State Pensions Track: Legislators' Guide to Public


NCSL 2010 Legislative Summit: Tuesday, July 27

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Time: 01:18:58

Representative Juan Zapata
, Florida, chair, NCSL Labor and Economic Development Committee

Cynthia L. Moore
, former Washington, D.C., counsel, National Council on Teacher Retirement, Florida
Keith Brainard, research director, National Association of State Retirement Administrators
Aristotle Hutras, director, Ohio Retirement Study Council





This session is a general introduction to legislators’ power and responsibilities in the design and oversight of state retirement policy. One focus will be the complicated question of state governments’ ability to reduce the benefits promised to current employees and retired people. Other questions under scrutiny here are the legislative process of decision making on retirement policy, and the role that a state pension study commission can play in ensuring that policy makers are well informed on the long-term implications of their proposals and decisions.

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