Washington flag Since 2003, the NCSL/AECF Partnership on Family Economic Success has held a yearly meeting to give lawmakers a chance to convene with their colleagues and discuss solutions to the challenges faced by low-income working families. Legislative leadership from 10 states send small teams of legislators to the forum. Participants hear from leading experts and practitioners and develop an action plan that is relevant to their state.

Read Washington's state action plans below including a list of attending legislators, priorities areas and legislative action by meeting participants related to their working families policy goals.

History of Participation

Washington has participated nine times in the working families meeting. Here are the state action plans for Washington and a list of team members who have participated in our meeting since 2003.

List of State Team Members from All Years

State Action Plans


All Washington State Action Plans and Participants

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Legislative Action by Year

The following legislative actions were taken by team members in relation to their action plan. Legislative actions include follow up meetings with key stakeholders, constituent meetings and newsletters, statutory enactments and resolutions, appropriations, and the creation of legislative working groups.

  • WA SB 5034 (2013) - Appropriates $234 thousand for asset building coalitions statewide.
  • WA HB 2127 (2012) -  Appropriates $234 thousand for asset building coalitions statewide.
  • WA (2011) - Washington legislators host a forum titled "Impacts of the Great Recession: What about the children?" in partnership with community organizations. Listen to ForumCommunity Forum Brochure
  • WA SB 5232 (2011) - Authorizes prize-linked savings deposits and allows a financial institution to conduct a promotional contest and offer prizes for persons who deposits funds in a savings account, certificate of deposit, or any other savings program of the financial institution.
  • WA HB 2782 (2010) – Restructures the system for application and delivery of public assitance, making it more efficient for working families to receive the assitance they need. Provides a system where individuals can apply for services, including public benefits and education and training support on-line, requires specified agencies to work on the expansion of the food stamp employment and training program, establishes the disability lifeline program and implements strategies to improve the employment and basic support outcomes of persons under the program.
  • WA SB 6444 (2009) - Appropriates $438 thousand for asset building coalitions statewide.
  • WA HB 2687 (2007)  – Increases funding to the Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development to work with a statewide asset building coalition to design, implement, and fund a public education and outreach campaign for 2008 and 2009.  Requires the Department to provide coalitions with technical assistance and grants to initiate, expand, and strengthen community-based asset building coalitions.
  • WA SB 6809 (2007) – Enacts a state tax credit at 5 percent of the federal earned income tax credit.
  • WA SB 5652 (2007) - Authorizes the state to partner with local organizations such as the Washington State Microenterprise Association (WSMA), which support microentrepreneurs.
  • WA SB 6090 (2005) – Appropriates $1 million to the individual development account program.
  • WA HB 1408 (2005)– Creates an individual development account program.
  • WA HB 3156 (2005)– Creates a pilot program to assist in asset building among low-income families.