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Legislative Staff Week Shoutouts 2022

May 6, 2022

Recognize your colleagues with a shoutout, or two, and be entered to win! Four lucky winners will receive their choice of either a free registration for NCSL Base Camp (in November) or $100 off the registration fee for a Fall 2022 Legislative Staff Professional Development meeting. Plus, NCSL will treat the winning state to an ice cream social for staff! Connecticut, Delaware and Georgia staff all made strong showings last year. Can they do it again?

Recipient State/Territory Because From
J.J. Gentry  South Carolina Thanks J.J. for representing legislative staff with a lot of grace and commitment. You inspire others to be their best!     Shannon Riley
Heather Fahey Arizona Heather is the consummate public servant! Her calm demeanor, high performance standards and commitment to helping her colleagues succeed resonates throughout the State Senate. In her collaboration with Susan Aceves in our Secretary's Office, the mission of the Arizona Legislature is in the most trustworthy of hands. Grant Hanna
Othni Lathram Alabama Othni is the unsung hero of this agency who has worked steadfastly and diligently to build a workplace culture here that makes this agency a great place to work! I think it's easy for us to overlook or forget the fact that it is he who is responsible for making LSA into what it is. Thank you, Othni! Paula Greene
Wendy Jackson Wisconsin Wendy’s professionalism and knowledge contribute to her excellence as an editor, but it is her kind and steady approach as manager that makes it truly a joy to work with her. Thank you, Wendy! Nancy Warnecke
Taylor Hawk Delaware You have been someone that I have looked up to since I was a fellow. Your policy expertise and ability to be a strong leader has not only been a huge benefit to me personally but the caucus as a whole.  Alexa Adams
Virginia's Legislative Staff Agencies Virginia A shoutout for pulling together during the last 2 1/2 years through special sessions that did not seem to stop, covid, regular sessions, back into special session, moving chambers, virtual meetings. etc. - with a change of majority twice in the House in the middle of it all.    Susan Clarke Schaar
Pearl Tuiasosopo American Samoa Pearl and Jacinta have been the "go to" legislative assistants for some time now. They have both educated themselves in all aspects of our LRB division, and can be relied on any day of the week and with anything that we require or need. We are blessed to have them on our team.    Deanna Sanitoa-Fuimaono
Deanna Killen Delaware Thank you for being the best chief of staff that any caucus could ever hope for. Your leadership and dedication brightens everyone’s day.   Sen. Gerald Hocker
Obie Rutledge Oregon I’m not quite sure what I would do without Obie in our office. I certainly wouldn’t have half the knowledge of the legislative process that I do have if it wasn’t for him. Since day one, he has been my greatest mentor and support. He encourages me and pushes me to do more than I even think I’m capable of. Obie is a light that shines bright within our entire legislature.  Lacy Ramirez
John Tice  West Virginia I rely on John for so much in this office. He is a web designer but does so much more and I count on him to pick up the office when I am not there. He is accountable and the best at what he does. He is underappreciated in his time and age as a renaissance man who can do so much more than his job title.  Drew Ross
IL District 103 staff Illinois Wanted to give a S/O to District 103 staff for a successful session. Great job ladies and thank you for all your hard work!  Andrea Porter
Victoria Brennan Delaware Victoria has absolutely rocked it as the office’s new Capital Projects/Bond Coordinator! She takes great pride in her work by helping legislators and the public navigate through what is a complex and overwhelming process. Jason Smith
Matt Dawkins Colorado Matt is our office manager and has myriad duties including working on the office budget, managing front office staff, communicating with House and Senate leadership and chiefs of staff, planning office moves, and much more. He even does things that I'm pretty sure aren't in his job description, like fixing furniture. Yet every night I get a message from him asking if my editors and I need any help before he leaves for the day and he willingly does anything he can to lighten our load. Thanks Matt for everything you do! Rebecca Hausmann
Nonpartisan Staff Connecticut Congratulations on your tremendous work during the session. It hasn't been an easy last 2 sessions but you have overcome every obstacle and met every challenge head on! Jim Tamburro
Andrea Wilko Utah Andrea places relationships above power and our office staff love her for it. She brings a homemade meal for our entire office (and a few other legislative staff offices) every week during General Session. She provides a listening ear when times get tough and provides a long-term view of being a legislative staffer (especially as a woman). She also leads our economics team, making her central to the state's fiscal stability and helping legislators make data-informed decisions. In other words, she deserves a shoutout and much more! Thanks for everything you do, Andrea! Emily Willis
Fred Messerer California Even though we work in different states, I consider Fred a colleague. His sense of humor and positive encouragement keep our RELACS meetings fun and the staff section strong. Thanks! Rachel Weiss
Stephanie Little Louisiana Stephanie is such a bright light in our organization! She is stellar at her job and drafts those money bills so knowledgeably and well done. She also manages to make time for staff workouts and wellness activities (woo Coach Stephanie!). Amy Pirtle
Jon Vietti, Dirk Goering, and Melodie Swanson Nevada Thank you all for the time and thought you have put into our library project. We really appreciate that it seems as important to you as it does to us. Thank you for listening to and incorporating our suggestions and for making us feel the library is a valued part of LCB. We couldn't ask for better people to work with on this! Legislative Research Library Staff
Courtenay Glanville Georgia Apart from maintenance, Courtenay keeps our budget system viable for the future and provides great thinking and flexibility to meet the needs of innovation in serving our staff and our Senate members. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Susan Fox Montana As the Era of Susan Fox comes to an end, you surely deserve a HUGE shoutout for leading our Montana Legislative Services for years. You were always there for any legislator, any time for any question or request. You lead by example. Your motto of "consider it done" was the ultimate. THANK YOU - enjoy your retirement! Rep. Barry Usher
Jess Rodic, Nate Sanko, Sue Zitto and Trey McElwee Pennsylvania A HUGE thank you to these amazing team members who keep the legislative process in the PA Senate going! I couldn’t do what I do without all they they do each & every day! I’m blessed to have them on my team & the Senate is so fortunate to have such dedicated public servants at the heart of the legislative process!  Megan Martin
Katie Walsh Maine Our fearless Chief of Staff, Katie, deserves endless shoutouts for her leadership during a difficult (almost) two years. You make our challenging work FUN. I am proud to be a member of your team!  Victoria Rodriguez
Scott Jones Michigan Scott Jones manages the committee clerks while also chairing the toughest committees (which includes appropriations). No matter how tough the agenda, Scott does his work thoroughly, efficiently and effectively. He makes it look easy. Thank you Scott! Margaret O'Brien
Tammy Wright  New Hampshire Tammy is our long-standing Clerk of the Senate and my colleague across the wall. While we don't always agree, our mutual appreciation for the other and our institutions does always make for a positive outcome. I am honored to work with Tammy.   Paul Smith
Shonda Stallworth Alabama Shonda is a quiet but strong leader who commands the respect of staff and Senators. She is a great resource and a critical member of our team. Kirk Fulford
Committee Policy Analysts Nevada To the committee policy analysts for the Nevada Legislature's Research Division (Patrick G., Marji, Alysa, Jered, Diane, Patrick A., Alex, Ashlee, Cesar, Haley, Kristi, Jann, and Jen). Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't say it enough.  Jennifer Ruedy
Melinda Swagger  West Virginia Melinda is the glue that holds our House of Delegates Committee on Education together. She diligently monitors all House and Senate actions and Education Committee bills while simultaneously ensuring that all deadlines and staff responsibilities are met. Even when her work is done, she will stay in the office or be available remotely to support the Chairman, attorneys, staff and legislators into the wee hours of the morning. Her dedication and experience is invaluable and inspirational.  Melissa White
Elizabeth Sidler  Oklahoma Thank you for showing what truly responsive government can be -- listening to constituents, helping connect them with resources and making sure their voices are heard.   Sen. Julia Kirt
Erika Nava  New Jersey Every day Erika works at making sure NJ's most vulnerable residents are given opportunity to improve their quality of life. A standout accomplishment was ensuring that residents had access to the utility assistance program prior to having utilities shut off for non-payment. Well done!  Kevin Drennan
Jaynae Edney  Virgin Islands My Chief of Staff Jaynae is an amazing team member who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to executing office duties as a dynamic leader, and in spearheading the team. Thank you Jaynae for all of your hard work!   Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
NC Central Staff  North Carolina Thanks to central staff for their hard work and great successes during the longest Long Session any of us remember. Your professional attitudes and service to the institution we all care about is greatly appreciated. Paul Coble
Luke Kiszla  Alabama Luke handled one of the hottest bills of the session with ease and grace! Othni Lathram
Terri Kondeff  Idaho As the Director of our Legislative Services Office it seems like Terri has to juggle 10 things at any given time. She does this with a willingness to serve and a professional manner that lets you know she's going to do a fantastic job. I know I can rely on her in any situation. We are lucky to have her!  Carrie Maulin
House Member Services Team  Arkansas It is a great blessing for any leader to have a team who works hard and helps each other by lifting each other up and never pushing a teammate down. This is me expressing my deep gratitude for the dedicated work done in our office day after day. So, I proudly send a little heartfelt appreciation your way today with much love. I thank God for allowing me to work with each of you!   Martha Jarrow
Mike Norris  Washington Mike provides excellent and timely assistance to help keep our entire legislature more secure from cyberattacks. It's not just the technology knowledge, but the awareness and people skills that makes Mike so valued. Keenan Konopaski
Jim Manke  Hawaii Jim is our in-house "Communications Anchor," and keeps our office informed (literally) at the break of dawn each day, even on the weekends. His informative updates keep us abreast of community happenings and breaking news! Danicia Honda
Molly McAllister  Connecticut Not only does Molly facilitate fun and awesome trainings but she is so supportive of staff and their future goals. I came to Molly for advice and she was beyond helpful. Molly is a true asset to the CGA! Samantha Savvidou
Ann Cornwell  Arkansas A shout-out of appreciation for Ann Cornwell, Director and Secretary of the Arkansas Senate. Ann is the best leader and supervisor I could ever dream of to work with and for in a professional setting. I am so grateful for all she has done and continues to do for our Senate and the State of Arkansas.  She is one of a kind and we are blessed to have her. Sabrina Lewellen
Jonathan Wong  Hawaii Jonathan was a great help in walking me through the committee hearing portion of the state board nomination process and was available to answer questions if necessary. Randall Landry
Reapportionment Office  Georgia Thundering applause and accolades to the GA Reapportionment Office (Gina, Brian, Tonya, Rob, Dan, Maggie & Gabe) for making maps out of mayhem! Martha Wigton
Emily Adriaens   Minnesota Congratulations on your promotion to House Chief Fiscal Analyst! I look forward to working with you for many years! Eric Nauman
Sabrina Lewellen  Arkansas Thank you for being an incredible NCSL Information Technology, Social Media and Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chair and partner. You are an amazing collaborator, and I have learned so much from you. I love the way you think and wish I could clone your brain! Eric Nauman
Obie Rutledge  Oregon Obie is so dedicated to the legislative process and has an encyclopedic knowledge of his chamber's legislative process. He has been so generous over the years when I have asked for his opinion or information on parliamentary questions, or rules. I appreciate all of the help and assistance he has given me over the years as well as his friendship. Carrie Maulin
Legislative Oversight Staff  Missouri My staff have received over 3,500 pieces of legislation to review for a fiscal response. As of today we have logged out almost 1,800 fiscal notes for the Missouri General Assembly and we still have 3 weeks left in session. Couldn't do my job without any of them. Way to Go!  Julie Morff
Kate Ozawa  Hawaii As a legislative aide, Kate prepares hearing notices and many correspondences for the Education Committee. Her diligence and eagerness to learn more about the legislative process has made her a valuable asset to our office! Danicia Honda
Bill Marx  Minnesota Congratulations for 45 years of fiscal analysis! I hope you have a wonderful retirement, you’ve earned it. I truly appreciate our partnership over the past decade. I miss you already! Eric Nauman
Martha Wigton  Georgia Martha served 2 consecutive years as NCSL Staff Chair, the longest I can recall. She led legislative staff through an unprecedented time period for NCSL, and did so while also continuing to serve her state. Legislative staff will be forever grateful.  J.J. Gentry
Paul Smith  New Hampshire I know that if I have a question, concern or just need a sounding board I can contact Paul and he will offer me wise counsel. I appreciate his support and friendship. Carrie Maulin
LFC Program Evaluation Unit  New Mexico This group of motivated and talented individuals actually increased productivity of highly impactful work during the pandemic, and stepped in during the last legislative session to help out with budget analysis, fiscal impact reports, and auditing the state budget. I am privileged to work with each of you! Jon Courtney
Tom Bottern   Minnesota Thank you for 10 years of partnership! Your support has made the past decade an incredibly rewarding experience. Are we out of peanuts yet? Eric Nauman
Jade Snow  Hawaii Jade takes all communication and publication requests in stride, oftentimes churning out large volumes of content with ease and eloquence. Jade is essential for our office's ability to relay vital community updates to our constituents! Danicia Honda
Brock Perry and Brian Heinze  Georgia Shout-out to Brock Perry and Brian Heinze, the GA HBRO attorneys who never miss a beat! Martha Wigton
Legislative Council Staff  Wisconsin Thank you for your excellent work and commitment to collegiality and teamwork! You provide important services to the Wisconsin Legislature, and I’m proud of your dedication and diligence.  Anne Sappenfield
Senate Fiscal Staff  Minnesota I am so proud to work with all of you every day. You are the most professional, dedicated, and creative people I know. I truly enjoy working with you!  (Yes, there will be pizza before the 2022 Fiscal Review!) Eric Nauman
Sabrina Lewellen  Arkansas I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina while she was chair of the Bylaws & Standing Orders committee for ASLCS. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Under her direction our committee was able to complete our task in a timely manner and with an outcome we were all proud to be a part of. She also happens to be a great person that I feel lucky to call friend! Carrie Maulin
Scott Fuji Hawaii Scott is an extraordinary resource and teammate! As our Committee Clerk he juggles many tasks as our strategic powerhouse yet is always so responsive, thoughtful, and optimistic in his daily interactions with staff and community partners. Danicia Honda
Blake Doss & Molly Aziz Georgia Cheers to GA HBRO’s reapportionment analysts Blake Doss & Molly Aziz for handling the most bills, enduring the longest hearings, and staying steady the whole time!  Martha Wigton
NALFO Text-Group  Multiple states I truly value our ability to pose questions of each other, seek quick answers, clarify federal confusions and laugh together! Thank you all for understanding the importance of this collaboration. I think we’re all good for each other!  You know who you are! Eric Nauman
NCSL’s Erica, Angela, Arturo, Molly, Victor, and Gene Colorado and D.C. Thank you for always being so helpful. I know I can always depend upon all of you, and you are wonderful friends and amazing people!  NCSL is lucky to have each of you! Eric Nauman
Nikaela Penrod Utah Nikaela is a communications specialist who goes above and beyond, working to create content that keeps Utahns informed and engaged in the legislative process. She is always willing to jump into various communication assignments and executes each task with excellence!

Aundrea Peterson

Legislative Assistants Utah Legislative assistants are phenomenal assets to their senators, as they provide administrative support to the Utah Senate. LAs jump in and help whenever needed, no matter the assignment. We have an amazingly talented team that support senators and provide excellent constituent services! Aundrea Peterson
Craig Timmons Georgia Craig is fundamentally reimagining our training and staff development, putting in long hours to prepare our office for the future. Nathan Clubb
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly provides unwavering support & guidance in so many important ways that translate to a wide variety of different facets of our jobs with the CGA. She’s also a kind, generous colleague always ready to lift you up!  Kate McAvoy
Matthew Frame Connecticut He took a chance on OLR and we are better for it. Kristen Miller
Fiona Brady Connecticut Fiona Brady has been an incredible press aide! She literally sends out everything one asks and in quite a quick and efficient manner!! Priceless!! Thank you so much Fiona!! You Rock!! Rep. David Michel
Dawn Marzik Connecticut Dawn has been there for a long time, and Dawn is incredibly patient and extremely helpful. Thank you for all you do Dawn!! Merci!! You rock!! Rep. David Michel
Laurie Mounds Connecticut Laurie is retiring at the end of this month from the Connecticut General Assembly after 37 years of service with the state. Many lives have been touched and enriched by her work. We extend our sincerest thanks and commendations and wish her the very best for many years to come.  Ciro Zelaya
Nancy Jalbert Connecticut Nancy is the first contact for constituents. I always hear praise of how helpful my office is. Thanks Nancy! Rep. Cindy Harrison
Jamison Brazinet Connecticut Jamison does a superb job of communication. He knows what is best said and how to say it. Thank you! Rep. Cindy Harrison
Zoë Gluck Connecticut A shout-out for supporting me in my new role as Clerk. You have gone above and beyond to help me, and I couldn't be more thankful! Kass Fruin
Melissa Jalbert Connecticut I can always rely on Melissa to cover any extra needs while in the Chamber. Thank you so much. Rep. Cindy Harrison
House Republican Staff Connecticut You all have been dedicated and unwavering during the ongoing pandemic and associated strain.  I could always count on you all to deliver and work as a team.  I'm grateful for all of you. Jennifer Skehan
Alex Pachkovsky Connecticut Thank you Alex for your continued help!  Kass Fruin
Marie Clarke Connecticut Marie was very helpful in getting me set up with everything when I started and has since been someone I can count on for anything I need. Rep. Maryam Khan
Peter Andrews Connecticut Peter is a new CEC and he deserves a shoutout because he jumped right into his position and has been a remarkable assist to our POD and to his Legislators. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Barry Hubbard Connecticut Since I've known Barry he has always made me and others smile just being himself and that's what makes my day. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Lauren Coon Indiana Stepped in on short notice to run our Legislative Internship Program and righted the ship. Interns and staff had a better experience because of Lauren and her improvements. Thanks Lauren! Chris Campaniolo
Desmone Conner Connecticut Desmond is an individual that goes above and beyond to get the job done and I appreciate him for his tenacity. Great Job Des!!!!! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Jason Pheasant  Connecticut Always in style and with the latest haircuts that put the rest of the office to shame.  Jon Shugarts
Kyle Fishbein Connecticut Kyle has an awesome characteristic style about himself and is a pleasure to work with in our work environment ;-) Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Jason Knight Connecticut He is always helpful to his team and others! A great team leader, Jason goes out of his way to support anyone who needs it!  Kinga H. Karlowska
Milagros Acosta  Connecticut Milagros Acosta is my Legislative Aide. She is knowledgeable, competent and professional. She also cares about the constituents we serves and is always willing to go the extra mile for them. I am fortunate to have her support. Rep. Edwin Vargas
Elaine Settergren Minnesota Elaine's commitment to promoting awareness of and sharing resources for digital accessibility is commendable. Her initiative, good-nature, and indefatigability is inspiring. Kathryn Ho
Max DeLorenzo Connecticut Max has shown so much growth since he started with his new role in Outreach! You can always count on Max to bring his positive attitude to work everyday. Thank you Max for your hard work!  Kimmi Grove
Billy Taylor Connecticut Billy has done incredible work for the HDO Outreach team! Billy is always willing to go the extra mile to get a project done. Thank you Billy for your hard work!  Kimmi Grove
Cody Clark Connecticut Cody has been an incredible asset to the HDO Outreach team! He is always thinking of creative ways to connect constituents with their representatives. Thank you Cody for always going above and beyond for our members and staff!  Kimmi Grove
Adrian Nieves Connecticut Adrian has such a big heart and compassion for his job.  Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Stephen Maher Connecticut Stephen has always been a funny guy and on my not-so-happy days at work he brings laughter to my heart. I'm quite sure most of our co-workers would agree. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Hanna Smith Indiana Hanna took over the communications department and has worked hard to meet challenges and innovate during a time of high staff turnover.  It hasn't gone unnoticed!  Thanks Hanna! Chris Campaniolo
Anna Madsen South Dakota In her first 18 months on staff, she served as a host state coordinator for a regional conference and was one of just a handful of state redistricting staff. Matthew Frame
Terry Adams Connecticut For his amazing mentorship, upbeat attitude, and his mad skills navigating one of the most complex issue areas around...government administration! Matthew Frame
Nicole Dube Connecticut For her supportive mentorship and mad wit, all while navigating a public health committee with her partner in the midst of a pandemic! Matthew Frame
Laura Love


