Paul
Maya Lowry Michigan She is so thoughtful. Cynthia Paul
Asja Jackson Michigan Love your passion. Cynthia Paul
Marissa Geyer Michigan Getting better every day. Cynthia Paul
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan She is the Captain of Team Policy and my Rock. Cynthia Paul
Eli Gaugush Michigan He is a wealth of information and way funny. Cynthia Paul
Deb Skumautz Minnesota Deb is a rock star as a fiscal specialist with the Legislative Coordinating Commission. She has become such an instrumental part of the fiscal service office with being ever-willing to help out staff, doing the many fiscal task responsibilities, keeping all things going and on time, and all while keeping her keen sense of humor. Thank you Deb! Diane Henry-Wangensteen
Paige Pearson Minnesota Paige quietly impacts the entire caucus with her skill, diligence, and support of the entire team. Thank you Paige!  Gina Countryman
Jillian Reynolds Minnesota Jillian has incredible patience and is dedicated to helping all members of the team share their messages with the public. She's a huge asset to our caucus!  Gina Countryman
Nick Sherlock Minnesota Nick is always on the top of his game, capturing voices in writing, and supporting the entire team!  Gina Countryman
Craig Sondag Minnesota Craig can always be counted on to support staff and keep our team together!  Gina Countryman
Nicholas Panzarella  Connecticut Nick is an important no partisan member of the team. He takes our intentions and puts them into legal language. It is not an easy job and requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. During the journey of a bill there are many changes along the way. Nick makes it all look easy.  Jane Garibay
Lainey Kupiec Michigan Lainey is great to work with. She is always so friendly and helpful. She makes even tough committee days easier and more organized.  Marissa Geyer
Molly Wingrove Michigan Molly is a such an asset to our chamber. Her years of experience help the rest of us be as prepared as possible. I always trust that even the most contentious of committee hearings will go smoothly with her assistance. She is so organized and always gracious when any of us ask questions or for help.  Marissa Geyer
Thomas Collins Michigan TC is very dedicated to his work and passionate about public service. His experiences in the legislature are helpful to our team and helps to keep institutional knowledge fresh for us all.  Marissa Geyer
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is very dedicated to his work and passionate about veterans issues. He works very hard and is always friendly to those he works with.  Marissa Geyer
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah is a dedicated public servant. Her passion for her work, especially anything to do with the environment, farming, and even dirt, are clear to anyone who works with her. She is very knowledgeable, not just in her topic areas, but has helpful institutional knowledge from her many years in and around the legislature. I feel like I learn something from Mikaylah every day and I enjoy working with her! Marissa Geyer
Thomas Horton Michigan Tom is one of the hardest-working people I know. He is incredibly smart and thinks creatively through every policy discussion or issues that arises. He is one of the only people I know who is so passionate about tax policy, but no matter the topic he is eager to learn and to help. He always offers to help others in the office and often brings the comic relief when needed most.  Marissa Geyer
Brian Merlos Michigan Brian has such a wide range of policy expertise and is someone who is always able to find a solution to a complex policy question.  Matt Lantzy
Ellen Heinitz Michigan Have a question about the legislative process or a piece of legislation? Ellen will have your answer. Matt Lantzy
Alissa Cravens Michigan Alissa is someone who is always a pleasure to work with, is so knowledgeable about the legislative process and her ability to problem-solve is second to none.  Matt Lantzy
Jenita Moore Michigan Jenita is a expert in all things state government and is always a pleasure to work with. Matt Lantzy
Andrew Solon Michigan Andy is an expert in the budget process and always seems to have the answer. Matt Lantzy
Remy Gelderloos Michigan Remy is a true professional who is always willing to answer any question and provide guidance. Matt Lantzy
Christopher Trubac Michigan Chris is a true professional who understands how to navigate the legislative process and create policy. Matt Lantzy
Connor Loftus Michigan Connor is a true professional who knows how to talk with constituents and just get things done. Matt Lantzy
Acacia Costales Michigan Acacia knows how to talk with constituents and just get things done. Matt Lantzy
Alexander McDowell Michigan He is a staffer who knows how to talk to constituents and problem solve.  Matt Lantzy
Madelyn Day Michigan Madelyn is a true professional who knows how to get things done. Matt Lantzy
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is the true professional and always a pleasure to work with.  Matt Lantzy
Ashleigh Schoeniger Michigan A true professional who is an expert in the legislative process and knows how to work a problem from beginning to end. Matt Lantzy
Mikhail Perkins Michigan Mikhail is a calming presence. He makes sure that members are informed and answers any and all questions, from members and staff alike. Though he is missed in the House, he's doing great work over there in the Senate. Maya Lowry
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt goes above and beyond. He is passionate about veterans issues and makes the topic understandable.  Maya Lowry
Nicholas Rossow Michigan Nick hit the ground running in his new office and brings a wealth of information with him. He's wonderful to work with on policy development. Thanks for being yourself, Nick!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Alexie Milukhin  Michigan Alexi started with us back in January, and I've yet to see her without a smile, a question, or a fantastic story to share. Keep up the good work for your constituents! Well done! Mikaylah Heffernan
Sharon Reeves Michigan Sharon is as good a staffer as she is a conversationalist! (Plus, she has excellent taste in new tea brands to help get you through the winter!)  Mikaylah Heffernan
Gabrielle Mundy Michigan Gabby is dedicated to her office and the constituents she serves. She's fantastic. Keep up the good work!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Natasha Atkinson Michigan I've yet to see the day Natasha isn't smiling! She's dedicated to making sure her office runs smoothly, and is a great team player.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Trent Wolf Michigan Trent is great to bounce policy changes and ideas off of. He helps me catch things I'd otherwise miss! Mikaylah Heffernan
Thomas Randle Michigan Thomas is always a pleasure to work with. I've been honored to watch him grow into every new role he takes on, and am thrilled to be his friend.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Arun Reddy Delaware Arun provides needed IT support to the ROR team. When things do not go as planned, which can happen often when processing so many documents in a short amount of time, Arun can be counted on to quickly get us back on track. He is also instrumental in our upcoming move toward more advanced technologies.  Yvette Smallwood
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah is so knowledgeable and a great asset to the House Dem Policy. She offers support to members and staff alike.  Maya Lowry
Kess O’Halloran Connecticut Kess is an amazing CEC. Although new to the team she has jumped right in. Kess is always ready to do the work, has a great attitude and energy, gets the work done and makes me laugh. I am always confident of her support.  Jane Garibay
Brian O’Connor Connecticut Brian is a talented photographer and photo artist capturing our better moments that we can share with our constituents.  Jane Garibay
Kathi Artigliere Delaware I appreciate Kathi for keeping all my bill assignments in order, which always makes the days feel less stressful! Thank you, Kathi! Julie Fedele
Jason Smith Delaware Jason is a wonderful co-worker and resource for the General Assembly in the Controller General's Office. He certainly does deliver high-quality fiscal analysis. Thank you for your support and sense of humor! Julie Fedele
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja is very dedicated to her work and especially higher education policy issues. She works incredibly hard and manages various priorities well. Her experience in comms only makes her that much more valuable to our team. And she brings laughter to everyone she works with. Marissa Geyer
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya is wonderful to work with. Even though stress, she is always smiling. She takes every challenge head-on and cares so deeply about policy to better families and children. Her passion for her work is obvious in her energy and hard work.  Marissa Geyer
Jesse Chadderdon Delaware Jesse is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate his solution orientated focus on legislative operation issues. Thank you, Jesse!  Mark Cutrona
House Photographers Minnesota Aside from working hard and taking exceptional photos, Andrew and Catherine are extremely exceptional people. A joy and pleasure to be around and work with, this place would not be the same without them. Mary Mullen
Jack Boyce Michigan Jack is a true professional who cares deeply about the constituents he works with every day.  Matt Lantzy
Michigan House Session Staff Michigan Our non-partisan session staff goes above and beyond to answer questions and make day-to-day operations run smoothly. Matt Lantzy
Steve Daunt Michigan Steve is a legislative staffer who has a deep well of knowledge about a wide variety of issues and is always willing to answer questions Matt Lantzy
Chris Jones Michigan Chris is an expert in the legislative process and knows how to create policy. Matt Lantzy
Mary Kay Sogge Michigan Mary Kay is a true professional and an expert in constituent services and the legislative process. Matt Lantzy
Rosie Jones Michigan Rosie is a communications professional like no other. A deep understanding of the legislative and constituent services process allows her to do her job extremely effectively. Matt Lantzy
Lori Dey Michigan A true professional and expert on the legislative process, and a joy to work with. Matt Lantzy
David Ettinger Michigan Dave is such a knowledgeable advisor on a wide variety of issues and always willing to find an answer. Matt Lantzy
Desmond Miller Michigan Desmond is a true professional who understands how to navigate the legislative process. Matt Lantzy
Adam Beckwith Michigan Adam is an expert researcher and policy advisor on a wide variety of issues, and is a pleasure to work with.  Matt Lantzy
Justin Alexander Michigan Beyond being a truly wonderful person, Justin is a true expert in all things constituent service, office operations and legislative process. Matt Lantzy
Kelly Stec  Michigan Kelly is truly an expert in all things legislative process. Matt Lantzy
Tom Horton Michigan Tom is excited enough for Tax Policy for all of Michigan House Dem Policy. He deserves all of the thanks for being able to make the Michigan Tax Code understandable. Maya Lowry
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja is a great co-worker and friend. Thank you for letting me bounce off ideas with you and for being my comms interpreter!  Maya Lowry
Thomas Collins Michigan Thomas, I appreciate how you see multiple facets of an issue. Also, thank you for tackling energy for us!  Maya Lowry
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa, just thank you. You are a great colleague! I appreciate you being available to bounce off ideas and being open to discussing housing issues!  Maya Lowry
Cynthia Paul Michigan Cynthia, you are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for always making time to answer my questions! I also love how you randomly break out in song.  Maya Lowry
Rick Yuille Michigan Rick, thank you for making sure we always have a house fiscal summary for bills on the agenda. I truly appreciate all of your notes on the bills in my committees! Maya Lowry
Jelani McGadney Michigan Jelani, you are the reason House session runs so smoothly. Thank you for keeping us on track and keeping it real!  Maya Lowry
Liz Kranz Michigan She is a dedicated team member, excellent graphic designer, and caring co-worker who stands up for others.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr
Mikhail Perkins Michigan Mikhail is so super smart. I remember when he started in the House. I applaud anyone who balances law school, family life, a little one, and the demands of legislative work. I appreciate him always taking the time to help when I reach out.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Bobby Lawrence  Michigan When visiting Speaker Tate's office, you can always count on a warm greeting and a smile from Bobby.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Derek Robinson  Michigan In an environment that can be so partisan at times, I appreciate being able to work across the aisle with Derek, my Republican Policy Director counterpart and friend, and being able to find bipartisan synergy at the staff level.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Anne Shaw Minnesota Anne is an essential part of the Legislative Coordinating Commission. She is smart as a whip, ever-helpful to staff, a master at figuring out things and reports, and is always super-supportive for the fiscal service office and to me, and too many other things to list. Thank you!! Diane Henry-Wangensteen
Cherie Stone Arizona Cherie serves as the Policy Advisor to the Majority in the Arizona Senate and freely shares her knowledge on Health and Government issues. She is always available to help clarify and provide insight on legislation to both members and staff. It is truly a joy to get to work with Cherie!  Galen Kimmick
Dan Mickelberg Minnesota Dan has tremendous experience and is a great partner for everyone working to understand complicated policy moving through the Senate. Thanks!! Gina Countryman
Rachel Aplikowski Minnesota Rachel does a fantastic job getting the public information about what we are doing and always helping others out!  Gina Countryman
Kess O’Halloran Connecticut Kess is an amazing CEC. Although new to the team she has jumped right in. Kess is always ready to do the work, has a great attitude and energy, gets the work done and makes me laugh. I am always confident of her support.  Jane Garibay
Virginia Capitol Police Virginia Virginia Capitol Police - Thank you for your service to the Commonwealth! We appreciate your efforts in security and ensuring our safety! Thank you! April Kees
Virginia Division of Legislative Automated Systems Virginia Virginia DLAS - Thank you for support! SFAC staff appreciate you! April Kees
Division of Legislative Services Virginia Virginia Division of Legislative Services: Thank you for everything you do for the Commonwealth! I appreciate your hard work and dedication! April Kees
Jan Brown Georgia Jan is an absolute rockstar, and one of the best people to work with at the Capitol. She sees things happening way before they do, and she keeps her committee and the Chairman running efficiently. The GA Legislature is a much better institution because of people like Jan and the work she puts into it every day. Brian Heinze
Kumi Sato, Chris Reinhart, Rute Pinho Connecticut When there's (over)thinking to be done on complicated issues that need attention but are objectively less than fun, there's no finer team that I'd like to be part of than this group. Eric Michael Gray
Molly McAllister Connecticut Every year Molly makes sure we continue to participate in the NCSL Shoutouts - recognition is important and Molly leads the way for us.  Jim Tamburro
Brian Pencz Connecticut Thank you for getting the leaks fixed in the LOB Atrium and allowing us to get rid of those blue buckets!! Jim Tamburro
Nonpartisan Circle of Trust Connecticut Thank you to the Nonpartisan Circle of Trust for always being professional and supportive - and especially for being leaders!  Jim Tamburro
Kiley Thomson Delaware As a new fiscal analyst, Kiley jumped right in to learn the ropes of education funding. She proved to be a quick study and is a pleasure to work with! Julie Fedele
Lukas Houle Connecticut I want to thank you for your exceptional support during the committee process this session. Your dedication, professionalism, and work ethic did not go unnoticed, and you played a crucial role in our success. Thank you for being so great! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Jeanie Phillips Connecticut Thank you, Jeanie. Your guidance to me as the higher education committee clerk has been invaluable. I appreciate you helping me navigate through the complexities! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Victoria Brennan Delaware Among other things, Victoria is the go-to person in the Controller General's office for all things Capital Improvement. Legislators and co-workers alike know she is a trusted resource and it is wonderful to work with her! Julie Fedele
Bonnie Gray Connecticut Just wanted to say thank you to Bonnie for always checking in to see if we need help with hearings, meetings, reports, or even files. Her knowledge of the legislative process makes it easy for her to be flexible and you know the job will always be done well.  Kirstin Breiner
Bill O'Shea, Angela Rehm Connecticut Simply put, there's no way I would have gotten through this session without the two of you. You have guided me through it all and I could never thank you enough for sharing your expertise, giving me advice, and being especially generous with your time. Kirstin Breiner
Korin Gaity, Rebecca Erickson Connecticut Rebecca and Korin are on the front lines when it comes to taking the meltdown calls. Sometimes I know the answers to my questions but by the time I call, I'm so frustrated that I can't remember how to get there. You're somehow always calm! (How do you do it?) At any rate, I thank and appreciate you both SO much. Kirstin Breiner
Rhonda Carroll, Zoe Gluck Connecticut The only way collaboration really works is if everyone believes in it. Rhonda and Zoe were so tremendous in making sure the committee clerks had what they needed to get through the committee process this year. Tackling technological changes and a new hybrid environment wasn't easy but their communication, senses of humor, availability, understanding, and management was clutch. Thank you both! Kirstin Breiner
George Marinelli, Jim McNealey Connecticut My team! I cannot thank George and Jim enough for all their help this session. I am so grateful to have George to ask questions about the nuances of the Judiciary Committee from years past and about how we can make changes for the future. I'm also so grateful to the time and effort Jim put in in designing a new system on how to organize nearly ten thousand pieces of testimony for JF reports.  Kirstin Breiner
Nate Kalechman Connecticut To have Nate as a counterpart in my first session in Judiciary has been wonderful. For jumping into a new role in such a big committee, Nate has exceeded any expectations one might have. I have a serious appreciation for his work ethic, drive, conscientiousness, and communication. I'm thankful to have him on my team and being able to have a coworker in the truest sense of the word.  Kirstin Breiner
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl is the glue that holds committee staff together. She's a total problem-solver, crisis neutralizer and oftentimes a shoulder on which committee staff call to cry. She is creative yet logical and intuitive in how to make programs work better for us. I feel very fortunate to call Cheryl a friend and have a fond appreciation for all of the things I continue to learn from her.  Kirstin Breiner
Salena Koster Minnesota She is the most supportive supervisor I have ever had. I appreciate all she does for us so much. Meggie Pruidze
Tamara Grady Minnesota She gave me the coolest plant ever! Meggie Pruidze
Abdihamid Badri Minnesota He is the best co-parent to our plant (Dr. Sen. Remi!) Meggie Pruidze
Reagan Greene Minnesota She is the queen of education! Meggie Pruidze
Chris Meyer Minnesota He is super green! Meggie Pruidze
Alexis Kise Minnesota Alexis is the coolest girl on the block!!!!! Meggie Pruidze
Raina Meyer Minnesota Raina is the strongest, most amazing person I know. She has gone through so much this year and still manages to be the best human to grace this earth. I am so glad to know her. Meggie Pruidze
Elspeth Cavert Minnesota She brings in the best cookies! Meggie Pruidze
Krista Broton Minnesota You rarely get (and never seek) the credit you deserve, but we would be lost without you! You are helpful, kind, generous and just so very smart. You are our rock! Thank you for everything.  Salena Koster
Brittany Johnson Minnesota Brittany is always very professional, helpful, kind and impeccably organized! It has been great collaborating with her on a variety of topics of Senate-wide interest, and I look forward to more work together!  Salena Koster
Robert Ludden Minnesota Thank you Robert and the whole SIS team for your collaboration on the entire Indigov project, troubleshooting every question and issue that came up, and being such a great team for both caucuses. We so appreciate the often unseen work of SIS that makes the rest of the Senate work!  Salena Koster
Mary Gallagher Minnesota Thank you for all your work over this year with Indigov, GoldPage, and troubleshooting everything! You are very appreciated.  Salena Koster
Lori Gazda Minnesota Lori is always so helpful, kind, and professional, even when I ask her to add and remove me from calendars 10 times in a week! Thank you for all your work and helpfulness during this busy session.  Salena Koster
Taylor Jones Minnesota Taylor is great, and even though we haven't always succeeded at keeping him busy enough, he has been such a positive presence for our team. Always willing to step up and help out in any way, I've really appreciate his time this session! Excited to see where his career in law takes him!  Salena Koster
Rachel Nichols Minnesota Rachel is basically the best contributor to a positive atmosphere ever. She is a day brightener and I love catching up with her. She's been a great help to staff in many ways, and we will miss her once she is off to her next adventure in school. Thank you, Rachel.  Salena Koster
Marcus Paul Minnesota Marcus is the best! He always takes the initiative to find ways to help others and steps up wherever he can! He is enthusiastic and positive and has been a great team player for our caucus. He has a bright path ahead!  Salena Koster
Rosalie Filippone Connecticut Rosalie, your exceptional skills and dedication as an education clerk are truly remarkable. You are not only an exceptional co-worker but also an amazing friend. I am grateful for your friendship and hard work in our House clerk team. Thank you for being amazing!  Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Beth Waters Connecticut Beth is many things to us at the CGA but the most thankless job is that of being FOI lead. Thank you Beth for the countless times you have handle nearly impossible situations! Jim Tamburro
Bert Scoglietti Delaware As the Deputy Controller General, Bert brings an amazing amount of historical knowledge to his job. Thank you for being available whenever I need to "pick your brain." Julie Fedele
Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Director Cutrona and Deputy Director Vaughn Wagner lead an efficient and dedicated non-partisan staff. I appreciate all the work that the Division of Research does!  Julie Fedele
Susan Keane Connecticut I am so grateful for Susan. She very patiently answers all my (many) questions, no matter day or night, and has been such a support in my new role. Her institutional knowledge, and her friendship, are priceless. Kirstin Breiner
Zack Wimberly Colorado Zack is a force multiplier for the technology infrastructure and operations team in the Colorado legislature. He leads from the front and is always willing to get his hands dirty and his team respects him for that. Zack makes his team members want to work harder. He is an asset to the CO legislature. Manish Jani
Bret Stewart Colorado Bret is awesome. He came on as Project Manager but his current duties and willingness to take on more go well beyond that role. He is leading a complicated project, doing project management work across multiple projects, and is a people manager to a team of developers all at the same time. He is emblematic of the kind of people who make government function effectively. Manish Jani
Marcus Wilson Georgia Marcus is an absolute gem of a person. During session, he normally is getting hounded by multiple people, but he always finds a way to keep a good attitude and sprinkle in humor. He's very detail-oriented, and I always enjoy working with him. Marcus Wilson
Joe Garabedian Connecticut Joe is great at putting together the framework of events and setting the wheels in motion. It is always pleasant working with him and he finds a solution to whatever problems arise. Thank you Joe!  Rep. Karen Reddington-Hughes
Jamison Bazinet Connecticut Jamison is on top of his game with the reach outs to the press and also the ability to promote the issues that representatives feel passionate about. Always available to field questions and put together a great press release. It is a pleasure to work with him.  Rep. Karen Reddington-Hughes
Jess Bucci Connecticut Jess always goes above and beyond what is expected. Her empathy for others, quick thinking and excellent problem solving measures make her an asset to the representatives that she serves. Thank you Jess for being professional, polite and efficient!  Rep. Karen Reddington-Hughes
Brooke Urso Connecticut Brooke is always making sure that I'm informed on feedback from my constituents, as well as always making sure that I'm prepared to be successful each day of the session. Rep. Steve Weir
Melissa Ziobron Connecticut Melissa continuously provides caucus legislators with great information on current issues, as well as giving historical data and perspective on previous issues and legislation. She keeps us informed! Rep. Steve Weir
Jackson Sweeney Minnesota He has the best outfits! Meggie Pruidze
Anna Cool Michigan Anna does an amazing job balancing multiple disciplines from managing District operations to ensuring that scheduling is always correct. It's a demanding job that she does well. Thank you!  P. Shane Muchmore 
Katie Olkowski  Michigan Katie is one of the most hardworking individuals I know in this job and in my life. Thank you for showing me the way of the front desk and still being open to help me when I have questions. I always got your back, queen, no matter what! Peyton Klochack
Nikki Goodnight Michigan Nikki, thank you for giving me the confidence to be ambitious in how I do this job. Your example reminds me to say "what's next?" when I'm doing my job and think to what I can do in the future.  Peyton Klochack
Sue Skehan Connecticut Sue does amazing work on our budget. Her dedication and enthusiasm makes her always such a pleasure to be around. Thanks Sue! Jim Tamburro
Jess Bucci Connecticut Jess is the best officemate I could ask for! She keeps work fun, and is smart, dedicated, and resourceful. Work is 100% more enjoyable having her as part of our team! Bobbie Bergeron
Dawn Russell and Madison Spangler-McDonald Georgia Dawn and Madison are fantastic administrative assistants, who are incredibly smart and driven to excel at their job. We are all lucky to work with both of them! Brian Heinze
Dendrick Atkins and Ronny Pouliot Georgia Dendrick and Ronny both work in one of the busier offices of the Capitol, and are constantly running around providing top-notch effort, which does not go unnoticed. Cheers to their hard work in keeping the Legislature running year-round. Brian Heinze
Bailey Jordan Georgia This was Bailey's first session with our office, and she came in like a pro. Full credit to her for putting in the hours to make sure her committees ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our office and the Legislature are lucky to have her working here. Brian Heinze
Michael Satterfield Georgia This was Michael's first year in his position with the House Budget and Research Office, and he knocked it out of the park. It's not easy to get thrown into the ringer from the start, but he handles every day with class and a great work ethic! Our office and the overall Legislature is lucky to have him. Brian Heinze
Betsy Howerton Georgia Betsy is an excellent attorney, and in addition to the expertise she brings to the job every day, she also does an incredible job with the RELACS association with NCSL. She deserves a ton of credit for how great Staff Hub turned out. Brian Heinze
Shawn Marie Story Georgia Shawn Marie in the Office of Legislative Counsel is always a pleasure to work with. She's great at what she does, detailed and thorough, and she truly cares about her work, going above and beyond. We're fortunate to have her working at the Legislature! Brian Heinze
Morgan Walsh Georgia Morgan Walsh is the definition of a multitasker!!! She has exceptional organizational skills. Morgan is our project leader for our new software system project. She has spent countless hours as liaison between our staff and the vendor. She does this on top of her Clerk's Office job and we thank her for keeping us organized for meetings, calls and demos. Morgan, you do rock and we thank you!!!  Christel Raasch
Cory Mulkey Georgia Cory Mulkey is our Doorkeeper and Director of Postal Services. His exceptional personality keeps us on our toes and his warm smile makes each and every day brighter. He is a delight to work with and I’m proud to call him my friend!! Thank you Cory for all you do each and every day to make the Georgia House run smoothly.  Christel Raasch
Clerk's Office Staff Georgia Our staff and their years of service make my job easy! They are committed to do an excellent job and work diligently to get the work done each day during our legislative session. Thank you all for your hard work. Y’all rock!!  Christel Raasch
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is the best part of the budget/implementer process. Without her, it wouldn't be fun. Christopher Cordima
Nick Bombace Connecticut This guy gets it. Christopher Cordima
April Kees and the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee Virginia April Kees, Director, and the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee are an amazing team. They have worked to train and bring several new team members up to speed, all while maintaining their high level of expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. Always pleasant and friendly, April and her team work long hours, providing much assistance whenever needed. Anonymous
Virginia Senate Clerk's Office Virginia Virginia Senate Clerk's Office: Thank you for your service to the Commonwealth and your support as part of the Senate team! Thank you for all you do! I appreciate you! April Kees
Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee Staff Virginia SFAC staff: Thank you for your non-partisan service and dedication to the Commonwealth! Your efforts have been tireless over the last few years and I appreciate each of you! April Kees
Jenna Hofer, Bettsy Hjelseth Minnesota My SCRFA E-Teammates: Thank you for making this work more enjoyable! Working with you both makes the long days at the office less-horrible. HA! Ann Marie Lewis
Elyse Greenhut Colorado Elyse continues to provide expertise in the QA space by creating QA protocol and providing input on the SDLC lifecycle, while providing support during the 2023 legislative session. Bret Stewart
Andrew Curtin Colorado Andrew continues to juggle many balls by being the Product Owner or co-Product Owner of at least four applications that are either in production or in development. He continues to stay cool under pressure and is always willing to help. Bret Stewart
Brian Taylor Colorado Brian worked with the customer to resolve the most difficult data issues for the (still-in-development) Publishing application, while supporting the team during the 2023 session. Bret Stewart
Bart Lantz Colorado Bart continues to develop, support, and enhance the most important applications for the Colorado General Assembly. He is also the leader of the team in the application space and is always willing to help the team when needed. Bret Stewart
Thomas Nehring Colorado Thomas continues to support vital systems for Legislative staff while keeping himself abreast of and developing in the latest technologies that will help the Colorado Legislature's technology stay current Bret Stewart
Brian Hurst and his IT Staff Georgia Brian Hurst is our IT Director here in Georgia and he and his staff keep us up and running. He is always there for us and finds the solution to all our problems. He and his staff make our work life easier! Thanks Brian for all you do!!!  Christel Raasch
Fabian Minnesota You have become one of the first people I think of when I have a question about how to navigate something. I appreciate your perspective and wisdom. You are good at your job! Courtney
Jeff Stepp Alaska We couldn’t be more pleased to have the opportunity to work with Jeff. He is one of the best-prepared staff we have ever worked with, ensuring we are ready to respond to whatever may arise. He’s a great collaborator and an excellent example of a dedicated legislative staff. More importantly, he is thoughtful, funny, and very supportive of our nonpartisan agency. We appreciate him! Jessica and Sante
Tim Clark Alaska We were fortunate to work with Tim when he was the Leg Council committee aide. His thoughtful and measured approach to managing the legislature’s internal response to the pandemic made our jobs easier in a very tough and unprecedented situation. Whil Jessica and Sante
Bobbi Higgs Delaware Bobbi is a new staff member in the Controller General's office and I know we are all happy she joined our team. Thanks for having answers to all my HR questions. You Rock! Julie Fedele
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware Ruth Ann is a competent and dedicated Controller General. She makes time for every issue that comes up and provides thorough feedback to legislators and staff. I am proud to be on her team! Julie Fedele
Ashley Christian  Michigan Ashley has been, and continues to be, an anchor for me as I've come into my own in the Michigan House. I can't thank her enough for being a guiding hand as I continue to improve my abilities in state government! Peyton Klochack
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe has done a fantastic job creating a team of our clerk group. We all communicate well together and help each other whenever anyone needs it. I know it always hasn't been easy but I appreciate Zoe's knowledge and mentorship.  Rick O'Neil
Brie Wolf Connecticut Brie has been so awesome to me since I started as a clerk. I did not know Brie when I started this new position and she immediately let me know any and all questions were encouraged and welcomed. She made the transition easier. Rick O'Neil
Ash Northey, Justin Kaiser and Nate Kalechman Connecticut Ash, Justin and Nate were my teammates last year and assisted me when I started at the CGA and continued this year. It is so nice to work with them ~ they have been wonderful resources since day one! Rick O'Neil
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor was assigned as my mentor this session. Taylor was so helpful to everyone on the Housing Committee and always worked to show us best practices. Rick O'Neil
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan Keane is the best. She is a tremendous resource and always has time to assist me when I hit her up when she is walking by my desk. Thank you Susan. Rick O'Neil
Irene Baltazar-Chon Minnesota Irene is always very positive, helpful and kind! Her experience is helpful as we navigate a session with so many new members and staff!  Salena Koster
Abdihamid Badri Minnesota Abdihamid has managed a busy session with a lot of ups and downs well! He is always professional, thoughtful, and helpful to others.  Salena Koster
David Zak Minnesota I am so proud of David's work this session and how well he has made this transition into the legislative field! He has a huge workload and manages it well, always while so positive and kind person. He is so professional, diligent, and thoughtful in all he does. Thank you, David!  Salena Koster
Alex Will Minnesota Alex has done a great job this session as a CLA and in a busy committee and district! He is resourceful, helpful, and overall awesome to work with. I am glad to have him on the team!  Salena Koster
Maikao Vue Minnesota Maikao has learned so much this year in her new committee role, and continues to hone her skills as a legislative staffer! I'm thankful for the contributions she brings to the team.  Salena Koster
Tristan Voegeli Minnesota Tristan has hit the ground running in his first session and has done an awesome job. He's contributed a ton to the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and gotten so much legislation across the finish line with his Senator. He's always a positive team player and I'm very happy to have him on board.  Salena Koster
Alexis Varner Minnesota Alexis is doing such a great job for President Champion! She is balancing so many demands and always maintains a great attitude and is helpful to others. I'm very excited to see her continue to grow here and in her career.  Salena Koster
Travis Urness Minnesota I'm happy to have Travis back at the Senate! He has taken to the CLA role so well and is doing a great job for his Senator and committee. He's helpful to other staff, professional and respectful, and always a team player. Thankful for his great work this session.  Salena Koster
My Colleagues at the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity Connecticut I am honored to work with such a dedicated group of public servants. You each go above and beyond. Thank you. Steven Hernandez
Danna Elling Minnesota Thank you for coming out of retirement for one last blast on the Senate E-Team! You have made a difficult session easier to bear!  Ann Marie Lewis
Hannah France Minnesota You are so calm. cool, and collected no matter what kind of crazy-weird-awesome drafting request I give to you! Thank you for all of your hard work!  Ann Marie Lewis
Emily Novick Michigan Emily goes above and beyond to support our team's unique needs! She is an innovative thinker and is always understanding and willing to help out in any way that she can. Always a pleasure working with her! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Codie Drake Michigan Codie produces high-quality work at a seriously respectable rate. She meets any challenge she is given while working wit Ashleigh Schoeninger
Mike Richard Colorado Mike continues to be the main man for ensuring that our voting system performs during session. While supporting the voting system, he has also become the SME for the Reporting Services app, which is used by Legislative staff. Bret Stewart
Vineel Sonnathi Colorado Vineel has done a great job supporting the Colorado General Assembly during the 2023 session while performing development duties to build a new application for our Visitor Services team. He brings vital skills to our team and is a cherished member of our team. Bret Stewart
Mohammad Hossain Colorado Mohammad has shown many leadership qualities for a person who has been out of school only a few years. He has driven many features of a publication system currently in development to completion and has always been willing to give a helping hand. Bret Stewart
Alex Anguiano Colorado Alex has become a vital member of the Colorado LIS team, performing development duties to build a key application involving publication of the Colorado Revised Statutes during his first year with the group. Alex has a bright future with our team. Bret Stewart
Sue Wang Colorado In addition to supporting the CO General Assembly during 2023 session, Sue spent weekends working on a key initiative to improve our Statute Publishing process. She has done amazing work.  Bret Stewart
Haley Zawilinski Connecticut Haley has been incredible to work alongside, and has consistently brought a high degree of professionalism and dedication to her work. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her! Cameron Clarke
Molly McAllister Connecticut For always being such a great encourager and for having such obvious care and concern for this workplace and its people. Always quick with a smile and a kind word, folks like her help make this a great place to work. Chris Adams
Jack Dudley Minnesota I am so glad to be on the Housing team together! We have so much good ahead of us and I am grateful to learn as much as I have and will from and with you. Excited for more hikes! Courtney
Salena Minnesota Thank you for all you do to prepare and equip us to do the best we can in this job. I'm so happy to be on this team! Courtney
Jackson Minnesota Start spreading the news: Jackson is very good at his job! Thanks for sharing chats about cooking, musical theater, and reality TV. Courtney
Laura Paynter Minnesota Thank you for all of your incredible work on Housing and Cannabis. I have learned a lot from you this session and really enjoyed every opportunity to work together. Courtney
Will Freeman Minnesota Thank you for all of your help on Housing. I loved our team and am so proud of our committee process and outcome. A Nat 20!! Courtney
Jacque Clinton Minnesota Your brain is incredible and you never cease to amaze me with the depth and breadth of your knowledge. I am so grateful we got to work as closely together as we did this session. Courtney
Davin Sokup Minnesota Thank you for everything you have taught me this session and for tag-teaming these historic pieces of legislation. You are an incredible leader and a good friend and I am so grateful to work alongside you. Courtney
Jack Fischer Minnesota I love your stop-bys and insights and you are very good at your job! Courtney
Alexis Minnesota You light up the office with your welcoming smile and fun-loving spirit and you are so good at your job. Love sharing a corner of the world with you! Courtney
Jason Knight, Luwania Johnson-Martin, Milagros Acosta & MaryAnn Daly Connecticut I love being a member of the Senior CEC team with all of them. Between us we probably share nearly 100 years of institutional knowledge and experience and all are willing to share that and help anyone! You are all the best! Dawn Marzik
Brian O'Connor Connecticut His amazing photography skills always make both the staff and legislators look fabulous and those pictures make our jobs easier to do.  Dawn Marzik
Caroline Hamp Alaska At every step of this session, Caroline has been ready to step up to lend her experience and wisdom in support of our amazing staff, legislators and Coalition. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Caroline this year ( : Erik Gunderson
Liz Harpold Alaska Liz has been a total Rockstar in our Coalition and helped to ensure our new staffers have the support, training, and resources to grow and succeed! It's been an honor to work with her and hard work, experience, and compassion have been integral to all of our success this session. Thank you! ( : Erik Gunderson
Stuart Morelli Georgia Many times we call Stuart with questions about a bill being drafted or an issue that has cropped up and he's always ready to handle it. I appreciate all he has done the past two legislative sessions specifically to help my office complete local redistricting for our many counties! You're awesome Stuart! Gina Wright
Shawn Marie Story Georgia Shawn Marie is a fantastic attorney who juggles so many things but she's always responsive to my many questi Gina Wright
Ash Northey Connecticut I just wanted to let you know that you're an amazing coworker and an even better friend! You're always there for me when I need someone to talk to or some advice, and I really appreciate that. I feel so lucky to work with someone as cool and supportive as you! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Dawn Marzik Connecticut Dawn is a great team player. Thanks so much for helping me this session. Jeanie Phillips
Mike Warenda Alaska Mike runs the Anchorage LIO and takes care of the Anchorage Legislative Office Building and all its tenants and operations flawlessly. He has a great staff and whenever the Juneau folks must travel to Anchorage, he is always welcoming and helpful. Also, he has a wicked sense of humor and great taste in television. 

