NCSL Redistricting Seminar: Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 24-27, 2019


NCSL's redistricting seminars for the 2020 cycle have concluded. This webpage is being maintained for informational purposes only.

Columbus, Ohio, hosted the second of NCSL's five Get Ready to Redistrict: Seminars for Practitioners and Others.

If you are a legislator, legislative staffer, a commissioner, a commission staffer, an outside advocate or just an interested member of the public, these seminars are for you.

Can't make it to Columbus? We have three more seminars coming up!

In 2 1/2 days, NCSL delivered knowledge and practical instruction that you can customize for your state and your role in the process. 

Expect answers to:  

  • What’s the legal landscape for redistricting?
  • What technology is available for redistricting?
  • What data are useful to use for redistricting?
  • How do states balance various principles and priorities when they redistrict?
  • How do you involve the public in the process?

Interested in sponsoring these meetings (or this meeting)? Contact Ben Williams.


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Optional: Vendor Rooms

Optional: A Demographer Looks Ahead

  • Redistricting is driven by shifts in the nation's population. Hear from an expert on how America has (and will) change, demographically speaking.
  • Speaker: D'Vera Cohn PowerPoint

Friday, October 25, 2019

Option A: Let's Start from the Very Beginning

Option B: Preparing Your Database

  • There's more to preparing redistricting data than waiting for the Census Bureau to send you state a file. Find out what other data sources might be helpful and how your state can integrate them.
  • Speaker: Karin Mac Donald PowerPoint

Left, Right and Center: Where Are We Now, Legally Speaking?

Communication 101

  • NCSL's Mick Bullock, director of public affairs, will share insights into communicating about politically fraught topics - especially redistricting.
  • Speaker: Mick Bullock's PowerPoint

Lunch and Learn: Ohio's Bipartisan Process

Redistricting Principles and Criteria: What Are They and How Do They Interact

Legislative Privilege and Litigation

  • Everyone needs to know: What are the rules and procedures relating to redistricting negotiations? What materials are likely to be "discovered" in post-redistricting lawsuits? What procedures are recommended for retaining documents and documenting processes? Note that federal and state guidelines differ.
  • Speaker: Steven Ogle PowerPoint
  • Redistricting Law 2020: Executive Summary

Is Your Plan Defensible?

Option C: Staff Talk Tech

Saturday, October 26, 2019

What to Look for When Looking for Software

The Vendors Speak

Public Software

  • Whether a state provides a public access system for submitting plans, outside organizations are planning on doing so. These may be available to create maps that will be submitted to the state for consideration, or to judge maps the states create. Learn what is likely to be available.
  • Speaker: Moon Duchin PowerPoint

Census Outreach

The Census Itself: Option A: Census Fundamentals (for beginners)

The Census Itself: Option B: The Census (for experienced census users)

  • Differential privacy, the latest on citizenship data and residency rules - oh my! Come with questions for Census Bureau staff.
  • Speaker: James Whitehorne PowerPoint

Veterans Talk Through Drawing a Map

  • Two experienced redistricters will show you how they approach drawing maps: where they start, what matters most, when the last pieces fall into place and how they know they've done a fine job.
  • Paul Mitchell and Chandra Sharma PowerPoint

Option B: The History of Redistricting and How to Communicate With the Public About It

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Odds and Ends

  • So many important topics, and so little time! We'll quickly address:
    • Cybersecurity as it relates to redistricting
    • The hand off of lines from redistricters to election administrators
    • The recent North Carolina case, Common Cause v. Lewis, including a run-down on "free and equal" clauses in state constitutions.
  • Speaker: Matt Masterson PowerPoint
  • Speaker: Meagan Wolfe PowerPoint
  • Speaker: Robert Tucker PowerPoint

Redistricting, Explained Graphically

Matt Orley, of Big Paper Strategy, created graphic recordings for some of the sessions at NCSL’s Columbus redistricting seminar. These serve as visual notes to key points and tips offered by presenters. These graphic recordings are available on this blog post that summarizes the Redistricting Seminar, graphically speaking.