2020 NCSL Privacy Week


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NCSL Privacy Week, Sept. 21-25, was designed for the NCSL Privacy Work Group: legislators and legislative staff who are interested in data privacy and related topics. Privacy Week examined policy issues including consumer data policy, government data usage, and the intersections between data privacy and cybersecurity. 

New content was released each day from Monday through Friday including blogs, podcasts, and a webinar.

Ultimately, the goal of the Privacy Working Group will be to share best practices among states and to produce a set of principles for state policymakers to consider when crafting privacy policy.

The full schedule of events and links to articles and recordings, as available, can be found below. 

Schedule of Events

Monday, Sept. 21

Tuesday, Sept. 22 

1 p.m. ET / Noon CT / 11 a.m. MT / 10 a.m. PT

California’s Consumer Privacy Act is the first U.S. comprehensive privacy law, and a wave of other states are considering similar legislation. As the law enters the implementation phase, we will look at its impact and the outlook for future privacy legislation. We will also explore evolving public perceptions about privacy and issues to consider for the future.


  • Lee Rainie, Pew Research
  • Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

This event was recorded and is available on-demand.

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Thursday, Sept. 24

1 p.m. ET / Noon CT / 11 a.m. MT / 10 a.m. PT

Facial recognition and other biometric technologies are rapidly proliferating in consumer and government applications, presenting new and challenging privacy issues. State legislatures are responding with calls for regulation, including moratoria on the use of facial recognition. This session will discuss the many ways biometrics are being deployed and proposals for regulating them.


  • Chris Koopman, Center for Growth and Opportunity, Utah State University
  • Claire Garvey, Center on Privacy & Technology, Georgetown Law

This event was recorded and is available on-demand.

Friday, Sept. 25

1 p.m. ET / Noon CT / 11 a.m. MT / 10 a.m. PT

This meeting is reserved for Privacy Work Group members and private sponsors ONLY

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