Jessica Geary


Casey Bates Alabama Your criminal background and sparkling personality have been a tremendous asset to the agency. Your enthusiasm, knowledge, energy, and organizational skills are top-notch! Thank you Casey! For all you bring to the LSA Legal Division! We are very fortunate to have you! Karen Smith
Paula Greene Alabama She took the helm as Deputy Director of our Legal Division and didn't miss a beat. She is a great legal mind who is always available to help and get in the trenches with her team. Thank you Paula for all of the sacrifices you have made and for coming to bat for all of us when we need a heroine.  Karen Smith
Mark Cutrona & Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Mark and Holly are such hardworking and dedicated directors of the Division of Research. They always have time to listen and welcome the input of others. They are always striving to find ways to improve the Division. Thank you for all you do, Mark and Holly! Kathy Morris
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Melissa was thrown into high gear before session even began, with newly elected legislators and sessional staff coming onboard. Shoutout to Melissa ! Liz Harwood
Deanna Killen Delaware Deanna is a pleasure to work with and so supportive of the Division. She goes out of her way to send great research and clear drafting instructions to help us be more efficient with our limited time. We really appreciate it, Deanna! Mark Cutrona
Muna Abbas Connecticut Muna is a dream to work with! She is brilliant, dedicated and kind. I feel so fortunate to have such a smart and thoughtful teammate. Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin
Gretchen Marin Connecticut Gretchen is sharp as a tack, ready to take on any task (big or small), and a Census data and excel extraordinaire! On top of all that, she is a lovely person! Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin
Michael Meadows Connecticut An unending thank you! Rep. Cindy Harrison 
Melissa Jalbert Connecticut You're second to none. Thanks! Rep. Cindy Harrison 
Jamison Bazinet Connecticut Thank you always!! Rep. Cindy Harrison 
Nancy Jalbert Connecticut Thanks for all you do! Rep. Cindy Harrison 
Julianna Goldfluss Connecticut Julianna is an amazing Event Coordinator! She goes above and beyond to make sure our events are well-organized. I am grateful for all the work she does! Rep. Rachel Khanna
Jessica Ciparelli Connecticut Jessica is an amazing press aide! She always demonstrates the utmost professionalism and makes sure to keep me on task. I am grateful for her work! Rep. Rachel Khanna
Kaitlyn Nieman Michigan A day at the office never drags when Kate is around! She not only makes life in the legislature fun, but she is always on top of things and puts everyone at ease with her reliability. So happy to have someone like her around! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Hailey Millican Michigan I have had the pleasure of seeing Hailey grow into the amazing staffer that she is and we're so grateful to have Hailey in our lives. Her positivity is infectious, and I know she will continue to impress and thrive! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Caitlin Bierema Michigan Caitlin has been a key member of numerous offices and is a valuable member of our caucus. She is so talented and hardworking. Wishing her continued, well-deserved success! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Ashley Christian Michigan Ashley never hesitates to go beyond the duties of a legislative staffer and she is always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter what is needed from her. She is more than just an amazing colleague. She is one to watch! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Jon Porzuc Connecticut Jon has been instrumental in my development as a clerk. He works so hard in LCO and is always willing to work with me regarding all aspects of legislation. Rick O'Neil
Will Cromwell Connecticut Will has been a tremendous mentor for me this year on the Housing Committee. He has been so patient and generous with his time and I have learned so much from Will. Rick O'Neil
Jackson Sweeney Minnesota I always look forward to checking in with Jackson! He is doing a great job in his first session, staying on top of constituent services, his Senator's legislation, and more. He contributes to a great atmosphere with our team and I am happy to have him on board!  Salena Koster
Taylor Spreeman Minnesota Taylor is simply the best! She is always organized and on top of everything, manages her Senator's office well, is willing to take on other responsibilities like the intern program, and is so helpful to all other staff. I'm excited for her new chapter but will miss her so very much!  Salena Koster
Jack Smyth Minnesota Jack is always prepared, organized, and positive! He is doing a great job in his first session. He has been a great addition to our caucus! Salena Koster
Jess Katzeek Alaska Jess goes above and beyond for any assistance I need and gives 110% every day to her job and to her co-workers. Her dedication, while remarkable, pales in comparison to her kindness. LAA and the Legislature are fortunate to have such a professional and truly lovely person working here, and so am I!  Sante Lesh
Chris Perillo Connecticut Chris, I really enjoy working with you and hearing your perspective on various situations and issues. Thank you for your support and I hope you are enjoying your new role! Sue Skehan
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz, thank you for your knowledge and patience with my payroll questions and issues - I greatly appreciate it and enjoy working with you! Sue Skehan
Melissa Bartolomeo Connecticut Melissa, thank you for all your help with all the issues that come up and also for handling the mailbox while we are settling in with new staff! I really appreciate your help and rely on your knowledge tremendously. Sue Skehan
Lori Grayson Connecticut Thank you Lori, for all the help from your department through all our staffing issues. Greatly appreciated and a tremendous help! Sue Skehan
Ayana Smith-Kooiman Minnesota Ayana is doing excellent work for her Senator and district! She is well-organized, diligent, and thorough. I am thankful for her knowledge and experience on important issues before our caucus this session! She is an advocate for others and does great work.  Salena Koster
Rachel Cichon Michigan Rachel brings so much positivity to the workplace and is genuinely great at her job. She brings stability to an ever-changing environment and is always a pleasure to work with and have around! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Acacia Costales Michigan Acacia sets a high standard for all staff and has a work ethic that is unparalleled. She is a wonderful person to have around and makes the job easier for all of us. Wishing her the best as she moves onto her next chapter! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Joanne Wisely Michigan No pun intended, but Joanne is wise beyond her years and is a role model to our peers. She meets every challenge that is thrown at her with grace and poise. We are so lucky to have her as a colleague! Ashleigh Schoeniger
Robert Fassino Minnesota Senate Media’s long-time session-only Swiss Army knife! Robert works long hours as a producer, ENG shooter, and camera operator. He never hesitates to jump in and do whatever needs to be done. Bill Poore
Jack Kozitza Minnesota As a session-only video producer, Jack compiles information for the day from many sources around the Senate and creates on-air graphics for our Senate coverage. His dedication and attention to detail have not gone unnoticed. Bill Poore
Dave Jorgenson Minnesota As a long time session-only Senate Media technician, Dave brings his experience as a broadcast TV master control operator to our department and keeps us on air and looking good on the Minnesota Channel! Bill Poore
Cristian Stoltzman Minnesota As a session-only media production technician, Cris brings his eternal positive attitude to the Senate on a daily basis. Cris has been an integral part of our department and we are glad he is here. Bill Poore
Gary Bleskachek Minnesota As a second-year session-only Senate Media production technician, Gary is a great camera operator and willing to step in where needed to cover any event. Bill Poore
Tiffani Liebel Minnesota As a second-year session-only Senate Media production technician, Tiffani has been a rockstar. She is always willing to come early or stay late, run cameras, direct and (most importantly) make coffee. Bill Poore
Nick Bombace Connecticut Nick's approachability and knowledge make him a priceless resource that I find myself relying on often. As head of LCO, he and his entire team are absolutely critical in helping us do our jobs effectively and accurately and I hope he and they know how much they are appreciated. Chris Adams
Mel Hardy Connecticut As an important part of our Capitol Police team, Mel's demeanor, friendliness, and sense of humor not only brightens our day, but helps us remember that we're safe and protected while doing our jobs. Seeing him in the morning is one of the consolations of coming into the office each day and I hope he and all the rest of the Capitol Police team know how much they are appreciated. Chris Adams
Pat O'Neil Connecticut As one of the warhorses of our office, Pat brings a historical perspective to our press efforts. His encyclopedic knowledge of state politics is as enviable as it is effective in helping us understand the broader implications of what we do in our day to day jobs and how even some of the most mundane tasks can be critically important. Chris Adams
Bryan Sundie Connecticut Bryan's political perspective and ability to capture and convey complex concepts quickly and succinctly make him a priceless member of our office. The fact that he can do so with such a sense of humor make him a pleasure to work with. Chris Adams
Sarah Maloney Connecticut As assistant to our leader, Sarah manages to keep everything moving smoothly and efficiently while also managing to do so with a sense of humor that brightens our day. Her care for us all is obvious and really contributes to the family and team atmosphere in our office. Chris Adams
Andrew Droney Connecticut Andrew's experience and work ethic makes him a priceless member of our team. Being able to rely on his analyses and informed perspective lightens what could otherwise be a heavier load for us all. Chris Adams
James Rocco Connecticut As our newest, yet most experienced, caucus staff attorney, James covers some of the biggest issues and most difficult committees. But being able to rely on his thorough analysis of issues and impressive work product makes our jobs easier and make him a valued member of our team. His sartorial style is an example to us all. Chris Adams
Ben Borecki Connecticut As one of the veterans on our team, we can rely on Ben to be thorough and attentive to detail - especially valuable in his role covering our Finance Committee, as well as the other committees he's responsible for. His thoughtful demeaner and sense of humor is a combination that makes our days much easier. Chris Adams
Melissa Ziobron Connecticut As a former legislator, the transition to staffer has to be difficult, but Melissa is able to use her legislative experience to bring a priceless perspective to our budget-making process. Her fierce determination to produce a product that can withstand scrutiny makes her an effective and valued member of our team. Chris Adams
Connor Favre Connecticut Connor was one of our first new hires and it's been so great to see how quickly he's become such an important part of our team. The financial background he brings has informed many of our budget decisions and his quick grasp of numbers helps us understand their real-world implications. Chris Adams
Jackson Schipke Connecticut Jackson is the newest member of our team, joining us part-way through session, but he's already an integral part of what we do and we already feel like he's been with us much longer. His private practice perspective is especially valuable and his thoughtfulness and attention to detail support the great counsel he provides to our legislators.  Chris Adams
Sarah Santone Connecticut I've been so impressed with how quickly Sarah has become such a great team member and friend in such a short time. Though she hasn't even been with us for a full session yet, it already seems like she's a veteran, becoming someone you can rely on and go to with questions in the areas she covers. And her sunny disposition brightens a lot of workdays that can be a bit less than bright. Chris Adams
Adam Johnson Connecticut As one of our first new hires, it was so great to see him dive right into the job and become a priceless member of our team. His thorough attention to detail is appreciated by all who get to work with him and his sense of humor brightens a lot of tough days. Being able to rely on his expertise makes our jobs much easier. Chris Adams
Jen Skehan Connecticut As our Chief of Staff, Jen has shepherded our office deftly through good times and tough times, while somehow also being able to keep our office morale high and fostering a family environment. Being able to accomplish this in a political setting is especially impressive. Having her encouragement and knowing she has our backs makes a tough job much easier and helps us focus on being the best team we can be. Chris Adams
John Vamos Connecticut John is an absolutely priceless colleague and teammate in heading our department. I appreciate and value his perspective and his work ethic. I can't imagine doing the job we do without him and his friendship makes tough workdays much more bearable. Chris Adams
Gregg Hannan Connecticut Gregg has practical legal experience from outside the legislature that adds to his already formidable political perspective - which all makes him a valuable member of our team. Chris Adams
Bree Berner Connecticut Bree is a someone you can always count on to be positive, especially when things get crazy, and her perspective and attention to detail is invaluable. Chris Adams
Matt Carnegie and Committee Clerks  Michigan Matt helps all of us navigate the committee process. I always appreciate his insight and advice on committee procedure and his patience with my "what if" scenarios. His wonderful clerks are so key to smooth and successful committee meetings.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Melissa Sweet  Michigan  She is a wonderful committee clerk and helps ensure that we have smooth committee meetings.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Robin Risko  Michigan I have learned so much from Robin. This week provides an extra special opp to thank her for her expertise and knowledge on the corrections budget. I learned so much from here. I very much appreciate her fairness to all Members and staff throughout the entire budget process. She's an amazing person.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Jelani McGadney  Michigan Jelani is so much the unsung hero of House floor session. He spends countless hours preparing so that each session day goes smoothly for Members. In all his years of being floor manager, he has never missed a day of House session. I appreciate his attention to detail, his knowledge of process and procedure, his quick thinking, and his institutional knowledge in general.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Matt Lantzy  Michigan People honestly will not meet a nicer person than Matt. He has been such a wonderful addition to our Team. I appreciate his passion for military issues and his impeccable research skills. I love that he was able to learn his budgets really quickly and work effectively with his Chairs. I also like that he is constantly thinking of new ideas and angles.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah's calm and serene nature is so welcome in an often challenging and tense environment. She has been a great link for new Members as they navigate the Michigan Legislature. I appreciate her taking the time to help new staffers learn the ropes. I am grateful for her expertise on agricultural and natural resource issues for our Caucus.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Thomas Collins  Michigan Thomas's policy and political expertise are assets to our team. I appreciate his ability to see all sides of an issue and offer his thoughtful perspective. I appreciate him taking on energy issues for the caucus and helping to guide members and stakeholders on this and other issues.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Asja Jackson  Michigan Since joining our Team, Asja has quickly earned the respect of members and staff. She has a reputation for being a hard worker and a creative thinker. I appreciate all of her expertise on higher education and economic development issues. Even more, I appreciate her willingness to always help find the right solution.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Maya Lowry  Michigan Maya is "sunshine" in human form. I admire her approach to her tasks - no matter how big or how small, she simply does it with a smile. I appreciate her passion for leading on family and judiciary issues. She is always willing to learn new and more complicated issue areas.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Thomas Horton  Michigan Tom is one of the kindest souls anyone will ever meet. He has been a hard worker from moment one on Team Policy and brings an unparalleled level of energy to our team. Anyone who can find excitement about Tax Policy and switch it up with equal excitement about education gets an "A+" in my book.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Marissa Geyer  Michigan Marissa first impressed me as a summer law extern years ago. Since joining Team Policy, she has become a phenomenal advisor. I appreciate her thorough review of every issue and her honest feedback. I also appreciate her willingness to tackle tough issues that come her way. Her passion for housing is beyond compare and I am grateful for her leadership on this and other issues.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Eli Gaugush Michigan Eli literally knows everything there is to know about everything and then some. I so appreciate his knowledge and his leadership on Team Policy. He is an amazing Budget Director and continues to help lead us through some of the most challenging budget discussions. I appreciate his quick wit and creativity. Coffiann Hawthorne
Cynthia Paul  Michigan Cynthia's institutional knowledge and command of labor issues are both admirable and amazing. She is a wonderful Deputy Policy Director and is always available and willing to assist anyone who needs it. I appreciate her always being there for me and this Team, be it 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., to offer insight, advice or just be a listening ear. She is truly a caucus jewel and I so appreciate her.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Charles Hennessey & the Supply Team Connecticut Charlie and his team have been invaluable with all the requests we've thrown their way this session. They are kind, resourceful, and quick to respond and make my day so much easier.  Debby Adams
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly's professional development classes are the best! This "C" will always appreciate learning what is urgent/important and what is not. Your positivity and encouragement make our CGA Community so much more fun and cohesive. Debby Adams
Debbie Gotschalk Delaware Debbie brings insight (and stories) from her years in the Executive branch. She is such an asset to the team.  Erika Schrader
Holly Vaughn-Wagner Delaware Holly is such an asset to our team with a grounding energy that brings balance to the Division. Her drafting skills are second to none. Erika Schrader
Bill Processing/Tracking Kentucky Bill Processing and Tracking are great to work with and always willing to help answer questions about their process or point us in the right direction when we need it. Johnathan Harris
Bladen Finch Virginia Bladen's dedication to the Senate Page Program is evident in everything he does to create a meaningful experience for our young Virginians. He works tirelessly throughout the year to plan and implement the program. Laura Trumbo
Nathan Hatfield Virginia I've learned so much from Nathan in my few years working in the Senate LINCS office. With his knowledge of Virginia's legislative process, he can answer any of my questions. Laura Trumbo
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware As Controller General, Ruth Ann continually impresses me with the depth and breadth of her knowledge of state finances. And, I admire her ability to navigate sensitive and complex situations with ease. But, most of all, I'm thankful for her advice and support over the years. Mark Cutrona
Othni Lathram Alabama It's an incredible work experience to work under a leader whose skills and knowledge are remarkable. Othni's motivation and kindness are a few traits that make him a great leader. To work here was one of the best decisions I made in life, all thanks to him. I appreciate his clear goals for the agency and my team. I can approach him with any sort of problems and I know that he is invested in helping me find a solution. Rachel Chou
Maine Legislature Staff Maine Heartfelt thank you to the staff who keep the Maine Legislative running smoothly. Without you, there would be no floor sessions, no committee meetings, no Revisors, Majority, Minority, Clerk, and Speakers office - no support. I am very grateful for all of you and all that you do to make my work as a legislator possible. Thank you! Rep. Poppy Arford
Bettsy Hjelseth Minnesota Thankful for your positive outlook, always greeting me with a smile, and our chats - we're lucky to have you!! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Lindsey Bundgaard Minnesota Thank you for always being willing to draft things for me, letting me chat near your desk, and always saying good morning when I come in - appreciate you! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Nolan Hudalla Minnesota Thank you so much for helping out on the HHS team - you jumped right in with an amazing knowledge of insurance issues and are just a great addition to the office! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Lexi Stangl Minnesota Thank you for being such a great leader, for jumping onto the HHS team (and having it seem like you've been on it forever), and for being my pupusa buddy! Appreciate all you do for me, the team, and the office! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Dennis Albrecht Minnesota Thank you for all the background info, the little jokes, and answering any fiscal questions I have - thankful to be on a team with you! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Liam Monahan Minnesota THANK YOU for answering my millions of questions, reviewing my drafts, and always, always lending a listening ear (even when you're extremely busy)! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Jenna Hofer Minnesota Couldn't have made it through this session without our chats - thank you!! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Priya Premo Minnesota Have loved being your mentee, learning from you, and our chats about work and life! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Tyler Gustafson Minnesota Thank you for alllll the drafting help this session, I appreciate you tons!! Aly Hoffman Litchy
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah is absolutely amazing at her job. One of the most knowledgeable staffers and is always lending a hand to other staffers in need.  Ashley Christian
Ashleigh Schoeninger  Michigan Ashleigh is one of the most put together staffers in the Michigan House. She always fights for what she believes in and strives to make sure that everyone feels included. Ashley Christian
Kathy Morris Delaware I appreciate how knowledgeable you are on all things HR and benefit-related. Thank you and I enjoy working with you! Cara Wilson
Ben Kowal Delaware Thank you for your research help! I've enjoyed working with you! Cara Wilson
Lorna Beard  Michigan Lorna is such a wonderful bill drafter. Although we do not get the chance to work on a lot together, I am appreciative of her guidance on all of the child support and human services-related bills. She is so reliable and helpful.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Elizabeth Ribby-Shields  Michigan Liz makes the impossible possible. No matter how super-busy she is at our Legislative Services Bureau, she always takes the time to speak with me about bills, helps me try to find solutions to some tricky situations, and always comes through for me. She's amazing. Coffiann Hawthorne
Tim Reeves Michigan Tim Reeves is an amazing LSB drafting attorney. He provides the best advice. I feel like I can call and ask him any question and he knows the answer. Truly a 'go to' at LSB.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Acacia Costales and Connor Loftus  Michigan Much appreciation to the 'Morse Force' for running a very organized and efficient budget process. You two helped make the DHHS budget easy and enjoyable. I appreciate all the communication. You and Chair Morse did an outstanding job.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Kevin Koorstra, Kent Dell, Tori Amponsah, Sydney Brown Michigan Much appreciation to the DHHS Budget rock stars from HFA. I have learned so much from them about the various aspects of one of this state's largest budgets. They were very patient with all my questions and concerns. They gave us all the possibilities regarding spending. I honestly don't think anyone knows Medicaid better than Kevin. Truly an excellent team.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Joe Carroll Montana Joe went above and beyond by starting a "Colleague of the Week" within a Microsoft Team's post to recognize his fellow co-workers who work hard, motivate others, and help make our Legislative process run smoothly. He is a true team player and a very thoughtful co-worker!  Cyndie Lockett
Mitchell Nelson Michigan Mitch is the Member Support Manager who can do it all. He's responsive and super-helpful in tough situations and I'm grateful to have him on the team! Emily Novick
Maggie Wernet Michigan Maggie has taught me almost everything I know about this job. She's been a great mentor; patient and willing to help whenever need be and both the offices she works for and I appreciate her immensely. Emily Novick
Taylor Belyea Michigan Taylor puts everyone she meets at ease with her humor and kindness. Any office would be lucky to have her on their team because goes above and beyond to ensure their success. Emily Novick
Jim Morishima Minnesota Thank you for preparing former OPR staff to thrive at the Minnesota legislature! Hope all is well in Olympia! -Erik Olson (my last name changed to Olaphson after marriage) Erik Olaphson
Carlon Doyle Fontaine Minnesota You were incredible in Labor committee this session! I appreciate working alongside you! Erik Olaphson
Joan White Minnesota You rocked it in Higher Education this year! Thanks for being a great teammate! Erik Olaphson
Andrew Erickson Minnesota Thank you for being a great mentor this year! I appreciate you always being there to answer questions and for understanding my pop culture references. Good luck over the next week! Erik Olaphson
Laura Paynter Minnesota Great working on all things Ag with you this session! Thanks for always being there to answer questions and being a source of support throughout my first session!  Erik Olaphson
Mike Queensland Wisconsin Thank you for always embracing our ideas and allowing us to grow both professionally and personally! Erin and Meggan
Brandon Williams Delaware I recently got to work with Brandon on a project that got a bit fast-paced and chaotic as we closed in on the finish line, and Brandon remained calm, patient, and communicative as thing grew intense. Many thanks for the successful and friendly collaboration, Brandon! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Justin Richards Delaware I've had the pleasure of working with Justin on a few projects this year and I appreciate how communicative, friendly, and easy he is to work with. Thank you, Justin! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Jacqueline Borromeo Minnesota Jackie does a great job managing a busy office and is a rockstar at constituent services and committee work. Awesome work this session. Jacqueline Borromeo
Daykia Hunter-McKnight Delaware Daykia is a bright, compassionate, solutions-oriented member of our team who somehow manages to keep up with the wide range of projects our Minority Whip is undertaking at any given moment. Outside of her Senate work, Daykia also makes Delaware a better place through her advocacy for foster children, and we are all very proud of her for stepping up in that space as well.  Jesse Chadderdon
Christella St. Juste Delaware Christella is one of the funniest, kindest, and compassionate people with whom I have ever crossed paths and that shines through in  every aspect of her work. She is organized, pragmatic, thorough, and incredibly intelligent, and is always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you, Christella, for all you do for the SD2 and our the Senate as a whole!  Jesse Chadderdon
James Berryhill Delaware James is a fantastic legislative assistant for two of the most active members of our caucus. He has a brilliant policy mind, has a knack for problem solving, and often knows exactly how to help constituents in need. I've worked with James in various roles over the years, and he's excelled in each and every one of them. I'm grateful to be able to call him a colleague and a friend. Jesse Chadderdon
Lowell Rice Minnesota Lowell is always a pleasure to work with and he always has a positive attitude. I admire his attention to customer service and persistence in finding the right solution to a problem. Lori Gazda
Jess Mingo Minnesota Jess is always willing to help. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working on future projects with him big and small. Lori Gazda
Dave Cyr Connecticut Dave has been a great addition to OLM. He is always responsive, friendly and just a great person to be around. Lori Grayson
Mary Enderlin Connecticut Thank you Mary for being a dependable team player. I never have to worry when I'm out if our department is going to fall apart and I appreciate that! Lori Grayson
Jennifer Welch Virginia Jennifer cares so much! Nothing much gets past her, and she constantly reminds me and others around her to take good care of the details. Almost every time I speak to her, I think... "I need to be more like Jennifer!" Michael Adams
Rhamsees Savage Virginia Rhamsees is one of our newest staff members, but he is eager to learn and contribute. His empathetic interest in others is a primary strength, and we need more approachability in the human-centric business of legislative staffing! Michael Adams
Jeffrey Najarro Virginia Jeffrey is one of our newest staff members, but he has already begun to make his mark. He is calm, pleasant, and shows an understanding of the importance of the environment. Thank you Jeffrey for you contribution! Michael Adams
Carl in the mail room and Officer Parlapiano Connecticut Last night while leaving work I discovered I had a flat tire. Thank you Carl and Officer Parlapiano for coming to my rescue and changing my tire. That is the type of family we have here at the LOB in Connecticut. Pamela Bianca
Jamie Hysjulien Minnesota Jamie is doing an amazing job with constituent services and legislative work for her Senator. Her experience and knowledge is highly valued on our team, and has managed a heavy workload this session very well. Thankful for her!  Salena Koster
Reagan Greene Minnesota Reagan has totally kicked @** this session in the E12 team! I have loved watching her take on a committee role and become so knowledgeable and confident in the work. Looking forward to her future contributions!  Salena Koster
Tamara Grady Minnesota I'm so happy to have Tamara on the team. Her perspective and experiences are a valuable addition to our work here and she has done a great job for her district! Salena Koster
Jack Fischer Minnesota Jack is a great addition to the team, always friendly and approachable, and supportive of other staff. He has had a great first session and I look forward to the future!  Salena Koster
Jack Dudley Minnesota Jack is always on top of it! He's proactive, creative, and professional in all of his work, and has done a fantastic job for the district he works for. Great first session, Jack!  Salena Koster
Brenda De Rosas Minnesota Brenda has done a great job managing constituent services in a very engaged district this year, and navigated the challenges of session very well. She is always friendly, professional, and helpful, and I'm so glad to have her here!  Salena Koster
Christie Blood Minnesota We are so lucky to have Christie! She has made the transition into legislative work seamlessly, is super-extra-organized, enthusiastic, and professional and her work running Tax Committee is top-notch. Thank you for all your work!  Salena Koster
Killian Becker Minnesota He has done a tremendous job on such a major committee like Finance, with plenty of long nights and complicated work. Helpful, professional, friendly and more. Happy to have him on the team.  Salena Koster
Fatima Acosta-Mendoza Minnesota Fatima is doing awesome in her first session at the Senate, and has been a great CLA for a complicated committee!  Salena Koster
Robert Downes Connecticut You may be new to the team, however you are quick to share ideas, resources and help anyone with questions. Thanks for always being willing to contribute and for your upbeat attitude. Your witty personality makes you so enjoyable to work with! Sue Tufts
Sabohot Maniscalco Connecticut Sabo is extremely disciplined and always sees tasks through to completion. You are meticulous and insightful in your work. And always take the time to check in with colleagues to see how they are, or to offer a quick smile. Thanks for your dedication and kindness. Sue Tufts
Krista Boyd Minnesota As we enter these final crazy days and continue to hone our silent side-eye communication technique, thank you for EVERYTHING this session, including and especially CFA and donuts! Looking forward to many years on Team Transpo! Tim Greenfield
Greg Cato Minnesota Greg is an invaluable member of the SCRFA team and I wouldn't have survived this session without his dedication and excellent drafting skills. Thank you! Tim Greenfield
Jacque Clinton Minnesota I'm so grateful for your mentorship this session -- I admire you!  Amanda Pedersen
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa goes out of her way to be more helpful than you ever think is possible. She gives everything into every task that she is given, and it makes for an efficient work operation because of that. She is friendly, smart, and direct. Happy to have her on the team! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya is kind, driven, and versatile in her skill set. She is always willing to be helpful in any way that she can and is a great communicator. She provides uplifting energy and it's always a pleasure to be in her presence! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Lori Brocker Oregon The professionalism of the Oregon Secretary of the Senate's team is unmatched. Thank you for staying cool under pressure and for juggling the many demands of running a floor session - especially in an active construction site! Carol Suzuki
Mary Ann Cleary Michigan We would be so lost without Mary Ann Cleary and the entire House Fiscal Agency team. I personally appreciate all the time and patience her outstanding team has given to my staff for the budget. Another amazing group of people in the Michigan Legislature.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Sue Stutzky Michigan Sue has been a Senior Legislative Analyst with House Fiscal Agency for nearly 28 years. The Legislative Analysts don't receive nearly the thanks they should for all the work they do. I appreciate Sue always thoroughly reviewing the bills for unintended consequences and offering her institutional knowledge. She, Rick, and the rest of the Legislative Analysis team are pure gems! Coffiann Hawthorne
Kevin Studebaker and Legislative Services Bureau Michigan I just want to sing the praises of Kevin Studebaker and his Legislative Services Bureau team. They draft thousands of bills and resolutions each legislative session for both chambers. They do a wonderful job capturing all the good, not as good, and sometimes strange legislative ideas from Members and staff. Kudos to them!  Coffiann Hawthorne
Derek Walters  Michigan Derek is such a big help when working on drafting insurance-related bills. He is so knowledgeable about the Insurance Code. He is very good at pointing out issues and concerns that we should consider. I always appreciate working with him.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Liz Harwood Connecticut She is the best Supervisor I have ever had. Her knowledge and patience makes it a joy to come to work! Debra McDonald
Jason Fossum Minnesota Jason is incredibly patient and collaborative and helps the entire team get through complicated issues.  Gina Countryman
Brittany Johnson Minnesota Brittany is a relentless professional and supporter of the entire staff of the Minnesota Senate. We are so lucky to have her! Gina Countryman
Angel Burak Delaware I've never had a question that Angel couldn't answer or get the answer for me. Thank you, Angel, for your help and patience! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Janet Roberson Delaware I cannot imagine the pressure Janet is under as the director of all things IT-related, and that's in part because she never loses her cool and always delivers! And, with our parking spots next to each other, she's always patient when my mind is elsewhere and I don't realize I'm taking too long to get myself together and making her wait to get out of her car. :) Holly Vaughn Wagner
Christella St. Juste Delaware Christella somehow continues to be cheerful and kind even as the work grows more intense and the pressure piles on. I'm always happy for the chance to say "hi!" as she runs by to handle the next fire she's successfully managing! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Mary Ann Hearne Delaware In many ways, Mary Ann is the matriarch of our Senate staff. Her experience and institutional awareness is vast, and her insights invaluable. Mary Ann continues to provide important administrative support for our members, and we are grateful to her for all her hard work. Jesse Chadderdon
Billy Deleon Delaware Billy is kind, talented and intellectually curious. He is a true self-starter and has provided fantastic administrative support to our membership since joining our staff last year. Thank you, Billy, for all your important work! Jesse Chadderdon
Shelley Earley Delaware Shelley provides wonderful institutional support to several of our members, but beyond that, is a trusted confidante and friendly face to so many on our staff. Thanks for all you do for the Senate, Shelley! Jesse Chadderdon
Jaci Hugg Delaware Jaci is a wonderful asset to our team. Not only is she a talented Legislative Assistant, providing amazing support to two members of our budget committees, but she is always first to extend a helping hand to a colleague. Jaci also plays an active role in helping our caucus plan socials, parties and other team-building activities that keep us the close-knit family we are. Thank you, Jaci! Jesse Chadderdon
Venessa Karpeh Delaware Venessa is a tireless member of our team, supporting our Majority Leader and one of our newest, most active Senators. She does an excellent job facilitating committee meetings and addressing the needs of constituents, but also brings many unique perspectives and ideas to our Senate family. Thank you, Venessa! Jesse Chadderdon
Anna Shields Delaware Anna is a brilliant, energetic legislative assistant who provides critical support to two key members of our caucus. She often goes the extra mile, attending evening meetings and weekend events, in addition to her day-to-day responsibilities. Thank you, Anna! Jesse Chadderdon
Brandon Williams Delaware When the Senate Democrats expanded our majority to Sussex County, we knew how critical it was to find support staff who knew that area well. To be able to have hired Brandon has been nothing short of a coup for the Senate. Not only does he know the region, but he's become deeply involved in policy areas in which both Senators he supports are extremely active. Thank you, Brandon, for joining our team and all your fantastic work! Jesse Chadderdon
Charline Ganthier-Cine Delaware Charline's work ethic, precision, and professionalism are unparalleled, as are her kindness and generosity to others. Nobody asks how others are doing and whether they need anything more than Charline does, and her offers of kindness are always sincere. Thank you, Charline! Jesse Chadderdon
Eric Crockett Connecticut Even though he and I don't agree on what baseball team to root for, I still enjoy working with Eric. He's friendly, willing to help and he knows his stuff! Lori Grayson
Melissa Bartolomeo Connecticut Thanks for being our Peoplesoft expert. You manage to always get to the bottom of any problem and I appreciate that. Lori Grayson
Katie Walsh Maine Katie is our Chief of Staff and she is so much more. I can always count on her expertise and skill when dealing with even the more pressing issues, such as sneaking into the majority leader's office to get ice. She is the best! Rep. Suzanne Salisbury
Ryan Russell Minnesota Ryan is a great teammate, he is positive and professional, helpful, and manages his district's needs well. Plus he makes hilarious contributions to the staff chat. ;)  Salena Koster
Nick Roth Minnesota Nick is doing great work for a freshman in a newly held district! He is always friendly and professional, and asks the right questions to find the next step and get the job done. He is a great asset to our team!  Salena Koster
Diana Rico Minnesota This year Diana took on one of the most challenging committees and schedules of all and has absolutely smashed it. I am so thankful for her steadiness, professionalism, and organization. She made so much possible thanks to her good work.  Salena Koster
Sami Rajab Minnesota Sami is always solid and reliable. He knows what to do and gets the job done! He has come even more into his own as CLA for E12 and I'm excited for his future work!  Salena Koster
Meggie Pruidze Minnesota Meggie is a hard worker, very smart and savvy about the process, and is already an advocate for other staff and those around her. I look forward already to her bright future here and wherever else her career may take her!  Salena Koster
Ben Pettee Minnesota Ben always has an awesome positive attitude, is eager to learn as much as he can here, and is a tireless advocate for the constituents of his Senator's district. He is a great addition to our team! Salena Koster
Raina Meyer Minnesota Raina is such a positive addition to our staff. She has the best attitude ever, always interested and eager to learn, and is passionate about being here. I love catching up with her and am glad she's here!  Salena Koster
Chris Meyer Minnesota Chris is such a solid advocate for his district and their constituents, and is always eager to learn more and find solutions. He is friendly and positive, and a helpful member of our staff team! Salena Koster
Tyler Kline Minnesota Very thankful to have Tyler's experience and knowledge on our team. He gets the job done and knows his stuff. I also appreciate sharing our parenting experiences. He is a great colleague and friend. Salena Koster
Alexis Kise Minnesota Alexis is amazing!! She has done an incredible job in her very first session and managing so much. Her CLA work is top-notch, her positive attitude is flawless, and she is professional always. So glad to have her here!  Salena Koster
Miranda Worl Alaska I've been very fortunate to work in a legislative office with Miranda this year. Her strength, intelligence and humility shine through on even the most difficult days and I'm so thankful for the opportunity I've had to learn from her. Seth Whitten
Will Boothby Maine Will is our committee clerk and he has faced an uphill battle dealing with a new position, new analyst, new chairs, and mostly new committee! He has handled it so well and keeps things running very smoothly! Thanks Will! Suzanne Salisbury