Laura worked up to managing Legislative Information Center, and is always positive, professional, extremely knowledgeable. Thinks outside the box, solution oriented, team player. Lisa Biscay
Nancy Jalbert/Joe Garabedian/Jason Pheasant Connecticut Nancy spends all day solving problems with grace. Jason does a fabulous job educating constituents. Joe works to get me in front of constituents to share information. Rep. William A. Petit Jr.
Audrey Rossignol Connecticut Audrey has brought my outreach events to a new level--she is proactive, enthusiastic, and I am so lucky to have her.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Brittany Kane Connecticut While Brittany may not be my CEC anymore, I couldn't do my job without her. She is professional, brilliant, and understands policy like no other! Lucky us! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Annie Smith Louisiana Annie is always a helpful, knowledgeable, and resourceful resource. I'm very fortunate to have her as my committee co-counsel. Amy Pirtle
Megan Sanders Louisiana Megan is fantastic at organizing our committee and keeping our meetings running smoothly. She's such a hardworking individual who goes above and beyond for our representatives. Amy Pirtle
Freda Seritella Connecticut You are the BEST!!! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Ciro Zelaya Connecticut You Rock!! Keep up the good work! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Kim Taylor Connecticut Thank you for going above and beyond your duties!!! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Giovanni Pinto Connecticut "G" is always there and willing to get the job done!! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Andrea Furlow Connecticut Keep up the GREAT JOB!!! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Amy Pirtle Louisiana She goes above and beyond. Knows her subject matter and is always ready to lend a helping hand! Zachary Gonzalez
Desmond Conner Connecticut Desmond is a remarkable press aide that I could not live without. He is on-time, meticulous, and an incredible advocate for good work. I am grateful to work with him. Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Kinga Karlowska Connecticut Kinga is a rockstar aide. She's a sympathetic ear, has a brilliant mind and great sense of humor, and she works hard to make all of her Representatives look and sound good! Grateful for her.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Andrea Walker Connecticut Proud to work next to Andrea Walker who is an incredibly dedicated team member who always makes time to help staff. Her combination of knowledge and empathy makes her an asset to our team.   Molly McAllister
Lavonie Irby Connecticut Grateful to work with Lavonie Irby who is a dedicated team player and has a wonderful growth mindset. Her energy is positive and contagious. Thank you, Lavonie! Molly McAllister
Sam Taylor Connecticut Sam's smile always brightens up the office. Keep on smiling, Sam :-) Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Devan Reimonenq Louisiana Devan is so efficient and resourceful and is a stellar explainer of the more administrative side of legislation passing. So glad I get to work with her! Amy Pirtle
Rhonda Sisson Louisiana Rhonda is the glue that keeps the legislative process going. Her and her staff work tirelessly into the wee hours to ensure that bills get through as intended. So grateful for all her hard work! Amy Pirtle
Christina Pen Connecticut Christina has the energy of the Energizer Bunny and gets things done. Keep on moving, my friend. Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Robert Singletary Louisiana Robert is such a great division director and is truly a wealth of knowledge. He is a great problem-solver and is a level-headed and steady resource during chaotic times. Amy Pirtle
Theresa McKnight Louisiana Theresa is our tech guru and does such a great job at keeping the tech component of our job running smoothly. She's always a friendly and inviting face on the floor and about the Capitol. Amy Pirtle
Zack Gonzalez Louisiana Zack is an incredible coworker with such passion for the job that comes through in his interactions with fellow staffers, representatives, and in the legislation he assists in crafting. Amy Pirtle
Sherrill Roussel Louisiana Sherrill is the glue that keeps our division running. I am forever grateful for her attention to detail and dry wit. She has a wealth of institutional knowledge and is a very patient teacher.  Amy Pirtle
Catherine Thomas Connecticut Thanks to Cat Thomas for all her efforts for outreach for me!  She's always planning ahead and getting great things to happen.  I never need to worry about an event with her at the helm! Rep. Irene Haines
Audrey Rossignol Connecticut Audrey has done a great job in her new role as an outreach coordinator! She always brings great ideas to our team, and  we are so happy to have her. Keep up the awesome work!  Kimmi Grove
Stephanie Weinman Louisiana Stephanie is an example of true professionalism. She is well-organized and performs well, even under pressure. Amy Pirtle
Katie LeLeux Louisiana Katie is such an asset to our division and organization as a whole. She is incredibly helpful and quickly gets new (and junior) employees up to speed! I appreciate her welcoming smile and friendly nature. Amy Pirtle
Gabrielle Lewis Louisiana Gabby has been a real team player who has learned the job incredibly quickly. She is a positive influence who is always willing to learn. Amy Pirtle
Martha Wigton Georgia Thanks so much for the amazing work you've done on behalf of Georgia and NCSL!  Jon Heining
Support staff for the Legislative Commissioners' Office Connecticut It's a pleasure to work with the helpful, dedicated and hard-working members of the support staff. Many thanks for all that you do!  Heather Bannister
Judy Ganswindt Connecticut Her first year as a sessional and she was fantastic. Having been here 15 years it has been a while since I worked with someone new. She picked up the work immediately and was wonderful. I look forward to working with her again. Pamela Bianca
Richard E. O’Neil Connecticut Rick dove headfirst into the new job as a Constituent Engagement Coordinator and not only served my community with integrity and class, but has made me a more effective legislator. Thank you, Rick! Rep. John-Michael Parker
Patty Amundson Colorado Patty took on a new role this year in a newly created job. Our office is divided up into 3 bill drafting teams, a publications team, and an administrative team, all with different subject matter and duties. Patty's job is to monitor the workload on all of the teams and pick up work wherever help is needed. Patty has helped everyone so much, taking on large bills and myriad amendments, helping to train new people, filling in when team members were sick, and generally just picking up the slack when teams were bombarded with bills and amendments. Patty's top notch skills and knowledge provided everyone with essential help and everyone agrees we couldn't have gotten through session without her in this new position. So, thanks Patty for all of your help! Rebecca Hausmann
Stuart Morelli Georgia I feel lucky to get to work with Stuart as often as I do! He is so patient with all my questions and is such a valuable source of knowledge on all things local government! Molly Aziz
Jennifer Burgess Georgia Jennifer is always so calm, helpful, and friendly. When the days are long and the hours are late, she is always so helpful to me when I am trying to track something down!  Molly Aziz
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz is our newest Payroll Supervisor, she is always looking to assure that everyone has all the information needed for their pay and taxes. She is 100% committed to the CGA. Caroline Beitman
Tommy Dombrowski California Tommy is a bill drafting machine! Tommy is incredibly efficient, affable, and improves everything he works on. Tommy is a joy to manage and an amazing legislative lawyer. Thank you Tommy! Fred Messerer
Stacy Saechao California Stacy is an amazing bill drafter with expertise in Public Social Services programs. Stacy delivers exceptional work for our clients, and is always willing to help her coworkers. Thank you Stacy! Fred Messerer
Christina Pen Connecticut Christina is an outstanding team member of the Finance Committee meeting. She's meticulous, smart, and funny and I'm grateful I get to work with her.  Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Chris Melancon Louisiana Chris is such a warm and positive addition to the team! He is amazingly efficient at research and gives such succinct but clear summaries of difficult concepts. Amy Pirtle
Jason Knight Connecticut He always goes above and beyond to help his colleagues and his reps. He is someone I know I can go to with any issue and he will always give his support. You are awesome Jason! Samantha Savvidou
Justin Speck Georgia Justin is the greatest! So responsive and always has an answer or solution for whatever issue I'm bringing to him! Always friendly and never flustered! So thankful for him during stressful meetings!  Molly Aziz
The Reapportionment Office Georgia I know they are glad this session is over just so that I will stop emailing them constantly with requests! They always made sure I had everything I needed and often stayed late or came in early to make sure it happened! Thank you for your help, for sharing your knowledge, and for so many maps and easels! Molly Aziz
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Rachel is supportive and patient with all of my contract needs, questions, and changes. I'm grateful for her attention to detail and her flexibility when it comes to navigating change. Molly McAllister
Diane Merritt Louisiana Diane is critical to the success of our team and has been instrumental in teaching junior members the finer details of the  job, all with a welcoming demeanor.  Amy Pirtle
JC Bryant Georgia JC went so far above and beyond every day this session! When we had last minute changes or unexpected issues pop up she never got flustered! Always such a calming presence for me during long session days! Thank you for everything you do!  Molly Aziz
Ryan Davis Delaware Ryan, you have stepped up and taken on more responsibility that has helped our entire caucus. Having you on our team makes a big difference in how you handle your position as our gate keeper. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway Delaware Carolyn, you always start our day with a positive message. Your joyfulness and positivity is reassuring and needed. Thank you for always willing to help out.  DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Information Technology Services Connecticut In unprecedented times this office has worked together tirelessly to ensure the legislature can fully operate. Cheers to all of them! Paul Alderucci
Anna Shields Delaware Anna, your willingness to step up and take on more responsibilities is valuable to our caucus. You add a unique flair and give us many laughs. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Shelley Earley Delaware Shelley, your winner's attitude is contagious and the whole team is benefiting from it. Thank you for always pulling us together and your willingness to help out. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Cat Thomas Connecticut Cat works tirelessly to plan events. I appreciate her new ideas and follow through. I know my constituents appreciate it too.  Rep. Cindy Harrison
Liz Harwood Connecticut I affectionately call Liz the "Audit Queen" because it is her natural inclination to find anything that isn't 100% accurate. She always points it out in a kind and helpful way, too. It is an absolute asset to have her proof anything you want correct, and it is a helpful skill for her to have as our Payroll Supervisor. Thank you, Liz! Molly McAllister
Valerie McCartan Delaware Val, your new role as Executive to the Pro Temp shows your strengths and experiences which makes all of our jobs easier. All of your hard work has not gone unnoticed. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Dick Carter Delaware Dick, your amazing knowledge of history has helped with many projects over the years within the Senate. Your expertise with writing tributes, resolutions, letters etc. is a HUGE asset. Along with your work with the many monuments that are placed outside Legislative Hall. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
William Lescas Delaware William is a Huge Huge Help when it comes to supporting committee meetings. You are always there to provide help and assistance which is greatly needed. Your expertise in research has been a big asset to our caucus. You've done a fabulous job. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Anthony Bernadzikowski Delaware Recognizing all that you do behind the scenes that make our jobs much easier. Your efforts on the redistricting project has not gone un-noticed. Thank you for all you do! DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Taylor Hawk Delaware To our AMAZING Policy Director. Your ability to keep calm and focused under stressful situations has made our transition into virtual world so much easier.  We thank you for always being there and pitching in. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Sansskruty Rayavarapu Delaware Thank you for all the amazing photos you have taken during sessions and for always being cheerful and willing to assist with any task. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Sarah Fulton Delaware Welcome to the family as our Deputy Communications Director. You have hit the ground running and we appreciate all you do for us. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Tim Bergin Connecticut Tim is the man, the myth, and the legend. The House Dems would be lost without him. He is incredibly smart and talented and I appreciate him taking me under his wing.  Brittany Kane
Denise Drummond Connecticut Denise has done a wonderful job planning our Autism Raising Awareness at the Capitol event - it is going to be awesome and continues the important work of so many legislators and advocates who have worked to raise awareness. Melvette Hill
Scott Goss Delaware As our Communications Director, we want to thank you for always being readily available and flexible to all of our Senators' needs. Even at the last minute, you manage to come through. Thank you for making us all look good! DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Mary Ann Hearne Delaware Thank you for your dedicated service throughout your many years with the Senate. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Giovanni Pinto Connecticut I don't have enough space to tell you all the reasons you are great. Thanks for being you, Gio!  Brittany Kane
Shirley Herrin Montana My first session was in 2020. As a new legislator, I tried to keep my head straight while drinking from the proverbial fire hose. Shirley helped me through it, and I will miss her next session. Rest in Peace, my friend. You will sorely be missed in the bullpen and the Capitol. Sen. Chris Friedel
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl Smith has an incredible amount of knowledge about computers, programs, and websites. She is also a very empathic person and without her, our legislative programs and jobs would be in jeopardy. Thank you Cheryl! David Kaplan
Anna Groover Indiana Anna is the creative mind behind the Indiana House Democratic Caucus TikTok account. Anna built the account from scratch and now boasts 35,000 followers, making state government accessible to previously underserved Hoosiers. Great work Anna! Graham Fishell
Kass Fruin Connecticut Kass has recently moved into a new role as the Clerk of the Human Services Committee. She could not be a better fit. She serves the state of Connecticut and the General Assembly with compassion and kindness. I am grateful to have her on our team and I look forward to watching her continue to succeed in her new role. Zoe Gluck
Alex Pachkovsky  Connecticut Alex moved into a larger committee this year which is a challenge in itself. As any staff member knows, being directly involved in the committee and legislative process requires a great deal of patience and dedication. Alex has done an exceptional job successfully navigating this session.  Zoe Gluck
Danielle Faipler Connecticut Danielle goes above and beyond at any hour at the day to prepare quick and compelling communication materials for me and so many legislative members. She has great skills and dedication!  Rep. Kate Farrar
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is a life saver! She brings new and interesting ways to think about our jobs in CGA and ours lives. She is not just a staff developer, she is a life supporter, challenging us to grow to be our best selves. Thank you! You rock! Mary Ann Daly
House Democrat Clerks Connecticut Over the last two years the House Democrat Clerks have worked tirelessly to ensure the legislative process in Connecticut remains intact regardless of the challenges presented to them throughout the pandemic. Their dedication to teamwork and one another's success is exemplary and so appreciated.  Zoe Gluck
Brie Wolf Connecticut In addition to finding out Brie is a wonderful singer, she is a rockstar clerk for our FRB Committee. Always cheerful and patient, without her, we would be sunk. I am so grateful we have Brie to work with us! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Ryan Dunphy Delaware Ryan, we are so proud of you for your new path. You have taken on your role as Secretary of the Senate seamlessly. You are a true gentleman and it shows in your ability to support both Caucuses. Thanks for always being so helpful. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Ray Lewis Delaware Ray, Thank you for all  you do behind the scenes to make our lives easier. We just want to let you know how much you mean to the Senate. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Jessica Davis Delaware Jessica, your willingness to always come through even with last minute requests is GREATLY APPRECIATED!  Your knowledge and expertise makes our jobs so much easier. Thank you for all you do! DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Jesse Chadderdon Delaware Jesse, you have done an amazing job in making sure all staff is safe and protected. Your ability to lead us through all of our various transitions and challenges has been a testament of your leadership. Thank you for your commitment and efforts that have truly been over the top.   DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Stephen Rash Delaware Stephen, thank you for protecting us all and always going above and beyond. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.  DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Alexa Adams Delaware Alexa, you never do just a good job when you can do a great one. Thank you for the time and effort you put into everything you do. Your passion for your job shows. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
ITS Development Team  Connecticut Shout-out to the most amazing development team out there.COVID challenges, we got this. Google, Microsoft - you got nothing on us! Cheryl Smith
Kyle Woll  Connecticut Organized and methodical. Kyle may be behind the scenes but the work he does is right up front. Thanks for all you do. Cheryl Smith
Andy Smith  Connecticut Any technical challenge given to Andy is solved with satisfying results. You're not the new guy anymore, Andy. Thanks for all you do. Cheryl Smith
Beverley Henry  Connecticut Beverley is the most patient person I know. She keeps getting thrown curve balls, but just hits them out of the park. I admire you Bev.  Cheryl Smith
Debra Childs New Hampshire Debra works non-stop, rarely taking a break. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her, whether it is making sure the Speaker has his lunch to looking up information for one of the Representatives, and she does it all with a smile.   Rep. Jeanine Notter
Rhonda Carroll Connecticut At the beginning of the session I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed, but Rhonda's encouragement, positive feedback, trust in my abilities, and contagiously positive demeanor made me feel at home with the Senate Dems. She and everyone else in the SDO made my first session so enjoyable, I can't wait to come back.  Hillary Desideraggio
Alex Dahlem Connecticut Alex has been an absolute Rockstar as he transitioned into a new role for our office. Alex is always willing to go above and beyond for staff and members.  Thank you Alex for all your hard work!  Kimmi Grove
Tracey Sanders- SCPD Connecticut Tracey has always been incredibly responsive and helpful to our caucus. We truly appreciate you! Jennifer Skehan
Eric Virden Indiana Eric always goes above and WAY beyond expectations. He is someone we can always depend upon to get the job done right. I always appreciate his feedback and insight.  Anne Hancock
Katie Beaumont Indiana Katie has a wonderful attitude every day. Her positive attitude and commitment to teamwork raises the work performance of everyone around her. Additionally, Katie is extremely organized and provides her legislators with exceptional work product. Graham Fishell
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is a person of tremendous value both professionally and personally to the CGA.  Her endless amount of energy and knowledge is an asset for everyone that she has contact with.  She has kept us informed and going through the Pandemic and she deserves all of our respect.  Thank you Molly! David Kaplan
Susan Keane  Connecticut When you look up the definition of "Committee" in the dictionary, it comes back "Susan Keane". At least in my brain it does. Always my go-to person. Steady, reliable, knowledgeable beyond any other source. Cheryl Smith
Rhonda Carroll  Connecticut Did you have all that new staff this year and still pull it off? Keeping up with changing paces, and priorities? You did it! Cheryl Smith
Zoe Gluck  Connecticut How many hats can one person wear? Ask Zoe. She has been amazing this session with so many roles to play. One week to go and then I hope you can take a breather! Cheryl Smith
Kirstin Breiner  Connecticut All I can say is that was quite a juggling act you performed for the Assistant Committee Clerks. Made the rest of our jobs much easier. Stay strong! Cheryl Smith
Michael Soyka Delaware Michael, your charming, free spirit brings value to our team. Your knowledge and ability to jump in and handle any situation is valuable. Thank you for always willing to help when needed. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Jaci Hugg Delaware Jaci, your special ability to nurture and make us all feel valued is greatly appreciated. You always try to bring everyone together. You think of new and different ways in approaching a problem. Your unique perspective is a tremendous asset to our team. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Charline Ganthier-Cine Delaware Charline, it is a pleasure working with you. Your ability to step into your role as a Legislative Assistant and willingness to learn and ask questions shows your quality of work. Thank you for your help and support - you are an asset to the team. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Read Scott Delaware Read, thank you for bringing your passion and skills to the job, as this has helped us better serve our constituents. Your knowledge and expertise shows in your support of two Senators. Your humor always brings us a good laugh. Thank you! DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Daykia Hunter-McKnight Delaware Daykia, you have become a valuable team player. Having you on the team makes all the difference and your positive attitude is infectious. We look forward to working with you. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Venessa Karpeh Delaware Venessa, you have a true commitment to quality that always shows through, which doesn't happen without hard work. Your expertise and knowledge which you have gained over the last several years that you share with others is invaluable. You are always willing to step in and help out, for which we are forever grateful. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Christella St. Juste Delaware Christella, thank your for your infectious smile and willingness to always help out. Your gained knowledge and expertise from always learning something new on your own to make processes run more efficiently has made our jobs easier. Thank you for all you do. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
James Berryhill Delaware James, your ability to stay calm, cool, and collected under pressure helps the rest of us stay grounded. A big shoutout for your assistance with SB 1. Your ability to juggle two Senators shows your strengths and knowledge. Keep up the great work, it's really paying off. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Billy Deleon Delaware Billy, we are happy to have you on the team. Your positive attitude already shows. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and we look forward to working together. DE State Senate Majority Caucus
Bill Lederman Connecticut Bill Lederman - more like Bill Numbersman! Man, can this guy math! I once saw Bill count to 20 without taking his shoes off. Keep up the good work! Christopher Wetzel
Samantha Savvidou Connecticut A shoutout to Sam for always being willing to help and completing our team.  Migdalia Alicea
Jazaira Acevado Connecticut A shoutout to Jazaira for coming to the CGA ready and willing to learn. She has become an essential part of our team.  Migdalia Alicea
Edward Jacome Connecticut A shoutout for jumping in and becoming part of a great team. Kudos to you Eddy.  Migdalia Alicea
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz always goes that little bit extra that makes everything ok. Thanks Liz. Migdalia Alicea
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan has a wealth of knowledge that is only matched by a wealth of kindness. Always my "LUCY."   Migdalia Alicea
Billy Taylor Connecticut Billy is always willing to help. His help was invaluable when transitioning into the CGA. Always my PIC.  Migdalia Alicea
Matthew Brokman Connecticut A shoutout to you for always, always being my "Go To person." I appreciate you. Migdalia Alicea
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is the ultimate IT professional, and knows PeopleSoft/Oracle inside and out. He is the mainstay in the day-to-day workings of all our timekeeping, HR, financial and payroll processes...and beyond. Where would we be without him? Thanks, Dan! Liz Harwood
Ciro Zelaya Connecticut Ciro brings us joy with his smile and power with his knowledge. He helps us to never worry. "It's gonna be okay" - that's Ciro. Gracias. Migdalia Alicea
Noemi Hammond Connecticut Noemi is always willing to help, always helping to find an answer. Migdalia Alicea
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is the face of OLM. When folks come into our office she is pleasant and polite. She is so helpful whenever asked to work on a task for us. She helps make OLM a great place to work. Caroline Beitman
Ash Northley Connecticut Ash is dedicated, organized and caring! I can always count on her to take care of constituents with respect and works hard to resolve issues. Rep, Jane Garibay
Cameron Clarke Connecticut Cameron is extremely knowledgeable and organized. He never loses his great attitude even under stress! Rep, Jane Garibay
Brittany Kane Connecticut I love Brittany's "can do" attitude and energy. She loves people, builds relationships and believes all is possible! Rep, Jane Garibay
Marc-Yves Regis Connecticut Marc is a great press person with a great attitude. He always knows how to present information to the public and is able to "read my mind." Rep, Jane Garibay
Mandi Careathers Connecticut Mandi always has a listening ear. She brings calm to a sometimes "Crazy" place to work. Thanks Mandi. Migdalia Alicea
Barry Hubbard Connecticut Even at the worst times Barry brings a sense of peace and happiness. Thanks Barry. Migdalia Alicea
Zoe "Zag" Gluck Connecticut I wouldn't want to laugh hysterically until I cry or bounce in synchronization on a stress ball with anyone else. Thank you for keeping me sane during this last crunch!  Brittany Kane
LSA Proofers Alabama They always make us look better than we are and this year took on making sure a whole new constitution is ready for the voters! Othni Lathram
Clodine Gober Alabama Clodine is always willing to take on extra work with a smile and make sure it gets done.  Othni Lathram
Paula Greene Alabama Paula stepped up in a new role this year and has rocked it!  She provided great leadership to the Legal Division this session.  Othni Lathram
Claire Ness North Dakota Excellent service and now appointed as assistant attorney general. Sen. Tim Mathern
Gerard Evelyn Virgin Islands Thank you, Gerard, for all you do on behalf of our constituents with disabilities!  Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
Ajani Brown Virgin Islands Ajani first served last year as one of our office interns and exhibited great skills in executing his work. I welcomed his return following graduation to serve as a Legislative Assistant, as he provides great support to the team and takes pride in his work. Keep as you have coined, Ajani: Pushing P!  Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
