Military and Veterans Affairs Task Force | Online Meeting | Dec. 2021


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The NCSL Task Force on Military and Veteran Affairs explored a range of topics on Dec. 17 during its online meeting. The task force invited legislators who are veterans  to attend the virtual meeting. The meeting provided an opportunity for task force members and invited guests to share policy initiatives and innovative strategies to address the challenges facing the military community. 

Co-chaired by Washington Representative Tina Orwall (D) and Virginia Senator Bryce Reeves (R), NCSL’s Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs addresses issues affecting military community relations and the health and well-being of veterans and their families. The task force has 46 members, both legislators and legislative staff, representing 24 states and Puerto Rico. In addition, you may be aware that NCSL paid special tribute to military veteran legislators and legislative staff at this year’s Legislative Summit. This very moving and inspiring session was recorded and a portion of it was shared with those who were unable to attend in person.

Friday, Dec. 17, 2021

Welcome and Roll Call 
  • Jim Reed, NCSL
Opening Remarks by Task Force Co-Chairs
  • Representative Tina Orwall, Washington 
  • Senator Bryce Reeves, Virginia
Pledge of Allegiance
  • Senator Josh Revak, Alaska 
Special Tribute to Military Legislators and Legislative Staff
  • Representative Tina Orwall 
  • Senator Josh Revak
Video presentation of Tribute and Quilts of Valor Presentation

Announce Next Task Force Meeting: Representative Tina Orwall - May 19-20, 2022 – Seattle, Wash.

Readiness & Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Update
Task Force Roundtable Breakout Groups 

Task Force members discussed top military and veteran issues for the upcoming 2022 legislative session.

Wrap-Up & Adjourn

Video Presentation: Names of Military Veterans in State Legislatures by State