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Voting Outside the Polling Place

Most states offer at least one method for any eligible voter to cast a ballot before election day. While some states provide early in-person voting, this webpage addresses absentee voting and all-mail voting.



Safe and Reliable Pipelines

The nation’s transportation infrastructure for natural gas and hazardous liquids is comprised of a vast network of interconnected pipelines and more. This report discusses how state legislatures are positioned to take steps that can help reduce the risks associated with pipelines.

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2020 State Primary Election Dates

This page provides state and presidential primary dates for 2020 and are listed by state and date.



2020 Legislative Session Calendar

NCSL provides information on legislative sessions in each state, district and territory. Check out the interactive map that allows you to click on any state to find information on regular session dates, and, if necessary, special session dates.


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Postsecondary Legislation

NCSL works to bring you up to date, real-time information about postsecondary bills that have been introduced in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.


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Trends and Incentives in Workforce Development

With more than a million jobs going unfilled in 2019, workforce development is on many legislative agendas. Policies designed to align the skills of employees with national market trends and local business needs are popular among state policymakers.