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The National Conference of State Legislatures works in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to bring you up to date, real-time information about traffic safety bills that have been introduced in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  

Database Notes

You can search legislation for each year starting with 2007 by state, topic, keyword, year, status or primary sponsor. New measures are added as they are introduced or identified by NCSL staff. 

Bills may appear twice in carry-over states. In these states, please check the last date of action to ensure the status of the bill reflects the appropriate year.

Please note:

Highway news sign.NCSL has begun tracking electric scooter legislation beginning with the 2019 session. Bills are tagged under the Slow-Medium Speed Vehicle topic.


Searchable Database

For faster performance, please use the fields below to filter your results. If you select nothing, the default search will pick up all topics and states in the most recent session year available. The full text of bills is available by clicking on the bill number. This feature is available for bills from 2015 and later.

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Aggressive Driving

Legislation relating to negligent driving, reckless driving, road rage and aggressive driving penalties.

Automated Enforcement/Photo Monitoring

Legislation that covers the authorization and use of red-light cameras and speed limit cameras, associated fines and municipal automated enforcement ordinances.

Child Passenger Protection

Legislation pertaining to child restraint systems and primary or secondary enforcement of seat belt laws.

Distracted Driving

Legislation focused on texting or hand held cellular phone bans and penalties for use of an electronic device while driving.

Driver's Licensing

Legislation related to driver’s license suspensions/revocation, graduated driver’s licenses, Real ID, commercial driver’s licenses and driver’s education.

Impaired Driving

Legislation focused on alcohol or drug-impaired driving, ignition interlocks, penalties, driver’s license suspensions, impairment tests (i.e., blood or breath tests) and reform programs for repeat offenders.

Motorcycle Safety

Legislation relating to motorcycle registration, licensing, education and training requirements, helmet requirements, motorcycle equipment, motorcycle operation and autocycles.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Legislation focused on pedestrian crossing laws, bicycle operation, motorist responsibilities in interacting with bicyclists and pedestrians, fines for injuring or killing vulnerable users and electric bicycle laws.

School Bus Safety

Legislation relating to school bus seat belt requirements, school bus stop-arm camera laws, school bus equipment standards and school bus driver training, licensing and reporting requirements.

Seatbelts and Occupant Protection

Legislation pertaining to primary and secondary seat belt enforcement, seat belt fines, vehicle-for-hire seat belt laws and rear occupant seat belt use.

Senior Drivers Issues

Legislation on driver’s license renewals, driver’s education, special registration plates, yellow dot programs and medical exams.

Slow-Medium speed vehicles

Legislation related to mopeds, motor scooters, golf carts, electric scooters, slow-medium speed vehicles right-of-way, safety equipment requirements (i.e., helmets or visible clothing) and fines.

Speed Limits

Legislation covering maximum and minimum speed limits, speeding penalties, laws authorizing lower speed limits and move-over laws.

Teen Driver Issues

Legislation pertaining to driver’s education, graduated driver’s licensing and fines for teen drivers.

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2021 Introduced and Enacted Traffic Safety Legislation


Enacted Bills by Tomic Map
The map shows the states that enacted a bill AK WA MT ND NH VT NY MI MN WI OH PA CT NJ RI MA NV OR ID WY SD IA IL IN MO NE HI CO TN AR KS UT CA DE MD WV KY FL SC TX DC AL MS LA OK AZ NC ME VA NM GA PR GU VI AS MP Enacted Bills by Topic Map

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