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Legislative Staff Week – You Rock!

May 7, 2021

Legislative Staff Week: May 3-7, 2021

Leadership, innovation, collaboration, unflagging good humor, support or exceptional commitment—which of your colleagues come to mind? Give them a shoutout! And you’ll be entered to win one of four free registrations to NCSL Base Camp 2021. Plus, the state with the most shoutouts will earn that much-coveted distinction: bragging rights. Connecticut and Delaware staff prevailed last year. Will either—or both—do so again? Please spread the word—and check below to see if you’ve been recognized!

Recipient State/Territory Because From
Ronalee Skees  Montana WOW! Ronalee, the House Journal Clerk, seemed to put in more hours than any other staff for the House. She was there early, late and weekends. Though extremely busy, she always took time out for anyone's questions, to talk with friends, family and tour groups and most of all it seems, she knows our rules better than any of our Legislators. THANK YOU Ronalee. Rep. Barry Usher
Martha Wigton  Georgia Everyone in NCSL knows how fantastic Martha is; we are so lucky to have her in Georgia every day!! Rick Ruskell
Jamison Bazinet Connecticut Who is the press person that everybody wants?
Who is the press person that everybody flaunts?
Who is the press person most better than the rest?
His name is Jamison Bazinet, because he IS the BEST!

Rep. Craig Fishbein

Jim Drake Arizona As Chief Clerk of the Arizona State House of Representatives, Jim developed the technical and staffing means for the floor to function during the current session and COVID-19 rules. His love for the institution and Arizona skies is appreciated by all lucky enough to work with him. Micaela Larkin
Kathy Morris Delaware A division run by two lawyers needs someone who is good with numbers. Kathy is that person. She works hard to ensure we operate within our budget and comply with the State's accounting practices. It helps that she is extremely well organized and meticulous. And, she's one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know. Mark Cutrona
Alliana Salanguit Alaska Through her patience and grace, Alliana taught me how much I can learn from younger generations from my very first days in the legislature. I want to be like her when I grow up! Seth Whitten
Tim Bergin Connecticut Tim is a great and valuable resource for any policy situation regardless of difficulty. His demeanor and perseverance are beyond expectations. He never lets anyone down and makes you feel good about soliciting his help.  Rep. Henry Genga
Jessica Harmon Indiana As our office director, Jessica not only serves legislators well, but always has the best interests of staff at heart. She coordinated staff in a safe manner during the pandemic to help us get through a unique session. Thanks for keeping us safe! Bob Sigalow
Joel Rudnick Delaware From the day he set foot in Legislative Hall, Joel brought with him unique creativity and dedication to excellence. He has often made otherwise rote meetings fun, but there's no question that he takes his role as a public servant seriously. Keeping working those salt pretzel mines, Joel! Holly Vaughn Wagner
J.J. Gentry South Carolina A great shoutout to J.J. Gentry with the Senate Ethics Committee and the incredible job he does.... J.J. exemplifies ALL the outstanding, dedicated legislative staff here in South Carolina. Proud of his involvement with NCSL, including as a staff officer, and all the best to him in his scheduled leadership role that will begin at the Summit this fall. Go J.J.  Sen. Thomas Alexander
NJ State House Tour Program New Jersey Thank you and a BIG Shout Out to my fellow NJ State House Tour Program coworkers!  We continue NJ's civic education with our Online/Virtual Tour and Make-A-Law programming. #EngagedCitizenry #HappyFourthGraders Carol Rogers
Chris Harkins Michigan Chris Harkins and his Senate Fiscal Agency team excel at working under pressure. They partner with other staff and departments to ensure a quality product. My team appreciates the extra effort he gives to make our work more efficient. He is always looking out for other people. Thank you! Margaret O'Brien
Eric Crockett Connecticut Thank you Eric for volunteering to source PPE in addition to your normal workload as well as working to procure a food service vendor throughout the pandemic.   Tina Mohr
All of the Legislative Aides Kentucky The LAs have a challenging job. They field calls from a lot of stressed-out constituents, and help get them to the right department for further help. They are often the first person in government the constituent feels has actually listened to them. I appreciate the kindness they show the constituents, but also the kindness and professionalism they show us in Constituent Services. We are in different jobs, but all part of the same team.  Thank you for all the ways you help constituents, and CS (always, but especially during the pandemic and UI crisis!).    Ms. Kendrick Fischer
Emily Odgers Massachusetts Emily helped out many CT constituents who worked in MA with unemployment claims over this last year. People reached out to their CT representatives but we couldn't help since their jobs were in MA. Emily connected many with the MA Dept. of Labor and made a HUGE difference. I've never met you, Emily but I want to thank you for your help beyond the border of Massachusetts!! Mary Ann Daly
Jackson Peel Florida As Communications Director of the Florida House Democratic Office, Jackson is a quiet, steady force, working long and crazy hours without complaint, yet always pushing our communications across print and social media to new heights for both the office and our members. Marianne Gengenbach
Jessica Brown Alabama Jessica is a very dedicated employee who always goes above above and beyond to make sure the budget documents and other bills from the Fiscal Division are in top form. Kirk Fulford
Amy Trost, Erick Fajardo, Steven Ogle Texas Your leadership, patience, guidance, wisdom, and support as review directors and supervisors during a strange and unpredictable time were key to our success in remotely reviewing state agencies, effectively engaging stakeholders and the public, and making solid recommendations to improve state government. Merrell Foote
West Virginia Office of Reference and Information (Public Information) West Virginia I am blessed with a small but top-notch staff who are dedicated to the mission of providing clear and transparent information to the public at large and support to the Legislature and its members with research and other assistance. They are nothing but professional and I am always thankful for my legislative family.  Drew Ross
Jennifer Jankowski Delaware Jenn is my right-hand person, she is so exceptional at her job, I never have to worry about anything. She is a kind and compassionate person who is so smart! My constituents adore her, she is a bright light. She has been with me for 3 1/2 years and I never want her to leave but I know someday she will move on to greater things. Jenn, I am so proud of you, you are going to do amazing things.  Rep. Kim Williams
Ashley Athey Colorado Ashley is someone who, when the going gets tough, she gets tougher! This last year has been a trial for anyone trying to do their best at work, and Ashley excelled at juggling a multitude of assignments while picking up things that would otherwise been left behind. You rock, Ashley!! Cara Meeker
Deanna Killen Delaware While we may serve different sides of the aisle, your accessibility, candor, and kindness have helped me tremendously in adjusting to my new role. Thank you! Jesse Chadderdon
Research Division - Legislative Counsel Bureau Nevada What an honor and pleasure it is to give a well-deserved shout out to the wonderful staff of the Research Division! Thanks so much for all you do! Your dedication and professionalism is unmatched!  Michael Stewart
Bryon Ellis Kentucky Bryon is one of the best Leadership staff with whom I have ever worked. Smart, communicative, and inquisitive, he not only serves his chairs well, he makes my job as a nonpartisan committee staff person so much easier. John Snyder
Margaret Foster and Cody James Alabama This tremendous team makes sure the even when we work around the clock and eat all of meals at work that the office is clean, neat, and free of germs. In these COVID times that is harder and more appreciated than ever!  Othni Lathram
Kimberley Wallace Virgin Islands To my dynamic Chief of Staff/Legislative Director, you are amazing! Thank you for all that you do to lead our dynamic team in supporting my vision, which is ours, in improving the lives of our fellow Virgin Islanders. You Rock‼️  Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
Molly McAllister Connecticut A competent, caring, creative and successful training & development coordinator whose dedication, thoughtfulness and achievements with staff are a model for the nation. Your very necessary work is much appreciated!  Lawrence Cook
Mark Cutrona Delaware Everyone who knows him knows that Mark is the hardest working man in "legislature biz"; even a pandemic couldn't slow him down! Mark's leadership style and dedication give the Division of Research the direction and support we need to succeed, both as individuals and as a whole team. We don't say it enough, but thank you, Mark!  Holly Vaughn Wagner
Sabrina Lewellen, Rob Hatfield and all session staff Arkansas A special shoutout to Sabrina Lewellen, my Deputy Director/Assistant Secretary of the Senate and Rob Hatfield, our Production Manager, and all session staff for all the hard work and long days and nights. Could not have made it without them.  Ann Cornwell
All staffers! Connecticut Thank you to all our CT staffers for the amazing work and efforts in adapting to working from home without the usual tools! Many many thanks and much respect, great work!  Rep. David Michel
Michael Stewart Nevada Michael is always willing to help his colleagues in other states and he is a great ambassador for the Silver State!  Fred Messerer
Molly Aziz   Georgia You're a Georgia superstar! As the staff for the House Special Committee on Election Integrity, you powered through weeks of committee meetings, patiently heard hundreds of hours of testimonies, impeccably summarized over 60 bills (subbed, subbed and re-subbed every day), but you never faltered or complained. Public service at its finest!  Martha Wigton
Susannah Cray and Kyler Woods Oregon Thank you for agreeing to temporarily join our staff after your internships ended this session. We appreciate your willingness to serve the House in all the ways you have. Your interests and abilities are an asset to the office and the branch!   Tim Sekerak
Texas Legislative Council's floor support teams Texas I'm thankful for the Texas Legislative Council's floor support teams. Your work is critical to the success of the legislature, and y'all make masks look good! Jon Heining
Bill Reilly, Christel Raasch and the Clerk’s Office Georgia These staff made it possible for the GA House to conduct the 2021 session with social distancing requirements by enabling virtual voting. Bill and Christel secured tablets that served as mobile voting machines so members could vote while spread out in the Capitol. Voting was seamless and the Clerk’s Office team deserves a big shout out!! Betsy Theroux
Bill and Amendment Tracking Software Team Kentucky This talented group of developers automated our bill and amendment drafting and processing procedures just a few months prior to the 21 session. The Kentucky Legislature is well served by their intelligence, creativity, and diligence. John Snyder
Carrie Maulin Idaho Thank you for being a trustworthy sounding board and sanity check. You have been a secret weapon for us in your neighboring state, as we labor to keep the ship of state on course. Tim Sekerak
Martha Wigton Georgia A huge shout-out to Staff Chair Martha Wigton for doing such a graceful job of leading NCSL through what was an incredibly challenging year! Jon Heining
House Clerk Staff Kansas My staff deserves all the kudos I can give them. Almost all are session-only staff who come in year after year to be part of making the legislative process in the Kansas House run. They put up with uncertainty, especially this year, and long hours with a gracious spirit and positive attitude. I so appreciate these qualities and it makes my job so much easier with these amazing people beside me! Susan Kannarr
Sarah Curry Oregon Thanks Sarah for stepping up to support the work of the office by taking on an endless string of new responsibilities. The strength and resilience of democratic processes rests squarely on the ability of staff to perform the necessary duties under any and all circumstances. You have truly been a hero in the way you've accepted tasks and performed them to a very high level.   Tim Sekerak
J.J. Gentry South Carolina Good luck to J.J. Gentry! Can't wait to see how you succeed as NCSL staff chair! Jon Heining
House Media Services Georgia Thanks for launching our legislature across the airwaves and ensuring seamless access for staff, members, and millions of people across the nation!   Martha Wigton
Sarah Potter Indiana She kept it together while the world tried to implode. Not only did she make the world continue to turn, but she also orchestrated several meetings with key players to ensure her legislators' success.  Courtney Thompson
Graham Fishell Indiana Graham has been a dedicated Chief of Staff, dealing with a caucus in a super-minority, under pressures from COVID. He has been pulled in every direction possible, but has always had a moment to discuss any issues staff might have. I have been impressed at how he's kept our staff together under very difficult circumstances.  Anne Hancock
Mike Kane, Chris Shea, Mike Hoffman, Nancy LeVinus, Mick Landrigan and Kevin Ripple New Hampshire This being a budget year, added to working remotely, the Office of Legislative Budget Assistant staff have done an amazing job and shown their dedication to the legislative body for the State of New Hampshire. I'm proud to work with them. Pam Ellis
Immaculate Mchome Massachusetts Going above and beyond, being a supportive colleague inside and outside the State House, always sharing creative ideas that enhance overall operations of the office! Afnan Nehela
Kyle Donohue Indiana Kyle has been one of the most dedicated and dependable staffers I've worked with. We are a small staff, but Kyle is always willing to help out and goes above and beyond. When the pressure is on, he will be there to lend a hand! We really appreciate Kyle on our staff!  Anne Hancock
Legislative Technology Services Bureau Wisconsin LTSB has gone above and beyond this past year! They have put in many hours and long days to help the Legislature in all of our technology needs. We couldn't have done it without them! Erin Gillitzer
Jason Smith Delaware Jason has tackled some very complex fiscal notes this session and has gone above and beyond to make sure his analysis of each one was thoroughly researched, calculated, and justified. Jason's patience, diligence, and positivity has not gone unnoticed by the various agencies, stakeholders, and legislators involved. He is a wonderful asset to Delaware! Ruth Ann Jones
Clayton Lobaugh New Mexico Clayton is such a dedicated, hard worker. He goes above and beyond and always produces top notch work! Janelle Taylor Garcia
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan goes above and beyond to assure that our HR Department ITS projects are well thought out and innovative. Caroline Beitman
Emily Odgers Massachusetts Emily is a pillar of the Massachusetts State House staff community. From her incredible facilitation skills to her eye for detail to her ability to bring people together, she is one of the best legislative staffers I know. Shannon Alessandroni
Annette Haldeman Maryland One example says it all: To prep for a recent program evaluation, I needed to familiarize myself with agency budget hearings from recent years. It turns out, however, that finding these isn’t always so easy, in part b/c the search method varies by year. I asked Annette Haldeman, our Legislative Librarian, for just a tip to get me going. She went above and beyond -- as usual -- by quickly providing BOTH (1) links to the many budget hearings I was trying to find, and (2) written instructions for how to search for more, depending on the year of interest. In other words, she provided the fish AND the fishing instructions. Going the extra, thorough mile like this, always with a positive, friendly attitude, is classic Annette. It's a pleasure to give her a shoutout. Victoria (Tori) H. Hall
Shannon Alessandroni Massachusetts Endless positive energy and great work! Daniel Szetela
Sam Hopper Massachusetts Incredible dedication and care for the district and commitment to sharing information and resources with constituents across the state during the COVID-19 pandemic. Katie O'Leary
Ernest Taylor Massachusetts He is an excellent, dedicated, compassionate, and proficient worker. Moreover, he cares about his community and fulfilling his duties in serving our constituency for the betterment of the Commonwealth! Marvenia Shubrick
Legislative Council Service and Legislative Building Services New Mexico The LCS and LBS staff did an outstanding job of pulling off three special sessions and one regular session during a pandemic, from maintenance and security to all services supporting the legislative process.   Raúl Burciaga
Nancy Jalbert Connecticut Nancy is the heart and soul of our constituent services. She is patient and kind with a flood of requests and is very efficient in aiding people. She is a gem! Rep. William A. Petit, Jr.
Jason Pheasant Connecticut Jason stays on top of our critical legislative issues and helps us get out timely and clear information to our constituents. He stays on top of our e-blasts, social media - also adding great photos/videos. Rep. William A. Petit, Jr.
Cutter Connecticut Cutter is our Capitol Police K-9 officer and, without question, everyone's favorite staff member! Cutter patrols our building with his handler, Officer Bermudez, and sniffs out every corner to make sure our building is a safe place to work. We are grateful for his hard work! Please give him an extra treat and pat on the head from all of us at the CGA. Molly McAllister
Bev Henry Connecticut Bev Henry, as the Administrator for the Public Health Committee, is the hardest working person at the Capitol. The PHC ran smoothly and effectively during a difficult session. She is a gem. Dave Rackliffe
Kass Fruin  Connecticut She joined HDO in the hardest week of the year and has already made the team stronger. Kass is proactive and diligent! Jean R.
Cat Morrow Thomas  Connecticut Cat has done great work over my five years in setting up events in the community. She often helps out and takes photos and helps with setup and organization. William A. Petit, Jr.
Officer Scott Driscoll Connecticut Officer Driscoll has always contributed to the efforts of Learning & Development in our building but this year he has gone above and beyond. Together with his colleagues, he has helped us reimagine and recreate the Workplace Violence Prevention training. Thank you, Scott! Molly McAllister
Ciro Zelaya  Connecticut Ciro is a wealth of information, ideas and support for the team! I don’t know how we’d manage without him.  Jean R.
Sgt. Jonathan Sylvester  Connecticut Sgt. Sylvester has worked closely with Learning & Development for several years now. I want to thank him for his constant communication and desire to help the staff in the building learn and grow. I appreciate your partnership, Jonathan! Molly McAllister
Migdalia Ballester-Alicea  Connecticut Migdalia puts her whole heart into serving her community, supporting her team and talking to her brings happiness to my day! Jean R.
Charlie and Carl  Connecticut Because they work hard and provide a great service to all members of the Connecticut General Assembly. Thanks for all you guys do! Deb Maselek
Sgt. Tim Boyle Connecticut Sgt. Tim Boyle has joined in partnership with Learning & Development to bring training opportunities to the CGA staff. His support of the new Workplace Violence Prevention training program and desire to bring more learning to our workplace will have a direct impact on our staff.  I look forward to working on more projects with you, Tim! Molly McAllister
Kim Taylor Connecticut You have faced an immense challenge in joining HDO during this strange remote work and high-demand season. You have sought knowledge, connections and set a high standard for yourself that is so inspiring and I am so lucky to have a resource and friend in you! Jean R.
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Noemi is the person I call when it’s 10:30 pm and I’ve messed something up and I need some last-minute collaboration and encouragement. She has earned some amazing milestones this spring and I am so so happy for her and in awe of her accomplishments! Jean R.
