Transforming Health Care Through Technology Business Meeting
NCSL Legislative Summit, San Antonio, Texas
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
7:30 am–8:45 am

Steering Committee Members and Others Present:

Representative David Clark, Utah, Co-Chair; Senator Richard T. Moore, Mass., Co-Chair; Representative Rosie Berger, Wyoming; Bill Baylor, Emdeon; Melissa Calderwood, Kansas Legislature; Beth Cooley, Reed Elsevier; Debra Gaymon-McNair, AT&T; Duncan Goss, Vermont Legislature; Senator Kemp Hannon, New York; Tom Keefe, HIMSS; Senator Delores Kelley, Maryland; Donna Maggiotto, Emdeon; Kevin Thompson, Philips Electronics; Michelle Troseth, Elsevier CPM Resource Ctr.; Lisa Wallmeyer, Virginia General Assembly; Representative Peggy Welch, Indiana; Representative Greg Wren, Alabama. NCSL Staff: JoAnne Bourquard, Denver; Caroline Carlson, Denver; Pam Greenberg, Denver; James Ward, Washington D.C.

Presiding: Representative David Clark and Senator Richard T. Moore

Representative Clark thanked members of the committee for their participation on the Steering Committee. After introductions, Representative Clark asked Pam Greenberg to briefly review the project sessions and activities since the last business meeting at the Spring Forum including the Spring Forum programs on Transforming Rural Health Through IT and the May site visit to the Tele-ICU unit at U Mass Memorial Medical Center.

Representative Clark then asked members for comments about the Legislative Summit programs. Senator Kelley mentioned the Overcoming Barriers to Using Health Care Technology session as valuable, and others liked the session’s focus on the issue of credentialing. Senator Moore mentioned the need for an update about the National Governors Association project related to credentialing, and he suggested that a session with more detail about what states are doing or a LegisBrief might be a good follow-up. Senator Kelley suggested talking also with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Representative Clark asked Jo Anne Bourquard to discuss the project’s Transforming Health Care Through Technology LegisBrief. She noted that NCSL staff had sent all Steering Committee members a review draft of the first LegisBrief for the project, and had received several helpful comments that were incorporated into the final version. The LegisBrief provides a general overview of the health information technology topics that the project has focused on so far. She noted that the LegisBrief was scheduled to be published and sent to legislators and staff by September 1, and asked Steering Committee members to provide any comments.

Representative Berger said she had received favorable comments about the LegisBrief from the doctor who is heading up Wyoming’s Telepsychiatry Pilot Project.  The Wyoming project will bring telepsychiatric services to patients in selected regions of Wyoming.

Senator Moore mentioned that it would be good to highlight some of the areas showing promise, such as mental health, medication compliance in the mentally ill, and home telehealth in rural areas. He mentioned the need for identifying financing options—now and down the road, and the need for guidelines for those who are selecting products to know what to look for in the vendors offering those products.

Representative Clark noted that the Showcase Session at the Summit highlighted some of those products and was very interesting. Senator Moore explained that the new office of dual eligibles at HHS may be interested in learning about how technology can assist in managing patients who have very expensive health care needs.

Representative Clark asked members of the committee to send NCSL staff suggestions for topics for the next LegisBrief. Representative Berger suggested that the list of suggestions then be sent back out to the committee for review.

Representative Clark noted that the webinar for the project was originally scheduled for June, but has been delayed until the fall.  He asked for any suggestions for topics and speakers for a project webinar.

Tom Keefe from HIMSS offered to assist with a webinar. Representative Welch suggested the Overcoming Barriers session as worth repeating in a webinar. Bill Baylor suggested building on the first LegisBrief and going into more depth on some of the topics highlighted. Senator Kelley suggested telepsychiatry as a topic, since there are underserved populations that could be helped though telepsychiatry, especially since people with mental illnesses often also tend to have somatic illnesses. Representative Berger suggested the committee members might try to identify a connection in their own state that could be helpful to the project. For example, the Wyoming telepsychiatry project is working with South Carolina, which has had success with a telepsychiatry program.

Representative Clark noted that the NCSL Fall Forum will be held in Tampa, Florida November 29–December 2. He identified several topics that had been suggested previously during the business meeting that could be possible topics for sessions, including:

  • Home health - hospital discharge planning
  • Managing chronic disease
  • Mental health - telemedicine
  • Financing of health care technology
  • Credentialing and licensing
  • CMS reimbursement of telemedicine
  • Managing costs related to fraud
  • Net return on funding models

Representative Clark asked NCSL staff to convene a conference call to continue project planning, and he adjourned the business meeting.

Transforming Health Care Through Technology Project