Drunken | Impaired Driving


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Drunken Driving

This page reviews current U.S. state drunk driving laws.


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Drugged Driving | Marijuana-Impaired Driving

With the passage adult use laws in four states, and medical marijuana laws in many others, there is increased interest in marijuana-impaired driving. Check out this 50-state map that shows marijuana impaired driving and state marijuana laws.

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Drunk | Impaired Driving


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Criminal Status of State Drunken Driving Laws

Every state has penalties for drivers who operate vehicles while intoxicated. Some do not classify impaired driving offenses as crimes, while others consider driving while intoxicated a misdemeanor criminal offense. This chart provides information about criminal charges related to driving while intoxicated for every state.


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State Ignition Interlock Laws

Find out state-specific laws relating to ignition interlock laws. All 50 states have some sort of ignition interlock law.


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States Explore Oral Fluid Testing to Combat Impaired Driving

As states and law enforcement agencies explore avenues to remedy drug and alcohol testing issues, the use of oral fluids to detect drugs is gaining popularity.