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2022 & 2023 International Network Meetings

March 7, 2023




Dec. 16, Noon ET (Rescheduled) 


Rescheduled for January 2023 

Jan. 20, 2023, 10 a.m. ET 

Virtual | Register Now

2022 Review | 2023 International Forecast

April 14, 2023, Noon ET  Virtual | Register Now Taiwan-U.S. Relations

Aug. 13, 2023


NCSL International Preconference

Nov. 3, 2023, Noon ET 



The NCSL International Network offers members the opportunity to meet regularly meet with legislators, staff and NCSL partners from the U.S. and abroad who are interested in strengthening the states’ roles and relations in the international arena.

Supported by NCSL’s Institute for International Cooperation (IIC), the network offers participants enhanced access to a diversity of global perspectives and provides frequent opportunities for cooperation and collaboration with international partners. Network meetings take place both virtually and in-person throughout the year, allowing for greater participation by any NCSL members interested in this issue area. Network participants also receive the IIC’s bi-monthly newsletter, which will include important information and analysis from the world of global politics, as well as notice of opportunities for international travel to support the work of the institute.

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