Kyle Blankenship Virginia Kyle has been integral in the network setup of the new General Assembly Building. Involved in all tasks from equipment procurement to move, set up, and configuration, he is also always willing to stop what he is doing to help a colleague out.  Anonymous
Joe Clark Michigan Joe has provided so many services to our caucus through his diverse skill set and has been a consistent and reliable member of the caucus. Much respect and many thanks to him for always being willing to lend a helping hand! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Simply put, we would all be lost without her. Or we would be, if she didn't give us the tools to succeed. Coffiann works incredibly hard and no amount of thanks can match her efforts and contributions to the people of Michigan. She has to be the most respected person in Lansing. Thank you so much for always being our rock! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Cynthia Paul Michigan Cynthia is thorough in her work and sets a high standard for us all. She is an excellent mentor, knowledgeable colleague, and simply a joy to work with. So thankful to have her around! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Matt Lantzy Michigan In a short time, Matt has already been so helpful to our team and others. His work and expertise is exceedingly impressive, and it's so exciting to have such a dedicated professional among our ranks. Great job, Matt! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Thomas Horton Michigan So much is thrown at Thomas, but he never seems to stumble. He is always ready to be a resource and meet anyone's needs, no matter how complicated. Our constituents and caucus can't thank him enough for his unparalleled work! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah goes above and beyond to produce the highest quality work possible. She is caring and genuine and an overall great person and colleague. So excited to see her grow and continue to thrive in her new role! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja is independently reliable and a great team player all at the same time. She has grown so much over a short time and continues to impress in everything she does. She helps everyone do the best work possible and is an integral resource for our team's success! Ashleigh Schoeninger
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don is a Jack of All Trades when it comes to contributing to our Employee Activities. We have had many good times thanks to him. He's funny and friendly too! Debra McDonald
Beth Waters Connecticut Beth holds our departments together with her universal knowledge of Operations. She is never too busy to stop and help when you need it. Debra McDonald
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is our "Trainer Extraordinaire." I am amazed at her overall knowledge and how she shares it with us. Debra McDonald
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is the IT "go-to-man"! His patience at teaching skills make difficult IT processes easy to handle. He is always there when we need him. Debra McDonald
Carolyn Beitman Connecticut Carolyn, our Human Resources Director, puts the "H" in Human. She makes the workplace "family-like" with many employee appreciation get-togethers. Debra McDonald
Michelle Weber Minnesota Michelle is a tremendous asset to the joint offices and commissions AND to the MN Legislature. In her capacity as the LCC executive director, she is a force of nature -- bringing us all together, making us all better performers in our work, challenging us, constantly supporting us all. Thank you Michelle! Diane Henry-Wangensteen
Yvette Smallwood Delaware Patience and precision are Yvette's hallmarks - qualities to admire and emulate! Lucky to have her a mentor. Erika Schrader
Natalie White Delaware Natalie's proofreading/editing skills, which are next level, combined with her eagerness to learn the inner workings of the Register of Regulations, has made her a great addition to our team! Erika Schrader
Arun Reddy Delaware Thanks, Arun, for always being a bright spot in the office, in addition to your patience and depth of knowledge you bring to the technical side of the work we do! Erika Schrader
John Trombley Minnesota We have worked together for what feels like forever. Your leadership in your new role as Director of Index makes us all proud.  Jessica Tupper
Tom Bottern Minnesota Thank you for your leadership. It's been a real pleasure getting to work with you this year in your new role as Secretary of the Senate.  Jessica Tupper
Joey Wiley Minnesota Thank you for always taking the time to answer every question that comes your way, and for making work fun!  Jillian Reynolds
SRC Research Minnesota Thank you guys for all the work you do to keep our Senate running--the entire staff would be lost without you all and the clarity you always provide. Thank you for keeping everything together for all of us.  Jillian Reynolds
SML Brinks' Team Michigan I've loved reading all of the much-deserved House shoutouts. We've got some great people working in the Senate as well. I've been so impressed with SML Brinks' entire team seamlessly leading with grace. Kris Young
Jessica Geary Alaska Jessica, our LAA Executive Director, is a good boss. False. Jessica is a GREAT boss. We are so pleased for this opportunity to share how awesome Jessica is. Her decades of experience in LAA have built a solid foundation from which she now leads the agency. Her knowledge, integrity, dedication, fairness, and work ethic (and a fabulous sense of humor) serve the legislative institution well. She is respected and admired by members and political staff, colleagues, and non-partisan staff alike. She genuinely cares deeply about every aspect of the institution – most of all, its people. Jessica’s leadership makes LAA a special place to work. We appreciate and are proud to work alongside you, Jessica!  LAA Team

Bret Stewart, Mohammad Hossain, Wade Harrell, Sue Wang, Kathy Zambrano,
Alex Anguiano, Nate Carr, Brian Taylor, Patty Amundsen, Aleksandr Nikiforov, Jennifer Gilroy

Colorado This amazing team are pushing hard to produce a new custom application to publish the Colorado Revised Statutes. Your teamwork, brilliance, creativity, resiliency, and dogged determination to get this right should be celebrated! Thank you!! Manish Jani and Natalie Castle
Elizabeth Burger and Manish Jani Colorado Manish and Elizabeth, the two of you are the heart of LCS. Thank you for your leadership, teamwork, and your love for the legislative institution, the people in it, and the people it serves. Natalie Castle
Courtney Schaff Minnesota Courtney is CLA extraordinaire! In addition to her awesome work on Housing committee, she has done a tremendous job in getting our cannabis legalization bill across the finish line, and all in her first session! Beyond her diligent work, she is always upbeat, professional, and helpful to others. What an asset to our caucus she is!  Salena Koster
Hailey Ryan Minnesota Hailey is doing an awesome job with a huge and complicated committee in a busy year! She is always on top of her work and organized, willing to help others, and just fun to be around. Thank you Hailey :)  Salena Koster
Amber McCann Michigan Amber is an expert communicator and able to distill complex legislation into easy to understand language. Matt Lantzy
Liam Bagley Michigan Liam is someone who finds passion within the public policy process and works every day to find solutions to everyday problems that will benefit the state. Matt Lantzy
Kyle Zawacki Michigan A passionate public servant, Kyle understands how to find solutions to complex problems.  Matt Lantzy
Colinda Marker Delaware You always know where to find everything. Thank you!  Cara Wilson
PJ Petipren Michigan Have a constituent or office logistical question? PJ will know the answer or will find it for you.  Matt Lantzy
Ian Mayes Michigan Ian is a great guy, and so knowledgeable about the legislative process and finding ways to get things done.  Matt Lantzy
Hannah Chapman Michigan Hannah is just a true master of the legislative process and can take a concept from idea to bill, making it look easy.  Matt Lantzy
Amanda McAtee  Delaware I enjoy working with you, hallmate!  Cara Wilson
Michigan House Democratic Policy Staff Michigan As Majority Policy Director, I am so proud of the policy brain trust of the Caucus. They are a very dedicated and brilliant team. I appreciate them always rising to whatever challenge is before us as we serve the Caucus and the people of this great state. #BestTeamEver is not enough to express my thanks and gratitude for how hard they work to keep the wheels turning. They make my job easy! Coffiann Hawthorne
Ashely Cecil Michigan Ashley just knows how to get things done. Matt Lantzy
Amber Olds Michigan A true professional, Amber understands down to the most granular detail how to create policy that will impact change around the state.  Matt Lantzy
Nick Olds Michigan Nick is just an all around great staffer. He understands how to help make members stand out online and works to help them get their message across.  Matt Lantzy
Joel Rudnick Delaware I admire how passionate Joel is about his work and that he has created some cool search tools! Thanks, Joel! Cara Wilson
Max Aulbach Michigan Max is truly great at understanding the problem and finding a solution.  Matt Lantzy
Johnathon Wertheimer Michigan Johnathon is someone who finds true passion in every aspect of this work, and he is extremely capable and knowledgeable about it as well.  Matt Lantzy
The Bill Room Delaware Amanda, Carrie, and Marie, you guys do such a good job and liven the office spirit while at it. Thank you!  Cara Wilson
Trent Wolf  Michigan Trent just knows what he is doing, and is able to get things done. Matt Lantzy
Bill Drake Michigan As knowledgeable of a staffer as you will find, Bill can take an idea from start to finish and make it look easy.  Matt Lantzy
Holly Vaughn Wagner  Delaware Thank you for all you do for the Division! I enjoy working with you and also enjoy that there is another stationery fan in the office.  Cara Wilson
Connie Platte Michigan Connie is the go-to source for anything constituent services-related. If you have a question on what to do, she will know the answer. Matt Lantzy
Susan Keane Connecticut I am so thankful for Susan. She has been so kind and so supportive as I go through my first legislative session. I appreciate all of her knowledge and have learned so much Susan Keane
Sharon Eubanks Virginia Sharon was one of the first 5 people I met when I started my legislative career many years ago. It is encouraging to see she is still launching careers, because I learned a great deal from her myself along the way. Thank you Sharon for your hard work and dedication! Michael Adams
Tom Stephenson Michigan Tom is a true professional and always willing to work to find solutions to the most complex legislative problems and constituent concerns. Matt Lantzy
Wisconsin nonpartisan staff   Wisconsin I’m proud to work with so many professional staff providing high-quality services to our legislature every day. Thank you for your dedication to this important work!    Anne Sappenfield
Sabrina Lewellen Arkansas Thank you for your wisdom and support of all of us who serve state legislatures. It makes a big difference to everyone who is fortunate enough to work with you!  Anne Sappenfield, Wisconsin
Sabrina Lewellen and J.J. Gentry Arkansas, South Carolina Thank you, team, for a great year working together as NCSL staff officers! I appreciate your insights and the excellent work you do on behalf of NCSL and legislative staff.  Anne Sappenfield, Wisconsin
Virginia Joint Commission on Health Care Staff Virginia Agnes, Emily, Estella, Jen and Kyu are the brains and the engine behind all of the great work put out by the Joint Commission on Health Care. Their dedication and talent deliver fantastic results that enable our members to make well-informed decisions on critical issues impacting Virginians’ lives. Thank you!  Jeff Lunardi
Joel Redding, Johnathan Harris, Zack Griffith and the entire Kentucky LRC OCIT staff   Kentucky Thank you for creating our new Watchtower application.  This app, along with the other amazing tools you’ve given us, has really made our lives in the clerk’s office so much easier.   Every legislative staffer in Kentucky should be using this new tool!  Melissa Bybee-Fields
Deputy Clerk Mary Ann Krol and Assistant Clerk Denise King Kentucky The two greatest assistant clerks I know, these professionals have worked on the Senate clerk’s team for many years, and are instrumental to its success. You and your work product are appreciated by me and also by legislators and LRC staff alike. You are rock stars and we thank you for your service to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Donna Holiday
Lynn Eitelman Virginia You have been a wonderful addition to our journal team. Your positive outlook and thirst for knowledge are always appreciated.  Corinne Sloan
Melissa Scott Kentucky Here's a shoutout to this speaker’s office staffer for being awesome at everything.  For keeping track of special guests and pastors and a million other details during the session and interim, thank you for all you do.    Melissa Bybee-Fields
Lindley Starzer Virginia Lindley is always willing to set aside her desk staff duties to assist me with the program capstone (our one-hour mock legislative session) for the Senate pages, and she does this with a cheerful disposition.  I appreciate the extra hands and her positive attitude during this "crazy" day.  Bladen Finch
House Administrative Assistants  Georgia The House administrative assistants are always working hard behind the scenes to keep the legislative process running smoothly, and we appreciate their dedication and positive spirits!   House Media Services Team
Eric Bingham Virginia Eric always has a solution to my furniture and facility-related needs.  He also allows the Senate pages to fully engage in day-to-day mail deliveries in our post office during session.  Our young people love working in the post office!  Bladen Finch
Pam Wink, Brenda Carroll, Anne Stratton and Alice Marshall Kentucky To the incredible Enrolling and Engrossing office in the Kentucky Senate, there are not enough words to describe your hard work and dedication to the legislative process. You are tireless. You are detail-oriented without flaw, which is why you are so important to the Senate clerk’s office, but also to the flow of business in the legislature. I thank you for all of the late nights and stressful days. You are exceptional and we appreciate you.  Donna Holiday
Joanna Simmons Virginia Since we began in the journal section four years ago, you have blossomed into your role as a supervisor. Your dedication to the job is very admirable and I am grateful to have you as a coworker.   Corinne Sloan
Jay Jacobs and Marlene Rutherford  Kentucky To the Kentucky House journal staff for checking all the details and staying on top of our house minutes and actions. I appreciate you both!  Melissa Bybee-Fields
Carla Montgomery Kentucky A big thanks to our LRC deputy director for great communication this session and for getting last-minute subs for us to push to the bill books! I really appreciate how easy you are to work with. Melissa Bybee-Fields
Hobie Lehman Virginia Hobie has graciously helped me in my relatively new role of helping him outside of the chamber doors during floor sessions.  I learned a lot via "trial by fire" while working in our temporary location during COVID-19, and he has graciously helped me polish some new career skills.  Bladen Finch
Barbara Carter Virginia Barbara schedules off-site field trips for the Senate pages, and her connections at various sites elevate the experience for our young people.  Occasionally, she also manages to negotiate a reduced discount on admission fees!     Bladen Finch
Interim Chief John McKee  Virginia John checked on us daily during session this year, and he always strives to make sure any concern is addressed in the most prompt and professional manner.  My team and I definitely appreciate him and his team!    Bladen Finch
Rose Ramsey Virginia Rose offered to take me on several years ago.  I am constantly dealing with something, and she has graciously made herself available to help me navigate various channels when a need arises.  I appreciate her!    Bladen Finch
Barbara Timberlake and Eddie Eaton  Virginia Eddie and Barbara are always willing to help the Senate pages with pulling bills if needed.    They are pleasant, professional and always willing to help our young people!     Bladen Finch
Laura Trumbo  Virginia Laura has been instrumental in assisting me with the Senate pages.  It is refreshing to work with someone who never complains, has a positive attitude, maintains a sense of humor and is able to take on whatever needs to be delegated from the top down.    Bladen Finch
Maryann Horch Virginia Maryann always steps up to assist with photo needs and updates to the Capitol Classroom section of our website.  She also consistently participates in our session-long community service project and expresses appreciation for that initiative.  Bladen Finch
Jonathan Palmore Virginia Jonathan is a great collaborator when it comes to carrying out technology-related directives for Senate page graduation.  I enjoy our quick-witted exchanges on a daily basis during the legislative session.   Bladen Finch
Kyle Blankenship  Virginia Kyle has graciously replaced my laptop, changed out some monitor cables and pushed through software updates in recent weeks when my workstation went off the rails.  He never hesitated to assist while working on "new building stuff."  You da man!   Bladen Finch
Jan Waldrop Virginia Jan has always done a great job checking behind me when it comes to hotel billing and payroll dates.  Mr. Finch appreciates you, Mrs. Waldrop!  Bladen Finch
Geneva Tulasz  Virginia Geneva is someone with whom I always enjoy interacting. I look forward to receiving update lists from Geneva on a near-weekly basis! Bladen Finch
Nathan Hatfield Virginia Nathan is a great collaborator on making a directive work in a logical manner with the least amount of paper.   Bladen Finch
Glenn Robertson  Virginia Glenn manages to see the humor in nearly every situation, and I count on him to keep me up to date on when Chick-fil-A will open in the James Center. He also did a great job assisting us in reconfiguring a work area ahead of session this year.  Thank you!  Bladen Finch
Candice Davis   Virginia Candice arrives each day (early) with a "can do" attitude!  She adjusts schedules and otherwise prepares for the arrival of our Senate pages with a wicked sense of humor.  Bladen Finch
Vicky Pierce  Virginia Vicky has been on my team for six sessions, and she has a great eye for detail when it comes to the day-to-day scheduling of our Senate pages.  Vicky is able to catch and correct inevitable scheduling errors, and she does a phenomenal job making necessary adjustments.   Bladen Finch
Janet Aylor Virginia Janet just finished her second session on my team.  She has an incredible sense of humor that helps me and others get through the stressful and hectic session days (especially during the week of crossover and final days of session). Bladen Finch
Brenda Virginia Brenda is a support officer with Capitol Police. She has the best attitude! I always look forward to her greeting during the not-so-great days. The Senate pages write her thank you cards, and she writes them back!     Bladen Finch
Capitol Police (Bike Patrol) Virginia The bike patrol officers rode alongside the Senate pages each afternoon as they walked from work to the hotel in which they reside.     Bladen Finch
Capitol Police (K-9) Virginia Our K-9 officers kept a watchful eye on the Senate pages each morning as they crossed through a very busy intersection while walking to work from the hotel in which they reside.    Bladen Finch
April Smith  Virginia April joined us last year as a Senate page tutor.  She is professional, upbeat and willing to provide extra coverage when needed.  Bladen Finch
Sarah Gibson  Virginia Sarah joined us a few years ago as a Senate page tutor. I can always count on Sarah for a complete and accurate report of what is (or isn't) happening in study hall.   Bladen Finch
Steve Elliott Virginia I can always count on Steve for a witty remark about Virginia Tech graduates versus University of Virginia graduates! He also does a great job managing the Senate Gallery.    Bladen Finch
Jean Berkley  Virginia Jean is another study hall tutor who has been on our team for several years.  She always has a positive attitude and is excited to help our Senate pages with math!   Bladen Finch
Christy Foster Virginia Christy started with us last year as a study hall tutor.  She frequently checks in and tells me how much she enjoys working in this capacity.  Bladen Finch
Jeff and Lynn Snow Virginia Jeff and Lynn have been with us for 18 legislative sessions as hotel chaperones.  They show support for our efforts and have been active participants in our session-long community service initiative.   Bladen Finch
Senate Pages Virginia Although they are technically not staff, our young Virginians are an important part of our team.  They do a tremendous job helping us with the smallest tasks that are enormously helpful to our day-to-day session responsibilities.  I have now worked with more than 500, and I appreciate them all!    Bladen Finch
Rose Baran Washington Not only is Rose a living breathing wealth of institutional knowledge, but she's also wicked smart and funny. She can tell you what color paper every document should be printed on, and what time of session you will start seeing each document. As always she was instrumental in getting us through this session without incident. Thank you for all your work, Rose! Laura Love
Administrative Regulations Staff Kentucky I am so grateful to be a part of the best team. Thank you for always making this a place I want to be. Pleasant people to work with goes a long way. Everyone is always available for consultation and is willing to lend a hand with high-quality work and service. Go Team Regs! Carrie Nichols
Corrie McPheeters Washington Corrie sees problems and fixes them. Since starting in our office in 2021 she has updated and improved just about every document we produce. "Corrie did that!" is a regular saying when staff, members and the public exclaim how nice a document is. Thank you for all your work, Corrie! Laura Love
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Mikaylah seems to do the work of 10 people or more, yet is always extremely prepared, helpful and calm. She goes above and beyond to support our office and her DNR-knowledge is unparalleled.  Rachel Cichon
William Hamilton Michigan Bill is a tremendously helpful, full-service fiscal analyst who is always available with answers (and detailed, researched written summaries) for every question. He's also a tremendous resource for new staff who facilitates networking opportunities. Rachel Cichon
Minnesota Legislative Budget Office Minnesota Shoutout to the LBO for all of its hard word during a crazy-busy 2023 legislative session. The work you do is an important piece of the democratic process. Respect and kudos to everyone! Shannon Zila
Margaret (Maggie) Wernet Michigan Maggie is consistently helpful, kind and understanding. No matter how many silly questions I've had, Maggie has taken the time to answer them. She has helped our team however possible and has been a huge help, especially as we are a first-term office. She definitely deserves a shoutout for all the hard work she's putting in daily!  Meghan Hodge
Nick Andary Michigan During times of staff shortages and onboarding difficulty, he was there to keep the office running and make sure I was trained. Dylan Taylor
Diane Hall Michigan She has been instrumental in helping me develop in my role. She is in her role for the right reasons as well. She is always on top of her responsibilities and is knowledgeable in all the right stuff.  Ryan Thomas Quandt
Anna Smith Georgia Anna comes in early and stays late without a complaint. She controls the people and the paper flowing into our office and is often the only contact outsiders meet. She handles difficult situations with ease—and she's earning a graduate degree in her spare time!   Sarah Crittenden
Jennifer Burgess Georgia During session and throughout the year, Jennifer is professional, efficient and pleasant. She manages the office but also steers the people and information coming into the office so that all of us can get our jobs done.   Sarah Crittenden
Lisa Biscay Washington Lisa puts the "human" back in human resources, and approaches every situation with compassion and care. The Washington Legislature and LSS are lucky to have her. Thank you for your dedication to making things right, Lisa!  Laura Love
Hannah Jane Costilow Mississippi Hannah Jane is our editor extraordinaire! She polishes PEER's reports until they shine. She goes above and beyond to make sure everything that leaves our office is quality.  Taylor Mullins
Arizona Legislative Research Staff Arizona The Arizona Legislature functions in great part due to the nonpartisan committee staff serving the House of Representatives. These talented individuals are dedicated, knowledgeable and focused. Special thanks to this small, close-knit group who strive for excellence in all aspects of the job. Thank you, legislative research staff! Diana Clay
Alaska Senate Finance Secretaries Alaska Senate finance secretaries (Donice, Alison, Laura and Marta) rock. This session has been a bit discombobulated and these young ladies pull the committee through! Patricia Walker
Shane Bennett Kentucky Shane is a wonderful supervisor and role model. He is always thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative ways to address the needs of his staff. He's a wonderful coworker and a pleasure to work with. Stacy Jacobs
Sophia Vassar Delaware Sophia currently serves as a policy analyst for the majority caucus. Her knowledge and expertise in education, health care and child welfare policy, among others, has made her an invaluable member of our policy team.  Sarah Wootten
Jon Patterson Delaware As one of our policy analysts for the Delaware House majority caucus, Jon has been instrumental in developing the ambitious environmental policy agenda our legislators are pursuing this session. Without his steadfast leadership, wise counsel and persistence, this package of legislation would not have come to fruition.  Sarah Wootten
Sten Miles Nevada Without the incredible knowledge and leadership of Sten, our legislature could not operate. He works tirelessly to achieve excellence in keeping our IT systems operating seamlessly.  Kelly Smith
Nebraska Legislative Staff Nebraska Staff has worked together as a professional team to assist Nebraska senators and the citizens of the state during an extremely challenging and arduous legislative session. Stay safe and continue to make the state proud. Sally J Schultz
Jasmine Williams Kentucky Our small and half-new committee staff has mostly been without its leader for months, due to a critical family medical emergency. Jasmine immediately stepped up to take on extra duties and responsibilities, pulling many late nights, and learning what she didn’t already know. She guided us through session with such poise and patience, you wouldn’t know it was her first time in that position. Thank you, Jasmine! We are proud and grateful!  Wendy A. Craig
Ginger Anderson New Mexico Ginger has blossomed in her role as a new legislative staffer. She pulls long days but still brings a fun and carefree attitude to our office. She's a delight to work with! Jessica Hitzman
Alexa Scoglietti Delaware Alexa is our rock star policy director for the House majority caucus. During her 10 years of service with the House, she has worked tirelessly to research and develop countless complex legislative proposals that have been enacted into law.  Sarah Wootten 
Arkansas Committee Staff Arkansas The committee staff section of BLR deserves applause, awards and honorable mentions for the teamwork displayed during the Arkansas 94th General Assembly. I am honored to belong to such a great team! Michelle Nelson
Andy McPike Illinois Andy brings such a unique perspective to this role that I—and the members he serves—really appreciate. He is such a light in our staff and I appreciate him. Natalie Bak
Kentucky Office of Education Accountability Kentucky A huge shoutout to the OEA. My colleagues are amazing to work with. The core values that are displayed here are second to none. It's a pleasure to work with each of you. Sabrina J. Cummins
Missouri House Legislative Chief Clerk Missouri Dana is passionate about our Capitol and the legislative process. She does so much behind-the-scenes work that goes unnoticed. She is the "go-to" for staff and legislators and her wealth of knowledge is immeasurable. She carries a lot of responsibility and always does it with grace and competence.  Wanda Mehrhoff
Brian Heinze Georgia Brian Heinze in the House Budget and Research Office always goes the extra mile despite everything else he has on his plate. He is great to work with and keeps the committees running smoothly.  Shawn Marie Story
Joyce Hall Georgia Joyce is a stellar document specialist who excels in turning out a perfect product—whether it's a bill, amendment or special project—under intense pressure and time constraints. She makes my job easier, and she makes our office look good to the members and the state. Sarah Crittenden
Amy Jo Johnson North Carolina Amy Jo goes above and beyond to support enrolling and bill processing and we appreciate her very much! Olwen
Christel Raasch Georgia Christel is a rare gem. She is so knowledgeable and always willing to help and  real asset to the House of Representatives.  Shawn Marie Story
Jess Wigent Colorado Jess is a senior editor with the Office of Legislative Legal Services and is always taking on large and difficult bills and big projects. She is known for her excellent editing skills and the speed with which she edits a difficult bill. She also volunteers as an amendment clerk on the House and Senate floors, staffs a legislative committee, and is responsible for updating the legislative editor's manual. Jess forms great working relationships with her teammates and always cares about the well-being of her colleagues. She puts in many extra hours to make sure none of the other editors are overburdened with work. Rebecca Hausmann
Olivia Nesselroade Colorado This is Olivia's second year as an editor for the Office of Legislative Legal Services and not only is she doing an awesome job as an editor, but she has also volunteered to be an amendment clerk on the House and Senate floors. Olivia is motivated and enthusiastic and always cheerful. I hope she is with us for a long time. Rebecca Hausmann
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware Ruth Ann, on top of being involved and pulled in 1,000 different directions, always takes the time to help me better understand the fiscal operations of the General Assembly and state. Her dedication to her job and attention to detail are models for any legislative staffer. Thank you, Ruth Ann! Ryan Dunphy
Mark Cutrona Delaware Legislative hall would, figuratively and literally, fall apart without Mark serving as the glue. No matter the topic, Mark’s dedication and work ethic should serve as a model of public service for all of us. Thank you, Mark! Ryan Dunphy
Jessica Davis Delaware The institutional knowledge that Jessica brings to the office of the secretary, along with being a dedicated officer of the Senate, benefits all of us, and I am especially grateful! Thank you, Jess! Ryan Dunphy
Dan Ygstrom Delaware Dan has come into a very unique position and has done a phenomenal job. He has been a major asset to the operations of the Senate and the office of the secretary. Thank you, Dan! Ryan Dunphy
Laib Allensworth Alaska Laib is a testament to our species and a fine legislative staffer. Seth Whitten 
Minnesota Legislative Budget Office Team Minnesota Thank you to the nonpartisan LBO staff for the work you do on behalf of the Minnesota Legislature and your commitment to providing objective and useful fiscal information.  Legislative Coordinating Commission Team
Martha Snodgrass Washington Our legislative gift shop has flourished under Martha's management (I rarely am able to leave empty-handed). Thanks for curating such a wonderful bunch of gifts that showcase our beautiful, creative and tasty state!    Laura Love
Trinh Dinh Washington Trinh is great at knowing how much hand-holding a person needs through the tech process(es) and providing that level of support until the problem is fixed. Thank you so much for everything you do, Trinh. You are the LIC's superhero!  Laura Love
Nicholas Hopkins Washington Nicholas did a fantastic job of coordinating edits to our legislative manual this year. He was quick, efficient, followed up with me, and followed through with every request and every minor detail. Thank you for all your hard work this session, Nicholas!   Laura Love
Rustynne Dalton Washington I literally cannot say enough good things about Rustynne in 35 words so I will just say she is competent, quick, a problem-solver, engaged, friendly and fun to work with. She has put so much time, effort and energy into our website, and it shows! Thank you for all your work to make the Washington Legislature wonderful, Rustynne! Laura Love
Henry Chavis Washington Where speed meets accuracy, creativity and fantastic final products, you will find Henry. It's always a pleasure to work with him, but this session in particular when I was stressing out, he showed up with calmness and a delightful attitude. He always makes my day better, and my work easier. Thank you for all your work, and for your amazing outlook, Henry!  Laura Love
Kevin Pierce Washington Kevin is not afraid to point out where you need to do better and doesn't hesitate to give praise when it's due. He expects excellence but holds space, compassionately, for being human. He has helped me navigate through some rough waters this year, and I am so appreciative of his guidance. Thank you for being a fantastic mentor and an all-around good human. Laura Love
Diane Gay Washington Diane has been, and continues to be, a welcome addition to our finance team and our organization. She is kind, quick, competent and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your hard work, Diane!  Laura Love
Becky Deboer  Washington I cannot talk about all the ways that Becky has, directly and indirectly, made my life better this year, what I can say is that when faced with a terrible situation, Becky stepped in and made it significantly better. She is not only incredibly competent in her position, but she is also truly all heart and willing to help out however she can to make things better. Thank you so much for all your work Becky, you are the rock star.  Laura Love
Catherine Young Washington Catherine is a temporary occupant of our office due to construction on campus and she was such a help to us this session: from answering institutional knowledge questions to being able to jump out of her seat at a moment's notice to walk a lost person to the office they were trying to get to. All the little ways she showed up for us this session are appreciated in a big way. Thanks for chipping in, especially since you didn't have to, Catherine!  Laura Love
Taylor Spreeman Minnesota Because she’s willing to help you out, even if she’s got her own stuff going on! Meggie Pruidze
JT Mathis Alabama JT is a hard-working employee who contributes greatly to the success of the Fiscal Division. He is very knowledgeable and driven to complete his tasks and assignments in a thorough and timely manner.  Kirk Fulford
Alabama LSA Fiscal Division Alabama I am very proud of the work we do in the Fiscal Division and thankful to get to work each day with the dedicated staff that makes it all happen. Each employee is a key member of our team, bringing a collection of unique skills together to produce outstanding work. Thank you all. Kirk Fulford
Michael Ramsey Texas Michael is a dedicated legislative staffer who's an amazing addition to the culture of the Texas legislature. We need more Michaels out there! David Edmonson
Jesus Moreno Texas Jesus does a phenomenal job managing Rep. Herrero's entire operation, and the Texas Capitol is a better place thanks to his constantly cheerful demeanor. Thank you, Jesus! David Edmonson
John Friedenreich Alabama John is a superstar employee. He is very dedicated and has worked diligently to learn a new area of assignment as the education analyst of the Fiscal Division. His work is to be commended and he sets a good example for other analysts to follow. Kirk Fulford
Carson Baddeley Tennessee Carson goes above and beyond to provide friendly, efficient, accurate and concise support for his legislator and the citizens in their district. Bernadette Pajer
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany is a great fiscal analyst and a key member of our Fiscal Division team. She is very knowledgeable and completes her assignments in a thorough and timely manner. She also contributes by assisting other analysts with their projects and assignments, often staying late to do so. Kirk Fulford
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark wears so many hats and still manages to keep the rest of us straight! We constantly rely on his legal expertise, his rational approach to finding solutions, and his thorough management of facility operations. Mark, just in case I haven't told you lately, I'm so glad you're here! Ruth Ann Miller
Mariah Derringer-Lackey Kentucky Mariah is a vital staffer to our office and Kentucky's legislative process. She is always cheerful and meticulous with details. I/we couldn't survive session or interim without her! Katie Carney
Jennifer Farish Alabama This is Jennifer's first session as a fiscal analyst and she has proven to be a great addition to our Fiscal Division team. She is a dedicated employee who learns fast and works hard to complete her assignments in a thorough and timely manner.  Kirk Fulford
Jessica Brown Alabama Jessica is a great employee who is dedicated to completing her tasks with a smile on her face and a great attitude. She is a critical component to the success of the Fiscal Division and we are better because she is around.  Kirk Fulford
Joy Engelby Missouri Joy is our IT director and plays a tremendous role in our programming, computer installations, phone systems and overall program support. She has designed many of the programs that we use on a daily basis in the Missouri House of Representatives. Big shoutout to you, Joy! Wanda Mehrhoff
New Hampshire OLS Front Office New Hampshire To our amazing front office staff: Thank you for everything you do, the mistakes of ours you catch and fix, and for handling everything with grace and humor. We'd be absolutely lost without you! Hannah Yonchak
Cindy Davis Alabama Cindy is a great employee and a key member of our Fiscal Division team. She is a major contributor to ensuring our analysts stay on top of House fiscal note assignments and member requests. Thank you, Cindy, for all you do. Kirk Fulford
Casey Baird New Hampshire Welcome to the office, Casey! And thank you for bringing your wealth of knowledge and dedication to public service to the team! Hannah Yonchak
Skyler Ozenbaugh New Hampshire Thank you for everything you do, Skyler! And thank you for always making sure the office is prepared for emergencies—snack and safety alike! Hannah Yonchak
Emily White Missouri Emily is one of the greatest assistant clerks. This professional has worked on the House clerk’s team for many years and is instrumental to its success. You and your work product are appreciated by me and by legislators and staff alike. You are a rock star and we thank you for your service to the state of Missouri.  Wanda Mehrhoff
Ben Greenslade New Hampshire To our i-gaming aficionado, thank you for all of your hard work over the past year! Hannah Yonchak
Marla Woolstenhulme Missouri Marla is our behind-the-scenes staffer in our Communications department. She drafts resolutions for us for special recognition of constituents throughout the state. She is super efficient. Wanda Mehrhoff
Courtney Eschbach New Hampshire Our enrolling and lobster-fishing queen!! Thank you so much for all that you do, and the poker face you have so artfully mastered! Hannah Yonchak
Jennifer Johnson New Hampshire Thank you, Jennifer, for all that you do and for catching all of my drafting hiccups before they leave the office! Hannah Yonchak
Shonda Stallworth Alabama Shonda is a trusted and critical member of our Fiscal Division team. She is a dedicated employee who ensures that Senate member questions and project requests are handled in a timely manner. She has earned the respect of members and staff alike and deserves to be recognized for her work. Kirk Fulford
Jeff Strakalaitis New Hampshire Thanks for being our fearless budget leader this season, Jeff! Hannah Yonchak
Victoria Brennan Delaware Victoria comes in every day with a smile and handles multiple priorities—fiscal notes, capital grant requests, health policy budget issues—with great organization and detail. You are amazing! Ruth Ann Miller
Dustin Jones Alabama Dustin always goes the extra mile to respond to House member questions and project requests in a timely manner. He is a dedicated employee and a very key piece to the success of the Fiscal division. Kirk Fulford
Kathy Zabel Connecticut  Kathy is always friendly and helpful. She helps to keep the energy up and always around when help is needed. Thanks for being you! MJ Shannon
Bonnie Gray Connecticut  She completes every task perfectly and without hesitation. Whenever help is needed, Bonnie is always there. Thank you! MJ Shannon
Maddy Hunt Wisconsin She has worked very hard on a piece of legislation with me. Mike Pexa
Chandra Munroe Wisconsin As the communications director for our caucus, Chandra has taken our messaging game to a new level. Her focus, dedication and leadership are invaluable. The creativity and organization she puts into big projects have increased our reach and honed our message across the state.  Aaron Collins
Officer Giansanti and K-9 Officer Bocci Connecticut  The two of you greet everyone in the building with the biggest smile. Jim, thank you for always lifting us up with a hello and permission to pet your trusty K-9 partner. It makes our day! Molly McAllister
Milagros Acosta Connecticut  Excited to work with you and plan the return of Workplace Spanish for Beginners. Your expertise and generosity with your time are deeply appreciated! Molly McAllister
Beth Waters Connecticut  Thanks for your bottomless bowl of candy and for your depth of caring for our office and the people in the building. I appreciate you! Molly McAllister
Kristen Miller and Kirstin Breiner Connecticut  Thank you both for volunteering to be a part of organizing the return of the Learning Partner Program this year. I'm very excited to work with you both and make this a very successful adventure! Molly McAllister
Mike Meadows Connecticut  Mike has been an amazing press person on my team. He’s always writing something up and seeing opportunities to help me get the word out. His skills are only surpassed by his attentiveness. Thankful for all his great work.  Rep. Irene Haines
Brooke Urso Connecticut  Brooke has been a godsend to me. Always keeping my schedule up to date, helping me juggle all kinds of things and being so responsive. I really appreciate her being there for me and all her work on my behalf.  Rep. Irene Haines
Joseph Crosby Connecticut  My legislative aide: Thank you for always doing a great job. Rep. Hector Arzeno
Brad Towson Connecticut  His institutional knowledge, professionalism and commitment to the Environment Committee are relied on by all members. Rep. Joseph P. Gresko
Haley Zawilinski Connecticut  Haley is a dedicated aide to Sen. Julie Kushner. She's always professional and represents her member ably. Dean O'Brien
Jason Pheasant Connecticut  Way to go, Jason! Splendid work! You make it always feel like “Fri-YAY!” Joseph Coss
ISDC Management Team Illinois We couldn't ask for a better team! The caucus and staff are great because you are. Thank you for everything that you do and for being who you are! Jake and Ashley
ISDC Management Team Illinois The ISDC staff is known for being the best and the brightest! We are truly grateful and thankful for each of you and your hard work and dedication to the caucus. Thank you! ISDC Management