Susan Keane Connecticut Passionate, creative, dedicated, thorough, and committed to excellence... just a few words to describe Susan Keane and all she brings to the CGA. Learning & Development is grateful to have you as a partner. Thank you, always. Molly McAllister
Audrey Rossignol Connecticut Audrey is my unofficial career and overall life advisor - she is bold, resourceful and all around brilliant. I appreciate you!! Jean R.
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe manages so many moving pieces it makes my head spin - she is brilliantly organized, thorough and committed and I appreciate her so much! Jean R.
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut Everyone at the CGA asks Kim for help and she always says, "Yes!"  Thank you, Kim, for being a partner to everyone in our building and especially to Learning & Development.   Molly McAllister
Christina Pen Connecticut If you don’t know something, you can always ask Christina - she has a wealth of knowledge and creative solutions. Not to mention she is exceptionally kind and supportive to coworkers, interns and especially new staff. Jean R.
Dan Jalbert Connecticut When Dan is presented with a challenge, he listens, asks thoughtful questions, and works hard to capture what the vision is for the project. This year he did just that and transformed the way staff members are able to enroll for Learning & Development events. It has decreased administrative tasks for L&D and increased efficiency for our staff. Thank you, Dan! Molly McAllister
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is a consistent support to Learning & Development. Her attention to detail and keen eye for proofreading has been especially valuable this year with the launch of Freshmen Times. Thank you, Liz, for your help and support. Molly McAllister
Jim Gorborino Connecticut Jim has always been there to answer and resolve my IT issues. Over many times and many years I have had to call on Jim to help in big and small issues. He goes above and beyond and has never left any issue unresolved. He took on a huge project to assure the customized accounting system I use which is vital to the CGS was working successfully. He spent many hours with this project and I am very grateful he was so patient and understanding of my needs. I can't thank Jim enough!! Deb Maselek
Devin Avshalom-Smith Connecticut In his first legislative session in which committee meetings have been virtual due to the pandemic, Devin has been detailed, professional, and organized in a manner of someone years his senior. He is a pleasure to work with and does a great job as Labor and Public Employees Committee Clerk. Mike Fallon
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Thank you so much for your hard work during this most difficult time. Your work saved so many by connecting constituents with resources that got them through the pandemic!   Rep. Susan Johnson
Brittany Kane Connecticut Friendly, fierce, dogged determination, empathy, follow-through, and foresight are just a few of the reasons I love working with you. The best aide ever! Rep. Stephanie Thomas
Mason Heilman Massachusetts Mason's insight and willingness to collaborate is invaluable and unparalleled in the MA House!  Katie O'Leary
Rute Pinho Connecticut Rute is an ever-patient and insightful mentor and always makes time to help her colleagues Nutmeg LOB
Beverley Henry Connecticut Beverley is one of the most genuine, selfless people I have ever met. She made me feel welcomed as a sessional worker from day one, and cheered me on as I moved into a new position. Dave Rackliffe worded it perfectly, she is a gem! Thank you Bev for everything you've done for me professionally.  Kass Fruin
Liz Conroy Connecticut Liz is immensely patient and never makes me feel silly for asking what are, undoubtedly, silly questions. I am so glad we have her.  Jean R.
Jean Rienzo Connecticut Jean has made my transition as a sessional employee to a full-time CEC a lot less stressful. Right away she made me feel comfortable with her positive outlook and compassion. Thank you Jean for letting me ask you any question under the sun! Your guidance has been much appreciated. I feel lucky to have been put in your pod.  Kass Fruin
Christina Pen Connecticut Christina has been my go-to person ever since I was an intern. If it wasn't for Christina, I'm not sure if I'd be where I am today! Thank you Christina for being there for me, always. Your confidence in me has made me a stronger professional.  Kass Fruin
Dan Gonzalez and Korin Gaity Connecticut Dan and Korin have provided responsive, patient, and thorough assistance every time I've reached out to the ITS Help Desk. You've helped me and so many others to be able to do our jobs in this tough year. Janelle Stevens
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason has always helped all of us whenever we have had any questions or needed help. Little and large issues alike, he will always help a friend in need, and we've needed it over the past year. I can always count on Jason for support when things become increasingly complicated. He is an integral part to my growth in my work, and I value his knowledge and his friendship. Thank you for all you do! Taylor Hyde
Nick Neeley Connecticut Nick, there's no doubt about it, you are awesome! Thanks for being a sold rock that can be relied upon for helpful information, recommendations, and tips to make it easier to get the job done. You are appreciated.  Dorothy Lewis
Joshua Flores Connecticut Josh has always been an amazing guide and researcher and despite my many bills and a couple of unpopular stances, he has always been hard working and the best colleague i could have asked for.  Rep. David Michel
Alex South Connecticut Always helpful and responsive, Alex and his experience with the legislative branch have been a great addition to my office! Also many thanks for administering the zoom caucus for the CT Animal Advocacy caucus! Rep. David Michel
Ginger Rodriguez Connecticut She has been able to manage herself (and the committee she runs) so well during such a crazy year. :) She deserves praise! Camilo Lemos
Patty Moore Washington From our original Chief Clerk Office crew, you’re the last one still there! Through many administrations, you are the constant.   Tim Martin
Kristen Miller  Connecticut KLM has a rare integrity about her that is modest but mighty. A very informal poll decided that if Ben and Jerry named an ice cream after her, it would be "Crunchy and Punchy."    Anonymous
Susan Marsh Connecticut Thank you, Susan Marsh--I'm sure we're not even aware of half of what you (in ITS) do to help us. But the half we are aware of is very appreciated.   Jess Schaeffer-Helmecki
Michael Tellerico Connecticut Thank you for asking.  Jess Schaeffer-Helmecki
Caucus Chiefs of Staff: Deanna Killen, Jesse Chadderdon, Sean Finnigan, & Dave Deputy Delaware They've worked hard to improve the virtual meeting process. And, they've kept the lines of communication open while working remotely during the pandemic, providing vital information to make the work we do easier.  Mark Cutrona
Janet Roberson & Angel Burack, Legislative Information Services Delaware Your commitment to the General Assembly makes it clear why you were recognized by NALIT last year. You’ve organized all of the IT resources to stand up our virtual meetings, including the new livestreaming system in the chambers, and you've even pitched in to teach others the ropes of Zoom and troubleshoot issues. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Caucus Leadership and Policy Staff: Sarah Wootten, Alexis Scoglietti, Taylor Hawk, Caitlin Delcollo, and Valerie McCartan Delaware You are working nonstop to make sure chamber standing committee hearings run smoothly in the virtual format and, because of your tireless efforts, these hearings are seeing unprecedented interest and attendance. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Ryan Dunphy, Secretary of the Senate, and Rich Puffer, Chief Clerk of the House, and their staff Delaware Running a legislative chamber can be difficult in normal circumstances. Over the last year you had to work even harder to adapt time honored, in-person-based legislative procedures for the virtual world. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda is willing to learn the processes of unfamiliar territory and how to make things more efficient. She offers her assistance without complaint, is definitely a team player, and is a breath of fresh air from what I'm used to for someone in her position. She has been awesome for the Division, and she deserves this shoutout. Thanks Colinda, you rock! Natalie
Alex Dahlem Connecticut Alex is an incredible legislative aide because he helps me be the best State Representative I can be. He is as passionate about people as I am and goes above and beyond in helping me help them.   Rep. Jane Garibay
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Noemi goes above and beyond for me and for all constituents, with patience, compassion, tenacity, and good cheer, at a time when people are most anxious and afraid. She sets a standard for all of us! Rep. Maria Horn
Marc-Yves Regis Connecticut Marc-Yves is a steady hand on all press issues - seeing ahead, and always there for me when I need him (at any hour). His skill and work ethic are inspiring!  Rep. Maria Horn
Matthew Brokman Connecticut Matt's guidance always helps me see all sides of an issue which is important in making the tough decisions we have to make. What I most appreciate is he shares his knowledge without imposing his personal opinion. He shares information so that I can make my own decisions.   Rep. Jane Garibay
Brittany Kane Connecticut This woman has a heart bigger than any I’ve known. Her experience benefits all those around her, and her work ethic is unmatched. Warrior worker. Fierce friend.  Aimee Berger-Girvalo
Marc-Yves Regis Connecticut Marc-Yves is my Press Liaison. I nominate Marc because he has energy, a can-do attitude and gets the job done. He is creative and always looking to help me get my message out to my constituents. I can always count on him to do a great job and give good advice. Rep. Jane Garibay
Giovanni Pinto Connecticut His knowledge is only exceeded by his passion to do remarkable work. Gio is brilliant, clever, compassionate, and clearly a leader. He makes everyone around him better. Especially me.  Aimee Berger-Girvalo
Brittany Kane Connecticut Brittany knows all and if she doesn't know it, she knows exactly who to ask. She's always professional, rocks at constituent services, and does her work with a smile on her heart. I am truly grateful for her! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Heather Ferguson-Hull Connecticut Heather is our Human Services Committee Clerk. She keeps us on track and is always helpful  No matter how many times I lose and agenda or a link she resends it to me with a smile. She is organized and keeps the team on track. I am grateful to have her as our clerk. Rep. Jane Garibay
Tom Spinella Connecticut He makes all of us on the Finance, Revenue and Bonding committee look good because he makes sure we are always prepared and ready to go! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Kimmi Grove Connecticut If anyone works harder than Kimmi, I don't know who or how. She keeps all of the trains running on time and makes it look easy! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Desmond Conner Connecticut Desmond makes everything go smoothly when it comes to communications from me to my constituents and he has the best sense of humor! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
MaryAnn Daly Connecticut MaryAnn knows all the things. She is indispensable! Jean R.
Max Delorenzo Connecticut Max knows how to keep the ship afloat! I have been so happy to work with him on these remote session days and rely on his expertise, energy and supportive presence! Jean R.
Chris Wetzel Connecticut Who's Everyone's Trusty, Zesty, and Extraordinary Legislative employee?  Thanks for your bottle bill finance expertise.  Kristen Miller
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe has been a great friend and mentor this session. She is kind and a hard worker and someone I go to for advice for everything. You can call her at 10pm and she will be awake to answer your questions. She takes her time explaining things and is always willing to help.  Christina Pen
Tom Spinella Connecticut Tom has been an awesome administrator this session. Starting as a new clerk during this time has been difficult but Tom's guidance and support has made it easier. He is very knowledgeable, organized and kind. Thank you for everything and teaching me so much!  Christina Pen
Jean R.  Connecticut Since her internship Jean has been a great asset to HDO. She is hardworking, kind and someone you can turn to when you need advice. Thank you Jean, I appreciate you and happy to call you a co-worker and friend.  Christina Pen
Kimmi Grove Connecticut You are a great person to work with and I truly appreciate when you call to check on me to see how things are going. You are a hard worker and someone in HDO we can all turn too!  Christina Pen
Gavin White California Gavin works tirelessly to promote equity in higher education working for California Indian Assemblyman James Ramos and is a great supporter of the Association of Native American Medical Students! Alec Calac
Jean Reinzo Connecticut Jean goes above and beyond to ensure that my constituents are heard and provided the support they need. She is always in a positive mood and is passionate about the legislative process. I feel so fortunate to get to work with Jean! Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe is organized, professional and a hard worker. She is dedicated to the legislative process and ensuring that all lawmakers have the information they need. I look forward to seeing all that Zoe will continue to accomplish!  Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
Beverley Henry Connecticut Beverley is an amazing Committee Clerk. The Public Health Committee can be challenging for the number of bills that are considered and the subject matters that are heard. Beverley remains professional and compassionate. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her!  Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
Emma Tippett Texas Serving her first year as a legislative staffer, Emma has led the Texas HD 134 office like someone who has been here a decade. She is a natural leader with a sharp mind and quick study of Texas policy and politics. Jaime Puente
Committee Staff of the Texas House of Representatives Texas Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our House Committee staff has done an amazing job handling committee work and keeping the committees running smoothly.  Vince Leibowitz
Kay Inabnet Wisconsin Kay was designated Assistant Assembly Chief Clerk after our chief clerk retired this year. She took on more responsibility in addition to doing her own job, and did an excellent job during session. Thanks Kay! Jeryn Veserat
Emily Zambrello  Connecticut Thank you for your commitment and amazing work each day!! Rep. Christine Conley
Peter Murszewski  Connecticut Peter is a lifesaver! Plus, no one else’s clerk leaves notes of encouragement on their Chamber desk, complete with doodles :) Thanks for helping me make a difference! Rep. Liz Linehan
Adam Skowera  Connecticut Adam speaks fluent Liz and can take any idea I have to help kids, and massage it in to life-changing legislation. Best policy guy in the state! Thanks, Adam!  Rep. Liz Linehan
Jean Rienzo Connecticut We don’t do any of this alone, so it means the world to have a true partner in Jean. She’s who keeps me in line and on time! THANK YOU!!!  Rep. Jeff Currey
Stacy Delaney Louisiana Stacy is a ray of sunshine to everyone who comes to the office or speaks with her on the phone. She is always ready to take on any task and give it her all. Stacy has taken on new responsibilities with a great attitude and performed those tasks like a trooper. The example set by her attitude and her energy are appreciated and deserving of recognition. Shoutout to Stacy Delaney! Sen. Beth Mizell
HRO staff Connecticut You have all been so amazing adapting to session in these trying times. We are successful because of all of you and your hard work and dedication is valued and appreciated more than you know! Thank you! Jen Skehan
Kimmi Grove Connecticut When in doubt, Kimmi will figure it out! One of the smartest, most savvy people on our team, Kimmi is the reason for our continued success. Kimmi is a SUPERSTAR!  Rep. Liz Linehan 
Bonnie Gray  Connecticut Bonnie is the best assistant clerk ever! She goes above and beyond with her work. PS Committee was very lucky to have her this session :) I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.  Gina McDowell 
Joe Perkus, Sam Clark, Camillo Lemos, Ginger Rodriguez Connecticut I would like to thank Joe, Sam, Camillo & Ginger for all the help this Session. It was my first one as a clerk and I could not have done it without the help of you all.  Gina McDowell 
William O'Shea Connecticut Thank you for stepping up and doing an excellent job in leading LCO during a very difficult time. You've done a great job! Angela Rehm
Shannon McCarthy Connecticut Shannon, thank you for taking on an increased assignment during a very challenging time for our office! I really admire you for the additional ways you've stepped up. Angela Rehm
Chris Tringali Connecticut These past 2 sessions Chris has been one of our go-to attorneys to cover tough assignments left open in the office due to leaves or vacancies. You've done an amazing job and we're very grateful! Thanks! Angela Rehm
Nick Bombace, Esq. Connecticut I wouldn’t be able to soar like an eagle if you weren’t the wind beneath my wings. Christopher J. Cordima
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason is a champion for people with ID/D and I don't know what we would do without his thoughtful and meaningful work to support this community. So grateful for you! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
John Curley Connecticut John Curley is the best! He always has a smile and is a pleasure to work with, in addition to bringing a whole range of digital and technical skills to our team.  Jack, Sarah, and Brooke
Kate Hamilton Connecticut Kate did a fantastic job jumping in mid-session to the Public Health Committee and we are grateful to have her and her attention to detail! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Beverly Henry Connecticut Beverly is the most conscientious, organized committee administrator and I am grateful to have her to herd all the cats on Public Health! Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Kelsey Hawkins Connecticut Kelsey rocks the media for my office!! She is extremely helpful, and goes out of her way everyday for our communications to our constituents and others. Thank you Kelsey! Rep. David Michel
Everyone in OLR! Connecticut You do amazing work and equally important, you’re an amazing team. Thanks for pulling together over the last year and this session in particular. You're the best! Kristin Sullivan
Barbara Matthews Connecticut Barbara, thank you for an awesome job of continuing all our accounts payable work and processes seamlessly at home for the past year plus!! You have made my job that much easier! Thank you! Sue Skehan
Brittany Kane Connecticut Brittany Kane works 7 days a week to ensure that anything asked of her is completed. No task is to small or to large for her to handle. Thankful to have her. Rep. Michael DiGiovancarlo 
Eileen Conard Connecticut BEST Legislative Aide anywhere who delivers consistent, enviable constituent service, is thoughtful and is kind.  Sen. Eric Berthel
Senate Republican Office (SRO) Connecticut The smallest caucus is the best caucus! Thank you to the entire SRO staff for your tireless efforts and commitment!  Sen. Eric Berthel
Zoe Gluck  Connecticut Zoe's willingness and dedication to going the extra mile and ensuring that those around her can succeed and learn is second to none.  Justin Kaiser
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl and the ITS team have been tireless and innovative in making this virtual legislative session run smoothly. Every time a problem has been identified, Cheryl and her team quickly find a solution and are so patient with all of us as we stretch the limits of our tech capabilities.  Erica Byrne
Camilo Lemos Connecticut As a new clerk, Camilo has made me feel welcome and kept me smiling. It's been a challenging session for his committee, and he has managed it with grace and humor, and is always there to answer my questions.  Erica Byrne
Kristin Sullivan Connecticut Kristin has done an outstanding job in her leadership role this session! Thank you for everything you have done.  Jim Tamburro
Franklin Perry Connecticut Thanks Franklin for checking in with the Clerks weekly, giving us friendly reminders, expressing every job is important, showing us how all the pieces fit together and everyone matters. You and Speaker Ritter should be proud of the team you have assembled. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the team.   rJo Winch
Matthew Brokman Connecticut We could never do what we do without you. Thanks for having my back for the last 4... looking forward to the next 4 and beyond!  Rep. Liz Linehan
Bill O’Shea Connecticut Under the most difficult of circumstances Bill has done a great job as the acting director of LCO. Thanks for stepping up when the CGA needed it the most! Jim Tamburro
CT State Capitol Police Connecticut An incredible job by our entire Capitol Police department keeping all of us safe during some very difficult times. Thank you! Jim Tamburro
Dawn Marzik Connecticut Dawn has been my go-to on all things legislative this session. She has picked up the phone at all hours and guided me through all the details I needed to get my job done.  Angie W. 
