Livability 101: Introduction and Keynote


NCSL Legislative Summit: Sunday, July 25, 2010

Running time: 00:25:36

Senator D. Scott Dibble, Minnesota 

Introduction audio 

Myron Orfield, Brookings Institute Senior Fellow 



Myron Orfield, a Brookings Institute Senior Fellow, is a former state legislator who has been active in livability issues for the past few decades. In his keynote address, he will discuss how livable communities can increase medical, transportation, housing and employment choices, the importance of regional planning, and what liability can mean and look like for rural areas.

Senator D. Scott Dibble of Minnesota will offer the opening remarks. 

Livability 101 Seminar

NCSL convened a Livability 101 Seminar because interest in creating sustainable, livable communities is on the rise. At the federal level, an interagency partnership made up of DOT, HUD, and EPA is working to coordinate funding and planning to help create communities that offer a strong mix of housing, transportation, and service choices within a walkable area. Livable community principles will likely heavily influence the federal transportation re-authorization, so it is key legislators learn how to position their states. States, intrigued by the economic and environmental benefits of building sustainable communities, have pursued a wide range of policies that work towards livability principles. such as transportation choice and location efficiency. Visit the resources from NCSL's Livability 101 multi-media pages to learn more about the growing role of livability, and its potential to help solve problems such as traffic congestion, mobility, sustainable use of natural resources and goverment dollars, and economic competiveness.

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