Rhode Island House Constituent Services Rhode Island This is a group of individuals who help the representatives with constituent requests. They always answer and get right on it, are so very helpful to us and get the help people in our districts need. Rep. Deborah Fellela
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Nothing is as thankless as making sure the computers work or as stressful as being the guy fixing them when they don't.  Jeremy does both with a smile and patience.  Othni Lathram
Rachel Chou and Team Alabama Rachel and her team support all of the folks at LSA making sure we get paid, our benefits stay on track, and the office is supplied so we never have to worry about the administrative stuff and can focus on session.  Othni Lathram
David Kimberley Alabama David makes sure that the work of hundreds of volunteer Law Institute lawyers gets heard and adopted into law.   Othni Lathram
Paula Greene Alabama Paula runs herd on hundreds of legal projects each week with ease and skill. Bills, amendments, resolutions and memos— she keeps the information flowing and session on track.  Othni Lathram
Kirk Fulford Alabama No one knows the budgets better than Kirk. He is cool, calm and collected while constantly providing accurate and precise information throughout the appropriations process.  Othni Lathram
Julianna Goldfluss Connecticut Julianna is our event organizer extraordinaire. She goes the extra mile to make sure our events are "just right" for our constituents and is extremely thorough in making sure we have all that we need on hand. Grateful to have her as part of our team! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Jessica Ciparelli Connecticut Jessica is always ready, willing and able to get the job done and often the job is keeping legislators on task for press releases and weekly newsletters. I appreciate and am grateful for her professional communications work! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Tim Bergin Connecticut Not sure what we would do without Tim—without us, he would probably get a lot more sleep. I'm grateful to have Tim's encyclopedic knowledge of legislation and for his endless patience with the newer legislators who often need his guidance.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Sarah O'Connor Connecticut Sarah is incredibly thoughtful and patient when it comes to helping us craft legislation and I'm grateful she also has a sense of humor when dealing with explaining repeatedly why something will or won't work. A great skill to have! :) Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Jon Porzuc Connecticut Jon is dedicated, talented and his sense of humor is really appreciated when we are in the weeds of getting the language of legislation just right. To say we are thankful to have him as part of the team would be an understatement! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Will Cromwell Connecticut Will started as our P and D clerk and became our policy person and I couldn't do my job without his meticulous attention to all of our bills and their potential challenges. He is dedicated and conscientious and I am so grateful to have him as part of the team.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Breanne Clifton Connecticut Breanne stepped in as a brand new clerk to the Planning and Development Committee and is nothing short of miraculous in her work ethic and her dedication. We are grateful to have her! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Jack Dudley Minnesota He’s phenomenal! Always at least three steps ahead of me, sharp, thoughtful, kind and strategic. He’s a fantastic partner in this work and I’m grateful every day to have him on the team! Sen. Liz Boldon
Alexis Wrease Deleware She stepped into a new role in the comms shop this winter and has been crushing it and learning so fast! Sarah Fulton
Pad Mccracken  Montana Pad is the consummate professional. He understands education policy inside and out. His professional demeanor matched with his expertise make him invaluable to our legislature.  I am so thankful that he is on our staff.  Rep. Marta Bertoglio 
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan, you are the mastermind! Thank you for asking thoughtful questions and putting our responses to good use. Everything runs more smoothly when you are involved.  Molly McAllister
Dan Hinman Connecticut Dan, you make my websites look amazing! I so appreciate that you are always on the other side of a Teams chat for help.  Thank you! Molly McAllister
Kim Skonieczny and Kyle Woll Connecticut Thank you both for finding a way to make things simpler for me! I appreciate your determination and help. Molly McAllister
Korin and Rebecca Connecticut Somehow, the two of you have all the answers! Thank you for taking our calls and solving our IT concerns.  Molly McAllister
Marybeth Sullivan Connecticut Thank you for creating an engaging and comfortable environment for all of us to improve! The fanboys and I appreciate your contributions to L&D.  Molly McAllister
Officer Scott Driscoll Connecticut Thank you for enthusiastically contributing to Learning and Development! We are all safer because of what teach us.  Molly McAllister
Susan Keane Connecticut Thank you for being a trusted subject matter expert on the legislative process and for being a caring friend to so many in this building. You are a treasure!  Molly McAllister
South Dakota Legislative Research Council South Dakota The entire LRC staff provides tremendous support to the legislature and it's always with a smile and can-do attitude. Thank you for your commitment and work effort. Sen. Jean Hunhoff
Cynthia Zaleski Connecticut Cynthia is a great asset to to the Office of Legislative Management. She is diligent, reliable, and detail-oriented. Cynthia always takes initiative and is a positive addition to the team. Megan Wallett
Connecticut House Committee Clerk Team Connecticut We welcomed nine brand-new clerks (out of 11 House committees!) this session and they have been such a wonderful team. They acclimated themselves quickly and have overcome many challenges. They constantly go above and beyond for each other and are always looking for ways to help others. I appreciate their willingness to always ask questions to ensure they are getting through the legislative process with as few hiccups as possible.  Zoe Gluck
Milagros Acosta Connecticut Your kindness and thoughtfulness mean the world to me. Thank you for always checking in on me and making sure I'm okay. Your caring nature is truly appreciated Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Santé Lesh Alaska A consummate professional who also manages to make everyone feel seen and heard personally. Willing and exceptionally able to fill any role the institution needs with a rare mix of intelligence, kindness and humor. Chuck Burnham
Jessica Ciparelli, Jackson DeLaney, Taylor Fountain, Alberto Negron, Julien Novog-Desrayaud, Giovanni Pinto, Jason York and Megan Wallet Connecticut I am beyond thrilled to give a well-deserved shoutout to our talented House Democrats Office press aides for their amazing work and high-quality service supporting the communications needs of our members all year long. Thank you for everything you do. You all rock! Marta Collazo
Patrick Mellon Connecticut Thank you for your tireless work on bonding and STF. Your time and work are crucial to our committee staff and legislators as we develop our robust bonding policies. Ash Northey
Bill Lederman Connecticut Thank you for your continued work on income tax modeling and labor contracting. We are grateful for your patience and thorough work, helping our staff and legislators have a strong understanding of how our policies impact the budget. Ash Northey
Michael Murphy Connecticut We would be lost without you and your incredible team, which have been the workhorses of developing the biennial budget process. None of us would be successful without your hard-working nonpartisan staff. We appreciate everything you have done and continue to do as we move towards the end of this budgeting session. Ash Northey
Evelyn Wisnieski Connecticut Thank you for all of your time and work analyzing and putting onto paper the breakdowns of sales tax, health provider tax and so much more. I am so appreciative of your work, patience and expertise. Ash Northey
Chris Wetzel Connecticut All of your hard work analyzing tax policy and providing a framework to understanding our robust revenue system. Thank you for all of your time and patience with our new team. Ash Northey
Eric Michael Gray Connecticut Thank you for working tirelessly on bonding spreadsheets, supporting legislators and committee staff, and being patient as you teach a new crew the ins and outs of our very complicated structure. Ash Northey
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe, thank you for being an awesome team leader for the House clerks! Your guidance and support are invaluable, and I appreciate everything you do. Keep being amazing! Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is the cheerleader of the whole complex! She is smart but oh-so personable, giving us the feeling that all helpful suggestions are given with camaraderie and encouragement. She maintains the best possible learning environment for us all to develop both professionally and personally. She is loved. Bree Berner
Bryan Sundie Connecticut Thank you, Bryan, for always taking the time to help me! From the day I signed up as a candidate to the present you have always looked out for me and offered to help. I sincerely appreciate all your help! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Melissa Ziobron Connecticut Thank you, Melissa, for always finding time for me. You have always been there to offer advice, and to look out for me in addition to all of your many responsibilities! It does not go unnoticed! Thank You! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Andrew Droney Connecticut Thank you, Andrew, for all the research, help and support over the past three years. You have helped to prepare me and to understand the issues facing me in committee. Thank you for all the help! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Bree Berner Connecticut Thank you, Bree, for all the time you have spent helping me since I joined the Legislature! As a lost freshman, you helped lead me through the confusion and mayhem and made me feel useful and valuable. I am thankful for your help always! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Jennifer Skehan Connecticut Thank you, Jen, for helping me from day one in Hartford. Your continued help and support are invaluable to me. I know your job is hectic and frustrating at times, but you always find time to talk and offer assistance to me. It is appreciated! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Sarah Maloney Connecticut Thank you to Sarah for making my time in the Legislature more fulfilling and enjoyable. Knowing Sarah is there every day to support me and genuinely care is a comfort on a daily basis. Thank you, Sarah. You are appreciated! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Jillian Mauro Connecticut I want to recognize and express my appreciation for all that Jillian does in the press office in Hartford. Her personal attention to the representatives she works with is exceptional! Thank you! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jazaira has a wonderfully positive attitude. It was a pleasure being her mentor this session. She has a great future. Jeanie Phillips
Dorothy Getsie Connecticut Dorothy is a legislative aide that I have had the privilege of knowing for over 20 years and working with for three years. I could not do my job as a legislator without her. Thank you Dorothy! Rep. Patrick E. Callahan
Gio Pinto Connecticut Gio's dedication never ceases to amaze me. He consistently goes above and beyond in everything he does and makes it a point to go out of his way to help others. Gio's contributions don't go unnoticed and his work ethic is truly inspiring to all those around him. Megan Wallett
Max DeLorenzo Connecticut Thank you, Max, for going above and beyond in everything you do and being incredibly organized and meticulous about everything. I really appreciate you!  Rep. Maryam Khan
Jackson Delaney Connecticut Thank you, Jackson, for jumping right in as a new staff at CGA and being great at everything.  Rep. Maryam Khan
Marta Collazo Connecticut Thank you, Marta, for being amazing at everything you do, following up and going above and beyond daily.  Rep. Maryam Khan
Victoria Bower Connecticut Thank you, Victoria, for always being so quick to respond, following up without being asked and always smiling in the midst of chaos.  Rep. Maryam Khan
Michael Taylor Connecticut Michael shows up every day with a great attitude. We can always count on him! Elizabeth A. Conroy
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is the CGA trainer-extraordinaire, cheerleader, colleague and friend. She is the glue that holds us together through all the ups and downs of this glorious work that we all do for the Connecticut Legislature ... and she makes it fun. My favorite days in the building are when Molly is there, too. Shoutout to Molly! Liz Harwood
Jasmine Williams Kentucky Jasmine graciously assumed the duties of leading our mostly new committee staff when our CSA had to be absent. She guided us through session with such poise and patience, simultaneously still drafting the lion’s share.  Wendy A. Craig
Editors of the Office of Legislative Counsel Georgia The editing team within the Office of Legislative Counsel—Vallerie, Michelle, Kim, Maggie and Jorie—rocks! They do an excellent job at making the bills so much better. These editors are an essential part of the process. We are lucky in OLC to have such a great editing team.  Shawn Marie Story
Anne Sappenfield Wisconsin  Thank you for your support in my new role. Your call a couple of months ago meant a lot to me.  Lexi Stangl
Minnesota Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Minnesota Thank you SCRFA, for all that you do, for your dedication, and for your collective sense of humor. You all make it a great place to work! Lexi Stangl
Anita Rouse Colorado Anita took on the responsibility this year of scheduling our virtual meeting coordinators for all legislative meetings. She successfully scheduled all meetings including those that came in last minute.  Teresa Wohlwend
Craig Stevens Colorado Craig is part of our virtual meeting coordinator team. Craig is always willing to jump in when needed. He has worked long hours, working many evenings and weekends to make sure we had the coverage needed for our legislative meetings. Teresa Wohlwend
Nicole Miner Minnesota Thank you for you ability to demystify HR. Your constant smile is infectious.  Eric Nauman
Jessica Tupper Minnesota Jessica took over a new role this year and is succeeding brilliantly. She's a great source of advice and counsel on process, but also a wonderful person who makes every day brighter. Melissa Mapes
Jess Mingo Minnesota Jess willingly shares his (considerable) know-how to help solve problems. He's always ready to help and is just a heck of a nice guy! He's an asset to the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. Kathryn Ho
Rebecca Power Montana Ms. Power is an incredible staffer! She is extremely dedicated, organized and knowledgeable of the committee issues, as well as smart, funny and a total pleasure to work with! Rep. Julie Dooling
Tom Horton Michigan Anyone who can make complicated tax policy make sense deserves a hundred shoutouts. Well done!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Shawon Cecil  Michigan Shawon hit the ground running as a new staffer with an appropriations sub-chair for a boss, and he’s knocked it out of the park consistently. Well done!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Inger Avery Connecticut Inger, I'm so glad to have you on our team. You have already shown that you get the concepts and you are right on with your attention to detail—a great pleasure. Thank you! Sue Skehan
Natasha Peci Connecticut Natasha, I'm glad you are on my team. Let's keep working together to make this department run efficiently and smoothly. You certainly bring smiles to the department! Sue Skehan
Elizabeth Haskell Colorado Elizabeth Haskell deserves a shoutout for more than just her 20-plus years of service. She also deserves it for her persistent kindness, hard work, welcoming spirit and can-do attitude! Jerard Brown
Bo Pogue and Nina Forbes Colorado For six months of torch-carrying and drum-beating to get the capital budget over the finish line! Matt Bishop
Erik Gunderson Alaska He has become an effective and humble leader. He leads by listening and supporting his colleagues, which is refreshing in a cut-throat arena.  Caroline Hamp
Michael Taylor Connecticut Michael, you continue to be one of the most popular and favorite people in the CGA— everyone loves your smile. Keep up the great work! Sue Skehan
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut Kelsey, you are a tremendous addition to the team. You have learned quickly and, apparently, have become our technical expert. Great work! Thank you! Sue Skehan
Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor Minnesota The OLA produced a report this year that has been critical to understanding our state's grantmaking processes, which in turn is critical to improving those processes. We're so grateful! Marie Ellis
Nick Sweet-Mackin Connecticut Nick, I'm glad to have you back and thank you for your efforts in producing the bulletin with the Husky logo on UConn day here at the Capitol! Great work! Sue Skehan
Charlie Hennessey Connecticut Charlie, thank you for all your dedication to making sure the copy center works like a charm and maintaining the level or professionalism and standard of work product! Excellent job! Sue Skehan
Carl Fazzino Connecticut Carl, you have done a great job of taking on the role of service center coordinator! You are making my job easier. Thank you! Sue Skehan
Minnesota Legislative Reference Library staff Minnesota The LRL is an incredible resource for all things policy. Over the years I have been consistently impressed by their knowledge, speed and accuracy when responding to questions.  Marie Ellis
Josh Levesque Indiana Josh is always a step ahead of me and has amazing follow-up and follow-through. He helps to keep the office running smoothly and always has a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude. I appreciate him! J.D. Ford
Laib Allensworth Alaska Apparently, he is a testament to our (gold) species. Caroline Hamp
Bret Stewart Colorado Thanks for guiding the IT app development team through a very active session with a lot on the line. Thanks for having our back! Alex Anguiano
Mohammad Hossain Colorado Thanks for bringing me into the LCS family and helping me hit the ground running!  Alex Anguiano
Seth Whitten Alaska He makes good jokes. But truly, he is creative, bold, intelligent and makes us all laugh. Caroline Hamp
Julia Jackson Colorado Julia very successfully got through her first session as our team's newest team lead. She was always available for anything I needed and provided great mentorship and support through a very tough session. Thanks, Julia!! Alexa Kelly
Collin Fedor Massachusetts Collin uses his vast knowledge and organizational abilities to skillfully guide and engage our team to ensure we are clear about our goals and to provide any support we need to achieve them. Maureen Callahan
Greg Sobetski Colorado Greg does well at any time and always has his facts in hand! Larry Hofer
Jonathan Eastvold Colorado Jonathan is always ready and willing to dig in on a topic. He performs the difficult research, collects the facts and presents well-crafted arguments and recommendations to the committee we serve.  Kim Schultz
Bethanie Pack Colorado She is so easy to work with, so smart and such a team member! I love working with her! Lisa Moomaw
Suzanne Keim Delaware She is so encouraging to me, and teaches me new things all the time! I love working with her! Lisa Moomaw
Theresa Holst South Dakota Theresa has a calm and steady hand. She leads by example and trusts her staff to succeed. She is literally the best boss!  Amanda Clapham
Rich Dillard Delaware The depth and breadth of Rich's knowledge is a gift that he generously shares with the DOR team. We are lucky to have him! Erika Schrader
Anna Madsen Minnesota Anna does high-quality, timely and thoughtful work. I appreciate her being on my team! Sen. Liz Larson
Alexis Kise Minnesota Seeing Alexis gets my morning off to a good start. She is such an incredible friend and staffer to her member. She goes above and beyond and is incredible with everything she does. Jack Fischer
Minnesota SCRFA Minnesota As of today, 14 days left. I know we can manage the final 14 days together. Thank you! Eric Nauman
Tom Bottern Minnesota I see you every day, but things are different. Call me nostalgic. I admire how you have adjusted to become our new secretary of the Senate. Eric Nauman
Nash Boone Minnesota Nash is diligent, kind and professional. A friend to all and a comforting presence on the House floor. The representatives all love him. Jack Fischer
Chris Turner Minnesota We are so lucky to have you keeping your eye on the JPS budget! Thank you for your diligent work. I feel lucky to work with you.  Chris Turner
Bettsy Hjelseth Minnesota I love your positive approach to our work ... every day! Thank you! Eric Nauman
Dan Mueller Minnesota This is our 26th session together. I appreciate your guidance now more than ever! I am amazed at all you do in a day! Eric Nauman
Dennis Albrecht Minnesota Your diligence in meeting your chair's needs is a model for all of us! Great work this year. Eric Nauman
Bjorn Arneson Minnesota This is not just a thought exercise: Your work is in order under rule 7.4. We are lucky to have your brain ... and the rest of you, too! Eric Nauman
Casey Muhm Minnesota You are our tax man! Your diligent work this session has been impressive! Eric Nauman
Hannah Grunewald Noeldner Minnesota It's amazing how you burn the candle at both ends and try to light the middle, too! Outstanding session! Eric Nauman
Jenna Hofer Minnesota This year, more than any other, I truly appreciate your diligence and partnership! Eric Nauman
Krista Boyd Minnesota Vindication is yours! Great work this week and all year! Eric Nauman
Kirk Fulford Alabama I appreciate your professional diligence, but most importantly, your friendship! Eric Nauman
Othni Lathram Alabama Thank you for your strategic assistance this year!! Your help was invaluable! Eric Nauman
Jill Reinmuth Washington Thank you for your LSCC partnership and leadership this year! Eric Nauman
Killian Becker Minnesota Great work on finance this year!  Eric Nauman
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is the go-to guy who keeps the train going in session and in the interim. Thanks for keeping us all on track!  Erika Schrader
Alex Anguiano Colorado  Alex came into the team with not much time to learn and prepare but quickly became a really awesome and productive member of the team. Mohammad Hossain
Marcus Paul Colorado  He goes above and beyond to meet every staff and senator’s needs. He is always there when we need him. He is amazing! Jacqueline Borromeo
Paul Smith Colorado  Paul is the most dedicated clerk you will ever meet. He goes above and beyond to keep the House running smoothly and make sure members are comfortable in their roles. You'll never find anyone more knowledgeable about parliamentary procedure than Paul! Rep. Jessica Grill
Jennifer Berman Colorado  Jen has worked incredibly hard this session. Despite her hectic work, Jen always made herself available if I had questions about a bill that touched on bus-team-related matters. I really appreciated working with her during the interim and all her help with rules. She is also hilarious and deserves kudos just for managing to make me laugh on tough days alone! Jessica Herrera
Katie Ruedebusch  Colorado  As a first-year analyst with the Colorado Legislative Council Staff, I was seated within speaking, or maybe I should say bothering, distance to Katie. Her expertise, insight, kindness and patience have been truly invaluable during this legislative session and I will sincerely be forever grateful.  Dan Graeve
Kent Parker Colorado  Kent did a great job during his first full session.  Dan Phillips
Reba Wilson Colorado  Thank you, Reba, for all the training you did for all the new virtual meeting coordinators and all the running around to make sure everyone was connected correctly in Zoom and for all of your support. You are truly an asset to the Colorado General Assembly! It has been such a pleasure working with you this session.   Eileen C Chavez
Dave Williams Colorado  Dave ran a very efficient and highly productive print shop for the 2023 session. Dan Phillips
Marie Garcia Colorado  Big thanks to Marie for her hard work making sure every fiscal note gets to where it needs to be, even when session is moving very fast! We couldn't do our work without you! Bill Zepernick
Megan McCall Colorado  Megan has shown true leadership skills in our team and has offered to help me during my second session when I needed it the most. Thank you for all your support this session, Megan!  Jessica Herrera
Arkansas House Member Services Office Arkansas One of the best parts of my job is getting to lead and work with legislative analysts as driven, ambitious and knowledgeable as I have in the Arkansas House of Representatives Member Services office. But what I admire most about them is how they balance all of these characteristics while remaining the kindest and most empathetic staff I know. The team is an example of how to do quality work without sacrificing the necessary legwork. Their logical thinking, patience and empathy exemplify the traits I look for to be part of our team. They are true and valuable assets to the House of Representatives, and I am blessed and honored to be working alongside them. Thank each of you and a job well done!  Martha Jarrow
Colorado LCS Fiscal Notes Team Colorado  Amazing work, Colorado LCS Fiscal Notes team! 975 fiscal notes (new and revised) for 600 bills over 120 days. You're the best! Bill Zepernick
Delaware Senate Minority Caucus Staff Delaware They are constantly looking for ways to improve constituent service to be sure that people and businesses are getting the help they need from state government.  Sen. Brian Pettyjohn
Katie Ruedebusch Colorado  Katie has been the best supervisor/lead I've ever had. From always being available to making sure I felt comfortable asking the many questions I had every day, Katie has made my first legislative session manageable and enjoyable. Adam Alemzada
Peter Guloba Colorado  Thank you to Peter Guloba for designing an inventory program that will help us keep track of all of our assets. We appreciate all your hard work on the program.   Eileen Chavez
Colorado Legislative Council Staff Colorado  Teamwork makes the dream work, and it is a dream to work with all of the dedicated, bright, and hard-working folks at LCS. Cheers on another session in the book!  Clayton Mayfield
Sami Rajab Minnesota He's the best! Reagan Greene
Shukria Maktabi Colorado  Like me, this was Shukria's first session as a fiscal analyst. But unlike me, she had never worked for a state agency before and had to navigate all new relationships. I got word from old my friends at HCPF that they all think she did a great job! Kristine McLaughlin
Zack Wimberly Colorado  Zack is always willing to listen and is a great resource of knowledge. Joseph Choiniere
Natalie Castle Colorado  She is the best director ever! Lisa Moomaw
Zack Wimberly Colorado  This is my first legislative session. Zack has been wonderful to introduce me to all facets of this job. Even with all the long hours and huge learning curve, this has been an awesome experience. Thank you. Teresa Wohlwend
Bo Pogue Colorado  He staffs the longest meetings with contentious testimony and member comments with gravitas and professionalism! Congrats on a great session! John Armstrong
Jennifer Lyons Kentucky Shout out to my LA! Jennifer is professional and experienced, kind and thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. She always goes above and beyond to make sure I'm able to meet the needs of my constituents. I'm blessed to not only have her there to assist me but even just to know her.  Rep. Emily Callaway
Rachel Cole New Hampshire She, along with her colleagues, goes above and beyond what’s required in the critical positions they hold. She’s the best! Rep. Linda Haskins
North Dakota Legislative Council North Dakota The legislative council in North Dakota has outstanding leadership and employees, who work long hours and produce a first-rate product. Proud of all of you! Rep. Mike Lefor
Reggie Parson Maine As a first-term legislator, I hit the jackpot when I was matched with Reggie Parson as my legislative aide! He has been an invaluable asset to me and makes my job easier in countless ways. Rep. Kelly Noonan Murphy
Anneliese Vogel, Adoneca Fortier, Sarah Hutchison Texas My amazing capitol staff deserves a shoutout for all their hard work and continued support throughout session and beyond. Knowledgeable, talented, committed and wonderful individuals. I'm very fortunate and happy to have them on my team.  Rep. Alma A. Allen 
Vicki Slay Arkansas I understand that the new change must not have been simple to adapt to, but I am still surprised by how well you took it in stride. Starting a new position as a legislative analyst during the Arkansas House 94th General Assembly is a challenge. However, you put a lot of effort into not only learning the nuances of the change but also helping your other team members without a problem. I am incredibly proud to have you on our team thanks to your strong work ethic. Amazing work! Martha Jarrow
Gaia McDermott Connecticut She always brightened my day with her kind words and smile.  Hillary Desideraggio
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is the glue that holds not only the legislative workings of the Delaware General Assembly together, but he also literally keeps the Capitol roof over our heads from leaking! Carolyn Meier
Mary Beth George  Wisconsin Mary Beth is such a valued member of our caucus! She goes above and beyond for constituents every day. She has mentored countless interns and staff over the years. She has an incredible knowledge of policy and state agencies. If you don't know the answer to a question, ask Mary Beth! She has dedicated her career to public service and is someone to truly admire!  Crystal Miller 
Ben Grant Maine Ben is a helpful asset to our legislative office. Many years of experience in and around the Maine State House. Rep. Nathan Carlow
Carrie Maulin NCSL From fantastic clerk of the Idaho House to equally amazing as our NCSL liaison, Carrie is the perfect blend of professional and personable.  Rep. Julie Yamamoto 
Bobbie Bergeron Connecticut Where do I start? You certainly keep me straightened out! You go above and beyond the call. As a matter of fact, you are acting on my thoughts before I even say them. Thank you for all that you do. Couldn't do it without you on my team. Rep. Donna Veach
Kyle Raymond Minnesota You have had a stressful but impressive first session in Minnesota. We are so lucky to have you! Great work! Eric Nauman
Jon Vietti and His Facilities Crew Nevada Jon and his staff designed and built a beautiful new space for the Research Library in the Nevada Legislative Building. And they had to do it during session! They are amazing. Teresa Wilt
Erik Olaphson Minnesota You have had an amazing first session! We are so lucky to have you! Eric Nauman
Celeste Holmes Illinois Celeste has led a team with no experience into a knowledgeable staff able to complete tasks independently. This was not a part of her job description by any stretch, but Celeste in her humble way taught the team how to reach their own potential.  Michelle Westerhoff
Stephanie Heyroth Wilcox, Ali Jobe, Englisa Parker, Sierra Tuter Nevada This intrepid group opened the new Research Library in the Nevada Legislative Building in the middle of session. There is nothing they cannot do. Superheroes all. Teresa Wilt
Marilyn Miller Montana Marilyn Miller has been the secretary of the Montana Senate for over 30 years. She is retiring during the interim. She deserves thousands of shoutouts. I was new to the Senate this year and if I had a question about anything, she had the answer. She would go out of her way to help anyone. She has a heart of gold. Montana will miss her more than she will ever know.  Sen. Barry Usher
Catherine Young Washington Catherine is the glue for our team. Her institutional knowledge is so vast and great, she's the resource and go-to that is very appreciated for so many. She's the "right arm" of the team and is always willing to help.  Lisa Biscay
Mike Thompson Washington Mike heads a very diverse team of talented staff that do a variety of things for our legislative staff. From book binding to graphic design, this team does it all with great customer service as well! Lisa Biscay
Aaron Barna Washington Aaron heads a team of incredible photographers. His team are so talented and are able to have an amazing turnaround time and can capture beautiful images, even under the most stressful times.  Lisa Biscay
Jeremiah Aulwurm Washington Jeremiah heads a team of videographers that do exceptional work all year round. They produce incredible work in a short turnaround time. They are able to handle requests as needed, travel when requested and capture our legislators in action. Lisa Biscay
Craig McKissick Washington Craig is in charge of a team that doesn't seem to get a lot of recognition, but without them, this entire place would get nothing accomplished. They take care of everything perfectly, thanklessly and quietly. We really appreciate this team! Lisa Biscay
Laura Love Washington Laura leads a team that does the entire state an amazing service. She is an amazing resource, leader and overall wonderful person! She's done great things so far and looking forward to seeing what she has in store. Lisa Biscay
Joanna Bizzarro Alaska Joanna is one of our legislative accountants. She gets our bills paid in a timely manner, including our reimbursements and handles all sorts of travel issues! If I ever need assistance, its Joanna who I call. Patricia Walker
Andrew Erickson Minnesota This is a slosh-free zone, stop sloshing! Eric Nauman
Elspeth Cavert Minnesota Your style and CAship is a joy! Thank you for your dedication. Eric Nauman
Sabrina Lewellen Arkansas WWSD? I have learned so much from you! Eric Nauman
Brie Wolf and the  Finance, Revenue and Bonding Team Connecticut For keeping the committee and the team on task and on point during the long session and always having the answers to many questions.  Pete Torres
Alexis Stangl Minnesota I truly value our partnership! Thank you! Eric Nauman
Franklin Perry Connecticut He is a great head of staff! Freda Seritella
Othni Lathram Alabama Othni leads the Legislative Services Agency with great discernment and wisdom. He commands the respect of the staff and members and has a great vision for the future of our organization. Kirk Fulford
Minnesota SCRFA Minnesota All of SCRFA is incredible. You amaze me every day! Eric Nauman
Brad Snyder Washington On my first day on the job, Brad was helpful with getting the systems set up for me to be able to work. He was friendly and patient in answering my questions. Thank you, Brad! Jina Breshears
Gina Jenkins Arizona Gina is such a blessing to have in the Arizona Senate. Not only does she support the majority staff but she is responsible for the 30-plus senator assistants. Gina does all of this with a positive attitude and infectious laugh! Galen Kimmick
Paula Greene Alabama Paula has done a remarkable job since assuming the role of deputy director of the Legal Division. She has navigated her team through a transition into a new bill drafting system while maintaining the standard of excellence and professionalism expected by the members. Great job, Paula! Kirk Fulford
Michigan Session Staff Michigan This team makes coming to work every day enjoyable and my job is smooth because of them!  Julie Hazel
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric is a dedicated public employee who contributes his time and talents to his state as well as others through his continued involvement with the staff organizations of NCSL. He is a great friend and colleague who is always willing to answer an email or call when questions arise. Thanks, Eric! Kirk Fulford
Nicole Ussery Tennessee Nicole brings a wealth of experience to her position which she generously shares with legislators and citizens, helping all better navigate the legislative process. Bernadette Pajer
Robert Downes Connecticut Robert is, without a doubt, one of the most diligent and conscientious staffers in the whole General Assembly. On top of being a hard-working, studious legislative aide, he is also a devoted Ph.D. student! Sen. Matt Lesser
Colorado Legislative Council Staff Colorado It's the last day of our regular 120-day session here in Colorado, and the people I work alongside in the office of Legislative Council Staff have poured their hearts, minds, and last drop of energy into serving the legislative institution. We are all tired, but even so, our work doesn't end with the last day of session. There is much more to do during the interim. I am so grateful for the dedication to the institution and to each other that I see every day. Thank you for being living representations of our values: service, the legislative institution, excellence, integrity, respect, and innovation. You matter, and what you do matters, to the people of Colorado. Natalie Castle
Riley Aaron Alabama Riley is our newest fiscal analyst in the Fiscal Division and has proven to be a real rock star who is already a great contributor to our team. She is very knowledgeable and seemed to pick up on her assignments with ease. I am super excited about the work Riley is doing and her potential for the future. Thanks, Riley. Kirk Fulford
Hayley Bloom Peterson Minnesota I am inspired every day by Hayley. She is a lovely friend, compassionate mentor, and all-around funny person. I cherish spending time with her every week. Jack Fischer
Angie Carter Montana Wow! Angie is a rock star! If you have a question or need help with something, she is there to help. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find the answer. She rocks! Sen. Barry Usher
Jack Dudley Minnesota Jack is a responsible, professional staffer through and through. While he sometimes must act as front desk, he gives grace and compassion to all who walk through our halls. Jack Fischer
Meggie Pruidze Minnesota Meggie has been a fantastic peer to walk alongside and navigate this job. She is professional, polished and a fantastic advocate. I love her. Jack Fischer
Megan Wallet Connecticut Megan is an engaging and dynamic press aide! She excels in her position and is able to handle whatever is thrown her way. She stays cool, calm and collected throughout the Session and is truly a joy to work with. She adds light to whatever office she walks into.  Cynthia Zaleski
Teresa Mozur Minnesota I am so incredibly grateful for Teresa. She is a mentor and takes pride in bringing up a new generation of staffers, going out of her way to be inclusive and a leader. Jack Fischer
Courtney Schaff Minnesota Courtney is such a lovely human being, I strike to be like her more. She is dedicated and smart, I truly enjoy being around her and she makes the office a better place. Jack Fischer
Hope Gregor Alabama Hope is a great employee of the Fiscal Division who contributes in so many ways to the success of our team. She approaches each assignment with a smile on her face, a great attitude, and an eagerness to complete the task at hand. Thanks, Hope! Kirk Fulford
Courtney Schaff Minnesota You've done incredible work on cannabis! Jack Dudley
Davin Sokup Minnesota As long as I have known Davin, I have looked up to him. He is an inspiration in professionalism, friendship and authenticity. The Senate is lucky to have him. Jack Fischer
David Zak Minnesota No matter what, you always give your best effort—regardless of the circumstances! Fatima Acosta-Mendoza
Taylor Spreeman Minnesota Taylor has been a leader and mentor to all new staff this year. She goes above and beyond and tries to make everyone feel welcome and heard. I will miss her, but wish her the best in D.C. Jack Fischer
Alex Will Minnesota Alex's frenetic energy is always a reminder I could be working harder. He is one of the most professional and dedicated staffers I know. Jack Fischer
Claudia Huezo Tennessee Claudia serves her office and the constituents of her legislator's district, and all who enter her office, with respect, kindness, efficiency and attention to detail.  Bernadette Pajer
Taylor Spreeman Minnesota Thank you for letting us know about this amazing opportunity to maybe get an ice cream party. Jack Smyth
Salena Koster Minnesota She is always available to answer questions and serves as a mentor to all of our staff. Thank you for everything you do!  Taylor Spreeman
Fabian Bean Minnesota Fabian really goes out of his way to make a welcoming and affirming office, without him I would be lost in my role. Jack Fischer
Spencer Johnson Minnesota For securing his senator's primary race and his meticulous attention to detail in all that he does to support his senator. He is a true asset to the caucus.  Angelique McDonald
Pete Grogan Alabama Pete is a dedicated employee and a mentor to other analysts. He is very knowledgeable and completes his tasks and assignments in a timely manner while also assisting other analysts complete their assignments, often staying after hours to do so. He is a very critical component to the success of the Fiscal Division and we are happy to have him on our team. Kirk Fulford
Victoria Rodriguez  Maine She is an amazingly supportive, intelligent, efficient and positive staffer. There is nothing she can’t do and she is the backbone and lifeline for many legislators.  Rep. Amy Roeder
Nicole Warrick Minnesota She is one of the most dedicated and hardest-working legislative assistants in the Senate. She consistently goes out of her way to ensure her duties are done to the best of her ability and has created impressive personal connections with the district she serves as well as stakeholders. Nicole is one of the kindest and most able people I have had the pleasure to work with! Joey Wiley
Connecticut LCO Attorneys and Support Staff Connecticut Thank you to everyone in LCO who works so hard to try to enable us to get every word right.  Brad Towson
Kristen Miller, Janet Kaminski Leduc and Marcy Ritsick  Connecticut Thanks to my helpful and knowledgeable nonpartisan colleagues on the ENV team who contribute so much to helping us get our work done each session.  Brad Towson
Minnesota State Government Nonpartisan Team Minnesota Nonpartisan State Government Committee Staff go above and beyond expectations to produce the best policy while keeping the non-partisan integrity of our institution intact, all while doing so in a fairly controversial policy area. They are some of the hardest working and most kind/hilarious professionals I have ever had the pleasure of calling my colleagues.  Joey Wiley
Dan Dilworth and Naurin Hashmi Connecticut Team ED is lucky to have both of you join us this session! We couldn't ask for more collaborative, diligent, and kind partners. Thank you for being you! Marybeth Sullivan
Ben Greenslade New Hampshire Ben R.O.C.K.S.! Radiant, Optimistic, Curious, Knowledgeable Stalwart. Skyler Ozenbaugh
Alexis Jamison Delaware Alexis Jamison represents what is best about the entire staff of the Delaware House Minority Caucus. She is an expert in many areas and is the first to volunteer to help no matter how difficult the task. She truly cares about helping people and she is contagiously upbeat. Thank you for being on our team! David Deputy
Peter Murszewski Connecticut Peter is the best mentor a new clerk could ask for. He meticulously and patiently trained me as a new clerk coming in half way through session. His kindness and thoroughness were extremely appreciated. And he remains always willing to help.  Breanne Clifton
Jennifer Johnson New Hampshire Jennifer is B.R.A.V.E.! Boisterous, Reliable, Accountable, Valued, Engaged. Skyler Ozenbaugh
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason is the best senior CEC a new hire could ask for. He patiently and enthusiastically trained me and the other new CECs, always immediately answering our questions, no matter how inane or frequently they came. He creates a warm, welcoming workplace and is always ready to help anyone. I would not have adjusted so easily to my new role if not for Jason.  Breanne Clifton