Maureen Urso Connecticut Maureen was the key person for all the HRO  interns this spring. She trained, guided and kept them in line. She managed 12 interns on top of her own work. Thanks Maureen, you made this session work for them and me.  Angie W. 
Information Technology Services (ITS) Connecticut I'd be remiss if I didn't thank every one of my staff members. While the achievements of all of them aren't always visible to the legislators and staff, each and every one of them has contributed to the success of this department, especially during this past year.  "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it" Paul Alderucci
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Noemi is a fantastic aide who is caring and dedicated-conscientious 24/7. She goes above and beyond all expectations. Rep. Henry Genga
House Dems Committee Clerks Connecticut This group of dedicated individuals did an outstanding job of pulling off the committee meetings and public hearings thru Zoom. Given all of the challenges they showed their strong determination to getting the job done. I commend everyone for their hard work and patience and seeming to always have each others back. The best clerks in the LOB!! Anonymous
Mike Fallon Connecticut Mike has epitomized what it means to be a dedicated teammate. He embarks upon his work as Legislative Aide to Sen. Julie Kushner with passion and conviction. Mike's follow-through, timeliness, and results focus is invaluable to the Labor and Public Employees Committee and to Sen. Kushner in particular. He is appreciated. Devin Avshalom-Smith
Legislative Library Connecticut Zealously researching questions! Nomen Nescio
The Office of Legislative Services New Jersey The NJ Legislature has worked every day since the pandemic began - Kudos to OLS for continuing to make that happen: in-person, remotely, through quarantines; doing things in new and improvised ways!  Peri Horowitz
Heather Poole Connecticut She makes wonky things beautiful. Nomen Nescio
CT Information Technology Services Connecticut We became a 100% remote workforce overnight. Our ITS department didn’t even flinch. Their hard work has allowed us to function without issue this legislative session. Congratulations and thank you! Jim Tamburro
SRO Legislative Aides Connecticut You all do amazing work every day and have each other's backs no matter what.  Anonymous
Nancy Jalbert Connecticut She is always ready to answer all my questions. I appreciate all her knowledge. Rep. Cindy Harrison
Jamison Bazinet Connecticut Your knowledge and advice have been invaluable. Rep. Cindy Harrison
Amy Haydt California Amy empowers herself and those around her, and she is always wiling to lend a hand to her colleagues. She is driven, determined, and it is a pleasure to work with her! Fred Messerer
Dan Hernandez, Maranda Littlejohn, and Janine Van Stone, Supervising Legislative Editors California Action Dan, Maranda, and Janine work behind the scenes supervising our quality assurance team. They are accessible, gracious with their knowledge, and are driven to make sure every bill and set of amendments are perfect. We couldn't do what we do without them! Thank you!! Fred Messerer
Lisamarie Sears Massachusetts She spearheads and manages the staff amendment spreadsheet for all Senate bills, making ALL of our lives so much easier!  Her intelligence and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with and I'm lucky to call her my friend and colleague!  Christie Getto Young
Naurin Hashmi Connecticut Naurin has had endless patience during a challenging session.  And she is always a joy to work with! Janelle Stevens
SDO Clerks Connecticut Thanks to Senate Dems Clerks both old and new for helping out, backing up, covering, co-hosting and everything else this session. Wendy Fritz
Kelly Klundt New Mexico Kelly is a true early childhood champion. She's thoughtful, invested and a helpful resource for the state of New Mexico and for NCSL staff. NCSL's ECE Team (Alison, Jeni & Melissa)
Billy Taylor Connecticut Billy has made it possible for me, a freshman legislator coming in during this chaotic and bizarre COVID-19 session, to land on my feet. I'm so grateful!  Rep. John-Michael Parker
John Treadwell Alabama John is a leader in action!  He steps up on the hardest issues and sets the standard on quality in everything he touches.   Othni Lathram
Kirk Fulford Alabama Kirk leads the Fiscal Division with expertise and calm. He is unwavering at ease under the craziest of pressure and knows the budgets and revenues unlike anyone else in the state.   Othni Lathram
David Kimberley Alabama In his first session heading up ALI David has effectively and proficiently navigated difficult waters to accomplish a full agenda of bills that will vastly improve our state.  Othni Lathram
Shonda Stallworth Alabama The Senate Fiscal Officer is always present, ready, knowledgeable, and responsive!   Othni Lathram
Dustin Jones Alabama In the midst of the noise and chaos that is the Alabama House during session, the House Fiscal Officer is armed with all of the information needed to keep things on track and moving! Othni Lathram
Rachel Chou, Novie Flynn, and Tanga Henderson Alabama The LSA administrative team is steady and reliable, making sure all of the groundwork is done that lets everyone else focus on session. They keep us paid, insured, and all the other critical stuff like that done alleviating all kinds of worry from the rest of us.  Othni Lathram
Jeremy Phillips  Alabama Nothing is worse than an IT fail in the middle of busy time. Nothing is better than a guy that makes sure that never happens. Jeremy is that guy for team LSA! Othni Lathram
Shakeema Edwards Romero Virgin Islands To my Communications Director and Office manager, thank you for your amazing insight and leadership in carrying out your role and helping to lead our dynamic staff! You Rock‼️ Sen. Genevieve Whitaker 
Ruth Melendez  Virgin Islands Thank you to my Legislative Assistant-Bilingual/Lead Scheduler for keeping me on schedule, and thank you for your support as we engage the Spanish speaking community and being a dynamic team member! You Rock‼️ Sen. Genevieve Whitaker 
Julisa Alvarez Virgin Islands To my Staff Assistant/Deputy Scheduler, thank you for your drive and tenacity as a young professional who is always willing to go the extra mile and supporting the efforts to keep me on schedule. You Rock‼️ Sen. Genevieve Whitaker 
Gerard Evelyn  Virgin Islands To my ADA Coordinator/Outreach Specialist, thank you for your support for our dynamic team and being a voice within my office to support the championing of rights of persons with disabilities and the elderly. Thank you! You Rock‼️ Sen. Genevieve Whitaker 
Jessie Eiler Missouri Grace under intense pressure, Jessie epitomizes getting it done and getting it done well! Rep. Tracy McCreery
Sarah Garoutte Missouri Sarah is always willing to lend a hand. The pandemic has made things extra crazy, but she is crushing it! Rep. Tracy McCreery
Danielle Faipler  Connecticut Danielle is a quick and savvy writer who goes above and beyond! I'm impressed with her ability to work with so many State Representatives at once and continue to be responsive to our daily communications needs.  Rep. Kate Farrar 
Mike Fallon Connecticut Mike is the hardest-working, best problem-solver I know! And, he's super nice and great to work with. Mike rocks! Sen. Julie Kushner
Kass Fruin  Connecticut Kass only started a couple weeks ago but has jumped right in to helping my constituents, staying on top of my schedule, and taking on new outreach projects. She has a clear passion and purpose to help others - which I can tell drives her work.  Rep. Kate Farrar
Devin Avshalom-Smith Connecticut Devin started this complicated job in the midst of a pandemic, and he did an amazing job. He is hard-working, committed and cares about the people we serve. I met Devin for the first time in person this week. It was so great to be able to touch elbows!
Sen. Julie Kushner
Matt Brockman Connecticut Matt is always considerate with great empathy, respect, and follow thru. Always has a great attitude and disposition regardless of the situation. Rep. Henry Genga
Ashira Sims South Carolina She is a ray of sunshine to the Representatives of Suite 330. She is dedicated to our constituents, available and accessible.   Rep. Annie E McDaniel 
Connie Rouse South Carolina She is a joy to work with, assisting me when I am not sure I need assisting.   Rep. Annie E McDaniel 
Phil Petty and all Legislative Staff Vermont The Pillar of the Committee’s Work— Dedicated, thorough, and a true professional!  Thank you! Rep. Linda Joy Sullivan
Becky Quirk Maine I'm a rookie Rep. and she is always there to help me navigate through these times. You could not ask for a better aide! Rep. Tim Roche
Bryan Young Alabama Bryan consistently produces quality fiscal notes on his bills and is always willing to pitch in to help others in the Fiscal Division. Kirk Fulford
Dustin Jones Alabama Dustin always goes above and beyond to make our organization run smoothly, often doing multiple jobs in addition to his role as House Fiscal Officer. Really appreciate his work ethic and attention to detail. Kirk Fulford
Meaghan Kelling Georgia You are so amazing! I am lucky to have you as my Aide. Thanks for all you do to help me. Sen. Sheila McNeill 
Jared, Elena, Sam, Cameron, and Brian Massachusetts The A-team serving the people of the Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester district is tireless, visionary, tenacious, and brilliant. I'm honored to serve with them on behalf of our constituents. Sen. Jo Comerford
Shonda Stallworth  Alabama Shonda is my rock! As my Senate Fiscal Officer, she is a great leader who possesses an abundance of knowledge and is very conscientious about making sure we respond to our clients in a timely and accurate manner. Kirk Fulford
House Minority Staff Delaware The House Minority staff work closely together to serve our House members and the public. They are kind and caring, and watch over each other. Great to be a part of this professional team.   Dave Deputy
Christian Ricci Maine You have been an amazing Clerk for our committee in a very hard year! We wish you the best of luck as you move on in your career. You are appreciated! Rep. Denise Tepler
Olivia Watson Maine Your support is appreciated! Thank you! Rep. Denise Tepler
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Troubleshooter par excellence, Taylor Hyde helps me connect every day with my constituents through her dogged pursuit of solutions to problems ranging from unemployment compensation to resources for women-owned businesses. She is often the public face of my office, and hers is a smart, beautiful, resourceful and compassionate one.  Rep. Christine Palm 
Mason Thomas South Carolina Mason is the Research Director for the Family and Veteran Services Committee. This year alone we have passed and had signed into law numerous pieces of legislation affecting children and families. He is our Rock Star!   Sen. Katrina F. Shealy
Andrea Walker Connecticut Andrea is always available for assistance to staff, legislators and me. She remains calm cool and collected even ikn tough times. Thank you Andrea.  Caroline Beitman
Rino Feole Connecticut Rino has been exceedingly patient as he assisted us in developing online portals to make our at home work easier. He is also a lot of fun to work with. Caroline Beitman
Ryan Pennant Connecticut Ryan quickly stepped in to help with numerous innovations to our processes so we could work online. Ryan is good at what he does and has a wonderful way about him that makes collaborating fun and enjoyable. Caroline Beitman
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz is a stalwart in payroll assuring that things stay on track with getting us all paid and answering everyone's questions proficiently and in a kind manner. Caroline Beitman
Daniel Loyd Arkansas Daniel Loyd throughout COVID and Session showed up and showed out! His commitment and dedication to performing his tasks in the Member Services Office and on the front line as Assistant Reading Clerk and some days as Sound Clerk was excellent. Daniel is a true team player and no matter the circumstances Daniel approaches the case or situation positively and welcomes the opportunity to work towards getting it accomplished. I am proud and thankful to have him on my team and I applaud his professionalism and ability to get the job done. Thank you Daniel and keep up the good work. Be blessed!  Martha Jarrow
Eddie Belcher West Virginia Eddie and his staff are amazing! They go above and beyond and truly hard-working and dedicated!! Alyssa Williams
Ruth Ann Jones Delaware Ruth Ann became Controller General in the midst of the pandemic and as we started our second session operating remotely. Despite these unusual circumstances, she has excelled in her new role by bringing a depth of fiscal knowledge to her work, leading her office with fairness and positivity, and working hard to assist legislators on fiscal matters. Mark Cutrona
Eric Nauman Minnesota Eric is an amazing staffer full of knowledge, humor and command of all things fiscal. The NALFO family appreciates your leadership and commitment to serving not just MN but all fiscal staff! Melody DeBussey
Brent Churchwell Georgia Brent continually demonstrates his skill and staff support in the Senate Budget & Evaluation Office. His exceptional abilities in bill checking is paramount in our budget production. Thanks Brent! Melody DeBussey
Malisha Straw Arkansas Malisha is just always there and ready to help. No task is ever to much for her and she excels at mastering it and providing the finished product. Thank you Malisha for all you do in Member Services and on the front line. You are AWESOME and I appreciate you. Be blessed! Martha Jarrow
All Legislative Analysts Arkansas Thank you for all you do and for being a part of Member Services. I appreciate all the detailed work on cases that you do and researching for the members and taking the time to listen to the issues and start taking the steps needed to resolve them. The Institution and I are very blessed and I am proud to work with you all. Stay focused and always do your best. Keep God first and watch what happens. Much love and blessings to you all! Martha Jarrow
Ruth Ann Jones Delaware Ruth Ann was appointed to serve as Controller General during an extremely challenging fiscal climate. She has a keen ability to manage fiscal challenges, and communicates clearly with the legislature throughout the budget process. She is an effective manager and responsible non-partisan leader of the Office of the Controller General. Julie Fedele
Kevin Petrie Minnesota Kevin is an amazing Legislative Assistant. He keeps me organized and on track, and as a first-term legislator with endless questions, I'm forever grateful for his knowledge, positivity and dedication to helping me to be successful in this work. Thank you! Rep. Liz Boldon
South Dakota Research and Legal Staff South Dakota The Research and Legal Staff did a remarkable job of staffing committees for the SD Legislature this year -- doing it it remotely from their offices via Microsoft Teams. They were able to safe distance and still performed their duties in the committees without missing  a beat. Job well done! David Ortbahn
Ryan Dunphy Delaware Ryan has taken on the role of Secretary of the Senate, in a new virtual world, so flawlessly. It has been a pleasure to watch him work so hard to get where he is. Ryan is always there to lend a hand and does an amazing job at keeping everything running smoothly. He is an asset to the Delaware State Senate.  Nicole Alvarez
Ruth Ann Jones, Bert Scoglietti, Victoria Brennan, Jason Smith, and Nicole Polite Delaware Shout out to my fiscal management and policy co-workers. I appreciate working with this talented and dedicated team! Julie Fedele
LSA Editing and Proofing Alabama What a great group of folks who spend their day cleaning up after the rest of us and making us look so much smarter than we actually are! Othni Lathram
Wendy Jackson Wisconsin Wendy is the greatest! She exemplifies the selflessness of being a legislative staffer as well as anyone I have ever known. Not only does she make a huge difference in her own state, but she is willing to help the rest of us build better systems and processes too! Othni Lathram
Mark Brainard and Amanda McAtee Delaware Mark and Amanda are the dynamic duo analysts for the JLOSC and not only are they incredibly smart and dedicated to the work, they've also given the committee's processes a major overhaul and improved the committee's ability to meet its mandate - all during a pandemic! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Branden Pursinger Oregon A big shoutout to Branden Pursinger, the best Caucus Director any policy staff could ask for. You never fail to keep it together, especially when things get tough and ugly is Oregon politics. Keep doing what you're doing! Natasha Jackson
Wade Harrell, Faith Marcovecchio, Cara Meeker, Christy, and Vanessa Cleaver Colorado This group developed a "Virtual Basket" for working from home. Formerly paper work product is now deposited in the VB and tracked start to finish, and they did it during one interim. Rebecca Hausmann
My Business Team colleagues Colorado Incredibly challenging session for all of us but we stick together and get the work done every day. Good job, team! Darren Thornberry
Tammy Dodge, Drew Murray, Tara Boockholdt, Jeff Lunardi, Charles Sallee, Clare Tobin Lence and Johanna Wakelin Wisconsin, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, New Mexico, Utah, Massachusetts These are the NCSL HHS Committee Staff Officers, representing all parts of the country. We are incredibly grateful for all of the participation, insight and feedback they bring to the committee, it makes our work that much better and stronger. We couldn't do it without them! Haley Nicholson, NCSL
Jill Reinmuth Washington Jill is a Director who inspires and empowers her staff to follow her example of providing nonpartisan, objective, and confidential research, legal, and drafting service to legislators. After listening to staff concerns, she offers thoughtful advice and creative solutions. Rather than micromanaging, Jill trusts staff to produce quality and timely work products. She is the best leader I've ever had (and likely ever will have)! Megan Wargacki
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is always there to answer the call when we need her. This session her work with IT and the committee clerks in helping create an entire remote committee experience has been tremendous. A lot of hard work, creativity and long hours....thank you Susan! Jim Tamburro
Jennifer Jones Texas Jennifer successfully led the Texas Sunset Commission through its most difficult period. To effectively manage an evaluation process without the ability to directly meet and observe agency processes is simply amazing. Kudos, kudos!  Ken Levine
House Republican Caucus Staff (special thanks to Chris & Pari) Minnesota SO GRATEFUL for the incredible team at the House Republican Caucus! Our researchers and LAs are incredibly smart, talented and hard-working! We are so thankful for all you do. Special thanks to Chris Mulcahey and Pari Cariaga, who are proactive, great writers and focused on serving #34A!! Rep. Kristin Robbins
Mary Grace Colonna Delaware Mary Grace treats every constituent concern with care and respect. She goes above and beyond to ensure progress on areas of concern. Both the community and we appreciate all her hard work! Sen. Kyle Evans Gay
Shakeema Romero, Ruth Melendez, Julisa Alvarez and Gerard Evelyn  Virgin Islands To the amazing Staff of Senator Whitaker, You all are dynamic and very reliable. I just want to shout out for the great works that you do. It is a great relief for any leader/ supervisor to have members such as yourselves. Your dedication to our office is displayed each you come to work. Thank you for your great work. Kimberley Wallace
Katie O'Leary Massachusetts She is always happy to share info, answer questions, and listen to a good rant about our working conditions! Mason Heilman
Polly Clark Missouri Polly is an integral part of the team that drafts legislation. I understand her 21 years of experience was invaluable when offering input on the new bill drafting system. Polly is always friendly and unflappable. Sen. Lincoln Hough
Darren McDivitt  Texas For all the work he’s done on the anatomical board review and bills. Morgan Constantino
Rick Johnson  Washington We wouldn't have survived this session without Rick and the LEG TECH crew. You kept us moving forward and focusing on successes. I appreciate your support and kindness.  Sarah Bannister
Laura Bell  Washington The last 15 months have been the most challenging in my career - your presence and effort bring me such peace of mind. You are appreciated more than you will ever know. Thank you for coordinating everything so seamlessly and making every day a success.  Sarah 
Pad McCracken Montana Pad goes above and beyond the call of duty and has mastered the art and skill of bill drafting and thinking outside the box. Education policy is in a better place because of him! Sen. Shannon O'Brien
Gay Logston West Virginia For successfully developing, implementing and coordinating a process by which remote staff copy-proofed bills while socially distanced.    Shannon Riley
Justin Robinson West Virginia Justin and his staff graciously allowed us to use their space so that we could keep print and fiscal staff socially distanced for session.  This allowed us to stay healthy and keep the engines running.  
