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Legislative Staff Week 2023

By Holly South  |  May 11, 2023

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Thank You, Legislative Staff!

Every day, you and your colleagues work behind the scenes to support the work of state legislatures. From drafting bills to making statehouses accessible to the public to keeping computer networks secure, legislatures couldn’t function without you. During the week of May 8-12, NCSL celebrates your contributions and considers the importance of both gratitude and recognition in the legislative environment. 

Please join us! Here’s how you can participate:

  • Check out a special-edition podcast and resources created with you in mind. 
  • Register for a webinar on creating a culture of connection at work. 
  • Share a photo or post on social media of how you’re honoring your colleagues. 
  • Say thank you to a fellow legislative staffer! 

Praise and Prizes! 

Give a colleague a shoutout and you’ll both be entered into a drawing for a free registration to NCSL Base Camp 2023! Four will be awarded. And for the state receiving the most shoutouts? Dessert’s on us! NSCL will host an ice cream party for all legislative staff. 

Watch the ‘You, Me, We’ Webinar

Leadership development coaches and authors Morag Barrett and Eric Spencer discuss how to be intentional about showing up in ALL your relationships, both personal and professional. You will also learn about the five qualities of an Ally Mindset that result in powerful workplace relationships and the three steps you can take to strengthen your leadership presence and impact. This presentation is based on the new book “You, Me, We: Why We All Need a Friend at Work (and How to Show Up as One!)” by Barrett, Spencer and Ruby Vesely.

Watch Now

Legislative Staff Week Kickoff Town Hall 

Join us for a short conversation with NCSL Staff Chair Anne Sappenfield on Monday, May 8, at 10 a.m. ET. Sappenfield is director of the Wisconsin Legislative Council. 

Watch the Town Hall

Special-Edition Podcast  

Starting May 8, tune in for a special Legislative Staff Week edition of the “Our American States” podcast. Anne Sappenfield and Heshani Wijemanne of the California Senate will share their perspectives and insights on their careers in the legislature.  

Research Questions? NCSL is at your service! Legislators ask all sorts of questions to help them understand policy issues or guide decisions on language to include in bill drafts. Consider NCSL your concierge for research requests. A wealth of information is just a phone call or email away.

Six Tips for Being a Successful Legislative Staffer: NCSL sat down with five staffers—who between them have more than a century’s worth of experience—to learn their top tips for being effective legislative employees

Get Social and Share  

Share a photo with us—by tagging @NCSLorg or adding #LegislativeStaff—that shows how you and your team are celebrating Staff Week. You could be featured on one of NCSL’s social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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