Hannah Yonchak New Hampshire Hannah is G.R.E.A.T.! Generous, Reliable, Empathetic, Awesome, Tireless. Skyler Ozenbaugh
Carl Fazzino Connecticut Carl is "the man behind the curtain" for us, making sure everyone gets what they need when they need it, and often goes without receiving the credit he deserves. I know that many appreciate his efforts. Paul Alderucci
Zoë Gluck Connecticut Zoë single-handedly holds together the most amazing clerk team of any state legislature. She's smart, fair and a fearless leader who always has her team's back!  Breanne Clifton
Mark Cutrona Delaware You always work so hard to keep things running smoothly. Thanks for being a fantastic leader!  Cara Wilson
Laurie Wysock Connecticut Thank you for offering to help us in any way you can, for keeping the office running during session, and for always offering a smile even on the craziest days! I appreciate you! Lindsey Donston
Tracey Otero Connecticut Thank you for offering to help us in any way you can, for keeping the office running during session, and for always offering a smile even on the craziest days! I appreciate you! Lindsey Donston
Terry Kelly Connecticut Thank you for offering to help us in any way you can, for keeping the office running during session, and for always offering a smile even on the craziest days! I appreciate you! Lindsey Donston
Rich Dillard Delaware I appreciate the care and effort that you put into proofreading our draft bills. Thank you!  Cara Wilson
Shawn Deverell Michigan Shawn continually goes above and beyond in his service. When assigned an issue area or a project you can expect it to be done on time, with an executive summary that capsulizes the issue and then he provides a full report that is second in research only to a CRS Report. That he tackles the project with gusto is just an added benefit! Shane Muchmore
Jessica Ciparelli Connecticut Jess is a fantastic press aide, who happens to sit right next to me in the LOB. She's always available to chat, is on top of all her tasks and deals with the times I ask for ridiculous things without calling me crazy. Thanks, Jess for everything you do! Kyle Fishbein
Luwannia Johnson-Martin Connecticut Lu is the fearless leader of our CEC pod and is always there to lend a hand! I could not ask for a better pod leader and friend. Thanks, Lu for everything! Kyle Fishbein
Virginia Capitol Police Virginia I would like to thank the employees, both full-time and part-time, of the Virginia Capitol Police who have helped to provide a safe and secure environment for the state employees and visitors to the seat of state government in Richmond, Va. The mission of the Capitol Police could not be accomplished without their hard work and dedication. John McKee
Dan Hinman Connecticut Dan is an optimistic, upbeat, and reassuring person. He is always willing and ready to help however he can. Thanks, Dan! Sandra De La Cruz
Emily Shepard Connecticut Thank you for being the best mentor! I couldn't do it without you! Lindsey Donston
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Rachel is an amazing coworker and great resource on anything I may need. I'm very happy to be on a team with her in it. Her perpetual positive attitude is contagious. Thanks, Rachel!  Sandra De La Cruz
Jennifer Bernier, Carrie Lisitano, Christine McCluskey, and Roka Reid Connecticut We couldn't ask for a better team of legislative librarians. You are critical members of our research team and work hard to provide the Connecticut General Assembly with top-tier service. Thank you for all you do! Rute Pinho
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric is a great leader and has made transitioning into a new position as comfortable as possible. Thank you for making me feel extremely welcome! Sandra De La Cruz
Arianna Tsikitas Connecticut Arianna is a hard worker and she is always striving to do better.  Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Peter Andrews Connecticut Peter is a team player and always gets the job done! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Fabian Bean Minnesota Fabian went above and beyond to set me up for success in my role and goes above and beyond on the daily to make our office work. Jack Fischer
Anne Fuehrer Maine Anne embodies the term "Service Above Self." She constantly goes above and beyond to make sure her co-workers and legislators are well taken care of in every aspect.  Elizabeth Gillen
Kyle Fishbein Connecticut Kyle has multiple duties but he always remembers his team members whenever we are in need of his help. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Barry Hubbard Connecticut Barry deserves a shoutout because he always has the most amazing stories about his dog (big as a horse). And he makes my day even when I'm feeling a little down. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Liz Harwood Connecticut When I had a payroll problem recently, Liz went above and beyond to resolve the problem for me. She is always friendly and helpful and it is a great pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Liz! Heather Bannister
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is the ITS lead on many HR projects. He is kind and patient with my team, and forever looking to make the project as successful as it can be.  Caroline Beitman
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz always put the CGA first, she is here every day assuring that people get the pay and benefits they are entitled to. She looks at every procedure and thinks about how it might be better, and she does this in an empathic and kind manner. Caroline Beitman
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Shoutout to Dan Jalbert. Dan is amazing at his craft and makes us look good in the process. Thanks for your insight, thoroughness, and patience with all our HR projects. We truly appreciate you.  Andrea Walker
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Thank you for keeping the OLM activities committee active and giving us a reason to gather together. It's a lot of work and we appreciate it. Molly McAllister
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe built a strong, capable clerk team almost entirely from scratch this year. I have felt so supported and prepared for my new role because of her leadership and vision for our team. We are successful because she invested in us and continues to do so. Ash Northey
Debra McDonald Connecticut I always appreciate having Debra in training classes because she asks great questions and deeply processes whatever is being presented. Thank you for being an active participant, Debra! Molly McAllister
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don has a great attitude. He never seems to have a down day and will accept any challenge with a smile. Thank you, Don.  Molly McAllister
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz is known as the "Audit Queen" for good reason. Everything she delivers is amazingly detailed and accurate. Thank you, Liz, for your quality, accuracy ... and friendship.  Molly McAllister
Gio Pinto Connecticut Gio is always there when you need him. He's intelligent, caring and hilarious. He is a force within our caucus. His fingerprints on so many things across many departments and his quality of work is unmatched. Thank you, Gio, for everything. Ash Northey
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Thank you for always offering to help. No matter what you have going on, you're always asking how you can help others. Thank you. Molly McAllister
Andrea Walker Connecticut Andrea is an amazing HR professional! Her wealth of knowledge is deep and she's always ready to help or answer a question. Thank you! Molly McAllister
Jenn Wegh Connecticut Thank you for jumping back into the Quad with a smile. So glad you're here. Molly McAllister
Rick O'Neil Connecticut Rick always shows up to work with a positive attitude and is willing to support anyone on the team. He has always had my back in unexpected and much need ways. I'm so glad that we are on the same team. Ash Northey
Luwannia Johnson-Martin Connecticut Luwannia Martin, your work ethic is unsurpassed. Your passion and ambition are infectious, and your willingness to go the extra mile rubs off on the entire team and has a tangible impact on our results. Thank you! Rep. Travis Simms
Chandra Persaud Connecticut She's always willing to step in and support, swarming to the need. Coming in at the beginning of session brand new, Chandra quickly learned the ropes and not only did her job well, but consistently offers to help support other clerks. I appreciate all of the times she supported me and others. Ash Northey
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jaz is always willing to help out and offer advice when I need someone to support or answer questions. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great asset to the clerk team. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do! Ash Northey
Praveen Nair Connecticut Thank you for joining our team. You have already been a great help to me and I look forward to watching you grow! Becky Fede
Kentucky Service and Support Staff Kentucky Sending a massive shoutout to the talented and wonderful staff of Service and Support in Kentucky. You quickly and quietly provide our legislators and staff with the best service available anywhere. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and hard work and I appreciate you every single day! Cindy O'Dell
Eric Glover and Amanda Rickard Idaho Eric and Amanda are the best researchers I have met! Always quick to respond and find that needle in the haystack. I am so grateful for all the information you have found and shared! Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Janet Jessup  Idaho Janet, "you can't handle the truth" about your great jam recipes and your uncanny budgeting ability. You are a joy to work with! Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Jill Randolph Idaho Jill has taken over the budget duties for Health and Welfare and takes time to produce so much data and find ways to help legislators understand these complex budgets. She is professional, kind and fun to work with.  Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Ryan Bush Idaho Thank you, Ryan, for all your time and hard work drafting all that legislation to help sexual assault survivors and victims of DV. I appreciate your time, patience and professionalism!  Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Keith Bybee Idaho Thank you for always being willing to answer my questions! Your expertise in tax and budget issues is invaluable. Thanks for your patience and great explanations! Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Elizabeth Bowen  Idaho Rock star! She has been meeting with me and stakeholders to help draft legislation to meet the needs of people with neurocognitive disorders. She provides outstanding knowledge and research and is meticulous about getting things right.  Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Idaho Nonpartisan Legislative Staff Services Team Idaho The entire staff works relentlessly to provide outstanding research, budget info, committee support, bill drafting, legal advice, tech support and so much more. They are patient, professional, poised and intelligent. I love them! Sen. Melissa Wintrow
Victoria Rodriguez Maine Victoria is one of the kindest humans I have ever met and she extends that kindness to every constituent she works with. Rep. Kristen Cloutier
Katie Walsh Maine She is the Leslie Knopiest human I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Katie makes everyone feel special! Rep. Kristen Cloutier
Illinois ISDC Staff Illinois The ISDC staff is known for being the best and the brightest! We are truly grateful and thankful for each of you and your hard work and dedication to the caucus. Thank you! ISDC Management
Ryan MacDonald Maine I don't even know what Ryan's title is but he is the "knower of all things" to me. He has great historical knowledge coupled with procedural, legislative and legal knowledge he is the full package. So thankful for him! Rep. Suzanne Salisbury
Eleanor Snyder Maine She is amazing. She manages multiple representatives but always makes me feel like I am her priority. She always makes my testimony sound like I really know what I am talking about! She is the best aide ever! Rep. Suzanne Salisbury
Marc-Yves Regis Connecticut Marc's name was inadvertently left out from my previous post about how beyond thrilled I am to give a well-deserved shoutout to our talented House Democrats Office press aides for their amazing work and high-quality service supporting the communications needs of our members all year long. Thank you for everything you do. You all rock! Marta Collazo
Illinois Senate Democrat Communications Team Illinois I'm so proud of the work the Illinois Senate Democratic Communications Team does. They work hard to promote the members' issues and don't recieve enough credit for all the work they do. They are the best team around! Brandy Renfro
Kyle Schmauch Montana Kyle deserves a big shoutout. If any of us had an inquiry from the press, Kyle was there advising who they were, and what they wanted, coordinating when and where we would have the interview or would help with bullet points and scripts. He knows what he is doing and he surely made us look good. Thanks, Kyle. Sen. Barry Usher
John Sena New Mexico John is committed, thoughtful and wonderfully supportive to all of the members we serve. He makes work fun and offers terrific guidance to our staff. I'm appreciative of his partnership every day.  Gwen Perea Warniment
Grace Gibney Montana Grace was our committee secretary for Senate Judiciary. We do get a lot of criminal justice bills but we also get all constitutional issues and other controversial issues. Grace was able to keep her eyes and ears on what her responsibilities were and keep on track. She did not miss a beat. Any time the chairman asked her if she got it, she was on it. Top notch! You rock! Thank you. Sen. Barry Usher
Marie Proctor Delaware Marie is an incredibly pleasant and professional presence in the Legislative Information Office. We’ve received numerous compliments from other staff and the public for how she helps them get the information they need and always does it with a kind word and a smile.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Carrie Wanstall Delaware Carrie is in her first year with the Division of Research, but she has made a huge contribution through her work in the Legislative Information Office and her positive attitude. She has worked to better organize the office and raise the morale of all the staff in the division. Carrie, thank you for everything you have done to bring a smile to our faces this year! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Amanda Fulton Delaware Thank you, Amanda, for always being willing to step in and lend a hand, whether it's to help the attorneys draft legislation, assist the librarian with the annual delivery of the Code through your awesome organizational skills, or bring smiles to the faces of the other staff with your incredible baking skills. Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Gerri Sullivan Georgia Gerri is such a pleasure to work with! She is a hard worker, and her kindness, positivity and encouraging nature shine through each day! Betsy Theroux
Emma Walters Michigan Emma is a bright and talented rockstar. Our office would literally grind to halt without her keeping things organized and moving. Her professionalism and diligent work ethic are first-rate. I am so grateful to have her on our team.  Jennifer Figler
Merrill Truluck Maine In her first session as a legislative aid, Merrill has been a rockstar. Supporting a committee chair is even more demanding and she continues to rise to the occasion! Rep. Tiffany Roberts
Chris Trubac Michigan Chris is a well-spring of political instinct and experience. Our office is abundantly benefitted by having him in it. He is a wonderful mentor to all of us. I am inspired by his judicial pacing and objective questions to dig deeper into comprehensive understanding.  Jennifer Figler
Scotty Long Georgia Scotty is an expert when it comes to parliamentary procedure! Even on the most stressful days in the Chamber, Scotty always remains composed and ready to tackle whatever comes up. He is a tremendous resource to me in the Chamber and to the House of Representatives!  Betsy Theroux
Camille Taylor Georgia This legislative session, Camille took on more responsibility than ever before and handled it with the upmost professionalism and grace. She wears many hats but wears them all so well and gives 100% to everything she does. The state of Georgia is lucky to have a public servant in Camille! Betsy Theroux
Minnesota Legislative Reference Librarians Minnesota The Minnesota LRL is the best bunch of librarians around! I am always impressed by what they can dig up when I send them an obscure question. Thanks for all you do! Lexi Stangl
Craig Slavin Maine Thank you for all the work that you do for us on policy. It is so helpful to have someone who has a grasp of nearly every area that we deal with or can find information at the drop of a hat. Our work is easier because of your efforts. Thank you!! Rep. Jack Ducharme
Melissa Mapes Minnesota Thanks, Melissa, for being such a great resource and answering all of my questions! Things couldn't get done around here without you and the Engrossing Office! Melissa Mapes
Tyler Washburn Maine I truly appreciate all that you and others do for us. We could not do what we do without your support. I appreciate your taking extra responsibility with the digital stuff! It's helpful! Thank you. Rep. Jack Ducharme
California State Senate Human Resources Staff California My HR team has had to quickly create a process and implement various employee engagement efforts to recruit and retain staff. It's been a whirlwind year and a half and I'm so proud of how responsive my team has been. They are an awesome group! Sheila Braverman
Kevin Shopshire Michigan Mr. Shopshire is very engaged in the public and services for the community.  Shawanna Vaughn
Betsy Howerton Georgia She always has time to help others and handles all issues in a very professional manner. She did an awesome job with the 2022 NCSL Staff Hub conference in Georgia.  Teresa Adkins
Natalie Scott Kansas As a newer staffer, I appreciate that Natalie always makes time to guide me through a bill draft. She gives her full attention and effort whenever I need advice—even during the most stressful times!  Jessie Pringle
Margaret Ordeshook New Hampshire Margaret balances a number of tasks daily and does so with grace! She handles public and legislative requests and leads tours with school groups, international dignitaries and tourists.  She is patient and smiling face of welcome at the New Hampshire State House!   Virginia J. Drew
Doug Dolcino New Hampshire Doug oversees operations for the New Hampshire State House and keeping things maintained in a 204-year-old building is a challenge! He is a hands-on worker who will roll up his sleeves when necessary and works tirelessly to keep us warm on cold days, cool on hot days, and, some days, is asked to do both! He is pulled in many directions, but is always willing to do what everyone needs without ever complaining. Virginia J. Drew
Jennifer Becker New Hampshire Jenn Becker is the quiet glue that keeps all our staff in a wonderful supported group.  She handles all different aspects of the general administration for the legislators and staff. She is our rock and is always there to give insight, support, and advice. Having such a warm caring person looking out for us, makes working at the General Court of New Hampshire a great place! Virginia J. Drew
Shane Bennett Kentucky Your dedication to legislative services is always above and beyond. You are an outstanding boss and the support you give us is untouchable. I'm honored to work under your leadership. Thank you! H. Tate
Amber Reynolds Kentucky Not many people have the privilege to work under someone as caring and understanding as you! I'm grateful for you and your support! H. Tate
Julia Bansal Connecticut Julia is part of our research team and while sometimes I think she must think we are crazy for what we ask, she is steady and thorough, and I am continually impressed at her nonpartisan professionalism. Grateful to have her! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Sue Tufts Connecticut Sue is the best team leader ever. She teaches us new things, gives constant encouragement, is there for us for any reason, and works hard to make us really feel like a community rather than just some co-workers. That means the world.  Hillary Desideraggio
Mika Malouf Colorado This is Mika's first legislative session and although she's had a tough year, she always has a smile and a cheerful greeting for everyone. Mika quickly volunteers to help others and her enthusiasm for the job is contagious. She is always willing to go the extra mile. Rebecca Hausmann
Rosemary Lopez Connecticut Her tenacity, commitment and spirit of hope as she worked to move forward legislation concerning female genital mutilation as a public health issue for women and girls. Melvette Hill
Hillary Desideraggio  Connecticut Hillary is a thoughtful and dedicated advocate on behalf of the constituents for Sen. Lopes and is always giving of her knowledge and energy. Richard Lacourciere
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jaz has been an amazing clerk for the Higher Education Committee. I can’t thank you enough for all your help this session in our committee meetings and for having everything ready for me. Jaz has a wonderful smile even when I asked for special requests. I appreciate you and your work. Thanks so much! Rep. Irene Haines
Joseph Crosby Connecticut He is an amazing constituent engagement coordinator! He is professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Rep. Rachel Khanna
Rich Puffer Delaware Rich has been a great mentor to me. It is great to have him to bounce ideas off of and collaborate to make the General Assembly run smoothly. Thank you, Rich! Ryan Dunphy
Lexi Stangl Minnesota Thanks for your outstanding leadership in your first session as the director of SCRFA. You are doing great work in such an incredibly busy session! Tom Bottern
Taylor Spreeman Minnesota Taylor is one of the kindest people I’ve met and is a joy to get to work next to. I will miss her a lot. Do big things in D.C! Jack Fischer
Fabian Bean Minnesota Fabian goes above and beyond every day to ensure everyone’s needs are met. I would be drowning without this amazing smart professional. Jack Fischer
Jessica Schaeffer-Helmecki Connecticut Jessica is an integral part of our research team for P and D. Part of the two Js, her attention to detail and her incredible work ethic. I am truly grateful that we get to work together! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Colorado Print Shop Colorado David, Dan, and Ken, I have asked you guys for the most random things and you always jump up and deliver. I am not sure any I have ever asked is even printer-related. Zack Wimberly
Rachel Kurtz-Phelan Colorado Rachel handles all of the appointments and senate confirmations that come through our office. She does it so well that none of the rest of us ever have to worry about it! Julia Jackson
Alexa Kelly Colorado Alexa is eager to learn new things, finishes assignments quickly, and makes things look good. And she is always willing to cover for me when something goes sideways. Julia Jackson
Elizabeth Burger Colorado EB is the heart of our office. Not only does she know all the rules, but she is also a creative thinker who can listen to me be stressed about a thing and figure out how to make it better. Julia Jackson
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Thanks for always sharing your work and giving me great drafting tips. I enjoy working with you! Cara Wilson
Catherine Del Rosario California She is a wealth of legislative knowledge and is highly responsive to the needs of staff and constituents. In addition, she is patient and is a great resource. Kevin Mulligan
Salena Koster Minnesota Salena always goes above and beyond to make sure that staff receives the support they deserve! Jess Yeganeh
Taylor Spreeman Minnesota Her positive attitude is infectious and we're so lucky to have her around!  Jess Yeganeh
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz is wonderful to work with and goes above and beyond! Thank you, Liz, for all your hard work. It's great to work with you. Jennifer Wegh
Alyssa Weiss New York Her attention to detail keeps both the assembly member and the rest of the staff on track during very busy and chaotic weeks!  Rebecca Castaneda
Julianne Burkhardt Montana Thank you, Julianne, for being one of the best nonpartisan staff I have had the opportunity to work with. In Senate Judiciary we get a wide range of controversial issues, but you remain straight and narrow and stand ready to assist or answer any question when asked. Thank you. Sen. Barry Usher
Obie Rutledge Oregon If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet Obie, then you already know how incredibly dedicated he is to the legislative process. What you may not know is how treasured and appreciated he is by me, our entire staff and every single one of the members we serve. We are so grateful for him! Lacy Ramirez
Jacelyn Stewart Montana Jacelyn deserves a big shoutout. She was the Senate staff secretary supervisor. In today's world, everyone is having workforce issues. She was amazing working with committee chairs and organizing rooms and staff to meet everyone's needs. Many times I would arrive to committee and Jacelyn would be there pitching in. Thank you for all you do, Jacelyn.  Sen. Barry Usher
Sandra De La Cruz Connecticut Sandra is a rock star. I am glad we have someone so knowledgeable working for our state. Dan Hinman
James Rocco Connecticut James, our legal counsel for the Higher Ed Committee, has been instrumental in our understanding of the ramifications and subtleties of legislation as it comes before us. His legal mind is so valuable to our work and to have the confidence in someone as astute as James makes our job that much easier. Thank you, James!! Rep. Irene Haines
Joe Garabedian Connecticut I’ve really enjoyed Joe’s help with outreach this session. Getting events set up in my district has been seamless and all the boxes are checked down to every detail. So, thanks so much, Joe! Rep. Irene Haines
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thanks for providing excellent training workshops and always being positive and energetic. Dan Hinman
Joe O'Leary  Connecticut I'm lucky to work with Joe. He is a phenomenal writer and one of the hardest-working people I know. He is always there to edit my writing even when I send it to him at odd hours. The SDO staff is better served because of all his had work.  Matt Gilligan
Jason York, Austin Hyatt and Grady Brockway Connecticut Jason, Austin, and Grady all do an excellent job providing top-notch service to the people of Connecticut and supporting my work as a representative. I am grateful for all their hard work.  Rep. Gary Turco
Will Cromwell  Connecticut I was lucky to be able to work with Will for part of session when he was clerk for Planning and Development. He was a fantastic resource when I had questions and his knowledge of the building was always super-helpful. The House is lucky to have him as a policy analyst.  Matt Gilligan
Theresa Govert  Connecticut Theresa has been a godsend. Her expertise and policy knowledge are top-notch. I feel lucky to work with her; this legislative session would have been impossible without her.  Matt Gilligan
Sue Tufts Connecticut Sue is always there to help. I have learned so much working with her and being able to go to her for questions. She has such a positive mindset and the CGA is lucky to have her working here.  Matt Gilligan
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor Hyde is an outstanding committee clerk and legislative aide. She gives of herself wholeheartedly to the Appropriations Committee and to her fellow clerks. Susan Keane
Sarah Maloney Connecticut She is a caretaker! She puts a lot of energy into so many things and acts like it's no effort at all. I appreciate her. Bree Berner
Christine Murdock Georgia Christine is a rock star! Her work ethic, patience and dedication to the legislature are unmatched. Not to mention she leads an excellent team of policy and budget experts! I am proud to work alongside Christine.  Betsy Theroux
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda has continued to elevate the quality of the Jt. Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee’s work and processes. She is never one to rest on “good enough” and that approach, combined with her positive attitude and concern for others, helps lift us up when session gets rough. Thank you, Amanda! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Ben Kowal Delaware Ben has quickly made a name for himself as a knowledgeable researcher, capable of finding anything the Division of Research needs to produce legislation or provide legal research. Even the most perplexing legislative question does not phase him ... or at least it doesn't stop him! Thank you, Ben! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Virginia Senate HR/Fiscal Team Virginia Payroll, insurance, injuries, recruiting, taxes, financial reporting, and the list goes on and on. This team handles all things "people" while juggling never-ending deadlines. None could work here without them and I am grateful! Michael Adams
Katie Whitehouse Washington, D.C. Katie led the effort to draft and fund a groundbreaking mental health bill that may change policy nationally and open up a new generation of people working in their communities as social workers reducing crime and homelessness. Councilmember Robert White
Q Hernandez Delaware Q is a great addition to the Print Shop. He is a very quick learner, always taking notes when a job is shown to him for the first time. He's a very hard worker and quick to get the task done. He is very quiet, but friendly when you talk to him. Thank you for your quality work, Q! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Nate Poore Delaware Nate’s graphic design skills have taken the Division of Research publications to a higher level. He is always willing to lend a hand with anything we need done around the Division. And, he is a saint for putting up with our multiple revisions of publications in the quest for accuracy. Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Bob Lupo Delaware After many years of staffing the Print Shop, Bob stepped up as supervisor and we have been thoroughly impressed by how he has taken the reins and led the print shop staff with his calm and experienced presence. The work of the Print Shop is crucial to the legislature and we're so thankful to have your leadership keeping things running smoothly, Bob!  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Fabian Bean Minnesota He is always around to answer my dumb questions! Meggie Pruidze
Jack Dockendorf Minnesota Jack really gives the job his all!  Anna Borgerding
Joel Rudnick Delaware Joel is the consummate librarian, continuously striving to enhance our legislative history resources and research methods, including finding ways to use technology to augment the services he and the division provides. He takes the business of finding resources to aid legislators and staff seriously and works hard to get the needed information quickly. Thanks, Joel! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Nicole Neru Delaware Nicole is one of our legislative fellows from the University of Delaware and, aside from her excellent research, analytical and writing skills, what most impressed us is her professionalism and ability to perform at the level we would expect of a full-time staffer. She has greatly enhanced our research and legislative drafting work this year. Thank you, Nicole! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Michael Creighton Delaware Michael joined us this year as a legal intern and impressed us with his enthusiasm for the work we do and with his analytical and writing abilities. He happily took on an in-depth research project our attorneys have not had time to work on (and, honestly, have dreaded) and produced an invaluable summary of existing law that is already helping us better understand how to advise our legislators.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Shubreet Kaur Delaware Shubreet is a legislative fellow from the University of Delaware and has exceeded our expectations. She has impressive research and analytical skills and can take complex information and distill it into an understandable form using charts, memos and other methods. Her work is such high quality that we have incorporated it directly into reports for our Jt. Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee and others.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Natalie White Delaware The Registrar of Regulations is fortunate to have Natalie for her excellent editing skills and commitment to ensuring our laws are well-written. Not to mention, we appreciate that Natalie can always make us laugh. Natalie previously worked in our Legislative Information Office and her ability and dedication to helping the public access information and get answers was impressive. We are lucky to have her on our Division of Research team! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Minnesota SCRFA Team Minnesota A truly brilliant group of people who hopefully take many well-deserved vacations soon! Thank you all for your amazing work!  Killian Becker
Erika Schrader Delaware Erika brings her experience as a former deputy attorney general to our Register of Regulations office, working hard to process and publish more regulations than the understaffed RoR should be able to. We really appreciate her steadfast commitment to putting out great work, with close attention to minute detail and under tight deadlines. Thank you, Erika! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Marc Kimball Minnesota Marc has taught me so much this year. He's always bringing in some humor and insight into our meetings. Jess Yeganeh
Michele Jokinen Minnesota It's Michele's first year working for the Minnesota Senate as a photographer and she is doing an excellent job. Check out her work on our website! A.J. Olmscheid
Eric Nauman Minnesota Your class and humor in the workplace make building a budget easy! Killian Becker
Skyler Vilt Minnesota Skyler asks all the right questions. He's doing a great job in his new role! Jess Yeganeh
Josh Schultz and Christopher McMichael Colorado Josh and Christopher are new Bus team drafters this year and they both did a great job learning how to draft legislation. They both demonstrated calm professionalism while shepherding some difficult bills through the legislative process. Josh and Christopher are also terrific teammates, enjoyable to work with, smart, and fun to chat with. I hope they'll both be with the Bus team for many years to come!  Rebecca Hausmann
Amanda Pedersen Minnesota Always has a bright smile and makes everyone around her feel appreciated and heard! Jacqueline Borromeo
Luke Bishop Minnesota Luke has done amazing work for his members. He's always hustling to find ways to get people coverage. We're lucky to have him! Jess Yeganeh
Betsy Theroux Georgia Betsy is the Director of House Messenger (House Media Services) and she is always smiling while handling requests from 180 legislators in the chambers and at the same time assisting the speaker. She is a gem to work with and she deserves her "You Rock" recognition for being so thorough, friendly, patient and kind. Rep. Rhonda Taylor
Mike Mullen Minnesota Mike has a cool and calm attitude that is helpful when working in a stressful environment. He is a true champion at dealing with the crazy punches of the legislature. Jess Yeganeh
Yvette Smallwood Delaware Yvette has the distinction of having served three state legislatures, so we count ourselves lucky that she has chosen to work with us. As the registrar of Regulations, she brings a steady hand to the monthly publication of regulations and dedication to ensuring our laws are accurate, clear and uniformly drafted.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Arun Reddy Delaware Arun provides IT support for our Registrar of Regulations Office. His IT know-how has saved us on so many occasions, working at all hours and in all locations to keep our websites and systems running so we can keep the people of Delaware informed about the laws that govern this state. He also uses his skills to work on ways to enhance users' experience on our website and improve the IT processes we use to publish Delaware laws. Thank you, Arun! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Eden Teller Minnesota Eden has been a rock star on the media team! She's brought a new perspective to the team and is always teaching me new things! Jess Yeganeh
Marcus Paul Minnesota Thanks for always stopping by to chat and offering your help and assistance! You always take any task on with pride and grace! #BestPage  Taylor Spreeman
Nicole Warrick Minnesota Nicole is an incredible friend and an even better staffer to her member! She's always there to lend a helping hand, and I continue to learn so much from her on how to improve my own workflow. Marissa Benson
Courtney Schaff Minnesota The amount of grace, dedication and efficiency Courtney possesses is unmatched. Honored to continue learning from her! Anonymous
Jess Yeganeh Minnesota Jess is the best! She always helps me out, whether it's STEM-related, press releases, social media/newsletter or even letting me use her office. She's the best staffer and friend. Taylor Spreeman
Olivia Sims Georgia She is on it! Olivia is the admin for eight legislators in our suite, working primarily solo and regardless of deadlines and the number of task requests from the eight of us, she gets it done! She is so good, often constituents are assisted directly by her without our even knowing the issue has been resolved. Olivia makes my job so much easier and I wholeheartedly appreciate her. Rep. Rhonda Taylor
Dick Carter Delaware Dick is an encyclopedia of Delaware history and helps ensure that we proudly honor our past as we strive to move Delaware forward. He's also intrinsically involved in ensuring our Boards and Commissions are fully populated with skilled public servants. Thanks for all you do, Dick! Jesse Chadderdon
Christy Chase Colorado Christy is the best team leader I've had. She provides encouragement when we need it and always offers to help out when team members are getting buried in work. She stands up for our team members, always has our backs, and deals with problems calmly and thoughtfully. Christy's leadership helped us weather a grueling session and pull together as a team. #busteambestteam! Rebecca Hausmann
Carlon Doyle Fontaine Minnesota Carlon has been one of the most relatable people since I started in 2021. She brings me down to earth and makes me laugh. She works hard and cares about people. She's also pretty funny. Nicole Miner
Susan Skehan Connecticut Big thank you to Sue for putting in the work and maintaining different departments. Being able to teach and have a professional demeanor for others to follow, for them to be just as successful as she is. She is always smiling and allowing negativity to roll off her shoulder and get right back to work.  Nicholas Sweet-Mackin
Michael Taylor  Connecticut Thank you, Michael, for always showing up on time and having a great attitude. Putting up a massive number of steps each day to make sure everything is being delivered on time in the building. Staying on top of the mail and assuring it is on time.  Nicholas Sweet-Mackin
Carl Fazzino Connecticut Shoutout to Carl for always willing to teach and set a high standard for others to follow, so we can be a successful team. Being sure we all understand what must be done and having a great attitude when days can get crazy. Nicholas Sweet-Mackin
Charles Hennessey Connecticut Big thank you to Charles for always doing outstanding work and always being eager to complete tasks on time. Showing up to work early when things are needed to be done before any of us are even awake. Maintaining and always being sure our equipment is at tip-top shape to be operational.  Nicholas Sweet-Mackin
Faith Marcovecchio Colorado Faith has been a great head legislative editor for the law team. She is calm, kind, helpful and dedicated. In the last couple of years, she has helped build a team of great editors. Her strong leadership has been such an asset to her team. Rebecca Hausmann
Ryan Davis Delaware Ryan's is the first face many see when interfacing with the Senate Majority Caucus in Dover. His calm demeanor and kindness set the tone for all of his colleagues, and his professionalism helps our members put their best foot forward in engaging the public. Jesse Chadderdon
Read Scott Delaware Read has stepped into his new role as special projects director and is providing critical support to our entire caucus. He's been especially adept at coordinating our floor presentation and resolution calendar, helping Delawareans feel like Legislative Hall is truly the "People's House" each and every day. Jesse Chadderdon
Drew Webster Colorado Drew did a great job as head legislative editor on the Gov team this year. Drew took on the job last fall after being in the office for less than a year and also trained two new people this year. I know the session brought lots of surprises, but Drew calmly helped guide his team of editors through the session. Great job, Drew! Rebecca Hausmann
Kelsey Taylor Connecticut Shoutout to Kelsey for quickly understanding the procedures that are needed and taking charge when we were down a person in the beginning months of session. Always coming to work with a positive attitude and adjusting quickly when plans change. I am ecstatic that she has joined our team and is ready to grow and develop in the coming years. Nicholas Sweet-Mackin
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway Delaware Affectionally dubbed our Senate mother, Carolyn is always there to support her colleagues in good times and in bad, all while providing vital administrative support for Senate leadership. Carolyn makes every day in Legislative Hall that much brighter. Jesse Chadderdon
Reba Wilson Colorado Reba is so helpful! She helped me set up my computer for training classes in rooms with various types of technology and was always so cheerful. She even stopped to try to diagnose my connectivity problems when I caught her passing through my area. She is a tremendous asset to the IT department. Rebecca Hausmann
Valerie McCartan Delaware A true professional who provides exemplary constituent services and holistic support for our Senate president, Valerie continues to be a powerhouse that drives the Delaware Senate forward. Jesse Chadderdon
June McCabe Colorado This was June's first legislative session and they did a great job! June learned everything very quickly and proved to be a thoughtful editor who worked hard to make bills clear and understandable. June put in lots of late hours and weekends during one of our busiest sessions ever. Welcome aboard June, we're happy to have you! Rebecca Hausmann
Kris Forrestal and Manish Jani Colorado A huge thanks to Kris and Manish for being the best commuting buddies ever! There's nothing like turning the beginning and end of each day into a huge shot of positivity! You make my world a better place! Natalie Castle
Julianna Goldfluss Connecticut Her tireless work in organizing outreach events for the representatives, notably her work in organizing the School Manufacturing Connection Fair, has made her a pleasure to work with and a valuable member of the team.  Ophelia Trahan
Austin Hyatt Connecticut For always going above and beyond to assist the representatives he works with and their constituents. Ophelia Trahan
Jaret Coles Montana Thank you for all the hours and expertise you provided to the members of the Senate Taxation Committee. Never once, at any hour, did I send you an RFI where you weren't immediately available to provide a response. Your dedication to the Montana Legislature is deeply appreciated. Sen. Becky Beard
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Think of a boss and policymaker who listens carefully, thinks before speaking, and wields an inordinate amount of patience, grace, and intellect. Great. Now you're halfway to capturing our director, Coffiann. Thomas Horton
