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Marc Worden

As program coordinator of the Center for Results-Driven Governing, Marc Worden contributes to the work of helping states use data and evidence to inform policy decisions. Prior to joining NCSL, Worden served as Program Coordinator for the...

Posted May 10, 2024

DHS Grant Cut Coalition Letter

NCSL and 17 nationwide stakeholder organizations called on Congress to restore cuts to U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA made in the FY24 spending agreement. The cuts made in the FY24 spending agreement for DHS will result in an...

Amy Fidelis

Amy Fidelis oversees NCSL's marketing team in the Communications Division. She comes to the organization with 20-plus years of leadership experience in a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors, including education,...

Posted May 6, 2024

Legislative Staff Week: Let’s Get Rocking!

Every year, we pause to celebrate the good work of legislative staff, like you, who work behind the scenes to support state legislatures. Join us for a conversation with NCSL Staff Chair Sabrina Lewellen, Deputy Director and Assistant Secretary...

Posted May 6, 2024

Plugged In | May 2024

May Edition of the Plugged In Newsletter, NCSL’s monthly energy newsletter highlighting key state and federal developments affecting energy policies.

Updated May 15, 2024

Legislative Staff Week Shoutouts 2024

Recognize your colleagues with a shoutout or two and be entered to win! Prizes will be awarded each day, including four free registrations for this fall’s NCSL Base Camp, an online policy learning and professional development...

Updated May 15, 2024

Legislative Staff Week 2024

Each year, NCSL devotes a week to celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of legislative staff. In 2024, programming includes a town hall, special-edition podcast, webinar and the annual shoutout competition.

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