Since 2003, the NCSL/AECF Partnership on Family Economic Success has held a yearly meeting to give lawmakers a chance to convene with their colleagues and discuss solutions to the challenges faced by low-income working families. Legislative leadership from 10 states send small teams of legislators to the forum. Participants hear from leading experts and practitioners and develop an action plan that is relevant to their state.

Read Pennsylvania state action plans below including a list of attending legislators, priorities areas and legislative action by meeting participants related to their working families policy goals.

History of Participation

Pennsylvania has participated twice in the working families meeting. Here are the state action plans for Pennsylvania and a list of team members who have participated in our meeting since 2003.

List of State Team Members from All Years

State Action Plans


All Pennsylvania State Action Plans and Participants

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Legislative Action by Year

The following legislative actions were taken by team members in relation to their action plan. Legislative actions include follow up meetings with key stakeholders, constituent meetings and newsletters, statutory enactments and resolutions, appropriations, and the creation of legislative working groups.

  • 2004-2006 – The legislature appropriated a total of $30 million ($10 million per year) to create and sustain the Fresh Food Financing Inititative through a First Industries Program [PA SB 1026 (2003)].  This program established revolving loan program accounts, including a program account to provide financial assistance for projects related to agriculture. The definition of agriculture includes “the sale of farm commodities at retail by urban and rural supermarkets located or to be located in underserved areas.”

    Partners with the Reinvestment Fund which raised an additional $120 million to provide grants of up to $250,000 and loans that range in size from $25,000 to $7.5 million to businesses that sell groceries and locate in a low- to moderate- income area that is underserved by food retailers.

    The Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative received national attention as President Barack Obama proposed the Healthy Fresh Food Financing Initiative in his FY 2011 budget, calling for more than $400 million in investments in new and expanded supermarkets, farmers markets and other food stores.  Read News Release
  • Executive Order 2004-7 (2004) Governor Rendell creates Working-Families Task Force at the recommendation of Representative Dwight Evans, who participated in the working families meeting in 2003.  Representative Evans is appointed co-chair of the Task Force along with Banking Secretary Schenck.