Ingrid Rissing Virgin Islands Ingrid is a dedicated member of the team who was promoted based on her passionate commitment to our constituent and field operations efforts. Thank you Ingrid for all of your hard work in the level of professionalism you exhibit in working with our constituents!  Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
Mary Ann Daly Connecticut Mary Ann has been a great resource and friend since I started at the CGA. She is always ready with advice and a helping hand! Emily Zambrello
OLM  Connecticut Thank you all so much for welcoming me into your family. I've never met or worked with such a wonderful group of people.   Heidi Delude-Tarquinio
Sue Skehan Connecticut Sue is amazing at her job. She is always willing to take time out of her day to answer questions. I can't thank her enough for making feel so welcome at OLM, and for all of her patience. Heidi Delude-Tarquinio
Lexi Juliani Georgia Lexi is capable at turning projects around at a record pace and has brought fresh, innovative ideas and procedures to the Georgia Senate's broadcast operations. Her dedication and constant positive energy is so necessary in what we do and the Georgia Senate truly could not operate without her!  Andrew Allison
Keenan Rogers Georgia Keenan serves a dual role as our Senate photographer and leads our broadcast/livestreaming team. He does an exceptional job in this capacity and has quickly garnered a reputation at being the best at what he does. The Georgia Senate couldn't function without you, Keenan! Andrew Allison
Sophie Stepakoff Georgia Sophie was brought on right at the beginning of our session and never missed a beat! She fearlessly took on the communications needs of over a dozen senators and learned the ins and outs of the job during our busiest time of year. Can't thank you enough, Sophie!  Andrew Allison
Rachel Moore Georgia Rachel has single handedly revamped the Georgia Senate's social media accounts and handled a busy portfolio of Senator's communications needs, all while starting in the middle of the session. Phenomenal job, Rachel!  Andrew Allison
Brian O'Connor Connecticut A shout-out for photographing everyday moments in the House Chamber in a beautiful and compelling way.  Katie Murray
Liz Mahn New Jersey In the space of about 2 weeks Liz took on the roles of Policy Director and Budget Director to the New Jersey Senate Democratic Office. Liz transitioned into both roles seamlessly despite making the move in the middle of budget season. Thank you, Liz, for your steady leadership and expertise on pretty much everything! Alison Accettola
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Noemi has consistently worked all hours of the day to get the job done. She goes above and beyond to support her legislators with anything small or large to make us look good in the eyes of others. Rep. Henry Genga
Rich Puffer Delaware Rich is in a class above the rest. He gets things big and small accomplished for our legislators and staff in the House of Representatives ever single day. I appreciate his valuable insight, experience, and dedication.  Lauren Vella
Lauren Goulet, Lindsey Donston, and Patrick Mellon Connecticut You have handled your first session or two amazingly well. I'm so impressed by each of you and thankful to work with you all.   Janelle Stevens
Carla Montgomery Kentucky Carla has the seemingly impossible task of coordinating the activities of a dozen House and Senate standing committee staffs, including bill drafting, and pulls it off with grace. We all know she has our back.  John Snyder
Justin Speck, Camille Taylor, Franklin Gomez & Madeleine Moghimi Georgia I have to give a HUGE shout out to this amazing House Media Services team! These guys work so hard and always have positive attitudes. Justin, Camille, Franklin and Madeleine are all essential staff to the legislative process here in Georgia and their hard work does not go unnoticed!  Betsy Theroux
LFA Budgeteers Utah This truly remarkable team continually strives to make our workplace, Legislature, and state better. Teammates provide unbiased data to Utah lawmakers informing state policy and improving citizens' lives. They truly care for one another and have supported each other through the many trials we all have faced especially these last few years. These staffers are objective, accurate, relevant -- and awesome! Jonathan Ball
Jeanie Phillips  Connecticut Jeanie has a great deal of institutional knowledge and stepped up this year to assist in a committee that was left short staffed. Thank you for your work this session! Zoe Gluck
Sarah Lozano Colorado Sarah is a drafter on my team who has handled a really heavy bill load this session with some complicated subject matter and is doing an amazing job with everything on her plate. Thanks Sarah! Darren Thornberry
Olwen Blessing North Carolina Congratulations on such a successful start to your career as the North Carolina Enrolling Clerk! Thank you for all you have done! Amy Jo Johnson
The Office of Legislative Services New Hampshire Thanks and kudos to all OLS staff in the Administrative Rules, Research, Legislative Drafting and Support Divisions! I am honored to work with such an incredible group of people!! Dave Alukonis
Michael Lindvall Wisconsin Thank you for the support you provide your colleagues and the constituents we serve. Your professionalism, flexibility, and positive response to challenges that come our way is noticed and appreciated. Thank you for all you do! Rebecca Frank
Tiffany Weaver Alabama Tiffany brought great energy and attitude to being the new analyst on the block.   Othni Lathram
The Bill Processing Office of the Bill Drafting Division North Carolina Jon and his team do a fantastic job of serving the Legislative Drafting and Legislative Analysis Divisions, as well as others. They rise to the task, especially under pressure. Thank you for all you do for the NCGA! Amy Jo Johnson
Ruth Ann Jones Delaware Ruth Ann Jones, as Delaware's first female Controller General, you are truly the glue that holds this office together. Congratulations on all of your successes, and I look forward to seeing you grow in this role! Victoria Brennan
John Bjornson North Dakota John led us through the Covid pandemic in a manner where we got the work done and saved staff and legislators from death. Tim Mathern
Colleen McCarthy Reid Maine As the analyst for the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee, Colleen brings a wealth of knowledge of existing Maine law and years of experience that frequently save the day when we are seeking bipartisan compromise. She is enormously hardworking, responsive, and tech savvy. She deserves ALL the kudos! Denise Tepler
Rachel Weiss Montana Rachel is the LSD Staff for the House Judiciary and the Law & Justice Interim Committee. She keeps on top of all the issues the committees are working on, she keeps the chair on task, usually anticipates the questions she might be asked and already has the answer. No matter who the chairperson is, Rachel makes the chairperson and committee look good. She goes above & beyond. THANK YOU Rachel Rep. Barry Usher
Ali Sagraves Ohio Ali is the Associate Vice President of ASLCS and a hard-working member of the Ohio House Clerk's team. She's always willing to take on projects, do the hard work, and always do it with a smile!  Paul Smith
J.T. Mathis Alabama J.T. is not only a top-notch fiscal analyst, he also moonlights as the office EMT and we are all grateful for the generosity he brings to both roles! Othni Lathram
Gillian Purser Alabama Gillian worked through her first regular session in a manner that everyone thought she had already been her forever! Othni Lathram
Karen Smith Alabama Karen is continues to shine as an example of always working hard with a smile...she is also nearly done bringing all our local laws into the Code! Othni Lathram
Megan Bella Louisiana Megan exudes grace, professionalism, and great judgment. It is amazing to watch her in her element; remaining poised while working under the pressures of session..... and with the biggest smile. Megan, you are more than appreciated! Crystal Lewis
Tobin Abraham Massachusetts Tobin is the best Legislative director I could ever ask for. He's hardworking, compassionate, and really thoughtful in all that he does. He's a true asset to my office and our district. Rep. Tram Nguyen
Ron Smith Louisiana Ron is the elected Associate member of ASLCS and Assistant Clerk of the Louisiana House. At a time when institutionalists are hard to find, Ron has been a stalwart defender of the House for decades. A man who always knows what to say, how to say it, and at the right time, he's the guy you'd want having your back in any situation, ever.  Paul Smith
Kay Wilson  Delaware Kay Wilson works in constituent services. She goes the extra mile for her constituents and her co workers. She is always the first one to figure out how to solve a problem and share it with her team and the other caucuses.   David Deputy
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor joined the House Democrat Clerk team this year and I could not be more grateful to have such a dedicated staff member on our team. She is always willing to help and her eagerness to learn the legislative and committee process does not go unnoticed.  Zoe Gluck
Regulations Committee Staff Kentucky During an unprecedented workload, I have felt blessed to be part of a wonderful team and with an amazing committee staff administrator. The "can do" attitude of everyone, positive attitudes, kindness, support, understanding, hard work, and attention to detail have made it much easier to band together and to ride it out through the challenging times. Thank you Team Regs! Carrie Nichols
The Office of Legislative Services  New Hampshire Thanks and kudos to all OLS staff in the Administrative Rules, Research, Legislative Drafting and Support Divisions! I am honored to work with such an incredible group of people!! Dave Alukonis
Robin Voss Arkansas Shout-out to Robin Voss for always stepping in to assist with the House Calendar. Any time assistance is needed she is always willing to help. Thank you for all you do, I am grateful to work with you. Malisha Straw
Wendy Harding Wyoming House Chief Clerk Wendy Harding has let the gavel drop on her 18 years of Legislative Service.  She is retiring to greener pastures at the Harding Ranch.  We will miss her skills and experience.  Ellen Thompson
Tiffany Weaver Alabama This was Tiffany's first legislative session as Health and Human Services analyst and she did a great job. Looking forward to even bigger things from her in the future. Kirk Fulford
Clodine Gober Alabama Clodine is a tremendous asset to the Legislative Services Agency. She was a big help to the Fiscal Division this session and we appreciate her willingness to take on the additional responsibilities. Kirk Fulford
Amber Widgery NCSL Ms Widgery is very knowledgeable and attentive. Amber was very prompt helping me personally or forwarding my info request to a collegue who was able to help. NCSL is a valuable resource. Rep. Ed Hill
Anne Sappenfield Wisconsin Good luck in the coming year as NCSL Staff Chair! I know you're going to do a great job! Jon Heining
Rachel Weiss and Joe Kolman Montana We are lucky to have the experience and professionalism of Rachel and Joe. They are smart, thoughtful, and easy to work with. We couldn't function without them. Kendra Miller
Kirstin Breiner, Susan Keane and Cheryl Smith Connecticut These three deserve the biggest shout out. Susan, Kirstin and Cheryl are the reason the Connecticut General Assembly's committee process continues to function. They are knowledgeable, creative, and patient. They have worked tirelessly over the last two years to find the best way to operate in a remote setting while making sure the committee process seems effortless to anyone participating or watching. They are the best sounding board, therapists, teammates and friends. I couldn't be more grateful to work with them every day. I hope they know how much they are appreciated. Invaluable is an understatement.  Zoe Gluck
Angela Allen Michigan With over 30 years working on Senate Session Staff, Angela Allen makes sure everything is done right, and session runs smoothly. Everyone appreciates Angela's nurturing spirit and can do attitude. Thank you Angela! Margaret O'Brien
Julie Fedele Delaware Julie's positive attitude and never-ending smile even in the most stressful situations always warms up our office environment and I am grateful to have her as part of our team! Ruth Ann Jones
Gretchen Gad Fournier Colorado Shoutout to our very talented graphic designer/desktop publisher who is such a pleasure to work with and is helping us up our graphics game! She has redesigned the OSA's reports to give them a modern, clean new look! Greg Fugate
Katelyn Guderian Colorado Katelyn joined the team one session ago, and has been instrumental in helping two brand new staffers - including myself - adjust to the role. She's answered a million questions, some more than once. With only one session under her belt, she's been a knowledgeable and hardworking team member. Thank you Katelyn! Asia Merrill
Christina Pen Connecticut Christina is without a doubt one of the most hardworking staff in the General Assembly. She constantly offers to help others and constantly reminds me that we could not get through our work day without laughter. I am so grateful for her dedication to teamwork and her friendship. She is one of the most loyal people I know and that is invaluable in our workplace. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Christina. Zoe Gluck
The Hive Wisconsin Thank you to the Hive for your professionalism and outstanding editing and proofreading during the 2021-22 legislative session! You are The Best. Wendy Jackson
Victoria Brennan Delaware Victoria has become the coordinator of all things Health and Capital Budget and never fails to stay well-organized and well-versed in all related topics. She does all of it with a smile on her face and the office is made a better place because of her! Ruth Ann Jones
Jason Smith Delaware Jason continually takes on highly complex and high volume projects, including detailed fiscal notes, Grants-in-Aid applications, budget adjustments, and various other legislative inquiries. His professionalism never waivers and his sense of humor ensures that even the most highly complex situation can be fun! Ruth Ann Jones
The Business Team attorneys in the Colorado Office of Legislative Legal Services Colorado This group of 8 attorneys has drafted over 350 bills for the 2022 legislative session. With new bills being requested daily and continuous rewrites of existing major bills, these attorneys never seem to sleep. They've written bills on subjects from alcohol to recycling to workers' compensation while also juggling dozens of review and comment memos and hearings on initiatives submitted by constituents in the middle of session. Most of them have also served as amendment clerks in the House and Senate. Most importantly, they know the true meaning of teamwork. Whenever a team member is in need of assistance, they can count on each other to pitch in with the smallest tasks to the largest. What a great team! Rebecca Hausmann
William Cromwell Connecticut Will has transitioned into his new role with ease as he continues to ask questions, learn from challenging situations and offer constructive feedback. I appreciate the opportunity he has given our team to continue to learn, grow and succeed.  Zoe Gluck
Jamelia Russell Virgin Islands It gives me immense pride in saying to everyone how great you are as an employee. Your diligence and detailed approach towards work has set a benchmark for the rest of the office. Cheers!  Keep up the excellent work, and keep rising!  Sen. Donna Frett-Gregory
Martha Jarrow Arkansas Shout out to Martha Jarrow who is an amazing leader and Director of Member Services. She is always patient and kind to EVERYONE! She pushes me to be the best me and I am truly grateful to have her as a part of my work/personal life.  The state of Arkansas and the House of Representatives is lucky to have Martha. Thank you for all you do! Malisha Straw
Martha Jarrow Arkansas Martha is the director of House Constituent Services. She goes above & beyond & often checks on House members to give an uplifting word, a shoulder to lean on, & a smile. She brightens our days! Carol Dalby
Jess Wigent, Darren Thornberry, and Olivia Nesselroade Colorado This is the best, hardest working, most dedicated group of editors I've had the privilege to work with. They've put in hundreds of extra hours working on bills, amendments, memos, and more. They monitor the general assembly proceedings from home as well as team communications on Slack, just so they can help out whenever needed. I'm lucky to be their teammate and supervisor. They really make my job easy. Rebecca Hausmann
Information Technology Services Connecticut In unprecedented times this office has worked together tirelessly to ensure the legislature can fully operate. Cheers to all of them! Paul Alderucci
Shannon Mangione Kentucky Shannon not only assists me in addressing my immediate constituent needs and requests but also anticipates information that helps me do my job. She is an asset to me and helps my effectiveness as a legislator. Rep. Deanna Frazier Gordon
Milly Allen Montana Milly is fairly new to Montana LSD - since our normal Staff for CJOC is busy with redistricting, Milly was thrown in as CJOC Staff. Milly has stepped up, learned fast and keeps our CJOC on task and usually has the answers to our questions or get the answer quickly. Thank you Milly. Rep. Barry Usher
James Cianci New Hampshire Jim is our House Legal Counsel and especially during the pandemic and beyond has had a keen eye on the best interests of the NH House and successfully argued on behalf of the body several times. Integrity and honesty are synonymous with Jim Cianci.  Paul Smith
Christina Dyer New Hampshire Christina was brand-new when the pandemic started and almost immediately after coming out of it took on the staff duties for the Redistricting committee and rocked it, especially with hearings in each county of the state. The NH House is lucky to have her.  Paul Smith
Justin Kaiser Connecticut Justin does a great job helping the constituents in my district with their problems and my office could not operate without his dedication.  Rep. Gary Turco
Jason York Connecticut Jason is an outstanding press aide who works hard to help keep the public informed on policy issues, breaking news, and pubic health guidance. He is an important asset to my legislative work and I thank him for all his efforts.   Rep. Gary Turco
Dawn Marzik Connecticut Dawn has been committed to serving the people of the State of Connecticut for over two decades. She has worked with constituents and legislators to solve difficult issues and has always had time to offer help to others. She works with the Legislative Internship program to ensure that interns have the best possible experience and have endless opportunities once they complete the program. Thank you for all you do, Dawn!  Zoe Gluck
LSA Fiscal Division Alabama I am incredibly proud of the work of the Fiscal Division and the ability of the staff to adapt to increased or new responsibilities. Everyone plays a vital role to our mission. You all rock! Kirk Fulford
LSA Proofers Alabama The LSA Proofers are a tremendous asset to our work product and make mistakes disappear before they become an issue. Kirk Fulford
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric is a dedicated professional who cares deeply about his work in Minnesota, but is also responsive, thoughtful, and engaging to fiscal staff in other states. He is a friend and mentor and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.   Kirk Fulford
John Friedenreich Alabama John contributes in many ways to the success of our team. He is an extraordinary resource on transportation and budget issues and a good mentor to our new analysts. Kirk Fulford
Pete Grogan Alabama Pete is a valuable member of our team and a great mentor for new analysts.  Kirk Fulford
Paula Greene Alabama Paula assumed the role of Deputy Director for the Legal Division this year and did an amazing job during the session! Kirk Fulford
Dustin Jones Alabama Dustin is a great teammate! He juggles many tasks and performs them well, but is also responsive and friendly with his daily interactions with House members and other staff. Kirk Fulford
JT Mathis Alabama JT was a great fiscal analyst addition to our staff this year. He has proven to be a hard worker who goes the extra mile to get the job done right.  Kirk Fulford
Cindy Davis Alabama Cindy has a great attitude and works hard to ensure that fiscal notes and House committee assignments are fulfilled. Kirk Fulford
Jessica Brown Alabama Jessica took on a new role this session and performed well. She always has a great attitude and works hard to get the job done. Kirk Fulford
Maria Alexander Alabama Maria is always willing to help others and take on additional tasks with a great attitude. Kirk Fulford
Mark White West Virginia During our 60-day session, Mark is always quick to respond to our frequent requests for materials from his busy Judiciary Committee — copies of minutes, audio files from meetings, it runs the gamut and he always helps me with a smile. Ann Ali
Suzanne Wheaton  California A shoutout for showing exemplary leadership through action and service to the public. Sen. Dave Cortese
Blake Goodman Michigan Blake goes above and beyond to ensure our office has a top-notch communications and legislative strategy. He's outgoing and beloved among offices, and serves as a mentor to many. Rep. Mari Manoogian
Mark Laliberte Minnesota Mark could teach a master class in constituent services! He has helped thousands of Minnesotans navigate through Covid-related issues, large and small, over the past 2 years. The House GOP caucus is lucky to have him! Rachel Eason
LRB PA Staff Wisconsin The LRB program assistants and research assistants hold down the fort with professionalism and skill. Thanks for all you do! Wendy Jackson
Nancy Warnecke Wisconsin Nancy is an ace visual designer who makes everything she touches more readable, usable, and pleasing in appearance. (Plus she doesn't kill us when we shift deadlines on her.) Thank you, Nancy! Wendy Jackson
Brian O'Connor Connecticut Brian captures in pictures our life in the House of Representatives. He also captures the emotions of what is happening! He is very talented in understanding and documenting our history in real time! Rep. Jane Garibay
Amy Jo Johnson North Carolina Amy Jo consistently goes above and beyond to support and encourage her colleagues in Bill Drafting and the General Assembly as a whole. Thank you for all that you do! Olwen Blessing
JT Mathis Alabama JT has been an great addition to our team. He always brings a strong work ethic and good attitude! Dustin Jones
Nancy Serrano Connecticut Nancy is one of the nicest women in the Legislative Office Building of Connecticut General Assembly. Her wealth of knowledge is understated and her generosity is vast. I thank her for her friendship.    David Kaplan
Beverly Mobley Nevada This is a shoutout to Beverly and all of her staff (Craig, Barbara, Jose, Zaida, James, Tina, Tarron, and Gabby) in the Nevada Legislature's Constituent Services Unit of the Research Division for their continued service to Nevada's 63 legislators and their many constituents. Their compassion for others during their time of need has been evident throughout the course of the pandemic. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement Beverly! Jennifer Ruedy
Migdalia Ballester Alicea Connecticut Migdalia is a committed and valuable team player. She is supportive in all aspects of the legislature and is an all around wonderful person to work beside.  Noemi Hammonds 
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut Kim has been an inspiration of how to overcome a very challenging year(s) in more than one way. I respect and admire her determination in maintaining our learning knowledge though she has had her own battles. Thank you Kim and I wish her a long and successful career in helping others.   David Kaplan
Samantha Savvidou Connecticut Sam is a go-getter! She is consistently willing to help and ensure the work gets done. She's a creative thinker which adds to the quality of our team.  Noemi Hammonds 
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jazaira is an all-around team player! Her professional demeanor and ability to collaborate with ideas makes her a true asset to the legislature. Super proud of you, Jaz!  Noemi Hammonds  
Edward Jacome  Connecticut Edward is an efficient and reliable team player. He consistently strives for excellence and contributes to the overall betterment of the team.  Noemi Hammonds 
LRGC Bill & Data Management Team Utah The B&DM Team does SO much all at once, and so thoroughly and professionally without missing a beat. Their hats include editor, librarian, programmer, archivist, parliamentarian, database architect, historian, and more... I can't possibly list the dozens of things they manage to do behind the scenes! They are the grease AND the gears and wheels of the Session machine, and they are sprinting non-stop during the whole marathon of a Session. Thank you! Daniel Cheung
Amy Hawkes Utah Amy is an amazing and indispensable teammate who made our team shine. Had no idea how much was happening behind the scenes during meetings because Amy was expertly and flawlessly juggling it all. So grateful for her administrative support and would trust her with anything! Daniel Cheung
Mark Andrews Utah Mark exemplifies professionalism, calm, and curiosity - markers of excellent non-partisan legislative staff. So grateful to be on his team and to continue to learn from him! Daniel Cheung
Alex Wilson Utah Alex was instrumental in pulling together timely and accurate information for the Legislature to looped in on opioid settlements. So grateful for Alex's professionalism and Excel skills! Daniel Cheung
Miguel Santos Virgin Islands Miguel is an amazing and passionate team member who is dedicated to constituent work and outreach to the Spanish-speaking community on behalf of the office. Thank you, Miguel!  Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
Matt Brokman Connecticut Matt is my go-to person. He is always fair, knowledgeable and helpful with non biased guidance. And he has the patience of a saint!!! Rep. Jane Garibay
Jess Rodic, Nate Sanko, Sue Zitto and Trey McElwee Pennsylvania A HUGE thank you to these amazing team members who keep the legislative process in the PA Senate going! I couldn’t do what I do without all they they do each & every day! I’m blessed to have them on my team & the Senate is so fortunate to have such dedicated public servants at the heart of the legislative process!  Megan Martin
Pad McCracken Montana Mr. McCracken goes beyond expectations to meet the needs of legislators. He is always available for research inquiries while providing outstanding insight and practical solutions. Rep. Fred Anderson
Susan Fox Montana Ms. Fox does an outstanding job of organizing legislative activities and of recruiting and employing a staff that is committed to doing a great job of supporting every legislator. Her professionalism, integrity and insight are exemplary. Rep. Fred Anderson
Sam Schaefee Montana There isn't a question we can ask from our tax committees for which Sam doesn't have the answer. His dexterity with the data impresses! Thank you, Sam. Rep. Becky Beard
Aaron Kirkpatrick Missouri Aaron's attention to detail and ability to handle multiple bill draft requests in an organized method is astounding! This is in addition to his efforts spearheading the implementation of a new drafter program. Thanks Aaron! Curtis Cunningham
Linda Lewis Missouri Linda's cheerfulness and smiling greeting brighten the office first thing every morning. In addition, Linda's ability to read between the lines, grasp meaning where often it is lacking, and fix all of the proofing mistakes, make Linda an outstanding asset worthy of a SHOUT-OUT. Curtis Cunningham
Adi Schultz Missouri Adi's steadfastness makes her worthy of a shoutout. Adi is an amendment drafting machine who is always approachable and willing to help others. "Adi's computer" and the "Adi line" are acknowledgments to her consistency. Curtis Cunningham
Mariah Derringer-Lackey Kentucky Mariah has been with LRC for 1.5 years and has excelled in learning the processes of the deputy director's office. She keeps Carla and  me organized and always anticipates our needs! Katie Carney
Sarah Garoutte Missouri Sarah deserves a shoutout because she provides a solid foundation of information. Sarah can be counted on to know the answer or find the answer and will help whenever and wherever she is needed, especially this session, stepping up when our office was short-staffed. Curtis Cunningham
Jessie Eiler Missouri Jessie deserves a shout-out for her leadership and patience. No session is "normal," however, Jessie manages to ease her staff through some of the most difficult times with grace and a presence, helping all of the staff keep their heads above water and ensuring that House Research is respected and known for being "with it." Curtis Cunningham
Julie McNitt Missouri Julie deserves a shoutout for her helpfulness and contributions to institutional knowledge. Julie's skill at training new analysts and being the "knower of things" makes her an invaluable asset that is greatly appreciated. Curtis Cunningham
Patsy Spaw Texas

