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Advances in IT and telecommunications technology are transforming the delivery of health care. High speed connections and sophisticated new technologies make it possible to remotely monitor, diagnose and treat patients across the country. For patients, the result is greatly improved access to medical care, especially for those in rural areas. New, high speed/high tech health care solutions offer the promise of a greatly improved quality of life for patients who can more easily manage their medical needs.

The Transforming Health Care Through Technology project recognizes the important role of states in promoting emerging technologies aimed at improving health care delivery.

 Project partners explore the policy issues and options associated with these advances. The partnership provides an opportunity for state legislators, legislative staff and Foundation for State Legislatures Partners to address issues through meetings and through the development of print and online products.

Project Activities

This project highlights new applications of technology in health care delivery and explored related policy issues. The project includes programs held in conjunction with major NCSL meetings, site visits, an exhibit/ technology fair, a webinar or videotaped program, and LegisBriefs. 

Project Timeframe

The project began January 1, 2011. The NCSL Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce (CFI) and the NCSL Health Committees sponsored meetings held in conjunction with the 2011 and 2012 NCSL Spring and Fall Forums, the 2011 Legislative Summit and the 2012 Legislative Summit. 

Past Project Meetings, Webinars and Other Activities

NCSL Fall Forum, Dec. 6-8, 2012, Washington, D.C.--Project Agenda and Presentations/Handouts
NCSL Legislative Summit, August 5-9, 2012, Chicago, Illinois--Project Agenda and Presentations/Handouts

Webinar (view on demand): Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Combat Health Care Fraud, June 13, 2012

NCSL LegisBrief: Health Information Technology and Privacy, April 2012

NCSL Fall Forum, Tampa, Florida, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2011--Project Agenda and Handouts
The Fall Forum project schedule included sessions on Mobile Health and Leveraging Technology to Reduce Fraud and Abuse.

NCSL Webinar: Views From the Nation:  Overview of E-Prescribing Experiences From the States, Wednesday, November 16, 2011
E-Prescribing offers patients and doctors many benefits. It reduces the risk of misread or illegible prescriptions, provides safety checks, and can identify lower-cost medications. This webinar will provide an overview of the current landscape of e-prescribing in the states, as well as examine state-specific experiences implementing an e-prescribing program. (This webinar was co-sponsored by HIMSS. )

NCSL LegisBrief: Transforming Health Care Through Technology, August/September 2011

NCSL Legislative Summit, August 8-11, 2011, San Antonio, Texas--Project Agenda and Handouts, Press Release 
The Legislative Summit project schedule included these sessions:

Site Visit, August 2011, to the Clinical Practice Model Resource Center, University Hospital, San Antonio

Site Visit, May 6, 2011, UMass Memorial Medical Center tele-ICU center, Worcester, Massachusetts

A May 2011 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concluded, in a study of the UMass tele-ICU project, "implementation of a tele-ICU intervention was associated with reduced adjusted odds of mortality and reduced hospital length of stay, as well as with changes in best practice adherence and lower rates of preventable complications.  The New England Health Institute, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, has been studying tele-ICU technology since 2003 and recently released a report with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative on the use of tele-ICUs in Massachusetts (Critical Care, Critical Choices: The Case for Tele-ICUs in Intensive Care). The report shows that when implemented effectively, tele-ICUs have the potential to save hundreds of additional lives and save hospitals and insurers millions of dollars.

NCSL Spring Forum, April 14, 2011, Washington D.C, Transforming Rural Health Through Technology--Pre-conference Agenda and Presentations
This half-day pre-conference meeting addressed several important policy issues related to health information technology applications, such as electronic health records, telehealth and home monitoring and access to affordable broadband capacity. The meeting also discussed relevant programs and strategies that are working in rural communities across the nation.

Steering Committee Members


Project Co-Chairs:

  • Senator Richard Moore, Massachusetts
  • Senator Kemp Hannon, New York

Steering Committee Members:

  • Senator Pamela Althoff, Illinois
  • Representative Rosie Berger, Wyoming
  • Melissa Calderwood, Legislative Research Department, Kansas
  • Assemblymember Herb C. Conaway, New Jersey
  • Senator Bettye Davis, Alaska
  • Representative Cynthia Dill, Maine
  • Representative Beverly Earle, North Carolina
  • Miriam Fordham, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky
  • Duncan Goss, Legislative Council, Vermont
  • Senator Delores Kelley, Maryland
  • Representative Brian Patrick Kennedy, Rhode Island
  • Delegate Joe T. May, Virginia
  • Senator Jeremy Nordquist, Nebraska
  • Linda Pittsford, Legislative Council, Texas
  • Senator Vicki Schmidt, Kansas
  • Senator Bruce Starr, Oregon
  • Lisa Wallmeyer, Jt. Comm. on Technology & Science, Virginia
  • Representative Peggy M. Welch, Indiana
  • Representative Greg Wren, Alabama

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