NCSL Spring Forum Pre-Conference Meeting on PPPs

Washington, DC
April 22-25, 2009

The NCSL Foundation Partners Project on Public-Private Partnerships (P3s/PPPs) exists to link legislators, legislative staff and interested private sector entities to analyze legislators’ needs and to develop nonpartisan, balanced, useful materials to aid legislators’ decision-making regarding PPPs in transportation, both in their respective states and as they consider state-federal relationships. 

One purpose of this 18-month Project is to develop and offer educational sessions. This pre-conference meeting on public-private partnerships at NCSL's 2009 Spring Forum in Washington, D.C., examined the place of PPPs in a state legislature's toolbox of transportation funding options. This meeting will inform the Partners Project Steering Committee as it embarks on a year-long analysis of PPPs with the goal of developing a toolkit for state legislatures to use as they assess the appropriateness of PPPs for addressing transportation infrastructure needs.

Overall Meeting Summaries Approved by NCSL

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Transportation Funding Overview 
  • Joung Lee, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Washington, D.C.   PowerPoint Presentation
  • Robert Atkinson, National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission, Washington, D.C.   PowerPoint Presentation
Public-Private Partnerships 101
International Perspectives on Transportation PPPs

State Perspectives on Transportation PPPs
Synthesis: Evidence-Based Lessons Learned on PPPs