Patsy Spaw was an important trusted mentor and my saving grace during my tenure as chair of the ASLCS Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee. She is an irreplaceable institution and truly reflects the best of humanity in everything she does. Thank you Patsy for all you have done and continue to do for your state and legislative staff everywhere!

Sabrina Lewellen
Eric Nauman Minnesota

Eric Nauman is one of the professional highlights of my 2022 and an extraordinary human being! I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as co-chair of a subcommittee alongside him and I do not have enough space in this portal to tell the world how much he contributes to every endeavor he touches. He is an exemplary example of service, dedication and statesmanship. The State of Minnesota has a rare jewel in Eric Nauman and I am SO glad I get to call him legislative colleague and friend.

Sabrina Lewellen
Carrie Maulin Idaho

Carrie Maulin is an outstanding professional who exemplifies leadership, service, grace and collaboration. I am especially grateful for her support when she served as one of two Vice Chairs of Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee for ASLCS. Carrie - thank you for all of your support and for your willingness to share your knowledge and best practices with others.

Sabrina Lewellen
Mike Dohr Colorado The lead attorney for our team, Mike Dohr, is probably the calmest, most hardworking person I know. When a controversial bill is on the floor, he never hesitates to help the drafter write amendments. In a pinch he will draft a bill for an attorney with a heavy drafting load. He is always available for commonsense advice and support. And I have never seen him get flustered, no matter how chaotic things get.  Faith Marcovecchio
Connor Randall, Brittany Rodriguez, Lennee Mozia Colorado The House enrolling team has been asked to perform enrolling heroics all session long. They work punishing hours after everyone else has gone home - even on weekends - and they all deserve praises and raises.  Darren Thornberry
Katelyn Guderian Colorado Katelyn has been such a great partner on our editorial team this year. We added two new editors to the team in the fall, and she has been invaluable in helping me train them. During an intense session, she never hesitates to step up to work on a difficult bill or stay late to help with amendments, and she always has a positive attitude. Thanks, Katelyn! Faith Marcovecchio
Anja Boyd Colorado Whenever I have a question about a tricky amending clause or an unusual editor's note in the statutes, Anja from our Publications Team is always available to point me in the right direction and help me out. Her decades of experience are an invaluable resource to the entire staff in our office. Faith Marcovecchio
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut She has great vibes and never hesitates to help her team, Noemi is an amazing pod leader!  Jazaira Perez-Acevedo
SRO Legislative Aides Connecticut You are the best  -- we have each other's backs and I so appreciate your words of encouragement or making me laugh just when I need it! Debby Adams
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut Kirstin was one of the few staff members who answered the call when L&D asked for people to consider facilitating a Hot Topic. Her Class, The Regulation Adoption Process - What is it and why is it important?, is now a regular feature of the Specialized Skill Set and has received great kudos from those who attended. Thanks, KB, for stepping up and for delivering a great training class! Molly McAllister
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan Keane loves the legislative process and it shows in everything she does. If there is anyone in the building who has a question or wants to learn about the process, she will make time for them - no matter what! And, when they are done learning from Susan, they will understand the legislative process better. Susan is a masterful and kind mentor and facilitator. Thank you, Susan, for all you contribute to L&D. Molly McAllister
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is the mastermind behind the scenes! He tackles every project with curiosity and always comes up with solutions that make the process look simple (even though we know he has worked tirelessly to make it all happen). Thank you, Dan, for listening, hearing our needs, and creating systems that make us look good! Molly McAllister
Reapportionment Office staff- Tonya Cooper, Brian Knight, Gabe Mesriah, Dan O'Connor, Rob Strangia and Maggie Wigton Georgia My team handled all the redistricting things from a shortened timeline, special session, all the local maps in regular session, and made it look easy!  They showed unparalleled commitment and professionalism and I am so proud of each of them!  Gina Wright
Ryan Langrill Idaho Ryan learns more about an agency we are evaluating in a day than I could in a week! His mentorship is invaluable.   Sasha O'Connell
Amanda Bartlett Idaho Amanda is dedicated to our office and so insightful. Whenever she speaks, I always want to drop everything to soak up her knowledge.  Sasha O'Connell
Mackenzie Moss Idaho Mackenzie is smart, such a hard worker, and just a fun teammate! Sasha O'Connell
Lee Meilleur Minnesota Lee and his team work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide GIS services to the legislature (especially during the 2020 redistricting cycle).  Alexis Stangl
Matt Gehring Minnesota Matt is great for many reasons, but I really appreciate his sense of humor and willingness to work together on issues.  Alexis Stangl
Jennifer Foor New Hampshire Thank you Jenn for your good work for our contentious committee. I do truly appreciate your calming influence. Please do not go back to Hawaii! Rep. Marjorie A. Porter
Slate Goodwin New Hampshire Thank you Slate for your hard work, your gracious smile, and your delightful sense of humor! And oh, for fitting right in with our crazy group. We are so glad you have joined us on the third floor! Rep. Marjorie A. Porter
Dan Mason New Hampshire Dan knows everything, keeps it all straight in his head, and stays calm and collected even when everyone else is not. He's got a great sense of humor, and is a wonderful Dad too! So glad he's with us. Rep. Marjorie A. Porter
Rachel Cole New Hampshire Besides being smart, caring, lovely, and supremely well organized, Rachel has the amazing ability to make multi-tasking look easy. We are so lucky to have her in our office! Representative Marjorie A. Porter
Ashley Harwell Beach South Carolina She is our Code Commissioner and fearless leader who is not only navigating our legislative session, but collaborating and entirely rebuilding a twenty-first century program which will totally change the way we draft, amend, and store legislation in the State of South Carolina. Did I mention she is doing it with perseverance and grace? Well, she is and I am!  Lisa W. Militello
Jared May Texas A big shout out to the TLC MARS team for coordinating our nonpartisan mapping, redistricting, and election analysis services. Your work is critical and appreciated! Jon Heining
Maureen Maynard U.S. Virgin Islands Chief of Staff Maureen Maynard is the constant professional! Her dedication to her Senator, her staff, her colleagues and the constituents of St. Croix, Virgin Islands shines like a star! Continue to shine Maureen! Jada M. Lark
Samantha Verner Florida Samantha is an excellent member of our team, who is always ready to support our mission to serve the people of our district and accomplish our goals. She is thoughtful and generous with her time and efforts to our constituents. I couldn't do it without her. Rep. Chip LaMarca
Chas Nichols Louisiana Coach Chas is a great analyst, but, perhaps more importantly, he is the best softball coach we could ask for. I am forever grateful for the great pep speeches and game recaps. But yeah, he's good at budget analyzing too. :D. Amy Pirtle
Lisa Lovello Louisiana Lisa is so knowledgeable, and I always appreciate her sage advice. In addition to being a stellar drafter, she is super involved in the staff wellness events and was an amazing coach for our running team. So glad I get to work with her! Amy Pirtle
Wade Harrell Colorado Wade is the IT professional for my office and I'm pretty sure the office would cease to function without him. Wade fixes all of our computer problems, creates new macros and programs to make our lives easier, and is on nearly every internal officewide committee because the committees invariably come up with lofty ideas that we want him to implement - and he does! Wade is also the nicest person. He never makes me feel dumb if I ask the same question repeatedly, ask about something he has already e-mailed the office about, or when my computer won't work due to user error. He just kindly answers my question or fixes my problem and tells me how to take care of it in the future. Rebecca Hausmann
Drew Murray Louisiana Drew is the jolliest guy at the Capital and exemplifies peak professionalism and resourcefulness. I appreciate his thoroughness when bill drafting but also his amazing softball skills!  Amy Pirtle
Robyn Cockerham Louisiana Robyn is such a bright and supportive team player. She is so involved in coordinating Live at the Varsity (not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination) and by being our on-call scorekeeper in softball (whenever she gets the email). So glad I get to work with such a sunbeam of a person! Amy Pirtle
Robin Stalder Louisiana Robin was the best librarian (seriously- she was able to string the most obscure ideas into a researchable topic) and now she's going to be the best drafter! So glad I get to work with such a fun and knowledgeable person! Amy Pirtle
Nick Cole Louisiana Nick knows agriculture (as well as aquaculture and rural development) better than anyone I have ever met. He is a great resource and always a joy to work with! Amy Pirtle
Tyler Bosworth Louisiana If there was a Mr. Congeniality given in HLS, Tyler would get it. He is the friendliest staff member and super knowledgeable on his subject matter. Next time I have a question about Christmas tress and the coastline, I know exactly who to go to.  Amy Pirtle
Linda Hopkins Louisiana Ms. Linda is the brightest and friendliest person. She always makes my day, and I cherish the times I run into her while out and about the Capitol.  Amy Pirtle
Vicki Pendell West Virginia Vicki is our anchor in the Speaker's office, keeping countless balls in the air for so many of us, with a tireless eye on all the details. Vicki will always jump in to be sure a job gets done AND that it gets cleaned up afterward. I don't know what I'd do without Vicki! Ann Ali
Kelly Fogleman Louisiana Kelly is such a delight, and I'm so glad I bonded with her about the Bachelor back when I was applying for this job. She exemplifies all the best ideals of the organization, and I view her as one of my professional role models. She's got great taste in fashion too. *insert hair flip/hand tip emoji* Amy Pirtle
Taylor Hawk Delaware Taylor is a rockstar policy director and we are so lucky to have her, she really holds down the fort running committee meetings and keeping everything organized and on a consistent schedule. She's so dependable and always ready to help and does great research for all of us! Anna Shields
House Research Division Tennessee Thank you for your support, outstanding work ethic, and commitment to our team. You provide important services to our committees, and I'm proud of your dedication to the committee chairs and our Speaker of the House. Judy Narramore
Amelie Welden, Maysha Watson, and Oky Sulistio Nevada To our ultra-professional Research Division Publications people: You've had scarce resources but done brilliant work over the past two years. You make us all look good! Teresa Wilt
The Business Team Colorado The Business Team of the OLLS is the BEST! Through thick and thin, the members of the team stick together, support each other, and continue to get the job done! The 2022 legislative session has been one of the most challenging, and yet, this group of dedicated, professional, highly skilled public servants keeps at it, day in and day out, never quitting, always giving their best. I am proud to call them my colleagues and am so grateful to them for their dedication and incredibly hard work! Christy Chase
Henry MacDiarmid Nevada Henry was too good at his job. He was rightfully promoted to a more challenging position, but we will miss having him as our Division's IT liaison. Thank you for all you did for us, Henry! Legislative Research Library Staff
Jeff Greenfield Connecticut Jeff is an awesome guide to everything session. He is knowledgeable, kind, patient and always helpful. Also, his wife makes awesome cookies! Rep. Jane Garibay
Patty Amundson Colorado Patty accepted the challenging task of editing for all 3 of our office's subject matter teams beginning this session, and her expertise and knowledge have been invaluable! As a newer staff member on a team filled with new staff members, I have witnessed Patty take on massive amounts of work countless times since session began in January. She has been a true lifesaver in helping with our overflow of lengthy bills and amendments, and she makes a huge difference in our ability to get the job done. Katelyn Guderian
Faith Marcovecchio Colorado When Faith unexpectedly became our team's head editor last fall, she stepped up to the plate with enthusiasm, organization, and a genuine desire to help our team thrive. She consistently volunteers for the hardest tasks and constantly checks in with individual editors to ensure they don't have too much on their plate. Faith knows the answer to nearly every obscure editing question thrown at her, and she's quick to find the answer on the rare occasion that she's stumped. She is calm through the stress and always thinking one bill, week, and step ahead to help the team function at its very best. We would be lost without her! Katelyn Guderian
The LAW Team Drafters Colorado These attorneys never seem to miss a beat despite their staggering workloads, and they are remarkably pleasant people to work with. The LAW team consistently receives the most controversial bill requests that require countless hours of effort to perfect, but the drafters remain professional and consistently cool under pressure. Your editors appreciate all the work you do! Katelyn Guderian
Katie Murray Connecticut Katie has the best attitude! Even after a long day of being helpful and keeping us organized she still smiles! Love having her on the floor with us! Rep. Jane Garibay
Kathy Eaton, Candice Fleming, Abraham Gomez, John Klinsman, and Michael Williams Nevada They are always cheerful and quick to help. They take our requests for empty binders and tabs as seriously as for bill copies. They came to the door of the dock to give us the Research Division mail during the pandemic office closures, and even occasionally brought mail to our building when we had no way of picking it up. They were wonderful in taking care of getting ILL materials returned for us. They have fixed our desks and moved our mountains of materials. Everything they do is so helpful. They definitely go above and beyond. Legislative Research Library Staff
Legislative Council staff North Dakota All are so knowledgeable, capable, and hard-working that they make it possible for legislators to accomplish what needs to be done. We are so fortunate!   Sen. Judy Lee
Michelle Kirby Connecticut She is a wonderful graduate fellowship program coordinator!    Kristen Miller
Keith Jacobi Georgia Keith has been learning to juggle many initiatives in two large areas of our state budget. Keep up the good work in serving our Appropriations Committee. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Austin Trott Georgia Austin has been passionate and versatile as one our principal program analysts. We greatly appreciate him being skillful within our education policy area and funding formulae, as well as assistance to new analysts. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Kaitlin Little Georgia Kaitlin has been instrumental within developing her knowledge on public health and moving along with the inertia of mental health supports. The team also appreciates her positivity and can-do attitude. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Sydney Little Georgia Sydney has been with us for about a year, and has been hitting the stride with developing her acumen in inquiry and analysis of budgetary topics. Thank you for your flexibility in taking on two new areas as we roll of our legislative session. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Lindsay McVicar Georgia Lindsay has made a successful transition from a graduate fellow to a full-time analyst in our office. We look forward to your contributions and in mutually meeting your policy interests for your career development. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Jack Tripp Georgia Jack is a valuable asset and member of the Secretary of Senate's office. Thank you for your responsiveness and coordination in meeting the needs of the other Senate offices. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Senate TV staff: Clinton, Dylan, Scott and Matt Michigan Over the last year, Senate TV staff have worked to update equipment, improve our streaming, expand our archives and offer closed captioning. During COVID, they seamlessly integrated virtual participants into meetings. The expectations are high, the challenges are great yet they continue to offer quality services. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Martha Wigton Georgia Thanks for the leadership and service to the legislative bodies and our state. We'll greatly miss you and Melody in the 2023 Session, but we also acknowledge how both of you focused on developing our respective staffs. Thankful. Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Andrew Allison Georgia Andrew is awesome in coordinating the resources to meet the needs of our streamed hearings. Keep up the good work! Bravo! Brent Churchwell
Amanda Butt Georgia Apart from her core duties, Amanda has been an invaluable resource in meeting our (frequent) needs around the Senate website. Much appreciated! Bravo! Brent Churchwell
CNMI Legislative Bureau Northern Mariana Islands When help is needed, in various kinds of situations, our Legislative Bureau is on top of it. A loud shoutout to you all for your untiring and speedy assistance, friendly hospitality, and outstanding performance!! Sen. Paul A. Manglona & Staff
John Fellows Utah John has advised the Utah Legislature for 37 years - the last 14 as Legislative General Counsel. Even those of us untrained in the legal realm appreciate his pragmatic approach to the law. He defends and strengthens the legislative institution each and every day. Jonathan Ball
Giovanni R. Randazzo Illinios Giovanni is a fearless leader and a consummate legal counselor.  Our team is better because of his continued involvement. Much gratitude - The Leagles!  ISDC Legal Review Staff
Minnesota House Public Information Office Minnesota We are grateful for the amazing team of Session Daily writers, led by Mike Cook, in the Minnesota House Public Information Office for keeping Minnesotans in the know on legislative action. Their comprehensive coverage and links to bills make legislative proceedings more transparent. Elizabeth Lincoln
Fred Messerer California Even though we work in different states, I consider Fred a colleague. His sense of humor and positive encouragement keep our RELACS meetings fun and the staff section strong. Thanks! Rachel Weiss
Kathy Zambrano Colorado Kathy is the publications coordinator for our office. She is responsible for making sure our statutes are published accurately each year and she has been doing an outstanding job for many years. Her job goes beyond publishing the statutes though. Kathy is the "go to" person for many bill drafting questions and she will write new amending clauses and effective dates for bills on the fly whenever a new situation arises. Kathy is a wealth of knowledge and skill and as the person who trained me, I still go to her with editing questions on nearly every topic. Thanks for everything you do Kathy! Rebecca Hausmann
Susan Fox Montana As the ED of the Montana Legislative Services Division, Susan has been a tireless champion of NCSL and the valuable resources it offers to legislators and legislative staff. Thanks for your service. Rachel Weiss
Stan Holcenberg Alaska This is Stan's first year as a legislative staffer and he has done a phenomenal job picking up on all the small pieces of legislative work. He's a top-notch front desk, with a winning attitude. Laib Allensworth
Steve Roach Kansas Steve is a senior system administrator in IT and his steady presence keeps everything running smoothly.  Both legislators and staff rely on his help and advice in everything IT-related. Terri Clark
Matt Reich Connecticut Matt really cares about his colleagues.  He works hard and is quick to share a kind word.  Thanks for all that you do!   Sue Tufts
Nick Neeley Connecticut Nick takes the time to check in and listen to his colleagues.  He is always ready to give sound, calm advice or share a quick laugh.  So many depend on him and he takes it on with ease.  Thanks for all you do! Sue Tufts