Tracy Bobo Mississippi Tracy is the best ever! She trained me, and now we work together to make sure every report and letter is clean and correct. She is always supportive and has my back when I need her! Hannah Jane Costilow
Peter Murszewski Connecticut Peter stepped up to bridge the transition between committee clerks on two different committees this session, and he made it look easy. His assistance and professionalism were invaluable during an incredibly busy time. Sarah O'Connor
Colorado Constituent Services Team Colorado Our constituent services team (Elizabeth, Horojah, Hamza and Matthu) do amazing work each day helping legislators and people across our state. They truly impact people's lives. Thanks for all you do! Katie Ruedebusch
Trevor Fox Missouri Communications director and master of words extraordinaire! Need a fast press release, Trevor's got you covered. Need material for your Capitol report, Trevor makes everything we do sound great. Katie Ruedebusch
Mark Cozart Missouri Legislative staffer to our majority floor leader, Mark's responsibilities are endless and he handles everything with perfection and a smile. Katie Ruedebusch
Jerry Howe Montana Jerry came to the Montana Legislature in the fall. He did not have much time to prepare for our 2023 session but he quickly got up to speed and was ready to go. His door is always open and ready to help anyone. He has done a good job in a short amount of time.  Sen. Barry Usher
David Fraser Minnesota I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for Dave's exceptional research work. His dedication and talent deliver fantastic results that enable our members to make well-informed decisions on critical issues impacting Minnesotans' lives. His dedication, passion and commitment are truly inspiring.  Nicole Warrick
Kari Hoelscher Missouri Legislative director to our majority floor leader, her responsibilities are endless and she handles everything with smooth perfection. Wanda Mehrhoff
Cindy Smith Kentucky Cindy has worked for over 25 years serving the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. Her institutional knowledge and leadership are second to none. She is always willing to help in any situation.  Kate Talley
Rachel Weiss Montana A big shoutout to Rachel for being one of the best staffers in our LSD. She is always one step ahead when drafting a bill or assisting her chairman. She always asks the right questions and has the "what ifs" ready. She is amazing! Thank you! Sen. Barry Usher
Beth Ebbesmeyer Montana Best suite mate ever! We always have each other's backs and work so smoothly together. She is a top-notch professional in everything she does!  Wanda Mehrhoff
Matt Lantzy Michigan Matt is a wealth of knowledge on military policy, and makes it graspable to folks who may not be as familiar. Taking policy and breaking it down is a skill, and Matt has that skill in spades.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Cynthia Paul Michigan I've never met someone as dedicated to or as knowledgeable about labor law. Cynthia is always willing to give advice or suggestions to anyone and is a pleasure to work with.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Danyale Bryant Missouri Danyale rocks at her job managing all the purchase requests from legislators, assigning parking spots, assigning chamber seats and being a positive voice for the legislative staff. A thankless job with huge responsibility! Thanks for all you do! Wanda Mehrhoff
Marissa Geyer Michigan Marissa is a fantastic resource on housing policy, and is always looking out for the "little guy" when drafting.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Maya Lowry Michigan Maya is incredibly cheerful, always smiling, and is a pleasure to work with. She's always ready to help make a hard legislative lift.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Jan Waldrop Virginia Many legislative staff roles are behind the scenes, but worthy of so much appreciation. Jan makes sure all the ($) bills are paid ... responsibly, timely and, above all, accurately. Her experience and attention to detail are so valuable!  Michael Adams
Asja Jackson Michigan Asja is always cheerful and a pleasure to work with, even when we're handling difficult policy reform.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Jillian Reynolds Minnesota I thank Jillian for her contribution, talent and kindness during this legislative session. Jillian made time to meet for weekly meetings and as needed when we could not meet during the scheduled time. Her dedication shows a level of support that goes above and beyond expectations. Her ability to listen and care for her member's needs will help set us up for a successful future. Thank you, Jillian! Nicole Warrick
Eli Gaugush  Michigan Eli manages our budget policy, and I've never had it be a smoother process than it has been this session. Well done, Eli! Mikaylah Heffernan
Kerri Hunter Colorado You do an amazing job of navigating, communicating, motivating and directing (pre-, during- and post-COVID). Stephen Donohoue
Thomas Collins Michigan I've never met someone who enjoys energy policy as much as Tom. I always hear good reports from other staff and legislators, and he's a pleasure to work with.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Robert Wright Kentucky Robert navigated many unexpected bumps this session with his trademark "chill." It is such a relief to know that I can always count on him to keep calm and get the job done, regardless of circumstances! Shane Bennett
Aretha Johnson, Lyris Childs, Kayla Thompson, Nathan Carter and Jan Thornton Kentucky Aretha, Lyris, Kayla, Nathan and Jan worked their first session in our department and distinguished themselves as top-tier legislative staff! They served a variety of roles and did so with professionalism and a passion for public service! Shane Bennett
Charmar Green Kentucky In addition to being a new staffer who feels like a veteran team member, Charmar always volunteers for new ways to serve at LRC. This year, she worked after-hours on updating the Legislative Record and journal, a task that kept her here all night and into the early morning (5 a.m.!). She's the best! Shane Bennett
Jacob Silvernail Kentucky Jacob proved to be among the most versatile members of our department. He said "yes" to every role where he was needed and overperformed as well. His smile and professionalism were praised by all who worked with him. Jake rocks! Shane Bennett
Logan Ruebens Kentucky Logan asked the right questions and learned every day. When he had to make decisions, his instinct was always right. His promotion to LA was fast but not surprising nor undeserved! Bravo, Logan! Shane Bennett
Chris Marino Connecticut Thanks to Chris for his collaboration, caring and good humor. Taylor and I would be lost without him. Susan Keane
Toni McGarvey Kentucky I have never seen a new hire work harder to get good at the job in such a short period of time. Toni checked her ego at the door and served her members without hesitation. Her compassion for others was evident on day one. Thank you, Toni! Couldn't have done session without you! Shane Bennett
Amber Reynolds, Stacy Jacobs and Angela Dickerson Kentucky The lead LA team continues to showcase dedication to their peers and department with professionalism, creativity and immeasurable flexibility. The department wouldn't work without them! Shane Bennett
James Angelopoulos Connecticut Thanks to James for his commitment to learning the work of the Appropriations Committee this session. Taylor and I appreciate all you have done to support the team. Susan Keane
Steve Smith Connecticut My thanks to Steve for his dedication to the work of the Appropriations Committee. Taylor and I could not have asked for a better addition to our team this session. Susan Keane
Gaia McDermott Connecticut The CGA community lost one of its best recently. Gaia challenged her friends and colleagues to search for the best in themselves, in each other and in the CGA community. Susan Keane
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is the consummate professional and dedicated educator who has the biggest heart I know. She has created a learning and development environment that is collaborative, supportive and expansive for legislators and staff alike. Susan Keane
Tracy Bobo Mississippi Tracy is the best ever! She trained me, and now we work together to make sure every report and letter is clean and correct. She is always supportive and has my back when I need her! Hannah Jane Costilow
Liz Kranz Michigan Liz is always willing to help out and is a fantastic graphic designer. Her mailer design helps make complicated policies interesting and understandable!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Cheryl Smith Connecticut The CGA Committees would be lost without the calm, steady support of Cheryl Smith. She is a wonderful collaborator who continually thinks outside the box to improve the committee systems. Susan Keane
Jennifer Sebren Mississippi Jennifer is a kind and compassionate leader who makes sure her team is always on track. She makes sure everyone is on the same page! Working with Jennifer is always a good time.  Hannah Jane Costilow
Justin Easter Michigan Justin is a fantastic clerk, and is always willing to help out at the drop of a hat! Mikaylah Heffernan
Legan Rose Michigan Legan is one of our newer committee clerks but is knocking it out of the park. I know I can count on her to make sure committee goes smoothly!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Lonnie Edgar Mississippi Lonnie is awesome! He works hard to make sure our office produces the best reports possible. He's also not afraid to crack a joke or two along the way!  Hannah Jane Costilow 
Taylor Mullins Mississippi Taylor is easily one of the hardest workers in our office. She keeps us afloat during the busy session season and always has great advice when you need it.  Hannah Jane Costilow 
Meri Clare Ringer Mississippi Meri Clare is the whole package when it comes to being an analyst. She is a great writer with an organized mind, and it is always a pleasure to work with her. Hannah Jane Costilow 
Milly Allen Montana Milly is my committee staffer, who allayed my stress many days and made everything run smoothly. Rep. Jennifer Carlson
Marta Collazo, Alberto Negron, Taylor Fountain, Marc-Yves Regis II, Jason York, Megan Wallett, Julien Novog-Desravaud, Jackson Delaney, Giovanni Pinto Connecticut This has been a fabulous team to work with. We celebrate our victories together and help each other through the challenges. Hooray, fifth-floor family! Jessica Ciparelli
Grady Brockway Connecticut Grady is a great addition to the outreach team! He has hit the ground running ever since he started working with HDO this December! Thank you for all your hard work.  Kimmi Grove
Khelsea Bryant Louisaina Shoutout to Khelsea! She started with the Louisiana Legislature just a couple of weeks before our session began and has done an excellent job in her new role!  Michelle Ridge
Anne Sappenfield Wisconsin Anne Sappenfield is my professional soulmate! I am so thankful to be able to serve alongside her this year. She is an amazing leader and a committed public servant. I have learned so much from you, Anne, and I am excited to see you soar this year as our NCSL staff chair! Sabrina Lewellen
Alexis Stangl Minnesota Alexis (Lexi) is doing an outstanding job in her new role with the Minnesota Senate! She is thorough, thoughtful and committed. She does her homework and prepares for projects that come her way. I am especially grateful that she recently took a moment out of her extremely busy day to ensure I was aware of an important milestone in the life of an individual we both respect. Thank you, Alexis! You are amazing!  Sabrina Lewellen
Matt Gehring, Jill Reinmuth, Eric Nauman, John Courtney, Betsy Theroux and Othni Lathram Minnesota, Washington, New Mexico, Georgia, Alabama Matt, Jill, Eric, John, Betsy and Othni are outstanding members of the LSCC Strategic Planning Committee! Individually and collectively, they are contributing to the planning of what I hope will be a great year in 2023-2024. Thank you all so much for your dedication, creativity, feedback and support.  Sabrina Lewellen
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric Nauman is a superstar legislative staffer and an extraordinary human being! There is simply not enough space to adequately capture all that he brings to every professional endeavor he touches. He has served the Minnesota Legislature for over 25 years now and has been an exemplary example of service, dedication and statesmanship. The state of Minnesota has a rare jewel in Eric Nauman! I am blessed to know him. Sabrina Lewellen
Ann Cornwell Arkansas A shoutout of appreciation to Ann Cornwell, director and secretary of the Arkansas Senate! Ann is an incredible leader and public servant. This session year has had challenges, and she has proven, yet again, that she knows how to get it done and will battle through any challenge and come out stronger on the other side. I am so grateful for all she has done and continues to do for our Senate and the state of Arkansas.  Sabrina Lewellen
Jason Pheasant Connecticut Jason is a dream come true. Always on top of things and putting out the most current up-to-date news and pictures about me and my district. He assists in anything you ask of him and most of the time does what needs to be done before he is asked. One step ahead of me. I am very fortunate to have him as my press person and all-around go-to person when I need just about anything. Thank you, Jason! Couldn't be me without your assistance. Rep. Donna Veach
Hayley Bloom Peterson Minnesota Hayley is smart, talented and great at what she does. I feel incredibly lucky to get to work next to her in the Legislature. Jack Fischer
Alex Will Minnesota Alex hustles and multitasks like a god. His senator is very lucky to have him. Jack Fischer
Brady Burden Illinois Brady's empathy for his co-workers helps them feel valued,  creates a safe environment, and furthers the mental wellbeing of those around him.  Sudura Barber
Victor Zepede  Illinois Victor is a good leader who is organized and he keeps team on track and focused to avoid delays in the work process. Sudura Barber
Jason Mendonca Illinois Jason is able to bring out the best abilities in his team members and motivate them to work together in achieving a shared goal. Sudura Barber
Taylor Howard Illinois With the weight of the world on her shoulders as the lead for an extremely controversial silo, she thrives and completes her tasks with grace. Sudura Barber
Minnesota Legislative Budget Office Minnesota Thank you for over 970 fiscal notes this year! We appreciate your high-quality, high-impact work in a short timeframe. It’s a pleasure working with you all. Minnesota Legislative Reference Library Staff
Brittany Johnson Minnesota I am sincerely grateful for all the outstanding support Brittany has provided as our legislative support supervisor! Her dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in helping our team navigate the complexities of the legislative process. She remains calm and focused under pressure and has a talent for keeping our team on track! You are an asset, Brittany, and we are grateful for you!  Nicole Warrick
Brenda van Dyck Minnesota Brenda’s digital accessibility document skills and writing skills are second to none! She went above and beyond her regular duties this year with her work on digital accessibility efforts. Elaine Settergren
Bjorn Arneson Minnesota Bjorn’s leadership, collaborative spirit and knowledge were invaluable to the digital accessibility working group! Elaine Settergren
Mike Speiker Minnesota Mike brought valuable perspectives, knowledge, and leadership to the digital accessibility working group this year. Thanks! Elaine Settergren
Michelle Weber Minnesota Michelle has more than a few plates spinning, but you wouldn’t know it by her calm, collected nature. Thanks for your leadership with so many things at once! Elaine Settergren
Madeline Hoy  Minnesota Thank you for all the exceptional work you do for Sen. Carla Nelson. You continue to amaze us with your talent and dedication to her office. Your work is deeply appreciated and valued. Thank you for all the help you provided to me in the last interim. I could always count on you!  Nicole Warrick
Marissa Benson Minnesota Marissa, your work is deeply appreciated and valued. You are so kind and caring, and I am so grateful for all you do! You are an asset to our team, and we are fortunate to have you as a colleague.  Nicole Warrick
Shannon Briggs, Denise Burrows, Lisa Pfenning, Sarita Timalsina and Christian Olaya Colorado Thank you to the amazing accounting staff of the Colorado Legislative Branch for keeping us paid, paying our bills and taking care of our financial reporting! Natalie Castle
Bill Zepernick Colorado Our fearless leader! He's whip-smart, always able to find a solution to seemingly intractable fiscal note quandaries and an all-around nice guy. Thanks, Bill! Erin Reynolds
Matt Bishop Colorado Since the day he started, Matt has had an uncanny ability to know exactly how to get the job done. He manages a huge workload with grace, and his calming presence benefits all of us.  Erin Reynolds
Josh Abram Colorado Josh had some complicated bills to analyze this year while also managing some life curveballs. We're lucky to have him as a colleague—he brings his humor, integrity and wisdom to work every day.  Erin Reynolds
Anna Gerstle Colorado Colorado school finance is as complicated as it gets. Anna has worked hard to learn everything there is to know in order to become a contributing member of that team. No small feat! Go, Anna! Erin Reynolds
Aaron Carpenter Colorado Aaron could lead a master class in sponsor communications. He goes out of his way to make sure legislators know exactly what the fiscal note says and why, and as a result, they love him. Erin Reynolds
Vanessa Reilly Colorado Vanessa came back to Legislative Council Staff in full force and took charge of the Joint Technology Committee. She graciously answers all my questions, imparts her wealth of legislative knowledge to me, and goes above and beyond to lead the committee. Vanessa is a top-notch staffer and person!  Samantha Falco
Julie Fedele Delaware I still miss working in the same office as Julie, so I'm really happy when I get to work with her on a project. Hello from across the hall, Julie! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Colorado LIS/LCS IT team Colorado You know you work for the right organization and with the right team when you look forward to coming in to work on a Monday for almost 20 years now and many more to come. This team keeps the technology systems, operations and services running for the Colorado legislature. The under-the-radar work done by the technology support, infrastructure and applications team may not be recognized but is very much appreciated. This team (along with all other LCS staff) embodies the mission, vision and values of the Legislative Council Staff agency by pivoting constantly to meet last-minute needs, exceptions to rules and other unforeseen circumstances with grace. Manish Jani
Jennifer Berman Colorado Jen was a fantastic mentor for me during my first legislative session. I learned so much about bill drafting and the legislative process from her. Despite her challenging workload, Jen was always willing and able to give me advice and help me with my work. Christopher McMichael
Will Lescas Delaware Put simply, Will is one of the more skilled researchers and policy minds we've ever had in the Senate. His work ethic is second-to-none and his in-depth work products help our members make critical policy decisions on a daily basis. Jesse Chadderdon
Hanna Murdoch Nebraska She has responded to a very arduous session with sanguinity and displayed her acumen by drafting 100s of relevant and cogent amendments as filibuster material.  Cassy Ross
Denise Burrows, Marisa Edwards and Kerri Hunter Colorado There's no one more dedicated to the legislative institution and to ethical governance than Denise Burrows! Thank you for your help Denise, and thank you, Marisa and Kerri, for your support! Natalie Castle
Colorado Legislative Council Staff Colorado This is a shoutout to the entire LCS staff. The work ethic, quality and customer service standards that everyone in the team holds themselves to are very high. No matter how difficult the delivery deadlines or service quality and availability expectations, staff comes through and legislators just expect that to be the norm. This speaks volumes to the talent, dedication and public service mindset of staff who grease the wheels of the legislature behind the scenes. Manish Jani
Carla Montgomery and Bill Drafters at LRC Kentucky I and all of OCIT are very grateful for their patience and ability to work with us under tight deadlines and changing technologies. We would not be as successful as we are if it weren't for them. Johnathan Harris
Virtual Meeting Coordinators: Craig Stevens, Joe Liuzzo, Morgan Kelly, Zach Saber, Anita Rouse, Carina Manent, Brea Trotter-Brown, Isaiah Tanner, Jansen Saunders and for those that helped out doing VMC Ian Hart, Peter Guloba, Reba Wilson  Colorado Thank you to all my fellow virtual meeting coordinators for running the Zoom in committee meetings and making sure that all of the people that signed up to testify were able to give their testimonies. Also for working all of the late nights and early mornings and hanging in there on some long committee meetings. Thank you for the support you brought to the chairperson and staffer.    Eileen Chavez
Cynthia Galvin and the Staff of the Revisers Office Kentucky The staff of the Revisers Office have been great to work with from a technology perspective. The staff of OCIT is grateful for their patience and willingness to work with us as we navigate technology upgrades. Johnathan Harris
Kylie Thomson Delaware Kylie is new in her role as a legislative fiscal analyst and has already proven herself as a thorough analyst. Her interpersonal skills and calm composure during hectic legislative days are impressive! Ruth Ann Miller
Kiki Evinger Delaware Kiki joined our staff last fall as our policy director, and she continues to defy even the highest of expectations we had for her. Her leadership, organizational skills, policy expertise, and ability to juggle priorities have made her a vital resource for our senators and staff alike. Jesse Chadderdon
Jason Smith Delaware Jason is so incredibly proactive and detail-oriented in all of his duties. He handles multiple priorities with ease and still manages to make the rest of us laugh every day. His skill at communicating complex fiscal issues and grant proposals to a wide audience is unmatched and Legislative Hall wouldn't be the same without him! Ruth Ann Miller
Louisiana Senate Staff Louisiana Please join me in celebrating the staff of the Louisiana Senate during Legislative Staff Week. Their unwavering dedication to the people of our state is demonstrated every day through their consistent public service and reliability. Our senators benefit from their attention to detail, historical knowledge and innovation as we work daily to improve our state and the lives of the citizens we represent. Thanks, legislative staff for all you do!  Senate President Page Cortez
Alexis Wrease Delaware Asked to wear to distinct hats this legislative session, Alexis has filled dual roles with grace and aplomb. Her storytelling talents and natural ability behind a camera lens have served our comms shop well, while her policy mind and research background have served our Education chair especially well. Jesse Chadderdon
Sarah Fulton Delaware A quick learner and a natural mentor, Sarah was an incredible steward of the comms shop while our director was out on family leave. Her ability to grow into that role on the fly while bringing along young talent has been extraordinary to behold. Sarah is a staff favorite, always empowering others, but her strategic mind and knowledge of Delaware's political landscape also have made her a valued advisor.  Jesse Chadderdon
Kevin Smith Colorado Kevin understands the legislative process in Colorado better than most and helps keep legislative systems running behind the scenes. He truly embodies the work ethic of what it means to be in public service.  Manish Jani
Ian Hart Colorado Ian is a hard worker and always has a positive attitude. Ian is always willing to step up and help even in tough circumstances. Matt Rosner
Julia Jackson Colorado Shoutout to Julia Jackson. Her attention to detail and exceptional familiarity with the legislative process allowed her to excel as a team lead this session. I am so fortunate to have such a relatable and honest coach as I figure out how to be successful in this work.  Dan Graeve
Scott Goss Delaware A new father, Scott has returned to lead the Senate Majority Comms shop following parental leave, and we are very grateful to have him back. His political instincts, strategic mind, and his superhuman productivity are second-to-none. Jesse Chadderdon
Katie Kolupke Colorado This was Katie's first session with the Colorado General Assembly, and she did a great job learning all about the legislative process and state government so that she could help residents of the state participate in the process. And she's a great graphic artist! We are so lucky to have her on our team. Elizabeth Burger
Juanita Hill Colorado Juanita does a great job assisting people who want to testify in Colorado by helping them access information about the testimony process and making sure they have all they need to participate! Elizabeth Burger
Tom Holien Minnesota Tom’s tireless commitment to the House’s High School Page Program makes it an invaluable experience for young people in Minnesota! Molly Niehls
Debbie Grunlien Colorado Debbie is such an asset to the Colorado Legislative Council Staff. She supports our policy and research teams and helps constituent services. We so appreciate her helpfulness! Elizabeth Burger
Dave Hansen Colorado Dave was handed an immensely difficult workload with property tax this year and took on wave after wave of difficult, high-stakes requests for which responses were required on very short timelines. His diligence and effort exemplify the best of nonpartisan staff work! Greg Sobetski
Elspeth Cavert Minnesota Brilliant and hardworking CA! thanks for helping me in every way through this session!  Killian Becker
Texas Sunset Staff Texas I am fortunate to work alongside such a dedicated, intelligent staff who give their best to improve state government in Texas. Thank you team Sunset! Kay Wilson
Tom Bottern Minnesota Tom is supportive, thoughtful, and a wonderful new secretary. Grateful for all our chats, your sense of humor, and happy you moved across the street! Melissa Mapes
Dave Williams, Dan Phillips, Kent Parker, Tom Gross Colorado Thank you for your incredible enthusiasm for and dedication to making sure the Colorado Legislature has everything they need. And thank you for your care and enthusiasm for each other! Natalie Castle
Micah Uher Nebraska Micah's professionalism and expertise in drafting our legislation were invaluable. He did many re-writes on this one bill and continued to provide us with an exceptional work product. Thank you so much, Micah. Janet Anderson
Reagan Greene Minnesota She's the best! Sami Rajab
Natalie Wood NCSL Natalie, I am so grateful not just for everything that you do, but the way that you do it! You are always responsive, always professional, always competent, always positive and always kind! Natalie Castle
Matt Bishop Colorado Matt answered all my questions and checked in with me several times throughout the session making sure I understood everything. It made my first session much smoother and less overwhelming than it could have been. Thanks! Shukria Maktabi
Minnesota Senate DFL Media Team Minnesota Very lucky to be part of this collaborative team! Jess Yeganeh
Minnesota DFL Media Team Minnesota Best media team I could ask for! I'm so happy to be a part of it. Eden Teller
Jack Vinck Minnesota Jack is holding the media and research teams together. We are so lucky to have him! Jess Yeganeh
Katie Kolupke Colorado The incredibly talented Katie is doing an amazing job modernizing our products to make them accessible to today's audience. And her many contributions make me so much better at my job! Thank you, Katie! Natalie Castle
Jack Fischer Minnesota So happy you're one of my desk mates! I enjoy our conversations, side-eyes, and rants every day. Thanks for always having my back and helping out when I need you. Taylor Spreeman
Delaware Capitol Police Delaware We are so thankful for our Capitol Police team, keeping our capitol safe and secure, and allowing us to focus on the legislative work. Their job has become more complex over the last few years, and we very much appreciate knowing that we're in good hands. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Shannon Briggs Colorado You always make time for me, even when you are swamped. Thank you for your continued dedication to the position.    Zack Wimberly 
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Every time I have a technical issue, Jeremy immediately solves it. Jeremy shows up to work each day with a smile on his face! Riley Aaron
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany is an asset to LSA. She's smart, fun and determined, and she lights up every room she walks in. She handles each assignment with grace and efficiency. Thankful for you, Tiffany! Hope Gregor
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Anytime I have an issue with any of my Microsoft products, he will drop everything to solve it. He does it with a smile, too! Tiffany Weaver
Riley Aaron Alabama Riley brightens up the workplace with her can-do attitude and her determination. She's a hard worker, and she makes working at LSA fun. Way to go, Riley! Hope Gregor
Kirk Fulford Alabama Kirk is a great boss to work for. He's kind and professional, and he lets you know how much he values you. Kirk, you're the best! Hope Gregor
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Jeremy is such a hard worker who always fixes Linx with a smile on his face! Hope Gregor
Jackson Sweeney  Minnesota You always brighten my day with your humor and attitude! Thanks for having my back and being a great staffer! #EarlyBirdArrivers Taylor Spreeman
Erik Olaphson Minnesota Being the glue of our committee and is always so kind to us! Jacqueline Borromeo
Ayana Smith-Kooiman Minnesota Air sign bestie! Thanks for always having my back and making me laugh throughout the day! You're the best. Taylor Spreeman
Mark Cutrona Delaware As Mark always says, “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” In the Division of Research, we are definitely afraid of how much we love him! We also deeply admire his commitment to the work, his leadership of the division ... and his sense of humor. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Laura Paynter Minnesota Always ready to offer me guidance while I learn the ropes of my job. She gives me a reason to smile! Jacqueline Borromeo
Carolyn Kampman Colorado Carolyn, my favorite thing about you is your ability to inspire excellence through your example of incomparable competence, unwavering kindness, and authentic dedication to those around you. Natalie Castle
Jelani McGadney Michigan Someday they will write poems and songs about the sheer efficiency and order you bring to the House floor. Thanks for being such a great floor manager!  Asja Jackson
Michigan House Facilities Michigan We have the best facilities staff here at the House. They are friendly and hardworking and help take care of our beautiful buildings. They work early mornings and late nights to make sure everything is ready for us. We appreciate them so much! Marissa Geyer
Michigan House Sergeants Michigan Thank you so much to all of our sergeants, for keeping us safe every day in the Capitol and on Capitol complex. I am immensely grateful for all that you do!   Asja Jackson
Carrie Wanstall Delaware For exemplifying outstanding teamwork and being an excellent communicator and coworker.  Marie Proctor
Michigan House Information Systems Michigan House I.S. is the best! They always quickly, efficiently and patiently address all of our tech issues—always coming to the rescue. We appreciate you! Marissa Geyer
Jennifer Figler Michigan Without question, Figler is always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Her dedication to the community and willingness to go above and beyond is inspiring as a young staffer. I am tremendously grateful to learn from her each and every day. Emma Walters
Ian Mays Michigan Ian has probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know. His insatiable appetite for knowledge and wisdom are truly inspiring. I’m a better staffer for having worked under his leadership! Chris Trubac
Johnathon Wertheimer Michigan Johnathon works so incredibly hard and is great to work with on projects. He is always organized, and communicative and open to discussion and suggestions. Thanks for all you do, Johnathon! Marissa Geyer
Jennifer Figler Michigan Jenn Figler has done an extraordinary job of keeping our office connected to Rep. Hill's district. She is an incredible source of support as we translate the needs of the U.P. into policy action.  Chris Trubac
Colinda Marker Delaware If it takes glue to hold this building together, Colinda is the one who finds the bottle! She is the support and go to person for all of us, and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll find it! Amanda Fulton
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is such an asset to our caucus team. He is one of the friendliest people on staff and always helps to support and encourage others. And he takes amazing photos! Thanks for all you do, Jeremy! Marissa Geyer
Michael Holloway Delaware Michael has more than earned a shoutout because whenever I have a tech issue with our drafting software, he fixes it or finds a workaround immediately. He understands the importance of responding to legislative needs quickly and makes sure I get what I need to do my job. Thank you, Mike! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Jacque Bowe Delaware Jacque and the rest of the maintenance team work hard to keep Legislative Hall clean and provide for the needs of hundreds of staff, legislators and the public. Thank you, Jacque, for keeping things sparking! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Mark and Holly are fabulous directors that lead by example—not only do they have an incredible work ethic, but they always have a good-natured and positive attitude!  Amanda Fulton
Shayna Florian Michigan Shay is dedicated to ensuring we keep accessibility in mind when it comes to our communications media. Thanks, Shay!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Justin King Delaware Justin and his team work tirelessly to keep our beloved capitol building and grounds in working order, no small feat when the oldest parts of Legislative Hall are almost 100 years old. Many thanks to Justin for keeping a roof over our heads! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda is the linchpin of the Division of Research and a “go-to” for the whole legislative branch. She interacts daily with multiple state agencies to almost literally keep the lights on and certainly to keep the capitol building running efficiently. She is extremely well-organized and always looking for ways to make processes more efficient, all with the aim of enhancing the ability of all legislative staff to serve our legislators and the people of Delaware. Thank you, Colinda! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Alex Polk Maine Alex is in his first session and a wonderful asset to our staff. He handles constituent issues with compassion and diligence and manages all with down-east pragmatism. Anne Fuehrer
Elizabeth Gillen Maine No one brings more positivity and good energy to the office than Lizzy Gillen. Thank you, Lizzy, for making a huge difference!  Tyler J Washburn
Carolyn Meier Delaware Carolyn joined the Division of Research just a year ago and brought her decades of experience codifying Delaware laws at LexisNexis to become our first in-house code editor. She's already improved our ability to respond to questions on the Delaware code and enhanced our knowledge of the codification process. She's also used her editing skills to assist us in improving legislative drafting. Thank you, Carolyn! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Kathy Morris Delaware Kathy is a calming, supportive presence in an often-chaotic environment. We very much appreciate her patience, too, when we ask the same HR question for the hundredth time. Thank you, Kathy! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is a thoughtful attorney whose work you can count on to be thorough and well done. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great addition to our team. Thank you, Cara! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is a power legislative drafter and attorney, providing bill drafting and research on highly complex and ongoing, long-term projects. She's well respected throughout the General Assembly for her intelligence and skill, but, above all, for her kindness. It is an honor to serve with you, Debbie! Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich serves as our legislative drafting advisor and we thank him for sharing his three decades of legislative experience help us to ensure our legislative drafts are technically accurate, and provide us with historical insight into the areas of law in which we draft.  Mark Cutrona and Holly Vaughn Wagner
Tyler Washburn Maine We are fortunate to have Tyler. He has many layers of knowledge and experience. He has greatly improved the quality and content of our social media presence in addition to serving our representatives as an aide. Anne Fuehrer
Rachel Chou Alabama Rachel does a great job managing the various administrative functions of the LSA. She juggles many responsibilities and is quick to respond to any questions or concerns that arise from staff or others.  Kirk Fulford
Seth Whitten Alaska I've come to rely on Seth's experience, expertise and witty sense of humor and this session wouldn't have been as successful and rewarding as it has been without him. Our state and Capitol are better off thanks to Seth's years of hard work and service—but he really needs to clean out his coffee mug.  Erik Gunderson
Louise Fenn Alabama Louise wears many hats for LSA and does a great job keeping everyone and everything in order. She is a true professional who is responsive to numerous demands for her time and services. Kirk Fulford
Karen Smith Alabama Karen does a great job drafting complex legislation and responding to numerous requests for projects with a great attitude. The LSA receives a great benefit from her knowledge and expertise and she is a major contributor to the success of our team. Kirk Fulford
Joanne Wisely Michigan Joanne is a woefully underappreciated talent that works tirelessly to support her team and her state. We are deeply grateful for your support, Joanne! Thomas Horton
Ogenna Iweajunwa Michigan Ogenna is always giving suggestions on how to draft better policy! It's very much appreciated!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Rachel Hughart Michigan Rachel is one of my favorite legal drafters to work with, and can help explain statute with ease.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Cameron Clarke  Connecticut Cameron was the glue that held our Labor committee together this session! Cameron is always professional, organized, and wise beyond his years. Cameron, thank you for keeping us on track and helping us get some important work done this session! Haley Zawilinski
Tom Valli Michigan Tom is one of the best legal writers in town and I love working with him! He's always super helpful, no matter how simple (and sometimes silly!) the questions are! Mikaylah Heffernan
William Hamilton Michigan Bill is always smiling and a pleasure to work with. I love working on agricultural policy with him.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Mary Ann Cleary Michigan Since I started, I have stood in awe of Mary Ann and her grasp on all things fiscal, including her incredible talent at organizing the state budget process.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Brittany Johnson Minnesota Brittany was a great help in organizing the digital Senate minutes materials project. We could not have done it without her expertise and leadership. Elaine Settergren
Melissa Mapes Minnesota Many thanks to Melissa as she got our digital Senate minutes materials project underway. Her leadership is appreciated! Elaine Settergren
Anna Moorjani Minnesota Thank you to Anna for always taking my call and brainstorming solutions. Her work with digital accessibility is so appreciated. Elaine Settergren
Amanda Schnabel Minnesota Thank you to Amanda for her work and collaboration with digital accessibility! Elaine Settergren
Sally Olson Minnesota Sally is professional, organized and a pleasure to work with—this and every year! Elaine Settergren
Kathryn Ho Minnesota The first thing you learn about Kathryn is that she is kind and thoughtful. She’s also good at finding the common link between big ideas, improving efficiencies, and attention to detail. Thank you for your work with digital accessibility in addition to your role with the Legislative Budget Office, Kathryn. Elaine Settergren
Michigan House IT Michigan No matter how many inane questions I have about our printers and laptops, or how possessed my personal equipment seems to be, House IT is always helpful and patient. Kudos!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Lori Skull West Virginia Lori juggles several roles and tasks year-round, never letting anything slip through the cracks and always with a smile, even during session. Ann Ali
Sara Dyer West Virginia Sara had worked a few sessions, but in her first as a full-time House staffer she was an indispensable Swiss Army knife, lending a reliable hand and ear to all who needed it! Ann Ali
Casey Long West Virginia Casey has a knack for being everywhere you need her to be, closely watching for what needs done and jumping in to help. When she says she'll take care of something, I know it's handled! Ann Ali
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann has worked in policy through the Detroit bankruptcy, contention union legislation and a number of governors. Throughout it all remained steadfast and truly integral. Berton Brown
Brian Valko Connecticut Brian is a workhorse. Always drafting. Always grinding.   Christopher Cordima
Diana Clay Arizona Diana is a wonderful director and I've learned so much from her! Thank you for all your guidance and support. Ahjahna Graham
Kumi Sato Connecticut Shout out to Kumi for her incredible ability to translate budget concepts into legislation! Who knew turning numbers into words was even possible? In medieval times they referred to that as "alchemy." Christopher M. Wetzel
Michigan House Business Office Michigan Thank you so much to the whole team, it means the world to us in the HOB that you are here to support us and make sure we have what we need to do our jobs!  Asja Jackson
Heather Poole Connecticut Shoutout to Heather Poole for taking complicated concepts and explaining them in ways a person like me can understand. Christopher M. Wetzel
Minnesota House Pages Minnesota What a great group of people, eager to serve and a pleasure to work with. Grateful for each and every one of them and the work they do. Whether on the House floor or running an errand you can always expect to see a willing, cheerful attitude and a smile. Mary Mullen
Michigan House Fiscal Administration  Michigan Between budgets and fiscal analyses for policy bills, I just want to say that the whole team is crushing it every day. Thank you so much for all the work you do!  Asja Jackson
Texas Sunset Staff Texas The small but mighty Sunset staff successfully reviewed over 20 entities, reporting their findings and recommendations to the commission. I am grateful to work with such dedicated, capable and hard-working colleagues. Kay Wilson
Bill Lederman Connecticut Bill knows maths like no one else and is so smart some people don't even understand what he's talking about. He knows numbers I've never even heard of (who knew "infinity" was a number and not just a type of stone?!?!?!)! Christopher M. Wetzel
