Privacy and Security


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2022 Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

In recent years, information privacy has gained momentum as a significant issue in state legislatures. View types of consumer privacy legislation introduced and enacted in 2022. 


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Legislator Privacy Guide and Glossary of Privacy Terms 

This document serves as a guide for legislators who are considering privacy legislation in their state. The guide first discusses common provisions in enacted state comprehensive privacy laws in California, Colorado and Virginia and discusses compliance considerations. The guide then provides descriptions of common terms and definitions found in both enacted and 2021 introduced privacy legislation and notes those that are substantially similar to one another.  

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Privacy and Security


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Facial Recognition Gaining Measured Acceptance

Facial recognition technology has state lawmakers, government officials, businesspeople and consumers everywhere exploring the opportunities and benefits it may offer. So why have Amazon, IBM and Microsoft announced plans to limit their sales of the technology?


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Social Media Privacy Laws

State lawmakers began introducing legislation beginning in 2012 to prevent employers from requesting passwords to personal Internet accounts to get or keep a job. Similar legislation prohibits colleges and universities from requiring access to students’ social media accounts. Twenty-six states have enacted laws that apply to employers; 16 apply to educational institutions, and one (Wisconsin) applies to landlords.