Larry Cook Connecticut Larry is always willing to engage in thoughtful discussion and share his wealth of knowledge.  You are always thinking three steps ahead and we benefit from your expertise.  Thanks for all you do! Sue Tufts
Garnet McLaughlin Connecticut Garnet is kind and always willing to support those around her.  She is meticulous in her words and takes tasks head on.  She is a true team player.  Thanks for all you do! Sue Tufts
Dean O'Brien Connecticut Dean is always willing to listen to colleagues and share his knowledge and experience.  I know I speak for many that your approachable demeaner and willingness to share a laugh are greatly appreciated!  Thanks for all you do! Sue Tufts
Gaia McDermott Connecticut Gaia exemplifies what it means to be a team player.  It is evident that she cares about her job, and the people around her.  Thanks for your kindness and thoughtful attention to all you do! Sue Tufts
Alex Romanowicz Connecticut Thank you for always being willing to give advice and share your knowledge.  Your calm demeanor and willingness to lend a hand makes our job easier!  Thanks for all you do! Sue Tufts
Kellie Guilbert Connecticut Where to begin?  Kellie is a wealth of knowledge, patient and always willing to listen.  You an depend on her for advice or if you need a good laugh.  Thanks for your humor, encouragement and all you do!   Sue Tufts
Aminah Marshall Connecticut Aminah treats all she encounters with kindness.  You can always depend on her for positive encouragement and feedback.  Thank you for the hard work you do daily.  It is really appreciated!  Sue Tufts
Wade Packer Connecticut Wade is knowledgeable, experienced and always willing to lend a hand.  Thanks for all that you do and your support! Sue Tufts
Ruchi Sheth Connecticut Ruchi is attentive, inquisitive and goes above and beyond in her daily tasks.  Always kind and willing to share a laugh.  Thanks for all  you do! Sue Tufts
Mary Ann Daly Connecticut I recently started in a new position and MaryAnn has been a tremendous mentor, as well as a wealth of knowledge. She works so hard to train and develop others. Rick O'Neil
Michelle Kirby and Kristen Miller Connecticut Michelle and Kristen lead the Office of Legislative Research Graduate Fellows Program this year to resounding success! What great leadership you have shown! Thanks! Janet Kaminski Leduc
Legal Review Staff (Leagles) Illinois The Legal Review Staff for the Illinois Senate President (aka Leagles) are an extraordinary group of smart, hardworking individuals working for the betterment of our State. Proud to be their colleague. Giovanni Randazzo
Katy Murray Connecticut Katie is one of my favorites because she makes us all better at our jobs whether we are in or out of session. I know if I have a question, she's there with the answer and usually a laugh. Grateful to have her on our team! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Senate Dems Communications Team Illinois I'm so proud of the Illinois Senate Democrats Communications Team. They work tirelessly to communicate the issues important to members and their constituents. Without them, the hard work of the other staffs would not be known. Thank you for all you do for the state of Illinois! Brandy Renfro
Andrea Walker Connecticut Andrea has processed a tremendous amount of retirements and pension calculations this past year. She is empathetic and professional and gives of her time to assure everyone has the information they need to make sound decisions. Thanks Andrea. Caroline Beitman
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan assists HR and Payroll be the best they can be the hi Olga wise. Dan is thoughtful and goes above and beyond to get the best product for our community. Thanks Dan.  Caroline Beitman
Legislative Building Services New Mexico Thank you Legislative Building Services! You all are a special  team!  Shout out to security, administrative assistants, information & tours, day & night custodians, electricians, carpenters, plant operators and grounds workers. Thank you, custodians of the Capitol! Raphael Drhett Baca
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Rachel had assisted with several tricky and time consuming projects. She always has a smile and presents herself in a helpful and professional way. Thanks Rachel! Caroline Beitman
Lavonie Irby Connecticut Lavonie always has a smile on her face and treats everyone with kindness and empathy. Her workload has grown recently and she’s taken it on like a champ.  Caroline Beitman
Sarah Clark Connecticut You have a great talent for the right words at the right time and making sure everything looks perfect! Thank you!! Debby Adams
Peggy Tibbals Connecticut Your organizational skills, patience, and calm are second to none -- thank you for all your help with events and making everything run so smoothly!!! Debby Adams
Yvette Fleming Connecticut You handle all questions and crises with grace and a terrific sense of humor. Thank you for all you do for all of us!!! Debby Adams
Kevin Ryan Connecticut Just for your sense of humor and keeping the office filled with laughter.  Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Jack Hennessy Connecticut Every time I see him he is always smiling. Keep on smiling Jack!! Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Robyn Porter Connecticut She tells it like it is ;-) Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Mary Mushinsky Connecticut She is a special person and always giving of herself to others Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Geraldo Reyes Connecticut He can take the heat when the fires get to burning :-) Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Becky Gooch Oklahoma Becky Gooch is the heart and soul of Oklahoma Senate Committee Staff.  Always willing to listen, provide constructive feedback, or help workshop an idea, Becky truly demonstrates what it means to be a servant leader.  Despite the long days, Becky remains kind and patient while exemplifying leadership, dedication and grace.  Our Senators, legislative staff, and the State of Oklahoma are truly lucky to have a leader like Becky Gooch.   Ashley Crall
David Dejardins Connecticut Thank you for always being there when I need to get answers Luwannia Johnson-Martin
Elaine Spencer Illinois She has the heaviest workload of any analyst in the agency but manages to tackle it with adroit professionalism and still has time to help others. Jonathan Eastvold
Melissa Shipley Illinois She is a consummate professional who takes difficult tasks and makes them look easy. An amazing asset to this agency. Jonathan Eastvold
Emily Shepard & Christina Gellman Connecticut Thank you both for your mentorship and willingness to help every day. I wouldn’t have gotten through this session without you both! Lindsey Donston
Jessica Bucci Connecticut Your parking isn't great, but you are!! #queen Madison
Austin Hyatt Connecticut Austin's positive attitude made this 2nd COVID legislative session a breeze. Thank you Austin! Jeanie Phillips
Senate Session Staff Michigan I want to give a huge thanks to Session Staff. This team is the hardest working and the most cooperative, can-do team I have ever worked with. I am so thankful for them! Julie Hazel
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark and his team keep Legislative Hall running. Between keeping us well-informed of scheduled building events, legal assistance, and his knowledge of the Delaware Code, there is no way this place could smoothly function without him! Jason Smith
Ruth Ann Jones Delaware Every day is a joy to come and work with you in supporting the General Assembly. You’ve helped me grow professionally and I look forward to seeing you continue being a trailblazer in the future! Jason Smith
Illinois Senate Democratic Staff Illinois Best staff in America. Thank you for all you do. You make the Senate work and make us all look great. Couldn’t do it without you. Senate President Don Harmon
Legislative Print Shop Delaware The Controller General’s Office can always count on Donald, Robert, and Nathan in the Legislative Print Shop to provide us with professionally customed designed high-quality budget materials and binders for our office! Jason Smith
Nate Carr Colorado Nate works on the publications team in our office. He is hardworking and multi-talented. Every year he trains the new people in the enrolling room, writes the revisor's bill, and checks the bills enrolled by the House enrolling room staff, among many other things. He is also the most cheerful and friendly person in our office. No matter how overworked he is or how tired, I've never seen him in a bad mood. He always has a smile and a cheerful word for everyone he meets. Thanks Nate, it's a pleasure working with you! Rebecca Hausmann
Jess Mingo Minnesota Jess is always happy to help and share his vast knowledge. He  brightens my day, whether he's just saying hi or helping me out of an IT jam. Kathryn Ho
J.J. Gentry  South Carolina Thanks, J.J. Gentry, for representing state legislative staff this year as NCSL's Staff Chair!   Jon Heining
Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus Staff Illinois ISDC Staff pulled off the impossible in this year's condensed session! Your hard work and dedication never ceases to amaze. Illinois is better because of you! ISDC Management Team
Deanna Killen Delaware Deanna is an outstanding Chief of Staff and truly leads by example. In difficult times, Deanna has remained resilient, and brave. She never falters in her leadership and dedication to her team. Keri Rapa
Molly Aziz Georgia Molly was a great asset to my staff and me during the redistricting process. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I appreciate you Molly! Gina Wright
Blake Doss Georgia Blake juggles many things but did a superb job this past session with our MANY local redistricting bills that come through his committee. He always knows what's going on and keeps things moving smoothly. I appreciate your hard work Blake! Gina Wright
Melissa Mapes Minnesota Melissa keeps Senate committee engrossments and floor amendments moving smoothly and with outstanding attention to detail. SCRFA relies heavily on her office. We are so grateful for her steadying presence, not to mention her humor and understanding of the legislative process. Thank you Melissa! Tom Bottern
Cheryl Hardin Alabama Cheryl is the world's best receptionist (so much more too) who always know who needs in, who needs to be kept out, and how to diplomatically make sure no one in the office gets ambushed or surprised.   Othni Lathram
Abel Shaw Alabama What is that blur moving at the speed of light? It's usually Abel making sure that we have copies of the calendars, enrolled/engrossed bills, and everything else that seems to magically appear just before we need it! Othni Lathram
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Can you imagine a legislative day where the computers don't work? Thankfully that is a matter of nightmares and not reality, thanks to Jeremy making sure all the IT stuff does what it is supposed to.  Othni Lathram
Rachel Chou and the Administrative Office Alabama Rachel, Novie, and Tan make sure that even in the rush of the session everyone gets paid, the supply closets are full, our insurance is current, and all the little things that we never miss a beat worrying about!  We could not do anything else without you! Othni Lathram
Jenny Hagood and her team Alabama Jenny and her Administrative Procedures team are top notch! They serve as the keepers of the exciting world of administrative rules. They provide a wealth of services to the agencies and the legislators who are interested in tracking this process! Othni Lathram
SDem Policy & Budget Staff Illinois The Policy & Budget team is wonderful team of professionals who exceeds in all that they are asked. They make the Senators look like superstars on bills of all types, many different committees, and the entire state’s budget from behind the scenes. They deserve all the credit! Cheers to them! Aaron Holmes
Amy Burke Delaware She does great work on projects and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Thank you! Cara Wilson
Natalie White Delaware She is excellent at proofreading and takes on long drafts without complaint. Thanks for your help!  Cara Wilson
Colinda Marker Delaware You are so efficient and always willing to help. Thank you! Cara Wilson
Joel Rudnick  Delaware I appreciate how passionate you are about your work and that you are always trying out new ideas to improve services. And I enjoy our shared love of good databases!  Cara Wilson
Elliot Gray Delaware Thank you for your help on projects! You are conscientious and I appreciate the detail that you put into your work.    Cara Wilson
Hafsah Mansoori  Delaware Thank you for your hard work and help on projects. I've enjoyed getting to know you and am excited to see what you'll do next! Cara Wilson
Ben Kowal Delaware I appreciate your good research and your willingness to take on new projects. I'm glad you came to work with us. Thank you for your help!  Cara Wilson
Jason Smith Delaware I appreciate how knowledgeable you are about your coverage areas. Thank you for your help! Cara Wilson
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich is an amazing proofreader. Thank you for catching mistakes and asking tough questions about our drafts. I also enjoy all the stories you tell from your many years of experience in Leghall.  Cara Wilson
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is always collegial. She takes time out of her busy schedule to answer a question or assist. I appreciate all I've learned from you these past few years. Thank you! Cara Wilson
Melissa Satterley  Kentucky Melissa is dedicated to the legislators she serves. She goes beyond the call of duty in service to our constituents every day. What a blessing she is. Thanks, Melissa, for your service. Sen. Jimmy Higdon
Holly Vaughn Wagner  Delaware Holly is a great, caring leader. Thank you for all your drafting help and for our fun conversation during breaks! Cara Wilson
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark works very hard, whether drafting Code or handling administrative matters. He cares about what he does and all of the staff. I appreciate his leadership! Cara Wilson
Senate Dem Policy and Budget Staff Illinois We are extremely lucky to be working with a caring, intelligent and hard-working team. The P&B team’s commitment to improving Illinois is to be admired.  Aaron, Miles & Dillon
Beth Waters Connecticut Beth does outstanding work as a member of the Legislative Management leadership team. Her insight and thoughtful nature are an asset to our team! Jim Tamburro
Broadcast and Production Services Nevada Nevada's Broadcast and Production Services (BPS) Unit is AMAZING! The world that we knew abruptly changed course on March 13, 2020. Less than a month later, the Nevada Legislature held its first fully virtual committee meeting on April 7, 2020, and BPS was at the forefront guiding us into these uncharted waters with a sense of humor. Thank you! Jennifer Ruedy
State Capitol Police Connecticut The CT State Capitol Police has done an outstanding job during our legislative session and the entire pandemic helping to keep us safe. Thank you! Jim Tamburro
Milagros Acosta  Connecticut Milagros is the best at what she does. From handling constituent cases to event planning to working her hectic schedule with all 4 of her Representatives, she has taught me the importance of hard work and being invested in the work you are doing. Interning under her for the past few months has been busy and difficult, but well worth it because of all of the skills I have acquired with her help. I appreciate the support she and the team has given me, and look forward to working with them all again in the near future :) Ashley Aguilera
Senate Democratic Legislative Assistants Illinois A big thank you to Illinois' Senate Dem legislative assistants for being adaptive and flexible in balancing their senators' needs and the needs of the Senate as a whole. We could not keep the train on the tracks without them, and their willingness to help with any task - no matter how big or small - is truly appreciated. Mike Hoffmann
Jazaira Perez-Acevedo Connecticut Jaz is an incredibly sweet and kind individual. She is always willing to help out and is a true team-player. It has been great getting to know her this past year. You are awesome Jaz! Samantha Savvidou
Edward Jacome Connecticut I'm so happy to have Eddy in my corner, both literally and figuratively. He is enthusiastic, has a positive attitude, and is incredibly helpful. He is a great desk buddy and always makes me laugh! Samantha Savvidou
Migdalia Ballester Alicea Connecticut Migdalia is the fireball of the group! She is high-energy, witty, and is always looking out for others. She is honest, caring, loving, and loyal. Migdalia is a fabulous and all-around great person to work with.  Samantha Savvidou
Carolyn Tschida Montana Even though it is not our "session year," Chief Clerk Tschida is always available to help get the answers to whatever a legislator has or she gets the right person involved. She puts over 100% into her job and surely makes our Montana House Chamber and our members look good. Thank you. Rep. Barry Usher
Milly Allen Montana Milly is still a little new but she was immediately thrown in as the Criminal Justice Oversight Council Staff. Our Legislative Service Division was just taking over the responsibility to staff the Council and different than most committees as we have a few legislators but lots of representation for all areas of the criminal justice system. She has jumped in with no hesitation to tackle the task at hand. She has come a long way and as the current chairman, I appreciate all she does to make the Council look good. Thank you Rep. Barry Usher
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Noemi stepped up to the role of being our team leader this year. Despite her having 4 reps, she always makes time for her colleagues. From the first time I met her she has demonstrated incredible enthusiasm and integrity in her role. You rock Noemi! Samantha Savvidou
Amber Widgery NCSL A big shout out to Amber - she is our NCSL State Liaison for Montana. She knows everything Montana and is up on everything currently happening in Montana. She is a great resource, she is always available and if she can not answer your questions, she definitely does the follow up to get the right person connected with you. She goes above & beyond.  Rep. Barry Usher
Ciro Zelaya Connecticut Ciro the Hero! I appreciate you and all of the support you have provided me since I joined HDO. Thank you for all that you do! Kass Fruin
Cody Clark Connecticut The best trivia host ever! In all seriousness, thanks Cody for all of your continued support. I appreciate all that you continue to do for me and HDO! Kass Fruin
Hannah France Minnesota Hannah is quickly becoming the drafting support specialist queen! She's always willing to help, even on last minute late night drafting requests. Most importantly, she has a really cute dog! Jenna Hofer
Keith Bybee Idaho He is always so helpful to partners and has an all around great attitude and a wicked sense of humor.  Kirsten Pochop
Solveig Beckel Minnesota Solveig, I’m so glad to have you on the E-12 team! I look forward to many long hours of crunching numbers and color-coding spreadsheets with you! Jenna Hofer
Ann Marie Lewis Minnesota Ann Marie has the best fashion sense in the office! No one can pull off orange like her. She’s a fabulous teammate with endless education policy knowledge, as long as we keep the $ out of it! Jenna Hofer
Bettsy Hjelseth Minnesota Bettsy has become an asset to the Education Committee in her 2 years with the Senate. She's one of the friendliest in the office and always has a positive attitude. Her eagerness to learn and help her teammates is inspiring! Jenna Hofer
Maria Hernandez New Jersey Maria has been in our office for more than two years and goes above and beyond to help our constituents get the service they need. We're also so proud of her for graduating in a few weeks with her B.A. in Political Science! Will DiGrande
Ernestine Crowel Alabama

Ernestine works at the information desk at the House of Representatives. She's a very nice and caring person who loves her job. Thanks Ernestine, for all that you do for HOR.

Carolyn Franklin
Katie Murray Connecticut Katie is one of my favorites because she makes us all better at our jobs whether we are in or out of session. I know if I have a question, she's there with the answer and usually a laugh. Grateful to have her on our team! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Deni Wilson Illinois Deni is one of the most important members of our team in Springfield. Thanks for keeping us on track and focused. You are a multi-talented Legislative Assistant extraordinaire! Sen. Julie Morrison
Minnesota Legislative Reference Library Minnesota Our LRL team (every single one of them) is amazing.  Their dedication to doing research and locating historical documents supports my work year-round.  And on top of that, they are great people.  Thank you LRL! Matt Gehring
Human Resources Minnesota Human Resources is a vital but unsung job for a legislature, and we have a top notch team here -- Kelly, Kelly, and Sharon have been through the wringer the last couple of years and don't get recognized enough for their work.  Thanks MN House HR!

