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Fleet of specialized transit buses

Updated February 2015

Many federal, state, local and private entities provide or support special transportation services for people who have challenges accessing transportation options due to income, disability or age. The dispersion of numerous specialized programs across agencies, however, can lead to ineffective and inefficient services. Many stakeholders have advocated for improved coordination across agencies and programs as a strategy to combat these problems and make specialized transportation easier to use. NCSL has partnered with the Federal Transit Administration and U.S. Department of Labor to track coordination efforts. This page provides links to key NCSL resources on transportation coordination.

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Coordinating Councils

To better coordinate human services transportation activities, as of January 2015, at least 20 states and the Northern Mariana Islands had created state-level coordinating councils and 29 had reported having councils at the regional level.  These councils facilitate cooperation among governmental agencies and stakeholder groups. These resources offer up-to-date information about coordinating councils and similar efforts: