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Purpose and Scope

The rise of the data economy has policymakers, industry experts, economists and consumers considering the implications of data privacy policy on business and society. The growth in internet, mobile and social network connectivity has greatly increased the amount of personally identifiable data consumers generate and share with companies and other third parties. With new laws in many states and the passage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and governments are now being required to adjust to a more complex regulatory regime. New policies will define how consumers protect their data and how businesses and governments operate in the future.

NCSL is a policy leader in data privacy at the state and federal levels. In August 2019 as part of its annual Legislative Summit, NCSL adopted a new directive on data privacy aimed at ensuring regular and meaningful consultation between states and federal lawmakers as Congress attempts to draft federal data privacy legislation. NCSL will continue to play a major role in guiding states on principles to consider when crafting privacy policy to protect consumers and create clear standards for third parties. As such, NCSL plans to create a privacy working group and involve the members and private sector sponsors of the Task Force on Cybersecurity.

The Privacy Working Group will examine policy issues including consumer data privacy, algorithms, government data usage, transparency, big data, law enforcement issues, and intersections between data privacy and cybersecurity.

NCSL Privacy Work Group

NCSL contacts: Pam Greenberg (Denver), Abbie Gruwell (Washington, D.C.), Susan Parnas Frederick (Washington, D.C.), Luke Martel (Denver)

Members by State


Representative Stephen Meeks


Representative Domingo DeGrazia


Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin

Brandon Bjerke


Senator Jeff Bridges

Senator Paul Lundeen


Senator Whitney Westerfield 


Monique Appeaning


Representative Angelo Puppolo


Representative Jim Nash


Representative Katie Sullivan

North Carolina

Representative Jason Saine


Senator Nicole Cannizzaro

New York

Senator Diane Savino


Sean McSpaden

Rhode Island

Senator Louis DiPalma

South Carolina

Senator Thomas Alexander

South Dakota

Senator James Stalzer


Representative Giovanni Capriglione


Senator Sharon Brown


Cyber and Privacy Partners

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • AT&T
  • Center for Growth & Opportunity
  • Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA)
  • CTIA-The Wireless Association
  • FedEx
  • Google
  • Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
  • NCTA - The Internet & Television Association
  • NEC
  • RELX

Cybersecurity Sponsors

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • VMWare

Please contact NCSL staff for information about sponsorship levels and benefits. 


March 19, 2021 | Agenda


Sept. 19-21, 2020 | NCSL Privacy Week Resources 

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