Matt Gehring

Asia M. & Jessica C. Colorado Asia and Jessica are our team's newest editors, and they hit the ground running when session began in January. Since the very first day, they have been willing to take on assignments and try any new task without hesitation, often signing up for more than their fair share of work! They are fast learners and team players who have helped us carry the workload of a challenging session, and they've done it all in a hybrid work environment while learning the ins and outs of this very unique industry.  Katelyn Guderian
Angel Burack Delaware Angel, thanks for always being willing to answer my panicked emails about Grant-In-Aid, help me make sure the public is up to date on our website, and navigate ways to solve other IT-related hiccups that pop up along the way! Jason Smith
Kathi Artigliere Delaware Kathi is the heart and soul of our office. She always keeps everyone else's needs above her own. Between keeping us all well fed, fielding calls from the public, helping legislators, making sure our fiscal notes make it to where they need to go, and countless other things she is always willing to help with, our office wouldn't be the same without her! Jason Smith
Dustin Jones Alabama The insight Dustin brings to Fiscal Division processes and procedures is both refreshing and invaluable.  I don’t know what we would do without him.  Shonda Stallworth
Matt Burress Minnesota Matt is a wonderful colleague. I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge with me and the laughs we share along the way. I particularly appreciate his Microsoft Word wizardry which make our conference committee documents both nice to look at and really helpful.  Alexis Stangl
Londa Sabatino West Virginia She brought our processes into the 21st century and she makes it look easy.  Dependable, accountable and kind.  There is no better Fiscal Officer than Londa. Shannon Riley
Brett Ferguson Texas Brett consistently takes the initiative to make the function of our agency top notch. His efforts to move us toward the use of technology enabled us to survive the pandemic and he continues to make sure we are all on top of our game. Jennifer Jackson
Felisha Sutherland West Virginia Thank you Felisha, for all you do, but especially for your patience and diligence! Shannon Riley
Debra Rayhill West Virginia Debra has made great improvements in our print processes! Shannon Riley
Dave Kunkel and Todd Kanillopoolos Michigan Dave and Todd are the go to people when the Senate needs quick, specialized technical support during session. They can fix the voting boards, repair voting functions and restore computer functions in a stressful environment and do it with smiles on their faces. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Andrew Erickson, Stephanie James, Krista Boyd Minnesota Andrew, Steph, and Krista are great committee teammates. I very much appreciate their intelligence, dedication, and teamwork. But beyond that, I appreciate their friendship and laughter that gets us through the long days.  Alexis Stangl
Andrew Allison Georgia Andrew Allison, Director of the Senate Press Office, has done an exceptional job leading the team for almost three years. As someone who knows the ins and outs of the Senate, Andrew is a dedicated hard worker and has been a great leader to our staff. SPO would not be what it is without him! Thank you Andrew for all you do!  Rachel Moore
Jessica Brown Alabama Big thanks to Jessica who stepped in to replace my long-time assistant.  She had big shoes to fill and as always, she did not miss a step.  She is the ultimate professional in every way possible. Shonda Stallworth
Wade Harrell Colorado Wade is our office's IT magician! He somehow makes time for helping every team member whenever they need it, and he never seems to be unavailable or too busy to help. He will fix the same computer problems over and over for you without ever making you feel dumb, and his fast problem solving is often what saves the day when you're in a time crunch to meet a deadline. Thanks for all you do for us, Wade! Katelyn Guderian
Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus  Illinois Working with the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus for the first time affirmed all my hopes for what goes on inside the State Capitol. I have never been part of a group that is so welcoming and ready to share their knowledge for our collective success. They are the most dedicated, hardworking, and fun people I have ever worked with. I am grateful to be a part of this team.  Aaron Tebrinke
Keri Rapa Delaware Keri is a kind and caring person. She approaches every situation with a positive attitude. Her constituents and coworkers love her. I was out of the office for seven weeks, and Keri stepped up and kept things moving without missing a beat. She is a valued member of our team. Thanks for all you do, Keri! Deanna Killen
Amy Willey Delaware Amy is always eager to help wherever needed, and she is a true team player. Thank you for taking on additional responsibilities this year. Your willingness to step up benefits our entire caucus. Thank you! Deanna Killen
Karen Hill Delaware Karen is the mama bear of our caucus. Her positive attitude brings joy to everyone who comes in contact with her. Karen, thank you for all you do.  Deanna Killen
Laura D'Ottone Delaware Our caucus would not be as efficient without Laura. Your contribution to our team is invaluable. Thanks for keeping us all organized.  Deanna Killen
Heidi Delude-Tarquinio Connecticut Heidi, thank you for all your efforts you've put forth in learning your new role. We will get there!!!! Susan Skehan
Natasha Peci Connecticut Natasha, so glad you joined our team - thank you for all your hard work! Susan Skehan
Pedro Kerr Connecticut Pedro, thank you for all your hard work and effort through the crazy working from home, streamlining processes to make it work and transitioning with new staff!! Susan Skehan
Matt Revel Delaware Thank you for everything you do for our caucus. You are a breath of fresh air, and you keep us all laughing. You are creative, hardworking, dedicated, and a problem solver. We appreciate you! Deanna Killen
Deb Maselek Connecticut Deb, thank you for all your hard work and assistance with the Service Center over the past 10 years. It has been a great pleasure to work with you! You will be hard to replace and sorely missed!! Susan Skehan
John Harnick Connecticut John, it has been great to work for you over the past 10 years. You've been an excellent boss and taught me a lot. You will be hard to replace and I will miss working with you! I am very excited for you to start your next chapter in life!!   Susan Skehan
Carl Fazzino Connecticut Carl, thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!! Greatly appreciate it! Susan Skehan
Charles Hennessey Connecticut Charlie, thank you for all your efforts and always being willing to come in! Susan Skehan
Susan Fox Montana Thank you to Susan for her years of service to the Montana Legislature and NCSL! Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes from your NCSL family! Amber Widgery
Rachel Weiss Montana Rachel is the best! She is always super responsive when I have questions about Montana or policy, and she has been a tremendous help in getting new staff connected to NCSL.  Amber Widgery
Sara Poore Delaware Sara kills it with constituent services! She goes above and beyond and does it with a smile on her face. She is always willing to lend a hand to her teammates. Thank you for everything you do. We are lucky to have you.  Deanna Killen
Nick Sweet-Mackin Connecticut Nick. thank you for all you efforts - so glad you joined our team! Susan Skehan
Becky Calvello Delaware Becky is a rock star! She is loved by her constituents and coworkers. This past Fall, Becky successfully completed NCSL's Legislative Staff Certificate Program. She is always looking for ways to improve and better herself. Thank you for all you do.  Deanna Killen
Keri Rapa Delaware Thank you for all your long hours and hard work, not only staffing me and making me look good to my constituents and always doing an outstanding job, but also for what you mean to all the other staffers of our caucus.    Sen. Gerald Hocker
Division of Research of Staff Delaware Thank you to the entire Division of Research staff. Regardless of how busy you are, you always make time to answer my questions and assist with drafting and proofreading. You are all true professionals and I don’t know what I would do without your help. Thank you! Deanna Killen
Matt Revel Delaware Thank you for your outstanding ability to arrange the right words expressing our feelings.    Sen. Gerald Hocker
Sara Poore Delaware This shoutout is for Sara Poore for her outstanding constituent services. If it can be done , she will get it done of all Delawareans. She really cares.  Sen. Dave Lawson
Amy Willey Delaware Amy embraces everyone with kindness and consideration. Her dedication to helping others is such a tremendous character trait which she shares with a giving spirit and gracious heart. Thank you, Amy for your dedication to public service.   Sen. Ernesto Lopez
Rebecca Calvello Delaware She is just great! So willing to help and is super conscientious! She's a joy to be around. We feel so lucky to have her! Colin Bonini
Janet Roberson Delaware As the Director of our Legislative Information Systems, Janet  is always looking out for the General Assembly's IT needs, whether its jumping in to troubleshoot current issues or working to keep ahead of the General Assembly's ever-changing IT needs. Mark Cutrona
Angel Burack Delaware As the Deputy Director of our Legislative Information Systems, Angel brings her knowledge of the General Assembly's history and processes to bear on current IT issues and future development to keep us running and moving forward. Despite her other work, she is always willing to step up and do what is needed so the General Assembly can keep operating. She has a knack for translating "tech speak" so we can understand the issue and possible solutions.  Mark Cutrona
Kathy Morris Delaware Kathy’s focus and diligence are so well-suited for her role as our fiscal and HR officer. Her ability to dig in and find solutions is invaluable. And, she does all this with kindness and a willingness to always lend a hand on those “other duties as assigned.”  Mark Cutrona
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich has an eye for finding issues that need to be explored in drafts, and for enforcing our style. His encyclopedic knowledge of the legislative process and the General Assembly’s history over the last 30 years enhances our legislative drafting and gives us perspective on our place in the process. Mark Cutrona
Arun Reddy Delaware Arun is always willing to take on any IT task thrown his way and does it with great skill and with a smile at the ready.  Mark Cutrona
Erika Schrader Delaware Erika came on board right before the pandemic and had to learn the intense processes used in the Registrar's Office remotely, but she learned it and has excelled. She works hard and can always be counted on to lend a hand. Mark Cutrona
Yvette Smallwood Delaware As our Registrar of Regulations, Yvette has many duties and a high volume of work, but she approaches the job with calmness and a can do attitude. Her easygoing demeanor probably comes from this being the third state legislature she's worked for. Her previous experiences have helped her to make invaluable contributions to the operations of the Registrar's Office and the larger Division. Mark Cutrona
Nathan Poore Delaware Nathan is skilled at graphic design and is sought after by many in Legislative Hall when design work is needed. His skill and positive attitude make him a joy to work with.  Mark Cutrona
Bob Lupo Delaware Bob is extremely hard-working and always willing to help tackle whatever print jobs are sent his way quickly and efficiently.  Mark Cutrona
Donnie Sellers Delaware Donnie excels as our print shop supervisor because he has a ready knowledge of the printing process and print products, plans ahead to ensure the General Assembly's printing needs can be met, and is always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of the shop in a cost-effective way. And, it doesn't hurt that he is not easily flustered by unexpected situations. Mark Cutrona
Benjamin Kowal Delaware While this is Ben's first session, he has been a quick study and even has started to develop his own areas of expertise. And, his excellent research skills have greatly enhanced our ability to serve our members.  Mark Cutrona
Mark Brainard Delaware Mark has worked hard with his coworker to rethink the process used and products provided to the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee, enhancing the effectiveness and impact of the Committee. In addition, Mark's understanding of the legislative process has greatly enhanced our ability to assist the Committee's members. His counsel has been invaluable on numerous occasions.  Mark Cutrona
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda takes her role with the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee seriously and it shows in her efforts to ensure she is educated on the best practices in program evaluation and then implement useful practices to enhance the effectiveness of the Committee. Amanda is also the heart and soul of the office, always willing to go the extra mile to show staff they are appreciated and are valued members of the team.  Mark Cutrona
Joel Rudnick Delaware As our librarian, Joel works hard to make sure he has the knowledge and experience to find the resources we need to answer questions and solve problems. Joel is creative, always looking for ways to capture knowledge gained on projects and to simplify tasks. Kindness and an innate desire help serve Joel well as he deals with requests from a variety of  sources. Mark Cutrona
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is an extremely hard worker. But, despite her voluminous work, she is always willing to stop to talk through an issue with you. She has a depth of experience that makes her counsel and legislative drafting work highly sought after.  Mark Cutrona
Amy Burke Delaware Amy is always willing to lend a hand, whether it is to learn a new process or to step up and take on work due to a vacancy in the office.  Mark Cutrona
Natalie White Delaware Natalie's attention to detail is a huge help in the preparation of accurate, clear, and uniform legislation and engrossments.  Mark Cutrona
Amanda Fulton Delaware Amanda's been with us a short time, but has made a big contribution by expanding our ability to handle administrative tasks due to a staffing vacancy. Her positive attitude and care for her coworkers are a great shot in the arm as we push forward to finish session.  Mark Cutrona
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is extremely thoughtful and diligent in her work, which has helped her to quickly become a go-to legislative drafter for many members. She is a quick study and even quicker to lend a hand with work or take the time to listen to others and help them work through issues. Mark Cutrona
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly took over as the Division of Research’s Deputy Director right before the pandemic, so there was little honeymoon period. Despite being thrown a pandemic and unprecedent management situation, she handled it with her usual steadiness and care for her team. In the process, she has made me a better legislative drafter and leader. Thank you!! Mark Cutrona
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda is the glue holding us all together in the Division. She tackles the small and the big all in an effort to make the our team and the General Assembly better. She has a great ability to step back and assess difficult situations to find the best path forward.  Mark Cutrona
Elliot Gray Delaware Elliot is extremely hard working and diligent with the research projects he is assigned. He is always willing to lend a hand to help get things done.  Mark Cutrona
Hafsah Mansoori Delaware Hafsah works hard to complete the myriad of research projects we send her way. And, she is always willing to step in and handle whatever we need. We're lucky to have her. Mark Cutrona
Deanna Killen Delaware Thank you for making it so easy to work with you and your caucus. You either provide us with detailed information or are able to get us the answers we need. And, you do it wall with a kind, friendly nature that makes it easy to say "yes" when you send a request our way. Mark Cutrona
Jesse Chadderdon Delaware Jesse's positive attitude and willingness to talk through issues to find solutions make it easy to work with him on legislation or efforts to improve legislative processes.  Mark Cutrona
Rich Puffer & Ryan Dunphy Delaware Rich and Ryan, as Chief Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate, have been great partners in keeping the General Assembly operating during the General Assembly. They are always willing to sit down to try to find solutions to difficult new legislative process and building operation issues that we've faced. And, they are quick to lend a helping hand. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Lauren Vella Delaware Lauren had the unenviable task of stepping into the role of House Majority Chief of Staff in the middle of a General Assembly. Despite that, she has excelled. Her steady hand, depth of knowledge of the General Assembly, and willingness to listen and explore new ideas have made a tough session so much easier. Thank you, Lauren! Mark Cutrona
Dave Deputy Delaware Dave has had a long career in state government, serving in a variety of roles. Those experiences have been invaluable as he has contributed to the management of the General Assembly as one of the chiefs of staff of the caucuses. He is always willing to lend a hand or offer his counsel. Thank you, Dave! Mark Cutrona
Ruth Ann Jones Delaware Ruth Ann has stepped up and become a great leader as Controller General. She has an incredible work ethic and is extremely knowledgeable on all things related to the budget. And, she is a great partner in leading the nonpartisan staff in our General Assembly. Mark Cutrona
Rebecca Calvello Delaware Becky goes above and beyond in her role. We are lucky to have her on our staff. Thank you for all you do.  Sen. Dave Wilson
Audrey Wood Connecticut A shoutout for the excellent audit work that Audrey has done over the last 12 years serving the state of CT legislative branch. Matthew Wood
Kevin Coughlin Connecticut As Communications Director for Connecticut Senate Democrats, Kevin is an island of calm, foresight , teamwork, experience, consideration and good humor in an ocean of instant deadlines, competing timelines, complicated public policy, and long days. He leads and succeeds through it all.  Lawrence Cook
Hope Gregor Alabama Hope is our jackknife for the Fiscal Division. She performs many different tasks that often go unnoticed, but are critical to our mission.  Kirk Fulford
Louise Fenn Alabama Louise is a dedicated professional that performs many tasks that many overlook. How did that get done? Who did that? Who do we talk to about this? The answer in many instances is Louise and we appreciate all that she does to keep our engine running in LSA. Kirk Fulford
Vee Mosely Alabama Vee has a quiet demeanor, but a true professional when it comes to her work. She is a great member of our team! Kirk Fulford
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline pushes our team to do more and be our best while still encouraging us to take time off and focus on self-care. Thank you, Caroline. Molly McAllister
Luwannia Johnson-Martin Connecticut You are an encourager and a positive problem solver. When I see you at the LOB/Capitol, it's going to be a good day. I remember first starting with HDO and how fantastic you were and still are to this day! Thank you for being so wonderful and kind to everyone.  Gaia McDermott
Sue Tufts Connecticut You are such a thoughtful and kind person. Your heart is so generous with love and tenderness to all who come into your world. It makes the stress of the work we do come back to why we do it. Thank you, Sue! Gaia McDermott
Mandi McGowan Oregon Mandi is an absolute superstar. She amazingly balances working full-time at a job she excels at while also being a devoted new mother of twins. She approaches every challenge with grace, humility, and a little laughter as well. She is a joy to have as both a coworker and friend. Lacy Ramirez
Rhonda Carroll Connecticut All the work that is needed to support and help legislative clerks in this the most difficult times of our lives, there are few who could come through with the stamina and energy you have. Thank you, Rhonda, for all your hard work and help.  Gaia McDermott
Molly McAllister Connecticut She helps us Breathe. Thanks Molly Migdalia Alicea
Kathryn Summers Michigan Whenever anyone needs help on anything regarding the K-12 budget, Kathryn has always been there for us with the correct answer. Smart as a whip, always at the ready - but most of all forever kind.  Anne Kavanagh Blankenhorn
Desmond Conner Connecticut Des is a wonderful and attentive colleague. His reminder to B+ is a great reflection of his positive attitude!  Kinga H. Karlowska
Franklin Perry Connecticut For at the end of the day, always having "our backs." Tough Job, but somebody has to do it.  Migdalia Alicea
Marc-Yves Regis Connecticut Marc is a calm yet warm person who is a pleasure to work with!   Kinga H. Karlowska
Danielle Faipler Connecticut Danielle is there to help whenever you ask. She delivers great work and is a pleasure to have as a colleague!  Kinga H. Karlowska
Audrey Rossignol Connecticut Audrey is an awesome outreach coordinator to have on the team. She has great ideas and delivers fantastic events. Kinga H. Karlowska
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don was a newer member of our staff when the pandemic hit. Over the past 6 months he has made a tremendous effort to bring folks together as part of our activities committee. Thanks Don Caroline Beitman
Max DeLorenzo Connecticut Max has great focus and organization to pull off any event. His helpfulness and leadership are appreciated! Kinga H. Karlowska
Andrea Walker Connecticut Andrea has been unfailingly helpful, patient and kind in helping me navigate the HR complexities I've encountered as a new state rep. I am extremely grateful. Rep. Frank Smith
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is a shining individual and professional! She gives the best advice and motivates everyone to do/be better. The thoughtfulness she puts into her trainings and interactions is much appreciated! Kinga H. Karlowska
Julianne Naccarato Pennsylvania  Julianne has been a part of the PA Legislative Staff for many years but just recently started a new position in our office. She is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful staffers in this caucus. I have learned so much from her and have gained a true friend as well!   Mosey Popp
Jason Smith Delaware Jason was recently promoted to Chief of Fiscal Policy and has been such an outstanding addition to the team in his new role! He brings a wealth of insight, always has a smile, and is always at the ready to help our staff, legislators, and the public! Victoria Brennan
Dazia Briscoe Louisiana Dazia is an invaluable part of the team--she immediately hit the ground running and is always professional and courteous in organizing committee meetings. Her laughter fills our offices with joy every day! David Lehman
Stephanie Little Louisiana Stephanie is a joy to work with! She's always level-headed, calm, and helps in drafting and proofing legislation. It's hard to imagine our office without her joie de vivre! David Lehman
Jill Vecchio Pennsylvania  Jill has been such an important part of the PA House for so many reasons. She is always willing to help her employees and is also very patient when teaching new job responsibilities. Jill is one of the most dedicated and hardest workers I know. I could not have asked for a better supervisor and I appreciate her to the fullest! Jill, you are the best!  Mosey Popp
Christine Crone Pennsylvania  Christine has been with the Legislative Staff for 18 years and has worked so hard over the years. She deserves to be recognized for her dedication, knowledge, and helpfulness to this Legislature. Thank you for teaching me many things throughout the years and for being a great friend!  Mosey Popp
Chas Nichols Louisiana Chas’ fiscal acumen knows no bounds! He is knowledgeable, works extremely hard, and is eager to help in any situation. His enthusiasm for great work is contagious and inspires others to be their best.   Chris Henry
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz has been an enormous help to me during my first two years as a new state representative and state employee. She has made my first term much easier and I am most thankful. Rep. Frank Smith
Alan Shepard Connecticut Alan has had a hand in basically every education grant and office plant for the last 37+ years. Thank you for teaching me and for being sure we are all focused on what's most important, whether in fiscal notes or life.   Janelle Stevens