Rute Pinho Connecticut Shoutout to Rute Pinho for mastering both words and numbers. We couldn't do our work without you! Christopher M. Wetzel
Michigan Legislative Service Bureau Michigan Thank you so much for all the hard work you do! It has been a crazy busy and your whole team has been on top of it!  Asja Jackson
Alex Dahlem Connecticut Alex, thank you for all your hard work! You go above and beyond for our team, staff and legislators. I always appreciate your calm and positive attitude. We are very fortunate to have you on our team! Keep up the great work!  Kimmi Grove
Stephanie Szymas Michigan Thank you so much for always keeping me in the loop and sharing your thoughts with me. I am so excited to keep working with you this term!  Asja Jackson
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl is so knowledgeable and dependable! I greatly appreciate the quick support when I have a question or something doesn't seem to be working properly. She knows our systems inside and out, and is also extremely helpful at considering new solutions to workflow issues. Bree Berner
Brendan Johnson Michigan Writing a budget can be a long and tedious process but you made it a lot easier by being such a joy to work with!  Asja Jackson
Nick Olds Michigan I can't tell you how much I appreciate how much you do every day for all of us. I am so glad to have met you five years ago and I am honored to call you my friend!  Asja Jackson
Rebecca Erickson Connecticut Rebecca came in during the pandemic and did the best possible job learning the ropes without the benefit of being face-to-face. She is cheerful and happy to help. I'm always glad to hear her voice and talk through a problem. I appreciate Rebecca! Bree Berner
Max DeLorenzo Connecticut Max is extremely dedicated and is a great mentor to our staff. We are so lucky to have him on our outreach team! Thank you for always going the extra mile, whether you are planning an event for a member or learning a new procedure in the chamber, you are always there to assist. Keep up the great work! Kimmi Grove
Amber Moe-Olds Michigan Working with you is always such a joy, we make a great team and I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together in the future!  Asja Jackson
Tyler Washburn Maine Tyler plays an integral part in my ability to serve the people of the state. His tireless work to support us is greatly appreciated and I'm very grateful he is my aide. Rep. Amanda Collamore
Korin Gaity Connecticut Korin came in during the pandemic and did the best possible job learning the ropes without the benefit of being face-to-face. Always helpful and willing to try different approaches to solve a problem. Korin is valuable! Bree Berner
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gillian Maine I really appreciate Lizzie's assistance with writing presentations. Rep. Joseph Underwood 
Julianna Goldfluss Connecticut Julianna has been a fabulous addition to the outreach team! I always appreciate her willingness to help and assist anyone who needs it. Thank you for all your hard work! Kimmi Grove
Perry Zielak Michigan I really appreciate working with you on the higher education and community college budgets. You are truly an unsung hero. Thank you so much for all you do!  Asja Jackson
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann, thank you for being the best policy director in the Michigan Leg! I appreciate you taking a chance on me and letting me be on an amazing team. The House would not run as smoothly without you!  Maya Lowry
Dana Fugazzi Kentucky Dana's knowledge and talent have been an incredible resource for legislators and staff. She is a great bill drafter and her willingness to step up whenever needed is a godsend. John Snyder
John Trombley Minnesota John has brought new life to the Index department. Thanks for always being willing to assist!  Melissa Mapes
Maliha Ahsan Connecticut Maliha has been an awesome addition to our outreach team! Maliha always brings a positive attitude and tackles each obstacle that comes her way with grace. Thank you, Maliha, for all your hard work!  Kimmi Grove
Lorna Beard Michigan Lorna, thank you so much for your help in drafting bills! You are wonderful to work with, and I am glad that I get to work with you! Maya Lowry
Jorge Mendoza Minnesota Jorge has always been a terrific coworker, his cheerful attitude, demeanor and joy in serving made him an asset in the Sergeant's Office and even more now in the Chief Clerk's Office. You can always count on him to brighten your day. Keep up the great work! Mary Mullen
Michigan House Dem Policy Michigan Shoutout to the best team in the Michigan House. I couldn't ask for a better team to work and serve with!  Asja Jackson
Ashley Nash Kentucky Ashley did an amazing job in her first session as a bill drafter, taking on a workload far beyond what one would expect of a new staff person. So happy to have her on staff.  John Snyder
Julia Bansal and Jess Schaeffer-Helmecki Connecticut Many thanks to Julia and Jess, who are a tremendous resource for the P&D committee, as well as their nonpartisan counterparts. They are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to dispense dry humor and fruit snacks, respectively. Sarah O'Connor
Cynthia Paul Michigan You are a constant delight to be around and I am always so glad to have you around and learn from you! Asja Jackson
Noel Benson Michigan Noel has been a reliable and consistent source of knowledge and perspective during my very first budget season. Without Noel, I imagine the entire state budget would crumble into a morass of number soup. I couldn't be more grateful to them. Thomas Horton
Rachel Walton Michigan Rachel is filling the shoes of a remarkable peer with gusto and grace; she is a credit to her LSB team. Thomas Horton
Elizabeth R. Edberg Michigan Elizabeth can turn around any drafting request on a dime, in spite of heavy workloads and intricate code/law to navigate. I would not be nearly as sane or organized without her hard work! Thomas Horton
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan I would not still be working in the legislature without you. Thank you so much for being such a great boss and team leader. It means a lot more than you know!  Asja Jackson
Katie Olkowski Michigan Katie has excelled, stepping into her new policy role with little warning. She's always a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to the constituents her office serves.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Her dedication to staff development and growth.  Thomas L.Collins Jr
Katie Olkowski Michigan Katie is a saint managing a challenging office with limited resources; she deserves several raises and far more recognition than she receives, and I wish I could nominate her for front-desker of the year! Thomas Horton
Nicole Derusha-Mackey Michigan Nicole is a pleasure to work with and does a wonderful job helping move policy! Mikaylah Heffernan
Michigan House of Representatives Sergeants Michigan Our House sergeants at arms are the best! They are always friendly while also taking their jobs seriously and providing security and protection to us all. They are in early every day and stay late many nights. We appreciate their dedication! Marissa Geyer
Mark Engebretson  Michigan A very hardworking coworker and legendary indexer. Always shows up with a smile and a good attitude! Hans Graf
Jelani McGadney Michigan Jelani keeps our floor running with ease and is always able to answer questions or soothe member concerns.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Jessica Tupper Michigan Jessica is great! Index appreciates the timeliness and thoughtfulness of Jessica. Keeping us in the loop and managing the workflow. John Trombley
Carrie Lisitano and Jennifer Bernier Minnesota What a team! Our legislative library staff couldn't be any better. Supreme customer service. Extremely helpful research. And often, so fast! Bree Berner
Matt Medford Connecticut Matt's experience in HR and executive agencies is only part of what makes him a great leader. His informed decision-making, open communication style, and collaborative goal-setting inspire us to serve alongside him. Sarah Glinsmann
Johnathon Wertheimer Michigan Bless the staffer who is willing to sit through the most intricate and dry tax analysis I can muster on any given day. Johnathon is patient, warm, kind and meticulous; any day with Johnathon present is a good day. Thomas Horton
Eli Gaugush Michigan Eli, thank you for being the best budget director! You make it look easy!  Maya Lowry
Eli Gaugush Michigan The absolutely best budget director in the Michigan Leg! This has been the smoothest budget in decades!  Asja Jackson
Melissa Mapes Minnesota Melissa is a great resource for advice and support. I appreciate her advice. John Trombley
Mark Engebretson  Minnesota Very hardworking coworker and legendary indexer. Always shows up with a smile and a good attitude! Hans Graf
Nick McLaren Michigan We may not always have the same policy in mind, but my counterpart Nick is an absolute pleasure to work and network with. Rarely are there ever truer gentlemen. Thomas Horton
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is cheerful, patient, careful and kind in her work, and I appreciate her attentiveness to detail. Bree Berner
Eddie Sleeper Michigan I want so badly to say that Eddie is the best clerk and best sidekick an advisor could ask for, but a more honest statement would be he's the hero and I am the sidekick. I couldn't ask for a better prepared, efficiently communicating and charismatic clerk for my committees! Thomas Horton
Chris Adams Connecticut Chris is seasoned, rational, and thoughtful in his work. No one hesitates to ask his advice. His dedication to our office is greatly appreciated. Bree Berner
Kevin Koorstra Michigan Kevin, I truly appreciate your wealth of knowledge on the DHHS budget! Thank you for answering all of my budget questions!  Maya Lowry
Emily Schmitt Michigan Emily has a sharp eye for unique perspectives and insights, paired well with a sharp wit and personality. Any legislator would be lucky to have such a thorough and thoughtful LD. Thomas Horton
Eli Gaugush Michigan Eli has done an amazing job leading our team through the budget process. He has worked incredibly long hours and answered all of our questions with patience. Eli, we appreciate your leadership! Marissa Geyer
Robert Becker Michigan Rob digs into the meat of the issues; he cares about his fellow staff members, his representatives and his constituents. LDs like Rob are hard to come by, and his hard work is a credit to his tenacity. Thomas Horton
Bobby Jereb Michigan You always have the best stories to share, thanks for always making me smile!  Asja Jackson
Minnesota House Security Team Members Minnesota Our Security team is a group you can always count on, not just for security, but also a bright spot in your day, good laughter and conversation. I am extremely grateful I have the opportunity to work alongside such an amazing team. Mary Mullen
Alex Seasock  Michigan Mr. Seasock is an extremely knowledgeable staffer who knows how to keep things moving and take policy from brainstorming through passage.  Matt Lantzy
Thomas Collins Michigan Thomas Collins is an expert who understands how two divergent policy issues intersect and can work together in tandem. Matt Lantzy
Alma White Texas Alma is the reason the Texas budget bill gets done. Her experience and attention to producing the bill are invaluable in leading the Applications Support team and assisting our budget teams and statewide agencies. Sarah Glinsmann
Casey Adams Michigan Casey is one of the best constituent services directors I've ever met! He cares for residents as if he were the representative!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Lauren Morgan, Dan Graeve, Adam Alemzada Colorado These first-year committee analysts all did an amazing job surviving and thriving during their first session. A session that was sometimes contentious, sometimes weird, and quite often full of very long committee hearings. Great job to all three of you! Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Illinois Legal Review Staff (Leagles) Illinois The Legal Review Staff for the Illinois Senate president (aka Leagles) is an extraordinary group of smart, hardworking individuals working for the betterment of our State. Proud to be their colleague. Thank you for all you do! Giovanni Randazzo
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann is a leader who truly sees the policy process from both a 30,000-foot view and in granular detail.  Matt Lantzy
Ashleigh Schoeninger   Ashleigh is an incredible mentor to so many new staff, she is always welcoming and happy to answer others' questions. We are so lucky to have her share her knowledge and talents with us! Joanne Wisely
Kniesha Niemann Michigan Our Agency Operations teammate Kniesha is the glue that holds this agency together. Whether the task is mail and document distribution, moving office furniture, or maintaining printers, Kniesha is knowledgeable, efficient and professional. Sarah Glinsmann
Cynthia Paul  Texas Cynthia is an encyclopedia of institutional knowledge in a wide variety of policy areas. Matt Lantzy
Mikaylah Heffernan Michigan Have a question about anything outdoors? Look no further than Mikaylah. She will know the answer. Matt Lantzy
Eli Gaugush Michigan He is a true master of the state budget process. Matt Lantzy
Kyleigh Wegner Michigan You have been crushing social media and I am so proud of your skills and growth!  Asja Jackson
Victoria Amponsah Michigan Victoria, I am so glad that you joined the HFA team! It has been great working with you on the DHHS budget! Maya Lowry
Tom Horton Michigan A truly passionate individual with a keen eye for detail, any policy questions related to, Tom is who you should go to.  Matt Lantzy
Dmitry Rozinsky Texas Dmitry's dedication to fulfilling the demands of Applications Programming makes all our jobs easier. His team develops applications that support the bill process, and he strives to accommodate end users. We're lucky to have him. Sarah Glinsmann
Samantha Skorka Michigan You are the best videographer in the Michigan Legislature and I miss having more time to hang out!  Asja Jackson
Chris Herweyer Michigan Organized beyond measure, Chris is able to keep things going for committees and seamlessly work with stakeholders to move legislation through the process.  Matt Lantzy
Leaha Dotson Michigan Leaha has been great to work with on our committee. She was eager to learn and help however she can. I appreciate all her help juggling tasks this term. Thanks, Leaha! Marissa Geyer
Kent Dell Michigan Kent, I appreciate all of your help and knowledge on the DHHS budget! Thank you for letting me bug you about public assistance! Maya Lowry
Jelani McGadney Michigan Jelani helps run session like a pro. He keeps everyone organized and is such fun to work with.  Marissa Geyer
Maya Lowry Michigan If you have a multi-bill and multi-section package of bills on complex judiciary issues? Look no further than Maya.  Matt Lantzy
Marissa Geyer Michigan Trying to understand a complex regulatory issue? You need to make one phone call and Marissa will have your answer.  Matt Lantzy
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Thanks for always having the best inside track on good food and places to hang out around town!  Asja Jackson
Cynthia Paul Michigan Cynthia has such a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help the rest of us with team policy. She picks up so much extra work and is incredibly dedicated to her job. We appreciate you, Cynthia! Marissa Geyer
Asja Jackson Michigan For anyone trying to understand higher education policy, there is no one better to ask. Matt Lantzy
Sydney Brown Michigan Sydney, thank you for all of your help with the DHHS budget and for answering all of my budget questions on child welfare! I'm so glad that you joined the HFA team! Maya Lowry
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz always answers my every request for help with kindness and a smile. She has been so helpful this session and always goes above and beyond. Debby Adams
Officer Mel Hardy Connecticut He greets us every morning with a smile and a laugh and makes coming to work on the most challenging days so much better!  Debby Adams
Bobby Gibson Connecticut He always goes above and beyond his call of duty. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Elizabeth Gillen Maine There is nothing that Lizzie can't do! She keeps me sane during a very stressful legislative session. Her dedication and support is vital to the success of my work. She is an absolute joy to work with! Thank you, Lizzie! Rep. Kathy Javner 
Yvette Fleming Connecticut She responds to my many requests for help with grace and a great sense of humor. She makes it all work and keeps us all organized and we could not do it without her! Debby Adams
Madelyn Day Michigan Madelyn is always poised and organized. She helps make my job less stressful and is so wonderful to work with. Thanks for all you do even in stressful times Madelyn, it doesn't go unnoticed! Marissa Geyer
Bryan Ricke Texas Bryan manages our network operations with foresight and expertise. He always delivers what is asked of him without delay. It is a privilege to work alongside an IT professional who is plugged into collaborating and serving others. Sarah Glinsmann
Marcus Coffin Michigan Thank you, Marcus, for all of your help in crafting the LARA and DIFS budget! We could not have done it without you!  Maya Lowry
Toni Linzey Michigan Thank you so much for always being willing to answer my HR questions but especially for the payday emails! it is a little bit of sunshine in my inbox and I love the different colors!  Asja Jackson
Peggy Tibbals Connecticut She is the most organized, supportive, get-it-done person I know. She and her staff pull off amazing events, sometimes last minute, and keep their sense of humor. Thank you! Debby Adams
Toni Linzey Michigan Thank you, Toni, for always making sure we remember it's payday! I love the different color fonts you use in your emails. Maya Lowry
Acacia Costales Michigan Acacia has done some amazing work on the biggest budget in the state! She has dedicated an incredible amount of her time and energy to funding DHHS, who's in capable hands with her help!  Joanne Wisely
Jay Snukis Connecticut Jay has been a great support in our committee, and goes above and beyond, always with a great sense of humor. Thank you for all you do! Debby Adams
Lainey Kupiec Michigan Thank you, Lainey, for making sure we are always prepared for committee, and I appreciate that we are always on the same page! Maya Lowry
Bonnie Gray Connecticut Bonnie goes above and beyond to support our senators. She's organized and supportive and a treasure to work with. Debby Adams
Arianna Tsikitas Connecticut Arianna and I are part of "Team Foster" and while I've only been part of this team since early March, I think we're working great together. Arianna is organized, helpful, and very friendly. I'm happy to be on "Team Foster!" Jessica Ciparelli
Joe Clark Michigan Thanks for helping me getting me my first job in comms and then again in policy!  Asja Jackson
Connecticut Finance Committee Staff Connecticut Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, support and helping hands and for keeping me laughing on the toughest of days. You are so appreciated! Debby Adams
Rachel Cichon Michigan Rachel has met every challenge thrown at her this term with poise and professionalism. Her dedication to her office and HD 73 constituents is unmatched.  Joanne Wisely
Connecticut SRO Aides Connecticut You are truly the best. Thank you for your kind words, laughter and last-minute support when needed. You make the toughest days so much brighter! Debby Adams
Melissa Sweet Michigan Thank you, Melissa, for always holding down committee and making sure we know what we are doing in Judiciary! I am so glad that I get to work with you this term! Maya Lowry
Liz Kranz Michigan You are a Michigan House Dem institution and a wealth of knowledge! Thanks so much for answering all my silly questions and helping me find my feet in the legislature!  Asja Jackson
Marie Clarke Connecticut Marie is the backbone of our department. If we need anything she will make sure that we get it to make our days productive.  Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Elizabeth Taplin Texas Elizabeth manages our agency's operations and employee services with efficiency and grace. Her expertise, time management and ever-ready smile make working alongside her a highlight of any task. Sarah Glinsmann
Robin Risko Michigan Robin has been a phenomenal help with the budget process. She answered every question I had with patience. She handled last-minute requests and late nights with grace. Thanks so much, Robin! Marissa Geyer
Brian Pencz Connecticut Best facilities manager in the country! You are a superstar. It's a pleasure working with you! Christopher Perillo
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut Kirstin gives her all to the CGA committee process. The technical and emotional support she provides to her colleagues is immeasurable. Susan Keane
Eric Crockett Connecticut Crushing it as principal contracting analyst! BMHPOC is in the books. Great job!  Christopher Perillo
Peter Andrews  Connecticut Peter and I are members of "Team Paris" together and it's great to work with Peter. Peter is very approachable and knowledgeable. Yay, Team Paris!  Jessica Ciparelli
Melissa Bartolomeo Connecticut She makes certain OLM aces our annual audit. She knows where all the inventory is located and is our PeopleSoft guru. Thank you! Christopher Perillo
Kyle Fishbein  Connecticut Kyle and I are members of "Team Palm" and it's been a pleasure to be part of this team with Kyle. He knows his stuff! Very approachable and helpful. Thank you, Kyle! Jessica Ciparelli
Madeleine Moghimi Georgia Madeleine is the best office manager we could ask for! She keeps us in line and does an amazing job coordinating everything during session! Thank you, Madeleine! Justin Speck
Kristi Farhoudi Georgia She is a great asset to the office and has shown extraordinary talent and skill in her role as a drafter. Vallerie Trent
Betsy Theroux Georgia Betsy is a superb leader and an amazing media services director! I love working with her and she works so hard all year round! She definitely deserves a major shoutout! Thank you for everything, Betsy! Justin Speck
Beth Waters Connecticut How many hats can one person wear? She does at great job juggling multiple assignments. Let's add one more. Christopher Perillo
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason is a wealth of knowledge at the Legislative Office Building. He has been so helpful to the new staff and his guidance is so appreciated. We work together with a great rep! Jessica Ciparelli
Lori Grayson Connecticut Her expertise and experience are unmatched! And as a bonus, she's a Red Sox fan. Christopher Perillo
Sue Skehan Connecticut Connecticut's top CPA! Sue, thank you for all your hard work this past year—it is appreciated! Christopher Perillo
Martha White and Steve Semenick West Virginia Without their hard work, the Health Committee wouldn't function. Thank you. Charles Roskovensky
Kumi Sato Connecticut Without Kumi, there would be no bills. Her experience and thoughtfulness are much needed to our new committee and legislators. We rely on her curious questions and robust knowledge as we craft the policy ideas coming out of committee. You are irreplaceable, Kumi. Thank you! Ash Northey
Rute Pinto and Heather Poole Connecticut This team of researchers from OLR is unmatched. Their work is thorough, timely, and crucial to the policy-making of our committee. We would be lost without them and their expertise. Thank you for everything you do and continue to do. Ash Northey
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline has been instrumental in getting me up to speed on her team. I appreciate her open door for questions. Thank you, Caroline! Jennifer Wegh
Ana Allen Connecticut I want to take a moment to recognize Ana for all her hard work. Ana's commitment to excellence is truly inspiring. Her contributions to the office are invaluable and greatly appreciated.  Megan Wallett
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly has been instrumental in getting me up to speed as a new team member. She is very creative and I appreciate the ability to bounce ideas off of Molly! Thank you, Molly! Jennifer Wegh
Melissa Phillips Connecticut Melissa has been instrumental in getting me up to speed as a new team member. Thank you, Melissa! Jennifer Wegh
Andrea Walker Connecticut Andrea has been instrumental in getting me up to speed as a new team member. Thank you, Andrea! Jennifer Wegh
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Thank you for your tremendous help with our new project. We appreciate your assistance and expertise. Jennifer Wegh
Officer Watson Connecticut Officer Watson is always a welcoming presence when staff and legislators walk in the building. Her dedication and vigilance are greatly appreciated by the entire community. Thank you for your hard work, Officer Watson! Megan Wallett
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann is a fantastic leader. She has so much patience and understanding, and always finds a solution to any issue. She is rarely recognized for her work. So, thank you, Coffiann! We appreciate you! Marissa Geyer
Wendy Underhill, Mandy Zoch and Ben Williams NCSL These folks arrive well-prepared, run organized meetings, know the laws in our states and bring great information to the table. Great job, Wendy, Mandy and Ben! Rep. Becky Drury
Rachel Cole New Hampshire She, along with her colleagues, goes above and beyond what’s required in the critical positions they hold. She’s the best! Rep. Linda Haskins
Montana Legislative Services Montana I can't shoutout loud enough to recognize all the wonderful folks at Montana's Legislative Services, Fiscal Division and Legislative Audit. As a state senator in a term-limited citizen's legislature, I rely on the impeccable expertise, hard work, institutional knowledge, and track record of our wonderful staffers, from auditors, researcher/analysts, attorneys, administrative professionals and everyone in between. Thank you! Sen. Mary Ann Dunwell
Santé Lesh Alaska Santé is an exceptional deputy executive director. She makes the director’s job easier and fills in whenever needed. She is also an exceptional human and adds a kind, diplomatic, and thoughtful approach to everything she does. She truly makes LAA a better place and the Legislature functions better because of her. She is someone who the director turns to for advice and counsel, as do many others. Her laughter and spirit lift us up and for that, we are always grateful.  Jessica Geary
Sarah Brown  NCSL Shoutout for Sarah Brown, who at NCSL, is Rhode Island's dedicated state liaison. She is sooooo efficient and responsive. Truly appreciate her time and expertise!  Rep. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith 
Will Freeman Minnesota Will is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. His research support on elections and housing have been invaluable this year. He goes above and beyond and we're fortunate to have him on our team! Liz Boldon
Emily Spiteri Minnesota Emily is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She's always willing to jump in to provide information, is organized, on top of things and kind. Very grateful for all her work and help! Liz Boldon
Juanita Hill Colorado Thank you for showing me the ropes in the Resource Center! You have more energy than anybody I know and I am so happy to learn from you. I hope I can be as wise and knowledgeable as you one day! Katie Kolupke
Natalie Castle Colorado Thank you for your amazing ability to do things at a lightning-fast pace and handle extremely complex challenges, all while also leading with kindness. I am so grateful for your support and leadership at LCS!! Katie Kolupke
Julia Jackson Colorado Thank you for supporting and guiding us all while juggling two little kids and your own demanding role. You are amazing! Katie Kolupke
Tim Banaszak Alaska Tim, along with his whole team, has done an amazing job managing the legislature’s technology needs and demands. He keeps our network and systems safe from cyber threats and keeps up with the latest technology as one might expect from a CIO. However, one of his greatest assets is his willingness to help. He is the definitive team player and can always be counted on no matter the task.  Jessica Geary
Tim Powers Alaska Tim is a versatile and effective manager. He does an incredible job overseeing 22 legislative information offices around the state and managing the legislature’s teleconference network. He has the largest session-only and year-round shop in the agency and brings a positive enthusiasm to his work that is infectious to all who have the pleasure of working with him. In his spare time, he plays a mean saxophone. Jessica Geary
Serge Lesh Alaska Serge is well-liked by colleagues and legislators. His friendly and open approach is much appreciated, and he is dedicated to keeping the Capitol Complex operable, the heat and lights on, the water running, the sidewalks cleared and the offices functional. His team also does beautiful woodwork and labors exceptionally hard to ensure the Capitol interiors and exterior are beautiful and embody the important work done within its walls. He’s got a great work ethic and a sense of humor.  Jessica Geary
Rayme Vinson Alaska Rayme has created an effective and professional security team at the Capitol. Security needs have grown substantially over the last decade, and he has met the challenge with skilled dedication. We are all indebted to Rayme and his team for keeping us safe and know we can count on them in any emergency. Plus, he’s a talented baker! Jessica Geary
John Wright Alaska John runs the Legislative Print Shop with a kind and competent hand. Despite the trend to "go digital," he and his team can be counted on to ensure the process is well-supported and the historical record is well-preserved. Plus, no one gets as excited as he about new printing technologies—from beautifully illustrated booklets to tabbed inserts to custom magnets, he loves printing! Jessica Geary
JC Kestel Alaska JC consistently identifies efficiencies that ensure the Legislature can do more for less. His willingness to assist no matter the task is a great benefit in a place where priorities can change in the blink of an eye. He can issue a complex bid proposal and set up tables and chairs for an impromptu leadership event on the same day with the same dedication to doing it right. Jessica Geary
Mindy Kissner Alaska Mindy has a remarkable and enthusiastic commitment to improving processes and organizational culture. Her fun and confident personality shines through interactions with colleagues and working with her benefits not just her co-workers but the Legislature as a whole. Jessica Geary
Skiff Lobaugh Alaska Skiff’s dedication and commitment to the legislative institution are unmatched. He has worked in 13 legislatures, overseen 24 orientations, arbitrated countless mediations, helped develop several versions of the state’s personnel management software, and dealt with unending personnel matters with respect and dedication. He is respected by members and staff alike for his equity, fairness, compassion and good humor. After serving the state of Alaska for 30 years, and the Legislature for 23 of those, Skiff will retire this July and enjoy spending (uninterrupted) time with his wife and dogs at their beachfront family homestead. We will miss you, Skiff!  Jessica Geary
Cynthia Ireland Alaska Cynthia and her upbeat and positive attitude and approach have helped get the Personnel Office through a lot of big changes on the payroll and staffing side of things. She ensures people are paid accurately and on time and takes the time to explain complicated health insurance and leave questions. She has added a lot to her plate since the impending retirement of her long-time manager.  Jessica Geary
Chuck Burnham Alaska Chuck and his elite team of research analysts are a vital resource to our policy makers. The nonpartisan research and reports they provide ensure that lawmakers and their staff have the best information available in making tough decisions. They pride themselves on their dedication to providing objective and useful analysis and the Legislature is very fortunate to have their skilled service. Jessica Geary
Jack Fischer Minnesota It's rare to be around someone as funny, kind and intelligent as Jack. He makes our office brighter, and we are very lucky to work with him!  Alexis Kise
Alaska Legislative Library Alaska The Legislative Library is an incredible resource to both the Legislature and the public only because of the remarkable librarians Jenn and Olga. They are fantastic resources who can and do find the most obscure information and convey it quickly and professionally. Working with them is a great pleasure and having them here is an enormous benefit. They have made the Legislative Library a welcoming space—from the cozy reading nooks to the dragons hidden among the stacks. Jessica Geary
Emily Nauman Alaska Emily, though new to her role as Legal Services director, is an experienced drafting attorney who deals with complex issues such as tax law; however, one of her greatest assets is her love of public service. Public service can feel unrewarding at times, and she inspires those around her to re-commit themselves to serving Alaskans with dedicated passion. Plus, she’s an avid rock climber and incredibly funny!  Jessica Geary
Molly Kiesel Alaska Molly gives her full attention to any exchange and allows the person to truly feel as if their issue is the most important thing in that moment because, to Molly, it is. Her professional and kind approach contributes to the Executive Director’s Office being known as the place to have a problem solved or need to be addressed. Plus, she is really good at managing the parking and housing needs of the Legislature—even with the limited options there are. Jessica Geary
Kirstin Breiner and Nate Kalechman Connecticut Kirstin and Nate have seamlessly transitioned into their new roles as committee administrator and committee clerk for the Judiciary Committee. They are highly skilled professionals who have successfully handled every challenge thrown at them during this legislative session. They are tremendous ambassadors for the General Assembly in their daily interactions with legislators, staff and members of the public. Kirstin and Nate, thanks for all that you do on behalf of the General Assembly. Bill O'Shea
Nolan Judalla Minnesota I admire your positive attitude during your very demanding first session! You have had a lot thrown at you and you just keep getting things done.  Lexi Stangl
Liam Monahan Minnesota Thank you for the warm welcome to the HHS team! I really appreciate your guidance and patience as I am working my way through a whole new area.  Lexi Stangl
Laura Paynter Minnesota This year has thrown a lot at you and you have taken it all in stride. Thank you for taking on the extra work on that one big bill (you know the one)!  Lexi Stangl
Ann Marie Lewis Minnesota I appreciate your calm demeanor no matter what comes your way! You just keep getting it done. And you do it all with such style! Lexi Stangl
Steph James Minnesota I admire your thoroughness and attention to detail in your work! And a special thanks for going through that contract renewal stuff with me. I am happy to be back on the state government team—it is always a fun team to be on!  Lexi Stangl
Nora Pollock Minnesota I really admire your poise under pressure. The Tax Committee is lucky to have someone as knowledgeable as you on the team. And I appreciate the pics of Pearl! Lexi Stangl
Joan White Minnesota Thank you for your positive attitude as you work on all of your committees this year! Your good attitude is contagious.  Lexi Stangl
Priya Premo Minnesota I am always impressed with your committee work—your ability to do so many things at once and still provide helpful, thoughtful responses is really impressive! Lexi Stangl
Eric Silvia Minnesota Thank you for your dedication to this office. I admire your ability to stay calm under pressure and get the job done. And I appreciate your sense of humor! Lexi Stangl
Aly Hoffman Litchy Minnesota Thanks for the warm welcome to the HHS team! I admire your positive attitude even in the face of a mountain of TA. Not much seems to get you down (except when there are no pupusas)! Lexi Stangl
Ben Stanley Minnesota Thank you for your expertise on “rulesy” things and for always coming up with new and interesting scenarios for us to consider. Who knew rules could be so much fun? Lexi Stangl
Tim Greenfield Minnesota I’m happy to have left the Transpo Committee in such capable hands. I’m glad you have returned to SCRFA—hopefully, to stay! Lexi Stangl
Carlon Doyle Fontaine Minnesota Thank you so much for everything this session! I appreciate your thoughtful attention to everything that comes your way. And I appreciate you being able to find the humor in a tough situation. Lexi Stangl
Ken Backhus Minnesota I admire your encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law and your ability to answer whatever questions are thrown your way. (And unlike Eric, I will sign my own name and not yours on this shoutout.) Lexi Stangl
Eric Nauman Minnesota Thanks for your partnership and guidance. And most importantly, thanks for the laughs when things get tough—it means a lot.  Lexi Stangl
Richard Puffer Delaware Rich Puffer serves as our chief clerk of the Delaware House of Representatives. He is the backbone of our institution and is beloved by all our members and staff!  Sarah Wootten
Joey Wiley Minnesota I am sincerely grateful for all the outstanding support Joey provided to me when I first started as a legislative assistant! He has an incredible sense of humor that helps me, and others get through the stressful and hectic session days. I appreciate how cheerful and easy you are to work with, Joey. Your dedication, hard work and commitment are inspiring. Nicole Warrick
Melissa Mapes Minnesota Melissa is a total pro. She is always professional, patient, kind and willing to go the extra mile. She's a rock star! Jessica Tupper
Joe Smellie Michigan Joe has been an absolutely incredible resource as a junior staffer at the HOB. No matter what question I have his feedback is concise and helpful.  Ryan Quandt
Jaszmyn Brown Michigan Jaszmyn has been a great addition to our team! Member Services wouldn't be the same without you, bestie! Ryan Thomas Quandt
Alexxis Woodley Michigan Alexxis has been such a good friend and coworker!  Ryan Thomas Quandt
Ryan Quandt Michigan Ryan is always improving our staff morale! Chloe Barbosa
Val Gould Delaware Val joined our Senate family as a policy analyst at the beginning of the year from outside the and has brought a fresh perspective and new energy to our staff. Val so often asks thoughtful questions and brings new insight to a place where too often conventional wisdom can go unchallenged. They are a fantastic addition to our staff. Jesse Chadderdon
Marit Andrews New Mexico Marit is a strong leader for our team. She is meticulous with research, extremely professional, and has led the organization of important documents and publications on behalf of our committee.  Gwen Perea Warniment
Jessica Hathaway New Mexico Jessica is a leader on the team. She is delightful, considerate, curious and superbly professional. Our committee and staff have benefited from her expertise.  Gwen Perea Warniment
Kaitlyn Mitchum Illinois Kaitlyn's ability to recognize patterns, innovate, plan, solve problems, and employ language to communicate makes her a well-equipped leader. She uses her abilities to create a progressive work environment.  Sudura Barber
Taylor Howard Illinois Taylor exhibits courage, passion, confidence, commitment and ambition. She nurtures the strengths and talents of people on her team, by creating an atmosphere in which players on the team are committed to achieving common goals. Sudura Barber
Chris Cordima Connecticut Chris’s encyclopedic knowledge of education law and ability to contribute to office morale never cease to amaze me. Brian Valko
Chandra Persaud Connecticut Ms. Persaud is a first-time Human Services clerk who is doing a fantastic job! She is responsive to the members of the committee, extremely organized and incredibly professional. Persaud keeps the committee running efficiently and in so doing is a tremendous asset to the Connecticut General Assembly! Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
Erika Schrader Delaware Erika is amazing! Her efforts to standardize the regulation drafting style and improve the operation and procedures of the ROR office are very much appreciated.  Yvette Smallwood
Natalie White Delaware Although Natalie has been with the ROR team for only a short amount of time, she has made a substantial impact. Her hard work and attention to detail help ensure the accuracy of our regulations and other publications. Yvette Smallwood
Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor Minnesota The team at the OLA aways produces high-quality, credible reports. They are great to work with and are so well respected. Thank you for all that you do! Legislative Coordinating Commission
Minnesota Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council Team Minnesota Thank you to the team at LSOHC for all of the work they do each and every day to administer the many projects that are awarded through the Outdoor Heritage Fund and for being such good people to work with. Legislative Coordinating Commission
Minnesota Team LCCMR Minnesota The team at LCCMR rarely has a slow day. They manage hundreds of projects, respond to legislative questions, foster bills through the legislative process and more. Thank you for the work you do! Legislative Coordinating Commission
Susan and Lisa at the Pension Commission Minnesota Susan and Lisa managed a record number of pension bills, testifiers, amendments and commission meetings this session. All while being down a third of their team. Thank you for all that you do! Legislative Coordinating Commission
Jim Stark Minnesota Thank you, Jim, for your work with the Subcommittee on Water Policy and your kindness and the appreciation you always demonstrate.  Michelle Weber
Sally Olson Minnesota Thank you, Sally, for being a wealth of knowledge, a great mentor to new staff, and just plain old fantastic to work with!  Michelle Weber
Minnesota Legislative Reference Library Minnesota The amazing team at the Legislative Reference Library is among the most committed staff in the Minnesota Legislature. Thank you for being so good to work with and always being helpful. We appreciate you! Legislative Coordinating Commission
Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes Staff Minnesota This team works quite a bit behind the scenes to draft and process a record-breaking number of bills at the Minnesota Legislature. Their IT team also provides the technology and security that is key to all of us being able to get our work done. Thank you for all that you do! Legislative Coordinating Commission
Diane, Anne and Deb of the LCC FSO Team Minnesota Team FSO is always willing to help, makes sure we practice strong accounting principles, and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you for all that you do every day!  Michelle Weber
Lee, Chris and Julius of the LCC GIS Team Minnesota The LCC GIS team did an outstanding job supporting redistricting and distributing the much-loved legislative district maps. Thank you for all of your incredible work! Michelle Weber
Hannah France Minnesota Thank you for your incredible work ethic and drafting skills! Whether a drafting request is timely or last-minute, you are an incredible asset to all members and are always responsive, kind, and helpful. We wouldn't be able to accomplish our legislative goals without your expertise and support! Joey Wiley
Minnesota Senate Republican Legislative Assistants Minnesota I am blessed to work with a group of skilled, intelligent, and thoughtful people. The professionalism they bring to their work is exceptional. Brittany Johnson
Gina Countryman Minnesota She is supremely skilled at her job and her messaging prowess is second to none. Her sense of humor is an added bonus! Brittany Johnson
David Fraser Minnesota Dave, I am very appreciative of your support and dedication to our caucus! Despite juggling multiple areas and workloads, you always respond promptly to any office inquiries and questions we may have. Your assistance and hard work are admirable! Marissa Benson