Shannon Riley
Betsy Theroux Georgia The House Media Services team is forever grateful for Betsy and her thoughtful approach to leading our office, especially during this challenging year. Our team is inspired by her selflessness, and we hope to imitate her example as a dedicated leader! Camille Taylor
John Sylvia West Virginia John Sylvia and his entire Division also helped us to safely staff the session while staying distanced. Their sacrifices allowed us to keep safe and healthy. Shannon Riley
Amanda Melillo New Jersey Amanda is: knowledgeable, concise, professional, punctual - simply the leading expert in health policy. Kevin Drennan
Alison Accettola New Jersey Legalization of Cannabis, improving re-entry programs, improving the criminal justice system - these do not happen without Alison. Kevin Drennan
Legislative Services Bureau Research Services Division Michigan Thank you to Michael Campana and LSB Research Services Division! They write most of our legislative resolutions and the Michigan Manual. As the State’s official manual, it includes fundamental reference information about Michigan, its history, constitutional development, government organization, and institutions. The staff is always ready to help and do a great job. Margaret O'Brien
Thomas Elder Maryland Thomas is not only a person who works hard at their job but is dedicated to improving themselves however they can. It was a pleasure getting to know him from the Legislative Staff Certificate Program! Eryn Streeter
Zack Wimberly, Justin Hood, Emmit McCormick, Jonathan Slater, and Matt Rosner Colorado Led by Zack, this team provides IT support to the Colorado legislative branch. Over the last year they pulled double duty to facilitate remote work, including hiring, training, and managing 9 session-only staff to manage remote testimony for the 2021 session with very little notice and with great success. Thanks team!  You brought the legislature to the people! Natalie Mullis
Travis Swallow Arizona Travis handles all HR/Finance/Accounting-related activity for the Arizona House of Representatives and he also takes care of contact tracing and other COVID procedures/policies. We are lucky to have him in the Arizona House. Chuck Fitzgerald
Diana Clay Arizona She is always there for her staff and shows support in any way she can. Diana constantly checks in on us to make sure we continue to thrive here. I appreciate her constant support. Eryn Streeter
Staff of the Colorado Redistricting Commissions Colorado Few but mighty, this team of amazing people are making sure Colorado's new redistricting process works, with or without actual Census data! What a challenge they are meeting and with such competence and grace. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the legislative institution! Natalie Mullis
Diana Clay Arizona Diana always offers her support and guidance during the unpredictable legislative session. Her kind and positive words motivate me to do the best I can every day. Diana truly is a superb boss and director! Chase Houser
Eryn Streeter Arizona Eryn has offered her assistance since the day I began working for the Arizona House. Her positive attitude and unwavering kindness is something I sincerely admire. Thank you for all your help! Chase Houser
Emily Bonner Arizona In a workplace like the Legislature, Emily's calm and collected personality has been an invaluable asset to House Research. I have learned an immense amount for her edits and feedback on my work. Thanks, Emily!  Chase Houser
Debbie Grunlien Colorado Since being reassigned from something completely different only a few months ago, Debbie has helped close to 500 people (and counting!) resolve problems with their unemployment insurance.  What a difference you have made in people's lives, Debbie!   Natalie Mullis
Nathan McRae Arizona Nathan's support staffing the House Education Committee has been an immense help this session. He has quickly learned the ropes of House Research, and I know he will continue to be a valuable team member.  Chase Houser
Mark Cutrona, Holly Vaughn Wagner, and the entire Division of Research  Delaware Mark and the DOR staff are busy with bill drafting, regulations, legislative oversight, building maintenance and safety, printing, compiling legislative resources, and countless other duties. I am proud and thankful to share the garden level with such a bright and supportive team. Julie Fedele
Amigo Wade Virginia Amigo was named Acting Director of Legislative Services in January 2020 and was just nominated for the full time position today by the Jt. Rules Committee. He has maintained his professionalism, senses of humor and patience through this long process. We are excited for him and glad to know that his work has been recognized! Susan Clarke Schaar
The Staff of the Senate Clerks Office Virginia I want to give a shout out to my amazing team who pulled together an alternative site for reconvened session 2020, special session 2020, 2021 regular session and 2021 special session setting up a voting system that allowed for virtual interaction (we met in person), developed a program for committee meetings and voting, did all the cabling, etc. at the site and had to take it down several times due to other events and reinstall. The staff that researched food service according to CDC guidelines, served food, scrubbed desks, wore their masks! and created a new chamber where there had never been one. They are my heroes! They ensured the safety of members and staff. They took on a challenge to provide in-person session and they nailed it! Even building plexiglass boxes for a member who would not wear a mask and one who had some major health issues. They are truly "Wing It Productions - If It is Legal We Can DO IT!" Susan Clarke Schaar
Perry Bennett West Virginia Perry is a Legislative photographer in our Public Information office. His creativity is unmatched and his enthusiasm for photographing our lawmakers, and documenting our beautiful and historic Capitol building shows through in every exposure.  William Price
Michael Chernick Vermont Michael does a great job in writing any type of resolution. Working with the requester and researching details himself, he makes sure that the all the important rationale is presented. Rep. Mike Yantachka
Rachel Weiss Montana You are utterly amazing. You are by far the best Committee Staff. You made me as your Chairman look good. Not only do you always have an answer for us, you usually can predict the question. You make our legislators look good. The citizens of Montana owe you a big shoutout of thanks! Rep. Barry Usher
Carolyn Tschida  Montana She is always helpful, smiling, happy and just an all-around wonderful lady. Penny and Jessica are equally the same. They all bend over backwards to do whatever you ask of them, and are very very helpful. Rep. Bob Phalen
Brad Murfitt  Montana Our Sergeant at Arms was always ready to assist and ever so polite!  Rep. Steven Galloway
Carolyn Tschida  Montana Carolyn is always smiling! Very knowledgeable, willing and able to answer all questions. Great office manager. Her staff and the legislators love and respect her! Rep. Ed Hill
Carolyn Tschida  Montana Carolyn is so enthusiastic and helpful in her duties! Inspired smiles help ya get through the day! Rep. Steven Galloway
Patrick Flaherty Montana Patrick is so professional, always enjoy acknowledging your presence by coming to attention. Truly expressed respect for our position as legislators! Rep. Steven Galloway
Jordee Bomgardner Montana Jordee always went above and beyond in her service! Very professional and a beautiful young woman! She even made us scones twice that are beyond description in deliciousness!!! Great smile to brighten our long days in committee! Job well done! Rep. Steven Galloway
Chase Houser Arizona Chase's unwavering commitment to the House is like no other. He is as confident as a bird committing itself to the air or a great fish to the deep and is a great pleasure to work with.  Eryn Streeter
Ahjahna Graham Arizona I have worked with Ahjahna since 2017 and her growth is incredible. I am honored to have worked beside her in various capacities and she is growing into an amazing and truly inspirational person. Eryn Streeter
Emily Bonner Arizona Emily is not only a great asset to our research department but exhibits characteristics of teamwork and loyalty. She is always willing to help whenever needed and I am blessed to work alongside her.  Eryn Streeter
Ebony Canty Georgia Shoutout to Ebony Canty who serves our constituents with compassion and empathy. She is a great resource. Ebony is always available to support our legislators.  Rep. Kim Schofield
Paul Bergelin Arizona Since my first day at the House, Paul has always been a great support system to me as my analyst and now as my colleague. He picks me up when I have my down moments and I will forever be appreciative of everything he's done and continues to do for me.  Eryn Streeter
Carolyn Tschida Montana Our House Chief Clerk is one of the most organized leaders I’ve ever worked with. Her professional staff gave our process everything we needed and were immediate in attending our needs.  Rep. Lola Sheldon-Galloway
Kimberly Romaine Georgia Kimberly R. is our Rockstar in the House Minority Caucus. Fierce and fearless, Kimberly is committed to supporting the Minority Leader and his team. Kimberly worked non-stop during COVID to make sure our COVID-19 Team had everything we needed and still supports our work. Thank you, Thank You and a huge Thank You for stepping up and beyond! Rep. Kim Schofield
House Media Staff (Betsy Theroux & Camille Taylor) Georgia Our GA House Media Staff are Rock Stars! Thank you for making my life a little better. I appreciate all you do to keep the voices of the 180 Georgia Legislators in the House active and alive.  Rep. Kim Schofield
Melissa Jalbert  Connecticut Thank you for your hard work, initiative, responsiveness, and professionalism! The HRO and I are fortunate to have you on the team!   Rep. Mark Anderson
Zac Obermiller  Connecticut Your initiative, dedication, and wisdom are deeply appreciated! The HRO and I are fortunate to have you on the team!   Rep. Mark Anderson
Sarah Potter and Michael Conway Indiana Shoutout to Sarah and Michael for giving me a tour of and talking about the Indiana State Capitol in the past! I am glad to have met you both through the Legislative Staff Certificate Program and hope all is well! Eryn Streeter
Jennifer Jones Texas Jennifer Jones, Sunset's first female executive director, has provided excellent leadership and guidance under extraordinary circumstances.   Sunset Staff
Joel Woolfork California His insatiable desire for learning new skills continues to serve the institution and our members well. He wants to learn not just for his personal growth but also because he sees it as an opportunity to help his colleagues and the organization as a whole. His work ethic has proven particularly invaluable this past year. DCO (Speaker’s Democratic Office of Communications & Outreach)
Joey Hoang California She is a quiet yet powerful member of our Media Team. One who believes that actions speak louder than words. Not only is she talented and creative but she is always willing to explore new tools to further advance her craft and the quality of the products we offer our members. DCO (Speaker’s Democratic Office of Communications & Outreach)
Kiernan McGorty North Carolina As chair of NLPES’ Executive Committee, Kiernan shows fierce loyalty to the legislative institution. More important, she puts people first. She wants to know HOW we are doing, not just the work we are doing! DRU
Mary Maravilla Guam As the Committee on Rules Director, she keeps the wheels turning! Mary is detailed, diligent, and dedicated to our legislative branch. Biba Mary! Christian Valencia
Joseph R. San Agustin Guam As Protocol Officer and Facilities Manager, Joe ensures, day in and day out, that all senators and staff are provided the support they need for meetings and hearings, and takes good care of our historic Guam Congress Building. Biba Joe! Christian Valencia
Carolyn Tschida Montana Her excellent work! Rep. Braxton Mitchell
Joe Kolman Montana Greatest staffer who always has the right answer to any question! Rep. Steve Gunderson
Carolyn Tschida Montana She was prepared for whatever was needed. She always greeted and answered questions with a smile on her face. She is knowledgeable. She's a pleasure to work with. Rep. Michele Binkley
Sue O’Connell Montana Sue is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, kind and patient. As a bill drafter she was instrumental in my success this session.  Rep. Jennifer Carlson 
Sunset Advisory Commission  Texas The Sunset Advisory Commission adapted quickly to the pandemic, making major adjustments to its review processes and operations, including conducting staff reviews remotely and holding hybrid virtual and in-person public hearings for the first time.  Sunset Staff
Savana Baza Guam Savana, is a bright young woman, who displays the maturity of someone 10 years her senior. A hard worker who brings energy to the office and whose resiliency has converted concerned constituents to content ones.   James Moylan
Rachel Weiss Montana Rachel was always a step ahead of the committee, prepared and thorough!  Rep. Amy Regier
Michelle Zajic Colorado Without my aide Michelle, I couldn't provide the high quality constituent services and deliver on great legislation. She's a total rockstar! Thank you for your invaluable service!  Rep. Brianna Titone
Kay Wilson Delaware Kay is absolutely incredible!!! Takes true pride in her work and goes above and beyond each and everyday to assure that our constituents needs are handled to the absolute best of her ability!!! She treats them like family and makes me look good everyday!!! Rep. Kevin Hensley
Austin Spears Indiana Austin did a phenomenal job this year working on the K-12 tuition support formula for the biennial budget. In addition to simulating all of these requests, he held training sessions and answered a multitude of questions from various members and staff. Excellent job! Jessica Harmon
Damien Leonard Vermont Our Committee has worked the most with Damien Leonard, but the entire Legislative Staff is incredible. The most brilliant minds, always helpful, terrific personalities. We are fortunate to have Damien and the rest of the staff working tirelessly for us. Rep. Mary E. Howard
Randhir Jha Indiana Randhir's expertise was essential this year as an advisor to the state's Revenue Forecasting Technical Committee and as staff to the House Ways and Means Committee. As LSA's Chief Economist, he provides feedback to the RFTC on the General Fund revenue models and he runs the gaming and cigarette tax models. Randhir is an excellent colleague--extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and he has a great sense of humor. Jessica Harmon
Corrin Harvey and Lauren Tanselle Indiana Corrin and Lauren were essential to the budget drafting process in Indiana. Their attention to detail is sincerely appreciated during a stressful time (under normal circumstances!).  Jessica Harmon
Kay Wilson Delaware Kay is a 110% committed, humble, constituent driven legislative aide. She shines in her passion to serve others and find solutions to their questions and issues. Thank you Kay!! Rep. Lyndon Yearick
Bob Sigalow Indiana Bob always goes above and beyond to help LSA be successful. This was certainly the case this year. In addition to all of the fiscal estimates he provides during session for property tax legislation, he also provided staff support to many committees, and he was always ready to help out a colleague at short notice. Jessica Harmon
Brian Heinze Georgia A big shout out to HBRO's newest attorney analyst, Brian Heinze, for stepping into his role right before session and rocking it. His ability to summarize long, legally-dense bills into plain speak is impressive and greatly appreciated! Tara Boockholdt
Morgan Hall Georgia Morgan took on new budget areas this year and has been really impressive with her eagerness to dive in and learn everything she could while still maintaining all of her other committees and policy areas. Budget superstar!  Tara Boockholdt
Betsy Howerton Georgia A shoutout to Betsy Howerton in Georgia's Legislative Counsel Office! She pulled some crazy hours during session to get allll the different versions of some complicated pieces of legislation drafted for last minute committee meetings. She's also always available and helpful to answer questions. Thanks for all you do! Tara Boockholdt
Taylor Hawk Delaware Taylor jumped right in to her new role as Policy Director for our caucus. Her experience with all things policy is seriously impressive. Additionally, with committee meetings now being run virtually, Taylor did not hesitate to help train staff and answer each and every question we have on a daily basis. She is a true leader and such a great help to us all.  Nicole Alvarez
Office of Statute Reviser Kentucky You always make the bill drafts and amendments better and meet our unrealistic deadlines. Thank you for all that you do!     Cynthia Brown
Kay Wilson Delaware When a constituent calls, Kay gets them the answer. She does it with a calm and confident voice. She reassures the caller how important their call is no matter the subject. Thank you Kay for all you do! I appreciate you every day! Rep. Danny Short
Wade Harrell Colorado Wade is THE reason our office has been successful this year, full stop. Our staff has such high expectations for our work product and customer service, and having to quickly transition to a WFH setup was tough. Wade put in countless hours making sure our setups were complete and functioning well, advocated for new equipment, handled every tech problem (still does!) with grace and efficiency, and we are churning out more work product than ever (whether that’s a good thing I will leave the wellness committee haha). Kudos to Wade, best IT support staff in the biz  Cara Meeker
Othni Lathram Alabama A shoutout to Othni Lathram, our director at LSA. He is such a wonderful boss. He has such a wealth of knowledge and is just brilliant! We are all lucky to work in this organization and to work for him. Casey B.
John Treadwell Alabama A shoutout to John Treadwell, the deputy director at LSA. He is such a hard worker and will never ask you to do something he is not willing to do himself. He is always willing to stop and help, even when he is swamped himself.    Casey B.