Vermont Legislative Staffers Vermont Thank you to all of the staff!!!  Rep. Carol Ode
Sheila Ryan Illinois Sheila, director of E&E, is retiring after 42 Leg Sessions with the IL Senate. What a history of public service. So many late nights and some of them were even fun! Plus, she's trained 5 Secretaries of the Senate – making each of them look good and keeping them on track. Thank you Sheila for all you've done and may you have many happy years in retirement spending time with the family you love.     Scott Kaiser
Print Shop  West Virginia Debra, Seth and Shane run the Print Shop year round with professionalism and exceptionalism. They are responsive to all requests and do much more than "print." They design, format, create, innovate and more. They have truly changed the paradigm when it comes to how the Legislature has printed documents and have saved the state thousands of dollars in the process.      Drew Ross
LASD West Virginia The Legislative Automated Systems Division (LASD) carries the weight for the entire network that is supporting the work and product and are extremely professional. We couldn't do any of our work without LASD doing theirs and we thank them for it.    Drew Ross
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric is instrumental in nearly every fiscal undertaking that passes through the Minnesota Legislature. Despite long and unpredictable hours, he has always been a positive and uplifting voice through the legislative process. We're lucky to have him in command of the spreadsheets! Sheree Speer
Chris Perillo, Christina Gellman, and Janelle Stevens  Connecticut For your willingness to help me navigate my first session. I am thankful to work with you and everyone in OFA! Connecticut is lucky to have you.  Lauren Goulet
Tom Holien Minnesota Tom launched the MN House's official college intern program this year, in a pandemic/remote setting no less! I appreciate his thoughtful planning and execution skills and commitment to youth in government.  Rachel Eason
Mary Mullen  Minnesota Is there a brighter face walking the hallways of the State Office Building than Mary's? I appreciate her helpful attitude and cheerful disposition in the Sergeant's office.  Rachel Eason
Steve Munos & Bill Brunner Minnesota Look up 'Essential Worker' in the dictionary and I bet you'll find Steve and Bill's faces. Those two are absolutely the bedrock of the MN House: never miss a day of work, keep us operating in top form, and always have smiles on their faces.  Rachel Eason
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is a fantastic leader of the Division of Research. He went above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of his employees (and their families!) these last two years. We are incredibly lucky to have him!   Mark Brainard
Richard Stavneak Arizona Richard was honored for his 30 years of service this year by the Arizona Legislature with a great video tribute. He is absolutely remarkable when it comes to the budgeting process!   Galen Kimmick
Holly Vaughn-Wagner Delaware Holly wears so many hats, I don't know how she does it. As Deputy Director of the Division, she has worked tirelessly writing and re-writing policies to keep us safe. As drafting attorney for JLOSC, her workload has increased ten fold but is still miraculously able to do it all! Mark Brainard
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda's attention to detail cannot be beat! JLOSC is more efficiency because of you and you inspire me to work harder and think more critically about the issues we research.  Mark Brainard
Charline Ganthier-Cine Delaware Charline is one of our newest staff members and is an absolute powerhouse. She's incredibly hardworking, smart, dedicated, and always ready and willing to offer help. I've loved working alongside of her for Senator Gay and am so happy to have her here with us. I appreciate you SO much! Anna Shields
Matt Gehring Minnesota Matt has gone above-and-beyond in educating frontline staff on the complexities of redistricting and rulemaking, which in turn has allowed for improved support of both Members and constituents. Mark Laliberte
Cynthia Templin & Colbey Sullivan Minnesota Cynthia and Colbey have provided frontline staff with invaluable lessons on the State Budget, which has improved understanding of the legislative process and helped build our bench. Mark Laliberte
James Berryhill Delaware James is wonderful to work alongside with for Sen. McBride and makes it super easy to coordinate things. He's always been super helpful and supportive of me as her secretary and I really appreciate it. He's got two very busy legislators and does a great job getting it all done!  Anna Shields
Cynthia Templin & Sean Williams Minnesota Cynthia and Sean's ability to make the state taxes more digestible for frontline staff is truly incredible. The information they have provided improves staff understanding of both strategy and legislation. Mark Laliberte
Tim Johnson Minnesota First Assistant Chief Clerk Tim Johson's generosity in sharing his expertise in the area of floor procedure has exponentially improved the procedural literacy of frontline staff and their ability to follow developments in real time. Mark Laliberte
Andy Lee & Chelsea Griffin, Tim Strom Minnesota We're overwhelmingly grateful that Andy, Chelsea and Tim have showed such kindness in furthering staff understanding of one #mnleg's most evergreen and misunderstood issues - Bonding.  Mark Laliberte
Lisa Biscay Washington Lisa approaches every HR situation with dignity and consideration. It is obvious through her actions that she cares deeply for people. She is so thoughtful as she works to find the best solution possible every single time.      Laura Love
Patrick Murphy  Minnesota Get this man some throat lozenges! Chief Clerk Pat Murphy’s patience and guidance in navigating staff and members through remote House Floor workflows has been truly awe-inspiring. So professional!  Mark Laliberte
Jesse Chadderdon Delaware We are SO incredibly lucky to have Jesse as our COS. He's incredibly kind, fair, and dedicated and truly cares about each and every one of us. He's just such a genuinely good person and works SO unbelievably hard for our team. We're so so lucky to have him in charge. Thank you for always being supportive and encouraging of me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Anna Shields
Mary Ann  Delaware Mary Ann, You make everyone feel welcomed. I truly appreciate all of the guidance and encouragement. Working with you has been such a pleasure. Daykia
Jesse Chadderdon Delaware Jesse is the best Chief of Staff, his kind heart, consideration for the legislative staff as a whole is amazing. He has the ability to balance every situation that arises with such ease. Jesse is so intelligent and strategic in every aspect of our legislative team. Jesse is a genuine leader!                                                            Carolyn Martin-Pettaway
Henry Chavis Washington Henry is such a delight to work with, he is brilliant, reliable, creative, hard-working, and a fantastic communicator. There are not enough good words for his products, work ethic, and character; he is an amazing coworker.  Laura Love
Senate Committee Operations Virginia The Virginia Senate Committee Operations staff have really stepped up over the last couple of years by adapting and flowing with the times. The transition from in-person to virtual, to then in-person and virtual, was quick and seamless, allowing members, topic experts, and the public to attend and participate remotely. While offering this virtual/remote option was a new trend (for many states, if not all), they pivoted with grace and ease, minimal equipment, and no increase in staffing! Way to go! Maryann
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway Delaware Carolyn is our team mom and is always so kind and hardworking and so supportive of all of us, she always makes me feel better. She has a tough job as the secretary for leadership, three very busy folks, but is a true powerhouse and we're so lucky to have her with us. Anna Shields
Charline Ganthier-Cine Delaware Charline, thank you so much for being there for me. Not only are you an amazing coworker, but also a true friend. Your work ethic is truly amazing and I know you will go far in life!  Daykia
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway Delaware Carolyn, I feel so blessed to be working with you. You’re always there for me and I honestly don't believe I would be where I am if it wasn't for you. Daykia
Billy Deleon Velasque  Delaware Billy is new to the Legislative staff, but you would never know it. Bill came in with his sleeves rolled up ready to take on anything. Billy is so very kind and helpful in every way, a real team player and a great asset to our staff.   Carolyn Martin-Pettaway
Kevin Pierce (& Legislative Support Services Staff) Washington Considerate and highly competent, under Kevin's leadership LSS is fiercely dedicated to providing the best services to our customers. Kevin acts with compassion, treats everyone respectfully, and inspires us to greatness. 10/10 stars.   Laura Love
Sgt. Boyle Connecticut Tim partners with Learning & Development to make sure that this building has a variety of training that includes safety and security - both for the building and for individuals. He has great new ideas to contribute and it is a pleasure working with him to serve this community.  Molly McAllister
Delaware Senate Majority Legislative Staff  Delaware I work with the most astounding Legislative staff this side of Heaven. It is my great pleasure to be a part of this team. it would take too much time to do individual Shout Outs. I want to give them all the flowers they deserve. Each one possesses a special gift that make us the great team we are for the Majority Caucus. I 'm so happy to be a part of this staff. I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. You can't pay for what we have as a team.  Carolyn Martin-Pettaway
Officer Driscoll Connecticut Scott is an awesome facilitator and when our staff take classes that he leads, they learn important content and how approachable and committed our SCPD officers are. Thank you, Scott, for making an impact in all your training classes. Ready to schedule more?  Molly McAllister
Taylor Hawk Delaware Taylor is a bright, professional, and unflinchingly kind person. We are extremely fortunate to have her as our Policy Director and I am deeply grateful to be able to work with her on the policy team. Anthony Bernadzikowski
Catherine Young Washington Catherine has helped me figure out so many would-be-trouble situations before they become problematic. She is highly skilled, easy to talk to, and obviously cares deeply about our organization and staff.  Laura Love
Trevor Bailly Alaska A shoutout for never being short-sighted.  Dawson Mann
Rick O'Neil Connecticut Rick is an awesome new addition to our team.  He doing a great job working for the people.  He is extremely thoughtful and I am happy he is part of our team. Mary Ann Daly
LSS Accounting (Becky & Diane) Washington Becky and Diane are a dynamic duo that make working with accounting a breeze. They are highly organized and fantastic communicators. I always leave our conversations with a smile on my face. Laura Love
Samantha Savvidou Connecticut Sam has been very helpful with resolving constituent issues and connecting me with what I need to know. Thanks Sam! Rep. Maryam Khan
William Lescas Delaware In his time as a Legislative Fellow, Will has shown himself to be thoughtful, hard-working, and kind. We are very lucky to have him in our office! Anthony Bernadzikowski
Debra McDonald Connecticut Debra handles payroll for several CGA offices. She is empathetic and kind and tries her best to assist all her customers. Thanks Debra for all you do Caroline Beitman
Cody Clark Connecticut Cody helped me get familiar with things I didn't know I should know and was instrumental in organizing my first event as state rep. Thanks Cody! Rep. Maryam Khan
Giovanni Pinto Connecticut Gio always knows how to present information to the public and gets things to me and out quickly. Thank you for helping me keep people informed Gio! Rep. Maryam Khan
Jim Tamburro Connecticut Jim as the Executive Director of the CGA strives to assure staff feel heard and appreciated. He gets the job done but is able to interject fun into the process. He is a pleasure to work for. Caroline Beitman
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly is often my sounding board for new ideas about training or other events/projects at the CGA. She gives of herself freely to anyone who needs career guidance and is always looking for ways to offer fun and informative Training. Thanks Molly. Caroline Beitman
Debra McDonald Connecticut Debra has been with the CGA for a little over two years....not too long before the pandemic came around to disrupt us all. She has come a long way in learning the ropes around state government payroll and the workings of our legislative employees. Keep up the good work, Debra ! Liz Harwood
Curtis Cunningham Missouri Curtis is a great boost for the office morale! He works with ease with coworkers and members alike. He is always implementing an idea to make the process more efficient. Linda Lewis
Nate Kalechman Connecticut I am so happy that Nate joined House Dems and I get to work with him on the team. He is a reliable and smart and knows how to get things done! Mary Ann Daly
Josh Delaney and Rebecca Niemeier Missouri Josh and Rebecca are our IT staff and they keep everything going. Josh built our fiscal note tracking system and does a great job keeping it going in the ever changing legislative process. Rebecca is building new systems such as our time keeping system to help ease some manual processes. Both of them are wonderful individuals whose demeanor is so refreshing. Their willingness to step up and do whatever we need as things quickly change is greatly appreciated. They are a wonderful part of our team.  Julie M. Morff
Justin Kaiser Connecticut Justin is a fantastic addition to our team in House Democrats. You are a very thoughtful person and I am very happy that I get to work with you! Mary Ann Daly
Don Murtishi Connecticut Don started his career at the CGA just a few months before the pandemic came around. He has learned a lot in spite of this challenge, and even put together a virtual payroll presentation along with the team. Keep up the good work, Don!  Liz Harwood
Ciro Zelaya, Emily Zambrello & Laszlo Gendler Connecticut Ciro, for always keeping things light & having a great sense of humor! Emily, for always having my back, and Laszlo for keeping me young! I love my pod & appreciate you all for many other reasons!! Kim Taylor
Jenna Hofer/ Bettsy Hjelseth Minnesota I have to give a shoutout to the fabulous women of the SCRFA E-Team! I'm thankful that you two can see the panic in my eyes when someone asks a $ question! Your humor and patience with my minimal technology skills make the long days and nights at the Capitol more fun! Ann Marie Lewis
Raymond Lewis Delaware Ray has been so critical in the essential operations of the Senate. His knowledge, critical thinking, and work ethic have all heavily contributed to the smooth operations of the Senate. It is a pleasure working alongside Ray! Ryan Dunphy
Luwannia Johnson Connecticut Luwannia welcomed me the first day we met & she's had nothing but a positive impact on me. Her boisterous personality always puts a smile on my face no matter the mood. Thank you!! Kim Taylor
Ken Neal Connecticut Ken rejoins House Democrats in a new role as a clerk. We’ve spoken many times about the different perspectives within different jobs and roles in the Connecticut General Assembly. His prior roles give him a unique perspective on how to make the committee process and applications more accessible and efficient. I look forward to continuing those conversations with Ken to make our jobs more effective.  Zoe Gluck
Brad Murfitt Montana Brad is the Sergeant at Arms for the Montana House of Representatives. He is always a friendly face when I visit Helena and I appreciate his kindness and willingness to chat when he finds me wandering around the Capitol in the off-session years. Amber Widgery
Jessica Davis Delaware Jessica has been so helpful when it comes to "keeping the train on the tracks." Her institutional knowledge and self-starter attitude have benefited the Senate as a whole and the entire state. She has played an integral role in moving the Senate forward with high efficiency. Thank you for everything you do Jess! Ryan Dunphy
Amy Sylvester Maine Amy - you are such a delightful person to work with! I know that, no matter what issues arise, you are always willing to take time out of your day to help. Thank you being the BEST Senior Legislative Aide and supervisor anyone could ask for.  Victoria Rodriguez
Othni Lathram Alabama Othni Lathram is the man behind the scene that leads quietly and boldly. No one leads better by example. No one knows exactly how to say when to say, and what to say more than he.  Abel Shaw
Kelly DaSilva Montana Huge shoutout to Kelly for making sure that all of the new Montana legislative staffers have access to NCSL's resources and information.  Amber Widgery
Ashley Engh Minnesota Ashley has just joined the House Fiscal team but has already impressed us all with her wonderful attitude and her ability to adapt and learn quickly. We're thrilled you're on the team! Solveig Beckel
Taylor Hawk Delaware Taylor has been an amazing mentor! She has taught me so much. William Lescas
Legislative Services Division Montana I have had the privilege of working with the best staff! They are dedicated, often have "other duties as assigned", and work tirelessly as a team! I am so grateful for all of you! Susan Fox
Jackie Merrill Maine You are a fantastic Communications Director! I feel lucky to get to work alongside you on messaging for our members, and I have truly learned so much from you. I hope you are proud of all the work you've accomplished in the 130th. We will miss you! Victoria Rodriguez
Taylor Hawk Delaware You have been someone that I have looked up to since I was a fellow. Your policy expertise and ability to be a strong leader has not only been a huge benefit to me personally but the caucus as a whole.  Alexa Adams
Daykia McKnight Delaware Thank you for everything you do in the office, but also for everything you do outside the office to help your co-workers and community members. Your kindness and eagerness to help is always recognized :)  Sansskruty Rayavarapu
Ryan MacDonald Maine Thank you for helping me through my many fiscal note woes and answering all of my policy-related questions! I feel honored to get to work with and learn from you each day. Also, your stories are incredible.  Victoria Rodriguez
Lori Grayson Connecticut Lori has patience with my training orders (and changes), and finds ways to get me what I need, when I need it, even when it seems impossible. And, her flamingo glasses make me smile. Thank you, Lori. Molly McAllister
Manny Merisotis, Theresa Govert Connecticut Exceptional state budget research and analysis, attention to detail, endurance, intelligence, and a commitment to fairness and public service. Lawrence Cook
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway Delaware To our Senate Mama, one of the kindest, most gentle, most compassionate people I have had ever had the fortune to meet: thank you for looking after all of us, for supporting our leadership team, and for blessing us with your love and light each and every day. Jesse Chadderdon
Legislative Reference Library Minnesota LRL staffers are the unsung heroes of the Minnesota Legislature. Smart, approachable, eager to help, their work makes all staff offices better. Thanks Elizabeth, David, Betsy, Elaine, Molly and the rest of the LRL crew! Colbey Sullivan
Valerie McCartan Delaware An amazing colleague, friend, and confidant, Val, thank you for all you do for the Senate and our leadership, for taking other staff under your wing, and for letting me learn from you.  Jesse Chadderdon
CEC Staff Connecticut The staff worked incredibly hard this session to make it a success!! Mandi Careathers
Mark Cutrona Delaware Plenty of others have rightfully noted Mark's dedication to the work, and no one can question his commitment to making the Division of Research the best that it can be. But he's a great leader for a number of reasons, and one of them is that he really listens to you. You know that if you go to him with an issue, he will hear what you say and genuinely think about how to help or address the problem.  Holly Vaughn Wagner
Luwannia Johnson-Martin Connecticut Luwannia is amazing! She keeps me on track and makes sure I never miss a thing. She radiates positive energy! Brian Smith
Barry LaGrave & House Public Info Minnesota Thanks to our incredible House Public Info team, who pivoted big time during the pandemic and kept an entire state informed of legislative activity by broadcasting every single Zoom committee and floor session. They also organize THE best booth at the MN State Fair!  Rachel Eason
Kirk Fulford Alabama I can always depend on Kirk to ask the insightful question. He always asks the question that I want to ask. He's also incredibly dedicated to his craft!  Alabama is so lucky to have him. Thanks for being a friend and colleague, Kirk! Eric Nauman
Dawson Mann Alaska He always has at least one leg to stand on. Trevor Bailly
Dee Spelock West Virginia Dee is the heart and soul of the Public Information Office. She has the title of Resource Manager but is so much more. She helps out so many agencies and divisions of the legislature with her vast knowledge and ability to find and research any and all topics. She is thoughtful, dedicated and an excellent example of a true civil servant. She cares about her job and the legislative institution and it shows in how she carries herself in and out of the office. We are lucky to work alongside her.  Drew Ross
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is an important part of our legislative drafting team, always helpful talking through confusing issues, tackling new projects, and bringing cheer to a busy week! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is an inspiration for her ability to work through complex legal questions and her high volume of legislative drafting. The General Assembly benefits from her work in ways that many may never know or understand, and I'll always be thankful to call her my coworker and friend.   Holly Vaughn Wagner
Deanna Killen Delaware I truly appreciate and enjoy working with Deanna, who patiently answers all my questions and requests for extensions of time. Thank you, Deanna, for your understanding and support. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Colinda Marker Delaware There are no words to adequately express the appreciation I have for all that Colinda does for the Division of Research. We could not run the Division without her, plain and simple. Thank you, Colinda, for being the voice of calm and reason, and for doing what I am sure is more than I even know.   Holly Vaughn Wagner
Donnie Sellers Delaware Donnie runs the busy and in-demand Print Shop with dedication and commitment, not to mention patience. I've never had a project that he and his team couldn't produce in record time and what appears to be effortlessly. Two years into the pandemic and I can't overstate how vital his leadership has been in keeping the legislature running.   Holly Vaughn Wagner
Natalie White Delaware The Division of Research couldn't do what we do without Natalie's commitment to excellent work and detail. I couldn't ask for a better partner in doing the engrossments, a job that always requires a great deal of precision and often requires calm in the midst of chaos. And, thank you, Natalie, for always making me laugh!   Holly Vaughn Wagner
Administrative Staff Alabama I feel so fortunate to work in an office with amazing support staff that does just that - support us all in making us look good, while working crazy hours at times, having to juggle many balls in the air, under trying circumstances. Their great attitudes and energy keep us all going. Thank you!  Paula Greene
Ben Kowal Delaware Ben works fast and thoroughly, providing research that we know we can rely on. Ben's work ethic and skill level make it easy to forget he only recently joined our team, and we hope he knows we appreciate his work and contribution to the Division of Research.  Holly Vaughn Wagner
Casey Bates Alabama Casey steps up to every challenge with enthusiasm and a great attitude. She goes above and beyond under every situation to help in any way she can to make us a better office. Paula Greene
Joint Committee Fiscal Office Staff West Virginia You guys go above and beyond in supporting the WV Legislature. Thank you for all you do and for stepping up when needed. Londa Sabatino
Mark Brainard Delaware Mark maintains focus and drive even as the work sends him on unanticipated roller coaster rides. When a new challenge stops me in my tracks, I know I can trust Mark to help find the right strategy forward.   Holly Vaughn Wagner
