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NCSL Privacy Week

NCSL Privacy Week, Sept. 21-25, is designed for legislators and legislative staff who are interested in data privacy and related topics. Privacy Week will examine policy issues including consumer data policy, government data usage, and the intersections between data privacy and cybersecurity.


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Consumer Data Privacy

Register now for this Sept. 22 webinar on data privacy issues. California’s Consumer Privacy Act is the first U.S. comprehensive privacy law, and a wave of other states are considering similar legislation. As the law enters the implementation phase, we will look at its impact and the outlook for future privacy legislation. We will also explore evolving public perceptions about privacy and issues to consider for the future. 

Webinar Redistricting


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Broadband 2020 Legislation

In the 2020 legislative session, 42 states, Guam and Puerto Rico addressed broadband in issue areas such as educational institutions and schools, dig once, funding, governance authorities and commissions, infrastructure, municipal-run broadband networks, rural and underserved communities, smart communities and taxes.



Broadband & Technology Issues

Listen to the archived webinar with the NCSL experts providing an update on the recent federal stimulus packages that appropriate funds for broadband access and technology, state efforts to expand broadband and industry responses to help keep Americans connected.


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Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce

The Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce has jurisdiction over state-federal relations with regard to electronic commerce, banking, insurance, securities and other financial services issues, interstate commerce and taxation of electronic transactions, telecommunications and interstate business activity taxes.


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State 911 Resources

State legislatures are working to improve the operations of public emergency communication services for today's digital mobile society. This webpage provides access to NCSL’s 911 legislation database, as well as year-end summaries of enacted 911 legislation dating back to 2011.