Delaware State Senate Majority Caucus Staff Delaware The commitment, professionalism, and joy you bring to the job every day benefits the people of our State day-in and day-out, and makes it an honor to work with you all. Jesse Chadderdon
Carolyn Tschida Montana It was Carolyn's first year as the Chief Clerk. She hired the right people and I am sure she communicated with the previous Chief Clerk - whatever she did, the end result was well above expectations. From the public's eye and from what we saw on the House Floor, she and her team made the Montana House 67th Legislative Session look flawless. Thank you! Rep. Barry Usher
LRB Administrative Services Team Wisconsin Humongous shoutout to the team behind the scenes for not missing a beat during these many months of COVID-19! You have met the challenges of serving the legislature during a pandemic with flexibility, steadfastness, and a sense of humor. Thank you. Wendy Jackson
Jon Sylvester Connecticut Jon has assumed the role of Acting Lieutenant and has performed exceptionally well. His great work is commendable, and I am proud to work side by side with him.  Lou Casanova
Martha Wigton Georgia Thank you to the Queen of Pirouetting for your leadership. You show us how to get it done even when it's hard. Wendy Jackson
Kessarin Horvath Georgia Kessarin does an amazing job running the Georgia Senate's social media accounts, all while balancing communications work for more than a dozen senators. The Senate Press Office could not operate without Kessarin's contributions and we are so thankful for her work!  Andrew Allison
Kami Briden Georgia Kami is an essential part of the Senate Press Office team and over this past year has had to fill in in unexpected ways, like livestreaming the Senate Chamber and many additional committee meetings, on top of her communications work for over a dozen senators. SPO wouldn't be where it is today without Kami's contributions! Andrew Allison
Shawn Marie Story Georgia She is such an asset to the General Assembly, as anyone who has worked with her can testify. She is always happy to answer questions (of which I have many!) and shares her knowledge generously! She's the best!  Molly Aziz
Kathy Follett Wisconsin Kathy Follett has served the Wisconsin Legislature for over 40 years with tireless dedication and an eagle eye for errant commas and faulty cross-references. Thank you and congratulations on your upcoming retirement! Wendy Jackson
Jennifer Burgess Georgia Jennifer has a lot to juggle, but she handles it all without getting frazzled! She will stay late to make sure everyone gets what they need. I'm thankful for her and her hard work!  Anonymous
Legislative Services Admin Team Utah This incredible team of people really showed their ability to be dependable, adaptable, and flexible over the last year, while maintaining superb customer service and a high standard of productivity. They are true professionals with outstanding attitudes, and they work as not just a team, but as a family. Debbie Cragun
Beverley Henry Connecticut Bev is always available to answer my questions and entertain my numerous follies. It is a privilege to work with her and learn from her.  Kate Hamilton
Daniela Luna Connecticut Daniela started a new job in a remote setting and jumped right in. She quickly learned the lay of the land and made the job her own. I'm looking forward to working with her in person as soon as possible. Kate Hamilton
Rich Puffer Delaware Rich Puffer, Chief Clerk, House of Representatives, deserves recognition for the great job he does!  He definitely demonstrates Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration. Rich graciously accepts any task he is given. He is courteous and kind.     Janice Durham
Jean Rienzo Connecticut Jean is a great person to have on your side because she works hard, has great ideas and much compassion. She is always looking out for the team!   Mary Ann Daly
Cesar Melgarejo Nevada Cesar is staffing for the second time in a row a high volume session committee that many consider as a "tough job." He does his job, quietly, effectively, and in an outstanding manner. This makes him an inspiring policy analyst. Patrick Ashton
Dan Dilworth Connecticut Dan has an awesome knowledge of state budgets, and the background on fiscal notes on bills and can explain it so I understand (a great feat!). Thank you! Mary Ann Daly
Nick Neeley Connecticut Nick Neeley has been a steady and guiding force for me and so many others over the past year. He is always quick with an answer, a joke, or a laugh. His leadership is always appreciated.  Kate Hamilton
DeAnne Mangum North Carolina Totally dedicated, dependable and efficient in her job. Keeping my schedule, returning phone calls, and everyday office maintenance. Attentive to detail and keeps a friendly, inviting, and warm atmosphere for individuals entering the office. And cooks a GREAT cake!!   Rep. Mike Clampitt
Larry Elliott North Carolina Our Chief Sergeant at Arms keeps a full staff to facilitate ALL of the NC House meetings and floor decorum. He maintains a high degree of professionalism without intimidation of individuals or House members and is very dependable, reliable and available at all times. Rep. Mike Clampitt
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly has created training classes in a challenging remote environment on the fly that are informative, fun, and respectful of where we are at on this pandemic journey. She is an inspiration and we are grateful for her kindness and leadership.  Kate Hamilton
Laura Kern Illinois Laura Kern goes above and beyond to ensure our social media messages are creative and current. She keeps her senators up-to-date on current events and is always willing to help others. Her positive attitude and solid work ethic make her a delight to work with. Thank you for all you do, Laura!  Brandy Renfro
Ronalee Skees Montana Great work, dedication and beautiful smile! Rep. Jerry Schillinger 
Beth Waters Connecticut Thank you for leading by example. Your knowledge and willingness to extend that knowledge to others is what makes working at the Connecticut General Assembly a step above anywhere else. Liz Harwood
Illinois Senate Democratic Staff Illinois Thank you for all of your hard work during these unprecedented times! You have gone above and beyond and your dedication is truly appreciated! Thank you again! Jake Butcher & Ashley Jenkins-Jordan
Halie Owens Illinois Halie Owens is a class act. She juggles the communications responsibilities for 2 senators as well as assists with the photography needs of the department sometimes running from one appointment to the next. She is a team player who supports her colleagues with kind words and encouragement. Thanks for being you, Halie! Brandy Renfro
ISDC Policy and Budget Staff Illinois You all have stepped up and taken on new responsibilities during these challenging times. We appreciate your work and can't do this without you! Aaron and Dillon
Ashley Stead Illinois Ashley Stead has been a great asset to Senate President's Legal Team. She is hardworking, intelligent and all-around skilled attorney. Thank you Stead, I appreciate you and happy to call you a colleague and part of Team LEAGLES.  Giovanni Randazzo
Mary Hanahan Illinois Mary never backs down from a challenge. She is diligent, hardworking, and all-around skilled staffer. I appreciate Mary and happy to call her a colleague and part of Team LEAGLES.  Giovanni Randazzo
Erica Tremble Illinois Erica empowers herself and those around her. She is always wiling to lend a hand to her colleagues. She is driven, determined, and it is a pleasure to work with her! I am proud to call her a colleague and that she is part of Team LEAGLES. Giovanni Randazzo
Andrew, Chris, and Katie Texas Andrew, Chris, and Katie are the most resilient new employees ever! They started working at the Texas Sunset Commission one day before the office closed due to the pandemic. Their patience, flexibility, and understanding was truly amazing and we are so grateful and lucky to have them on the Sunset team! Jennifer Jones
Emily Johnson and Darren McDivitt (Sunset Internal Operations Team) Texas A big thanks to Emily and Darren for their hard work throughout the biennium on multiple projects related to human resources at Sunset, including wellness, events, hiring, and professional development. Kay Hricik
Emily Johnson, Darren McDivitt, Erick Fajardo, Janelle Roberts, Sadie Smeck, Ashley Thomas, Elizabeth Jones Texas A shout out to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team for their thoughtful work to evaluate and recommend improvements for our recruiting, hiring, professional development, and performance evaluation process at Sunset! Kay Hricik
Anya Wiley and Trisha Linebarger Texas A big thanks to Anya and Trish for their dedication to learning about and training Sunset staff on how to use our new PeopleSoft HR and payroll system this past year! Kay Hricik
Andrew McConnell, Lauren Ames, Merrell Foote, and Rachel Gandy Texas Kudos to this group of new project managers at Sunset who learned how to lead their first agency reviews under challenging and different circumstances! Kay Hricik
Ashley Newton Georgia Ashley is gracious, kind, smart, innovative, and ALWAYS helpful!  She's calm in the confusion, and never gripes.  Thanks for your service! Martha
Ruth Ann Jones & Controller General Staff Delaware Ruth Ann & the Office of the Controller General staff are always extremely helpful when it comes to budget or fiscal note questions. You can always expect a prompt and courteous reply. Christine Klapp
Omeara Harrington Washington Omeara is a phenomenal attorney and colleague. She rose above the chaos during the remote 2021 legislative session and provided sound legal and drafting expertise on pressing legislative matters, especially those relating to State v. Blake and the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. I admire her work ethic and talent. She is so worthy of recognition!  Kelly Leonard
Jill Reinmuth and Jim Morishima Washington This era of partisanship and divisiveness demands great leaders. Nonpartisan legislative employees in Washington are incredibly lucky to have OPR Staff Director Jill Reinmuth and OPR Assistant Director Jim Morishima. They go above and beyond to safeguard the integrity of nonpartisan work and the dignity of all legislative employees. I couldn't have made it through this last session without their support and guidance. Shoutout to Jill and Jim! Kelly Leonard
Jeff Nurmi Georgia Jeff provides immeasurable support to the House Media Services Office as we prepare for each legislative session. Jeff’s expertise has been especially helpful as our office quickly adapted its technical operations during the pandemic, including expanding the House’s streaming capabilities and virtual meeting options. Georgia House Media Services
Lucinda Duvall Washington Lucinda is an amazing committee assistant. She manages everything perfectly, from maintaining committee records and the electronic bill book to adapting to the technological demands of 2020 and 2021. She is extraordinary! Her patience is endless. I wish everyone could work with someone like Lucinda!  Kelly Leonard
Kay Hricik Texas When the world turned upside down, Kay voluntarily assumed the role of Sunset's mother hen, checking in and taking care of everyone. She was supportive, caring, encouraging, thoughtful and kind when the world wasn't.       Jennifer Jones
Jessica Wigent Colorado Jess regularly does double duty and a team editor and as the senate amendment clerk. Despite often spending half of her days on the senate floor, Jess carries the same workload as every other editor on the team. She's a fast, accurate, and thorough editor and an asset to the Business team. Rebecca Hausmann
Ashley Jenkins-Jordan Illinois To our fabulous Deputy Chief of Staff, you are amazing! Thank you for all that you do and you will always be part of Team LEAGLES! Giovanni Randazzo
Darren Thornberry Colorado Darren regularly does double duty as a team editor and as the house amendment clerk. Despite often spending half of his days on the house floor, Darren carries a full editing workload. He's a top notch editor and an asset to the Business team. Rebecca Hausmann
Illinois Senate Democratic Legal Review Staff Illinois What an honor and pleasure it is to give a well-deserved shout out to the Senate Democrat's Legal Review Staff, the LEAGLES! Thank you for all you do! Your dedication and professionalism is unmatched!  Giovanni Randazzo
Patty Amundson Colorado Patty is one of the best editors in the office. Her years of experience, knowledge, reliability, and attention to detail make her an asset not only to the Business team, but to the entire office. Patty takes on the toughest assignments, like a 2,000 page recodification bill, and produces high quality work. This year, with more than half the staff working from home, Patty has been in the office handling the things on the Business team that can't be done electronically and helping out the other teams whose members are working from home. Rebecca Hausmann
Isabella Russian Arizona Isabella is a person who constantly maintains a positive attitude and will help when needed. She is the epitome of "strive for the highest" and will make sure she and our department are successful by helping out.  Eryn Streeter
The entire staff of LCO Connecticut To the entire staff of LCO, I am in awe of what you have accomplished this legislative session. Thank you for overcoming adversity and your tireless dedication to the work of the General Assembly. Bill O'Shea
Rosemarie T. Mesa Guam She is a supportive colleague. I'm so grateful for her kind and thoughtful help. Hope Delos Reyes
Micha'ella Celorio Guam Micha'ella wears so many hats, and always with such grace. Hope Delos Reyes
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark goes above and beyond to assist all of us each and every day in the General Assembly. He is so professional, smart, and just a really nice person. We are so fortunate to have Mark leading Delaware's Division of Research. Thanks for all that you do Mark! Rep. Kim Williams
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara is one of the newer Legislative Attorneys in the Division of Research. She is so good at her job, very professional. When she drafts a bill for you, she explains every step of the process, asks thoughtful questions, and really thinks about every little detail of the bill. She is an exceptional attorney and I am thrilled she joined the Division of Research. Thanks for all that you do for us, Cara! Rep. Kim Williams
Illinois Senate Democratic Legislative Assistants Illinois For their dedication, adaptability, and openness to wearing many hats, the Illinois Senate Democratic LAs deserve a big shout out. Their willingness to be both a sounding board and voice for their senators' constituents during difficult times is a model of service.  Mike Hoffmann
Donald Sellers Delaware Our print shop is top-notch! When we put in a request it is exactly what we asked for, professional-looking, completed in a timely manner and is always on my desk waiting for me. Thank you to Don and his staff for all that they do for all of us in Dover! Rep. Kim Williams
West Virginia Legislative Automated Systems Division West Virginia From transitioning the entire Legislature to remote working in the early days, weeks and months of the Covid-19 Pandemic to constantly providing support onsite and remote and pulling off a huge technological change in time for session with professionalism and dedication, the staff of LASD and Sheila Harvey as director deserve massive credit and acknowledgement.  Drew Ross
Ruth Ann Jones Delaware Ruth Ann is our Controller General who has done an exceptional job. She is very professional, easy to talk to, always willing to help, smart, knows our agencies inside and out. She treats people with kindness but she is a leader. All the staff in the Controller's Office are amazing to work with and General Assembly is fortunate to have Bert, Victoria, Julie, Jason and Nicole working with all of us. Thank you for all that you do for us! Rep. Kim Williams
Rich Puffer Delaware Rich is our Chief Clerk and he amazes me every day. He is such a patient and warm person who is always willing to help everyone. He has so much responsibility but always does everything with a smile. He never gets frustrated, always willing to explain things, a team player - Rich is just an amazing person. Rich, thank you for all that you do for all of us, I honestly do not know how you do what you do! The General Assembly runs so smoothly because of your leadership! Rep. Kim Williams
The 5th Floor Connecticut Nonpartisan staff do amazing work under difficult circumstances and we've made working remotely work! Kudos to all for the hard work this past year! Anonymous
Emily Zambrello Connecticut Emily combines hard work, savvy skills and kindness as she provides amazing public service everyday!   Mary Ann Daly
Carolyn Tschida Montana Chief Clerk of the Montana House that made us look good every day! Rep. Steve Gunderson
Andrew Erickson Minnesota He is always willing to help out in any way he can, he works hard, he gives solid advice, and has a phenomenal sense of humor. Alexis Stangl
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor delivers astounding public service everyday who brings great energy and care to her work as she supports representatives. Taylor is a spectacular member of our team! Mary Ann Daly
Janet Wood Texas Janet has been the creative, cheerful, and reliable backbone of our office during the pandemic, leading our amazing admin team as they remotely produced staff reports, organized our first hybrid virtual and in-person public meetings, and kept the office running smoothly. Thank you!  Merrell Foote
Natalie White Delaware When you look up "reliable" in the dictionary, you see Natalie's picture. She's saved me many times, always ready to jump in and help get the work done, whatever it takes.  Holly Vaughn Wagner
Molly Aziz Georgia The most committed and collected staffer around! She staffed all elections-related committees in Georgia and didn’t break a sweat. AND took on a new budget role! Look out redistricting! Michael Polacek
Janelle Roberts, Ashley Thomas, Chris Keslar Texas As new Sunset policy analysts, you all did incredible work. As your project manager I so appreciate your energy, collaborative spirit, analytical skills, hard work, flexibility, integrity, and commitment to public service. Thank you, I have truly enjoyed working with each of you. Merrell Foote
Christel Raasch Georgia Christel is the best! She handles so many spinning plates, and never lets any fall! And even with all that she has going on, she always makes time for my (many!) questions! She is such a source of knowledge and expertise! I'm thankful to know her and lucky to work with her! Molly Aziz
Martha, Christine and HBRO Georgia To the best Budget Team in the nation. Thanks for all you do to support the House and to keep Georgia running! Spiro Amburn
Clara Hyde Alabama Clara is a key member of the Fiscal Division team, always going above and beyond to provide critical assistance to the Senate Fiscal Officer and others. Kirk Fulford
Cindy Davis Alabama Cindy is a key member of the Fiscal Division team, always going above and beyond to provide critical assistance to the House Fiscal Officer and others. Kirk Fulford
All Sunset Project Managers Texas Congratulations to all the Sunset project managers for an extremely challenging and successful review cycle, adapting and evolving our processes during a global pandemic. Well done!  Morgan Constantino
Vee Mosely Alabama As the newest member of our Fiscal Division team, Vee has experienced the firestorm of her first session this year and met the challenges head on with a great attitude and work ethic.  Kirk Fulford
Janet Wood Texas During the pandemic, Janet once again worked her powerful IT magic to allow the Sunset Commission to hold hybrid in-person and virtual public meetings, which are vital to our review process and improving state government. Jennifer Jones
John Friedenreich Alabama John is a tremendous asset to our Fiscal Division team. He is our well-respected resident expert on Transportation and economic development issues, but also assists in many other areas as well. Kirk Fulford
Robin Rawls Alabama Robin is a very important member of the Fiscal Division team, acting as both Health and Human Services Analyst and trainer for her eventual replacement for the position when she decides to retire (if we let her). Great job, Robin! Kirk Fulford
Pete Grogan Alabama Pete is a key member of the Fiscal Division, serving as our Judicial/Law Enforcement Analyst and also contributing in so many other ways to the success of our team. Thanks, Pete! Kirk Fulford
Hope Gregor Alabama Hope contributes in so many ways to the success of the Fiscal Division. She is an incredible asset and a valued member of our staff. Kirk Fulford
Cara Meeker Colorado No matter what the session throws at us, I know I can completely trust Cara to take charge and handle it with excellency and extreme competence. You are amazing!! Ashley Athey
Owen Colling Colorado Owen is an exceptional editor and when the going gets tough, I know I can count on him to continue his excellent work even under stressful situations! Ashley Athey
Shannon Wheeler Colorado Shannon started this job right as 2020 threw us a million curveballs and she has been incredibly resilient over the past year while having to learn an incredibly stressful job mostly remotely! Ashley Athey
Clerk of the House and his Team Georgia Bill and his team had even more responsibility this past session because our members were spread over three locations and we did not utilize our page program. They handled it with the level of professionalism we expect out of the office and made sure that each member had the documents they needed in a timely manner. They oversaw the integration of voting tablets for fully half of our members in two different locations, making sure they were charged, assigned correctly and troubleshooting. We could not operate without the quality work they do!  Keith Williams
Cory Mulkey Georgia Cory is our Post Office Director, but handles a wide range of duties since his office is right outside the House Chamber. Because of Covid-19, we were not able to have our normal doorkeepers, so his team pitched in to help provide staff for that, in addition to their normal duties. He helped set up the temporary ingress/egress outside the House Chamber for session. He is always willing to help get any job done and is a tremendous asset!  Keith Williams
Joe Altizer West Virginia He's the "best in the business"! So knowledgeable and always willing to help  or explain a bill, a law, a code, etc. Alyssa Williams
Jennifer McPherson West Virginia She is amazing! It is truly an honor to work with Jennifer, I am learning so much. Alyssa Williams
Martha Wigton and House Budget and Research Office Georgia Martha and her team always respond quickly to requests for information. They perform at a high level of professionalism and there is complete confidence in the accuracy of the information they provide. Each year as a different hot issue becomes a focus, they continue to rise to the occasion and do tremendous work. Martha takes her department to the next level each year. We couldn't do it without them.  Keith Williams
Jessica Perez Alabama Jessica is a valued member of the Fiscal Division team, possessing a great attitude and a wealth of knowledge to dig in on complex revenue and tax issues.  Kirk Fulford
Secretary of the Senate's Office  Georgia Led by David Cook, SOS works to ensure the daily motions of the Senate run smoothly. They schedule meetings, keep track of legislation and organize bills and resolutions for legislative days in the Senate Chamber. Thank you for everything! Andrew Allison
Senate Budget and Evaluation Office Georgia Senate Budget and Evaluation Office is comprised of analysts who work around the clock to evaluate state programs and craft balanced budgets for each fiscal year. This task was especially difficult with the financial impact of the COVID pandemic, but each analyst went above and beyond to ensure that Georgia had a balanced budget. We couldn't do it without you! Andrew Allison
Senate Research Office  Georgia SRO is composed of a team of analysts that each specialize in a particular policy area. Their expertise helps with research requests, reports for Senate committees and so much more. Thank you SRO for all your hard work! Andrew Allison
Katelyn Bickett Georgia Katelyn has jumped headfirst into the chaos of the Georgia Senate without missing a beat. In her short time in our office, she has already proven her adaptability and a willingness to go above and beyond both for the roughly dozen senators she handles communications work for, but also for the Senate as a whole. Thanks Katelyn!  Andrew Allison
Deb Blanchard Connecticut Deb, thank you and all of the JUD staff for your great work in ensuring that one of the CGA's busiest committees continues to function well in this challenging, remote session! Angela
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe, thank you for your work as the clerk of the JUD committee and your responsiveness to my requests for information. Angela
Zoe Gluck Connecticut Zoe is very knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate you :) Thank you! Gina McDowell
Joanne Vanderstreek New Mexico Joanne does a great job as our legislative librarian, but went above and beyond in 2020. Joanne helped committee staff and Senate staff host meetings on WebEx and Zoom while maintaining her work as the librarian. We really appreciated the extra work! Erin Bond
Justin Cajindos Oklahoma Justin helps our whole caucus stay prepared. His patient, thoughtful, & strategic approach to every helps us strive for better policies and influence positive changes for our state. Thank you Justin!  Sen. Julia Kirt
Jessica Riffel Montana As the Secretary of the House Chief Clerk, it did not matter what the question was, the answer was always, sure no problem. I am sure 1/2 the time, it was not her job but she just got it done and always with a smile on. Thank you. Rep. Barry Usher
Nadia Zylawy Montana Deputy Chief Clerk Montana House - I think she really took the line on her job description seriously "other duties as assigned." Nadia was everywhere, running quickly to make sure everyone and everything was completed to perfection. Always with a smile. THANK YOU. Rep. Barry Usher
Lindsey Krywaruchka and the entire Video, Recording Staff Montana In the Montana Capitol a small but dedicated team of technicians/camera producers bring every meeting and floor session to the public online, over the air (TV), or at a later time on-demand. To put in context what they do – think about your local live high school basketball game and what goes in to one live broadcast. Cameras have to follow the action not knowing who will have the ball next, there may or may not be breaks in the action, and everyone is counting on them to capture this important event. This session not only has this team covered each meeting, but we added in the use of Zoom and the technical and sound issues video conferencing added to the mix. This team has worked hard to cover every minute and to date we have had no down time, or public interference with a hearing thanks to the work done over the interim to test and fine tune public remote participation. Each day of the legislative session this group of staff covers up to 14 meetings in the morning, 2 floor sessions, and up to 11 afternoon meetings – each day. They test every microphone, camera and zoom feed prior to going live, and make sure Zoom streams and links are accurate and secure. The broadcast capabilities that exist in this building are one of a kind throughout the country.  Across the country Montana has one of the most open and transparent legislative bodies because of the work done by these folks behind the scenes.