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda embodies the strengths of a great researcher by being relentlessly persistent in finding the answers to even the most perplexing questions. I can always count on Amanda to get the job done, and get it done thoroughly. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Eric Connery Connecticut Eric, thank you for your relentless care of the LOB/Capitol facility as our Facilities Engineer, and for your continued dedication to making these buildings beautiful and accessible. From artifacts, to security measures, maintenance, grounds keeping, etc., etc. you take every measure to try to make it right! Nancy Serrano
Bob Meyerson Minnesota We need WAY more than 35 words to show our appreciation for our Sergeant at Arms. His service and commitment to the House cannot be overstated. We wish him the best in retirement, and will miss him terribly! Thank you, Bob! House GOP Caucus
Andrew Olson & Erica Brynildson Minnesota Our Assistant Sergeant at Arms have dealt with the crazy past two years with professionalism and aplomb! Rachel Eason
Print Shop Delaware Thank you for all of the printing you do for me, it really made it possible for me to successfully work from home last year. Debbie Gottschalk
Wendy Jackson Wisconsin Wendy’s professionalism and knowledge contribute to her excellence as an editor, but it is her kind and steady approach as manager that makes it truly a joy to work with her. Thank you, Wendy! Nancy Warnecke
Colinda Marker Delaware Thank you for always being available to assist me, and the patience you bring to these requests. Debbie Gottschalk
Ben Kowal Delaware Thank you for your help - it is helpful in and of itself, but it also takes stress from me to remove a project from my to do list. Debbie Gottschalk
The Legislative Library Staff Nevada Shoutout to Stephanie Heyroth Wilcox, Ali Jobe, and Englisa Parker in the Library! They tackle requests with professionalism and a smile, whether novel or mundane, and they are smart, determined, and resourceful. They are a joy to work with! Teresa Wilt
Paul Hicks Minnesota Paul is so generous with his time, sharing his love of the Minnesota House with our staff, and with the public at large. He's a walking Minnesota encyclopedia!  Rachel Eason
Rich Dillard Delaware Thank you for your patient and thorough review of the pages of documents I draft. You make my work so much better! Debbie Gottschalk
Jonathan Ball Utah Jonathan has led the Utah Legislative Fiscal Analyst's Office for 14 years. Through economic booms and busts, his encyclopedic knowledge of the budget and leadership skills have benefitted the Legislature and the people of Utah.  Steven Allred
Cara Wilson Delaware I appreciate your willingness to help with projects and your personality brightens the office. Debbie Gottschalk
Mark Cutrona Delaware Thank you for your dedicated, and patient leadership of the Division. Despite being extremely busy, you always have time to help others. Debbie Gottschalk
House Budget & Accounting Minnesota Barb & her budget and accounting staff weathered the pivot of remote work during the pandemic as true professionals, and never missed a beat. I appreciate their commitment to operational excellence! Rachel Eason
Sue Tufts Connecticut Sue is an amazing team lead! She is always willing to share advise, provide help, or simply lend an ear. We are so lucky to work with you! Ruchi Sheth
Mark Brainard and Amanda McAtee Delaware You guys are a great team and wonderful to share a hallway with!  Cara Wilson
Crystal Lewis Louisiana Crystal staffs not one but two of the busiest Senate committees. Her professionalism and organization skills know no bounds. Thank you Crystal for the countless hours you dedicate to make your job look easy! Megan
House Fiscal Staff Minnesota Thanks to the fiscal staff who keep all the numbers straight and figure out how the proposed policy changes relate to the numbers.  Your hard work and long hours keep the process going. Bill Marx
House Photography Minnesota No one captures the beauty of the Minnesota State Capitol and its legislative members and staff like Paul and Andrew. Their Instagram @mnhouseinfo is a true homage to L'Etoile du Nord! Rachel Eason
Cristina Parra Minnesota Cristina and I have been tasked with some really difficult work over the last year -- and she couldn't have been a better partner. I'm really happy to have her on our House Research management team. Matt Gehring
State Capitol Police Connecticut I truly appreciate the efforts you all make to keep everyone entering the LOB/Capitol, safe and secure. And in addition, you find time to fundraise for important causes. Hats off to a great squad! Nancy Serrano
Sharon Eubanks Colorado Our director suffers the slings and arrows of disingenuity with grace and composure beyond all measure. We are proud and grateful to have her at the helm. Wade Harrell
Marta James Minnesota Marta is one of our newer analysts and she's been thrown into the deep end on some complicated legislative topics -- but she always manages to rise to the challenge. It's been fun to watch her grow! Matt Gehring
Ryan Davis Delaware Ryan is in many ways the public face of our caucus, greeting guests and visitors with kindness and professionalism, all while taking on additional roles and responsibilities to support our Senators. Thank you for all you do. Jesse Chadderdon
Aurora Hauke Alaska I'm so glad I've had the chance to get to know and work closely with Aurora the last couple of years on NCSL's Young and New Professionals programming. If only we both would qualify! Aurora is a top-notch staffer and Alaska is lucky to have her! Matt Gehring
Scott Goss Delaware Scott works tirelessly to tell the stories of our members and the important work our caucus is doing for the people of Delaware. A talented writer, gifted strategist, and trusted sounding board, Scott is central to our collective success. Jesse Chadderdon
Sabrina Lewellen Arkansas I'm so glad to be able to call Sabrina a mentor and friend. Her grace and poise is unmatched -- a role model for legislative staff nationwide. Thank you, Sabrina! Matt Gehring
Natalie White Delaware Natalie has been kind to me during a particularly difficult period. I appreciate her honesty, forthright speech, and humor. I admire her intelligence, love of research, and fondness for learning.   Joel Rudnick
Jason York Connecticut Jason is a new press aide this year, and he has done an outstanding job! He is kind, enthusiastic, and is always ready to help with whatever anyone needs. We are lucky to have him part of our team! Samantha Savvidou
Division of Research Delaware I have been in my position for about 2 1/2 years now, and I continue to be amazed at the strength, intelligence, and compassion of my team. They are good people, and I am proud to work with them.   Joel Rudnick
Kirk Fulford  Alabama Shout out to Kirk for being the best Fiscal Division Director ever! Kirk has served the members of the Legislature and the State of Alabama in many different capacities over the year. His expertise is invaluable and he always one step ahead in gauging what members need and want. Kirk Fulford you rock! Shonda Stallworth 
Sarah Fulton Delaware Sarah is a talented and versatile member of our comms shop, always willing to go the extra mile or lend a helping hand. While relatively new to our Senate family, Sarah has hit the ground running and expanded our capacity to deliver timely and high-quality work. Jesse Chadderdon
Sansskruty Rayavarapu Delaware Sansskruty is an talented visual storyteller whose creative eye has helped showcase our caucus in new and exciting ways. Because of her efforts, we've been able to reach new audiences in innovative ways. Thank you, Sansskruty! Jesse Chadderdon
Martha Snodgrass Washington Being a manager at a Capitol gift shop takes an assortment of skills. In Olympia, Martha's calm, efficient and experienced actions help the Legislative Gift Center thrive - even during a pandemic.    Catherine Young
Dick Carter Delaware Dick isn't only an encyclopedia of knowledge, he's an oracle of wisdom when it comes to navigating Legislative Hall and the institutions within. At the core of our redistricting efforts, Dick's encyclopedic memory of nearly every corner of our state isn't only impressive, it's invaluable. Thank you, Dick! Jesse Chadderdon
Taylor Hawk Delaware A policy whiz, a mentor for all, a confidant to so many, it's difficult to overstate Taylor's value to the Senate Majority Caucus. To watch her meteoric rise from Legislative Fellow to Policy Director has been impressive; to have her has a partner in this important work has been a blessing. Jesse Chadderdon
Betsy Haugen Minnesota Betsy (and her team) offers exceptional services to our staff and members, and is always happy to dig into a request, no matter how mundane or inane. Thanks, Betsy! Rachel Eason
Anthony Bernadzikowski Delaware In the short time we've worked together, Anthony has served in multiple roles, excelling in each of them. From his top-notch constituent work to his policy chops to his invaluable GIS skills during redistricting, Anthony is a human Swiss Army Knife that the Senate has been fortunate to have. Jesse Chadderdon
Cathy Carlson Minnesota If Cathy has a bad day you’d never know it - she always has a smile working long hours at the clerk’s desk! Rachel Eason
Will Lescas Delaware It is remarkable to see our Legislative Fellows consistently take on such significant roles within our caucus staff, and Will is no exception. Will's stewardship of our aging in place task force has been second-to-none, and his intellect and passion for progress has helped take our policy shop to new heights. Jesse Chadderdon
Gail Romanowski Minnesota Gail is always a pleasure to work with and makes life so easy for our clergy guests. She makes the invocation experience one that they’ll remember for years to come.  Mark Laliberte
HDO Senior Staff  Connecticut Nothing that we have and continue to accomplish would be possible without each of you! Thank you for just being who you are! A place is only as special as the people you share it with, and I am very blessed for ya’ll! What’s next? Franklin Perry II
Alexis Wrease Delaware Alexis is a joy to work with and has been an invaluable resource as a Legislative Fellow, helping to support our committee process and leading important research projects. We are lucky to have her on our team.  Jesse Chadderdon
James Berryhill Delaware James has been an incredible partner to several highly-productive, policy-oriented senators. From environmental initiatives to education reform to the passage of Delaware's landmark Paid Family Leave legislation, James was a steady guiding hand behind the scenes, helping our senators be successful. Like so many on our team, James is a true unsung hero of progress here in Delaware. Jesse Chadderdon
Venessa Karpeh Delaware Venessa is a dedicated, thoughtful, and extremely perceptive member of our Senate family. Over the last year, she has stepped up in a big way to add a second senator's constituent and policy work to her portfolio, and yet she still finds time to check on in on her colleagues and provide guidance, reassurance, and constructive feedback when warranted. Venessa is an incredibly valuable member or our team.  Jesse Chadderdon
Read Scott Delaware Over the last year, Read has stepped up to provide staff support to two of our most active and progressive legislators, one a freshman and one a member of leadership. But perhaps his most important role is that of an advocate for our staff and for fairness and respect across our workplace. Read is never afraid to lift up others and I am a better Chief of Staff because of his forthrightness and candor. Jesse Chadderdon
Jaci Hugg Delaware Jaci's dedication to Senator Ennis and the district they share is second-to-none. They are a team in the truest sense of the word and Delawareans are better for it. In addition, Jaci has become a trusted advisor, always advocating for our staff and sharing constructive ways we can grow as a team. Thank you Jaci! Jesse Chadderdon
Michael Soyka Delaware Like many of our legislative assistants, it's hard to imagine Michael and Senator Paradee as anything other than a dynamic duo. Not only does Michael provide second-to-none constituent services, he provides critical support to the work of the Joint Finance Committee and can always be trusted to quickly engage when legislation needs to come out of Finance to move for floor votes. Thank you, Michael! Jesse Chadderdon
The Print Shop Delaware Thank you to Donnie + everyone in the print shop for all of their help always, especially with the recent last-minute jobs I’ve need done! You’re all the best, we wouldn’t survive without you! Anna Shields
Christella St. Juste Delaware As effervescent as anyone I've ever had the privilege to call a colleague, Christella brings so much joy to what can be serious and taxing work. We are so fortunate to have her, as are the residents of the 2nd Senate District. Jesse Chadderdon
The Senate legislative attorneys Delaware Thank you SO much to all of our attorneys for all their hard work! Sen. Hansen’s been working on some really big bills over the last year and we’re both so grateful for your hard work, dedication, and patience. We’re so lucky to have such a great group supporting our work. Big s/o to Frank + Carole for their work on our often bi-monthly stakeholder group! Anna Shields
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is an amazing director that goes above and beyond for his staff and Delaware’s general assembly. His knowledge, professionalism, integrity, kindness, and generosity are just some of his admirable qualities. Thank you Mark for all of your support over these past 3 years. You make this a great place to work, especially in a pandemic.  Amanda McAtee
Scott Goss Delaware Scott is our incredibly hardworking comms director and we’re all so lucky to have him. He’s often the first in and last out and does an incredible job managing the many, many, many (and often last-minute) requests of our 14 person caucus. Thank you for everything you do for us! Anna Shields
Daykia Hunter-McKnight Delaware Daykia is such a kind and thoughtful colleague, and has really grown into her own over the last year. Supporting one of the busiest legislators in the building, Day is always at the ready to help constituents, support Senator Lockman's role in leadership, her work on the Joint Finance Committee, or her legislative efforts. All that and she knows more about college basketball than anyone reading this! Jesse Chadderdon
The Minority Caucus Ladies Delaware S/o to all the minority caucus ladies! We may not be on the same side of the aisle, but you’re all always incredibly helpful and a pleasure to work with.  Anna Shields
Charline Ganthier-Cine Delaware Charline's poise, professionalism, and adaptability are second to none. She has hit the ground running as one of our newest team members, and has quickly become beloved by our entire senate family. Charline works for one of the most active legislators in our building, but is never too busy to ask you how you're doing or if she can help lend a hand. Thanks for everything, Charline! Jesse Chadderdon
Daykia Hunter-McKnight Delaware Daykia, I love working with you, you’re so sweet and always ready to help, always great to run Transportation with you!  Anna Shields
Anna Shields Delaware Anna really stepped up last year after an unexpected staff departure and has become a vital part of our team. Her trajectory from Legislative Fellow to Legislative Assistant  and the immediate synergy she forged with Senator Hansen have been impressive. Keep up the amazing work, Anna! Jesse Chadderdon
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly is an amazing deputy director and is such an asset to the Division and General Assembly. She genuinely cares about her staff and aways fights for their best interests. I deeply appreciate her support, especially during the pandemic. She helps us through the tricky situations and always makes time to talk something over. Holly makes this an enjoyable place to work and I’m so thankful to have such an amazingly awesome boss. Thank you Holly! Amanda McAtee
Alexa Adams Delaware Watching Alexa grow and thrive in her role with Senator Poore has been exciting to watch. Alexa's professionalism and work-ethic are impressive, and she's always willing to go the extra mile. Her thoughtful, thought-provoking insights and questions have helped us fine-tune and improve our workplace for all staff. Jesse Chadderdon
Shelley Earley Delaware As a new staffer years ago, Shelley was one of the first people to welcome me to the Senate family. Her kindness and wit are disarming and comforting, especially in a space that can take itself too seriously at times. While Shelley's administrative support is critical to our caucus, her grace and positivity goes a long way toward making ours a healthy workplace.  Jesse Chadderdon
Mark Brainard  Delaware Mark is amazing to work with. He always finds the right words when I’m stuck on something and he’s an excellent sounding board. He always helps manage the chaotic situations with a high level of professionalism. I deeply appreciate his knowledge, support, and that he’s always on top of things. I am so thankful to have such an amazing  partner in this job. Thank you Mark!  Amanda McAtee
Mary Ann Hearne Delaware Mary Ann is an absolute treasure, someone who has done so much for the Senate over her career that it's difficult to quantify. She is fun-loving and fiercely loyal and someone we all look up to and have learned from. Thank you Mary Ann!  Jesse Chadderdon
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is such a joy to work with. I appreciate her kindness and generosity. It’s a pleasure sharing a hallway.  Amanda McAtee
Ben Kowal Delaware Thank you Ben for always being willing to help out!  Amanda McAtee
Billy Deleon Delaware Billy has been a Godsend, an absolutely delightful new addition to our team who helped fill a critical need at a critical time. His intellectual curiosity and excitement to learn are unparalleled and will serve him well as his career in public service blossoms. Jesse Chadderdon
Beth Waters Connecticut I had the chance to work with Beth on the Reapportionment Commission over the span of many months; this was the first time I'd had the opportunity to work so closely on a project together with her. She was eager to learn about the committee process and picked up new things almost instantly. I learned a lot about her role, and we found new ways we can collaborate professionally in other ways. I appreciated her professionalism, expertise, and especially her friendship. Kirstin Breiner
Joel Rudnick Delaware Thank you so much for showing me the ropes at archives! Thanks for your kindness and willingness to always help out.  Amanda McAtee
Natalie White Delaware Thank you Natalie for your kindness and willingness to always help out.  Amanda McAtee
The Entire (Legislative Reference Bureau) LRB Family American Samoa Each session brings its own multiple bills & resos and our entire staff steps up every single time to get the tasks done. They take hits & yells, yet keep on working until the Legislators are satisfied and session is over and beyond. Thank YOU LRB Family!   Deanna Sanitoa-Fuimaono
Colinda Marker Delaware Thank you for all of your help on a recent review we were working on. Your knowledge and expertise really helped us out. Also, a huge thanks for always going above and beyond for all of us at the Division. I deeply appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Amanda McAtee
Deb Blanchard Connecticut Thanks Deb for being the best administrator for the best committee! Angela Rehm
Kathy Morris Delaware Thank you Kathy for always being there with knowledge and support. I deeply appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thanks for being a positive and calming force in a busy workplace.  Amanda McAtee
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe, thanks for going the extra mile in tracking down info or language when I need it! Angela Rehm
LCO! Connecticut Friends at LCO, thank you for your caring support this session. I am truly grateful. I am very lucky to work with such wonderful people. Angela Rehm
Amy Burke Delaware Thank you for your kindness and willingness to always help out.  Amanda McAtee
Amanda Fulton Delaware Thank you for your kindness and willingness to always help out.  Amanda McAtee
Donnie Sellers, Bob Lupo, and Nate Poore Delaware Thank you for your kindness and willingness to always help out. Your professional and attention to detail make the legislative print shop an asset to the Division and General Assembly.  Amanda McAtee
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Thank you for your kindness and willingness to share your vast knowledge. I appreciate the special channels of information you developed and the time you’ve put into keeping us informed.  Amanda McAtee
Alexis Stangl Minnesota I am lucky enough to have Lexi as my team member for the Senate Transportation Committee - I so value her humor, intelligence, expertise, and positive nature. It's not her only committee assignment,  and I don't know how she juggles it all, and with such excellence! Krista Boyd
Yvette Smallwood and Erika Schrader Delaware Thank you for your kindness and all the hard work you put in at the Registrar’s office. It’s a pleasure to work with both of you.  Amanda McAtee
Rich Dillard Delaware Thanks for your willingness to share knowledge and insight during staff meetings. You are a pleasure to work with.  Amanda McAtee
Sabrina Lewellen Arkansas Sabrina's professionalism, knowledge, and grace continues to inspire me and encourage me to be better every day. She is a formidable woman and I am lucky to have her as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend.  Aurora Hauke
Elliot Gray  Delaware Elliot has been our fellow for 2 years now. His knowledge, professionalism, and strong work ethic have been such an asset to the Division. Thank you for your kindness, eagerness to learn, and willingness to always help out on projects.  Amanda McAtee
Matt Gehring Minnesota The most amazing thing about NCSL is the ability to work with amazing people from across the country - people like Matt Gehring. It has been a pleasure to work with Matt on LSCC, especially in helping to move the Young and New Professionals Program forward - even though we are neither young nor new! Aurora Hauke
Mercedes Colbert Alaska Mercedes is an asset to her own caucus with her attention to detail, keen strategic mind, and thoughtfulness. Bringing a high level of professionalism even as an intern (when we first met), Mercedes is a force to be reckoned with and a true friend. Aurora Hauke
Molly McAllister Connecticut One of my favorite things about Molly is the introduction she makes at the start of her classes.  Those words create an environment where people feel safe to share and explore ideas.  She is an excellent sounding board, always willing to make time to talk things through and I truly appreciate her friendship as I take on more professional challenges.  Thank you, Molly! Kirstin Breiner 
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is an incredible asset to the CGA.  Everyone knows that she carries with her extensive knowledge about the legislative process and while she is often my go-to, these COVID sessions keep throwing curveballs at us.  She is a tremendous friend and pillar of support for many of us and I am so grateful for that.  Thank you, Susan, for taking the phone calls, laughing at all my terrible jokes, and saying hi to my children when their faces show up on Zoom for the millionth time.   Kirstin Breiner 
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl did it again.  She answered every question, no matter how trivial and no matter on what platform.  She is patient and kind in her explanations, gracious with her time, and I feel fortunate to say she has become such a good friend to me over the last few years.  She is a tremendous collaborator, thorough in everything she does, and makes me a better professional because of it.  I have learned so much from her and am excited at being able to continue working on projects with her in the future.  Thank you for saving our skins, answering the same questions, and putting up with our personal lives while trying to piece together our professional ones!  We can't do any of it without you. Kirstin Breiner 
Zoe Gluck Connecticut I thought I could multitask until I met Zoe.  I have really enjoyed working so closely with her this session – watching how she doesn’t just support her team but shows up in every way for them.  She is always going above and beyond and doing it with compassion and a sense of humor.  Zoe, thank you for your seamless collaboration and friendship – you are amazing! Kirstin Breiner 
Rhonda Carroll Connecticut Rhonda often makes sure to include the necessary parties so that everyone is on the same page.  In the midst of session, this was incredibly helpful because it allowed us to be prepared to tackle inevitable challenges we encountered.  Thank you!! Kirstin Breiner 
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