Woman texting while driving.

State Legislative Trends: Traffic Safety Webinar

This NCSL webinar provided an overview of notable legislative trends related to impaired and distracted driving, school bus and bicyclist safety, automated enforcement and more. 


Autonomous Vehicle.

Crafting Inclusive Autonomous Vehicle Policies 

Learn how states are incorporating mobility for people with disabilities into autonomous vehicles policies in this LegisBrief.

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Image showing people wearing seatbelts.

State and Federal Efforts to Increase Adult Seat Belt Use

With seat belts saving hundreds of thousands of lives each year, states and the federal government continue to push their use. Almost all states require buckling up, but the laws vary in where belts are required (front and/or back seat) and how they are enforced.


Sun dial in Denver's City Park.

Daylight Saving Time | State Legislation

In 2020, 32 states are considering 77 bills concerning Daylight Saving Time (DST), including “carryover” bills from 2019, as well as new introductions.
Since Feb. 18, 2020, five states—Alaska, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana and Maryland—have introduced seven bills.


Transportation Deep dive logo.

Transportation Deep Dive

Transportation funding shortfalls have been in a near-constant state of crisis for more than a decade. State legislatures left hanging by declining assistance from the federal government and higher costs of road construction and maintenance have responded emphatically and creatively in their approaches to creating new transportation revenue streams.


Database image.

Transportation Legislation Tracking Databases

NCSL’s Transportation Program bill tracking databases, Traffic Safety | Funding and Finance and Autonomous Vehicles | have information about transportation-related bills that have been introduced in the 50 states and D.C.


Man filling gas tank on car.

Recent Legislative Actions Likely to Change Gas Taxes

Did you know 31 states have raised their gas taxes since 2013? Find out more about recent legislative actions to raise and index gas taxes here.