Joshua Roesner Michigan Josh has saved me and my committees more than once, spotting errors buried in legislative language that has been missed. His fiscal analysis is always spot-on and incredibly helpful.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Katelyn Guderian Colorado Senior legislative editor Katelyn Guderian has three sessions under her belt with the Law team. She is one of the most organized and thoughtful editors I know. We have several new editors on the team, and I know I can always rely on Katelyn to answer questions, provide advice, review their work and partner proof with them. She is such a kind person, and we all value her as a colleague and friend. Faith Marcovecchio
Denise Drummond Connecticut Since day one, Denise has always been there to support me with my work. Denise has planned some of the most impactful and informative events I have attended here in Hartford. Thank you for being an amazing colleague!  TJ Nuccio
Coffiann Hawthorne Michigan Coffiann is an amazing resource to the Michigan House of Representatives. She somehow manages to keep track of all the policies we're developing and that has been introduced. She is one of the best mentors I've ever had, a sentiment I know is shared by many other staffers in the House.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Frank Stoner Colorado Frank is our newest editor, having joined our team in the fall of 2022. His background in linguistics and rhetoric has been a valuable asset to the team. Frank is extremely detail oriented and always available to help. He is our most reliable proofing partner, with an eagle eye for grammar and sentence structure. We are so glad to have him on our team! Faith Marcovecchio
Hannah Chapman Michigan Hannah goes with the flow, which is always a useful skill in the legislature. She's super helpful,  does her best to keep everyone up to date on policy developments, and brings good ideas to the table!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Asia Merrill Colorado Asia joined the Law team as a legislative editor in 2022. She was one of the top performers on our team, completing more than 500 work orders and often taking our largest bills. She also served as an amendment clerk and experienced some chaotic days on the floor drafting amendments for highly debated bills. She is a quiet but reliable presence on the team. We are so happy to have her. Faith Marcovecchio
Ashleigh Schoeninger Michigan Working with Ashleigh and the rest of her office is such a pleasure. They're dedicated to their constituents, and to making sure they roll out good policy that will help the residents of Michigan.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Ashley Christian Michigan Ashley is a breath of fresh air at the House. She brings up points others don't even think about when developing policy. Mikaylah Heffernan
Yvette Smallwood Delaware Yvette, thank you for your support and everything that you do. Very happy to be working with you.  Arun Reddy
Jessica Chapman Colorado Jessica joined our team as an editor in 2022. She is an extremely hard worker and is always willing to take on difficult projects and work overtime to help out the team. This year she also worked as an amendment clerk and volunteered to coordinate all the details of our Joint Budget Committee bills, which is a big task. I am so glad to have her on our team.  Faith Marcovecchio
Peyton Klochak  Michigan Peyton is wonderful to work with, and a ray of sunshine for the entire building. He's a team player, and I've been privileged to watch him learn and grow from intern to full-time staffer!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Michael Goschka  Michigan While we might not agree on all policies, I'm thrilled to have a mentor in Mike. He's always a pleasure to chat with and has helpful advice.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Mark Cutrona Delaware I am glad to work for the DOR team. Thank you for all the things that you do.  Arun Reddy
Cindy Denby Michigan While we may not work together often, Cindy is a great team player and a pleasure to speak with.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Where would we be without Dan? Thanks for the extraordinary lengths you go to in order to for us to run HR/payroll/finance/timekeeping and just about every system in the building (and beyond). Shoutout to Dan! Liz Harwood
Angelique Goulet Michigan Working with Angie is always a pleasure. I'm always happy to work with her, especially on topics like Arbor Day or agricultural policy ideas.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don is doing a great job in the payroll dept, and makes it look easy. Shoutout to Don! Liz Harwood
Debra McDonald Connecticut Debra can handle what comes at her in the payroll department and keeps on smiling. Shoutout to Debra! Liz Harwood
Nikki Goodnight Michigan Nikki is a wonderful constituent services staffer. She cares deeply about the residents her office serves. I've seen her grow and learn in her position, and I'm thrilled to be her colleague.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Mary Frank Michigan Mary helps organize our bipartisan, bicameral legislative sportsman caucus, and does it wonderfully. She's a pleasure to work with! Mikaylah Heffernan
Toni Linzey Michigan Another unsung hero, Toni runs payroll for the entire house. She's always able to answer pay or tax questions, and we can't thank her enough!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Ashley Cecil Michigan Ashley is always willing to mentor new staff in addition to being a fantastic policy staffer.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Matt Carnagie  Michigan Matt is in charge of our committee clerks, and whether it's emergency IT help, missing notification signs or quick room changes, Matt is there to lend a helping hand.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Morgan Foreman Michigan Morgan is one of our legislative staffers who is always willing to help a colleague. I can't thank her enough for the enlightening conversations we've had and thoroughly enjoy working with her!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Suzanne Keim Colorado Suzanne is the unsung hero of our IT department. She is the master of most of our in-house databases and can fix things usually in a blink of an eye. We’d be lost without her. Amanda King
Tumai Burris Michigan Tumai is responsible for making sure my sub-appropriation committee notices go out on time. He's incredibly helpful and attentive, and I can't express how deep my appreciation is with words!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Debbie Grunlien Colorado Since the pandemic, Debbie has been managing all of the constituent requests concerning unemployment issues. Debbie has done this all with a great attitude and has helped thousands of people in our state. Amanda King
Emily Schmitt Michigan Emily is always smiling and ready to work. She's a fantastic supervisor for her constituent manager and a great boon to her boss!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Cathy Eslinger Colorado As our research manager, Cathy’s meticulous review and constructive feedback on almost every memo or report that is issued by our office make all of our documents better. Amanda King
Emily Novick Michigan Emily is one of our member service advisors, is incredibly dedicated to the offices she serves, and is always ready to ask questions!  Mikaylah Heffernan
April Bernard and Juanita Hill Colorado April and Juanita are great at maintaining our database of the countless reports submitted to the legislature. They are quick to find missing reports and maintain a positive attitude about what is often a tedious task. Amanda King
Emily Heverly Michigan Emily's a pleasure to work with and to discuss equity-related policy with. I look forward to many more discussions!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Nikunj Agarwal Michigan Nikunj is one of our most cheerful interns and is exceptionally knowledgeable about policy items that impact the constituents his office serves.  Mikaylah Heffernan
Sara Henning Michigan Sara is one of the easiest staff to work with. She's organized, prompt and able to pivot when needed, a definite boon when working in the natural resources sphere! Mikaylah Heffernan
Martti Weaver Michigan Martti is one of our constituent services staffers and he's always ready to take a call and help out the residents in his district—and often those who aren't!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Sam Zakur, Allie Kyff, Breanne Clifton, Ophelia Trahan, Austin Hyatt, Megan Villanova, Joe Crosby, Ana Allen, Arianna Tsikitas, Nelky Maldonado, Atneciv Rodriguez, Victoria Bower, Hisham Rushaidat, Rebecca Agyei, Kess O’Halloran Connecticut In December, House Democrats welcomed a new class of constituent engagement coordinators (CECs). From day one, they have, to each and every person, brought to our office such great diverse backgrounds and valuable experience, a tremendous work ethic to go above and beyond, eagerness and ability to learn quickly and enthusiasm for the job. More than anything I appreciate their ability to work as a team and support each other as well as other staff. They have fit in as seamlessly as possible under sometimes trying circumstances. As a parting colleague so eloquently said, we are all in very good hands for many years to come.  Jason Knight
Finley Arnett Michigan Being a new staffer isn't easy, especially when you're in charge of scheduling. Finley is always cordial and pleasant when folks enter the office and makes sure you feel welcome. Thanks, Finley! Mikaylah Heffernan
Bobby Jereb  Michigan Bobby is one of our fantastic graphic designers. I love the attention she pays to little things, like making sure the right species of deer/fish/bird is on our natural resource mailers!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz is a whiiz at what she does! She always has a smile and I love that! She is so helpful and very knowledgeable in what she does for our staff. Her efficiency is truly admirable. Thank you, Liz!  David Kaplan
Michigan House Duplication Center Michigan The dupe center is the unsung hero of the House. It doesn't matter if you need business cards, booklets or mailers, they'll work hard and get your product to you as soon as they can! Mikaylah Heffernan
David Knorr Maine Since starting in this office, I have found David to be a wealth of knowledge and helpful. He has helped make me better at my job and I am thankful.  Tyler J. Washburn
Matt Thompson Michigan Thank you so much for always being so welcoming and willing to answer all of my weird questions over the years! I always know that I can count on you to help me figure out something and I really appreciate that.  Asja Jackson
Molly McAllister Connecticut We are so very lucky to have Molly on our Staff at the CGA! She keeps us updated on training classes and professional educational courses. She is an excellent teacher and valued colleague! Thank you for all that you do, Molly! David Kaplan
Chris Trubac Michigan Chris brings an immense amount of knowledge and talent to the office every day. He has a solution for every problem and is always willing to answer my many questions. Our daily walks to Biggby are always a highlight of each day. As a young staffer, I deeply appreciate having Chris as a mentor.  Emma Walters
Elaine Settergren Minnesota  Thank you, Elaine, for your tremendous leadership and expertise in accessibility. You have taught us all so much and we are so appreciative of your commitment.  Michelle Weber
Nicholas Bombace Connecticut Nick has earned my respect as our leader and advocate; I appreciate that he's always willing to listen to staff concerns and issues and to find solutions and be flexible about it. Kumi
Dennis Albrecht Minnesota  His fiscal tracking of a total beast of a budget area is amazing. Brittany Johnson
Liam Monahan Minnesota  Liam's knowledge and ability to clearly explain dense information about a difficult policy area saved me many times in past sessions. Also, he is pretty funny. Brittany Johnson
Shannon McCarthy Connecticut Shannon is an amazing drafter and resource and is the glue that holds the office together behind the scenes in her quiet and capable way. I appreciate everything she does for LCO. Kumi
Lori Gazda Minnesota  Lori is always helpful and does a great job communicating IT information in a way that I can easily understand. Brittany Johnson
Heather Poole Connecticut Heather has a keen eye for spotting issues in bills so we can fix them. And she has my everlasting respect for knowing that "fund of funds" is a real thing. Kumi
Jason Fossum Minnesota  Jason has an admirable ability to efficiently navigate tense situations while maintaining an innate kindness and treats everyone he encounters with respect. Brittany Johnson
Salena Koster Minnesota  Salena is always communicative, professional and approachable. She is a great colleague to work with on projects that affect both partisan and nonpartisan offices. Brittany Johnson
John Bott  Maine John is the best communications director you could ask for. No matter what, he goes above and beyond to make sure the staff has the tools they need to succeed as aides. He also puts a smile on each of our faces with his positivity. Let's go to Dairy Queen, John!  Lizzy Gillen 
Chris Wetzel Connecticut Our team's own personal Jesus! He makes work enjoyable and is always patient in explaining mystical and mystifying numbers. Kumi
Becky J. Quirk  Maine When I came to the legislature in 2020, Becky without hesitation took me under her wing and not for one second did I ever feel lost or lonely in her presence. She is a warm and inviting member of our staff who is fiercely loyal, and helpful to legislators and staff.  Lizzy Gillen 
Sarah O’Connor Connecticut Sarah’s legal acumen and razor wit make her a formidable legislative attorney and a valued colleague. Brian Valko
Rute Pinho Connecticut Love, love, love working with Rute! Her depth and breadth of knowledge are second to none, she's got a wonderful demeanor, and always has time for questions. Kumi
A.J. Olmscheid Minnesota A.J. is an awesome boss who has made the transition from stay-home-parent life to full-time employment both easy and fun. Thank you, A.J.! Michele Jokinen
Brittany Kane Connecticut Ms. Kane is on the House Democrats policy team. She is responsible for a number of committees and is able to manage her time and support her chairs efficiently. She is extremely knowledgeable about the various policies making their way through the Legislature. She is incredibly professional, helpful and always available for a good laugh!  Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
Kya O'Donnell Connecticut Kya was among the first people I met at the legislature, and it was her kindness and willingness to share her experience and knowledge that helped me feel at ease and helped my transition to this space. Richard Lacourciere
Jackson Pahle Michigan Jackson is one of our newer staffers, but he's great at thinking up solutions to complicated issues! The learning curve can be rough, but you're doing great!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Rachel Cichon Michigan Rachel is fantastic to work with. I love her questions because they always spark debate or new research projects!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Swadhyaya Broom Michigan Sway is a wealth of knowledge and assistance. If you have a question, you can give her a call and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll know who will!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Christina Gonzales-Aikman Michigan Christina is one of the many unsung heroes of the House, and we appreciate her dedication, her happy attitude, and her entertaining stories and tidbits!  Mikaylah Heffernan
Natalie Schunk Nebraska Natalie Schunk, the committee clerk for the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee, has gone above and beyond this session, supporting the committee far outside her job description as CC.  Katie Quintero
Rich Puffer Delaware Rich is our longtime chief clerk of the House and his experience and insight have been invaluable to me over the years. He is a great partner in dealing with building operation issues and is always to lend a hand in any situation (and boy have there been a lot of situations over the years!). Thank you, Rich! Mark Cutrona
Ryan Dunphy Delaware Ryan has quickly grown into the role as our secretary of the Senate. He treats everyone with kindness and respect and his commitment to the parliamentary process is evident daily. But most impressive was the leadership skills he showed as he guided our Legislative Building Committee to finalize recommendations on expanding the Capitol.  Mark Cutrona
Katie Olkowski Michigan One of the kindest and coolest people I’ve ever met. If Katie has any flaws is that’s she’s too hard on herself.  Casey Adams
Jelani McGadney  Michigan His knowledge of floor procedure is impressive and only outmatched by his passion to model excellence.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jon Kelly  Michigan Jon does an excellent job while being responsive to all comments and concerns. The facilities team is truly the epitome of professionalism and the quality of their work is unmatched. Thank you for taking care of the People's House.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Dakota Soda Michigan She is an excellent clerk who is willing to teach members and staff about proper procedures and is cool under pressure.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Cynthia Paul Michigan She is a compassionate staffer who advocates for fair workspace, and she takes time to ensure the staff has snacks for meetings.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Shaquila Myers Michigan She does a great job making sure everyone is heard and advocates for staff needs.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Bill Hamilton  Michigan He is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to teach new staffers.  Thomas L. Collins, Jr.
Jacqueline Borromeo Minnesota Jackie is fun to be around and helps us stay organized. Laura Paynter
Courtney Schaff Minnesota She has a sunny disposition and is always helpful! Laura Paynter
Jackie Allo and Cheryl Smith Connecticut The work Jackie and Cheryl do with their IT teams goes unacknowledged when the IT system works as it should and then they get slammed when there are glitches or problems. They always work quickly to come up with solutions for issues that arise and thoughtfully consider our requests for programming changes; this place couldn't function without them. Kumi
Ben Johnson Minnesota He is a fantastic partner in legalization! Laura Paynter
Melvette Hill Connecticut Thank you so much for the incredible mentor that you are. Not only are you an amazing coworker, but also a true friend. I am so grateful for everything you do in helping me advance at work and in my career. Rosemary Lopez
Sabrina Lewellen Arkansas Thank you for making the world brighter one interaction at a time! Every time I talk to you, my day always improves. Thank you for your support and your words of wisdom! Lexi Stangl
Tom Bottern Minnesota For his excellent singing skills as the new secretary of the Senate! He is really finding his own sound.  Lexi Stangl and Eric Nauman
Kirstin Breiner and Nate Kalechman Connecticut Kirstin and Nate have seamlessly transitioned into their new roles as the committee administrator and committee clerk for the Judiciary Committee. They have done an outstanding job in keeping the Judiciary Committee on track throughout the legislative session, deftly handling all challenges they have encountered. They are tremendous ambassadors on behalf of the committee in their dealings with legislators, staff and the members of the general public. We are lucky to have you Kirstin and Nate. Thank you!  Bill O'Shea
Eric Gray Connecticut Eric's ability to tackle and analyze almost any topic in great depth is scary and most impressive. I've enjoyed getting to know him over the intricacies of bond bills and bond covenants. Kumi
Michael Murphy Connecticut Michael works insane hours at times to get the General Assembly members what they need and yet will patiently answer my questions about his spreadsheets; I really appreciate that. Kumi
Kevin Shopshire  Michigan One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, Kevin is a true legislative professional. Matt Lantzy
Bob Becker Michigan Bob Becker is as good as they come. He truly understands all the moving pieces of the legislative process.  Matt Lantzy
Georgia Performance Audit Division Team Georgia I want to recognize this amazing group of professionals doing great work on behalf of the citizens of the state of Georgia. Under the leadership of Lisa Kieffer, the staff give the best version of themselves every day and I am proud to be among them! Shunti Taylor
Geneva Tulasz Virginia Geneva approaches everything with a smile and a nod. She understands customer service and I'm not sure I've ever heard her tell someone "no" without offering an alternative for success. Her attitude is awesome! Michael Adams
Zvonko Blazevski Michigan A Michigan House veteran of 10-plus years, Z just knows the process better than almost anyone and how to achieve the right policy goals.  Matt Lantzy
Ricardo White  Michigan Ricardo deeply understands the legislative process and is able to help members and staff work toward the ultimate policy solutions Matt Lantzy
Mark Cutrona Delaware I couldn't imagine Legislative Hall without Mark. When he is not busy drafting legislation, doing legal research on complex issues, or staffing a committee, he somehow manages to keep the facility operating and the staff well-informed of building events! Jason Smith
Minnesota Senate Media Services Staff Minnesota A special shoutout to all of the Senate Media Services staff for their efforts in producing and delivering broadcast programming and live coverage of the Minnesota Senate floor sessions, committee hearings, press conferences and informational events.  Steve Senyk
Joe Clark  Michigan From communications to policy, Joe understands how both of those things work together, and he is able to break down complex policy into easy-to-understand language.  Matt Lantzy
Natalie Castle Colorado What can I say? She's one of the best. Thank you for your patience and understanding with the accounting team and all of its transitions. Your support means the world to me.  Shannon Briggs
Christian Talarski Connecticut Christian was my assistant clerk when I was clerk of the Children's Committee and took over for me part of the way through the committee process. I appreciate his hard work, positive attitude and sense of humor! Glad we still get to work together. Go, Team Linehan! Emily Zambrello
Bobby Jereb Michigan Bobby is extremely talented and able to easily help members figure out how to get out a message to their constituents.  Matt Lantzy
Manish Jani and Zach Wimberly LIS Team Colorado Man, this IT team is top-notch. Each and every time I need something they are there for me. Thank you for making my working life so much easier. Shannon Briggs
Kathi Artigliere Delaware Kathi is the heart and soul of the Controller General's Office! She keeps our legislative bills coming, our planets watered and our fiscal notes moving!  Jason Smith
Liz Kranz Michigan A Michigan House institution, Liz just understands how the building works, down to the last detail, and is able to help members visually tell a story.  Matt Lantzy
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric has done an exceptional job taking over as principal contracting analyst and filling in some really big shoes! He's an amazing co-worker and a great leader, navigating the Contracts Group through some upcoming big projects at the Capitol! Thanks for all of your help and guidance!  Rachel Meddar
Jeremy Herliczek Michigan Jeremy is a master storyteller and is able to capture visually how the legislature works like no other. Matt Lantzy
Franklin Perry  Connecticut The greatest chief a staffer could ask for. Thank you for always challenging us to be the best that we can be! Alex Dahlem
Michigan House Fiscal Agency Team Michigan Thank you to everyone at HFA. You are an amazing group of hard-working individuals!  Mary Ann Cleary
Josh Lyman Michigan Josh is a legislative staffer to his core. He understands how to work with stakeholders and members alike to create good public policy. Matt Lantzy
Sandra De La Cruz  Connecticut A recent addition to the Contracts Group, Sandra has quickly become a dynamic part of our team. She's ready and willing to learn the sometimes tedious procurement and contracting process, but does it with a big smile on her face! Moreover, she's great to work with! You're doing awesome!  Rachel Meddar
Jelani McGadney Michigan A truly gifted public servant, he understands floor procedure like no other and keeps things moving.  Matt Lantzy
Carrie Vick Georgia Carrie is the best! She is part of our clerk's office team, and we work together on the House floor. She is such a team player, and always helps me out when I need it. She's always kind, hard-working and definitely deserves a shoutout! Betsy Theroux
Nikki Goodnight Michigan Nikki is a caring and compassionate staffer who excels in understanding complex problems and identifying solutions while keeping her member's office running smoothly. Matt Lantzy
Marie Grady Connecticut Marie is a brilliant LCO attorney and has been so helpful. She took the time to explain the legislative process and helped navigate any issues we faced in committee. Without her, I would not have gotten far during this legislative session. I thank her for all her hard work this session and appreciate all you do! Chandra Persaud
Bert Scoglietti Delaware Shoutout to Bert for taking the Controller General's Office record this year for having the most fiscal notes and arguably some of the most complicated!  Jason Smith
Maree Clarke Connecticut The office would not be able to function without you. Your can-do attitude and fun-loving nature always brighten my day! Alex Dahlem
Jacob Toomey Michigan Jacob is a master of the public policy process and is able to understand how policy solutions can be found to complex problems. Matt Lantzy
Emma Heaton Michigan She is a master at multitasking and keeping the trains running on time for her member.  Matt Lantzy
Angel Burack Delaware Angel is one of the best, always willing to help and always with a smile. She has helped us navigate through some complicated technology issues in preparation for launching a new grant system and never turns away my panicked calls or office drop-ins whenever I'm having an "IT crisis," which is usually 9 out of 10 times me doing something that she has already taught me, like operating a webinar or a livestream! Jason Smith
Thomas Steinbis Michigan Tom is an expert in understanding the policy process and is always able to see a path forward in trying to create policy solutions to identified problems.  Matt Lantzy
Franklin Gomez Georgia This year was Franklin's second legislative session, and I am continually impressed by his dedication to his work and his technical knowledge. He has taken on new responsibilities this year and is always the first person to arrive at the office with a smile on his face. Franklin is a great part of our team! Betsy Theroux
Nick Strunk  Michigan Nick is truly passionate about his work and always finds a way to help constituents understand how government works while finding creative solutions to the most complex constituent or legislative problems. Matt Lantzy
Renee Watson Michigan Renee is a caring and compassionate public servant who understands public policy down to the most granular detail and is able to move those priorities through the process.  Matt Lantzy
Justin Speck Georgia Justin's work ethic and positive attitude make him such a valuable staffer. He never complains, and we never see him sweat, even on the toughest session days. I am so grateful that he is part of the House Media Services team! Betsy Theroux
Dawn Jakubowski Michigan Dawn is a truly passionate public servant who looks for policy ideas to help constituents solve problems and does what she can to move them through the process.  Matt Lantzy
Janet Roberson Delaware You can always trust Janet to be as helpful as she can, whether dealing with a surprise IT issue or working through complicated contract negotiations for new IT products and services being worked on. I can't count how many times I've appeared in her office doorway with a panicked look on my face trying to solve some kind of Zoom or streaming issue, and she always remains pleasant, helpful, and professional every single time! Jason Smith
Brittany Kane Connecticut Brittany is such a bright and fun person to work with! Since our first interaction, I am constantly amazed by her vast policy knowledge and her willingness to answer any of my questions. I know I can come to her for anything, whether it is for a laugh or to seek support. Chandra Persaud
Kris Young Michigan An experienced legislative veteran on both sides of our capitol, Kris is able to distill complex policy ideas into easy-to-understand language while being able to move those same ideas through the process.  Matt Lantzy
Madeleine Moghimi Georgia Madeleine is responsible for "keeping the train on the tracks" in House Media Services, and she does such an excellent job managing our office. She is always willing to jump in and help out where needed, and I appreciate that quality in her so much! Betsy Theroux
Johanna Henry Missouri Here's a shoutout to this Majority Caucus secretary's office staffer for being awesome at everything. For keeping track of everything from daily baked goods to organizing many benefit legislative gatherings, gifts for Administrative professionals day, state seal and legislative memorabilia, and a million other details during session. Thank you for all you do.   Wanda Mehrhoff
Michigan Legislative Services Bureau Michigan Our Legislative Services Bureau is so central to what we do. From research requests to bill drafting, they are there to make sure our members are able to accomplish what they want to in the legislative process.  Matt Lantzy
Michigan House Facilities Michigan Our facilities staff literally makes sure that the lights stay on. We couldn't do our jobs without them. Matt Lantzy
Kiley Thomson Delaware Kiley is a really fantastic addition to the Controller General's Office this year! Her knowledge of complicated education issues continues to grow, and she is eager to continue learning every day.  Jason Smith
Michigan House Business Office Nonpartisan Staff  Michigan Our House Business Office staff works around the clock to ensure that we have the resources we need to do our jobs.  Matt Lantzy
Melinda Fairfax Missouri Here's a shoutout to this Majority Caucus chair's office staffer for being awesome at everything. For keeping track of everything from integrative work plans for constituents to snacks and meals on long days and a million other details during the session. Thank you for all you do.   Wanda Mehrhoff
Michigan House Information Systems Nonpartisan Staff Michigan From making sure our laptops run properly to ensuring session technology remains in top shape, House Information Systems does so much to ensure our day-to-day work runs smoothly. Matt Lantzy
Kimmi Grove Connecticut You always bring an inspiringly positive attitude to the office. Thank you for being a constant source of support for all staff members and legislators! Alex Dahlem
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway Delaware Carolyn lifts up all of our Senate Family, keeps us together, and encourages everyone in just the way each of us might need in a given situation. Staff and senators alike are drawn to her because of this. She provides professional, caring, and thoughtful attention to Senate leadership, thereby enhancing the professional demeanor of our office every day.  Valerie McCartan
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe, you have been such an incredible leader and have done such an amazing job training and creating our clerk team. Without your guidance and support, we would have been totally lost! Our team is strong because of your efforts. We appreciate you. Chandra Persaud
Julie Fedele Delaware Julie's willingness to help others is always noticeable and appreciated! Her positivity during the at times stressful and chaotic legislative season always helps make the office a better place!  Jason Smith
Michigan House Fiscal Nonpartisan Staff Michigan The House Fiscal nonpartisan staff in Michigan are absolute rock stars. From day-to-day bill analysis to budget season, they all put in long hours to ensure that we all have the information needed.  Matt Lantzy
Kristen Miller and Alex Reger Connecticut Kristen and Alex are the best committee partners that I could ask for. So professional and dedicated, they both have such a deep understanding of their ENV and INS subject matters. I love collaborating with them! Janet Kaminski Leduc
Diana Hennerich Missouri Here's a shoutout to this speaker’s office staffer for being awesome at everything. For keeping track of special guests and a million other details during the session and interim, thank you for all you do.   Wanda Mehrhoff
Michigan House Sergeants  Michigan Our House sergeants do everything they can each and every day to ensure that our legislators, staff and the public remain safe while they are at the State Capitol.  Matt Lantzy
Bobbie Higgs Delaware Bobbie has been a fantastic addition to our team this year! She has completely revamped some of our internal processes for the better and is always willing to help out in the office wherever she can. And has gained the respect of many legislators and her peers for her knowledge and approach to her work. The Controller General's Office is a better place now because of her! Jason Smith
Virginia Senate Journal Staff Virginia The Senate Journal staff have taken me in as one of their own due to my proximity to their office. I've learned so much about what they do behind the scenes! Laura Trumbo
Nicole Warrick Minnesota Nicole is the epitome of a team player, and her positive attitude is infectious. Our caucus is better because of her positivity, dedication and joy. She's a great worker, but an even better person! We're lucky to have her! Jillian Reynolds
Sami Dannhauser Wisconsin I am a new staff, beginning my job on Jan. 2, 2023. Sami volunteered to help me with all the new things and has been a great mentor and resource. Mike Pexa
Portia Brown Virginia Portia's enthusiasm is contagious! She can turn any situation into a positive. Laura Trumbo
Thomas Nuccio Connecticut TJ, you've been doing an awesome job! You've gone above and beyond in all the projects you've been working on. Thank you! Rosemary Lopez
Victoria Brennan Delaware Victoria's vast knowledge of her agency portfolio has really been put to the test this year with the many pieces of legislation that have come across her desk this year for fiscal analysis. Her thoroughness and thoughtful approach to her work always makes her shine! She always manages to balance her fiscal notes and the influx of CRF applications with ease and is a real joy to work with. I couldn't ask for a better neighbor! Jason Smith
Rose Ramsey Virginia Rose's work ethic is evident in everything she does. She is one person I can go to with any concern that arises. Laura Trumbo
Barbara Carter Virginia Barbara makes sure the Senate Pages feel welcome and appreciated when they're working with her. She always makes a point to ask about their day and how they're doing. Laura Trumbo
Ruth Ann Miller Delaware There is absolutely no way the Controller General's Office could function without Ruth Ann. Her knowledge, professionalism, calm demeanor, guidance and leadership will never be matched. I wouldn't be the person I am today, both personally and professionally, without her. I am forever grateful to be a part of her world!  Jason Smith
Megan Baker Connecticut Thank you for always lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed, regardless of your workload. You rock! Rosemary Lopez
Ann Clark Connecticut As our House clerk, Ann's obsessive attention to detail is absolutely critical to ensuring that our legislative business is done efficiently and accurately. The fact that she can do such an important job with grace and humor makes it a joy to work with her. Chris Adams
Sarah O'Connor Connecticut Sarah is cheerful and always has a kind word to share. Her love of the legislative process is surpassed only by her love for and dedication to her clients. Christopher Cordima
Ricky Baltimore Connecticut While we work for leaders from opposite sides of the aisle, Ricky has always been a fair and amiable colleague. His practical perspective and calm demeanor, especially during tough times, are very much appreciated and an example of the collegiality that's still possible in this profession.  Chris Adams
Viola Wild and Mike Cnossen  Michigan I appreciate the expertise and patience of Viola and Mike on the General Government budget. We would not have been able to cross the first finish line in the Michigan budget process without them.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Bill Hamilton  Michigan Bill has been with the House Fiscal Agency for nearly 25 years. His in-depth knowledge of transportation issues and funding is an invaluable asset to the legislature.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Matt Gilligan Connecticut Matt has a friendly demeanor that puts others instantly at ease. You are resourceful and do a great job identifying solutions to problems. When you have questions, you are proactive and ask questions so you can do your job efficiently. Thanks for always being so encouraging to the team. Your positivity and wit are so appreciated! Sue Tufts
Ryan Inman  Minnesota This staffer has exceptional service and professionalism. His guidance and support in directing me and other staff members to the correct revisor does not go unnoticed and I greatly appreciate all his help.  Nicole Warrick
Ben Stanley Minnesota Thank you for providing levity, answering amendment-to-amendment questions, and sharing wisdom about kickin' ranch! Erik Olaphson
Aminah Marshall Connecticut Aminah is compassionate, encouraging and cares deeply for others. She does her job diligently without looking for recognition. She is insightful and willingly offers her expertise. Thank you for being generous with your time and volunteering to help the team!  Sue Tufts
Eric Nauman Minnesota Thank you for being an incredible leader and for providing so much helpful guidance during my session. Fifty days until the Tour de France! Erik Olaphson
Dorene Kainz Minnesota Thank you for all your exceptional work for the Minnesota House. You continue to amaze me with your talent and dedication to Rep. O'Discoll's office. Your work is deeply appreciated and valued. Thank you for all the help you provided me over the past few years with graduation letters and constituent casework. I can always count on you!  Nicole Warrick
Rich Brown  Michigan I worked with Clerk Brown when he served as a state Representative. His wealth of knowledge about the institution and House rules and procedures is incredible.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Greta Donat  Minnesota Thank you for all your exceptional work for the Minnesota House minority leader. You continue to amaze us with your talent and dedication to her office. Your work is deeply appreciated and valued. Thank you for all the help you provided to me in the last session. I could always count on you!  Nicole Warrick
Nate Spencer Connecticut Nate is dependable, humble and helpful. He is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas. Your calm demeanor always helps people relax when stress is high. Thank you for all you do and being such a positive contributor to our team! Sue Tufts
Greg Marcus  Minnesota This staffer has a positive attitude and is dedicated to his work. His infectious smile and can-do attitude significantly impacted me when he sat across the hall. His previous role, where he dedicated much time and effort to improving education, was inspiring. It is a pleasure to work alongside him!  Nicole Warrick
Dale Gow Montana He helped lead and support us through our 68th Legislative session. We always have the right tools and staff in place to be successful because of his leadership and direction. Thanks again, Mr. Gow! Cyndie Lockett
Jeff Billings West Virginia  Jeff goes above and beyond the description of a chief of staff. It is because of Jeff's commitment and direction that we are so successful.  Sara Dyer
Richard Lacourciere Connecticut Rich has made friends with probably everyone in the building. He is always good for a quick laugh or midday walk all while prioritizing being a top-notch aide for Sen. Hochadel in her first term. While in his very first session, he is a model that even the most seasoned aides should aspire to. Hillary Desideraggio
Indy Smallman Minnesota  Thank you for your positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond what is expected of you. Your enthusiasm and energy have been contagious, and you have made a significant contribution to our team, and I am grateful for all you have done during the last session as my intern.  Nicole Warrick
Debra Rayhill, Shane Thomas and Seth Wright  West Virginia  A few years back the WV Legislature brought almost all printing in-house. These three individuals are solely responsible for the timely printing and formatting of every type of printed material imaginable. Without them, much time would be lost and their hard work needs to be recognized.  Drew Ross
Hillary Desiderggio Connecticut Thank you for always being willing to offer your support and assistance to the team. It does not go unnoticed. Hillary goes the extra mile to help those in need. It is obvious to all around her that she is a passionate advocate and cares deeply about the people around her. Thank you for your kind and positive spirit! Sue Tufts
Linnea Michaelson  Minnesota I want to thank this staffer for being responsive and available whenever I had questions. Her prompt and thoughtful responses have made my job much easier. Her work for the Judiciary Committee this session is deeply appreciated and valued, and we are lucky to have her in our caucus.  Nicole Warrick
Jacque Bland and Ann Ali  West Virginia  These two powerhouses are the communication directors for the Senate and House of Delegates, respectively. They are much more than that, however, and the state owes them each a debt of gratitude for their tireless efforts.  Drew Ross
Ed Cook  Minnesota I want to thank Ed for always being responsive and available whenever I needed his help. His prompt and thoughtful responses have made my job much easier. His commitment to education and willingness to go above and beyond to make a difference in students' lives is inspiring!  Nicole Warrick
John Tice, Steve Marsden, Dennis Loudermilk, Dee Spelock, Chris Marshall, Perry Bennett and Cheyenne DeBolt West Virginia  This group of individuals make up the best darn public information office in the 50 states. From the award-winning website, gorgeous photography, research library and information officers, this small but mighty group does it all and I am thankful for them.  Drew Ross
Ellen Heinitz Michigan Ellen was an outstanding legislative director in the House and is an excellent partner in the Senate. We have collaborated on far too many issues to name, but I always enjoy working cross-chamber with her.  Coffiann Hawthorne
Maureen Watson Minnesota I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all the hard work and dedication that Maureen has shown in ensuring everything runs smoothly in our caucus. Her willingness to take on extra tasks, such as ordering dinner for staff and members, had been truly appreciated. Her sense of humor and positive attitude have also made the days brighter for all of us!  Nicole Warrick
Kay Wilson, Sunset Advisory Commission Texas Kay is a pillar of our organization. She consistently leads with a person-first focus and brings invaluable institutional knowledge to every initiative and project. We are so thankful to have her. Carl Perry
Vanessa Davison Vermont Vanessa is retiring after 44.5 years of service for the Vermont General Assembly! The last 34 years she has worked in the Senate Secretary's office. We wish her a wonderful, well-deserved retirement.  Alona Tate
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