NCSL Analysis of Real ID Final Regulations

On January 11, 2008, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued the long-awaited final regulations to implement the Real ID.  The final regulations incorporate a number of recommendations made to DHS by NCSL, governors and motor vehicle administrators.  DHS estimates the costs for states to implement the Real ID will not exceed $3.9 billion.  NCSL will be providing a series of documents that summarize different sections of the regulations, which includes a comparison of the requirements to the recommendations included in the September 2006 report— The Real ID: National Impact Analysisissued by NCSL, governors and motor vehicle administrators. 

To view a copy of the final regulations, click here. Adobe PDF

To view an archive of NCSL analysis on the Real ID, click here.

A copy of the final regulations, the September 2006 report, and other resources on Real ID are available at: