Livability 101 Pre-Conference

bike ridersNCSL Legislative Summit
Kentucky International Convention Center, Room 101, Level 1
1:00 – 5:30 p.m., Sunday July 25th

Please join NCSL’s Transportation Committee to learn how livable communities will help shape the 21st century!

Interest in creating sustainable, livable communities is rising. At the federal level, an interagency partnership made up of DOT, HUD, and EPA is working to coordinate funding and planning to help create communities that offer a strong mix of housing, transportation, and service choices within a walkable area. We’ll hear from representatives with each agency on new funding streams and priorities. Livable community principles will likely heavily influence the federal transportation re-authorization, so it is key legislators learn how to position their states. States, intrigued by the economic and environmental benefits of building sustainable communities, have pursued a wide range of policies that work towards this goal. Learn the importance of planning regionally, how transit agencies and states can work together, and how livable communities may help reduce the use of natural and government resources. For more information, please contact Douglas Shinkle at NCSL

To register for the pre-conference, please email Douglas Shinkle your title, name, and contact information. This meeting is free for those registered for the full Legislative Summit. Full agenda.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Providing more transportation options, such as streetcars, bus rapid transit, bicycling, etc., and how they can work in concert to give citizens more choices.
  • Linking transportation and housing costs to create more affordable living options.
  • The rising market demand for sustainable communities.
  • The state role in planning and financing Transit-Oriented Development.
  • Demographic trends such as the coming “Senior Tsunami” that will challenge how states deliver services and construct communities.
  • Building complete streets that serve all transportation users.
  • Ensuring people of all ages have safe, well-planned access to a variety of services and transportation choices.
  • Exploring what livability can look like in rural settings.
  • State case studies demonstrating how legislatures have encouraged the planning and development of transit systems and livable communities.
  • Regional planning.
  • A round-table with the federal interagency partnership to discuss their initiatives and future plans.
  • A skeptic’s take on the federal livability agenda.
  • How the livable communities movement will influence the federal transportation re-authorization.

Meetings Legislative Summit page and agenda.