Rep. Barry Usher
Aubrey Curtis (in the House) and Ryan Ball (in the Senate) Montana Due to Covid in Montana we allowed remote voting (secured). These two individuals worked behind the scenes to assist and make sure every member of the Montana 67th Legislative Session were able to vote remotely when they needed or wanted to. Definitely not an easy task to work with a wide range of tech savvy to tech challenged Legislators. Difficult job but task accomplished. THANK YOU  Rep. Barry Usher
Division of Research  Delaware Thank you for everyone's collaboration and hard work. I enjoy working with you all! Cara Wilson
Mark Pulliam and Noah Manno Kentucky Mark and Noah's incredible work over the past year in completely overhauling our meeting rooms to accommodate remote attendance and testimony at meetings has allowed us to continue operations and still allow public participation in the legislative process.   John Snyder
Jessica Sharpe Kentucky Jessica has done a fantastic job under difficult circumstances heading the Banking and Insurance Committee staff. But more than just her talent and intelligence, what sets her apart is her willingness to work with staff on other committees on issues that cross jurisdictional lines. I am proud to call her my colleague. John Snyder
Clerk's Office Session Staff Georgia The temporary crew we bring back year after year are essential to our operation in the Clerk's Office. They always have smiles on their faces and are eager to get the job done efficiently with the highest level of quality and professionalism.  Carrie Vick
Brian Hurst Georgia Brian is the MVP of our IT staff! He handles more than I could ever begin to list and continues to take on new assignments to ensure the Georgia legislature is keeping up with ever changing technologies. Despite being incredibly busy, he always takes the time to address our concerns and issues. His patience and knowledge are invaluable! Carrie Vick
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is the backbone to the General Assembly. He and his team work tirelessly to make the legislative process run as smoothly as possible. He is such a strong asset, and his work should never go unnoticed. Thank you Mark! Ryan Dunphy
Raymond Lewis Delaware Ray makes the Senate operate so smoothly on a daily basis. Through all of his guidance and hard work, he has helped keep the Senate moving forward through this past year through Virtual Sessions and grandiose changes to daily operations. He has also helped me immensely get acclimated to my new role. The Senate would not nearly be the same or run as smoothly without Ray. Thank you! Ryan Dunphy
Jessica Davis Delaware Jessica is a huge reason that the State Senate maintains such its high level of distinction. From taking minutes to collecting bills to making tributes and more, Jessica is a huge asset to our office and the Senate as a whole. Thank you! Ryan Dunphy
Entire Legislative Services Department with KY LRC Kentucky They navigated a pandemic, snowstorms, floods, and teleworking to successfully complete a budget session in only 30 days while welcoming one of the largest incoming group of freshmen legislators in history! Shane Bennett
Othni Lathram, Kirk Fulford, Shonda Stallworth, & Dustin Jones Alabama All of my supervisors work tirelessly to provide factual information to legislative members and the citizens of the great state of Alabama. It is a privilege to work for the Legislative Services Agency-Fiscal Division, under such wonderful leadership. Our agency values excellence in all we do, evolving & adapting, our character counts always & we believe in succeeding together.   Jessica Brown
John Friedenreich  Alabama John Friedenreich takes pride in his work. His attention to detail is impeccable. Due to John's attentiveness, it is a pleasure to with him, because I know that he is making every effort to ensure that his assignments are accurate, and therefore that makes my job easier. Thanks, John, for your hard work ethic.  Jessica Brown
Clara Hyde & Cindy Davis Alabama Ladies, thank you for being my mentors. You all welcomed me with open arms and provided me with the knowledge that I need to be successful in my position. Both of you are very instrumental in helping the Legislative Services Agency-Fiscal Division run smoothly.   Jessica Brown
Legislative Council North Dakota Y'all are the "small but oh so mighty" Legislative Council, and I couldn't be more thankful to work with such an amazing group of people. High, elbows all around! Karmen Hanson, NCSL
Legislative Education Study Committee Staff New Mexico LESC staff provided legislators with spot-on support support during our Covid-safe, mostly virtual legislative session this year.  Rachel Gudgel
Anthony Bernadzikowski Delaware Anthony has been an amazing counterpart in the Senate and I'm so happy we've gotten to grow together as colleagues and friends. You're the best! Jennifer Jankowski
Sophia Vassar Delaware Sophia is an asset to our team of legislative aides and I always enjoy collaborating with her on education initiatives. She's dependable, driven, and compassionate above all else. The House is lucky to have her!  Jennifer Jankowski
Vince Leibowitz  Texas My Chief of Staff always goes above and beyond for our team every day. Vince, your hard work and dedication to the the Texas House of Representatives does not go unnoticed! Ana Silbas 
Janet Roberson and Angel Burack Delaware What can I say? I lead the building in dumb questions and they lead the building in great and timely answers that keep us current on all the latest tech and security matters. Jesse Chadderdon
All Legislative Staff New Mexico To all our Legislative Staff, you all ROCK especially during this pandemic. You went above and beyond and are key to all we accomplish for our state. Thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and dedication to public service. We are blessed to be part of your team!!  Rep. Tara Lujan
Natalya Bleier Idaho Shoutout to Natalya for starting her career this year at the Idaho State House of Representatives! Welcome to the world of State Legislatures. I am so proud of you - continue to strive for the highest!  Eryn Streeter
Eryn Streeter Arizona Eryn is someone who is incredibly dedicated in everything she does. Every year she is in the legislature, her skills continue to grow. With Eryn in the legislature, you can expect amazing results. Natalya Bleier
Ella Kramer Idaho Ella's ability to go with the flow and provide exceptional camaraderie and results is unmatched. With all that this session has thrown at us, some would crack under pressure and exhaustion but Ella continues to be exceptional. She is one of the best people I've ever worked with and I couldn't ask for a better office buddy. Natalya Bleier
Steven Ogle & Tamara Aronstein Texas Beyond managing and supervising reviews, Steven and Tamara also serve as Sunset's amazing legal eagles. They expertly handle numerous open records and AG opinion requests, review every Sunset bill, and have drafted a comprehensive good government standards bill this session. Jennifer Jones
Lisa Zaugg Connecticut Lisa goes above and beyond to assure our staff and legislators always get the information they need. She always goes the extra mile.  Caroline Beitman 
Lavonie Irby  Connecticut Lavonie is kind and empathetic to her co-workers and the staff she assists. She is an asset to HR and the CGA.  Caroline Beitman 
Molly McAllister  Connecticut Molly is thoughtful and creative in developing content for our in-house training program. She is always available to staff who want a one-on-one. Molly is a great asset to the HR team.  Caroline Beitman 
Susan Skehan  Connecticut Sue is so helpful assisting with finance questions, going above and beyond to help with any issue brought to her. Sue helps make working in OLM both fun and productive.  Caroline Beitman 
LSA Legal Div. Attorneys Alabama The Legal Division Attorneys have worked tirelessly this session under immense pressure and evolving circumstances to provide quality legal and bill drafting services to our legislators and our state. Thank you for all of your hard work. I am thankful to work with such an incredible group! John Treadwell
LSA Legal Div. Admin. Staff Alabama You all are the glue that holds us together. Thank you for your expertise, dedication, ingenuity, patience, humor, and your unwavering support. We could not do this without you! John Treadwell
LSA Legal Div. Admin. Procedure Staff Alabama Thank you all for your hard work and dedication year-round in keeping the administrative process in motion. You all do a phenomenal job and do not often get the recognition you rightfully deserve. We appreciate all you do! John Treadwell
Rachel Chou, Tanga Henderson Davis and Novie Flynn Alabama Thank you for all you do to keep us going (and paid!) year-round. You all do an incredible job and we are thankful to have you as part of the team.   John Treadwell
Information Technology Services staff/Susan Marsh Connecticut I want to thank the entire ITS staff for the amazing job they have done, essentially creating a new system enabling the entire legislative process to be done from home in an extremely short (and I would have said unrealistic) timeframe. They are really dedicated problem solvers who stepped up when we needed them. And a special shout out to Susan Marsh who has been a real lifesaver for LCO innumerable times, at all hours of the day and night. Shannon McCarthy
William O'Shea Connecticut Serving as the director of LCO is a challenging job, and serving as the director when everyone is working remotely and we are trying to adapt legislative processes at every stage made a challenging job exponentially more difficult. Bill is an extremely dedicated employee who agreed to help us out and serve as interim director when the office needed him. He has been a wonderful example of great leadership with his excellent communication skills, thoughtful decisions and sense of humor. Thank you, Bill! Shannon McCarthy
Angela Rehm Connecticut Angela is one of the most dedicated employees I have ever known. No matter what obstacles she is facing in her personal life, she puts in an incredible amount of hours at work and is always striving to create the best possible draft of legislation. She is a thoughtful drafter who is always willing to assist when I encounter a drafting issue. I value her wise counsel when encountering supervisory or legal issues.  Shannon McCarthy
Legislative Commissioners' Office (LCO) staff Connecticut As a supervisor I get to see the incredible personal obstacles that our staff are facing in their personal lives, and with what professionalism and dedication they surmount those obstacles in order to continue to provide the stellar services that we are expected to provide. We've also as supervisors had to ask our staff to do more, as various staff departures left us short-handed. I have been so grateful with what grace and dedication people have taken on those assignments, no matter how difficult. Thank you all!  Shannon McCarthy
Kumi Sato Connecticut Kumi is like the glue that holds the office together because of her skill at creating a sense of community even when we are working remotely. Besides being an excellent drafter and providing thoughtful legal counsel, she is the one who remembers to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day or to recognize someone's special event with a donation from the Employee Gift Fund or who organizes a retirement party. She is usually the first one to volunteer when we need someone to do something extra. In better times, she was the one constantly bringing in food for the entire office. She is extremely generous in giving her time and her talents to the office and we are lucky to have her as an employee. Shannon McCarthy
Micaela Fischer  New Mexico Micaela always goes the extra mile to help and has been a central pillar of support for me in my new role, for which I am very grateful!  Jessica Hitzman
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Thank you Rachel for all your amazing work this past year. You have seamlessly transitioned to working remotely as a new employee. You also volunteered to source PPE in addition to your normal workload.   Tina Mohr
Gabby Martin Connecticut Gabby has been incredibly helpful and patient throughout my transition to this new role. Thank you so so much for all your support Gabby!!   Kelsey Hawkins
Lori Grayson Connecticut Can't thank you enough for always being available to answer all my questions while working from home during these different times.  OLM is blessed to have dedicated staff like you on board.  Thanks again! Rosemary Lopez
Amirah Hussain New Jersey Thank you for all of your work assisting the constituents of the 7th legislative district. It's been a challenging first year for constituent relations but you've done a great job. Congratulations on your upcoming work anniversary! Mitchell Zupko
Werner Oyanadel Connecticut You are, without a doubt a true asset to CWCSEO! Thank you for your knowledge and tips shared with every question I've reached out to you.    Rosemary Lopez
George Marinelli & Allan Spotts Connecticut Year after year they go above and beyond to support the committee behind the scenes continuing to make the magic happen by good old-fashioned hard work, dedication and institutional knowledge that make the Judiciary Committee the "A" Team! Deb Blanchard
Hanley Loller Kentucky Hanley Loller used his expertise in software engineering to help Constituent Services during the height of the pandemic. He and our manager Elise York worked together to come up with an efficient electronic way to process the unbelievably high numbers of constituent requests about Unemployment claims that began flooding the system. Hanley created additional functionality of our database which made the workflow a lot more manageable. The relief this gave us in CS cannot be overstated. Thank you Hanley and Elise!    Ms. Kendrick Fischer
Denise Drummond Connecticut You're a great person to work with and I appreciate everything you do for the commission. Rosemary Lopez
Steven Hernandez Connecticut Thank you for your tremendous guidance and hard work during these difficult times. You've made sure that your staff has stayed safe, focused and productive during these uncertain times. Your hard work has definitely not gone unnoticed.   Rosemary Lopez
Senate Dem Communications Team Illinois Our team is the BEST! They are hard workers, excellent problem solvers and passionate communicators. The work they do highlights all the good things the caucus does for the state of Illinois. We are so fortunate to work with such an amazing team! Brandy and Reena
Brenda Guardado Illinois Brenda deserves a shoutout for being reliable, hardworking, always taking initiative and bringing new ideas to the table, and for always going above and beyond what is expected of her. She is simply amazing.  Jerome Genova
IL Democrats Policy & Budget Staff Illinois My coworkers are some of the hardest working people I know. They are each of them so knowledgeable, diligent and vital to the process, and even when they are busy, still find time to be considerate, kind, and helpful to others when needed. It is a sincere privilege to work alongside them as a colleague and as a friend. Jerome Genova
Annie Paruccini Minnesota Leading the best LA team! Austin Parrish
Steve Maher Connecticut He was there on day one for me and still is. I consider him the unsung hero of HDO. Barry Hubbard
Elaine Settergren Minnesota Elaine does an outstanding job supporting her fellow legislative workers by providing digital accessibility information and resources that help us continually improve our ability to provide accessible information online.  Kathryn Ho
Taylor Hyde Connecticut Taylor was transitioned to be my legislative assistant in the middle of a pandemic and a new legislative session. Taylor has gone above and beyond, ensuring we figure out a way to meet all of the needs of her legislators. This may be expected, but she has also been doing all of this while expecting her first child. Congratulation and thank you Taylor for all of your hard work!!! Deputy Speaker Michelle L. Cook
Dorothy Getsie Connecticut Ms. Getsie has been a legislative aid here in CT for over 25 years. She does an exceptional job, and is invaluable to this Legislator and others that she serves. She has impeccable judgement, character and judgement. As a new Legislator she is making this experience much more enjoyable. I appreciate her every day. Rep. Patrick Callahan
Camille Taylor, Deidra Powell, Justin Speck and DeAndre Moreland Georgia This team never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for always working hard, staying positive and taking on new responsibilities over the last year as we have dealt with covid!  Betsy Theroux
Shane Bennett Kentucky It is a joy and a privilege to work with Shane. His guidance and mentoring have been exceptional for our department and agency. I continue to look forward to more growth and prosperity in the future with his leadership and direction. Stacy Jacobs
Third Floor Legislative Assistants Kentucky It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated and hard-working staff. They endured many changes over the course of the pandemic and faced each challenge head on with grace and perseverance. My hat's off to you ladies and gentlemen for a job well done!!! Stacy Jacobs
Alex Dahlem  Connecticut Alex is one of the hardest working most thoughtful people I have had the honor of working with. He is truly remarkable. Rep. Geoff Luxenberg
Mary Ann Daly Connecticut Beyond her incredible skills as a legislative aide, Mary Ann is such a thoughtful and uplifting human being. She lights up the lives of all the staff members and legislators who are lucky enough to work with her. Alex Dahlem
Richard Stavneak Arizona Richard leaves a dedicated team of non-partisan budget staff. We appreciate his "normal" speed: well-developed processes, driven leadership, and professionalism. He deserves a special shoutout for pivoting to develop new new processes, work products and procedures to meet the challenges of 2020 & 2021.   Micaela Larkin
Terry Adams, James Orlando, Shaun McGann, Kristen Miller, Rute Pinho, and Alex Reger Connecticut Although working REMOTELY, our ON-SITE COMMUNITY SYSTEM remains as CONCRETE as ever. We CREDIT you with ADOPTING our bills and PILOTING their analyses expertly. Thank you for pitching in on our BAs during this busy session. OLR Team P&D (Julia and Jess)
Kimmi Grove Connecticut Kimmi has a kind heart and it shows in the work she does. When I was hired as a sessional and then a full-time employee, she was always there if I had a question or needed guidance. Thank you Kimmi for taking the time to personalize my experience during my transition to CEC. You've made it easier than I expected and I can't thank you enough! Kass Fruin
Emmy Franklin Connecticut Emmy has been incredibly helpful when it comes to creating the digital communications tools that make our legislators more accessible to the constituents that they serve. Don't know what we'd do without her!  Alex Dahlem
