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Legislative Fellow, Ohio General Assembly

Republican Caucus, Democratic Caucus, or Nonpartisan LSC

House or Senate Caucus Fellows: One of the primary responsibilities for most fellows assigned to the House or Senate is to assist members with constituent outreach, including responding to inquiries from district residents when they have a problem or concern. Writing assignments might include press releases, newsletters, speeches, and committee memorandums. Fellows also research issues and perform administrative work.

Nonpartisan LSC Fellows: Fellows assigned to nonpartisan LSC draft and analyze legislation, including a bill's fiscal effects on state and local government, conduct research to provide answers to legislative inquiries, and staff legislative committees. Fellows assigned to the Office of Research and Drafting (ORD) focus more on the “legal” side of legislative services, while fellows assigned to the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) focus more on the “budget” side of legislative services. Fellows are assigned many of the same duties as permanent ORD and LBO staff.

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