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Consumer Data Privacy

California’s Consumer Privacy Act is the first U.S. comprehensive privacy law, and a wave of other states are considering similar legislation. As the law enters the implementation phase, this webinar considers its impact and the outlook for future privacy legislation. It also explores evolving public perceptions about privacy and issues to consider for the future. Watch this recorded webinar at your convenience. 



NCSL Privacy Week

View resources from NCSL's Privacy Week, held Sept. 21-25. Through a podcast, a webinar and virtual meeting, blog posts and articles, Privacy Week focused on policy issues including consumer data policy, government data usage, and the intersections between data privacy and cybersecurity.

NCSL State Liaisons


Woman's face being scanned by facial recognition technology

Facial Recognition Gaining Measured Acceptance

Facial recognition technology has state lawmakers, government officials, businesspeople and consumers everywhere exploring the opportunities and benefits it may offer. So why have Amazon, IBM and Microsoft announced plans to limit their sales of the technology?



Data Privacy, State Legislation and the Pandemic

This podcast focuses on data privacy and features a discussion with Ted Claypoole, an attorney with Womble Bond Dickinson in Atlanta and one of the nation’s top legal experts on data privacy. Claypoole has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in in the public and private sector on issues related to software, data management and security.