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Jeremy is whiz at keeping us all on the forefront of technology. Jeremy is patient, professional, and proficient at every complicated task and issue we throw his way. Thanks, Jeremy, for all you do!   John Treadwell
Freshmen Times Contributors (writers and editors) Connecticut Molly and I are immensely grateful for the time and energy the Freshmen Times contributors gave to this project, as both are such a premium during the session. Not only are the freshmen legislators more versed in "all things CGA", but we learned a thing or two ourselves. The effort and talent that each of you brought to the project is unsurpassable. Susan Keane
Kirsten Breiner Connecticut Creative, dedicated, supportive, committed, Kirsten took on the near-impossible task  of coordinating the newly developed sessional staffing pool, plus taking on the role of committee liaison with the transcription vendor. Our success was due in no small measure to you. Susan Keane
Catherine Thomas Connecticut Thank you for your all your work for outreach and press work helping me keep up with issues and making sure my constituents are informed and have ready access to the issues and to me as their representative. Cat has been a true partner! Rep. Irene Haines
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thank you for being my collaborator, creative partner and co-conspirator. You bring such dedication, thoughtfulness and passion to enriching the lives of the CGA community. We've been blessed that you have brought light into these most challenging times. Susan Keane
Jeff Chubbs Delaware Jeff works quickly and meticulously to get our drafters the research needed to craft legislation that's thoroughly thought through. He's always on board to do whatever we ask, no matter how painstaking the request. Thank you, Jeff, for always rolling with the punches! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Cheryl Smith, Susan Marsh, Jason Larosa, Deb Blanchard, Beverley Henry, Tom Spinella, David Kaplan Connecticut My thanks to the team that made conducting remote hearings and meetings a reality. They brought enthusiasm, energy and commitment to our efforts to navigate uncharted waters. Their knowledge and skills are unsurpassable. I am beyond proud of our accomplishments. Susan Keane
Allie Kazlauskas, Liz Gillette, Eddie Aledia, Chris Marino Connecticut The Appropriations Committee staff has shown remarkable resilience this session. Despite the challenges of working remotely, the team quickly gelled. I applaud their dedication and commitment to serving the Appropriations Committee members. Bravo!! Susan Keane
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich does a fantastic job of reviewing draft bills, so we can be sure no hidden issues are lying in the wait only to reveal themselves *after* a bill is introduced. Thank you, Rich, for being our unsung hero behind the scenes; you make us look good!  Holly Vaughn Wagner
Mark Cutrona, Holly Wagner, and Debbie Gottschalk Delaware I appreciate how much you all have taught me in the last year. Thank you! Cara Wilson
Jackie Allo and Cheryl Smith Connecticut Sincere thanks to Jackie and Cheryl for their creativity, vision, hard work and positive attitudes! These two have shown that they can handle anything! When word came down in late December that sessions would be largely remote and paperless it was a scramble to make it happen in such a short time. Their tireless efforts and can-do attitudes made it a pleasure to work side-by-side with them as part of the team. I'm still amazed at how much was accomplished. As we enter the last month of session we continue to stay one step ahead of the process and deliver what is needed. Thank you for making it all look so easy! Susan
Carolyn Tschida  Montana Thank you Carolyn for helping us to have a great Session! Thanks too for your warm, friendly attitude and demeanor!  Rep. Jerry Schillinger 
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl is the consummate professional - dedicated to developing the most effective applications for the committees, supportive of committee staff in their skill development, and collaborative in brainstorming new ideas and approaches. Above all, she is infinitely patient and kind. Susan Keane
Billy Taylor Connecticut Billy is a resource I rely on daily for reliable insight, advice and teamwork!  Jean R.
Jason Knight  Connecticut Jason is the all-star amongst the CECs! We are so lucky to have him on our team and saving us from ourselves on the daily. Thank you Jason for your patience and generosity with your time and energy in mentoring the rest of us!  Jean R.
Kelsey Hawkins Connecticut Although somehow we haven't met in person, Kelsey is someone i have relied on very much this legislative session! She is fast, creates exceptional quality material and overall great to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with her and hopefully meeting soon!  Jean R.
Clerk's Office Staff (Full time and Session Staff) Georgia This past session was like no other. I wanted to give a special shoutout to all our hard working full time staffers as well as our wonderful session staff who made this past legislative session run so smoothly! It truly is a team effort and I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for making it work so well. Christel Raasch
Vanessa Colorado Organized, forward-thinking, principled and a work-ethic that CANNOT be beat---Vanessa is a true HERO that gets work done in spectacular fashion! Thank you for all that you do! Rep. Tonya Van Beber
Naurin Hashmi Connecticut Naurin, thank you for working so hard during such a difficult session. We all appreciate your willingness to volunteer and your always pleasant attitude. Angela
Chris Cordima Connecticut Chris, thank you for always being dedicated and professional and bringing humor to your job. You've been great at replenishing my EBL when I think it's getting low. I am grateful that you are taking on the bond bill in order to help the office cover assignments due to vacancies.  Angela
Alan Cepeda Guam Alan always sticks to the plan and works great with our team. He is considerate, patient, understanding, wise, and has humor only people who have known him long enough will truly understand. He is a great friend and an awesome supervisor! Cheers to Alan! Amanda Alag
Nick Bombace Connecticut Nick keeps our office on a target with his organization of the Governor's bills process and does a great job drafting the budget for the State of Connecticut. He is professional and provides good counsel to the committee he staffs.  Angela
Wendy Baldo Arizona Wendy Baldo serves as the Chief of Staff for the Arizona Senate and has consistently worked for the betterment of everyone in the Senate. During COVID decisions were needed that we had never planned for and she met every challenge head on. They say "team work makes the dream work"; for me that truly describes Wendy.   Galen Kimmick
Kumi Sato Connecticut Kumi is always one of the hardest working attorneys in our office. She is an excellent attorney and drafter and excels in a very challenging assignment. Kumi is so thoughtful, always remembers birthdays and other important events. She is continually performing small and large kindnesses. Kumi is one of a few people who always come forward to organize celebrations of other staff members and important events. Angela
Gina Jenkins Arizona Gina Jenkins is Administrative Assistant Supervisor for the Arizona Senate and oversees 31 assistants to the Members. Gina has a cheerful personality and checks in on the assistants throughout the week to address any concerns that come up. Her laugh can be heard throughout the halls. Galen Kimmick
Chris Reinhart Connecticut Thank you for stepping up to do Judiciary this session. You were a great partner and good bill reviewer. It was a huge challenge to take up that position on such short notice and you did a wonderful job. Angela
Samantha Savvidou, Laura Bartok, Jason Knight  Connecticut Dear Team, Thank you for all the motivation and dedication that all you have displayed in the last few months.  Milagros Acosta
Yvette Smallwood, Erika Schrader, Vicki Schultes, and Arun Reddy Delaware The Registrar's Office staff has worked hard this year, editing over 7,500 pages of proposed and finalized regulations and codifying them into the Administrative Code, all while continuing to update the Delaware Code, Laws of Delaware, Delaware Constitution, and Municipal Charters. Their dedication to the accuracy and clarity of our laws is amazing and deserves attention. Thank you!! Mark Cutrona
Donnie Sellers, Bob Lupo, Nathan Poore Delaware The Print Shop is the heart of the General Assembly, keeping us supplied with legislation, reports, and other documents. Donnie, Bob, and Nate work hard to ensure our print requests are accurate. And, as technology advances, they stay up-to-date to help us with graphics we use in our electronic documents. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut Thank you for all your hard work! What an incredibly talented person you are! Your work and dedication are outstanding, I really appreciate you! Milagros Acosta
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is an unsung hero. Her leadership on Connecticut's Remote Committee Planning team made it possible for us to jump head first into a completely remote environment of Hearings, Meetings, Votes and the like. She takes time when I need advice on process and procedure. She is my go-to resource for all things committee. I can't thank her enough. Cheryl Smith
Susan Marsh Connecticut Susan Marsh juggles priorities from every angle. She anticipates process changes and the corresponding IT needs. She troubleshoots technical issues and finds lasting solutions. Her quality control abilities keep the rest of us in check. She works hard and smart. She will drop anything to assist a colleague in need. Susan has been a key piece in the puzzle we have been thrown over the last year. I feel honored to work with her. Cheryl Smith
Jackie Allo Connecticut Jackie works technical magic. She tackles a problem and provides a solution in a short turn around. I have not seen any technical problem that intimidates her. She researches and finds solutions. She guides others and jumps in wherever needed. The application changes she implemented over the last year in real-time would have made other developer's heads spin! Thanks Jackie. Cheryl Smith
Ryan Pennant Connecticut Ryan is steady as he goes. He is reliable and hard working. Always there answering emails night, day, weekend, holidays. Ryan – do you ever sleep? Ryan helps our customers in a patient and kind manner. He has developed applications that allow our community to stay home and stay safe this year. Thank you Ryan. Cheryl Smith
Jason LaRosa Connecticut Jason began his career with the Connecticut General Assembly one week after everything went remote. What a crazy time to jump in. He took hold of our websites and hasn't turned back. He is reliable, creative and hard working. Thanks Jason! Cheryl Smith
Gerry Eigo Connecticut Gerry digs into our deeper technical challenges involving third party products and those that require back-end interfaces. He dug in again this year and allowed a mainly paper process of committee screening packets and transcription packets to be fully electronic. His work on that project was critical in allowing our staff to stay home and stay safe. Thank you Gerry! Cheryl Smith
Kirstin Breiner Connecticut Kirstin is one of the most organized people I have worked with. She took on the task of ensuring all committee sessional staff had computer accounts, machines and resources to work effectively in a remote environment. Her work in Remote Committee Process was critical to the success of the session. Thank you so much Kirstin!  Cheryl Smith
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda is the best executive assistant any director could ask for. She is extremely organized and attentive to detail. And, she is able to anticipate needs, which has been extremely helpful during the pandemic as many staff worked from home. We couldn't do it without Colinda. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Mark Cutrona & Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Your leadership and dedication to our success does not go unnoticed. I'm proud to be part of the awesome team you have built. Thank you! Colinda Marker
Aaron Goulette New Hampshire Shout out to NH's House Chief of Staff, Aaron Goulette, who has led us through some of our history's most challenging times, most notably, a global pandemic and the passing of our beloved friend and Speaker. Most in the state will never know the challenges Chief Goulette has helped us overcome with his even keeled, professional, and servant leadership. It is an honor to call him friend and Chief! Debra Childs
Kyle Donohue and Jalen Jones Indiana Kyle and Jalen are legislative assistants and committee staffers. As session neared the end, committee staffers typically transition to staff conference committee meetings. All of our committee staffers staffed conference committees, but Kyle and Jalen literally competed with each other to staff the most conference committees. Their enthusiasm did not go unnoticed. In the end, Kyle and Jalen both staffed the same number of committees! Chris Campaniolo
Gaia McDermott Connecticut Gaia is creative, caring, committed and supportive in her interactions with colleagues. She brought all of those attributes to the fore in creating the CGA Challengers group. Throughout the pandemic she created programs "challenges" to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Most importantly, Gaia gifted the "Challengers" with a community filled with encouragement, empathy and humor. Thank you, Gaia! Susan Keane
The entire LRC Public Information Office Kentucky Hats off to my PI colleagues! They are the most talented crew of communicators and public servants. They serve lawmakers with dedication and keep people across the state in touch the legislature. So appreciated! Rob Weber
Committee Clerks and Administrators Connecticut Congratulations on the outstanding work conducted by the CGA committees this session. Committee Clerks and Administrators rose to the challenge and embraced operating in a remote environment with unwavering commitment and a sense of humor. A special shout out to Devin, Erica, Samuel, Will, Kate, Allie, Gina, Christina and Joe for their success in their first session as committee clerks. So proud of us all! Connecticut
Dave Desjardins Connecticut Dave is the quiet force behind so much of the good work of the legal team in HDO. I am grateful for his guidance, his sharp mind, his wit, his incredible patience, his unfailing generosity of kindness, and most of all his friendship. Thank you, Dave! Katie Engustian
House Majority Caucus Staff  Delaware Throughout the pandemic, the House Majority Caucus Staff have risen to every challenge. They work together to tackle complex issues and they are always willing to jump in to help each other out. I am truly grateful to work with this talented team of individuals working every day to improve the lives of Delawareans.  Sean Finnigan 
Andrew Allison Georgia Andrew was instrumental in enabling virtual participation for some of our state agencies in hearings this year. Deeply appreciate all of his hands-on involvement. Brent Churchwell
Sarah Connor Connecticut Sarah brings a smile to my face whenever I think of her. She has been a steady, reliable source of help to me in my work as a session counsel. We always seem to achieve our drafting goals together, many times with a shared combination of misery and good humor. There is a comedienne behind that quiet demeanor!! Thanks, Sarah, for being you!! Katie Engustian
Melody DeBussey Georgia I have been blessed to work under the guidance and stewardship of Melody for over 7 years. The expertise and wisdom in state budgeting exhibited by her, as well as helping to shepherd the process along, has been greatly appreciated. Brent Churchwell
Kathleen Cominski Georgia In the midst of onboarding a new Chairman of Appropriations, Kathleen has also come along bravely into a new support area. We appreciate her learning the ropes for this new area as an Assistant. Brent Churchwell
Amanda Butt Georgia Amanda has been a pivotal resource in some of our new website content needs and job postings. I am very thankful for her responsiveness and thoroughness of work. Brent Churchwell
James Tripp Georgia If I have had a last-minute or emergency need with support of our Appropriations Hearings, James has been a big help by leaping into action. Keep up the great service! Brent Churchwell
Brad Murfitt Montana Brad is the House Sergeant at Arms. Though it is his 3rd or 4th session, he and his team are always asking how can they do better or improve. His team always steps up and provides whatever we need. THANK YOU Brad & Team. Rep. Barry Usher
Montana House Sergeant at Arms Team Montana When the entire Montana Senate Sergeant at Arms Team were put into quarantine due to COVID contact tracing, the entire House Sergeant at Arms Team stepped up and covered both houses. No grumbling or complaining. They knew what needed to be done and they stepped up. THANK YOU  Rep. Barry Usher
LRC Committee Staff Kentucky I cannot single out one person from the Committee Staff for LRC. They all did a great job learning new applications and processes on the fly. It was literally being created as we were learning it. In addition, the 2021 session brought continuous COVID safety measures, ice and snow storms (2 in a 2 week period), adjusted calendars, and so many late nights and substitutes than I can count. Thank you for you dedication to your job and the General Assembly. Carla Montgomery
Christine Murdock Georgia Christine is a numbers machine. She keeps the Georgia House as a whole, and the Office of Legislative Counsel in line. Thanks Christine!! Rick Ruskell
Alan Leonard, Emily Johnson, and Erick Fajardo Texas They are the best review team I could have hoped for on my first review. Thank you guys for helping this NP learn the ropes without too many disasters. Andrew Vree
Jenna Dolde  Georgia Jenna is a Transportation guru. Nothing moves in the ATL until she approves it!! Rick Ruskell
Blake Travis Georgia Blake is the best Revenue Man in the world. Couldn't have a session without him Rick Ruskell
Paul Higbee Georgia Paul was a local man, but now he has gone nationwide! He's bad. Rick Ruskell
Jeff Lanier Georgia Jeff is retiring this year after brilliantly serving the Georgia General Assembly for over 20 years. Big shoutout to Jeff and thanks for all your help Rick Ruskell
Jason Knight Connecticut Jason is my go-to person with any issues that stump me. He is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to help. Billy Taylor
Jean Rienzo Connecticut Jean is somebody who often benefits the group by asking questions about issues that others haven't thought of yet. She is a spectacular colleague who I often rely upon for counsel. Billy T.
Brian Hurst  Georgia Brian has been amazing dealing with coordination and planning for the development of the General Assembly's new legislative module system and updated website. He must never sleep! Jenna Dolde
Joyce Hall and Doris Ragland  Georgia Joyce Hall and Doris Ragland (collectively known as Joris) do amazing work on the Code Revision team and have been able to quickly adjust to an all virtual process. Thanks for your hard work! Jenna Dolde
Document Specialists in the Office of Legislative Counsel Georgia Thanks to all the Document Specialists in the OLC that have mastered an unexpected and quick transition to a paperless process and working remotely. You all rock! Jenna Dolde
Editors of the Office of Legislative Counsel Georgia Thanks to all the Editors in the OLC. You quickly adjusted to the unexpected and quick transition to a paperless process and continue to keep our bills and resos in line.   Jenna Dolde
Jennifer Burgess Georgia Without Jennifer the Georgia General Assembly as a whole would probably have to adjourn sine die and never come back. I know the Office of Legislative Counsel would collapse. Rick Ruskell
Jake Agron Arizona Jake Agron is the Research Director for the Arizona State Senate. He is humble, kind, and intelligent. Jake is the smartest person I know and the embodiment of leading my example. The Senate Research Department has grown leaps and bounds because of Jake's servant leadership and we are all very lucky to have had the best boss ever. Kaitlyn Neff
Brian Groome Georgia Brian has gone above and beyond for years to keep everything running smoothly for Ways & Means. I greatly appreciate his well-rounded expertise and ability to help me perform my job optimally. Blake Travis
Brian Hurst Georgia Brian works so hard that it I believe it is more likely than not that he surreptitiously has 3 or 4 identical twins at the Capitol. His vast knowledge and dedication to all things Georgia General Assembly cannot be overstated or overvalued. Blake Travis
Tracy Cochran Georgia I greatly appreciate Tracy's vast technical and institutional knowledge that keeps our office and the legislative process running smoothly.  Blake Travis
Brian Hurst Georgia Brian works so hard that it I believe it is more likely than not that he surreptitiously has 3 or 4 identical twins at the Capitol.  His vast knowledge and dedication to all things Georgia General Assembly cannot be overstated or overvalued. Rick Ruskell
Sara Arroyo Georgia Despite her many responsibilities, Sara does a great job serving the Retirement Committee including all of its technical particularities. Blake Travis
Melody DeBussey Georgia Melody is so knowledgeable about the operations of Georgia state government and the Georgia General Assembly. It is a pleasure to work with her and share in her expertise. Thanks Melody!! Rick Ruskell
Bill Reilly and Christel Raasch Georgia Bill and Christel run the best Clerk's office in the country! Thanks for all your help. Rick Ruskell
David Cook and Sean Martin Georgia David and Sean do a fantastic job of keeping me out of trouble. Thanks for everything!! Rick Ruskell
SRO Legislative Aides Connecticut You work incredibly hard every day and are all amazing! Thank you for always having each other's backs and keeping everyone laughing.  Anonymous
Monica Myers Arizona Monica does an outstanding job supporting the Majority Staff in the Arizona Senate. Always ready to assist with any project with a great attitude and welcoming smile. She is highly regarded by everyone at the Senate.   Galen Kimmick
Jennifer Berman Colorado Jennifer is a rockstar bill drafter that is always there to answer questions, make last minute changes. I can always count on her to give thoughtful insight and research. When Jennifer is my drafter, I can be sure that my bill will hold up to scrutiny, impress the legislature, and be a model for others. Thanks Jennifer! ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ ) Rep. Brianna Titone
Sean McSpaden Oregon Sean, Catherine and Blake serve as staff officers for the NCSL CFI Committee and they do a fabulous job! We appreciate the time and effort you give, on top of your legislative work. Heather Morton, NCSL
Catherine Benham Vermont Sean, Catherine and Blake serve as staff officers for the NCSL CFI Committee and they do a fabulous job! We appreciate the time and effort you give, on top of your legislative work. Heather Morton, NCSL
Blake Doss Georgia Sean, Catherine and Blake serve as staff officers for the NCSL CFI Committee and they do a fabulous job! We appreciate the time and effort you give, on top of your legislative work. Heather Morton, NCSL
Arizona Legislative Staff Arizona Thank you for all the hard work you do in and out of session, especially when the heat is on! Heather Morton, NCSL
Brian Groome Georgia Even though he won't invite me to his parties, he does an unbelievable job for the Georgia House!! If you need analysis, this is your man!! Rick Ruskell
New Hampshire Legislative Staff New Hampshire Thank you for all the hard work you do keeping the third-largest legislative body in the English-speaking world running smoothly in and out of session! Heather Morton, NCSL
Duane Gall Colorado Duane was the drafter for me on some very difficult bills which went through a multitude of revisions. Despite being burdened by tons of bills and amendments, he was always able to get things done, and then again, and again. Thank you so much for putting up with these difficult processes with a smile and grace.  Rep. Brianna Titone
Sheri Knott Delaware Sheri is an amazing asset to the House Majority Caucus. From keeping all the bills organized as our Bill Clerk, to being a kind and helpful voice to constituents when she fills in as receptionist. We could not do what we do without her! Alexandra Sparco
ITS Staff Connecticut Our friends in ITS deserve a special shoutout because they have made this largely remote session possible. The challenges you have encountered are immense and the demands placed upon you have been unrelenting; yet morning, day and night you have always been there for us.  Sincere thanks and appreciation. Bill O'Shea
Janice Durham Delaware Jan is the heart of Legislative Hall! She truly deeply cares about each and every staff member and constituent. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our House Majority staff. Alexandra Sparco
Darren McDivitt, Merrell Foote, Amy Trost, Erick Fajardo Texas Darren, Merrell, Amy, and Erick provided critical guidance during my first review cycle at Sunset. Thank you for helping me adjust to the new role and for your useful feedback as project managers and supervisors!  Janelle Roberts
Matt Bishop Colorado Matt has been the fiscal analyst for some of my bills and he's always very responsive to questions and requests and gives great detail. While we don't always have a lot of interaction with the FAs, Matt stood out with his great work ethic and dedication to service.  Rep. Brianna Titone
Allyson Sneed Tennessee Allyson has held my legislative office together for the past 20 yrs, not to mention the unprecedented service to District 80's constituents. She continues to do an amazing job and I am extremely fortunate to have her on my team! Rep. Johnny Shaw
NCSL Staff Colorado and Washington, D.C. Thanks for keeping us informed and inspired! Thanks to you we are connected across the nation, and we are strong when we join together! Martha Wigton
Kelly Knight and the Minnesota House Human Resources Team Minnesota Kelly and her team in HR have been amazing over the past year: navigating a pandemic while always looking out for the well being of all members and staff. They are appreciated more than they know. Thank you! Anonymous
Kaitlin Chashman  Montana Kaitlin's title was Vote Clerk but there wasn't anything she was asked to do that she did not get done. She always had a positive attitude and a smile. Rep. Barry Usher
Caeden Reeves Montana Caeden was the Amendments Coordinator. Among other duties, he was tasked with tracking down sponsors of Amendments and Committee Chairs for signatures & approvals. He always was respectful and never interrupted. Sometimes I was not sure how he found me but he did.  Great job.  Rep. Barry Usher
All Legislative Staff Members New Mexico The entire legislative staff have been great to work with and make the task of being a New Mexico Senator a much easier one. They are always going above and beyond to help the state of New Mexico.   Sen. Joshua A. Sanchez
Olivia Smith Indiana I'm so glad you're my coworker and friend! Getting to converse with you makes my job fun! Heather Puletz
Jessica Harmon Indiana Thanks for your support of our team through the quarantine and always. Heather Puletz
Jack Fleming Montana As our Reading Clerk, you could watch Jack get better and better over the session. He was amazingly fast, had a lot to read but he was sure to make sure he was CLEAR so everyone could follow and understand what he was saying. Thank you Sir, job well done Rep. Barry Usher
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark leads with warmth and strength. He navigates complexity by being guided by his principles. He serves with diligence and professionalism. Lastly, he teaches me a great deal and is fun to talk with. Joel Rudnick
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly is perspicacious. She sees clearly and has the strength to use this to act effectively. She knows us well. Holly is flexible, but she stands her ground when appropriate. I respect her immensely.   Joel Rudnick
The SMO Unemployment Strike Team New Jersey Addison, Nancy, Tina, Jack W., and Jack S. have been constant members of the SMO unemployment strike team. Successfully working to navigate the cumbersome unemployment system and getting constituents their employment. Well Done! Kevin Drennan
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is always willing to take the time to discuss something with me, even though she drafts an incredible amount of legislation. She makes the world a little better with her acceptance. Joel Rudnick
Cara Wilson Delaware I can’t claim to fully comprehend the attorney speech I hear, but I can see Cara has an incisive approach to legal questions. She offers this without much attachment or ownership, but to help. Joel Rudnick
Kathy Morris Delaware Kathy has a sunny disposition. She tolerates me when I don’t approve a payment on time. I so appreciate it when she offers to straighten out a problem we are having with a vendor.   Joel Rudnick
Deb Blanchard Connecticut Deb makes me laugh hard with just one knowing look. Deb is so competent at what she does and I just don't believe the Judiciary Committee, hands down the busiest one in the General Assembly, could accomplish what it does without Deb as administrator. She is a professional in every sense of the word and has a huge heart. Thank you, Deb, for looking after me when I first began helping the committee in 2017. And thank you for always making me laugh! You are an amazing person -- caring, capable, and never too busy to help anyone who needs it. CGA is lucky to have you!! Katie Engustian
Amanda McAtee Delaware Amanda speaks with honesty and optimism. She is one of the kindest people -- the first to arrange celebrations and the buying of gifts or to offer condolences. Her kindness serves as a model. Joel Rudnick
Mark Brainard, Jr.  Delaware Mark serves on a great many committees and other bodies, but somehow keeps track of them all. I appreciate his knowledge of their operation and his thoughts on how they can run more effectively.   Joel Rudnick
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich wields intelligence to help creatively. If someone in a meeting offers unique solutions to a thorny problem, it is probably Rich. He readily gives me his time, and I find his opinions invaluable. Joel Rudnick
Amy Burke Delaware Whenever I ask for help in performing my duties, Amy graciously assents. She accomplishes the work quickly, and I can always count on her. Also, she sometimes brings a golden retriever to work! Joel Rudnick
Natalie White Delaware Natalie is honest. Talking with her is interesting and fun. She does her work with diligence and keen attention and freely offers her skills and knowledge. I respect her greatly. Joel Rudnick
Nate Poore Delaware In addition to fulfilling my print requests, Nate gussies up my documents so that they (and I) look official and respectable. He is a good guy all around and fun to talk with. Joel Rudnick
Vicki Schultes Delaware Vicki is quick to offer her insight in the way of a gift. Also, whenever I send an email to the Division, Vicki is the one I can count on to say, “Thank you.”   Joel Rudnick
Donnie Sellers Delaware Donnie has great responsibility in a part of our Division that moves at a breakneck speed. All this he handles with enthusiasm and focus. He is also extremely caring.   Joel Rudnick
Erika Schrader Delaware Erika has a penchant for puns and corny jokes which give me joy and make me laugh. She also sells me Girl Scout cookies.   Joel Rudnick
Yvette Smallwood Delaware Yvette wrangles with statutes, code, vendors, and who knows what. She rolls with the tide of incoming regulations with laughter. Laughter at the volume of it all, but laughter just the same.   Joel Rudnick
Bob Lupo Delaware Until recently, I was not aware of Bob’s wisdom. He has a great abundance. He takes pride in the printing he does, and he does it well.  Joel Rudnick
Jeff Chubbs Delaware Jeff is kind and has a love of learning. He continually demonstrates resilience, compassion, and strength. He is quick to offer help with my research, and I appreciate him. Joel Rudnick
Elliot Gray Delaware I appreciate Elliot's insight and his willingness to work under a tight deadline. He is eager, enthusiastic, and incredibly thorough in doing his research. Joel Rudnick
Hafsah Mansoori Delaware Hafsah demonstrates accountability, motivation, and a spirit of inquiry.   Joel Rudnick
Val McCartan Delaware Val gives her time and energy for our Assembly’s collective goals. She exhibits great care on behalf of her caucus, and I appreciate her quiet honesty.  Joel Rudnick
Emy Diaz-Rivera Delaware Emy is like sunshine. She is intelligent, enthusiastic, and loves to learn. She is a kind soul. Joel Rudnick
Deanna Killen Delaware Deanna asks me such interesting questions.  When she does so, she shows gratitude and appreciation when I respond, and she is easy to work with. Joel Rudnick
Teresa Wilt Nevada When I first corresponded with Teresa she used “Huzzah!” in an email – a kindred spirit! Teresa exhibits kindness to a great degree. She shines with compassion and has a great sense of humor.    Joel Rudnick
Jenn Parrish, Mary Grace Colonna, James Berryhill, Taylor Hawk, Jesse Chadderdon & the entire Senate Majority staff Delaware Thank you all for being so helpful, kind, and welcoming as I transition into filling in for Jenn! I cannot express how much I appreciate you all for your continued guidance and support! We’ve truly got a great team! Anna Shields
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly's intelligence, hard work, and dedication make her an asset to the Division and the General Assembly. Her ability to connect with the staff and find creative solutions to problems make her a successful deputy director. In short, Holly is the perfect "Number One"! Mark Cutrona
Brendan F. Arizona Brendan is a hardworking. organized, and enthusiastic Minority Education Policy Advisor. His depth of knowledge on education policy and the history of education in Arizona run deep. I am grateful for his dedication as we tackle many difficult bills in the Arizona House of Representatives. Rep. Jennifer Pawlik
Debbie Gottschalk Delaware Debbie is one of the kindest people I know. She also has the absolute best stories. In addition, she's extremely hard working and committed to providing all of our legislators with the best legal and legislative drafting services possible. Her work to create Delaware's technical corrections bills has vastly improved the clarity of our laws. And her work on multiple task forces has produced improvements as well. Thank you!! Mark Cutrona
Joel Rudnick Delaware Joel brings a wealth of knowledge to the Division as well as a sense of humor. It is a joy to work with Joel and I appreciate his kindness and willingness to help anyone that crosses his path.  Amanda McAtee
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara has quickly adapted to her role as a legislative attorney. She is already a great ambassador for good legislative drafting. Her legal expertise and thirst for knowledge has greatly enhanced our small legal team. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware Holly goes above and beyond for her staff and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I appreciate her professionalism, expertise, creativity, humor, and generous support. I seriously couldn't ask for a better boss.  Amanda McAtee
Mark Cutrona Delaware Mark is everything you would want in a Director and then some. He goes above and beyond for his staff and the General Assembly. Thank you for being such an amazing human Mark, I appreciate you more than words can express.  Amanda McAtee
Mark Brainard  Delaware I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this job. Thanks for always being there professionally and personally.  Amanda McAtee
The entire OLLS Colorado It's been an incredibly challenging, stressful, exhausting year for the OLLS, but the staff has never faltered! Always at the ready, tackling new task after new task, rapidly transitioning to remote work, and still delivering high-quality services to the legislature! BRAVO! Christy Chase
Legislative Council Staff Colorado Legislative Council Staff has gone above and beyond to meet the challenges of this past year, from its IT staff creating entirely new processes to enable remote participation, to committee staff learning how to navigate new technology for committee hearings, to fiscal staff providing always-thorough fiscal analyses, and so much more! Shout out to our sister agency! Christy Chase
JBC Staff Colorado Colorado's budget committee staff rocks! They have managed the devastating lows and dramatic highs of the state budget with extreme professionalism and competence, providing legislators with the tools needed to craft the annual state budget, multiple times, over the past year. Way to go, JBC Staff! Christy Chase
House staff Colorado The staff of the CO House of Representatives is simply the BEST! Professional, highly competent, ever-responsive to the changing needs of the body, and calm under pressure. And with an enrolling room that somehow manages to keep getting all those bills enrolled accurately! Thanks for all you do to help the House operations run smoothly! Christy Chase
Senate staff Colorado The staff of the CO Senate is AMAZING! Professional, highly skilled, responsive, helpful to all, and able to navigate new challenges each day. And the enrolling room keeps bills moving along with great efficiency! Thanks for all you do to help the Senate operations run smoothly! Christy Chase
Steve Matt Arizona Steve Matt treats everyone with dignity and keeps his cool whether on the floor or working security. His reading is always on point. Plus, he is always up to discuss Shakespeare or life.   Micaela Larkin
Jenna Lyon Arizona Sharing her photography skills with other offices at the Arizona State Capitol. Micaela Larkin
Amy Bottoms Georgia Amy does never ending work to keep the Georgia General Assembly fiscally sound. Thanks Amy!! Rick Ruskell
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